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Typically Hardcore dom looking to explore her sub side

Bi / Dominant(e)

I'm a bratty little bitch who always thinks she can win, but if you beat me I'll give in completely to what you want. Open to IRL bets with an opponent who is as well.

When tied up or hypnotized, I'll roll a D6, and if I roll a 1-4 I have to skip my turn (two turn limit)
When doing a cum test I'll edge myself, and if I cum IRL then I lose the test automatically.
If I cum, I skip my next turn, then roll a D6 and if it's a 1-3 I'll skip my second turn as well


Open to other rules just ask.


Jasmine thought she was tough and could dom me...I didn't even need my strap-on to show her how wrong she was, and had her begging for me after I broke her mind with my fingering.

Jasmine 0-1

Sophia and I made a bet that whoever lost would have to be the other one's cumslut. After putting her in a trance for most of our match I had my fun and marked my territory.

I thought I could beat Roya but she was too strong for me and made it too easy for me to cum IRL.

Roya 1-0

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