Andromeda Sterling πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (58 turns)

Linlin's Second Renewed LWR "Defence"

Against her..... wait, has Linlin been embezzling LWR league money to get herself a romantic rendezvous with one of her lovers? Least she made sure it was taped and still complied with title regulations....

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Why hey there
Saw you were looking for someone to challenge you~
And someone's finally not busy to do so? :P
Mhm, I'm ready to play with you again and make you mine~
Oh, /make me yours/?~ We'll see about that, we'll see~
Anything before we start? Any special circumstances how/where/why we're out?
Or just a ring fight in nameless arena?
how about a little hot spring battle
Ooooh~ That works great~ Some remote secret hot springs with hidden cameras about, or reserved off onsen?
Well, there's cameras anyway, was more wondering if there's any civilization about us or if it's more something like hidden mountain valley style or something :P
Ohhh, hidden mountain valley
Make it extra fun with just us in the hot springs
Well then~
*Once the two of them were flown in by a helicopter and equipment for recording set up, angles picked out, Linlin didnt take much time to slip out of her clothes only in her signature crimson red bikini, way too small for her breasts, comfy enough but bulging hard for her girlcock, gingerly steppign into the pool, getting used to it* I wonder how much of it will be wrestling versus us just losing our minds for each other *she laughs out loud, it echoing across*
*Meda easily slips out of her skirt and top into her favorite purple bikini, eyeing Lin from the edge of the spring, giggling a little at her comment* Hmmmm I'll say probably around 10%, maybe 15% *She slowly makes her way into the spring as she walks out to where Lin is, getting behind her and wrapping her arms around Lin, whispering into her ear* Or maybe none at all knowing us~ *Meda gently nibbles at Lin's ear, pressing her body against Lin's back*
*Lin blushes as Meda teases her up, legs immediately quivering and nympho disappearing in the waters. Soon, she reemerges turned at Meda, hugging her about, one hand high to reach for her armpit and spider fingers there, other down by Meda's inner thighs, a much more sensual rubbing to both tickle and rouse her partner* I like that none at all suggestion~
A-A-Ahahahahahahaha hahahahahah L-L-Lin!!! *Meda bursts out laughing, squirming about in Lin's grasp, the water starting to crash gently and overflowing over the walls. Meda couldn't take all the tickling, so she slithered out just barely going under the water. Next thing Lin knows, she feel the bottoms of her bikini coming off and her girlcock getting sucked. No surprise, Meda couldn't wait and began giving Lin a blowjob* A-As you wish then~
*A moan soon escaped her mouth, Lin not moving from her spot as she was unwilling to disappoint Meda by breaking off position, letting her continue sucking, instead leaning down to caress her about, massaging her back and brushing that charming long hair, making sure it was properly soaked, fingers wriggling and scritching all about Meda's ears too, especially focusing spots just behind and below them* Fuuuuuck~ That was..... quick~
*Meda purred a little under the water as she kept sucking on Lin's girlcock, her hands slowly moving and holding Lin's hips, guiding her close to the edge before Meda came up and looked lustfully at Lin* Mmm it sure was. And now, let me please you some more *Meda pushes Lin onto her back and raises Lin's hips up and letting her float. Meda then lowers herself some into the water again and begins to eat Lin's ass out while jerking her off at the same time*
*Lin leans into the edge of spring, closing her eyes momentarily, completely forgetting about the match, loud moans following each Meda's stroke. However, soon she feels the need to care for her lover too, reaching out and quickly twirling about to now press her against the same edge, free hand going down underwater, and then slipping inside her panties, two fingers slipping even deeper into Meda's crotch, starting to claw and thrust all about her* I would ask how wet you are right now.... but I think that is a bit of a moot point by now, eh?~ *she giggled with her own cheeks still bright red, leaning in for a kiss*
*Meda was caught completely off guard by this move and Lin could tell. Meda began to moan loudly as her pussy was penetrated by Lin's fingers, and continued to moan every time Lin's fingers were pushed deeper. Meda looked into her lover's eyes and slowly moved her hand to the back of Lin's head, pulling her close and kissing her deeply and passionately. refusing to let her go while she is getting pleasured *
*Other hand of Lin's was meanwhile behind Meda's head, wanting to return just as much and much more so, what with it technically being a title match too, even if by this moment it seemed more like a sex tape being shot. Soon Lin was bored of just kissing Meda's lips, and she started kissing and licking all about her cheeks, then chin, finally nuzzling her neck and peppering it with more affection, even blowing a small cute raspberry into it* Mmmmmgh~ Missed you so much, sweetheart~
*Meda mewled as her neck was played with, holding Lin even closer and tilting her head off to the side, Giving Lin what she wanted* M-Mmm I missed you too darling~ *Meda's hands ran up and down Lin's body before gently lifting her up and setting her on her lap, her hands shooting up to Lin's breasts and massaging them while returning the favor and peppering Lin's neck in kisses*
*Even if her hand slipped out of Meda's kitty, it stayed down around her crotch, giving her clit a massage through panties, hoping soaked fabric would tease her more, all while Lin was practically melting in Meda's lap, letting herself be played about however she wanted* Don't stop, dear~ This has been such a good idea for a match, getting my muscles all loose and rested for future defences~ *she looks back Meda in her eyes, little spark in Lin's as she gives a slightly firmer rub* /Mine/, eh?~ *she asked coyly, mimicing Meda's voice, parroting what she said back*
M-Mhm~ M-Mine~ *MEda bites her lip some as Lin continues to rub her clit through her bikini, pulling her closer. Meda saw the look in Lin's eyes, that look always so sexy. She knew just how much more Lin wanted, so as she massaged Lin's breasts, she slowly and sneakily undid Lin's swim top and threw it out onto the wooden floor by the changing room entrance. With Lin now fully nude, Meda began to gently pinch and twist Lin's nipples, kissing her neck even more* I know just how much you want me to take and pleasure so, so I'll give you all that I can~
*Lin's fingers meanwhile were undoing knots on Meda's top, it soon flying out in the same direction, joining her in a pinch war, trying to see who's nipples would perk up first, Lin biting her lips to not show just how much she was excited right now*
*Meda on the other hand couldn't help but moan out loud, letting Lin know exactly how much she was enjoying this. Meda's nipples perked up with Lin's first pinch. Wanting to take a second to relax, Meda lifted Lin off her lap again and sat her down on the natural seating in the spring before going out into the middle of the spring and dancing around a little to tease her lover* Mmmm So far, so amazing Lin~ what else do you have in store for me tonight~
*Lin whistled at Meda's dance, clearly aroused and wanting to see more of it, until Meda asked her a question. Instead of giving her some corny line as an answer, however, Lin dove down under the water, completely submerged, disappearing for a couple of seconds until only her girlcock rose out of water, humping up and down without rest of body it belonged to seen, Lin feeling she couldn't give a clearer message*
(to be* seen)
*Meda blushed a little as she saw only Lin's girlcock poking out of the water, knowing just what Lin wanted right now. Meda moved over to where Lin's girlcock was and gently stroked it as she lifted Lin from the water, moving her back to the natural seating before, getting onto Lin's lap and gently grinding her clothed pussy against Lin's girlcock, all while she smothers Lin in her breasts, letting her have a good long feel of them with her face*
*Lin shifted herself just slightly in her place, bending and twisting one leg so that her foot was right next to girlcock, now both of them grinding against Meda's panties* Neeeeeed....... air.......... *could be heard between Meda's breasts, Lin having held her breath for quite a bit by now*
*With Lin raising her foot up and making Meda grind against it, it surprised Meda a lot, the sudden pleasure making Meda pull away for a moment, giving Lin a chance to breath. Meda smiled some as she looked at Lin, still sitting on her lap* You sure do know how to make a girl happy~ *Meda leaned down some, not breaking eye contact the whole time, as she begins to suck and lick Lin's nipples and breasts while Lin's girlcock rested against Meda's clothed pussy*
*Lin quickly scrunched up her other foot up before Meda leaned down, putting every limb to task of pleasuring her lover, those feet continuing to wriggle against her panties and massaging her clit through them, one hand reaching to cup and fondle her breasts, other hand slowly massaging along spine, looking for any tense or sensitive spots, while Lin's lips were once again peppering kisses about one of her ears, it all feeling as if there was more than one person out there to worship and caress Meda* Darling~~~ *despite trying to look domineering, Lin's voice was more like mewling kitten's* I hope neither of our other lovers feel too jealous about what we're doing right now~
*Meda's mind slowly begins to melt from all of the pleasure, as if there were two, maybe even three people pleasuring her. She pulled away from Lin's breasts, moaning loudly as she sits there and lets Lin work her magic* I-I-I d-don't think t-t-they will m-m-mind~ *Meda was barely able to squeak out as she instead of trying to pleasure Lin more, letting Lin pleasure her*
*At some point though, Lin's pleasure nearly sends Meda over the edge. Meda slowly pulls away and rest in the water, looking at her lover with a lustful gaze* O-Oh Lin~
*Lin this time swims right into the middle of pool, joining Meda, hugging her tight, fingers once again managing to slip between Meda's bottoms and her body, those same two fingers once again on a mission to see how loud Meda can moan, searching for any weakness or sensitive spot, wanting to make sure she's cared for wholly, apologising for a tighter than usual hug* Mmmmmgh~ I think it's you're who's mine, not the other way around, silly~
*Meda's legs trembled some as Lin's fingers worked their magic, making her moan into Lin's neck while hugging her just as tight. But Meda's moans were at her loudest after Lin curls her fingers inside, hitting Meda's g-spot. Meda howls outand her legs buckle, thankfully being held by Lin. Meda knew she had to do something, so she slowly pried Lin's arms off her and knelt down in the water, holding onto Lin's hips and starting to eat her ass out again and stroke her, wanting to make Lin feel like the queen she is*
Nnnnnghhh..... Meda~ *Lin yowled out herself, her grip immediately loosening, even if Lin held more onto her, fearing she might fall over any second now, righting her balance by moving her hips back and forth, helping Meda out both with jerking and eating her out* Fuuuuuck me~~~ *she purred out, not minding however Meda would interpret her words*
*Meda pulls away from Lin for a moment and comes out from under the water* Mmmm you want me to fuck you~ I thinkkkk maybe~ *I smile and giggle some and push myself up onto the edge of the spring* But only if you can take my bottoms off dear~ If you do that, I'll ride you so hard~ *I tease you a little by rubbing my clothed pussy and spreading my legs*
redrew a set of actions
*Lin blushes even more so, completely forgetting about it, and yet.... Lin decides to try for a different tactic, pushing her completely out of water on ridge next to pool, fingers continuing to sink deeper into Meda, wet squelching sounds heard* It's a tempting offer, dear~ But I have an even naughtier idea...... ruining your panties by making you squirt right into them~ Wonder if you would still keep them on~
H-H-H-Haaah~ D-D-Darling~ *I cover my mouth to muffle my moans as your fingers pump faster than before into my pussy. Your fingers start to get coated in my juices as I try and roll myself back into the water. As I try to do so, I roll and my ass gets pushed right into your face before falling into the water, accidentally smothering you a little*
*that forces Lin to roll away a bit from Meda, biting her lip again as she not just didnt mind the smother with how wet in her lust those panties were, looking at Meda with big puppy eyes, beckoning her to come closer*
*Meda saw the look in Lin's eyes once more and she knew just how to make Lin moan this time. Meda reaches outside the sppring and grabs a strappy she snuck in with her. She slides it on and slowly inserts it into Lin's rear entrance, gently thrusting in and out before slowly speeding up* Mmmm this is what you wanted right~ You wanted me to fuck you~
redrew a set of actions
*Lin, noticing what was about to happen, positioned herself at the edge of spring, butt just barely out of water, letting Meda decide whether to do it above or under water, loud uncontained moans following her thrusts, giving in completely to them, Meda guessing her needs correct* Oh yes~ Don't stop, darling~ Please your cutesie buttslut~
Mmmm as you wish my darling~ *Meda thrusts faster and harder into Lin, the water crashing against the sides again and flowing over the wall of the spring. Meda leaned down and whispered into Lin's ear* Mmmm I've been wanting to do this the whole time~ Its so good~ *Meda continues as her hands grip Lin's hips tighter, making sure she doesn't move too much~*
*Linling moaned out even louder so, Meda's straponfuck doing wonders, making Lin unable to move from her spot, other than pushing her butt back to buck against that strapon. Wanting to make sure Meda also felt a little bit something, however, Lin reached out with one of her hands and squeezed it back into Meda's kitty, slipping underneath both strapon and panties, using their both thrusts as a way to move her fingers back and forth in Meda's kitty* Amazing, not just good~
*Meda moaned out as she felt Lin's fingers go super deep as she thrusted into Lin, both of them getting pleasured greatly. Meda bucked her hips a little slower and her grip on Lin's hips loosened. Her hands slowly moved up to Lin's breasts and pulled her up, making Lin stand as Meda continued to thrust into her, leaving Lin's hand where it was as they both moaned*
*Lin's other hand meanwhile grabbed Meda's, making her wrap her fingers about Lin's length and stroke it, Linlin completely not minding the fact that riled her up more than Meda, feeling completely in bliss with her current circumstances, unable to moan anything comprehensive other than* Medaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
*Meda smiled as she gently stroked Lin's girlcock, holding her tightly and thrusting a little faster now. Meda could tell just by Lin's moans that she was getting close, so Meda took full control, thrusting hard and stroking fast, making sure Lin felt every inch of her rubber cock inside her with every thrust and making sure every stroke was nice and long, giving her the most pleasure she could* Oh darling, I know just how much you wanna cum for me~ Why dont you finally let go~ cum for me baby~
is resisting cumming (52% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Meda wasn't wrong in her words - Lin did want to cum, her girlcock throbbing hard in Meda's hand, her strappy by now hitting right against her prostate. And yet.... it felt wrong, Lin spotting a camera, remembering that it was supposed to be a serious match, and yet, her opponent still had panties off. Not wanting to be that humiliated, Lin buckled up and endured her edge, looking back at Meda with a grin that was twisting between smugness and ahegao* Not..... yet~
Not before I do this.... *she adds, her hand, now free from necessity to guide Meda, finally going after her bikini bottom, and undoing both knots, letting it drop the moment the moved from current spot, water, strapon and Lin's hand all holding it in place for now*
*Meda chuckled as her bikini bottoms finally came off, leaving the both of them nude in the spring* Mmm took you a little while~ *Meda teased as she pulled her strap out of Lin and moved to the side, letting Lin rest some. Meda slides the strap off for a moment, one hand sliding down and rubbing herself gently*
*But Lin didn't rest, instead chasing right after Meda, her exposed kitty too alluring to not go for, immediately pushing her about to doggy half submerged, Meda's head barely out of water while her butt was up high, Lin entering slowly, but then thrusting hard to make up for all the missed time* I know~ But they say a little bit of frustration and delay makes it all the more worth it, my little butterfly~
*Meda looked back as Lin penetrated her pussy with her girlcock, moaning loudly into the water as her hands shoot up to grab the edge of the spring. She grips tight as Lin continues to piund her harder and harder for everything that Meda did before. Meda didn't care though, she even began to beg* O-O-Oh Lin~ M-More~ Thrust into me harder~
*she pushed Meda back a little bit with each pounce, slowly going to edge of the pool, spinning her about to take in missionary once they were against it* Mmmgh~ Certainly... although~ *After some pounding, Lin pulled out, only to immediately dive down and tonguefuck her instead, mouth wide open for hopefully incoming orgasm* I want you to squirt from mouth this time~
*Meda's mouth hung open as Lin tonguefucked her, screaming out in pleasure from every lick. She held the back of Lin's head, keeping her from moving and making sure she got the most pleasure out of all this* L-L-Liiiiiin~ *Was all that Meda was able to moan out at this state*
is resisting cumming (90% chance of cum) => Came!
*Sure enough, after a few more licks, Meda began to squirt into Lin's mouth, some getting on Lin's face as she went ahegao for her, legs trembling again*
*Meda could barely contain herself after such an orgasm. She looks down at Lin and pulls herself away, barely floating as she rubs herself, recovering from the orgasm*
*Lin, however, got a bit of mean spirit in her, knowing the Meda was at her most sensitive right now, catching her and thrusting right back into her, quick and rough pounding following, Lin leaning down to press her body against Meda's as she did so, comforting her by whispering sweet nothings, and promising to take great care of her after the match, being her maiden*
*Meda grabbed Lin tightly as she continued to fuck her, nearly ripping another orgasm out of Meda. But Meda held strong as she took and very gently pulled out and rested a bit more, looking at her lover who knew exactly how to please her* P-P-Please L-Lin, a-a-a moment
*Meda's pleading earned her exactly that - a moment, Lin counting to three, before grabbing her girlcock, slapping it against Meda's clit, and then thrusting right back in* I'm sorry Meda, but until you give in, there's going to be little rest~ *she giggled, even if her own moans showed that she might soon be forced to take one, that throbbing never stopping*
redrew a set of actions
*Meda knew that Lin's words were true, there wasnt gonna be much rest until one of them submits to the other. Seeing as how Lin make her cum, Meda thought it was time to make Lin cum. Meda took and pulled away from Lin for a moment before grabbing her and sitting her against the natural seat of the spring before sitting next to her and stroking her fast while kissing her deeply, pulling away every now and then to speak* P-Please cum Lin~ Cum for your darling~
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*When someone's so sweet, how could Lin do anything else but satisfy her lover's wishes, it taking only a few more strokes to do exactly that, shooting out several ropes of cum wherever she was aimed at* Medaaaaaaaa~ *she purred once again deeply, this time right into her lips*
So........... * she couldn't find the right word, stuck in her spot dizzy from joy and want for more*
*While Lin was in this dazed state, Meda reached outside the spring and grabbed her strap again* Well, you did say there would be no time for rest dear *Meda goes and moves Lin into doggy like she did to Meda earlier, before starting to pound Lin's ass, thrusting harder and faster than before* Mmmm that's right dear~ Take it all~
Yes, Medaaaaaa~ *she once again placed herself against the edge, letting herself be used, an opportunity both to feel good and catch a breather that she did need, even if it came at great risk of Meda knowing just how to please her, worrying a bit about it all, even if her moans told a completely different story to Meda* Haaarder~ Sweetie, don't be so sweet~
*The more Meda hears Lin's pleas to fuck her more, the harder she goes. She goes harder and harder and harder nutil she needs to pull out for a moment, resting her hips. But that doesn't mean she's gonna stop pleasuring Lin. Meda kneels down, her head barely out of the water as she starts to eat Lin's ass out, making sure to hit the sensitive spots that she knows about*
*Lin was slowly becoming a wet mess, but Meda going for eating out gave Lin a chance, twisting her body about Meda's in odd version of 69, eating out her pussy at the same time* Seems we're in a bit of a race, eh, dear?~
I-I guess so darling~ *Meda continued to eat Lin's ass, moaning into her ass as she felt Lin's tongue invade her folds. Her pussy was already getting wetter by the minute and coating Lin's tongue in her juices. Meda knew that it was a matter of time before either of them burst for the other*
*Lin soon went for the offensive, fingers joining her tongue, intent on winning at any cost, in any way, this time an additional finger joining her, going deep in her like it was her girlcock, all while Lin was kissing and licking Meda's clit* Ready to lose it and be my little butterfly?~
*The sudden addition of Lin's fingers to her tongue nearly drove Meda to another orgasm, but she barely hung on. Knowing that it was now or never, Meda flipped herself into a proper 69, giving her pussy to Lin, but in return, she began trying to give Lin the best blowjob she could while sliding her hand down to Lin's ass and fingering her hard, trying her best to hold out* P-P-P-Please, J-Just one more~ C-C-Cum for me~
is resisting cumming (56% chance of cum) => Came!
*Once again, when someone is so cute and lovely....... how could you ever say no? Linlin soon stopped fingering and eating Meda out, head lofted back with eyes closed, unable to contain herself no longer, cumming right into her mouth with little warning, filling her mouth with white thick cream, groaning loudly as that happened, panting heavily*
*Meda closed her eyes and slowly continued fingering Lin as she swallowed every last drop of cum from Lin, making sure that rode her climax completely before pulling away and pulling Lin into her arms, holding her tightly* Oh darling~
Medaaaaaaaa~ *Lin purred out, resting against the edge of pool in Meda's embrace, all worries lost in her, her body completely relaxed and slack* Think this was a bad idea to bring my lover to a place where I would be soon turned into horny mess~ *she chuckled out meekly, giving her a kiss* But I imagine you will be great at holding out your title~
*Meda smiles and kisses Lin back, embracing her tightly and nuzzling against her* I will dear, I will hold it well. I promise *Meda looks into Lin's eyes, falling in love with her all over again. Meda gently leans Lin back and kisses her deeply as the moon shines down onto the hot springs, illuminating the two lovers*
And I'll make sure to cheer you on whenever I can, in spirit or live, depending on where and how you will have those matches
Thank you darling *Meda couldn't help but go in for one more kiss, her lover being the only thing she can think of right now*
*Nor could Lin think of anything else, enjoying both Meda's warm embrace as well as warm water, feeling completely loose* No, it's me that should be thanking you for making sure I got rest that I was clearly in need of~
Anything for you dear, and now you don't have to stress too much anymore
Mhm~ *she hummed out, her head resting against Meda's shoulder*
(Lin, I said it before, and I say it again, you are so amazing)
(Thank you so so so so much for an amazing match*
(It should be me to say that about you, and more :P
(It wouldnt be as amazing without you ;)
(I love you Lin)
(You are the best)
(Whelp, need to soon turn for work, while someone is about to sleep, aren't they? :P )
(We will see how long it takes me to sleep after that)
(Well, sweet dreams, in any case
(Even if they might be about this
(Oh it sure will)
(I hope you have a good day dear)
(Later~ πŸ’‹

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