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.😻. Tickle my kitty & make me purrr .❤.

💄👠 Ladies- send me requests for lesbian games! ;)
💄👠 Ladies- send me requests for lesbian games! ;)
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Я говорю по-русски!🇷🇺

Ella is my beloved beautiful baby! I adore her with my whole heart!

Young submissive girl exploring her kinky fantasies...I am not into roleplay itself, but i love being told what to do. I like the thrill and excitement of doing something kinky, embarrassing and naughty. Love to be controlled, only cumming when allowed... makes the final orgasm worth the wait, no matter how long it is. I like orgasm control (not denial/ruining), and sensual pain mixed with pleasure (like nipple clamps, ass/pussy spanking). I don´t like: hard pain, overdoing it with edging, mess, hardcore degradation. Need to surrender to man desires, to feel his power.. I need to know that I’m serving in some way. Otherwise, my pleasure seems undeserved...Sweet and sassy, shy and smart, feisty and fun, very independent and love to travel. My fave choice is male Dom/female submissive, but I support all choices. In my twenties, nicely-shaped and bit of imaginative I love animals (not sexual) and romantic stuff and stuff other young girls love. I'm very opinionated and straightforward and I have a lot of beliefs ...
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There's something about vintage silk against my skin that feels like the perfect contradiction — makes me feel beautiful and feminine and delicate even as I crave violence and power and control and depraved disgusting things. I can't get enough of any of it.

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Cum for me Vous dites: "Danse pour moi, sens-toi sexy et sexy!" Danser devant un miroir Dis-lui quelque chose de méchant, elle l'attend Ne touchez pas! If he´s a good boy he´ll let me put a collar on his neck Put your collar on Ils devraient boire du lait directement dans un bol comme l'animal qu'ils sont! Manger dans un bol Faites-leur ressentir la  douleur jusqu'à ce qu'elle se transforme en plaisir ! Pincez et tordez vos mamelons ! 3,2,1 .... Masturbe-toi et regarde ! Cradling his balls in your palm you suck his cock, intent on making him cum. Massage his balls while sucking Tu la forces à te chevaucher et à faire tout le travail pendant que tu apprécies sa douce chatte sur ta bite dure comme du roc! Fait la monter sur le dessus You tell her to go and get all her sex toys. Get all your toys

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