Takeshi VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (61 turns)

Two 'sword' fighters trying to reach hot springs

Failing miserably, as lust overtakes them just before they can reach them

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(Hiya ;) How's ya?
Hey hey~
Doing well thanks ~
What about u?
(Likewise, enjoying some free time. Noticed in your profile you like quite a varied range of play - anything you're specifically interested in for today?
(When I join up to people in matchmaking, dont mind adapting my play more to them. Tis your search request, after all ;)
(Well I'm really open to anything but I'm not really interested in something now... and yess thanks I hope I can do the same, i really don't do a lot of detailed rp 😅 soo I will try my best)
(I have seen your rp in some public game, they are just perfect bit I'm afraid I cannot reach that level of detail, I'm not really a native speaker)
(Well, no need to do anything complex then, or think off too much of something~ Just a quick romp between two apprentices of "sword" fighters? :P
(And as I say to everyone - don't fret too much on it
(Long as you show heart and react, you're more than great ;)
(I do enjoy a game from while to while where I write much less :P
(Yeah that would be a good start... and thanks I was really nervous 😓 my rp is not as good as yours but your words really confort me, as I said earlier I will try my best :)
(Well, if you have anything else to discuss before we start, please do, otherwise, I'm ready when you are ;)
(Not really I'm just getting comfortable soo can you give me a moment please?)
(Sure, no worries ;)
(I'll brb)
(put a pause just in case timeout messages start firing
(feel free to unpause when back and ready ;)
(I'm back! Thanks for waiting Linlin!)
(Are you ready for it?)
(yep ;)
(Do I start with it or you want to begin the rp?)
(You can, I think
(Okay! Let's start then!)
*It was a bright day, I were in the training grounds with my partner Linlin, both of us apprentices* Linlin I think is all for today I-I am really tired now *we were sweating for the intense training and for one reason she looked better like that*
*Linlin nodded to him, panting from the exertion, but her face happy* Aye, I think I am mostly done too... Could use with a little bit of rest~
Maybe a dip to hot springs?
Y-yeah *I said trying to catch my breath* I think... we deserve it, we have been training a lot these days... come with me let's go! *I grabbed Linlin's hand and guide her through the path, in just a few minutes we were in front of the hot springs*
*She blushed a bit as he held her hand, following his lead without saying much until they got to the spot* Do we just drop our robes here on the grass, or is there some cabin or something for undressing?~
W-what?! Y-you want to go in naked?... *I blushed a bit saying and letting my imagination flow... just how must be Linlin's body, so fit and delicate at the same time, snapping out of it I continued talking* A-are you sure?...
Oh come on, it will be fine~ We shouldn't be shy of our bodies, right?~ *Linlin kept her warm smile, as if the question didn't bother her for one second* A little bit of skinship doesn't mean we need to be bonded for life, after all~
Besides..... *she approached him in a sort of hug, leaning in to whisper, while her hand gently brushed his crotch* I might be curious~
*Linlin's hug made me shiver as she touched me down there... my "sword" reacted almost instantly... now there was no way Linlin's wouldn't notice my growing bulge* w-wait Linlin's d-don't keep touching there...
*I turned around to see Linlin's face* Or else we might be bonded for life... *I begin to strip linlin's robe letting it fall untill i could see her beautiful and perfect body*
*as expected something about her caught my attention*
I-Is that what i think it is?...
*Linlin giggles, gently bouncing up and down to let her girlcock dance in tact with her breasts* Something the matter?~ I wield many 'swords'~ *she smirked, struggling to get out fully of her robe, feeling it snag behind on her wrists*
N-no no problem at a-all *I said a little surprised* I-Its just I never noticed... when I look at you when we are training that "sword" is like invisible *I keep staring at Linlin's big girlcock bouncing up and down as she keeps dancing*
Well, my robe's a few sizes bigger to not distract people when practising, just how I'm doing that right now to you~ *she giggled, although there was a touch on frustration on her face, as she felt the robe not budge* You sure you're helping me get out of this?~ Or do you think we need a round two with our other "swords"?~
(that strip action will put me in bondage, so leading it so ;)
Aha! Is that a challenge?~ Well I accept it Linlin *I say it with confidence, still starting at Linlin's sword* w-well let's not waste more time~ let's begin this sword duel! *i pushed down Linlin's making her fall on her back, quickly I grab both wrist with my hands making her unable to do some movements*
*taking out a rope that I had hidden on my clothes I tied her hands*
Ah, making it a full body exercise, hah?~ *Linlin squirms in his grasp, trying to slip out before he can tighten his knots properly* I accept your challenge then, Takeshi~ *she nods, looking right in his eyes with a much feistier and needier look*
*and manages to squirm out, rolling away a bit to gather her situation*
U-uhh? How did you... you are skilled than I thought... *I stepped forward a little trying to grab another time Linlin's hands but she was much quicker and that made me reconsider my strategy*
What?~ We spar like equals in the dojo, and now you think I would fall to your little trick with the rope?~ Ara Ara~ think more of me~ *saying that, she struck a pose, showing off her curvy body more, seeing how much he was still staring at her*
O-okay okay... I think I have to take out the heavy-duty *I stripped my clothes still starting at Linlin's body, getting rid of my clothes one by one putting a show for her* I underestimated you... I won't happen again~
And now *I begin to show off my fit body* like what you see?~
*Linlin whistled, not able to resist approaching and giving a gentle tap to examine his cock, nodding as she stared at his body a bit more about* Indeed so~ Truly, a worthy partner to spar against~
(if you need a reminder, 5'4", 36D tits, 7.5" girlcock, athletic/lithe body. Saw height/build on your profile, but not your sword size :P
(Yes I have read your profile and for my measures down there it is 7 inches, a little bit smaller ~)
Hehe~ a-as I thought... you couldn't resist it~ *I gently pushed her down and falling with her, I got on top* now Linlin~ I hope you are ready for what is coming next~ *I begin to rub my cock against Linlin's girlcock, both of us getting harder with every second*
*Linlin let a slight moan as her cock was grounded by his, but soon she managed to flip their position, pinning him down to ground and grinding against his length, chuckling* I was just about to say the same~ These 'swords' tend to often have a mind of their own, and enter many places~ All fine with wherever their explore?~
(they* explore?
That's true~ they really have mind of their own~ once it gets carried away by the feeling it doesn't stop until it finishes~ *we struggled for winning the top... i gently bited Linlin's hear and with my hand I reached down to her hard girlcock, I started stroking it as the same time I stroked mine* n-now let me take the lead for now~ *I whispered to Linlin's ear*
*Lin wrapped her hand around his on his cock, taking charge of jerking speed there, her eyes sparkling at him* I think we established it clear enough that we're not to be passive?~
You are right~ but... If I can't take the lead asking for it politely, I guess I am going to take it by force* I giggled as I rolled Linlin, now hers ass fully vulnerable I begin rubbing my cock against it* N-now what do you think~ should I put it in already? Or we are going to keep fighting?~
*That elicited a bigger moan out of her, curling up a bit as she enjoyed his rubbing, trying to get as much of it as possible covered with her butt cheeks. However, this curling up also meant she actually had just enough reach to wet fingers and go for his puckered hole, gently massaging it and testing its tightness* I dunno~ You're not that well protected yourself~
*I let out a moan as I felt Linlin's finger reaching deep inside me, it felt so great that I got lost in pleasure for a second* n-not there~ *still grinding against her cute ass i reached down to her cock and started stroking it slowly teasing the tip with my fingers* j-just stop it already... let's move to the next phase~
And just what is next phase?~ *she chuckled, letting up one tease, only to turn about and perform another, ducking down much lower to avoid his hands, using her lips to gently caress his cock, taking her time to wrap them about and suck deeper properly, letting her tongue swirl all about his sword tip* This?~
F-fuckk *As i felt her taking my cock inside her mouth I moaned enjoying every second of it* n-no n-not t-thiss *trying to regain control over the situation I make her flip again, on top again I grabbed and squeezed it her beautiful ass while with the other hand i teased her hole introducing my fingers inside her*
D-don't you want something bigger in there?~ *I said reaching deeper inside in her tight ass*
*Linlin somehow managed to keep his cock in her mouth despite how much he moved her, groaning right on his member from his fingering and alluring words, nodding on his cock several times, drooling a bit more to make sure he was ready* Oh yes~ I want to see your 'sword's' worth
I-tt's certainly worthy~ *I got up making you do it as well, I starting to kiss you passionately as our cocks kept rubbing on each other mine starting to leak over yours* i bet is bigger than yours *confident about it I measured them* w-wait w-why is yours bigger?!
(Ohh I misunderstood the action sorry 😞)
(It's all cool, no worries in having them reflavored)
(have to do that quite a bit of time to make sure it's perfect :P
*While it was literally just a centimeter of her tip, Linlin did do a bit of an underhanded tactic, ducking for a bit to let him drip pre over her cock, only then to push through and show the truth, soon after leaning and licking the smaller one* That's okay~ It's still going to be great, I'm sure of it~
After all - skill is what matters, not size~
Yeah it is *I stopped you from keep licking my had cock pushing you down without much strength* now you have been showing me your great skills... soo in exchange i will show you mines *I gently take Linlin's girlcock into my mouth wrapping my lips around it*
Mmmmmgh~ So soft~ *Lin purred, enjoying his blowjob, gently guiding him and brushing his hair, letting him have control just over how she was sucked off, instead focusing on his cock as she was in semi-69 position, wrapping hand about his length as she was still blown, deciding to match his head bobs with her strokes*
Mmgg~ * i keep giving her a blowjob, taking her hard shaft in my mouth... taking it deeper trying to do a deepthroat, I gag but I was able to take Linlin's tip deeper enough to make her feel my throat, to give her more pleasure my hands reached her back door and and I introduced 2 fingers inside her asshole streching her as I sucked her delicious girlcock*
MMMMMGH!~ *Lin let out a moan, pushing her girlcock further into his mouth as a reflex, closing her eyes from pleasure that she endured, a bit of magic leaking out of her fingers as she accidentally weaved a rune that gently tingled his cock from inside, almost like it was inserted into something*
redrew a set of actions
*I could feel something streching my tight asshole, my ass started expanding as I moaned while sucking Linlin's cock, the pleasure of it made me take Linlin's cock even deeper making me gag, still in 69 position and controled by lust i forced my cock into Linlin's mouth*
NNNNGH!!!~ *Lin wrassled with him a bit more forcefully, his cock catching her by surprise and forcing her to gag a bit too. It takes a bit of time, but finally she manages to get out, and even keep him on ground, holding his legs straight in air, leaning in front of him, teasing his entrance with her sword tip, her plan already clear, even clearer as she catches his cock in her hand to squeeze tight* Being a bit bigger does have a bit of a benefit, though~ Some boys are really subby for being taken by a superior "sword"~ Are you too?~ *her girlcock slowly sliding in, Lin careful not to cause too much pain, taking her time to hilt deep if he's uncomfy*
*It was the first time something that big was inside my little tight asshole, as I felt Linlin's girlcock hitting my spot I start moaning from the pleasure, seeing her fucking my ass was so sexy, I could not take my sight off her until she reached and started stroking my hard cock, that was just in another level... I was losing dominance I couldn't let her now so I faked confidence* nnnn-noo you still need more i-if you want to tame me
More, you say?~ *she giggles, spotting another apprentice approaching hot springs, already naked as she had undressed before hand, her cock just a tad smaller than both Takeshi's or Linlin's. As she was approaching, Linlin whistled to her, and beckoned to come, the girl not hesitating, immediately plugging his mouth to try and overwhelm him**
*I stayed like that for a bit... being dominated by 2 beautiful women was just a dream... my cock just kept boucing as Linlin was pounding me, I keep sucking the other apprentice until she cummed in my mouth and forced me to swallow it all... suddenly she fallen exhausted and I finished her off... trying to gain my control over the situation again I took linlin's cock out* o-okay n-no more games~ *I move behind her and lift her up, sticking my hard cock inside her little ass*
Nnngg~ *I push it in slowly trying to not hurt her as I reached deeper inside* y-you are soo tigght you know...
OH YES!~ *Lin cried out, just as much wanting to be fucked as to fuck him, happily bouncing on him, enjoying the moment* See, told ya you don't need to fret... not like I can see your size inside~ *she giggles, pre starting too ooze out of her cock more profoundly, smell mixing in with cum of the other girl, making it harder and harder to keep a straight mind on the whole situation, lust taking them both over*
*I start pounding her as she bounced on my hard cock, she was not heavy so i could keep lifting her with just one hand while with the other I start squeezing her boobs... seeing her cock bouncing just made me more aroused I start raming harder against her ass as I kept hearing her cute little moans* y-you are right... the size doesn't m-matters~
*Linlin keeps hanging on his hands and cock for a bit longer, before once staying up and not returning with him on his thrust and pullback, dropping down on floor only to immediately spin and completely hide his cock in her mouth, taking it all and deepthroating for a bit, before then starting to rapidly bob all about, slurping sounds coming loud, tickling his balls to elicit his orgasm as quick as she can*
is resisting cumming (13% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Linlin was just soo skilled with her mouth,every swirl of her tongue felt like heaven, not wanting to control myself anymore I grabbed her head and force my cock all the way inside her mouth... I was already on the edge but none of the skilled movements of Linlin made me cum* y-you still need more t-than that...
*quickly stopping her blowjob i move behind and without any warning I sticked my throbbing cock inside her ass making her moan as my cock keeps stretching that tight assholes*
AGHHHHH!~ *Lin felt like a fool trying to make him cum so early, all that she earned a sore throat, and a much redder face and ass, as she was taken so roughly, unable to defend, even her one free hand immediately going to stroke herself* So much vigor~ And here I thought I was alone in practising this....
(Can you see the message? Or It didn't arrive?)
(depends which one
(last messages I see are two from you about resisting me and stretching my tight asshole, then I responded about "feeling like a fool"
(if you wrote something after, no, dont see it
(No i guess it didn't send it)
(happens rarely, EF has had a few examples of losing messages. Just retype, I can wait ;)
Y-you are not g-going to practice alone n-now on... I-I will be your p-patner for this *I kept pounding her ass... I got carried away by the pleasure and lust, I didn't have control over myself anymore... I just moved by instinct suddenly I grabbed and pulled Linlin hair a little while the other hand reached her wrist and forced her to take my cock deeper inside*
is resisting cumming (40% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Linlin lofted her head back, crying out from pleasure, letting him plunge as deep as he could... yet keeps enough willpower to not cum, throwing more weight back on him to seat him into ground* Then you'll need..... more.... too~
*Seeing there was no need to change her position, Lin suddenly clenched much tighter on his cock, grinding right against his body, making him squirm all about as she stared at him from above* Feels good, doesn't it?~
Y-yesss it feeels sooo good~ *as she got tighter and start boucing against my cock I lose all my concentration... I didn't want to hold myself more... I just wanted to fuck her wild and pleasure both of us while doing it so I lifted her and I keep thrusting inside in and out, I was already on the edge but I wanted to pleasure Linlin first*
is resisting cumming (68% chance of cum) => Came!
*and pleasure he did, her moans getting higher and higher in pitch as Takeshi suddenly started hitting right against her funbutton, Lin's cock immediately starting to twitch much more, brimming with energy, and soon spraying out a plentiful load into spring water, screaming out from pleasure, not caring who will hear them*
*as she was riding her high, she somehow slipped away from his cock, grabbing it to try and guide it back in... that action inadvartenly causing quite some trouble to him too, as to outsider it would look more like jerking than guiding with just how much Linlin was shaking and moving*
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*as she keep jerking me off I was ready to let it all on her but somehow i keep holding it* y-you know I think I-I am going to win this one~ *he said as Linlin slowed the stroking pace*
*still Linlin on her knees I took advantage of it and push it my dick inside of Linlin's mouth reaching deep until my tip touched her throat *
*she wonders just how she didn't lose her will to fight right there and then, Takeshi seemingly rebuffing every single move. Yet it only seemed to flare more and more fire in her, giggling with her mouth fully stuffed, managing to roll about his body in such a way that he suddenly was on her shoulders getting stretched into the air, one of her hands holding him tight by his cock base, squeezing and loosening at her own will, before starting to more earnestly jerk* it!~
is resisting cumming (98% chance of cum) => Came!
*I didn't even have the time to reack to Linlin's technique... once I saw it I was already in her shoulders and her stroking my hard throbbing dick faster and faster every second, I felt vulnerable for the first time on my life, I lost it ... In the only thing I could think was in releasing all to the air and that's what I did while letting out a big moan*
*it didn't pass a long time until I could think clearly, now with my senses at the max again I free myself of Linlin's lock and force her to be in her knees and start sucking my still erected cock*
Y-you did well but is time to finish you ~
*she takes her time with it, in need of a bit of rest herself, enjoying his cum taste as well as seeing just how sensitive and throbby and hard he still was* Good to see neither of us is a slouch when it comes to stamina~
Not sure who finishes who though~
I will show you ... you will be cumming in no time *I pushed Linlin to the ground and again I start pounding her tight ass* h-how is still t-this tight... *I speed up and I fucked her wild and making my cock reach deep inside of her, hitting her spot*
*she whimpered as she was pinned to ground, stuck wondering who had the better sword, Takeshi slowly changing her opinion as he made her more and more weak for him, moaning louder and louder as she took more of his cock* MY GOD!~ AND TO THINK YOU WERE SO SHY JUST BEFORE!~ DEEPER!~
*I was fucking you ass harder and deeper than the last time until I just took it out from your asshole* n-now are you showing your true self... submiting to me hehe~ ... I want you to beg if you really want it inside~ *I laid back just waiting for your reaction... not passing much time i felt you stroking my cock again* I want you begging if you really want it inside again
YES! TAKE ME! MAKE ME A SLUT FOR YOUR COCK TONIGHT!~ *she cried out, taking his cock whole in her mouth, bobbing on it with no restraint.... yet it wasnt all that happened, as the girl that interrupted them finally recovered from her own orgasm, this time reaching for the other end of Takeshi's , silently sliding in his ass, and starting to pounce no less vigorously... maybe too much, Lin feeling that girl will blast hersel of
*Lin feeling that girl will blast herself off too quick*
*I moaned as i felt the other girl's cock entering in my ass without any warning... now my front and back door was being occupied by 2 big girlscock... the apprentice kept going until she burst all inside me giving me the opportunity to push linlin down and without hesitation stick my dick inside of her* f-fuckkk yesss~
*Linlin bounced back, hooking her leg on top of his shoulder, taking him just as eagerly at first, but then forcing heel into his back to make him stop, panting heavy as the two looked at each other, Lin's look a mixture of enjoyement and admiration and fightyness* Fuckin hell...... Maybe we should make this round one next time, not two?
Yeah... Next time we should skip foreplay *I said with a smile on my face* n-now are you tired already... or want to keep going?~ *I got closer and start poking linlin's face as she was taking her rest*
*as he got closer, Linlin giggled, suddenly lunging for his head, forcing him down right into her armpit* Did you forget our master's first lesson? Always be ready~
*I start licking Linlin's armpit as I grab and guide your hand to my ass making you stick a finger inside making me moan from pleasure* I-I am always ready *I suddenly got on top still licking her armpit*
*Linlin giggles, her arousal too much to care about top or bottom by now, enjoying him and his noises and licks, spotting some more cum that they sprayed next to her, licking some up* Time to make some more mess, eh?~
redrew a set of actions
Well why not~ we are not going to clean this mess anyway... that's the job of the other apprentices~ *I kept licking her armpit while rubbing my cock against her leg getting closer and closer every time* y-you smell soo good~
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
*Lin takes that moment of his stalling to swirl about and slide behind him, flicking his cock away to sink her own deep in his ass* Indeed... smell good, feel even better, no?~ I'll make sure they have tons to clean up~
F-fuckkk my asss yessss ~ *I could feel you hard girlcock inside my ass, I want you to keep pounding my ass but at the same time I want to take that ass of yours and keep thrusting and making you cum lots, I slowly take your cock out and pining you down I start to fuck you and stroking your tight to make you cum* p-please just give me your cummm I want it alll over mmme!~
is resisting cumming (82% chance of cum) => Came!
(sorry, was momentarily IRL distracted, back)
(Don't worry ;)
*Linlin wanted his cum first just as much, but his words were so sweet, his thrusts so powerful, his strokes so tight, that Linlin had no choice but to fulfill his wish first, spraying out cum wherever he aimed* YEEEEEEEEEEEES!~~~~ TAKESHIIIIIIIII!~
*I let myself being painted by Linlin's cum, it was just a moment of bliss... I let my cock inside her not moving for now, and I start kissing her* t-thats it my good girl~
*Linlin sinks her lips deep in his, making out fervently, groping all about his body, wriggling and clenching on his cock, trying to milk it* Pleaaaase..... *she whispers out* Don't leave me empty.....~
Mnnngg~ O-okay... j-just move a little bit more~ *I begin to move slowly at first making sure she felt all my length, grabbing her hips I start to speed up thrusting now deeper but not leaving her without kisses* Linlin ahh~ moree~
*Linlin complied, moving just her hips and nothing else, undulating about his cock, still tightening and loosening constantly, stimulating him like a very slow vibe* There, there~ Anytime you're ready~ *she kept kissing him about too, reaching all about his face and neck*
*I began to pound her faster and rougher I was at my limit I couldn't hold it anymore... I wanted to cum inside Linlin's ass, just with a few more thrust I let myself ropes off cum inside her, hugging her tight and kissing her passionately while I cummed* Linlin LINLIN AHHHH~~~~
*Linlin wrapped her hands about his body tight, constricting him to make sure each drop was spent inside her, one long kiss as he kept filling her up, mewling wordlessly, passing out the moment their orgasms ended*
*I fall exhausted on her still hugging her and my cock was still inside, not letting any drop to leak out of her ass, I kissed her one more time and lookedher in those beautiful eyes* Linlin... you are the best partner~ my partner... let's stay together ~
*she mumbled, her consciousness fleeting, as she was too exhausted to even drag herself to the hot springs to relax there* M...maybe~
(and think that's the scene, unless you want to add something)
(Not really, that's everything)
(Thanks for the game Linlin)
(I just want to hear your sincere opinion about it, I would really like to improve my rp)
(you too ;) I'll just note that Linlin's not into long term relationships with few really, really particular exceptions, so sorry if my response there in the end wasnt more
(as for your RP, ppfffffffff... would never believe you're a rookie
(you were great ;)
(be more brave and firm with what you write, and dont be afraid to reflavor action when needed
(treat them only as suggestions
(Yes Linlin thanks! I asked because your rp are just soo perfect, and I don't know how you do them, thanks for the sincere answer)
(And about the response at the end I understand perfectly, don't worry)
(Still I hope you enjoyed it~)
(Oh most definitely, loved every bit~ ❤️
(Hope the feeling's mutual ;)
(Sure it is!)
(Did my responses took too long?)
(I mean in the rp)
(Well, no timeout warnings fired, so it was fine ;)
(besides, you were on mobile, right?
(Yes I am on mobile)
(yeah, then all deffo cool. If I tried playing on mobile, I would probably throw my phone into wall by end of it :D
(both with how slow I type as well as how much I typo there
(So I totally understand if it takes a bit more
(Ohh is that so? Well then I will try to use pc for now on)
(Use whatever's more comfy to ya ;)
(it's your decision, and your feelings should matter alone ;)
(Well is also not bad to try something new, maybe I can do it faster in pc)
(depends on what you're used to. PC is what I use for work (well, macbook atm), so I type a lot on keyboard :P
(but I've seen some people be speedfreaks on mobile keyboards too
(make me whistle with their pace
(Ohh well i am sure i am not one of those speedfreaks 😅)
(and it's fine. End line - people shouldnt be pushed out of their comfort zone
(not with kinks, not with sexuality, not with comfy equipment and usage either
(but as I say - not getting timeout warnings is more than cool on its own :P
(had played much slower folk
(Slower? And I thought I was really slow writing things)
(Is my first time doing a detailed rp like this, and I really love it!)
(I am very used to the rp not too detailed but I guess i have to try more this kind of rp)
(aye, practice makes perfect
(Thanks for the tips Linlin!)
(I guess I will see you another time!)
(yep, till later, Takeshi ;)
(ta tah
(Bye~~ Linlin)

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