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Hello I'm 25 and I've been following erofight for a year, I am very happy that there are other people like me who love this site it is definitely a very fun one :)
I have been inactive for a long time due to my studies and now because looking for a job but in my free time i like to try to make this site more beautiful and i am currently experimenting a game mode that i hope you may like it when it will be ready.
If I have to describe myself in a short time I would not be able to and since I do not want to be writing all day I can only tell you that I like to do many things: from the most boring thing like playing videogames to the craziest things like being a rock star :D
my favorite modes have always been the classic and wrestling because being "competitive" modes they make me excited in fact I really like having games with women who are not 100% sub or 100% dom (I can't help it I don't like games where you get what you want very easily)

see you in game :)

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