Maxime (Halloween vampire) VS Yoimiya the Flame Seeker : History listed publicly (84 turns)

The brave hero Yoimi faces off with the evil bu...vampire that has taken hold of these lands (and her friends :3)!

Will the heroine be able to defeat the evil vampire and purify her or will the evil dominate and lead the world to doom and darkens? Perhaps even something completely different will happen between those two forces. Take a seat and find that out~

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The day has finally come, evil lady of the dark castle! Surrender your claim to these lands and you may yet leave unharmed!
Hahahaha. Dont make me laugh. Who in the world should stop me? You? Just by yourself? Dont make me laugh~ You are barely be able to walk in the outside world~ You are no threat to me. But try your best. My guards will have a lot of fun with you and your pitiful attempt
So be it! You choose the hard way to relinquish your power then...*draws her blade with a determined look on her face.*
Try your best luck~ I am more than prepared to deal with your kind. Heroes *giggles* What a scam. The last adventures that crossed my land ended up as part of my gallery and i am sure you will end there too
Ha! More empty threats! And I will rescue any and all who have fallen under your simple tricks! *Yoimi's blade ignites with a flow of arcane energy, the purity of mana ready to burn away any attackers.*
((The mage might be the least likely to win from what I heard....but still fits best :p ))
(Thought you gonna go with the ... uhm... fighter? Warrior?)
((I thought about these two the most, but went with magic :p ))
You are so determined to beat me i see. Well before i even lay my precious hands on your disgusting body i need to make sure you are even worth my time. *The vampy raises her hands and yells* Go my bandits~ Show me what you are made off. Defeat the so called hero here. Hurt her, use her. Whatever you need to accomplish that. If you manage to beat her i will even gift her body over to you. Such a body must be a well pleasure for you guys *with a sly smirk multiple bandits appear on the field, surrounding you all with a smirk. One of them turns around and says to me* [Bandit] Everything we want? Well thats going to be a feast.. Men.. get her! *and with that they raise their swords and axes and start to attack you*
(A fast game without lot of context was it? XD *coughs*)
((*coughs* Right, yup, that will probably work out fine))
((Also great, first move, no combat ones, so fitting for the rp aspect XD ))
(You can always redraw~)
redrew a set of actions
(Well if you have the energy x3)
Huh...too scared to even face me yourself? So be it...I will deal with these weaklings in no time! *The colour of the flow of mana on my blade changes from orange flames to some sort of blue energy. I then swing my blade, sending hightly pressurized strikes of water in an area around me, trying to knock the bandits away ~~ a slightly less intended effect being that now I am also drenched with water, my clothes sticking to my body as my armor glistens with humidity.*
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*One after the other the bandits charge at you with their raised weapons. From multiple directions the water spells affect them, kicking them off again and again. But the amount of them and their resilience is resilience for the likes of them. It seems like they really want you and not stopping until they get to that goal. Again and again they charge at you with some wounds on their skin* [Bandit] Dont stop now men! We get closer each second. She is getting exhausted. That is our time~ *The vampy lady waves her hand in a magical motion before she turns around to enter her domain, not even expecting you to make it so far. Suddenly your chestplate feels so much heavier. It glows from the inside like a spell would affect your armor. One bandit manages to get to you, cutting through your armor and your clothing like butter from behind. Your clothing is falling off one by one as you reveal more and more skin every second* [Not confident Bandit] I ... i did it ^^ *he says happily before getting kicked away from you*
17:03:06 armor....when...*Yoimi's thoughts flashback to that eventful evening when you have briefly taken the chestpiece of my armor off, examined it before handing it back to me. Realization dawns on me as that you may have tampered with it back then.*...You! *I point an accusing finger as you turn away, before my attention is refocused on the encroaching numbers of having such an easy access to my body.* won't dare to touch me! Take this! Haaaah! *with a heavy swing, I slash a larger water blade to roll over several bandits like a storm surge, sending them flying backwards.*
*Half of the men flew away from the impact of your slash and even getting send back further from the water wave hitting them. Most of the bandits stop their ongoing attack for a second, having a smug face as they stare lustfully at your body* [Bandit] He~ All we want to do hm? Men get ready to capture this girl! I bet a hero like her will bring us much money if we sell her as a breeding stable *Suddenly all men run at you, throwing away most of their weapons to just put you on the ground, jumping at you to make your movement even harder and attempting to handcuff you*
((where is mah forcefield XD ))
(;P Seems it poofed away with your armor)
*pokes a certain lioness*
*As all the men just drop their weapons, ogling my naked body, I somewhat lowered my guard, preparing a spell to deal with them all at once ~~ but just as I was bout to begin my incantation, they all dashed like crazy, group tackling me to the ground and interrupting my magic..* offf.....ggrrr....ssstoop.....I willl strike you all....aaaaaa....*In my momentary disorientation I do not even realized as my hands are suddenly bound with cold metal cuffs...before I finally manage to push my way up from under this group tackle of wanting hands groping my body.*
*With a most amazing technique the bandit start to fly away from you as you manage to spin your way out. But there onslaught wasn't completely ineffective as they managed to make the clicking sound with the handcuffs. Your hands bound to each other with not much space inbetween them will surely make it harder for you to continue fighting. One of the bandit yells* [Bandit] I did it! The heroine ... she is not as strong as she looks~ *even with all those injuries the bandits smile, tho some of them are not able to continue fighting you and resting longer on the ground, recovering from your attack*
*peeks in and cheers Yoimiya on*
*Walks in see if the fellow vampire will beat the brave*
*waves to Gaiba and Julie*
Hehe...ehehee....*a somewhat darker glint shines in my eyes as the bandits stood back for a second to admire that they have managed to lock my hands in the magic along my blade glows red in shade...the colour of crimson fire.* will will will pay.....*I mutter to myself almost subconsciously, the heat of roaring flames spreading around me as, despite the chains holding my hands, I blast the poor bandits with a surging wave of flames.* These feeble bindings won't stop my attacks you fools! Better run while you can! *I attempt to strike fear in the hearts of the bandits with my words, hiding a little bit that these chains are indeed a big inconvenience.*
*waves to Gaiba happily and points at Julie* Oi! You promised to cheer for me too Julie! I am holdin you to that!
Mmm thats true~ *raise a fan girl flag 🚩with Yoi on it* Go go Yoimiya ! 🚩😁
Yayy ^^ *laughs happily* Haha...see maxi? Even fellow vampires want your downfall! You have kept that seat for way too long!
*some bandits are surely getting frightened by your pure presence, the dark aura you are emitting makes gives them shiver down their spine and you can even hear their teeths rattle and their legs shaking in fear. But some of them don't mind it at all. It looks for them that you use your magic to just push them away and not actually trying to hurt them as they evade your attack with ease* [Stronger Bandit with only one eye] Ha who are you trying to scare little pup. Those fire tricks wont scare an expert like me away! *He suddenly screams to motivate his comrades* DONT WORRY! She is pretending to be strong! And just imagine her body could be yours~ Such a good body to fuck~ *He smirks as only half of the original bandits start to move toward you. They use their arms to block the heat and light coming from you, pushing you down onto the ground before one pulls down his ripped pants and pushing his cock all along your slit* Now that will be your new life slutty heroine~
A fellow vampire betraying even her kin. I am more than disappointed from you Julie to swap sides that easily ;P
Go forth and conquer, Yoi~ ^^
Its just competition Maxime, nothing personal ;)
I will remember that once i made myself a new toy to play with. And i am not gonna share it with you Julie ;3 Nyahahaha~
Ohhh ;p you better win Yoimiya~
*As the bandits encroach closer I attempt to swing my blade once more with another torrent of flames...but like i worried, the chains cause me to fumble my magic, as I am forcibly pushed to the ground and the bandits hold me down, preparing to each take their turn with me..* will not....ssully...aaahn...*a light moan escapes my lips as I feel the warm cock pressing against my slit, almost ready to penetrate me. Realizing the imminent danger, I quickly use a get away spell, throwing up an illuminanted orb spell that explodes and sparkles in various colours of the rainbow, much like a calleidoscope suspended midair. Using it for a momentary distraction as the bandits senses are dulled and confused, I attempt to roll away from their grabby hands and reach on the ground, trying to desperately find my sword I dropped a moment ago.*
That is the plan! And thanks Woofie ^^
Yess BEB
You're welcome Yoi ^^
*waves at Yuria* Hiya ^^
*The bandits get caught in the distraction spell, caughing as they lose the sights of their target right ahead of them. They look around in confusion and yell* WHERE IS THE LITTLE GIRL! CATCH HER... NO--! *before some of them hear their comrades falling to their knees and soon on the ground, leaving even less bandits on their feet. As you move around the few remaining bandits slowly get a better feeling of this spell and managing to see through them. As you try to finish another bandit with a deadly foot strike from above, you getting catched midair, wounding the bandit underneath you only lightly and leaving you in a uncomfortable position. One of the two last bandits smile and you and say with a deep voice* Got you little princess. And after i catch you i make sure you will never leave me again~ *he grins and thrust his hip with full speed at your crotch. His cock manages to bury itself through your defense down there and forcefully begins to fuck you*
Hey hey Yuria :3 ... Another one from the holy side huh >.>
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*I almost got my plan perfectly executed, the sword was just there, maybe a meter from my one of the last two bandits managed to hold my leg and topple me down. I was about to retort..*..Let me go before I....AHHH...nnnggg....nnnoo.....hhhhaahhhnn.....ll-llet....aaah....*my moans begin to fill the room as he begins to roughly pound into my pussy, first to break through my defences completely and use me for his own fun. The fearful realization dawns on me body is enjoying this....following my training I sense the danger and let go of conserving my mana, gathering it from the area around me, looking like little fireflies converging near my hands. My eyes glimmer with crimson fire as the bandit realizes what is about to hit him. I mutter one word.*...Ignis. *A torrent of flame rises and rolls over the bandit, pushing him off my body. The flames spread around the field, inflicting damage to even those that have already collapsed.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*The bandit's eyes who is holding you is getting bigger while he enjoys your body and with his last thrust he whistles a quiet* Ohh... .f---uuuckkk *before he shines and sparkle like a fire, getting pushed away from the heating wave hitting him. He gets burnt in more than one way as the fire starts to spread around like a phoenix, even hitting those who are not even be able to get up anymore and giving them their finishing blow. You make a confident look as you imagine all bandits to be gone from that fiery attack only to be suprised by the one with one eye* [Bandit] Mhmm not bad girl. I can see why they call you heroine. Wielding multiple elements and control the area around you with powerful magic. But you wont be able to last to get to our majesty thats what i can tell you. She is just way too powerful and you should give in to her~ *before he pushes you onto the ground, holding your cuffed hands on your back while he admire your body, licking your neck and whispers* I will treat you well if you surrender now. You are helpless against me and even against her~
(Brb toilet. Dont forget to write dots if we are about to timeout ^^)
18:01:15're still...standing....*I can't help but appreciate this last bandit's tenacity, him having survived all the onslaught of magic I already unleashed upon him and his friends.* Praising me won't get you any...ghhnn..*I begin to answer before he tackled me to the ground, as I shiver under his licking*...Nnoo....nnever! I won't submit!...*I reach out for more flames...but it does appear I burned through quite a lot of mana in my immediate vicinity...and it is taking a moment longer to flow to my hands....a moment I may yet find myself regretting...*...Ooooh....come onn.......hhhhhnnn *I frown and try to focus on my magic*
((Also...that's a nice seiba ^^ ))
Awww little girl. Unable to cast more upon you hellish flames? Burnt yourself too much cause of your last attack? *he smugs as he turns you around, sitting on your chest and pulling his cock out aswell, rubbing it all over your pretty face selfconfidently* Well dont mind me using your body then and preparing you to be a slut for all of us~ *he smirks confident of victory but soon realize how wrong he is*
*giggles quietly*...Thanks...
*for being such an overconfident fool at this moment. Thanks for the extra time, luv ^^ *I giggle more as the mana reaches my hands yet again...warm familiar heat of my power at my fingertips. Almost with no effort I blast the final bandit off my chest, making sure he takes a nice short flight before landing unconscious on the ground...*...Phew...I got to use my magic more carefully...that could have been so much worse...
*The last bandit screams in agony* Daaamn you... heeeroooooo *before his voice is getting more quietly and finally stopping completely. At the end of the fight you are the only one "standing" from all those people. Many have been burnt away to ash but maybe you will find something around that may be valuable for you before you step through the door of the mansion*
((Inner voice - you know you want to press on the chest....hhhhhhhhrrrrrr......))
(Hehe already? ;P)
((I will resist it...this time XD ))
((or you know what))
((dice ))
((10+ ignore))
** Yoimiya the Brave rolled 1d20: 20! **
((yimi smort))
(Thats a clear sign XD)
*Channeling the energy off the collapsed bandits I regenerate my own a bit...while sensing a glimpse of a magical connection between the bandits and their owner....with a mean expression I send forth some of their lewd thoughts and feelings, their emotions sensed as those of your own before you sever the connection. A little mental note message flies to you.*...was that all you've got?
((Luck is on my side after all, ha-ha-haa! ))
*The magical connecting just makes me laugh deep in my own realm, my mansion, my place to relax and enjoy the time. Even tho all the lewd thoughts they have are send right on me i keep my smug up tho i feel myself getting a bit weaker as some certain other parts are inspired by those thoughts. The doors of the mansion starts to open up, seemingly inviting you to step inside and accepting you to be worthy enough to even enter it all by yourself. The foyer awaits you right at the beginning with another suprise for you*
(This time~ Luck is like a pendulum and it can swing in either direction my darling~)
*I step forth, undaunted by the potential threats lying ahead of me...ofcourse after picking my sword back up, but seemingly unable to break the cuffs off myself. Shrugging, I step forth.* Show yourself Maxime! This is your type of...foe? *I stand, trying to make sense of what the opponents are in this 2nd room.*
*The door closes itself with some squeaking noise and right behind the door leans someone against the wall, reading some book and wearing nothing but his shorts. His body looks very manly and even looking at him might give you already thoughts of what might happen. He closes his book in one go and starts to speak to you* Welcome lady. You must be the one causing all the noise outside, isnt this right? *He places his book on a nearby table while walking around you and speaking in a polite manner* Let me welcome you to our noble house, the mansion la vunny. I hope you will enjoy your stay cause you will surely be here for a long time *his eyes focusing yours and you can feel an immense danger from him suddenly as he prepares himself for the fight*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*I stand and look at him in a moment of surprise...just an individual enemy...when I was expecting something more akin to an orc horde to greet me next. His calm demeanour and almost a kind invitation as he stops reading the book and gently places it on the table...almost makes me lower my guard. Until I sense the air shift the moment his eyes fell upon mine and I realize the true danger of this encounter...*...D...demon!....Fulminis! *I instinctively search memories for my lessons about these creatures, only to recall one simple note - destroy as fast as possible, or else they will seek to corrupt the very essence of who you are. Taking that note to heart, lightning circulates around my hands, my eyes glowing with white energy for a moment, before the bolt arcs towards him.*
((*begins to ponder just what type might the final enemy be*))
(Don't spoiler it vampy... dont spoiler it)
*The incubus is getting struck directly from the lightning bolt from your hands. The electricity fills the room and his body as his hair begins to point towards the ceiling. He snorts heavily after this attack and is seemingly not enjoying this at all* Hmpf... i wanted to greet you all nice and thats how you treat me. So its true.. heroines these days have no respect towards elderly. *He shakes his head, vanishing for a mere second before reappearing close to you. The only thing left on his old spot are his shorts which are flying through the air, slowly sinking down to the ground* Guess i need to teach you some respect and manners in that case. I can't let you go to my lady with you being like this! *he casts a spell so close on you and you feel how your body slowly starts to submit to just his will*
((*hmmm intensifies* ))
Hmm.. that vampire seems familiar. Like a certain bunny that I knew
*waves at Haruka before focusing back on the fight*
Goodluck Warrior Naganohara!
*waves at Haruka sitting on my throne and enjoying the fight*
*waves at Haruka*
Beat that vampire and squeeze her bunny ears!
Hello Julie!
Goo Yoimi! Conquer the castle so you can later get trapped in the labyrinth>;3
*sneezes like someone talks behind my back about me* x3
Nhh...*I look around in confusion the moment he vanishes, only to her his whisper into my ear. Instinctively, I look in that direction...but that proves to be the mistake, as his close and direct gaze allows his spell to be that much more effective. Breaking through my will for a moment, I kneel down in front of him, pushing my breasts together around his cock as I begin to squeeze up and down...but my mind still struggles against the full control of the incubus, pressing harder than he would probably like as I growl and mumble at his feet, dilligently working with my tits.*
*In brief moments of clarity I am eye'ing around for my weapon...trying to channel my magic...anything that can help me break out of this current predicament.*
Hmmm monster minion number 2 is it...
*Does calculations*
*Doesnt want to hear calculations <.<)
By my predictions and calculations...
Yoimi will get fucked by monsters
18:52:46 Curious brand of humour today Isa :p
Woah! Yimi and bunny!?
*The incubus cups your cheek with his warm hands as you follow his will so easily and as soon as you start to move his hands move through your hair, ruffling and playing with it for a bit* Mhmm thats it my little girl. It feels so much better when you are behaving yourself like that, isnt that right?~ You love being on your knees, worshipping does who you love and want to please~ *his hips start to move to your pace, fucking your tits even deeper and poking your chin with the tip of his cock all while he enjoys himself, letting you an opportunity to break free*
*waves at Jamie* Yuss ~ but not bunny, it's an evil vampy of this castle!
Bunny vampy!
Jamie jamie... and i thought you already know this appearance.. I am mostly disappointed by you *shakes my head*
I would never mistake my bunny… -.-
I was under the same impression >~>
You cannot fool me
Bunni Vampiro
I dont have the time to teach you *sticks tongue out*
*As he pushes me down on the ground and cups my cheek, I try to bit his in response, fighting with every cell of my body. The humiliation I feel at this moment as my body helplessly gives way to his fun is beyond anything I ever experienced before. His tip gently poking at my mouth causes me to keep it shut, trying to not give him the satisfaction of sucking it as well. I search around for the sword...and despite my bound hands I actually manage to find it! I kick the incubus to get off me, before taking a heavy swing, hoping to inflict some damage on him before he teleports away from my attack.* HHhaaaaa!
Yeh, concentrate on the yimi in armor
Yimi's armor broke...evil vampy sabotaged it >///<
The brave yimi now all naked :o
Naked with the incubus~ 🤭
What a lewdie
Good :3
*You hit hit directly over his chest, leaving a bloody wound there which is getting closed and healed rather quickly. But still in shock of your sudden attack you can see his expression getting darker as he starts to laugh of diabolically* Ha... hahaha... it has been a long time since someone broke my spell that easily. I guess you wont be so easily defeated. I should have known that just from your presence. *Suddenly the whole room feels so heavily as the incubus cast his next trick with a few simple words* KNEEL! And beg for your life!
Hehe~ I dont know what you mean Yoimi. I am certain that i am not the only one enjoying you without any armor ;P
Yimi Tiddies!! \o/
And Yimi booty~ 🤤
Jamie so easy to please *giggles*
Foxo! *pats my lap for the foxo*
*hops on da lap*
Foxo back to hentai pictures :O
There are some things
Foxo hentai picture!!! *gives rewards pats*
That are just unbeatable
And tbh it sucks when ur vibing with friends and everyone is like
A cute mjtty or sthg
And ur a naked girl in bomdage
*As the room dimmed with intensity of his spell my mind struggled...such intense presence...I felt myself being small, wanted to hide...dropping to my knees as my eyes closed. But as they closed the power and strenght of this incubus's strongest spell only affecting me when I looked directly at him. With a deep breath I calmed my mind as I heard his eager footsteps reaching me closer and hand gripped more tightly on the blade as I listened in to the take that perfect swing at the perfect time, striking the incubus with a surprise as I grinned back at him*...not sure why your boss keeps your can't do anything...get out of my way...foolish demon.
But tiddy drop gif was still good~ x3
*gasp* That is such an amazing foxo art <3
But hentai foxo just superior x3
Yeee... I like IRL a lot but everything so bland compared to my gf
I know that feeling Rae
*The blade swings through the air the moment you start your suprise attack on the incubus but to your suprise it didnt end up as you plan. The blade cuts through the air swift and deadly but without changing his face expression the incubus stops your attack with ease, holding the edge of the sword between his hands* What did you just say? *he takes deep breaths, trying to keep his cool composure up till the end while still holding your blade* I couldnt hear you... can you .. repeat it again? *he voice is getting more and more angry before he takes your swords and throws it at the other side of the room* I think you dont know in what position you currently are, Miss Heroine! *he grunts as he steps closer to your body, still kneeling somewhat on the ground*
*I blink twice in a moment of surprise as he deftly stops my sharp blade holding it between his hands like a far-eastern martial artist. I mumble and crawl backwards from his menacing pose, trying to gain distance as I see my sword fly off to the other side of the room...all I can do now is try to prepare some magic while the incubus gets closer to me in his anger.*...Ehh...i may have.....ehehe....been a bit unkind with my words mister was uncalled for....*my voice trembles a bit as I don't sense much energy flowing to me...but am blisfully unaware of the gentle tease that my exposed, naked feet are for the incubus, slipping away slowly on the cold floor as I wriggle my butt backwards.*
*The Incubus stares right at you. From the top of your messy hair down to your precious feet. He admire everything and you can even see his reactions as his cock bounces happily on his body. His mood eases a bit as you voice is trembling in maybe a bit of fear and you start to sound a bit more nicely* See? Was it that hard to obey my will and orders? See how much better it feels when you start to treat me nicely? *you feel your mind wandering. Images of yourself, playing with your body starts to infiltrate your mind* So why dont you show me your true side... your lewd and naughty side mhm? *he stares at you with high expectations*
((Time to peek in the meantime at the tournament goin on :p ))
*As I was searching for a moment to use my energy against him, I struggled to keep my mind fully protected. The images of lewd myself, hearing my own moans of pleasure, the sensations my hands could give me if I just...just reached right there...and caressed. All of these little segments of the spell break through as despite my intention to scream "Noo" I instead only mutter..* you wish...HHhaa...hhnnn...lllhhnn.....mmhhhnnn....ahahhhh.....*my own fingers beging to act against me as I push them deeply into my pussy ~ myself knowing best how to find my own weakspots and increase my arousal the best. I continue to finger myself on the floor in front of him, struggling my mind as my body is unable to stop...and finds it more and more enjoyable as the time inevitably passes.*....Ghhhaa...hhhnn....ahhhh.....<3
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*With yourself finally giving in to his malicious mind affecting spells, spotting even the slightliest dark spots in your body and turning them against you he also finds out that this isnt the first time you masturbated yourself. He takes a deep breath and changes his expression back to a slyly smugging one* Ahh~ It feels so good doesnt it. Fingering yourself here... right in front of me~ Just seeing how much you enjoy your own hand, your fingers pushing deeper and deeper inside of you and you produce and gush out even more of your love juice. *takes a deep breath* Haaa.~ Even the smell is so much arousing. Your training to behave appropriately for our lady is almost done. But i can't let you go just like that after you hurt me so much. So why dont you show how experienced you are for me? Show me... how good you can handle my cock~ *he moves closer to you and your body, your lips already apart from your moaning makes it more easy to place his cock on your lips, slow and steady moves his hips to start throatfucking you*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
It*I was almost unaware of his proximity closing in on me as I struggled both against the spell and my own body...unaware until his cock suddenly pushed deep into my mouth, the tip touching the back of my throat as he began to move his hips in a steady pace. Unable to break away from this...unable to speak my hands bound....I determined I may have to beat the succubus at his own game. I closed my eyes as much as I could in this moment, and let my mouth remain open, the movement of his thrusts I began to try to work to please him while slowly feeling the strong trance I was put under wane.*
*The incubus takes a deep breath feeling your warm mouth, your warm lips wrapping around his cock, allowing to go even further and enjoying your body even more. He whimpers and moans softly the moment you start to work on his hard shaft, your tongue wrapping around the tip of his cock as you take his cock deeper and deeper into your mouth* Mhhmm~ Ahhh~ I knew... you would have a lewd side. But this... mhmmm... feels like heaven <3 *he closes his eyes as he enjoys your body, placing his hand gently on your head to keep you there as he relaxes a bit* Don't stop.. now~ Mhmm~ You are making me so happy <3
Mhhnmm....mmhuff.....hhhnn....*I keep leeting his cock thrust deeply into my mouth, as he keeps making his satisfied moans and expressions. But quite soon, due to my rather amateurish status, I need to take a break...lightly coughing and gasping for air as I stumble on my back...both my holes a gentle tease to for the still erect incubus.*
Ha..~ *With his cock in such a erect status the incubus pops out of your mouth as you stumble and fall back on your hands and feet. Giving him such a great view he can't stop, placing his own hand right on his cock and starts to rub it fast* Mhhmm~ Fuck~ I never thought a mere human... could be so wonderful~ *All horny and pent up by himself and his actions he channels all of his lewd energy into his cock and together with his sperm he casts his final spell upon you* MHhhmm~ Take this with you... it will surely help you for the future~ *thats were his last words before he shoots his load right on your stomach. The magic hits you directly, burning deeply into your skin and leaving you with a sign of the incubus. A sign that will help you remember this lewd moment and possibly reminding you of this wonderful turn of events. With that he bows once before you, whispering in a shameful tone* Thank you heroine for this gift *before vanishing rather quickly without any trace left*
(Just a check if you are still connected yoimi <.< Game says you disconnected >.>)
((Yuuss am here))
((System bein funky I guess - it ate my last message for a moment too))
(Alright ^^ Just asking in case i need to pause or something :3)
Ghhhaa....hhhuuff....hhaaa.....*I lay down there for a moment, resting as my lewd thoughts still circulate in my head...blissfully unaware that I used the same telepathic connection to communicate my lewd desires to you I need to be my pride as a hero is near failing...all of these lewd thoughts reaching you directly as you can't help and lick your lips....your future meal almost ready it would seem <3*
(Nah nah, all is good ^-^ ))
*Your lewd thoughts are indeed very tempting as i press both of my legs together. If only you could see me right now and how wet i would be under my clothes. Just the thought of nibbling on your clit, making you moan louder and louder for me and finally making you cum all over my tongue is driving me crazy. The thoughts making it difficult to think straight as i let you rest up for a bit, calming myself down aswell and using the walls to communicate back with you in a teasing manner* What is wrong oh so mighty heroine? Having trouble keeping all your thoughts together? I must say they are... really inspiring~ I didnt know you have such a ... dark naughty side~ Come meet me and fight me~ You want to rescue your friends after all, do you? *and with that the connection breaks but a door slowly opens, leading to the throne room whenever you are ready. At the end of the room sits a vampy, waiting for your arrival*
(Be ready for my last summoning x3)
*I immediately refocus, realizing as you talk that my spell has accidentally reused an old channel of telepathy to send you all my desires by an accident. I blush on the floor for a moment, holding my hands to my face as I stumble up onto my feet. I look around, walking across the squeaky hall of the second room to pick my sword back up. I take a couple of deep breaths, relaxing to the flow of mana and getting ready to face the dangerous evil lying ahead of me in this final chamber ~ finally eyeing my opponent, sitting on a throne ahead of me, just past the...*
(*hype yimi noises*)
*peeks in*
((*waves at creed*))
((*waves back))
*The ground is engraved with runes in the middle of the rune. Already preparing myself to face you off by giving you my strongest monster to face i use all of my magic to infuse it with the ritual, speeding up the summoning process as you past through the door into the final chamber. My eyes sparkle as i try to concentrate myself but still filled with the image of the heroine fingering herself is very tempting and breaking my channel every now and then and rather... changing the expected outcome. As i stop you see red lightning hitting the summoning circle as i continue to speak* You are too late oh my mighty heroine. I have summoned my by far scariest monster just for you. It will surely be your end with its big tentacles and its way to... *i stop for a second as the creature rises from the circle and rub my eyes for a second* T-that is... not how i expected it to be *mumbles to herself* Ohhh no.. i accidently summoned a slime cause i was to focused on her body >< *coughs for a minute and continues to speak* As i say... my strongest monster who will finish you off. My all mighty wonderful .. sliiiimmmee! Defeat her my mighty creature *i raise my hand in your direction, commanding it to attack you*
(*waves to creed aswell* )
(*waves back*)
((Ooh of the enemies I have never faced before :0 ))
(Hehe~ Mindflyer would be too lame for you <3)
(wouldnt know never played this gamemode b4)
(its patreon exclusive creed ^^ Either you or your partner needs to be patreon to even play it ^^)
(i know and i am just never got the chance to play cuz i had to leave b4 i got a partner sadly)
(everytime i tried to play this mode)
((I can't resist the Jean art >-> ))
*I stare in amazement and fear as the spell takes shape...various tentacles forming in the horrid, gigantic creature in front of it suddenly flops down onto the ground, like a little messy puddle.* This?...This is all you can do Saru....*coughs in the wrong movie line*...Maxime? What is this finale, a swimming contest? I will walk right over to you! *undaunted I step forward and onto the pool of slime, thinking to myself that I will just wander across the surface quickly and get to fighting you....only to be surprised as my legs fall down deeper into the slime than the floor was before.*...Whaa...what's ...huuuh????
(Awww. I am sure you will find a partner to play it. Its so exclusive i always thought everyone wants to play it)
(i mainly just wait in matchmaking so that probably y)
(tho i wouldnt be against playing with either of u after this game if u want👉👈)
Ooo slime lake last ┌⁠(⁠・⁠。⁠・⁠)⁠┘⁠♪
I luv da slimies
*It feels like the room itself slowly gets controlled by the slime, shaping object to its will. Even tho its core is merely nothing more than a red stone inside of its goo body it has incredible strength when it comes to shapeshifting. Your body sinks deeper and deeper in its fluid. At first you struggle but soon you find yourself all warm and safe as the slime surrounds your body. With a panting voice a take a step back, exhausted from the summoning right now* It is... a much bigger ... problem... than you could imagine~ *i totally lie, knowing that slimes are mostly the weakest enemies of all time. Tho i believe that they might be good in fucking someone into submission, hoping that your current state allows that to happen*
So much slimy tiddy
hey isa and julie
ye slimes r gr8
(Definitely not for me creed x3 Will be too exhausted after this game ^^ But maybe another time)
(ok that's completely fine)
((Samesies....this is a long match, but maybe you will catch me some other time ^^ ))
((Also holy this art is gorgeous))
(You can look and loose yourself all into it <3)
Hehe yes Isa ^^ Had to secure the best part for the best mage lady till the end :3
*I mumble and struggle in the warm...almost cozy...embrace of the slime, desperately trying to hold myself from sinking further into this pleasant embrace. My eyes focus on the exhausted vampire, sensing an actual chance at beating her, if only I can get through this puddle. I stumble further, towards the centre of the slime, taking a moment to pop a distraction spell to confuse it as I solidify a segment of ground beneath my feet to not sink further.* Ghha.....this is....nothing....I will....nhh.....get to you...*there is a struggle in my voice, as the perfectly crafted, warm embrace of the slime holds my lower body more and more tightly by each passing second...*
Amelia chose slime for the end too, it's popular, but dangerous ;3
*peeks back in to wave to Yoi*
Everyone just wants to see a cozy girl at the end, relaxing in the warm ooze ^^
Hey hey folks
*waves back to Amelia, hand dripping with slime*
All I recall is just narrowly getting past slime lake ^^'
*I stare at you as you try to keep way through the slime, seeing immediately through your direction spell. But the slime as dumb as it sounds is not even distracted from you the slightliest. As its eyes are rather weak it uses its sense to spot high energetic sources to move and jump around and thus doesn't even fall the slightliest for your little trick. With its goo being your second skin and your pussy dripping from all the arousal it slowly inserts some aphrodisiac into your body by creating a shaped object inside of his slimy body, a shape you already know to well. Without resistance of your body it slides inbetween your wet folds and applying its magic arousal from inside of you*
Yes the luck was with you on the slime lake, which I was frankly thankful for
I had the idea of how I wanted it to end in my mind from the beginning
(("Very low chance" *stares suspiciously at the button*))
is resisting cumming (12% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(You got this!)
(:3 Maybe the hero doesnt want to fight at all)
(Just enjoying the warm lewd feeling, spreading across her body~)
(Wolife luck^^)
(Wolfie luck is best luck~)
*Smooches the Wolfie*
(*drum rolls getting louder*)
Mhhnn....hhhhhaa....uhnmmm...*I moan lightly as I mumble and step forward...the slime pressing deeply in between my folds, spewing the magic of an aphrodysiac onto me as I struggle to step forward just one leg after the other. Part of me screams to just lay back, relax, drift off in this pool of forgetfullness...melt into the slime with all the pleasure it could give me...but I remember my training. I grit my teeth and take another...and then another...and yet another step forward, stumbling further and further, going past the core and crawling my way towards the vampy.*
Still a bit to work through, but you got it Yoi!
*stumbling my way further forward I try to think on my to damage the slime, carve a way through it safely. Without much thought or cohesion I think that solidifying it might be the way...but only having ever licked a spell or two of ice magic, it doesn't amount to much in terms of damage....while coincidentally, the small ice popsicle I managed to create lands and pokes against the floating core, seemingly triggering some kind of pleasurefull reaction from it. Using that moment I try to get away yet again, moving further and further through the pool.*
*Smiles from the Draco smooch*
((I had potato cards and somehow don't think sinking deeper would be a good plan now :p ))
hey draco
(Whaa why not :3)
((Just a feeling maxi :3 ))
((I feel like imma need more wolfie luck ^^' ))
(But.. Wolfie also a prisoner~ Maybe mighty heroine should join her place ;P)
((Wolfie luck \o/))
(She has gain a higher station than prisoner 🥰)
(Still trapped tho)
(My heart is trapped 🥰)
*The slime reacts to the ice in an aggressive way as it slows down your approach to the vampy in front of you even more. The vampy itself enjoys the show very much and you can even see one hand being... underneath her dress?!? You surely might ask yourself if this is turning her way more on than intended but currently you have way other problems away. The suction of the slimy surface is getting stronger as it pulls you back to the centre of the slime lake. Still with the shaped object inside of your body, rubbing against your inner walls with more pressure. Small nibs appear on it, rubbing with an even more intense feeling inside of you*
(That sounded so corny...or cliché)
(well ima head out have a good one everyone)
(See ya Creed)
(just the truth Amelia ^^ The unspoken truth :3)
((*drumroll again* "low chance" ))
(Made me smile anyway 😋)
(bye bye creed)
((Ni ni creed))
(See ya Creed)
is resisting cumming (22% chance of cum) => Resisted!
(Wolfie is happy it made you smile😊)
Nhhhnn...just...hhha.....lleet me....gghuu....out....ahhh....hholy....*I moan and mumble as I keep stepping forward, my legs feeling shaky, unsteady as it begins to pull me back towards the centre, as if stuck to the inside of my pussy and pulling me back by the interior of my body...and yet I still manage to resist, holding myself above the surface of the lake with increasing difficulty. Catching a glimpse of your hand as you pleasure yourself under your dress I bite my lip, struggling to free myself from the growing suction of the slime.*
A most lovely pic ^^ *staring at pic*
*And yet, even as my mind doesn't seem to give way, my stamina seems to be fading. I try to hold myself up high, standing strong above the I sense more and more slimy tendrils reaching up and over my body, as if climbing the very surface of my skin to try to engulf me completely. You witness as my curvy body, hips, all the way up to my chest becomes covered in the slimy goo...the goo which begin to pulsate, pulling me further down with each intense pulse. I try to shout something at you, but one more tendril finds it's way to my mouth, holding it closed as I struggle against the pull of the deep.*
Indeed ^~^ Catching perfectly the feeling of our heroine ^^
((this one....catches it more.. >-> ))
(( does.. ^^'))
(Ooo sink deeper x3)
(( <-< ))
((*coughs* >-> ))
((*nods head in wolfish understanding*))
*Your struggling and your attempt to escape the slime is far more entertaining than i could imagine.. and also way more hot than i imagined. I never thought a simple slime could be such a problem for a mighty hero but maybe that is also some kind of weakness of yours. With the slime covering more and more body inside of its goo and slowly engulfing you completely you feel your magic is slowly getting drained away, making it even more difficult to escape the lake. Its tendrils bury themself all over your body, warming up your body even more and attempting you to sink even more deeper, resting inside of it and letting you enjoy this pleasurable feeling. Your cuffed hands and the seal on your stomach also increases your will to fight back this amazing pleasure you are experiencing currently. The slime slowly puts you on all fours and the shaped object still thrusts in and out of your slit. You imagine you also feeling hands on your asscheeks, slapping them warmly in the thrusting pace*
(I couldnt resist the Lumine picture <.<)
(( It does look supah hot <.< ))
*low-key loves Lumine design* ^^
Mhhfllfl....hhnnllf...hhhnnn...*I moan and mumble against the slime pushing against my mouth, my head barely popping out of the goo as I sunk into it like it's quicksand. Seemingly having a great difficulty at controlling myself, my heavy blush deepens on my cheeks, as I desperately try to fight my ever growing arousal. But the feeling of those tendrils on my breasts, grabbing to pull me even deeper....the magic of the seal on my stomach that activates to send my mind of a spin in the pleasurefull embrace of the slime....the feeling of slimy tendrils penetrating into both my lower entrances at the same time, using them to try to pull me even deeper down...and the sight of the mighty vampire, my goal, pleasuring herself at my distress. That final view managed to push me in the direction of rightousness once more...there lies my goal, there lies my target! I can't fall and perish in the goo of some nameless slime, no matter how good it feels! I manage to spit out the bit of slime that blocked my mouth and mutter*...Fulminis!
So huggable~ ^^
In more than one way hugable <3
*A bolt of lightning shoots from my bound hands, darting past and knicking the core of the slime...the lightning blast flying past her and hitting the floor tiles next to the vampy herself as well. My only plan being to somehow electrocute, tire out the slime if I can.*
((*Yimi doesn't like her odds now XD* ))
Mind must be weird today...almost interpreted Fuck Her Doggy as the heroine's cute doggo being fucked ^^'
What da hell Amelia xD
*bonks amelia lightly on the forehead* Mind recalibration!
*feels that light bonk* ^^
Werewolfie minds are very weird ^^'
*The slime twitches and trembles from the lighting shock cause of her hand. The electricity gets passed on its surface and even redirect the shock straight up on the heroine itself, giving her the goosebump she needs for the slime. The vampy is getting a bit shocked as the ray barely misses her body, surely wouldnt be able to dodge or block this attack if Yoimi would try to aim for her. The core shakes and shifts its position and while it does it wont move its body, leaving more space for your body to move and continue your approach towards the vampy at the end who is still rubbing herself, even more clearly from the shock which lifted up her dress*
I call heads that Werewolfie minds aren't depraved
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Heads! **
The system never lies~
The coin tells us what we already knew u.u
But you know... something is missing currently while the wolfie is around~ *giggles*
*Licks the depraved wolfie*
My stupid signal made it flip twice ^^'
*I grit my teeth yet again and mumble as I step forward once more. My moans break the surface of the slime as I try to scrawl my way towards the vampire...unsure if in my current state of how much the slime has messed with me already, if I would even be a challenge for such a dark lady. But as self doubt clings to me, I realize one more thing I can use...the slime seemingly feeling pleasured when I do things to it as well...I begin to project my experiences through the telepathic projection once more...both to the slime....and to the vampy. I sense that one of my only potential way of getting out of the slime now is to...well...convince her to fight me herself by overwhelming her mind with pleasurefull thoughts including us both.*
I love your double flipping butt
*All the experiences of my warm hands, my heated breath, my pressed, squeezed tits, both my ass and pussy penetrated by the tendrils of slime...all of it is now projecting through telepathy as if it was your own experiences...trying to overwhelm both you and the slime at the same time, catch a moment of breathing room.*
I call heads that foxo is cool and mighty owo
** ♡ Raeliana ♡ flipped a coin! Tails! **
*Enjoys the depraved cheek being licked*
Werewolfies are super depraved. Wolfies are to be trusted though ^^
Nuuuu foxo *cries when foxo perishes*
*unperishes cause too cool and mighty*
*cuddles up foxo shortly before trying to refocus*
Does that include lawyer wolfies?
*climbs into Yimi pocket and falls asleep*
Has the bunny been squeezed yet
*yimi is naked and submerged in slime....might not be the best pocket foxo*
((We gettin there...or i perish with the next move haruka ^^' ))
I'm sure there's squeezing involved...
(Wait Yoimi can see my moves? :O)
Aww, don't worry, I'll squeeze the bunny for ya
((But am guessing if it's a test I will perish now :p ))
Haru on which side are you? >~>
Just look at the cutie over there~ She wants it ^~^
Can't decide actually, hehe
The foxo side
Perish? That's impossible..cloned...maybe...pleasured to the brink..probably...but perish? O.o
Heyo.. Boss? Is that you? How did you become a female?
...Well I've had a female form for a long time
Perished sexually~ Fufu~
I'm just stuck like this cause... I got knocked up
*scans upward* Wait...what's currently missing while the wolfie is around?
Aww, is there anything that can be done to turn you back to normal? Or you're willing to become a female for now?
...Just gotta wait it out and kinda just... well you already know what I'm gonna have to deal with
*The vampy likes what the hero is sending her. Image after image is getting send right to my mind. My body heats up from those imagines as my fingers try to imitate what i see and feel. Slowly spreading my legs further, giving the hero more sight of my body, more lust spreading across my body as my fingers begin to spread my treasure and slowly inserting a finger inside of myself. My moans slowly fill up the sounds of the room. But as not i am the only one enticed by those sweet visions the slime also begins to react. A shift of tendrils can be felt withing the goo body of it, slowly pulling the "wet" shaped object out of your pussy and slowly squeezing against your other hole. Finding a small spot to enter a lot of fluid swim inside and slowly start to stretch it from the inside, hoping this will finally break the heroine's attempt of fighting and giving in to the lusty pleasure she needs and deserves*
Fufu, hope you can handle that~
Just need to bonk those super horny individuals with a squeaky toy hammer..very effective ^^
*whispers* Deeeecent~ You know you want to press the lower button~
Also Haru... isnt it super late for you? ;P
((*tries to resist yet again*))
is resisting cumming (60% chance of cum) => Resisted!
I say heads that Yoi resists
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
*Kicks the coin*
(( >-> ames do i have to purposefully fail now? >-> ))
Your coin tosses have not been incredibly on point wolf wifey :P
((Nuuuu...this was supposed to be a motivational flip ^^'))
I think the coin is rigged
(A motivational flip to cum? :3)
*notes to self that I need to get a better coin*
Maybe dice will work better?
** Werewolfie Amelia rolled 1d20: 8! **
It's not a bad number...I guess...
You need to believe in your cards Amelia ^^
*Rolls dice to determine how hard Amelia will cum on the 31st*
** Isa rolled 1d20: 20! **
Thats... pretty hard cumming on that day
** Werewolfie Amelia rolled 1d20: 16! **
*I look at the vampy, pleasuring herself more and more as I try to crawl my way out of the pool. My hands reach the edge....I begin to pull myself out as I feel the slimy tendrils leave my pussy...feeling like I might be already there. Then suddenly I moan out loudly and my back arches as my back entrance is deeply penetrated with a line of slime ~~ my thoughts still projected to you as I try my best to resist, it feeling like both our asses got penetrated at the same time. And yet...despite all this...I resist...I struggle...I fight. Truthly a hero worth the name, a lustful, almost exhausted gaze cast upon you as I try to reach up towards you.*
21:38:28 failed flip worked ^^
:0 wolfie will cum so much teehee ^^
As expected, a nat 20
For reasons...currently unknown to everyone else...
That isn't me...or Isa.... ^^'
Until like Sunday.... ^^'
Did you saw that DM, Isa? *blushes heavily*
I did <3
....... *blushes even more*
It was so adorable~
*But just as I almost crawl my way out of the pull, my torso stretching out and up on the floor...and intense pink glow spread on my belly. The marking, left behind the incubus acting at it's full potential as I lay down, my breasts on the edge of the pool. You feel as I project both the intense, magical feeling of my pussy being pleasured with the best sensations I have ever experienced before, while the slime continues to pound into my ass, stretching it with each thrust. My hands try to grasp on the floor of the room, but being slippery with slime can't get a hold of it just now.*
(( desperate energy recovery attempt >-> ))
(( holy heck I resisted 3 cum tests from luck must soon be spent though <-< ))
(I mean they weren't very likely to make you cum at all~ And after all you wanted to meet up the big bad boss *winks*)
((*nods nods* Best to break through to the finale! ))
((Mhm...5 hours...or as Isa/Amelia would call it, a "pretty short game" ))
(Light work really)
*blushes even more as my wolfie tail wags eagerly and a smile present on my face* Glad you thought it was adorable~
(I still remember we said: We dont rp much that day XD)
(Funny, we said the same thing during our hentai practice match)
(.....I..wait...what hour were we on by this point in BeB....)
(9 or 10)
(Maybe like 11 or 12)
(.........oh...*blushes even more*)
(Because last part was like 3 hours ish)
(You mean we took 4-5 hours for the boss?)
((You lot were crazy. I watched you play, got sleepy, went to sleep and woke up to y'all still playing :p ))
(Hmmm maybe)
(It really ballooned at that point)
(I mean I projected 12 hours ish)
(Maybe 10 if she got unlucky)
(I'm not sure why it ballooned at that point...uhehe😅)
(.....*blushes even more as tail wags*...)
(I have my suspicions :P)
F--f-ffuuuuckkkk~~ *my own body starts to shake as i feel the intense pleasure the hero is currently feeling. My leg and feet start to tremble and twitch from all the pleasure and one high heel starts to fall of it, making a dumb sound as it drops on the ground. My pussy eagerly twitches to be touched more but i somehow managed to not give in to that feeling. With great selfcontrol i manage to not push even more hands into my wet slit. My eyes seemingly focusing yours and your totally wet body, even tho it might be the slime still reflecting some of the light of your body. Many of my own thoughts have been deleted as i only think about you pleasuring me directly. And those commands i send to the slime aswell. It retracts itself a bit, slowly setting your body free but still in range to pull your weak body once and for all back into the pool of lovely, pleasurable happiness*
Head and Werewolfie can continue denying
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
Best 2 out of 3?
Go for it
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Heads! **
Would be most amusing atp
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
Last throw :o
Oh nvm x3
The system is fucking with me today
Don't read it like that
Naughty Amelia ;3
As an honorable Werewolfie...I may have liked the Minotauress....a...bit...and that's probably ballooned...
Stupid coin *kicks coin*
*claps and nods* Me accept that
This wolfie feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders or whatever that statement is
*I moan and gasp, the sensations lightly lowering as I stumble and try to crawl my way out of the pool of slime. Finally with my hands freed from it and my mouth able to mutter something, I reach for my most instinctive magic, as you witness my full body illuminated by the torrent of flame I unleash on the poor slime in front of me.* Hhaa.....ahhhh.....IIIGNIIISS! *The heat from my magic flies like a gentle wave over the two of us by the pool, causing us to feal hotter as the air is heavier with magic. Thinking the slime issue gone, I turn towards you, weakly extending my hand as all the fire I just managed to throw at the slime is seemingly gone.* Hhaa...drat.....hholy....some monster you've....made.....hhha.....
Only a bit? :O 🥰
...... *whispers into wolf wifey ears* Like a lot...a lot 🥰
I mean..words..weren't important..the actions spoke for me back on that day ^^
And the game length ^^'
*Kisses wolf wifey a whole bunch* That's right.. they spoke a whole bunch~
For both of us
*Smiles happily from this before kissing wolf wifey back a whole bunch as well* Mhhhmm.. yes, it did~
*Your flames burning away the the lake of the slimy monster, burning it to ashes and leaving nothing than a even more heated room back. Atleast thats what you are thinking. A small part of the slime is still attached to your back, sucking off the magic power you just used to feed itself. It grows and gets more heavier and before you even realize it you see two slime ladies surround you and keeping you hostage. Even tho the core is destroyed, those slime bodies interact with you for surely a bit longer before splashing into nothing more than water. The slime imitates some face, namly the hero you want to defeat so badly and your own face. With both of them surrounding you, you will soon find out the power of those two. Having magical amplified lovely cocks attached they both start to thrust inside of you for the short lifespan, trying to leave you even more weak for the final battle ahead*
*retrieves coins* Maybe these weren't such unlucky coins
(Has a feeling to lose even in beb mode xD)
Ghhha...huufffff...ssstop....ahhh....*I moan out as the two ladies, Slime-Maxi and Slime-Yimi begin to push their magical cocks into me, as you see the brave hero weaken on her legs, trying her best to not give in fully to the pleasure right at that spot, in a lewd display just several meters from you. You see a small from forming on my face, as my expression darkens a little bit and I channel more fire with some, quite cute to be honest, angry Yimi noises.*
((Pfftt...I don't think that's terribly likely ))
((Not with that attitude, you won't...Believe in yourself....your friends are your power...*totally not cribbing off a KH quote*))
(*Smooches the Wolfie*)
Like I said, they only said what I already knew, Amelia <3
((*nods* Alrighty...I can win! *nods nods, trying to convince herself*...I can i can i can...)))
Mhhhmmm, of course, Isa ^^
(*smiles from the smooch*)
((You got this! ^^))
*nuzzles close to Isa and continues watching game*
*Heating up the leftovers from the slime surely wasn't the best idea as you soon realize as they just blow up more and more until the point of no return, exploding like a waterballoon and leaving both of us in some sticky goo which seals most of our magic capabilities for the upcoming final fight. I get up, standing at my feet as i watch you, inspect you. I take a deep breath before i say the final words* Ohh mighty heroine. You have proven to be more than worthy to fight me. You may rest up a little and take everything in this room to prepare yourself. It should be a worthy final so don't overdue it now. *tries to sound as confident as i can and ignoring my super horny lewd status*
That pic is soooo..niiiice~ ^^
I agree, it's hot~
She looks so huggable too...if a little sticky...
*Nuzzles back, resting head on Amelia's shoulder* Hehe I love the slime.. looks so nice on determined heroines
Just keeps you even closer to her ^^
*remembers being tripped up on my feet by that slime*
Would definitely not hug Yoimi now to ... ahem... be glued with her >~>
*Enjoys those nuzzles and Isa's resting head on wolfie shoulder*
...and determined prisoners ^^
Prisoners-turned concubine ^^
Mhmmm~ a station for the bestest prisoners
*I stumble forwards a little bit, then take two steps back, trying to regain some of my energy as I sit down gently on the floor. My cute expression at a loss, the telepathic link between can barely stop yourself while giving me the moments I need to would be so easy to defeat me just this very cute....defenceless....but you wait...this excruciating wait and let your arousal grow even further as you watch myself being a gooeey mess. I then finally stand on my feet, nodding at you.* Let us battle then...and before we also made for a great adversary...greater than the order prepares us for. Just wanted you to know that. *a cute frown of determination forms on my face as I begin to ogle your body up and down.*
That's a lot of lewd magic ^^
((Teehe...i managed to resist the temptation to open a chest after the first enemy though >-> that could have ended the game much sooner knowing myself <-< ))
((Same for me ^^'))
((What can I doo that ending is sooo goood >-> ))
(I hoped it would appear now again x3)
((It didn't, two empty bottles and lewd magic :p ))
((...but I would have clicked it...probably >-> ))
((Whaaaa...?!?.. You would have...much braver than wolfie ^^'))
(Hehe the chest has strong items! Can tip the scales ;3)
((The chest gives items :p ? ))
So.. be it *i say with a determined voice. My hands are getting at the bottom of my dress and i pull it upwards in a fast way. It covers my upper body and face for what feels like eternity but in reality barely takes a second. Facing you right ahead two women stand against each other, naked, nothing to cover up anymore. The dimension inside the house bends and forms a bedroom around us. Just you and me. No voices to be heard. No tricks up anymore* Now i am gonna show you the power of a mighty vampy like i am~
((The chest gives items? :O))
(Always thought there are no "items" x3)
(Yea one is much stronger than the other imo)
(Think there are like 2 or 3)
(You can also get nothing tho x3)
*I blink as I see the dimenion shift all around us...taking a brief moment to take in and admire the nicely decorated interior of the bedroom. Cozy. Private. Warm. I step forward, close to you as you are still talking....before pressing my lips gently on your lips, interrupting your claim of mighty-ness as instead your lips get to finally taste mine directly, biting on yours with some sort of untamed hunger ~ as if I was finally breaking through and allowing myself to go for what I want.*
is resisting cumming (45% chance of cum) => Resisted!
((I have seen the potion once, that seemed pretty strong. Good energy and pleasure decrease from sipping))
(*notes down all the important informations*)
*Interrupted during my speech i fall a bit silent. Never expecting that the heroine has such tasty lips~ Well maybe there are still some leftovers of taste from the incubus but i enjoy the two of us being so close. My heated body caused by your visions is racing, my heartbeat is as fast as ever and soon we both kiss each other passionately, making out more and more. My hand moving on your back, guiding you to the sudden floofy appearing bed while our tongue continue to play with each other*
Hihi draco
Mhhhmm~~ I waited for this so long heroine. You are driving me crazy you know that. And now... i have the chance to play with the body of yours and finally making you mine~ *i smile, rubbing my body on yours before teasing you further* I hope you are ready for the night of your life my wonderful girl~ <3
(Only feel okay mentioning since y'all are past the point where it's relevant now)
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*waves from the other dimension towards Rathia*
*As you gently press yourself to me, all my pent up passion from all the previous encounters finally finds and exit. In these kinds hands, rubbing over my sensitive, somewhat gooey body, my hands bound, all my holes feeling like they have been penetrated so many times tonight...this kind gentle touch as you rest me on the bed is already enough to cause me to melt down for a first time under your hands.*...Mhhhnn..hhhaa.....aahhhh....hhhhnnannn....❤️❤️❤️ *my warms fluids gently gush from between my legs, as my arms wrap around you and hold tightly while this moment of release happens. Just after it does I mumble...almost in an apologetic tone*...S..sorry....couldn't....hold....after all that.....hhaa......
redrew a set of actions
*Predicting you might wish for a taste, I rest down on the bed, extending my hands in a welcoming gesture. Following it, you move your bottom to my lovely, blushed face, as you begin to taste all that already began to flow out of me so sweetly, at the slightest of your touches after all the preparation your minions have done for you. But all the also find a need to control yourself, as my warm breath tickled against your pussy, before I kiss deeply on the vampire slit, tasting just how different she might taste from what one would expect.*
hihi`* Watch the hero versus the vampire from another dimension
is resisting cumming (56% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*stares at 69 pic*
Idk if I should admit this, but I had pics disabled all the time I used EF
Yeah understandable
Weird ik
You missed a lot <~<
Oooh...that is surprisin somewhat, is it cause of the data usage or?
Yeah there's a lot of hot images
Because of loading time, and also it ruins imaginations in roleplay as the characters in the pics are completely different
But of course, sometimes I do check out the action lists and favorite them
Ahhh...that does make sense tbh ^^
But they're not enabled while in game
(( can favourite actions? ))
(( :0 ))
These pictures are all found by players from all over the world. I think they are one of the best features of EF.
(( I may have to search up some favourites of mine and like 'em >-> ))
(Yeah you can favourite. They also have an effect if you activate the feature in the settings ingame)
Yup, you can favourite them and enable preferences in game so that the moves that you favourite would always appear
(There is alsa a setting where if you play a move you love it is much more effective and moves you hate are way less effective ^^)
(Oooh, nice)
I also contributed a few, although I was here to buy the Succubus Pack😂
(For me, I'll favourite any wrestling moves or moves regarding oral)
(( I will ask you more about how to do this later maxi >-> ))
*i giggle softly and even a slight blush appears on my cheeks as your body tenses up so much. All the tension over all those fights really left some markings on your body when you cramp up a little. I lean my head closer to yours and whispers with a comforting voice* Mhm dont be sad.. i ... must say... it looks amazing the moment you came like this~ And dont worry... it wont be the last time you will cum tonight~ *i nib a little on your ear before you open up your arms widely on the bed for a welcoming present. Your hot pussy inviting me to have a taste which i can't resist at all and my body moves onto yours, not hiding the fact i want you, your body, your tongue, your fingers... just everything on you and your body* Mhhhmmm~ *But as horny as i am your tongue is not pushing me over the edge as i try to contain myself for the big spicy exploding orgasm*
(Oh ya, packs are great as well)
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
(( I got some the pov ones where the arms are crossed >-> ))
(( *coughs* ))
(Mhm there are not so many actions for the final i think >~>)
(Nah there aren't)
*With your lovely spot right on my display its rather hard to decline this sweet paradise. Not only wanting you to lick as i know you love being stuffed aswell i start to use my hand, carefully sliding it along your sensitive folds, rubbing it in a circular motion while i keep nibbling on your lovely clit and soon pushing those fingers inside of you which i used for myself, sharing the love you made me feel for you too*
Haaa...I...I...don't mind anymore...*I whisper quietly towards you as you lick into my pussy so sweetly, causing more waves of pleasure to roll over me, only intensifying as you press your fingers into me, the circular motions driving me crazier and crazier for you. After a moment I pat your ass, asking you to slow down for a moment. I roll you on your back, crawling down between your legs...*
*...and then even further down, kneeling at your feet.* I....*I struggle with what I am planning to say.*
*tail wags playfully*
22:59:01 you...*I pick up your left foot and lick it, in a sign of total and sweet obedience, a warm trail of saliva left across the smooth skin of your foot as I begin to lick and clean it.*
((*pokes amelia with da footsie image* ))
((*blushes from da footsie image poke by Yoimi* ))
is resisting cumming (67% chance of cum) => Came!
*Rolls dice to see how much effect footsie image has on her*
*happily i follow your gesture to lay down on the bed. All of my weakspots are wide open for you. Goosebumps spreading as i feel your hot breath over my skin and fills my whole body with anticipation of what you are gonna do to me. My body craves to be touched as i look down. Your head resting between my heads and moving even further down. My legs shaking by the soft sweet kisses you are giving me before you ask me those wonderful shy words. The embarrassement is clearly written in your face while saying these words, your cheeks are not only blushing but there are burning in the same colour as your magic spells. My body trembles even more from those touches and soon you hear some soft moaning coming from my mouth, followed by a stream of juice running down my thighs as i orgasm right from those kisses*
** Werewolfie Amelia rolled 1d20: 5! **
Seems like Amelia can't roll at all >~>
[Critical hit on the Vampy]
I meant me...but okay
My coins and dice have
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
*gives Cassy a fish*
H-Hope you liked my milk from earlier
*give fish too
*catch fishes*(*'▽'*)♪
Kitty surely like it meow uwu
...I think you know where the milk is from at this point Amelia
F-f-f-f-fuuuckkk~~ *my toes begin curl up inside of your mouth and you feel my whole legs trembling with pleasure. Soon i tip with my other foot against your chin, trying to say to you to get up and switching positions. With a panting, quivering voice i say* Mhhmm~ That felt so good~ Now its time to make you feel what you always wanted to feel. All those images about you... i... i need to feel them myself~ *i guide you back onto the bed, positioning yourself on all fours like the slime did once. I grab something from underneath the bed, letting you wait in anticipation before applying it to you slit. It slides inside of you while i control the speed fully of it, slow and sensual beginning to fuck you and your sensitive pussy*
....I just meant that I didn't know she got milk today ^^'
Wolfie rng has not been in her favor
*waves to the kitty* ^~^
is resisting cumming (53% chance of cum) => Came!
Maybe my luck has turned
** Werewolfie Amelia rolled 1d20: 8! **
*wave back*ฅ(^ω^ฅ)
*Kisses Cassy's cheek before cuddling her*
** Werewolfie Amelia flipped a coin! Tails! **
((This image looks so nice ^^ ))
*blows on the "dice" between Amelia's legs*
(It's a good one)
*lets out some cute shivers from "dice" being blown with Isa's warm breath*
(Da best ^^)
Ahhh....yes...maxi...*I follow you intentions, waiting curiously as you reach for something under the bed....before I feel you push the object gently into me, your warm breath tickling against my neck as I moan out loudly in pleasure. As you speed up the pace, just a little bit, my edge catches me again as I tremble weakly underneath you, my warm juices seeping and spraying onto your body and around the object pressed into my pussy. I grasp onto the bedsheets, trying to hold them to myself as I squirm and twist in a cute fashion underneath you, experiencing my beautiful agony of pleasure you've given me.* Hhha nnh don't hahhhhh sstopp nnhhhh <3
*stares at handprint on pic*
*Makes note of things Amelia has been staring at*
*tries another roll*
** Werewolfie Amelia rolled 1d20: 11! **
** Amelia, Isa&#39;s Public Slave Whore rolled 1d200: 6! **
** Amelia, Isa&#39;s Public Slave Whore rolled 1d20: 14! **
** Amelka, the Great Brown Wolf rolled 1d20: 3! **
*Like the d200 roll*
** Werewolfie Amelia (Halloween) rolled 1d20: 11! **
*As my one more orgasms subsides, I reach back for the palms of your hands, sensually moving and rolling you onto your legs straddling over you as I focus on doing my absolute best to please you. My bouncing breasts lie in your vision, as my loud moans fill the room, second only to maybe the squelching noises of my pussy riding your strap.* Haaa...hhaaa.......ahhhh.....hhha.....this.....hhhaaa.....iss.....aamazin......ahhhh
My hand slipped and typed an extra 0 ^^'
is resisting cumming (56% chance of cum) => Came!
*joins the rolling for the heck of it*
** Yoimiya the Brave rolled 1d20: 2! **
** Isa rolled 1d20: 10! **
So my slave self beats all my alts..main..and Yoi ^^'
Lessee if bull is bettah
** Ashlynn&#39;s Bull, Isa rolled 1d20: 18! **
Minotauress please?
For the funsies^^
** Labyrinth of the Minotauress rolled 1d20: 16! **
*compares number to slave alt*
*Returns to wolf wifey mode to snuggle*
*Snuggles wolf wifey*
Ooo if she don't succeed it's game! *Watches with interest during the snugz*
*The warm feeling of our lovely bodies, our lovely juice combined, the girl on top of me giving her best to please me, the evil is just incredible hot to watch. The soughing sound of your pussy riding the strap, filling the room with lewd wet sounds is as much enticing as the tiddies of the girl jumping wildly on that strap, pushing it further and further back against my centre of lust. Just the hot view and the few touches on my body while our hands interwine with each other are more than enough to make me whimper again as i desperately cum again for you, shaking in an amazing amount of pleasure* Mhhmmm~ Yo... yoi... yoimiiiiii~~ HAAAA~ *my eyes are rolling back into my head as the lust completely overhelms my body, sensitive from you and pleased by you*
She's doing better than me ^^'
You weren't very lucky at the end at all hehe
I wouldn't say I was totally unlucky
Mmm all things considered I suppose not^^
*not wanting to end the ride now, not at all to be fair, i slowly start to raise up my hips and body. First getting on my knees while the strap is still deeply inside of your body but soon also standing a bit on my feet and raising your legs in the air i start to confess you something* Mhhmm Yoimi... i ... mhhmm~ Want you... want you... now ... and forever... my love~ *my bunny ears wag happily in this moment before i thrust deeply into you hot spot, grinding and railing you deeply while holding up your legs for a bit longer*
Mhhhmm^^ 🥰
is resisting cumming (53% chance of cum) => Came!
You two are always so sweet ^^
*blushes* It's next to impossible not to be sweet with Amelia >~<
I have a weakness for the Wolfie..
*blushes some more as I look at my feet, rubbing them together shyly*
Amelia is a sweet wolfie~!
.....and I have a weakness....for the wonderful Bull....and Wolf Wifey...
Mhhhmm... *smiles from Draco's words*
*I smile as I see you reach your lovely orgasm, staring at me with such affection I would swear...that maybe you weren't even truthly evil if you could have feelings like this.* Oh....ooooh..ahn....*I moan as you change positions and lift me up above the bed for a moment, before you rest me back down on my back and confess your deep feelings* ❤️❤️❤️ *I let these words flow out of my mouth just at the very moment as your deep thrusts reach perfectly to rub agianst my deepest points of pleasure. My eyes roll backwards a bit I I grasps on your hands tightly, the shocking wave of an orgasm rolling over me as I cum and cum for you for a good long moment. Until finally I gasp for air....weak beyond comprehension....but smiling at you with a warm, kind gaze...*...Maxi ❤️
((:0 I live! I thoght I was dead :0 ))
(You lived!)
(*Smooches Yoimi's cheek* Nice!)
(Yoimi math x3)
((Nobody dies in BeB...they just get pleasured in varying methods and stuff ^^))
((Shhhh you know what I mean Woofie ;) <3 ))
((I know, teehee ^^))
(They just get pleased until passing out? :3)
(Then they meet some sort of fate while passed out)
*But it did appear that even with this one more pleasant moment of passion, I could still muster up some endurance...making sure you receive all the loving you deserve, that you get your long awaited releases just as much as I do. Pulling the strap-on aside, I press our legs and clits tightly together. My mouth seeks yours in a hungry kiss as our lips press together and our breasts rub against each other. All these movements speak louder than words of the intensity of the passion between the two of us in this moment, as it feels like all previous concepts of winning or losing vanish beyond our focus at that moment. The only important thing in front of us being our partners, and the beautiful noises we try to get them to make.*
(Wolfie didn't pass out for her fate *proud look*)
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Came!
(Mhm! Very important moment to be awake for >;3)
(Yeessss! :) )
Aww how sweet~
Super sweet~
*gives wolf wifey sparkling water..or drink... owed from a while ago*
(Oh oh vampire gonna win)
(Still have a feeling to lose x3)
What is winning? What is losing? The concept has blurred...
*our lips lapping at each other and our lovely voice express the love we have for each other while our bodies begin to synchronize, adapting to the likes and loves of the other one. Completely forgetting who we are, what we fought for at the start, the only thing what matters for both of us is this intense feeling we share with each other. Words wont be even able to display what is happening between the two of us as we rub continously our body against each other. Our hearts racing as our bodies, our chest pressed closely against each other while our kiss is getting more intense with each second. Our crotches rubbing intensely as our legs are crossed with the other one, holding each other close in this position. My moaning, suppressed and sealed by the lips of yours only turning me on even more and gifting me another pleasant orgasm from the best girl around*
*Drinks beverage happily*
*Happy wolf wifey sounds*
*Squeezes wolf wifey tight, the sound of her happy noises feeling like music to my ears*
*Not wanting to stop this love we are currently sharing i keep on riding you, no toys and whatsoever. Just our pure bodies pleasing each other and reaching an ecstasy after the next one. My body surely getting numb from all those shaky feeling while we continue to scissor each other even more. Our hands slowly moving downwards, rubbing over our twitching hot pussies and making us moan even more* Yoimi... i ... NGHH... AHH~~ *not even able to speak any sentence anymore as my mind mushes away from the touch and your words i just seal your lips with mine and soon ending our fuck festival with a last orgasm. Getting both of us to cloud seven*
(I know the move doesnt fit >~> But didnt want to apply a strap again <~<)
is resisting cumming (55% chance of cum) => Came!
((Fair nuff ^-^ ))
*Sighs happily from the closeness and squeezes, nuzzling close to wolf wifey happily*
Mhhmm...Mmaxi...I...nnnnnggn.....nnnh....hhaa....*As your own moans sounds loudly, pushing as both towards that amazing finale, you hear my mumbles ~~ my body shaking, breathing ragged, as I lock my lips tightly with yours, gripping onto your body with all the strenghts I have left as I tremble in your embrace, my fingers lightly digging into your back as I experience this amazing finale. My grasp slowly relaxes after a moment, before I rest my head on your shoulder, a happy smile visible on my face from the angle that you can see* know....fightin for good...might be overrated....tehee <3 *I weakly lift my head and give you one more kiss on your cheek.*
ah ,yoimi lose
I would not call this a lose though....a wonderful story >->
A wonderful ... but also long story ^^
You did good Yoimi!
Although it doesn’t seem to matter whether she wins or not.
*Gives Yoimi a cheek kiss*
It was a good effort and a great story~
fufu indeed~
Yep, great effort and fun story~
((ohhh congrats Maxime))
(( I knew I was cheering you from the start 🙄))
((*staaaaaaaare at Julie* ))
((hide and giggle 🤣))
*Feeling your body on mine, so close, so warm, so comfy and so lovely with our incoming finale orgasm is the biggest joy someone can even experience in their life. Your hands digging inside my hand, curling fingers burying inside my skin while our body cramping completely into each other, ensuring that we wont leave each other for quite some time. Our bodies trembling with the biggest pleasure of all that. All the build up, all the monster, all the fights, mocking, teasing, seducing... it was all for this one and only moment of you, to see you melt and enjoy yourself completely in my arms. Even tho i dont want to you can see a tear running down my cheek. Not because i am sad but fully happy with the best girl as i listen to your words* Ha... Yoimi... maybe i should... consider ... fighting for the good. But as long... as you are with me... i dont care which side i am... .cause ... i will always have the best side by my side <3 *and with that our lips meet a final time before both of us falling exhausted on the bed after such a long travel*
(*smoches da Yoimi* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋)
(A vampy might be a traitor here yoimi. I think... i spot our next target there >~>)
(Ooo a traitor! Traitors must pay!)
(In edges and orgasms)
( Yes traitor must pay! Wait 🙄))
(*smooches da Maxi* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋)
((was totally not hoping for this ending from the start >-> ))
(*cutely tilts head*)
(( thats a lovely ending ^^))
Teehe....with you...I don't think I care either anymore <3 *I return your lovely kiss, before cuddling you tightly as we both fall asleep on the messy bed.*
(And i am completely done u.u)
(Hehe I think she had it in mind from the beginning)
(( End ❤️ ))
(( End ❤️ ))
*looks at time* 8 hours....
((But now...mind meltin a little...sleepies required... >-> ))
((Have a great night^^))
((Arranging sleepy schedule. Execute it now ^^)
(*Kisses Maxime before giving her a heated blanket*)
(Thank you all for watching and especially Yoimi <3. Wish you all some very good time and even better dreams later <3)
(*cuddles under the heated blanket with Maxi* <3 )
((Ni ni everyone, thanks for peeking in ^-^ ))
(*cuddles together with Yoimi, holding her hand as we fall asleep*)

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