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Erika presents an open challenge!

Have you ever wanted to play Classic on hard mode? Does your kinklist include "Playing Dark Souls"? Then you'll love Erika's Fun And Fair Femdom Rules™! Have been lacking interest in classic mode for a bit~ Let's see if this will help it ;) THE RULES: The game plays as normal, however certain actions trigger a "blackjack phase" where we will have to draw cards (using the /card command) and get a sum of 21! The one challenging me draws first~ -If you bust, aka go over 21, or get less than 21, you'll have to touch yourself (irl) to a beat/timer for a certain amount of time without orgasming. Getting 21 or beating my score means I have to skip the next two turns, though! -The timer's lenght is 2 minutes at first, and in each phase, 1 minute is added. -The beat will also speed up each time. Starting beat is 1000, with 50 taken off each phase until 200 -Orgasming irl is an instant game over -After this phase ends, you cannot use cumtests on me on the next two turns Actions that trigger the "blackjack phase" are; -Any and all cumtests -Any action that drains your energy -All "femdom" related actions done to you (so pegging counts, but me simply putting on a strap-on does not) -All actions that take away your clothes (ofcourse you can still take them off yourself without triggering the phase. However if I were to, say, remove your pants, then it's time to draw those cards ;)) If you win the game (somehow), you get to ask a favour ;) (exluding profile edits, and doing irl stuff myself) If I win, I'll grade your performance(A-F), and you'll have to write said grade in your profile~ THIS CHALLENGE IS ONLY OPEN FOR SWITCHES AND DOMS. I'll be rather strict on who I accept~ Calling me dirty things might help your chances~ Public games are preferred. Now send me that dm.....I know you want to~ (If this idea proves to be really fun I might take a break from rp'ing and just play these for a while~ As you might have guessed, these are somewhat inspired by Lacey's ruleset. Lacey, if you feel like I took too much inspiration/ didn't make these unique enough, message me)

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** Madam Erika left the game (definitively). **

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