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A very long overdue encounter

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It has been quite some time coming for this huh?
something like that~
surprised you didn't want an audience for this one, caught bits of your match with Laura
Oh? Honestly I thought about it but... the stress was murdering me. And I kind of want you all to myself right now~
But... did you see the end?
I didn't~
Mmm... well, I got my revenge on her from way back when~
Look at you go, congratulations~
And now... I finally get a chance to really show you some divine pleasure~
Better make the most of it~
Anything you wanna cover before we starT?
uh, not really. My hard limits are probably like, the usual stuff. no blood/nothing gross, the usual
mhmm mhmm
uhhh bondage/hypno rules?
3 turn limit, or you wanna feel fiesty and roll until we break out
I like fiesty~
and I'm not... unable to be convinced to let you out early~
roll until we break out it is~
shall we begin?~
come at me... and then cum for me~
we'll see about that last part
*Expecting your arrival at any point, I've left the door to my apartment slightly open, easy enough for you to just push in at any point. You see me laying out a bunch of different clothes on the kitchen table in front of me, pulling off a top that I didn't seem to like, folding it up and tossing it over to the couch, leaving me in a black lace bra.*
*As I find my way to your place, noticing the door is left open, I smile as I take the invitation and walk in. Seeing you from the door as I start to slowly walk behind you, seeing all the outfits laid out over your shoulder, I let out a chuckle and call out* Aww, trying to get all prettied up for me? *I step a little slower, the sound of fabric rustling as I unbutton my shirt and stop a few feet behind you* I'm honored~
*You see me put a foot up on one of the chairs in front of me, shooting you a small look before I roll my eyes and softly chuckle to myself.* Eh, something like that. If you didn't feel honored I'd be doing something wrong. *Looking down at my legs, I decide against stocking, rolling them down my legs one at a time, before playfully chucking them in your direction.*
Mmm *I catch the stockings as you throw them at me, chuckling as I hold them up to my face, taking a brief moment to lick them a little as I slowly walk a little closer. Standing by you before taking a moment to kneel down and kiss the foot you had on the chair as I look up at you* Well... as a little show of how honored I feel~ after all... my goal is to make sure you feel even more amazing~
*Sitting down on the edge of the chair, pushing my feet forward to let you kiss them easier.* You certainly know how to show respect.. that's for sure.. *After a few moments, I grab onto your arms and drag you up to your feet, bending over at the waist and undoing your belt, gently tugging down your jeans.*
Heh well, I like to think I can balance respect and disrespect when necessary~ *I grin as I watch you pull down my jeans. With them wrapped around my ankles, I'm quick to step one foot out for balance and gently hold the back of your neck. Pulling you back up to stand as I pull you into a deep kiss. My tongue pressing into your mouth slowly as I keep one hand around your neck, not squeezing too hard... yet*
*Letting out a bit of a squeal as you hoist me up into the air, my feet dangling off the floor, you forcibly pull me into a kiss. Our tongues dance around each other in my mouth, the hand on my throat a potential worrysome thought down the road. With my own hands, I manage to pull yours away as I land on my feet.* Fiesty tonight, are we..? *Gently pushing you back, I head over to the fridge and grab a bottle of tequila, before heading back to you as I pour some onto my body.* Drink's on me~
Hehe I'm excited, what can I say? *I shrug a little as you push me back. Watching you head over to the fridge, eyes watching your hips as you leave and come back. Leaning down, I quickly take the invitation and start licking over where the tequila drips down your body. My hands sliding up your body, slipping under the hem of your shorts, undoing them and gently pulling them down* Mmm delicious~ but there's a drink of yours I am dying to have~
*Wiggling my hips, shimmying my legs to help you pull them down, leaving me in my black thong and bra.* Yeah? Well we'll see if you're lucky enough to get a taste of that.~ *You see me reach out and grab a dildo, finally stepping out of my shorts as I take a seat at the edge of the table. Bringing the toy up to my face, I guide the whole thing in and out of my mouth with ease, perhaps a demonstration of what I'll do to you later on.*
Mmmm I didn't think you could get hotter~ *I smirk. Seeing your current position as a prime chance. I slowly walk up to you, my eyes completely fixated on how you take your toy into your mouth so easily. My tongue rolls across my lips as the tent in my boxers could be more obvious. Standing infront of you, I smirk and quickly kneel down. Taking my chance to spread your legs just enough as I lean in and plant a nice, hard kiss on you through your panties*
*Pulling the toy out of my mouth, feeling those lips pressed right up against my panties, a shiver shoots up my spine as I let out another soft moan.* Mmm... fuck... *With the dildo soaked in my saliva, I position the toy right in-between my bra covered chest, and slowly work it up and down, giving it a make-shift tit job.*
redrew a set of actions
(dirty re-drawer!)
*I smile up at you, seeing you having the toy between your tits, I slowly slide up your body, looking in your eyes as I grab you by the back of your neck gently and force you to look down. My free hand reaching down and freeing my cock. Letting it spring out as I press it against your thigh*
(i liked this move better!)
(I'll let it slide... this time!)
*With my gaze forcibly fixiated on your now free cock, my eyes go wide as I see just how big you really are. I can't help but bite down on my bottom lip, setting the dildo down to the side, as you see my hand slide down my body, reaching into my panties as I start to rub my clit.* Mmm... is that all for me..?~
*Licking my lips as I see you rubbing yourself. My cock twitching in excitement as I gently pick you up off the table, and slowly set you down to your knees. My cock now perfectly level with you while I grab it in one hand and slap it against your cheek* Oh it is baby~ I'm gonna make sure you enjoy this so much you won't be walking tomorrow~
*I almost feel offended that you just slapped my cheek with your cock, but admittedly it's kind of hot. My mouth opens, wanting to feel your cock in my mouth, but then I push you away as an idea springs to mind. Grabbing onto your shoulders, I pull your head down so I can whisper in it.* Dare you to get into the shower with me~ *Without futher words, I start to walk past you into the shower, reaching behind my back as I unclip my bra and let it fall down to the ground. Once I move into the bathroom, you hear the sound of the shower turned on, before my panties are flung out of the bathroom.*
(this is also an excuse to try out the new shower scene stuff)
*Your voice whispering in my ear sends a shiver down my spine this time. My body tensing as I watch you walk away from me. My eyes bouncing around as they're unable to decide what to track, your swaying hips, naked back, or your bra on the floor... then, as you disappear into the bathroom, the sight of your thong flying out drives me on instinct. Stepping quickly as I follow after you into the shower, throwing my shirt off as I enter right behind you* Oh god you just keep getting hotter~
(shower stuff is HOT!)
*My body starts to glisten from the water, a wet hand reaching down and wrapping my fingers around your shaft.* Never really had someone shower with me before.. you should feel REALLY honored Mike.. *Dropping down onto my knees, opening my mouth as I guide your cock into my mouth. Slowly starting to bob my head up and down, stroking your shaft in rhythm, looking up into your eyes as I do so.*
*The sight of your body glistening has me smiling wide. The sudden drop to your knees stopping me from saying anything as my cock is quickly taken into your mouth. Soft moans escaping my lips as I place a hand on the shower wall to brace myself. Twitching in your mouth and hand as I look down and meet your eyes* O-ohh Shit~ fuck that's so good~ *I say, leaning over and sliding a hand down your back, managing to reach low enough to slide my fingers into your pussy, rubbing them all around your inner walls*
*Pulling away from your cock, you immediately have my body shaking as I can't help but moan out.* Fuuuck, god that's amazing.. *Both hands reach out to grab your cock, as I stroke you with the same intensity your fingers are pumping in and out of my folds.*
Ohhh fuckk Destiny~ *I moan out as you keep stroking my cock. Rubbing your insides like mad as I look into your eyes. My eyes glazing over with lust as I suddenly pull my hands away, grab your sand pin you up against the shower wall. Grabbing one of your legs and lifting it up to my hip as I line my cock up with your entrance* Fuckkk I need to feel it! I can't wait! *I moan out as I shove my cock into your pussy. Forcing it balls deep as I stare into your eyes before thrusting back and forth*
*With my hands locked in your grasp above my head, I'm forcibly pushed up against the glass as you guide your cock inside me. Though you can't see it, my mouth hangs open, eyes going wide as I can't help but shudder.* H-holy shiiiit.... *My breasts are pinned right up against the glass, helpless as you start to deeply thrust inside me over and over again.* Oh fuuuuck Mike.. give it to me... fuck me Mike...~
*I moan directly into your ear as my cock slides in and out of your soaking wet pussy. My hands rubbing all over your body before wrapping one around your neck. Squeezing slightly as I keep thrusting, my hips getting more aggressive as I keep pushing you into the glass* Oh fuck Destiny~ Your so god damn tight~ your pussy just feels so good~
*The sounds of your hips slapping against my own only get louder and louder, the arm around my neck stifling my moans, but the pleasure is still very much overwhelming. Going with a alternate strategy, my hands leave the glass, reaching behind and pulling your legs out from under you.* A-ahhh.. fucking hell... stay down boy.. *Pushing you flat on your back, I hover over you before impaling myself on your cock, leaning back as I start bouncing. My breasts jiggling and bouncing up and down with every thrust, my moans getting louder again.* God yeeeeaahhh.. m-much better...~
Oh god yes baby~ Fuck WOAH! *I yell out as I fall back with my legs snatched under me. Breathing heavily for a few moments before feeling you pushing me down. The sight of you impaling yourself on me, your beautiful jiggling breasts, your moaning face all seen from below driving me wild as I grab at your thighs. My own moans getting louder and louder* Fuckkk baby! Oh god how is it.. so good~~?
*Too busy, too engrossed in the riding to speak, I only throw my hips down against you harder and faster. Wanting to feel more, I reach out and grab the showerhead, careful not to hit you in the head, I pull it down from the wall and hold the spraying water up against my folds.*
*Seeing you grab for the shower head, using it on yourself as I feel you bouncing on me, I manage to maintain enough of my senses to start fucking back. Thrusting my cock up into you from below, letting our collision act to increase the force of my cock ramming into you as I look up at you. Grabbing at your hands to keep one pinned and the other steady the showerhead on your pussy*
*The hands on my own catch me off guard, and you see me look at you with lust filled eyes as I feel you start to thrust up into me. But I don't stop, meeting your thrusts with my own, both of our moans echoing around the shower, the showerhead on my clit feeling oh so good.*
*My hands occupied, and the look in your eyes pulling me in, all I can do is keep thrusting up into you as I moan out. My cock throbbing inside you as my breath gets labored, causing me to slow down a little bit* Mmm ohh shit~
*Finally wiggling my hands free of your grasp, letting go of the showerhead, I bury myself to the hilt and pin your hips down to the shower floor for a moment. Re-positioning myself, my breasts now looming directly over your face before I start my riding again.* Fuuuuck... fuck fuck!
*feeling your pussy slamming down around my cock, I moan out louder as I instinctively shove my face into your breasts. Moaning into them and kissing your chest all over as I struggle to keep control. Grabbing at your hips tight and pulling you off me, I manage to pick you up and lay you on the shower floor, shoving my head into your pussy as I start licking away at you. Slurping up your juices and licking at you like a man who hasn't had a drink in the desert for ages* Mmmm~ Fuckkkk let me taste this~ Let me devour your pussy and make you cum on my face~~
*My hand reaches down, clutching down onto your hair as your tongue licks away like your life depends on it. My hips buck, roll into your lips, simply wanting to ride your tongue until no tomorrow.* God yessss Mike.. Lick me.. be a good fucking boy and eat me...~
*My tongue doesn't stop for an instant. licking away at your pussy like mad as I drag it over your clit over and over, my hands rubbing at your thighs before sliding up your body to play with your breasts, pinching and pulling on your nipples while I begin to force my tongue inside your pussy and slurp your juices*
*I can feel my breathing starting to get more rapidly, my hips moving on their own accord as the pleasure threatens to consume me. Your tongue driving me absolutely crazy, but I push your head away and slide back down your body, sliding your cock back inside as I immediately start bouncing as fast as I can go.* Fuck FUCK! Come on Mike! Fill me up big boy!~
*My face covered in your juices as I look up at you when you mount. Feeling you bouncing on my cock again as my hands instinctively grab at your ass. Staring up into your eyes as I manage to make a slight smirk* O-oohhhh I'll fill you baby~ *I grin, pulling you down into a kiss as I start to work my hips up into you, thrusting into your pussy as I tease your ass with a finger, slowly working it inside and testing your asshole's resistance* Mmmm
*Clenching down on my lip as I feel your finger slowly push inside my ass, causing me to almost let out a scream as now both of my holes are stuffed by something. But with a shake of my head, I double down on my bouncing, trying my best to ignore my own pleasure as I try and focus on making you explode.*
*I stare up at you, moaning out more as I see you determined to ride me. Grabbing at your hips and managing to buck you off me, I manage to sit up and stand, my cock throbbing like mad as I step out of the shower, hoping to buy myself a moment* M-mmm.. not yet... we've only just gotten started baby~ *I say, slowly backing my way out of the bathroom*
*The moment I step out of the shower, I grab onto your arm and spin you around to face me, a hand wrapping itself around your cock as I stroke you as fast as I can, my hand almost like a blur as I press my body right up against yours.* Nuh uh.. you're gonna cum for me Mike, right now, like a good boy~
*Taken by surprise as you grab my cock. My eyes locked on your as my cock throbs in your hand. Moaning out as my knees are clearly shaking as I grab at your hips.* O-ohhh shit shit shit~~ Destiny~~~~
is resisting cumming (40% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*My body squirmming like mad in your grasp, holding your hips and slowly managing to step back, pulling you with me as I continue to fight against the urge* N-not yet... no no~ I... mmmm shitttt
*pulling your hand from my cock as it throbs, precum flooding out as I stare into your eyes. Lust taking me over as I drag you to your bedroom and waste no time. Bending you over as I plunge my cock balls deep into your pussy. Swinging my hips like a wild animal as I pound your pussy, my hands grabbing at your hips and pulling you back into every thrust* Fuck! Fuck! No no! I... wanna make... you cum all over my cock!! T-then I'll mmm fill this pussy!! ohhh shitttt
*my hands grab onto the bedsheets, nearly turning white from the intensity of my grip, as you thrust into me like a wild bronco. The clapping of our bodies echoing in the bedroom, breasts jiggling with each thrust, as I can only moan and cry out.*
is resisting cumming (48% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Ah ah ah ah fuuuck! *Feeling that cliff quickly approaching, I let go of the bedsheets, reaching down between my legs and grabbing onto your cock and forcibly pulling you away. Gasping for air, I crawl forward onto the bed as I take a moment to collect my thoughts.*
*Immediately spinning around onto my chest, before pushing myself onto my hands and knees, I crawl back towards you like a lioneess stalking its prey. Before you are given a chance to move away, both hands wrap around your cock as I lower my mouth around your shaft. Stroking and bobbing with intent, my eyes look up into your own as I'm intent to blow your mind.. quite literally.*
*I get completely caught. Trapped in your hands and mouth as my cock throbs and swells under your attack. My head leaning back as I see you staring up at me as I try to fight and hold on. My legs getting weaker as I manage to force myself to look down at you* F-fuckk... t-those eyes... ahhh god you're so fucking good!!!!!!
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I slowly begin to lean over, my hand reaching for your ass and grabbing at your ass cheeks tight and then sliding between your legs, starting to force my figners in and out of your pussy again. My eyes filling with determination* B-but... I... mmm wanna... cummm thereeeeeeee
*Feeling your fingers slip inside my folds again, my legs start to quiver, body shivering again, as I'm forced to pull myself away from your cock with a angry groan/moan.* Fuuuuckkk! Why won't you cuuum!
*Drunk on the feeling, I manage to pull my cock from you, with you on your stomach I'm quick to mount your back. Sliding my cock between your thighs as I slowly work myself into your pussy. Fucking you at a slow, gentle pace as I squeeze and slap your ass* Fuckkkk how does your pussy feel so good?!?!
*I bury my head into the bed, trying to desperately hide my face, both of us knowing damn well that my pussy feels so fucking good. Lazily kicking back with my feet, I lazily stroke your sides, too tied to do anything else.*
*Feeling you weakly moving under me. I make a move. My hand wrapping around your neck, choking you again as I start to thrust harder. My breath heavy as i struggle to keep a rough pace with my cock throbbing inside you* Fuckkk baby! I want you to cum~ I want to hear you call me daddy as you cum on my cock~~ *I look down at you, smiling wide and drunk on the lust *
*My hand reaches up and grabs at your hand, trying to pull away but unable to do so. You force me to look up at you, my face completely drunk in the pleasure as I gasp, and let out strangled cries and moans as you thrust over and over into me...*
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
*..and it only takes another thrust or two before my whole body seizes up, before it starts to violently shudder underneath you. A loud, strangled groan leaves my lips as my inner walls clamp down on your cock like a vice grip, cumming hard.*
*with a very limp arms, I manage to push you off of me, pulling myself away from your cock with a whimper as I roll over onto my side, legs closed together and a hand covering up my sensitive pussy. Curled into a ball essentially, gasping for air.*
*I let you push me off, taking a moment to catch my breath as I gasp for air. My hips weak as I sit on the bed. A single hand sliding between my legs as I watch you cover yourself. A single finger rubbing and teasing my own ass as I catch my breath. Smiling down at you as I lick my lips.* You... looked... so fucking hot... god... you're just so delicious Destiny... I want more... more of your moans, more of the sight of your body trembling under me~ I need more of you~
*seeing you play with your own ass, I lazily crawl alongside you, hands gently stroking your side and even helping you stroke your cock. My lips gently leave a trail from your chest, up to your jaw, before both of my legs plant on either side of your head as I gently plop myself down right on your face.*
*I moan softly, letting you push me down and the sight of your pussy in my face. I gladly begin to eat away, lapping my tongue over you and slurping up all of your juices. Pressing my nose into your clit while I pull a small vibrator from the night stand and press it against your nipples as I look up at you*
*I let the vibrator do it's thing, bucking my hips slowly into it as I let you have way for the moment.* Oh god... Daddy... it feels so good.... *Laying down on your chest, kissing your lips passionately for a few moments.. before you feel a hand reach out and grab onto your cock, holding it straight as I guide it back inside my folds.* Now... you're gonna fill me up, like a good boy would... *Slowly at first, I start to bounce up and down on your cock, making sure you never leave my folds, before I only get faster and faster.*
Mmm god I love hearing you call me da- *taken by the kiss and cut off, I moan against your lips as I feel your hand wrap around my cock only to gasp as I feel you take me inside you again. Gasping and moaning as my body squirms under you. Feeling you picking up the pace as I grab at your thighs* O-oh shit~ oh shit~ Destiny! Destiny!! Fuck your pussy feels so good!!
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
O-ohhh shit~ C-can't... mmmm *my hands weakly pulling at your hips, trying to force you off me, but give up on that as instaed they wrap around your waist and pull you down onto me. My cock bottoming out in your pussy as my balls begin to pulse. Pumping my cum deep inside your pussy as I moan out* Fuckkkk!!! Destiny!!!!!!!!!!!
*stuck under you, I grind my hips up into you, my cock stirring up the cum inside your pussy as I move my head, shoving it into your breasts. Taking one of your nipples into my mouth and sucking on it gently before swapping over to the next. Playing kisses all over your test as my tongue teases your sensitive nubs* Mmmm fuckkk babyyyyy
*Shifting my body at a different angle, letting you get a better angle at my chest, softly coo'ing out as your tongue licks at my sensitive nub. My hand lazily reaches down and strokes any bits of your cock that isn't inside me, feeling completely full and satisified.* Mmmmm... yeeesss?
I.... I'm not done... I can go more... and... *In a burst of energy, I suddenly roll you onto your back. Pinning you down as I spread your legs wide for me. Plunging my cock balls deep into your pussy over and over as I stare down at you. My hand wrapping around your neck as I keep thrusting into you like a drunken fool* Fuckkkkkkk your pussy is just so fucking good!!!
More... need to... fuck you... moreeeee
*I'm shocked by your sudden shift, unprepared to be down on my back, a hand around my throat as you start to pump into me again. My legs instinctively wrap themselves around your waist, choked moans and cries leaving my lips as I can only look up into your eyes.*
is resisting cumming (38% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*My eyes start to close, a hand drifts down between my legs, in what you think is to rub my clit for my impending orgasm again, but you feel those fingers wrap themselves around your cock and pull you away. My eyes re-opening as I blow you a kiss, mouthing the words.. 'Not.. Yet'*
*Unwrapping my legs around you, I push you away as I roll more towards the headrest of the bed, turning myself around as I very slowly wiggle my hips for you. Whether it be the sight of my wonderful ass, or your cum leaking out of my pussy onto the covers below us, the sight is almost.. intoxicating..~*
** Mike Jones rolled 1d6: 1! **
*Pushed away I stand there, catching my breath while staring at you, my eyes as locked dead set on your ass. My hand almost instinctively going for my cock and rubbing up and down gently. Licking my lips all the while as I just stand there almost dumbfounded by how you have such an amazing ass* Mmmmm fuckkkkk destinyyyy
*rolling over onto into a seated position, legs out in front of me spread out, I can't help but look at your empty stare, giggling to myself as I blow you another kiss. A hand slides up my body and starts twirling my hair, using this time to catch my breath.* That's right.. just think about my ass, and how perfect it is.. That's my good boy~
** Mike Jones rolled 1d6: 6! **
(..well I could of seen this coming..)
Mmmm god... I can't help but think of that ass~ *I slowly begin to crawl toward you. Putting myself between your legs as I slowly push you down onto your back. Lifting your legs up as I press my cock up to your tight ass, still soaked in a mix of all our juices and begin to slowly work it inside you. Pumping your ass with my shaft as I stare down into your eyes* I've craved you for so long now Destiny~ Please... just let daddy make you feel good~ let yourself melt for daddy... I want you to cum for me.. I want you to feel like you're in heaven as you cum harder than you ever have~ *I moan, whispering in your ear as my hips start to speed up, thrusting into you more and more while I squeeze your hips and thighs*
(It honestly was quite the karmic set up)
(let's see if the game agrees)
*As I see you crawl towards me ever so slowly, my breath catches in my throat, looking behind me but realizing there's absolutely no where to go. Still very tired from everything, you effortlessly spin me around, lift my ass up and slowly push your cock inside my rosebud.* My eyes and mouth go wide, hands clutching onto the bed sheets, crying out as we look into each others eyes.* Ah ah aaaaaahhh fuuuuck!
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Came!
*The pleasure overwhelms me, and you see me bring a hand between my legs, fingers pressed against my clit, rubbing frantic circles against that nub as I only want to obey.* Yeeeeeeesss Daddy, pound my fucking ass.. yes YES just like that! Oh my god ohmygooood Daddy!!!! *With a few more thrusts, and a few more rubs, I scream at the top of my lungs as my body shakes out of control. Each thrust into my ass sprays juices from my folds like a faucet, coating both of our legs and the bed below in my juices.*
Fuuuuuuuuuuck Daaadddyyyyy..! Soooooo goooooooood...!~
*Hearing you moan and melt under me, my body is only driven further. Pounding into your ass harder and faster as I lean down, kissing and biting on the back of your neck. My hips slamming into yours as I grab all over your body* Fuckkkk Destiny that's it!! that's my good fucking girl~~~ can daddy... cum in your ass~?
*With your continued thrusts, feeling you kiss and bite the back of my neck, the ability to form words are quickly gone. I can only cry and moan out, nodding my head as approval for your request.*
Ohhhh fuck yes baby~ *I moan, my cock throbbing like wild inside your ass as I keep thrusting harder and harder, eventually, the pleasure making it hard for me to keep a consistent pace before I blunge balls deep in. My cock bursting as rope after rope of my hot seed sprays into your ass. Biting and sucking harder on your neck as I let my orgasm ride out. Only pulling out as I slowly roll off you, my arms wrapping around you and pulling you in close* Mmmm fuckkkkk Destiny~
*my body continues to write and shake in your grasp, but eventually my limbs wrap themselves around you, head resting on your shoulder as you've left me panting heavily for air, both of my holes leaking with your cum.*
Heheh was I too rough on you baby~? *I smile, cuddling up to you as I lean in and kiss your cheek*
*I let out another giggle, shaking my head, before planting a soft kiss on your collarbone.* N-no.. you were... perfect..~
Mmmm god you were so fucking amazing~ I... mmmm god that was so worth the wait~
It.. really was... Daddy..~
(So are you! That was incredibly ❤️ Worth the wait?~)
(Oh yeah! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself too... my god I knew you were a good role player but to EXPERIENCE it...)
(Somethings you just need to experience things yourself~ And you were fucking amazing too! Don't sell yourself short)
(I mean... fair enough... fucking hell... I can really see why you're in such high demand to play people)
(On the bright side, I can finally cross you off my list of 'People I need to play 😂')
(Though, that doesn't mean I'll never wanna play again)
(lolol I'm glad to hear that! Cause damnnnn that was worth it... and... I'd be lying if I said I didn't wanna see what you'd do if you won~)
(I honestly don't know what I'd do if I won, but the game decided that was going to be the ending, and it was basically perfect 😂)
(It really fucking was lololol... seriously good game. And thank you so much for your time)
(you're very much welcome! congrats on your win~ I'll come back to collect my rematch at some point.)
(for now though, I'm gonna go unwind. Have a good night~ 💋)
(You get some good rest!)

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