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Heey! I'm Emma, and I love meeting all kinds of people on here! I've been having a blast domming, subbing and roleplaying in all the different modes.


My dominant side is fairly gentle, teasing and playing softly until I get my subs frustrated or desperate :). If you're into rough or mean stuff, I don't mind that either. Just make sure to say so beforehand.
If I'm feeling more submissive I tend to love being called names and toyed with. Dirty talk also works wonders for me.

Casual games with little competition, I don't play to win.
When joining one of the non-irl modes I usually enjoy roleplaying at least a little bit. Short lines or long descriptions, either will do fine :).
I like finding out who's the more dominant one through the roleplay during these matches by just going with the flow of things.

My kinks are quite broad. I don't have a problem with anything in particular and love exploring new ones, so don't hesitate to propose something!

Take care everyone!~

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