Cute girl Jenny (Transgenre) (Niveau 6) mail warning

Looking for a classic/ interactive game.

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

Cheerleader here with a secret.

Looking for Roleplays and steamy matches. up for bets, but no IRLs (yet)

Some informations about myself:
27 years old and only had sexual encounters only with women. After watching a lot of videos (hypno, babecock etc.) I find myself curious. Wanted to see, what this site will do to me.
Will it lead me to a cute sissy, or will this profile prove, that I am a straight male.

Age: 27 years
Height: 190cm
Weight: 90kg
Length: 14cm

Clothes/ Toys

I just bought my first yoga pants and I have to say, they feel great.

Can wear panties, leggings or tops from my girlfriend.

Loves to play with my plug up my ass.

New profile, so I do not have any current rules. But are open to add some.

My character loves playing in public spaces.

wc Est bi
autorenew Est dominant(e) et soumis(e)
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check Fantasmes OK : Domination féminine, Domination masculine, Anal, Feminisation, Chasteté, Torture de pénis (CBT) (Donner), Pussy Torture (Donner), Cocu, Humiliation, Moquerie, Fetishisme des pieds, Chatouilles, Lick Ass, Threesome/Participation de l'audience, Exhib/Extérieur, Jeux de sperme, Adoration des bites, Pussy Worship (Donner), Medical, Alcool
shopping_cart Jouets : Plug Anal, Gode, Dildo à ventouse, Vibro, Fleshlight, Anneau de pénis, Elastique, Grand mirroir


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