Amelia, Isa's Sweet Moonlight~ VS Yoimi : History listed publicly (78 turns)

Wolf Girl and the Fireworks Maker Meet in the Ring

Since their multiple encounters with each other as well as a lovely night at Yoimi's home and fireworks shop, Amelia and Yoimi decide to have a friendly wrestling match to test each other's skills. So they decide to meet at the wolf girl's place at Ōkami Hot Springs. ^-^ ![Image Title]( )

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((Hewwo ^^ ))
*rolls in and settles in to watch*
Yoiiimiiii *runs to Yoimi and hugs her*
*hugs back Amber*
Hawwo everyone ^^
((Hello ^^ ))
Hi everyone~
*kisses Yoimi's cheek*
((Hope you like my description unless you want to alter or add to it ^-^))
((I like it, what a surprise :p ))
Its time \o/
((I simply don't got more to add ^^ ))
Yosh ^^ *smiles at Amber's cheek kiss and runs by Maxi to give her a quick kiss on the lips* ^~^
((huh my message got eaten >->))
*quickly pecks her lips back, smiles at her before taking a seat in the audience* Have fun you two ^~^
((do ya wanna make it so we both see each other's options or the opposite? ^^ ))
((*gasp* we fightin at da lovely hotsprings!))
can anyone play with me ? just asking
((Yep~! I just realized it would be better at a more specific setting ^-^))
Thanks Maxime ^^
Tehee thankies Maxi luv ^^
(To answer the previous question, I think we can have it so we see each other's options))
Go Amelia!~
Hi Adrian! Thanks!~
(( counterweight all your setup work imma write the first message ^^ ))
Hiyya! <3
((Okay~ Looking forward to it ^^))
How are you doing~? ^^
I'm doing well, how are you?~
That good to hear~ I'm really excited since I finally get to play an LWR game with Yoi~ ^^
Heh, kick her butt <3
Foxy way 😰
Wolfie fight \o/
Two hot wolfies
wrestle and fuck 🤤
((Last thing to ask~ Are we going for more of a friendly sparring in terms of how we describe things?~ I recall that's how my last LWR game with someone went ^^))
How do I root between the hot wolfies >~<
Wait I know :3
** Chloe rolled 1d2: 2! **
/dice 2
go amelia~
*The day has finally come - long awaited and anticipated in my mind, teased a good few times every now and then when I have met the lovely Woofie in various little rooms, many a times when she has cheered me on in my little endeavours and I oftentimes did my best to peek in and give her supportive cheers as well whenever I got the chance. With our timings finally aligning, the little teases and promises finally became reality - we were gonna fight in the ring! And not just any ring, but a special little arena setup just by the famous Ōkami Hot Springs, where I was already looking for a lovely excuse to visit sometime anyway ^^ - with an almost perfect punctuality, I appeared at the correct space and the correct time, already wearing my wrestling attire, jumping a little bit from my left leg to my right in excitement as I saw Amelia appear from the other side of the arena - as we both smiled and waved at each other, knowin that whatever else might happen, we will for sure have a lot of heckin fun out here! I grinned, unable to contain my happiness as my tail wagged from side to side....but I playfully changed a tone of my voice into a dark, mysterious one:* you choose to step into the ring with me? How naive....mwahahaha....*cough* - *unable to keep up the voice it breaks a little bit into a giggle.*
((aaand I already overdone it with one message :p ))
Hayoo Chloe ^^
And I will remember this Adrian! *pouts* >->
hehe hi yoiyoi~ but I’m rooting for Amelia~
The dice said so ^^
Ah...understandable then :p
*noms da chloe from behind* Rooting against my luv hmpf! I will have my revenge soon for that chloe~
*giggles* Yayy I always have Maxi at least ^^
*jumps up* hey! *fists up* oh hi Maxy~ hehe blame the dice not me :P
I rather blame the one who threw the dice *winks and playfully lays my hand on your hand*
Hehe fine *sticking my tongue out* but don’t be mad when amelia wins :P
Hmm... it may happen~ But i am sure both of them will have a pleasant time during it ^^ So i don't really care who wins hihi~
hehe I want both to have a good time~ I know yoiyoi will be a strong wolfie ;3
*giggles* You did have a lot of pleasant times with me durin our lil match, didn't you Maxi *giggles* <3
*blushes and coughs* Maybe a bit too much fun ><
*petting maxy* Oh~ and what kind of fun was that yoiyoi~
But the same goes for you yoimi~ *winks* <3
Hmmm hard to say who'd I'd root for when I like ya both so much, mostly I just wanna see ya both cum >;3
*lightly blushes and nods* Mhmm...can't deny that ^^
*focuses Chloe* Something you will surely find out once we have our lil fun~
*pats your bunny ears* oh we will~ and I like isa’s plan~
*As I sat on the ropes of the special wrestling ring I recently had set up at my hot springs, I was thinking deeply to myself while I waited for my special guest who I was deeply anticipating the arrival of. What I was thinking of how I managed to witness a few of the endeavors of my favorite fireworks maker in the ring...and have fantasized being able to get the chance to have such an encounter with her. It was definitely something that I brought up to the lovely Yoi quite a few times, while hoping that our timing would best align together for it to finally happen~ On top of that, I decided to create a ring at my place to give her a good excuse to finally visit my hot springs that I mentioned to her at least once or twice~ A smile came to my face as my fluffy brown wolfie tail swings back and forth playfully~ Once I heard someone coming from nearby, I decided to bounce off the ropes and headed for the entryway to make an entrance to make it seem like I wasn't too eager or anything like that. As we entered the special room where this ring was, I saw Yoimi and waved back to her at the same time~ My ears immediately twitched upwards at hearing your dark, mysterious tone when you made that declaration, making me giggle when your voice eventually breaks into a giggle~ I grinned as I bounded my way in and sat on the ropes with a confident look, playing along* Teehee~ Definitely~ Been looking forward to this~ *I say while my tail sways playfully back and forth behind me.*
*wags bunny ears happily and sits next to sweet puppy*
Can I take a bit of the losers fluffy tail fur home :P
Nyo...unless you win it yourself :p
*peeks inside after doing my part*
hmm I like that idea~ but right now it’s wolfie warfare :3 *getting in my seat with some popcorn and a bit of tea that a certain wolfie recommended to me*
*Plops down in seat snugglin' an Amelia plushie"
*peaks over at isa* hmm where did you get the amelia plush~
*I smiled warmly, taking in the cute wrestling outfit I saw on the lovely Woofie*...Hmm...already dressed for the part as well I see...we could do a lil small talk if you want...but I sense a couple watchful eyes observing our every move in this ring, we attracted a small audience it seems tehee. *I switched back into the mysterious dark tone of voice* a more experienced in this field it is only natural that I hand the first move to you...but don't worry, my retaliation shall be swift! *I sit down in a seiza position, doing a formal martial artsy bow* onegai shimasu! *After that I get back up, slowly pacing defensively around the ring.*
I didn’t know they sold amelia plushies but now I want one >~<
Oooh Mister V bought me one, it's my favourite plushie ^^
I should ask mister V for a yoiyoi plushie then :3
Wha...I don't think anyone made my plushies yet >->
can someone join me in a match
*pouting* why not, it would be so cuddly~
*giggles* But for Amelia, Isa made some if I recall right ^^ (brain funneh, I don't trust it)
Psst Ryuk. Its very unpolite to ask that in someone else game *winks and snatches a bit of popcorn from chloe*
Heya~ for once I will cheer Yoi hehe~ even if it's friendly match
I am really sorry
*Puts a box filled with at least 20 Yoimi plushes* They’re not mass-produced...had to make them on my they might not look the greatest^^'
*squints lightly at Julie, ponderin what the chaos born Julie is plannin next time* Thankies ^^
*giggling* silly bunny, you can have as much as you want~ and of course Julie roots for yoiyoi and I root for Amelia~
Wha wha whaaaaaaaaa?
I made the Amelia plushies, looks like she made some for da Yimi
*is absolutely speechless at the box with yimi plushies*
*pounces on the box and quickly pulls out a yoimi plush, rubbing it against my cheek* ehe such a cute plush~ I love the yoiyoi plush :3
*grab one of the Yoimi pushes and start to use dark magic on it for later purpose**
*Grabs a Yoimi plush and makes it kiss my Amelia plush*
Muah muah muah muah
Hheck...if you make me a trade offer to surrender in the ring for one of plushies in myself...ain't happenin....not at all....nnnnhhmm....wouldn't do that.....
Ehe seems like these plushies were a bad idea, I’ll just use it to sleep with :3
*My tail continues swishing about happily as I saw that warm smile of yours~ It was almost a little difficult to maintain the facade of a confident grinning wrestler with this rather infectious warmth of a smile before I leapt off the rope and onto the ring with a proud expression adding in a bit of a tease* Yep! ....what?...hehe...were you wanting to see me get changed here in-person~?'s not the first time you saw me out of my clothes, teehee~ *As you got back into that mysterious tone of voice, I put on my best wrestling persona as I flashed a confident look before doing a seize position of my own* Onegai shimasu! *I got back into a battle-ready position* Okay. Don't hold back on my account!
Stinky Julie using black magic and isa using it for her fantasies, I’m the only good one here *giggling as I grab a second yoimi plushie and kiss it’s tail*
Nice to meet you guys
Bye bye Ryuk *waves*
Hey maxi~ you should take a yoiyoi plush~ they are free :3
Hm *puts a finger at my lips and thinks* I could use one. But why do i need one? If i wanna snuggle my yoimi i dont need a plushie for that and rather snuggle the real one <3
but you could have twice the amount of yoiyoi~ *I grab a third plush and press it against your face* and this one doesn’t say no to you~
Silly puppy *laughs and takes the yoimi plushie, placing it on my lap and watching together with me the show* Thanks Chloe ^^
Ooh ho...I certainly don't plan to! *I keep awaiting your move, my tail swooshing from side to side with not as much playfulness, but focus, as I try to gauge just how to deal with your best when finally meeting you in the ring - doubt it will be as easy as with Julie...But, in accordance with my promise to not strike first, I continue slowly pacing around (totally not cause first move is yours :p ).* Come on Woofie! Scared of da friendly Yimi? *winks*
*gives a small kiss on maxime’s cheek* hehe no problem~ ^^ and it’s good to take these away from Julie *looking over a bit scared of her black magic*
Tehee...Maxi gets to hold me like a plushie anytime she wants ~~ she is a wonderful big spoon too <3 *I smile warmly and giggle as I see the lil yoimi plushie on maxi's lap like this*
Hehe...This Woofie is not scared Yoi~ Just getting myself prepared for this~ *As soon as I said that, I bounded right at you with my naturally swift wolf girl speed and managed to grab your body and lift you into the air before throwing you down to display my impressive wolf strength to you~ As you lay there, I clambered on top of your body and grabbed onto your wrists while I got positioned right on top of you~ I smirked as I looked into your golden eyes~ * Impressed~?
(( julie, you're totally not gonna throw some voodoo shenanigans at me when we make that beb game happen one day right? XD ))
oh is she~ *giggling as I poke Maxime’s forehead* well I’ve been told that also~ seems like we are very similar ^^
*peeks back in to see some of the stuff that happened with the plushies* ^^
*pats Chloe with my ears* Mhm but these plushie might come handy today. Don't think my lil spoon will be available once i go to sleep x3 So~ *snuggles the plushie tightly*
*rubbing up against maxime* why not~ you think amelia is gonna win and take yoiyoi for the night x3
Ohh *giggles* No thats not i was thinking off. But you will soon see Chloe what i meant with that *pats Chloe for a bit*
Whu...*I stammer as I am lifted up, before I am thrown down to the mat*...mhhuufff!! *the air is knocked right out of my lungs for a moment as you position yourself over me and hold down my wrists*...Mhmm...ggood're not holdin back either ^^ *I lift one of my legs up and twist them swiftly in a scissor like move, using the momentum to knock you off me and roll around with you for a moment. As we roll, my technique momentarily comes out on top as I manage to grab a hold of you from behind, not wasting the opportunity to inhale your wonderfully fragrants hair....but also skillfully stripping you out of your top as I grab onto your breasts and megin gently massagin* lovely and sure you don't wanna just relax for me? *I whisper into your ear seductively.*
Hehe fine~ for now let’s enjoy watching the wolfie battle~ we can be rivals later in private ;3
Multiplie rivals when she can't handle one *giggle*
*sticks my tongue out* you aren’t my rival anymore~ I have a cute bunny for that~ you are just a stinky kitty
*giggles* Knowin our timin..might be a lil tough for me to make it to sleep in your bed maxi, true....don't worry I will make it up to you somehow <3
Ohh, well you have become to cute and lovely to be my rival it's fine ^-^
By the way Julie *giggling as I call over to you* want to bet spanks on this fight~
Of course I bet 20 spanks on Yoi~
Deal, 20 spanks on Amelia~
But you are aware the match will last 48h knowing this two xD
Pfff it won't be THAT long
only 42 hours
47 hours isa ;p
We need a stand for public with sandwich and toys
hehe I know~ I’m planning on relaxing with Anna after this so I’ll probably leave during it~ *petting my yoimi doll* but this is coming with me~
Don't worry, I'll be watching intently unless somethin' comes up
hehe make sure you message us who wins~ there are spanks on the line after all :3
*prepare the moment when I lie to Chloe saying I won*
Don't need to message us
*A rather amused and proud grin was still present on my face when I saw that initial stammer of yours before I lifted you up as I thought it made you look cute...though granted you are always cute no matter what the situation was. While I was positioned over you, I suddenly felt the sudden change in momentum through the movement of your lovely legs as you threw me off and rolled our bodies around...* Wh-Wha...nggghhh... *I grunted as I suddenly found you positioned right behind me in a hold as you managed to strip me of my black top off...a blush and moans blossoming out of me once you started massaging my breasts like that...followed by those seductive whispers into my ears. I grunted out.* Mggghh..n-n-not...yet...heehee...w-would not you...if..I this point...Mhmmm..but it is getting awfully hot in here~ *I grunted as my trusty tail managed to slip through and peel away my black bra off before rubbing onto my breasts, exciting more moans from me.*
hehe I know you Julie~ I don’t trust you :3 anyone else I will *I grab a piece of popcorn and toss it at julie*
Mmhhhmm...ohhhhhh...m-m-much...better...without that on^^
xD *eat the popcorn mid air*
((also I somehow ended up on this soundtrack and just stayed with it cause I like the vibe for this duel :p ))
(( ))
*eliciting more
*put music on and vibe*
*peeks back in and tilts head* There's another spanking bet on my game~?
Hehe last time I bet on you and won, it’s good luck :P
Yes Amelia~ just a regular fight
you are 1-0 in matches I bet spanks on you winning, so you should be happy :3
*nods my head* Okay~ I was just surprised it was happening while doing my part, teehee ^^
when I fight I’ll let you bet spanks also *teasingly sticking my tongue out*
Next time we bet more puppy~
Teehee~ That sounds intriguing, teehee~ *giggles as my tail wags playfully*
You calling me miss for 24he
I'll make sure to bet spanks for Amelia
Well well welll....we are close to hot springs after all, you must be so hot in such tight clothin *I smile as you undo the clasp of your bra, letting it drop away. I lightly nibble on your left ear as you remain in my hold, seemingly enjoying yourself, causing me to playfully slap and tease your breasts with gentle taps from my warm hands*...Tehee....but ya're leavin yourself quite open will only get tougher for ya quicker unless you make me lose some of my clothing too *with that I gently nom on your other ear, massaging and tapping on your exposed breasts playfully while you seek your way out.*
If this fight ends before tonight~ I’ll have a match for you to get on :3
23:06:24 you mean you're making a bet...and if something happens...I get the spanks?
Go on Amelia! Kick her ass! Hahahahahahha!
Hey there, Dusk~
D--duskie? You're not rootin for me? :0
*pouts* >->
Hahaha! Sorry. Couldn't resist it.
Have fun you two
Thankies Aether ^^
You got this Yoi yoi~ :3 *fan girl flag🚩*
Hmph...I won't forget this Duskie....might have to beat yo ass in the ring again some time...softly of course ;)
*pouting* that’s my nickname, yoiyoi is mine only~ and hi dusk~ good choice :3
Of course I want my lovely to win... or just to have fun either way. I'll be there to cuddle you if things don't go your way.
Yayyy *smiles at da fan girl julie, already forgettin the weird voodoo magic on da yoimi doll*
I’ll be rooting for both of you. Though I might support one more than the other.
Silly Amelia~ if I lose I’ll let you spank me :3
*I walk up and decide to go to the row behind me, grabbing Julie’s ears softly and blowing her flag*
Mhhhhmmm~ Well...Hehe...It would be poor of proprietress of these take the heat of her own place~ Mhhhmmmm~ Ohhhhhh~ *I chuckled as I let out some more soft moans from the addition of your mouth nibbling on my ears like that...a cute little grunt and moan popping out of me from the playful slap and taps on my breasts* Mhhhhmmm~ Don't worry...still got plenty of clothes to go...teehee~ Besides...we can take least~ *I say while displaying an effortless roll out of your grasp as I stood before you holding your footwear before tossing them out the ring* See~? I managed to get something off~
hehe of course amelia took her shoes off~
Purely tactical
oii don't steal my line chloe XD
*peeks back in*
Sorry yoiyoi but it’s obvious why she did :P
23:13:14's very much..ummm..tactical
Chloe steal everything..
*pouting* hmph, what did I steal
Of course, tactics!
My flag and the nickname you think you find alone~
23:14:12's much more get every single clothing off?
It's only the fact that it was the first thing to go that's suspicious
Nah Isa, I'm sure its just a coincidence~
*Waves happily at Cariel*
I just blew your flag, it’s still there silly~ but yoiyoi is my nickname~ you stole it from me * I giggle as I reach over and slip your shoes off* and now you are helping amelia more :3
Lots of girls here tonight....
My current position didn't allow for much maneuverability in choosing what to take off..the footwear was more closer and convenient as I rolled out of Yoi's grasp
*nods* Of course, dear
Makes sense makes sense, well I have to get going for now. I'll come back later, since knowing Amelia this game will last a very long time. Best of luck mistress~
Thanks Cariel~
Ahh puppy.. 😌 Don't steal those shoes too~ *smiling like a mommy to Chloe childish cheating*
And thanks for stopping by~ ^^
Bye bye Cariel :3
Hii Cariel, bye cariel ^^
Hehe they are mine now :P *I jump over and sit next to you*
And hayo rathie ^^
Hey hey Rathia ^^
*I roll backwards to into a standing position after you managed to steal away my shoes and run away. Seeing your proud expression I can't help but giggle, standing on one leg for a moment as I wriggle my right foot in front of me in your full view*...ooh and what a wondrous choice you've made on what to free first footsies are very thankful, see? *I giggle as I observe your reaction, but the heat from the springs gets to me as well, causing me to sweat a little bit* is very warm here indeed...I think I shall even out the field for ya a little bit....*I keep my distance, slowly removing the outer layer of my attire, leaving only a very sexy pair of panties and my bra on, tossing my top and pants to the side*...Mhmm....I will be much more mobile like this too <3
Rathy~ heyy :3
*wave wave* fun competition,fufu~:P
Who do you think will win ;3
Ahhhhh... so YOU'RE the famous Maxime!
Maybe's Yoimi, she has more experience
You better wear them then~ 😁 *sitting next to Chloe cuddling a little from shoulders*
Hello miss Dusk. A pleasure to meet you too *smiles and winks*
You too sweetie. You too.
hmph, only I see Amelia’s true skill :P
What's more important is that I lost to Yoimi before:P
I’m going to go back home to my favorite girl~ these plushies are mine though *I giggle as I stuff the two yoimi dolls in my pockets* good luck to both of you
So it's not good news for me if she loses xd
Bye bye Chloe~ *waves*
bye bye~
Oh and Maxime~ you can visit anytime cutie :3
Bayoo Chloe ^^
Oh i will~ Dont worry about that. And then i will teach the puppy some manners ;P
*giggles* ooh my luv teachin da doggo manners...I would love to see that ^^
*pouting as I shout by the exit* I’m a good doggo, I have lots of manners~
*quickly follows Chloe and kisses her cheek before she leaves* Seeya cutie ^^
*I couldn't help hearing your giggles as my fluffy tufts on my head wriggled about rather eagerly as I blushed from your little teases as you decided to take the opportunity to stand on one leg while wiggling your right toes in my view~ I mumbled a bit~* G-G-Glad to hear they're thanks~ *Although my initial flustered behavior turns to a confident smirk as I see you not only sweating a bit but you also going further by stripping yourself of your lovely top and pants before casting them to the side, showing off your sexy bra and panties to me~* Mhhhhhmmm~ That's good~ *I crimson eyes lighting up as I make another move by sliding in right behind you..flopping onto my back and using my wolfie legs to grab ahold of you and pull you closer to me...with your cute butt within my grasp as I gave you some playful spanks as it jiggles adorably* Mhhhhmmm~ Never did this before, I think~?
....Just the way you took off your clothes...made that so tempting...I could not help wanting to do this~ *Smack* *I giggled while giving your butt another playful spank*
Oh I missed a puppy
heyya Becky
hey rathia:)
Heya Becky^^
hey all
go Amelia
How's your run as Hentai champ going so far~?^^
6 wins
Nice job Becky
(nods and yawns) Sorry Yoimi. I reeeeaaaaalllllyyy want to watch you but I need my sleepy sleeps.
Oooohhh that's nice to hear~ ^^
*Slips off my shoes and gets comfy in my chair*
Thanks you two
Have a great rest, Dusk~
Nice relaxing way to end my evening~
and cute new pfp, isa
*slowly gets up* I think its time... *yawns* to get sleepies too~ Hope you will have a wonderful game ^^
You're welcome, Becky^^
See ya Maxime~ Thanks for dropping by~
Here Maxime. I'll walk ypu out.
I'm confident we'll have the best fun possible ^^
Sleep well Maxime
See ya Maxi and Dusk~
*Noticed Isa slipping her shoes off and blushes*
*walks together out with Dusky* Hehe seems we both gonna miss a lot of fun then~ Wish you a wonderful night ^^
See ya all. Hope you all have funs.
see you dusk
Thanks Dusk~ ^^
Wh...*I was surprised again at your speed as you have placed yourself behind me at the flashing speed of yours, making me question just how well I will be able to keep track of you if you move so fast....but my thoughts have been cut a little short as I suddenly found myself flopping down, with my butt perfectly underneath your hands givin me playful spanks*..Mhhwaa....llet...*spanks*....nhhm....*spank*...ahhh...gooo *I pull on the nearby ropes to pull myself away from you while wriggling my legs, succeding to get away at this moment.* heckin fast....>~>'ll have to teach me that sometime *I wink, trying to change topic and distract you for a moment, while regaining my breath on the ropes*
Ni ni Duskie and Maxii...there might be a break in this match tehee...I will wanna go to sleep at a non-too-insane time :p
i will do Midnight Dinner
See you all
have fun
Ooo yea I can see that
See ya becky, lovely to see ya ^^
Everyone went to bed, but I just got up:3
Well if we gotta postpone so you can pick up tomorrow that's fine too, Yoi
Don't need ya to burn out
Given the rate we started might be the case *giggles*
On what will likely be another pretty long thingy
Heck I would wanna do labirynth soon tooo >->
But yer right, it would be bad to overdo it and burnout <-<
With your long rp speed, I guess you won’t be able to finish playing until dawn :P
Hi sis *hug the champ Becky*
*I just couldn't help feeling proud at being able to surprise you like this by showing off my impressive speed as I've been doing quite a bit into our little match so far~ Your reactions to my spanking were making me my fluffy ears wriggled cutely* Mhhhhmm~ You really do much such lovely sounds~ Such a wonderful individual you are~ ^^ *As you pulled yourself away out of my grasp, I couldn't help pouting a bit in an exaggerated way* Awwwwwww...darnies..wanted to get a few more spanks in~ *As you rested by the ropes and asked talked about my speed...I decided to be a little cheeky and sneak right close to you and whisper close to your it a nibble..followed by a teasing lick that went downwards to your neck, which I kissed eaagerly* Mhhhhmm~ Sure, I can teach you~... Through some...private...lessons~
I'll try my best and hopefully it doesn't take too long~
I don't want Yoi too exhausted^^
No no, don't worry about it. I know ya been looking forward to this for a while, enjoy it as much as you like with your length, I'm sure Yoimi wants that too! The Labyrinth will be there
*blushes a bit as my tail wags happily as I hug you* Thanks Isa~ ^-^
*Returns the hug and kisses your cheek before giving you a playful spank* Now kick some ass~!
Mhnnnmnn *I watched as you approached me in that slightly prowling way, like a wolf on the hunt, triggering some of my memories of the first night we've spent together...I whimpered softly at your nibble on my ear, followed by that little lick that went done to my neck, causing a cute shiver to run through my body as you planted a kiss on my neck.* Privatee...nhm...lessons with you....sound like a treat...should I wear a schoolgirl uniform? *I playfully boop your nose, planting an imaginative image in your head I know you'd stop to think about...and that's the exact moment I duck down and pull your panties right off! Leaving you naked in the ring while I run around the ring with a light cackle, tossing them to the side.*'re not the only one who can be mischievous Woofie *I wink, yet another time, clearly a gesture I just enjoy doin*
*Smiles and blushes from the cheek kiss as I giggled from the playful spanks* Thanks~'s more like spank some ass~, which I already did, teehee~!
23:43:36 those...after that..
*giggles at the two*...I am already worried how long the rp will be if we try to write out that new concept Rae put in our minds...should I take a week off work for that *my giggles intensify a little bit more* ^^
*Holds up the panties in the grasp of my tail, dangling them with an air of teasing* You mean these? Just another for my collection~
*Like you were experiencing at the moment, I too was going through bit of a flashback moment to that night we spent together at your place...the way I prowled after you during that lovely night....which in hindsight was an impressive thing to somehow manage on a couch of all places and coulda been made easier on a bed~ Those same tufts of fluffy power rose up and twitched from your cute and lovely whimpers....those shivers flowing onto my body actually making me really excited and aroused...especially when you put that thought in my head. * a panties ~?!?!
*I let out a cute little wolfish grunts from the boop on my nose as it brought me out of that distracted moment when I suddenly saw you running off with my panties before tossing them away. *
Mhhhmm~ Oh really...So you wouldn't actually do that~? Can you just imagine me in a nice your instructor...~? As I slowly peel away...each piece off of you...and you peeling mine off as we get a little naughty and lewd with each other, teehee~ *I explained while walking up to you as my tail was prepared to strip you off your sexy panties as well before tossing them to the side too.*
*But not before giving them a little sniff followed by a tease* Mhhhmm~ Looks like someone's really excited for the wolfie here, teehee~
*See those black panties within the grasp of your lovely bull tail, as they dangled about in a teasing wave* how many of those do you got~?
I's not a it'll be much easier to manage and stuff~ *giggles playfully as my tail wags and my ears flutter*
Though gots to say it was kinda unexpected that a pleasant way of course ^-^
Well it was a very interesting idea fo sho^^ Hmmm I think I have upwards of... this might be my 5th or 6th pair...
*mumbles to myself* that you know of...
*I was on a lookout for your hands and torso anticipating a swift tackle or some similar move...but instead you perfectly hid your intention, moving your tail and quickly pulling off my panties, the little breeze I suddenly feel causing me to clasp my legs together in a little shocked instinct. I observe as you lift them up and give them a light sniff, prompting me to blush over*..nnhm....can't very well hide it from your senses now can I...*I smile warmly, before getting a little distracted for a moment**...You....iin....mnhm...a lovely teacher outfit....would be somethin to see....for sure...*I get a little dreamy as I imagine that particular look, my legs rubbing gently against each other....before i realize what I'm doin and I keep my distance, calming myself down with a couple of rougher rubs on my leg, saving my energy and biding my time.*...Welll...I ain't givin ya my bra that easily if that's what you were hopin for, you gonna have to do it yourself :p *I giggle with a little tease*
Mhhhhmm~ Okay~ I still wonder what you do with them~
*doesn't notice the mumbles somehow with my wolfish sense of hearing*
*Catches the other pair retroactively* And that's my first pair of those hehe..
I definitely don't like... use them to remind me of you during certain *ahem* moments or anything...
Whhhuu *stares at my pair of orange panties in Isa's grasp* :0
These are kinda wet Yoimi, you getting excited up there?
*giggles and kicks my feet*
00:04:17's...humidity...from the spings....yup...yup...>->
Mhmm sure sure
*It was quite an exhilarating thing for me here as the idea of pulling of sneaky maneuvers like this was quite attractive to me~ Doubly so from the fact that I left you surprised quite a bit. This time not being any different as I subverted the expectation that I would pull off some kinda tackle or other wrestling maneuver to show off my wolfish strength and speed some more ~ Seeing your legs clasp together like that made my red eyes glow even brighter than before...A teasing grin on my face as you blushed from my recent tease.* Can't say I'm surprised...I'm feeling kinda excited too~ *I smiled brightly as my mischievous tail continues swishing back and forth behind me*
Thankies~ Maybe...I should fashion up such an outfit...for such an occasion...and then invite you over to "teach" you wolfie speed lessons~ Mhhhhmm~ Fantasizing our naughty teacher-student time together, already~? Mhhhmmm~ *My mischievous grin grew as I see your legs rubbing together...before you caught on and came to that sudden realization as I continued smirking at you *
Mhhhmm~ Bet that's just an excuse for you to feel more of Woofie's lovely touches, teehee~ :P *I chuckled in a teasing tone as I took advantage of the moment and pressed you closely to the ropes and started caressing your bra-clad breasts a bit*
Bet you'll feel so hot in there, that you'll want to take these off~ *I say, leaning closer to your ear again to give another teasing nibble and lick.*
We're 12 moves in...and....ummm..*checks public games section*
2 hours in....
Not sure how to rate it's been a while since I did an LWR game
And that one was short-mode
*If my blush could deepen anymore, it probably would have...but seeing you observing me with that cute smirk of yours simply kept me in a somewhat flustered state for a moment instead. As you move back in speaking of the excuses to feel more of your touches, I can't help but laugh lightly*...Excuses? wouldn't need 'em to touch me in any case, you lewdie wolfie nhjmmm....hhhufff....won't...tehe....I will sweat....and this heat....unless a lovely wolfie helps me out....mhnnff *I lightly moan and giggle, before I suddenly turn my cheek and plant a quick kiss on your lips, much more alike the way I usually kiss you rather than one in the competitive nature of the ring. You guard lowers somewhat, as I push myself away from the ropes...pushing you down on the hands find your lovely wolfie cock and begin to slowly jerk it, as my soft seductive skills go into full play against you, as you feel yourself pulled in deeper into the kiss with each passing moment.* MHmm <3
Minus the like 30-ish mins of prep and opening...
7.5mins per turn
((longest lwr I did was 73 turns...shortest was 53.))
((from the gameplay side of things))
((none of these were short mode))
*Those deep blush of yours just kept me eager and my eyes flashing with just as much eagerness shining in them as that flustered state of yours made me giggle playfully some more. My ears rose once again from your cute laughter as you made that declaration as I pouted a bit in an exaggerated way once again.* Uhhhhmmm...I...well....I'm not that lewd of a wolfie....tehee~ Might have to help you out then...* I giggled some more upon hearing that especially with those light moans and giggles interlaced in between...before blushing immensely from the sudden kiss on my lips....before suddenly finding myself on the mat in a with a firm grip on my lovely wolfie cock....some panting and moaning popping past my lovely lips from the way you stroked and jerked me off like that~ Some precum was starting to dribble out the tip as I sudden found the kiss becoming deeper...making my panting increase significantly as I couldn't help lowering my resistance a bit to enjoy this moment with you.* Mhhhhhmmm ^^
((I had 59 turns in that short around 4 hours.))
((6 hours.... at 77 turns...with Oriana...though I was a bit...of a newbie...there and didn't know much about LWR^^'))
((*notices a name change in one of my old games* Oh Vani updated her Zodiac alt page recently~ ^^))
*Sensing as your resistance weakens to my soft and loving side I push my assault even further, gently stroking your wolfie cock a little faster, using the leaking precum to smoothen the feeling of my strokes. Simultaneously I hold your head down in a tight kiss, leaving you pretty unable to escape my mouth as I devour your lips in mine. The kiss begins to slowly steal your breath away, giving you a little harsher time while you try to recover and relax. As you glance at my face you see an eager, loving smile and my golden eyes shine brightly at your red little gems, happiness overflowing from me from this moment we're sharing.* <3
*Within that moment where I was trapped by that loving kiss you were giving me, I could feel you getting a bit more active here as I felt a massive two-pronged assault ramping up~ Helpless groans....grunts...and moans were coming out of me...muffled as I felt the gentle strokes on my wolfie cock become faster and stronger.... The kissing taking my breath away as my toes with their black stirrup-clad feet wiggled...while shivers were starting to come from me~ A quick glance showed me
(Ohh interesting^^ she sent me a message recently but tbh wasn't sure how to reply ^^')
such a lovely sight before me as I spotted those golden orbs of yours flashing brilliantly...that loving smile plastered on your the heat lingers within my body...Despite being currently paralyzed within your grip, my trusty tail springs into action as it slips you out of your bra before swiftly tossing it out the ring before moving over to wrap itself close to your breasts in slow, sensual movements.*
(Oh really~? How recent was it~? Was it through that alt or her main one~?^^)
(Through her main, just a nice message, feel a little bad I didn't respond yet, but like I said, no idea what to say >~<)
(Ahhh~ Well, hopefully you'll come up with something nice to say~ I'm sure she doesn't mind how long it takes as she's such a lovely and pretty patient she probably gets quite a bit even if it was just simply limited to the ones she's interacted with the most ^^)
(I really do wonder what her inbox is like when it comes to message amount^^)
*As I feel you shiver, my smile only became wider, I continued to lovingly push you further....until I sense my bra being pulled off by your cheeky tail, tossing it to the side before it wrapped itself close to my breasts*...hhheyyy...mmy...ahnnn...*I don't finish as a little squeak~moan leaves my mouth, a slightly comedic tone of my voice heard, causing me to pull back, slightly embarassed...before I jumped back down, causing us to tackled and roll around, our cute giggles sounding in the room, making it somewhat uncertain for a time just who will come on top....and I end up in a lovely position begin you, holding your hands and your naughty tail behind your back*....Yuuss....gotcha....ahhh....if only *I lean in, whispering into your ear gently*...I had a strapon....already.....we could *I bump my hips against your butt one time*....have a little...*another bump*.....lovely....*bump* <3 *bump bump bump*
(Wolfie has great faith in you, Isa ^^)
*now is wondering if Isa's attention is drawn to the discarded bra*
*Is focused on the panties and a conversation on the side, more interested what's beneath such bras than the bra itself*
*I couldn't help letting out a few more moans...mumbles...and grunts from your widening this action continues and intensifies....Though I couldn't help letting out a grin of my own in the middle of that entrapping kiss of yours as you made that squeak and moan of shock from what my tail just did especially when you pulled back in response~ I had a somewhat comical look on my face as I stuck my tongue out at you~* What~? You said you needed a cute wolfie to relieve you of help you cool off a bit~ :P Hmmmmm...Oooooofffff... *I grunted out from you jumping back onto we were tackling and rolling around in an attempt to overcome the other...before finally seeing myself in front of you...with my hands and tail pinned behind my back...making me blush immensely* Ngghhjjjjj... I...I..I... *As you whispered into my ear gently...another shiver came into I panted a bit..letting out cute grunts from the sudden bumps close to my butt* Nggggghhhh....
*I whimpered a bit as I tried to use my own strength and momentum to roll us once again....before flopping onto my back so that I was now underneath you instead...immediately pushing my mouth and flopped out tongue in to lick you...just to see how excited you were from this friendly little match of ours...and from me~*
00:59:45 don't doing this..lovely Yoi~ ^^
*Tail wagging playfully as I hummed to myself playfully*
*wake up quickly In the stadium stands and casually waves* 😴 go Yoi!
*My voice immediately softened as you began to eagerly lick and kiss my wetness and arousal quickly evident by the sweet taste you begin to collect.* Nhhmm...Wo...wwoofie....hhhuff....nhha...I....*My legs lightly shake as I see you so eagerly lick up at me from underneath my torso, prompting me to settle down even more on your face as I can't respond further but just moan, gently melting away with pleasure as you know exactly just how to lick me down there to make me fly closer and closer to the...whaaaaait ~~ my mind realizes and pumps emergency breaks, trying to pull me back into competitive spirit. With an almost a glint of desperation, I pull up your hands, and move my clit away from your eager licks, despite my heart wanting to just melt there. Instead I bite my lower lip and strain myself as you manage to come back up to the same position I'm in...each one of us trying to overpower the other to grant them some lovely fun of their in their own design.*
*smiles at Julie's cheer* ^~^
*My wolfish ears were twitching rather eagerly with a hint of playfulness to it when your voice and tones became softer....My own eagerness growing from how wet and aroused you appeared to be based on my current position and action of licking you~ Deep moans of satisfaction coming from me as I enjoyed the lovely...sweet nectar that was being slowly released by the arousal we were creating through our actions and passions here.*
Mhhhhhmmm~~...Slrrrrppp...Soooohhhh.. goooohhhd...Mhhhhhmm. Slrrrrppp.. .soooo...tasty~ ^^ *I mumbled happily in between licking motions with my tongue continuing to happily lap up your wonderful essence into my mouth..loving how you were settling down in response...letting out lovely moans with that equally lovely voice of yours...the way you seemed to be melting from my gentle yet eager motions...
Slight giggles were coming from me when I seen your competitive spirit heating back up once again as you pull up on my hands like that...a smirk plastered across my face as we both now in a new but similar position while we were basically grappling with each other. Our eyes locked in a reds meeting your yellows...passion burning in both of them...
as the tip of my tail brushes closely to the spot I just licked a light.. slowly..yet very sensual way..with its furry warmth and comforts*
*waves to cursedtoy*
*As I stared into your eyes, my competitive spirit burned...I wanted to show off....I wanted to do somethin as cool as you casually tossing me up and down on the mat at the start of our game....I slowly get up....begin running, pulling you with me by hand. Unsure as to where we are going you follow me for a brief second before I dash in for the ropes, as if I was going to run away....but no! I suddenly use the rope in an impressive display of acrobatics, reflecting the momentum off them almost perfectly and launching myself leg first at you like a little yimi missile! And for's far too late...
((*giggles in a goofy move*))
*With the competitive spirit burning in those eyes...I couldn't help feeling...sensing...detecting something was coming....Keeping a close eyes on you when you slowly got up...and started to run with me in tow...confusing me you headed for the ropes...before using acrobatics in conjunction with the ropes to send yourself flying at I found myself taken down onto mat with a thud...I groaned a bit...partially dazed..but still pretty energetic and confident as I quickly leapt onto my feet...still determined...moving towards the ropes to rest on them for a bit..a bright grin caressing itself onto my face.*
01:27:42 *I huffed in an eager tone...rubbing onto my own what just happened.*
Hi Yae Miko~
And hey there, Rathia^^
*I smile warmly, beaming with pride as I managed to succesfully launch that maneouver...keeping it to myself that I might have fallen out of the ring when I tried it a few times before on my own. I am not surprised by your quick return to your feet, my eyes getting drawn to your wolfie cock as you rub it, my ears lightly fluttering at the sound of your heavy breaths*...Mhm...someone's in full he..*I pause as my leg nudges against something on the mat. "Bzzzzzzzzzzz" noise begins to whir as I accidentally stepped on a vibrator...that perhaps someone from the audience might have tossed in when we were not looking...I stare at it for a second, clamping my legs together* don't need to*I clearly get very flustered at the idea of you actually using it, somewhat split between staring at your cock and sensing the vibe pulsating by my foot*
Hawwo yae, hawwo cursie, hawwo again rathie ^^
*As I continued stroking myself, I saw that warm smile plastered across your fluffy tail swaying back and forth while I still watched you with great eagerness. That smirking grin of mine remained ever present as I saw your eyes drawn to my wolfie cock...the reds flashing brightly from the sight of your fluttering ears* I....Hmmmm..... ...*The sudden pause getting my attention as I saw your leg nudging against soemthing...before noticing that it was a vibrator leaving me a little perplexed....
Wish there was a chain move for this like: "You absolutely do use the vibrator on her pussy"
((Oooh...that would be quite a nice chain indeed ^^ ))
*voluntears to test this new action
though not as flustered as you as I decided to take this opportunity and go in for another speedy maneuver as I used my tail to pull you further into the ring right before my tackling maneuver to take you down into that mat as I quickly positioned myself over you while gripping onto your arm and pulling it back a bit in a poweful pinning maneuver while sensually rubbing my body close to you...I teased a bit* Mhhhhmmm...what were you thinking back there, my lovely fireworks maker~? *winks*
(hey I'm back, and to no surprise the game is only on turn 25~)
Mhhfnfn...hhuufff....*I mumbled out in exhertion as you stretched my arm into that powerful pinning maneuver, while teasing me with both body rubs and words. Trying to find my escape I mumble*...Mhnnm...jjjust...tthat...your...*I make a pause*....just that if your wolfish hyperspeed is permittable...I can save myself with a little sparkle can't I? *I giggle, kinda unfittingly for the position I was in...but I managed to free my more distant hand from you and summon a dazzling light I toss in your direction, it's effect very much akin to a flash grenade, momentarily blinding you. Using that, I pull myself free from your hold and step somewhere around you, pausing for something*
(Welcome back Cariel~)
*Waves at the returning dragoness*
*You quickly getup in a moment of confusion, trying to figure my whereabouts....but just as you do...I pull your hands back, standing perfectly behind your you feel a suddenly piercing pleasure of a strapon sliding into your ass! You feel me lean in to your ear, giving it a little bite*...gave ya a tease what I would do earlier...didn't I? <3 *bump....bump....bumpp.....*
((Hawwo Cariel, hawwo Rin ^^ ))
((I reckon we might go on break soon...mah brain ish startin to's 4am here....))
((labirynth...another day Isa, this is 4 hours and we are halfway there XD ))
((hawwo Ranni ^^ ))
(Hehe I already figured, no worries <3)
((*smooches da bull*...mhm...thankies...i will totally defeat you there though ^^ ))
(Mhm mhm sure sure)
(someone is quite confident~)
Hey Rathia
(Heroes are supposed to be~)
(*giggles* You've still not succeded in stealin me either that a proper cutesy form there? Not sure :p ))
(I had a slimmer of confidence at the start that I could win, but when I saw the slime lake I knew that it was all over)
(Watch me, I'm going to easily defeat Yoimi now because she's taunting me~)
Mhhhhmmm~ *I grinned rather proudly from being able to pin you down like this once again as I continued teasing you with my words and body language...noticing you making attempts to escape my ears twitching eagerly from hearing the sounds of your voice...and that pause which left me wondering* Hmmmm...? What sparkle....whaaaaaaa?!?! *I grunted in shock from the sudden flash of light as my Woofie tail moves upwards in an attempt to shield me from the sudden flash of light...hearing the sounds you were making during that moment. *
(That would be something to see)
(tbh slime is a confusin has deceptively little hp cause it just keeps reforming with every move...and outfucking it takes a lot of it needs a good energy reservoir to do a 'anyway, I started blasting' move I guess))
(Yeah, when I got there I didn't have a lot of energy left)
*As I tried to locate you, I then suddenly found my hands pulled back again like last time...with you behind my ass once again...and then felt a strong sudden...sting...being...released in response as I let out explosive moans of pleasure before feeling you lean closer to my ear...that whispers making me shiver and realize what was happening here* Mhhhhmmmm.....Ohhhhhhhhhhhh~ Ngggghhhhhh....ah..ah...ah...ohhhhhh~
*I huffed out a bit temporarily paralyzed....but my burning competitive spirit made me I decided to do a somersault to change our balance before pulling away from you...panting and blushing from just happened*
Go on mistress, I'm cheering for your victory~ *I shake some pom-poms as I cheer on Amelia* (I've never played wrestling ring before so I don't know who's winning at the moment)
Thanks Cariel~
*giggles happily *
Its my pleasure mistress~
:3(Ame is slightly at a disadvantage now, but the possibility of lwr counterattacking in one fell swoop is much higher than hentai)
(thanks Rathia~)
* continue to relax*
*I enjoyed your surprised moans and whimpers, smiling as you thought you could get away that you changed my balance and pulled away....I simply followed suit, the additional imbalance of the weight of my body on top of you causing to fumble your steps and fall down onto the mat. And right down there....I descend again....with a strong technique...strong hold....pinning you down...sliding in my strapon into your ass again as it pins you to the mat* gettin away....not that easily...Wo-ohh--fiee *I playfully change your nickname to place an elongated accent sounding like a moan in the middle of it, before I resume my pounding into your ass at a steady pace*...Gnn....hhuff..tthis...iiss tiring....but...kinda fun....tehee....<3
Go wolfie!
((meanwhile, my yt playlist: ))
((very competitive spirit :p ))
(I think this song makes it feel like the wolfie is some sort of final boss)
(After exploring for hundred of hours, you finally stumble upon: Amelia the wolfie of destruction)
*Even with the significant spike in pleasure from you pounding away into me like that, I was still able to sense that building sense of excitement within you....before finding myself facefirst onto the mat in my desperate bid to pull and get away from you and the strap-on..finding myself pinned down with the strap-on sliding back into my ass as another powerful shivers flowed and rocked into me.....Your teases making me shiver some more especially with the way you changed my nickname like that* Nghhhhhhhhhhh
(Hehe her old name was reminiscent of a dark souls boss)
*I shivered as my tail attempts to maneuver around you close to your pussy...trying to throw you off by fingering you with the flexible tip*
(Did you defeating her cause the change of name Isa?)
(Several events did)
(but did you ever beat a dark souls game Isa?)
(hi sheena)
(Most of them, yea)
(Never beat 1 or demon's souls)
(I've beaten demon souls, I might try playing bloodborn)
(Beaten 2, 3, bloodborne, elden ring)
(Bloodborne is good)
*peeks back in*
(How’s everyone doing?)
(I'm doing good and you?)
(Hiiii Sheena~)
(from your experience, what has been the hardest boss for you to fight so far Isa?)
(I'm doing pretty great for having this game with Yoi~)
(Pretty good! Just got back from a run and am being tortured with the post-workout hornies ><)
Nnhmm...nnnice try...ahhh...your so skilled compared to mine..oohh...*I smile lewdly pushing in deeper into your as I completely lay down on you, staying embedded with the strap in your ass like this. My hands gently move to your cock, so unconvieniently pressed to the ground at this moment, but so gently caressed when my soft hands reach it*...Poor lovely Woofie....wouldn't you love it if our positions were reversed you didn't expect this situation from our encounter....*I softly kiss your cheek, shying a little bit away from competitiveness*...Tehee...I may have gone a little rougher than usual so far I admit...but you seem to be havin fun in my eyes, right? *I shuffle carefully, nibbling on your ear, as you tail gently tries to get to my pussy still...but with it pressed tightly into the strapon in your ass, it has trouble, and ends up playfully spanking me, while my tail tries to defensively duel it*
(Oh nooo~)
(not the post-workout hornies)
(Hi Sheena and hi Bobby ^^)
(Hmm hardest...)
(I'd say... maybe... Malenia)
(I see, from which game is she?)
(Elden Ring)
(I know you asked Isa but I’m going to say the tree sentinel only because I spent hours trying to fight it in early game)
(Didn’t realize you were supposed to skip it and come back later)
(lol, for me I only played demon souls but the gargoly boss fightt was the worst)
(Elden Ring.. Never played..:3)
(Tree Sentinel wasn't so bad when I got da horse)
heard that it’s very tiring to clear the level.):P
(I played elden ring only a bit so far so am sure it will surprise me eventually....but heckin...runebears....scare me...everytime....))
((the one scratching the tree I was like....'oohh...yup...i am not where i'm suppose to....that's his forest....yup...))
(Yeah I went back after Margit and it was way easier)
(Runebears are a bitch)
Ngggghhhh...aaaahh..ahhh...haaaanmhhh...y-y-y-yesssiesss...m-m-m-my ta..ta...ta..taaaiiiillll...preetyy...nuurrggghhhhh...pretty skilled..... *I grunted out as I tried to turn my head around to insist on that...only to see that lewd smile of yours....grunting...gasping...moaning even more deeply from the sudden push inside of me with your strap-on as it appeared to get deeper in with you still laying down on me like this...with the addition of your hands on my cock...despite them being gentle caresses made me gasp out as I arched my back from the ever increasing onslaught of pleasure spiking into me* Nyyaaaammhhhhh....oooooohhhhhhh....miiiggposssjjhh.....nuuuuuu..d-d-d-didn't e-e-expect this?!?! *The softest kiss on my cheek making me actually pant in response as I started to drool...grunting and moaning some more*
(Also the Full-Grown Fallenstar Beast)
(Hated that fight >~>)
(Godskin duo was also miserable)
Soooooooo...much fuuuuun~ *The nibbling on my ear sending yet another powerful spike of pleasure exploding into me....while my tail can barely reach you while it just ended up more like spanks instead as your tail tried to block mine...deep thoughts running through my head as I tried to figure out a way to pull away definitively*
((I have only defeated margit the first time on that pathway, explored random stuff around and somehow never proceeded further as of can't discuss any other bosses except for a boat skelleton which was easy and a wolf pelt boi with a sword who was fun))
Wow a lot of women fighters are here. Hi~
Hi hi~
How are you?
Mm~ is good. But weather is cold. Are you?
*I smile warmly, kissing your cheek once more...before simply pulling out of you, giving you a momentary sense of reprieve, as I stand back with a somewhat lewd smile plastered on my face*...tehee....I could continue a bit longer....but I feel you would outlast my endurance still you have a chance, my cute novice wrestlin ya gonna use it? *I loosen the strapon to rub and check on the warmth of my own pussy in the meantime as you collect your thoughts and motivate your muscles to move again*
Glad to hear you're doing good despite it being cold~ I'm doing pretty great~!
AYA! *runs into her with a tackling hug*
Wooq Yoi~♡♡
Glad to see ya here <3 *snugglez the white-haired cyootie*
hurts, it hurts! Let me go yoi~~hehe ♡
(( pressin pause after I write the next eyes are closin, I already pushed an hour beyond what I planned to do before sleep, sowwi but timezones suck >->))
(its okay Yoimi, not everyone can pull a all nighter)
*A sense of comfort came flowing into me as I see that warm smile of yours and felt that kiss on my I let out a deep grunt from feeling you pulling out of me like that...before clambering away as I slowly got up and onto my feet.... I was panting and moaning rather deeply as I gazed back at you~*'t..believe I still...have this on.... *I grunted as I peeled away my black stirrup socks and tossed them out the ring while slowly recovering my composure* Mhhhhmmm~ That feels better~! *I giggled while wiggling my toes rather eagerly and shook my feet a bit*
Okii v.v *lets Ayaya go*
( It's indeed too night)
(Sorries for keeping up so long Yoi~)
*keeping you
(stirrup socks, huh? 😏)
(*blushes heavily*)
( know...)
(Is it the stirrup that show part of the foot or does it cover it completely?)
(Sadly..they didn't generate well...on the image 😓)
(it still looks great mistress~)
(Thanks Cariel~)
( I think it's great:3)
(Thanks Rathia~)
(always a pleasure to compliment you mistress~)
Mm I have to go now. I support Yoi. If you have any connections with other fighters, I'll see you in the DMs.
(Mhhhmmm~ *giggles and smiles happily*)
bye bye:3
Bye Ayaka~ ^^
(I do know x3)
(I know VERY well)
(*blushes even more as my tail wags even more*)
Think my toesies look cute, Yoi~? *I winked at you*
Took a while...but every article is finally gone now :P
*I smile warmly, casting a glance at your cute toes* Mhmm...they look delicious, glad they are free ;). *I slowly move into resting down on the ground as I pull your hand...leading you to a lovely moment of where we could both have some lewd fun together as I guide you to kiss me down there again. As you lean in with your eager kisses I moan softly, wrapping my legs gently around your head as you get to taste my eagerly seeping sweetness, entrancing you more and more to the feeling of our connection - even as we 'fight'...the goal isn't just a duel in itself...we explore....we learn...we please one another....try out new ways we haven't used before...*
Bye bye Ayaya ^^
So we're pausing now, right~?
((by estimate of 60 turns...we are halfway there....I push now I will wake up in my evenin later and break my entire yeah I need a break now ^^' ))
good night yoimi :3
((Okay~ Good night then ^^ ))
(good night Yoimi, but don't ever try to "estimate" with Amelia, a average game for her is 10 hours)
((I put a paused message, just in case ^^)
too real :P)
((Niniii....yuppies....those estimates always end up on a supah short end...pffft....and I thought it would be like 3-4 hours, Isa can testify that XD ))
(That I can XD)
(Thats a mistake we all do the first time Yoimi)
((I will peek in here when I awaken...but I guess you migth go sleepies then woofie....poke me in discord when ya awaken ^^ ))
((I also didn't expect to be the one to have something in my ass sooner in the game :P))
As a result, 4 hours have passed and you haven’t even filled half of the Pleasure.:3)
((Pffffft....and I am happy to be a surprise there :p ))
((*giggles* Teehee..anyways have a great sleep ^^))
((Yosh...imma find bunneh and have a good couple hours of sleep ^^))
((Cya all later *falls asleep instantly*))
night night:3)
(cya Yoimi)
(Bye bye Yoimi)
(Hey Isa, would you be interested in doing another labyrinth game sometime?)
(For sure, you wanted to try the thief idea, right? Or did you want to do the slave RP before any of that?)
*sighs a bit* That was quite a bit~ I'll rest for now and relax^^
(oh the thief idea wasn't for me to raid the labyrinth Isa, I was talking about me becoming an enemy in the labyrinth as the thief enemy)
(Ohhh okay^^ so like you as the bandits?)
(Yes Isa~)
(Hmmm that could work, who would be your partners in crime?)
(hmmm, didn't think that far yet, I could create a character for that)
(Teehee~ Maybe a cute little wolfie~?^^)
(I don't know if Isa would want her concubine working in the labyrinth mistress~)
:3(The two of you can work together to clear out the treasures in Isa's maze.)
(Oh don't worry Rathia, I'm already inside the dungeon and I doubt Isa would notice if a piece or a hundred pieces of gold go missing~)
(She won't have much use for it when she gets put to work for real)
(Its not about using the money Isa, its about hoarding it for no good reason)
(fufu~ I believe she will be as sensitive as Smaug when it comes to money:P)
(I'm sure Isa wouldn't mind her concubine helping out to ensnare some new victi.... I mean guests, teehee~ ^^)
(Maybe I ply her with a bit of gold to hoard for all her.. long... hard... exhausting work)
(I wouldn't mind if mistress helped me out with work~)
(If you start paying me with gold I'm gonna need a bigger cage than the one that I probably have at the moment Isa)
(The gold will just comprise the surface you get used on, how's that?)
(Sounds like a good pay for me~)
(considering I'm a slave, any pay is better than nothing)
(I mean what better place for a dragon to enjoy herself than on a pile of gold?)
(You correctly speak the dragon language Isa~)
(Mhhhmm~ Not a pile of gold but it's why I chose the collar and cage the way I did~ ^^)
(Toes curling... rattling the coins~)
(Damn.. I'm in a mood tonight >~>)
(*I look at the coins* What kind of mood are you in~)
('re always so lovely when you're in a mood~ ^^)
(I would say horny ^^)
(Amelia would be correct in this case...)
(Horny huh, so are you going t fuck mistress senselessly while forcing me to watch~?)
(Hmmm... tempting~)
Ah. *Flips out of Yimi pocket, takes Isa's panties and hides back inside the pocket*
My mission here... is done.
Poor panties~ Do you need a replacement?
I got some spare ones^^
Hehe, good thing mistress always comes prepared~
Or are those going to get foxo nabbed ~?
How did she take them while I was sitting >~>
*slides hand out and takes Cariel's panties too*
Because of super secret Foxo powah
The dark side is a pathway to many powers some would consider... unnatural
Ha, jokes on you Rae, I don't wear panties~
Mine are already taken~ So wolfie can't lose them and stuff
Ha, jokes on you! I just took them from your drawer
:3Solve the problem directly and fundamentally
Wait...who took them?
You'll never know~
*foxes away*
Damn that fox
So uhhh
Now my panties are gone...
Hmm .
*glances down at my erection*
oh no, seems like the bull is getting horny
*blushes at the sight of your erection*
You can learn from Cariel, a beggar can never be bankrupt :P
Actually Rahia, I have a fortune sotred away already. Turns out that stealing from dragons is way too lucrative of a business~
I been horny, Cariel, I was just watching a hot match involving two girls I've had a great time with
Not blaming you Isa, the two girls are very great, even more the wolfie~
I’m back~ seems like I’ve missed 1% :P
hihi Chloe
hi chloe
You missed me getting fucked in ass by a strap-on.....ummmm...multiple times....^^'
But I'm not a dragon. Steal from me and you'll only get worthless things and my anger.:P
Ehe~ you guys taking a short break~
She's sleeping
Hmm by default that means you win right :P
Oh don't worry Rathia, I've spent long enough in your jail to know that its not worth it to steal from you
'Cause she was already running past her time
hehe silly YoiYoi :3 *pulling out the yoimi doll* maybe you can practice some :3
We paused the game in the hopes of continuing later
Makes sense, too bad I missed out you dominating her~ you did dominate her right :)
Unfortunately, not:3
You'll be able to pick up tomorrow for sure~
I can't recall if I ever had a strap-on used on me
A butt plug , sure~
hehe probably because isa doesn’t need a strapon :3
Mmm usually it's a real cock ;3
*blushes heavily as I cover my face with my fluffy wolf tail*
*Nibbles the Wolfie ear* Cutie~
Mhhhmm~ *Lets out a cute mumble and moan from the Bull nibbles*
*grabs Amelia’s tail and rubs it* hehe cutie~ you have to be prepared for everything
Not a strap on, but I've already used my tail to penetrate the wolfie~
*lets out more cute grunting sounds from my tail being grabbed and rubbed* Mhhhhmmmm~ I-I-I'm relatively prepared ~
I think the reason you’ll never had a strap on used on you is because everyone has something to use~
You used something else when you weren't caged right?
no need for strap-on when tails and cocks exist ;P
fufu~Everyone seems horny,hun?
I did, I used to have a pussy for mistress to penetrate me with
isa is always horny~ I’m just here for fun :3
Just so happens my idea of fun is horny ;3 *giggling I stroke Amelia’s tail like a cock*
I am always horny >~>
Guilty as charged
And I'm a cute wolfie girl~ Ngghhmm.... Mhhhhmmm~ *lets out another cute moaning sound from the stroking*
Watching Isa fuck mistress is very fun, but I recommend to watch something while doing it as the delay inbetween responses can be long
That's not true...we've done mind-blowing stuff in record time before
Oh, what’s that~~ *tail wagging*
Translation: We've managed to clear a rp in 6 hours
Something like that
hehe I’d love to experience isa’s fun one day like amelia does ^^
Mmm not ruling out the possibility
Just as long as she doesn’t make me her pet, I’m already 2 cuties pets ><<
I've never had any direct fun with Isa before, we've talked and tormented mistress togheter, but I;ve never fucjed Isa before
Who are you a pet of, Chloe~?
Mmm yes, part of why I kinda wanted you to make it to the end last weekend
Hehe to be fair, even if you attempted to she’d fuck you first :P
But I can't bring myself to go easy
Rin and Lily for now ^^
Well at the current moment that would be the only thing really possible.
And Chloe I wouldn't make you my pet, unless you asked really really cutely and politely
Mhhhmm~ Some very interesting people, Chloe~ ^^
Neither do I. Isa usually only plays with people she knows well :3
2 owners is enough, plus rin is very scary and you are also~ would be my death :P
Every now and again I'll match with someone I find interesting
Hmmmm...? Odd question to ask but is the site lagging for anyone else, or is it just me?^^'
But I will give them a new pet when I beat Julie ^^ I’m a nice doggo for them~
(ah my internet bugged and wasn't loading the messages)
(Same here, need to refresh every time >~<)
Think the site is being bad again
me too
(amazing timing)
Mhhmmm...guess maybe it was a good thing we didn't continue the match this far, if this ended up happening ^^
I thought I was the only one have this
hehe true, I’m going to relax then until site isn’t being lame :3
Yeah it really would have been annoying if it happened mid game
originally thought
Yea sucks, hate when this happens
Not annoying, Cariel. It means the possibility of actually timing out without realizing it^^'
And now it's not lagging?
oh hey, mistress's message loaded without me needing to refresh
Wolfie confused ^^'
oh it’s back already :P
Prob that there was too much server traffic at that moment
Anyways yea, would've liked to get that one on one if Cariel had made it to the end
But the ending was fitting
That it ended at slime lake?
Yeah, well if you ever wanna do a 1 on 1 with me just tell me Isa
I think just me losing before reaching Isa in general was the fitting end
Yea that too
Cariel is definitely the type to end up in a situation that prevents her from continuing
I still feel bad about mucking up the post-game
Its okay mistress, you didn't have a way to know about what Isa was planning for the post game
Hehe I’m going to relax for real now~ have fun you cute girls and rathia :P
Thanks Chloe, you too have fun~
I think I had a feeling deep down
Bye bye~
Of where it coulda gone~
But silly me didn't mark the pathway to it
I had ideas that you were trying to place me in a prison
I guess I was being too vague for my own good
That I need to improve on
Yea I wasn't super sure where I'd jump in tbh
So I figured let the wholesome thing play out
Its not a bad thing to be vague mistress, in writing the less your reader knows about whats going to happen the more excited they will be
But I should've discussed the after math a little more thoroughly
Yeah, always important to preplan and discuss things before hand so things don't go badly
I wouldn't say it was bad
It fit the roleplay
Yeah, it wasn't a bad ending
It just had less sexual content
At least there was a spanking good time had back there~?
......terrible pun...
Very true~
Yeah, even I spanked you~
*blushes heavily as my tail wags fast,*
Mistress is very cute when she's embarassed
She is always incredibly cute
That is true Isa~
I-I-I-I'm not...embarrassed >//<
*I stroke Amelia's wagging tail* Then why is your tail so excited right now~
Mhm... why would that be, Amelia?
*I blushed even more from the sudden strokes on my wagging tail* I-I-I-It's always....wagging...
But strangely enough, when ever you're excited, embarassed or sadistic is when you wag it this much~
Mhm mhm
It's true, it's true
Its 2 v 1 mistress, how will you defend yourself now~
Your tail moves so quickly whenever you get worked up
Yes, when you were looking down upon me before crushing my dick your tail would get very excited and your eyes would glow~
C-C-Come ....mine.....
Well mine glow when I'm being... a certain way
Its a quality, but a predictable quality~
It's not so much predictable as it is... telling
That is true Isa
Ngggghhh.... * grabs onto my tail and holds it tightly*
Right now your tail is telling us that being made to spank yourself made you incredibly excited
Don't be embarassed about your tail mistress, we think its very cute and something that makes you unique~
oooh then what is it, are you perhaps horny mistress~
Maybe Cariel had it the wrong way around... maybe you're the one who needs to be tied up... made to watch
*a powerful blush appears on my face as I dropped my hold on my tail* Wh-Wh-Whaaa...
M-M-Me tied up.
Are you thinking of fucking me instead Isa?
I am... unless Amelia is the first to jump on me... and take what she thinks is hers. I think it could be fun to tie her up and watch her squirm with arousal.
I'll let mistress choose, as her pet I can't be the one taking the initiative~
*pounces on both Isa and Cariel while panting**
Y-Y-You t-t-two...are...r-r-really...working...
We're teaming up on you mistress, our objectif is to get you as horny and embarassed as possible~
Of course we are... I was going to fuck Cariel here if you did nothing, would that have made you upset? Or even more aroused?
Might have made her more aroused to see her beloved mistress fucking her slave~
*blushes a bit..*
Of course it would have
I-I-I-I...mean..that's obvious...
What position should I have put her in?
*has a horny, aroused look on my expression *
You mean sex position or submissive position?
*as I continued panting*
Th-Th-Think Isa
If...I'm tied up
*blushes even more*
Tell me, how should I have taken her? *Grabs Cariel suddenly and shoves her face first onto the pile of gold standing behind her and grinding my cock between her cheeks*
Like this?
Should I have hogtied you too?
Made you watch me
*I have a dreamy look on my face as it hits the pile of gold* There are... many ways thart you could fuck me... even more that in the labyrinth I have a vagina and not a dick~
I-I-I don't know....M-Maybe..we
*squirms a bit as I continued panting *
*rubs my feet together as I drooled a bit*
I don't know... you're in the ring with Yoimi! I have needs too you know? *Leans in and bites Cariel's ear* All yours, of course. *Tapping a coin*
*I start drooling at the thought of all the coins belonging to me* Well.. I'm sure that I can help you... with any needs for this price Isa~
*I groaned as I just pushed my tail against my face trying to hide my expression here*
I'm paying all this gold... should I really share with you? Maybe if you ask very nicely... *Teasing the head of my cock against Cariel's lips, watching her drool over the money*
..*I begged while on my knees in front of you panting heavily, kissing your feet*
Y-Y-You would know...I would do more
I feel like... the most exotic stripper from how much gold... Isa is paying me~ Seeing your dick close to my lips, I start licking it and lubricating it*
Hmmm... worship my ass as she gets me ready then
*blushes even more heavily as my tail wags, mumbling cutely as I immediately got behind your
*I slowly press my length between Cariel's soft lips, egging her on to get me nice and wet for her.* And you're worth every coin, dragon~
ass and started nuzzling close to licking it with my tongue....doing just about anything that was consider worship*
(quick clarification, the lips of the pussy or the mouth, I'm slightly confused~)
(Mouth, I think)
*I start to suck and lick on your dick, pushing it deeper and deeper in my mouth so I can get it ready to penetrate me* Its all thanks to my training... that I have such a high value~
*I was blushing heavily at hearing all of that as I felt my own dick getting hard and leaking in response while continuing to kiss, lick and worship Isa's ass* Mhhhhhmmmm....slrrrrrtppppp...~
Mmm I can see that, you trained your dragon pet so well, Amelia. *I reached back and spread my cheeks as I slowly thrusted my hips forward, letting her take as much as she could into her mouth while inviting Amelia to dive between my cheeks, moaning softly now as my tail whipped back and forth*
*I noticed her ass moving in response to her thrusting hips as I stuck my tongue and pushed it in as deep as I could in Isa's ass
Making sure to hit every sensitive part of her inner walls*
*As Isa starts pushing her dick further into my mouth, I start deepthroating it so I can take it all in. As I'm starting to slightly choke on her dick, I manage to at least finish preparing it so it can safely penetrate me. Seeing Amelia licking so deperately Isa's ass made me chuckle for a bit*
Nrrrrggghhh...haaaammhhhhmmm...Slrrrrrppp..Mmmphhhjjjhh..... *I mumbled in a muffled tone as my tongue wriggles and writhed within in those powerful stroking and thrusting hands gripping onto her ass cheeks to keep myself balanced *
*I pull out of Cariel's mouth and reach back to grip at Amelia hair, pulling on it to guide her around to the back of the dragoness before shoving her face between Cariel's cheeks* Now lick, get her ready for me.
*I grunted and squeaked from feeling my hair gripped and tugged like that as my face was shoved between those dragon I stuck my tongue out licking...
Pushing my tongue inside....making sure to wriggle and writhe around every space I could reach(
*I let out asurprised moan as I feel Amelia being forced to lick my ass. I start panting in excitement at having my mistress do such a submissive thing to me* Are you sure... I shouldn't be paying you... for the service Isa... this is a lot more... than I would have expected to get from... workign as a slave and a slut~
Panting and drooling as I did own wolfie cock achin with great need*
* a surprised
Just enjoy yourself... I know I am... *I pressed on the back of Amelia's head and ground her face between Cariel's cheeks as I reached down and slid a finger into Amelia's cunt, hooking a finger as I pumped it into her.* You must really want this... to act like that.. licking like an eager slut.*
Mgggghhhhh....haaaaammhhhhh...nggghhhhhjj.... *I moaned in between my licking in between Cariel's cheeks as I felt Isa's finger inside of my cunt as it was pumped inside of me.....*
mmhmmm... as you sat /isa... I'll just enjoy myself then~ *I start moaning more as Isa grounded Amelia's face inbetween my ass cheeks*
If you had told me... that I would also get... to see mistress act like this... I would have given you a discount Isa~
*I finally released Amelia's head and stepped back, stroking my length as I pointed towards Cariel's mouth, intstructing Amelia to take that hole as I lined up with Cariel's well-licked hole.* Oh, well fucking you on the pile of gold was part of what I wanted to do.
*I was panting heavily as I stood up and immediately shoved my cock into her mouth...pumping and thrusting my length rather I panted and moaned deeply as I gripped onto her make more quicker motions and movements upon my wolfish length*
Well... the pile of gold is very nice... so thanks for that~ *I get on all fours as I see that you're about to start spitrosting me, as to make it easier to fuck me. As Amelia starts to fuck my mouth instantly I'm taken slightly by surpise, but I quickly start moaning as I lick and suck on her dick*
*As Amelia thrusted into Cariel's mouth, I shoved my fat bull cock deep into her pussy, lifting her tail with one hand and squeezing down on her ass with the other as I began to tail into her.* That's it pup... enjoy that release I know you need so badly...
*I try my best to move myself to accomodate to your dicks, moving myself forward when I feel Amelia's dick going deeper into my mouth and going back as I feeel Isa's dick penetrating my pussy. I can only let out loi=ud moans from the pleasure of being used as a sex toy by two very hot gals*
*My crimson eyes were flashing an unusually deeper....brighter flash as I kept thrusting inside of my dragon pet's mouth as my cock pulsated and throbbed wildly...starting to potent...pre-cum into her mouth...My tail moving back a bit to guide Isa's head close to mine as I pushed forward to hungrily kiss her using my tongue to push inside her mouth* Mhhhhhjjmmmm~
*My heart was pounding rapidly as my needy self was willing to take just about anything I satisfy myself as much as I can*
*Feeling the precum from my mistress pourring into my mouth made me start salivating. I drank it as it kept coming out, making me lick the head of her dick more and more tro try and get more of that sweet pre-cum*
*I was a bit surprised as Amelia pulled me into that hungry kiss, moan loudly into her mouth as I pumped my hips uncontrollably, moving faster and harder than before as my hand released Cariel's ass and grabbed at the back of Amelia's head, my tongue shoving it's way into her mouth as my cock began to throb and leak inside of the dragoness, the massive length pound her hole to it's shape and size.* Mmhh...
*I broke the kiss slightly to whisper to Amelia, heart pounding in my ears as our lips brushed together.* You like this huh? You like stuffing this sexy little dragon fucksleeve with me?
*A rather eager....amused...hungry expression twisted itself upon my face when I saw the slight bit of surprise on Isa when I brought her into that hungry kiss I initiated out of nowhere.....feeling quite pleased by her loud moans inside of my mouth...feeling the motions of her pumping her hips faster and rougher...loving how she released her hold on my dragon slave's ass and held my held like that...letting out powerful moans and eager growls of mine as I felt her tongue pushing its way into my mouth...even though her massive length was currently occupying Cariel...I could still sense that signal of throbbing and leaking coming into play. * Mhhhmm....
*Feeling Isa's dick moving her dick harder and harder inside of me, and feeling it leaking some precum also leads to me leaking from my pussy. The bulls massive dick pounding my pussy to perfection, fitting in perfectly. My blue eyes roll up from the pleasure and hearing Isa call me a fucksleeve only makes me more excited*
*As that kiss was broken...I could hear that slight whisper from Isa....with our hearts pounding rather eagerly...our lips still close...brushing I panted deeply...staring into her luminous...glowing orange eyes...with my glowing crimson red eyes
(I feel like I'm not doing as much as everyone else)
(You're doing great, in my opinion^^)
Ohhhhhhjhhhh...that..mhhjaaanngg...really...doesn't need..asking...Hehe...I love stuffing..her with you~
*I shoot Amelia a wink and leaned down over Cariel, pressing my breasts into her back as I whispered in her ear. The hand I had at her tail released itself as I bit on her earlobe.* You like getting used like this don't you? Getting used atop a pile of the thing you like most... it's hot isn't it? Opulent even. You holes. being bought for such a high price, you must feel like the finest whore in the world...
(We can change positions if you want to be a bit more active, but you're doing well in my opinion^^)
(no no, I don't mind staying like this)
*I growled out both playfully and in a determined tone as I kept pounding into the Dragoness' mouth at such a rapid pace...more of my precum spilling out into her hand resting on her head as I stroked it eagerly*
*With that wink Isa shot my way...I grinned...which immediately twisted into an amused smirk....feeling the enormity of her words to my pet* Mhhhhmmm~
*I tugged on the gold collar I gifted her with* Mhhhhmm
Why do you think I gave her...mhhhhmm..a gold..collar?~
Felt very fitting...
*I feel a excitement rise as Isa pushes her breast onto my back, wondering what she might do with them. As I hear her degrading me and calling me a whore, I can only respond in a moan of agreement As I continue to suck on my mistress's dick, I feel her precum leaking more and more into my mouth, my tongue now moving on its own to try and milk her of more of her cum. Feeling my coollar being tugged on, I try my best to let my head follow the collar's movement as I try not stopping to suck on my mistresse's dick*
Mhhhhmm~ So fitting that one...who...mhhhmmm...attempted to be...intrinsically she values..quite..a bit...and woulda stolen from me..
*My eyes glance downwards back at Cariel as I stroked and brushed her hair with one I looked thoughtful for a moment..* Mhhhhhmmm...but does...this..Whore...who...sell...herself..out for gold....
Really..deserve my..cum..gracing her mouth and throat...
That's my question~
*Hearing my mistress hesitating to cum in my mouth, I let out some desperate whimpers as I suck on her dick. Desperately trying to beg for her to cum in my mouth and not to cum outside of it*
*I leaned up and gave Amelia a nod before flipping Cariel over, keeping our cocks planted deeply inside of her as I spun her like the little spitroasted slut she was. I reached for Cariel's neck and squeezed on it, making her throat tighten around Amelia's cock as I leaned down and pressed my breasts against hers, the room now filled with the wet slap of flesh on flesh, the sputtering moans of the used dragoness and the loud cries of Amelia and myself my eyes glowing with their amber glow as I whispered again.* That's right... Cariel, the golden whore maybe that should be your new name... instead of the queen of thieves... the queen of whores... we're going to stuff you so full. You've seen how much we cum, right? It's all going inside of you...
*My fluffy ears were twitching with an almost sadistic flow of movements when I saw Cariel react with desperation and attempt muffled begging for my wolfish red eyes twinkling brightly as I snickered deeply* Mhhhhhhmm~ I just love how willing you are to please me...please us...that makes me very eager...and pleased
*As Isa spun me around, I had a look of surprise, even more surprised as she also started to squeeze as to tighten the around my mistress's dick. Being remindid of how much Isa and Amelia cum made me realise that I won't be leaving the room for a while after this just from waiting for the cum inside of me to empty itself. Hearing all of the degradding words strangely fill me with pleasure as I moan in agreement to each statement that is said about me*
*I smiled proudly when I saw Isa's nod as I kept myself prepared the moment she flipped Cariel over with our thick wolfie and Bull cocks still deep inside as much as possible...Watching the way Isa squeezed on Cariel's neck made me grin those wicked smirking as I tilted my head upwards in howling moans from the sudden pressure on my tail brushing close to Cariel's crotch to put some pressure there to grace Isa with the tightness to further induce her ears twitching from hearing those whispers.*
Mhhhhmmm...maybe...hejehe..I should...take..the..section..of..her..collar..and..put that..on.there...heheh..
....or maybe....alter..that..mark...I have on..her
To reflect that...role...her..status..hehe..
*I look at the mark on my body, shivering in pleasure at the though of it being changed to mention that I'm the queen of whores instead of just Amelia's pet*
Maybe you should... speaking of marks... we'll have a discussion about yours later... *I reared back up and gripped at Cariel's legs, pulling them up so her ankles were resting on my shoulders as I thrusted into her increased tightness. My tail wrapped around her throat to increase the tightness on it as I felt my cock throbbing uncontrollably inside of the dragoness' cunt. I roared out as my hips began to move at a blinding pace, almost too quickly to see as I approached my climax.* Ngh... queen of whores indeed. I'm going to shoot off such a massive load inside this dragon cunt. I'd be shocked if it could hold it all...
*I could feel that powerful shiver from Cariel the moment I suggested changing her mark* Mhhhhhhmmm...~ That would be..mmhhhmmm..a haaannhhh...most lovely discussion...* My crimson orbs were flowing their brightest the moment I saw Isa escalate the development to have Cariel's legs resting on her shoulders as she hammered into her much more firecely...which intoxicated and excited me...The tightness on my cock with that bull tail constricting tightly around it...Despite the increased tightness, I was still determined to thrust inside of her mouth and throat as my precum was leaking non-stop*
Ohhhhhhhhhhh....yesssssssss....i drop....or..else..Mistress won't be...pleased
*The non-stop rate signaled how close I was. One more thrust was needed for sweet..sweet release*
*I planned on doing this at the same time as Isa so that we would have a simultaneous orgasm together *
*As Isa pulls my legs and places my ankles above her shoulder, I try my best to stay balanced on my hands as to not accidentally stop sucking on my mistress's dick. Feeling her tail tightening around my neck, I started to feel a rush of pleasure as I started to get choaked. Seeing you move so fast inside of my cunt left me in surprise as I felt myself nearing an orgasm. Hearing Isa mention that I likely wouldn't be able to hold it all in from how much cum they would release. But hearing my mistres's word, I braced for the worst as I felt both of you almost reaching an orgasm*
*Despite being buried deeply into Cariel's extravagantly priced slit, I locked eyes with Amelia, staring her down as I reached my climax. I shoved my hips backwards and shot her a wink as I slammed my cock forward into Cariel's pussy, crying out as I shot massive rope after rope of Bull spunk deep into the Dragoness cunt, my hand shooting out to yank Amelia's face to mine and kiss her lips fervently as I emptied my balls.* MMMMPHHHMELLIAA! MMMMMARRIELLL~!!!
*I smiled quite proudly to see Isa locking eyes with me...the moment she reached her climax...the very same moment I was reaching I made one final...powerful thrust as deep as was possible to manage...before seeing that wink as I shot one back to my beloved Minotauress...before crying out in a powerful a powerful torren of Wolf spunk was released and pumped into the Queen of Whore's mouth and throat...while I felt my lips pressed tightly with Isa's in a fervent kiss we were sharing together. *
*Feeling both of you reaching a climax, I can't even feel myself cumming as I feel my pussy being filled to the brim with cum. I try my best to drink all of the cum from my mistress as to not spill out any cum, and for Isa I try my bet to keep the cum from leaking out of my pussy*
*I planted into the kiss as I rode out my climax, slide out only once my cock had delivered every last drop of it's potent seed deep into Cariel's cunt. I was surprised to see hardly a drop leak out of her pussy, her belly seeming to bulge out slightly from the amount I'd delivered into her. I sighed with relief as I moved around to get behind Amelia and brushed her long, silky brown hair to the side as I leaned in to kiss at her neck.* Mmm I hope you're feeling... less pent up now, my dear puppy~
*Feeling Isa's dick pulling out of me, I felt somee relief as none of the cum inside of me leak out. My bloathed belly shaked up and down as the cum moved inside of me.*
*I was panting deeply into that kiss I shared with my lovely bull lover once my climax starts to slowly subside as the last drop of my potent wolf seed was emptied out into Cariel's mouth and throat. Once that was done, I pulled my cock out of her mouth...letting out some satisfied sighs of pleasure...looking quite proud to see that neither of our potent seeds have leaked out at all. My ears twitching happily from hearing Isa's sigh of relief...feeling a sense of warmth to have her right behind me as she brushes my long, silky brown hair to the side, letting out soft moans from the kiss.* Mmm...yes, I am...That feels so amazing~ Guess I can say the same of you, my lovely Minotauress~
*I patted my dragoness pet on her head* Mhhhhmm~ You're such a great not let one single drop of that valuable essence spilling out~
*I enjoy the petting on my head by my mistress. I finish swallowing her cum before responding to her* Thank you... mistress... I did just as you had... instructed me to do~
*My flashing red eyes and wicked smirking....faded as my facial expression returned back to normal as I hear her words and continued that petting* Mhhhhhmm~ You're welcome~.... Such a lovely be able to do this most important thing~
Mmm I am... perhaps we'll discuss your mark sometime soon... something permanently signifying... who you belong to~ *I bite at Amelia's neck before letting it go to glance down at Cariel.* And you, very well done... such a good and resplendent sleeve... well worth the price
*I rub my head againts my mistress's hand as she continues to pet me* I'm always up... for the work mistress... no matter how hard it... migh be... and I'm glad to be... such a good... dragonsleeve to you... Isa~
Mhhhmm~ That's great to hear...especially after all that spunk you managed to release after being pent-up for a while~ Mhhhhmm~ Just the thought of that mark brings shivers of joy to me~ *I let out a cute shiver when I felt Isa's bite on my neck as I see her glancing down at Cariel while I pet her.* Mhhhhhhhmmm~
(I think I'm gonna head to sleep now, have a grest night and enjoy any fun you two might have~)
(Have a good night, Cariel~)
Mmm... well should we rest until you can continue this match... or...?
(Have a great night, Cariel~)
Still feeling a bit...pent-up still~?
Well... just curious... about you know... how you're feeling
Mhhhhmm~ Definitely a lot less pent-up....
buuuuut if my lovely....bull...still...has any need for...additional release...I can spare another moment...before resting^^
I just wasn't sure... if you'd be wanting to... you should conserve energy after all. *I blushed slightly and buried my face into the crook of your neck* You should probably rest, after all...
Are you sure...~? *I giggled as I saw that slight blush as you buried your face into my neck like that* Dis wolfie is offering...her mouth...pussy...or even her you were imagining it was your cock...when her strap-on was buried so deep in my ass as I was left a moaning mess...facefirst into that mat~
bye bye
*My cock sprang to attention against your leg as you spoke about your holes like that, making me groan out as it began to rub against your thigh* Ngh... well not.. not quite that... maybe... I- I mean... it was more when we locked eyes as we finished... that got me going...
*I chuckled some more the moment your cock sprang to attention...feeling it close to my leg....those groans of yours making my ears twitch eagerly especially with it rubbing against my thigh as I shifted my leg a bit to rub along with your cock* Mhhhhmmm~ Awwwwww...that was such a lovely moment we shared...our eyes locking gazes like that~ Soooooo...where are you thinking of plunging that fat bull dick~?
Afterwards we can rest here...until...this match continues~ *I growled out playfully with a wink*
Well... *I mumbled as I felt you start to rub your leg along my cock. Those twitching ears making me want to latch onto you in a hug and kiss you... which I did eagerly, my tail whipping back and forth.* What about... dealer's choice?
Mhhhmm~ *I loved hearing any sound you let out even those mumbles you were currently letting you put me in a tight hug along with those wonderful kisses...partially hearing your whipping tail. Your question making me smirk rather eagerly as I shift my butt a bit so that my dripping wet pussy was lined up with your cock as I immediately plunged it inside of me eliciting rather slutty moans from me as I closed my eyes and tilted my head...before opening them to stare into your eyes deeply as I started to ride your cock as I latched onto you in yet another hungry kiss*
Mhhhhmmm~ This slutty wolf pup really needs...haaaanmhhh....mhhhhhmm...a the good...fucking..slut!
*I felt you shifting about and looked at you curiously as you smirked at me, making me wonder a bit what you were choosing until I felt the wetness of your pussy brush against the head of my cock. I let out a cry of pleasure as you impaled yourself onto my cock. The sensation making me close my eyes as well fro..the immediate shock of such pleasure. Once they opened again I saw your eyes meet with mine seconds before you went in for that hungry kiss, which I returned eagerly. My hands immediately grabbed for your butt as I felt you begin to ride in earnest, one of my fingers sneaking into your ass and hooking inside of it to keep it spread.* Yea? My little slut puppy needs her cunt stuffed by her favorite bull hug? You wanna be my little fucking breeding slut tonight? Good..
*There was something so exciting about the way you looked at me quite curiously moments before I brushed my pussy close to the head of your cock like that..before plunging and impaling myself like that..The way you closed your eyes like that in resposne made me growl out even more...As our kiss continued, I felt your firm hold over my butt...with a finger sneaking into my ass, spreading it. I huffed rather eagerly~ Hhhaaaammmhhhh....Ohhhhhh.yeeesssse...I'm your...little..slut...puppy...your...little fucking breeding slut...Mhhhhhmm~
*My tongue shoved it's way into your mouth as I slammed my hips upwards into your pussy. One of my hands drifted up from your butt to grab at the back of your neck as I railed up into your recklessly. I gripped harder at your neck as I bit down on you lip and whispered.* That's fucking right.. my little puppy sleeve... my favorite hole to blow my load inside of... beg for it in your womb, plead with me to cum inside of you... Amelia.
*My face was completely flushed the moment I felt your tongue shoving its way into my mouth as I felt the powerful slam of your hips as my pussy started to be plundered by you. Another shiver was extracted out of me as I felt a hand on my.neck...the grip growing as you railed into me while you bit on my lips like that...the whisper sending out yet another powerful shudder into me.* Ohhhhhhhhhhh....yeeeessssss.....your little....puppy sleeve.... your favorite use...and blow inside....OHHHHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSSS....PLEAAAAASEEEE...CUMMM INSIDE...OF...MEE
*I roared out as my cock began to pulse and throb wildly inside of you, the head blasting past your cervix and into your womb as I released your lips from my teeth and began to bite, lick and suck at your chest, preparing myself to unload inside of you.* Then fucking take it all... carry my fucking seed, Amelia! And scream at the top of your lungs who this fucking pussy... who this body belongs to!!! *I screamed out as I let a massive spray of bull spunk shoot deep into your hot, wet cunt, jet after jet pouring deep into your womb as my hips shook violently.* C-CUMMINNGG AMELIA!!!!
*My ears sprouted to life from the roar you just gave as your powerful cock was hitting its peak with that throbbing and you finally drove it as deep as you could reach hitting my cervix, pushing into my womb....wild moans of ecstasy exploding out of me the moment you started biting...licking....and sucking at my chest like that.* OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ M-M-MY....HAAANNHHHH....PUSSSSYYY.....NGGGGHHHH...M-M-MY BODY....BELONGS....TO....YOU....TO...ISSSAAAAAAA....OHHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSS....*I screamed and howled it echoed around the room we occupied....feeling an immense load of your bull spunk pushing inside of me deep into my womb...hitting my climax as well....with my needy pussy...squirting around your cock...while my cock let loose another load out.* C-CUMMINNGG ISA!!!!
*I panted out as I shook and began to kiss all over your face, laying back and pulling you atop me as I rode out my finish, my eyes drifting shut slowly.* Haah... fuck... Amelia.. *I shook my head, eyes half lidded shut as I whispered to you and panted.* I- I love you... my sweet puppy... my Amelia... ❤️
*It was a lovely sight to see you panting while I panted out in the aftermath of our orgasms as we rode out our finishes...before feeling you pull me off of your cock and atop you, my lovely red eyes eventually closing too.* amazing.. Isa.. *I panted out while whispering and enjoying your words. A smile on my face as I nuzzled close to you before drifting to peaceful slumber.* Mhhhhmmm I-I love my.... lovely bull... my Isa... ❤️
*Attracted by the loud moans, I poke my head in*
((*yawns and waves* Hhewwoo))
It seems they all went to bed:3
((Such is the fun of da timezones...but I needed those 5 hours of sleep, I couldn't look at the screen anymore v.v ))
((Pfffft...and as the saying goes...'I don't remember the flight path between standing and my face in the pillow
(Yoimi recovers quickly with only 5 hours o.o)
((*kisses mah bunny good mornin* ^^ ))
(*kisses back* morning luv ^^ *licks cheek*)
((Tehee...mornin luv <3 *turns the cheek from the lick, but in the direction that causes another little kiss*))
(*wags ears fast to each side and cuddles my luv* <3)
*morning waves from the vampire*
*wanders back in.
Wow. Is this still going on?
You can come back tomorrow it will be still there 🤭
((We went on pause, I needed to sleep by my 5am :p ~~ and around half an hour before I worke up, seems like sleep begun in da other timezone :p ))
*bonks Julie* :p
(for me we are Friday)
((and here do be almost 11am saturday...and a blizzard :p ))
(blizzard :o I would love to have that)
*curls up into a ball in the comfy seating area and sets timer to wake up when this match resumes*
((It will be a while, but hayo Aleda ^^ ))
((*snugglez the rockstar cutie*))
((Hello~ Well, hopefully I'll be around to see it))
*While now fully freed of all the pieces of clothing I possessed, I did a little bit of a stretch while casting a glance back over to you...a particular glint in my red eyes from recalling how you've been in the more natural nude form quite a while ago during this little sparring session we were having right now. The redness and pinks in my cheeks were still lingering as one hand rubbed around my butt...the sensations still felt back there from that non-stop strap-on action it and I have been through. My wolfie cock was throbbing and dripping from the heightened arousal I was currently experiencing at the moment with my heart still pounding and racing. My red eyes were gazing back at your glance at my cute toes with that warm smile of yours present.* Haaannnhh...mhhmm...thanks~ :) *I saw you moving down onto the mat of the ring before finding myself guided down along with lips brushing upon the area where your sweetness lay in a gentle kiss...quickly emerging into very eager kissing soft moans escaping from me....from the both of us as my tongue eventually emerges as I started giving you soft licking motions~ I was finding myself fairly entranced by this moment as my tail sways side to side...wanting to share another moment with you to please I slowly changed shifted my body a bit to change our positions which wasn't too difficult because of the gentle hold your legs had over my head. I was in a sitting position behind you as I slowly guided you on top of my Woofie cock, purring softly into your ears as I gave light thrusts inside of you while leaning my head to brush our lips in a gentle kiss~* Mhhhhhmmm~ Does this feel good~? Amazing even, Yoi~?
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*I moaned and gasped as your soft kisses teased my sweetest spot, your delicate lips and skillfull tongue pushing me to soften up, let myself just enjoy the lovely feeling of being kissed by you in such a wonderful manner. My body wasn't on guard at all as you slowly shifted our position and I found myself facing the floor with my ass up...only to moan as you slowly pushed yourself into me, causing my body to tense as a jolt of intense pleasure shoot up from the penetration and up my torso*...NHhmm....aaaaaahhhh...ffffffhfn......*for s second I had trouble putting together a comprehensible answer, as my mind jumbled a little bit under the intensity of the pleasure...the teasing took me a long way up in anticipation of this moment, and it seemed like now this entire setup crashed down onto me in a giant wave of pleasure.*...Nhhhfmm....ahhh....aamm....amazin....Woofie....<3 *I turned my cheek to return the kiss on your lips, holding your gaze as I looked back and we relaxed together, enjoying this togetherness once more.*
((*pokes any lurkers*))
[1hp damage dealt to da bunny, awaking from her sleep in the seat] Wha- Oh the show continues ^^
((*smiles and smooches my sleepy luv* <3 ))
((Hmmm...I wonder if Woofie will pick the footsie action...hmmmm))
((Also woofie...I made a little artwork this session inspired...hope you will like it...but will keep it for the ending <3 ))
*My ears were twitching eagerly and passionately from those moans and gasps you were letting out~ While there were was a strong shine and fire still burning within them, there was a bit of love and passion mixing in with that previous expression of competitiveness ~ In fact even with me inside of you like this, my competitive spirit hasn't been reignited yet as I made more passionate thrusts inside of fluffiness swaying even more eagerly as my heart hands starting to wander after hearing your lovely voice make that amazing answer to me~ I grinned brightly as I rubbed our bodies closely together...moving my head back to your neck to give you some passionate kisses while my tail sways and wags hands wandering around giving your body loving caresses on your sides and even your beautiful breasts~ It was quite the picture...a moment of a different kind of passion lingering in the air between us as I gave your ear some gentle kisses and whispers* Mhhhhhmmm~ Thanks~ Such a lovely moment here~ Hope we can rest in springs afterwards~ ^^
Amelia doesnt give in to her needs O.O *giggles*
((Was tempting to pick but also mood interrupting ^^))
((Ooooohhh..looking forward to seeing that little bit of artwork~ ^^))
((angwy yimi noises ~~ those action don't fit too well >~> ))
redrew a set of actions
((*blushes heavily as I let out some cute giggles while my tail sways*))
((*my fluffiness powah continues wagging eagerly*))
13:42:31 read my mind woofie....there is no way, however this match will end, that either one of us is not gettin into that water tehee *I smiled warmly at you, the spirit of competitiveness somewhat diminished as I pecked your lips softly with a little kiss, moaning in appreciation as your hands wandered and caressed my body with such a lovely passion. Staying in the lovely shared moment I gently wriggled myself a bit forward and backwards, as if stroking your wolfie cock in the process. Sensing my growth of naughtiness, you giggled lightly, which prompted me to giggle back and this repetitive cycle of cute giggles filled the arena with a sense of playfulness, both our tails wagging energetically as we were gettin refreshed by the momentary break. During those I suddenly felt a light spank, prompting me to half-moan, half gasp* Mhnnufff...oiii....*giggles continue as I smile warmly at you, pretending a little bit of bute only, but my eyes glance at you lovingly in this moment.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Mhhhhhmm~ Teehee~'s definitely been something long overdue since....I mhhhhmmm...brought it a while...ago..Mhhhmm...that's why....I give a good reason...for you to...come...Hit two things at doing so...~ ^^ *I giggled playfully as I recalled how much time and effort it took to make a special room for this ring....though I couldn't help wondering by setting it up it made for a unique fixture for my hot springs as well~ But my mind was now more focused on soemthing way more important than these sudden thoughts and memories....and was I enjoyed that little peck you gave me in response to the kiss I just
((*runs around the sleepy audience, boopin their noses*))
(*chomps da finger before getting booped* Focus on your match ;P)
((mhhhf....yes, Maxiii *puts ears down and obeys my luv, focusin back while my tail wags playfully*))
graced you and your lips with..loving the appreciative moans you were giving me when I started caressing and stroking your body gently and lovingly...I felt a sudden wriggling movement in front of me as I lightly giggled when I looked back at you and see this movement...closing my eyes for a brief moment from the stroking my wolfie cock was experiencing as more of my precum...continues leaking out as a result....My ears were wriggling eagerly from our cute, playful giggles were ringing in the arena for our sensitive wolfie ears to pick up on and hear... A rather playful side of me emerged as I gave some playfully light spanks to you ...while seeing you turn your head to flash that warm smile and lovingly glance to me...making my heart warm up...I eventually slow the spanking and guide that same hand lower back to the sweet area I kissed and lapped up eagerly a few moments before...pressing two fingers inside to give light stroking and finger motions, letting out more moans as I did so.*
Mhhhhmmm~ Didn't want to leave that area along too....mhhhhhmm...ohhhh...too...long...You tasted so...mhhmm..sweet down there...haaannhhh~ ^^
((Mhhhmmm.. just have to ignore the I did in my part^^))
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Nhhhhmmmmmfff....*my body arched lightly as you pushed your finger into me as I let out a gaspy moan, the wetness sensible to your hand as your fingers moving in and out made this extremely lewd squelching noise, my sweetness covering it as they emerge from in between my folds time and time again. I relaxed myself to your motions for a moment, panting and moaning with each thrust of your fingers getting competitiveness still vanished somewhere in the process of facing you, as I looked back at you, extremely flushed, my mouth lightly ajar - clearly in a lot of heat, brough up by you and your actions. Instead of pushing away, trying to properly wrestle the control away from you, I relax, spreading my legs into a bit more comfortable position ~~ I manage to swivel around to face you, wrapping my arms around your neck as I pull you in for a deep and passionate kiss, letting out little puffing gasps of air into your mouth as your fingers move and rub against my most sensitive spots that you're soo familiar with after all*...Mhhnf...Woo....ahhhhn....Woofie <3 *the kiss deepens again, my tail wrapping around your waist and holding you close*
((Mhmm no worries...I always focus on the rp part first ^^ ))
Mhhhhhhhmmmm~ *My body was heating up rather significantly as I felt your back arching lightly in response to the addition of my fingers inside of your extremely sweet folds...making sure to keep it as light and slow as possible so it'll be much easier to graze lightly across the sensitive walls within you~ My fingers were wriggling rather eagerly from the wetness they fluffy tufts still a constant twitchy motion from hearing your gaspy moans...that extremely lewd squelching resounding directly into my I panted and drool relatively eagerly burying my face into your neck for another passionate kiss, enjoying the way you relaxed within my light grasping as i nuzzled to you really closely
That moment you looked back made my cheeks turn a bright pink shade as that same gentleness and passion present in my face lingered...enjoying that extremely flushed look on your face..the way your lovely lips was partially ajar....seeing more of that relaxed look on you which further extended to your body language as it too relaxed... As you swiveled your head and our faces met yet again for another kiss with your arms intertwining with my neck like that...while continuing those same motions within you...your sounds and moans making me smile brightly as I kissed you back eagerly yet gently while continuing to caress you with my other...hand...putting more light thrusting inside of you with my wonderful wolfie continue this act of pleasuring you.* Mhhhhmmpph....mhhhffff....ahhhhnnn...ohhhh
Ohhhhh...Yoi~ *I mumbled in between moans and more light thrusting enjoying the way your tail wrapped closely onto my body as my tail appeared to have similar ideas as it too wrapped around your waist...holding you closer to me*
((Mhhhhmmm yesssies ^^ ))
Nhhhf...ahhh...nnnhhf...*My moans continued to intensify in the rhythm of your gentle thrusts, your wonderful wolfie cock setting my mind to keep spiraling further and further and further into pleasure. My legs wrapped around your waistline, holding you pressed even more deeply inside of me as I squirmed and moaned, revelling in the intense feeling, my memories experienced flashing back to that wonderful loving meltdown I experienced last time you moved so lovingly, back in my apartment in the dim lights of my darkened living room. I buck my hips against yours, trying to respond to your movements by spreading my legs a little more and clamping them back down on your back, the changes in tightness your wolfie cock experience adding an additional flavour to your own experiences*
Mhnmm...aahhh...Amelia....mmnnh...Woofie....hhuufff...I love.....fffightin this arena....aaah ahhh......pffftt.....althou..nhhmnfff....this is hardly fighting annnn...hhnh....aaanymore...aahhhhh....fnn *I giggle happily in between my moans, joy, love, kindness and warmth beaming from my face and focused at you and you alone in this moment, my heart gently fluttering as I gaze into your crimson, kind and loving eyes, eagerly exchanging loving kisses with you whenever I am not too busy moanin in pleasure...which may not be a lot of times now, as I am turning more and more into a squirming and moaning mess underneath your thrusts.*
((similarily....just best fittin action, but rp dominates *winks* ))
Miss yoimi!
Amelia looks so hot and tempting~
((Hiii Popsicle <3 ))
They both look hot and tempting~ *giggles*
Oohh starting up again
Miss isa! *huug*
Miss looks so hot~
(Hi sweeties, good luck and have fun)
Maxime is tempting too
Heya Sophie *hugs*
Maestra *bows*
Hey miss how are you?~
*nudges the nose of the ice mage* Says the hottie herself
Hi Sophie, hope you are doing great
((Hawwo Vero *waves* ))
Mhhhhmmmfff...hnnffffff... nggghhmmm.... *Those mixed grunts...moans....whines...and other cute wolfish sounds were continuing to overflow from me as my ears did most of my expressiveness in terms of body language now that my tail was primarily occupied with holding you closer to me like your tail was still doing with me.... Hearing your moans and other adorable sounds was making me feel and experience that continued flow and sense of warmth that was continually building up within me.... Even with you and your lovely self and mind spiraling into pleasure...I too couldn't help finding my mind setting off in the path of that same direction as I felt your legs wrapping closely to my body onto my waist like that. It sent powerful shivers flowing onto me as I nuzzled and rubbed our bodies closely like this...Memories of our night together back at your apartment at the darkness of your living room..highlighted by the glow of the game still left on...the passion leading us to forget about moving it to your bedroom instead...with that time only happening after that time of passion spent together. Feeling your hips bucking and your legs clamping onto my back...changing the pace and pleasure on my wolfie cock made my heart race as I glanced back into your eyes with a loving and passionate look in my eyes*
I am pretty good, Sophie
((Hi Yoimi ~blows kiss~))
((Hi Rathia))
heyya all~
14:38:15 *Giggles flowing out of me along with your cute this passion continues wrapping onto us like a warm, cozy heart beats actually slowing into a much more fluttery movement for the fireworks maker who I was enjoying this moment we shared together. For a moment, I stopped my thrusts to pepper your body...face with kisses before finally giving you another one on the lips.*
*waves back* Hey hey Rathia ^^
*I smile warmly as I held you tightly to my body, enjoying the feeling of you embedded in me as you pepper me with a number of those little kisses, prompting puppy'ish giggles to spill out of me. One of my legs remained wrapped around you, while I seemingly relaxed my other leg for a moment, giving it a little stretch in the process while we both rested and kissed lovingly....but I did have a little mischief in mind yet again, my foot actively trying to grab a piece of certain discarded object in between my toes.*
*With a little bit of strain I managed to pick up the dildo from the discarded strap on with my toes...pulling it up behind you as my legs wrapped around you you realized what was happenin I bit down on your lip, holding you down, while my feet oriented the dildo at the correct angle....pushing it gently, yet swiftly in your ass, the deeper the push went, the tighter the hold of my pussy on your wolfie cock was, sending you into a sudden dual spiral of pleasure with a mischievous, loving grin as I let go of your lip and leaned in to your ear*...Mhmm...I want to feel you release Woofie....please.....for me....<3 *I whisper seductively, yet another layer to the little nudges and pushes as I send you to your peak*
(Oh, some cutie might blow)
*I just enjoyed this atmosphere...sensation of shared love and warmth with you....the wonderful...lovely fireworks maker whom I adored so much....those puppy'ish giggles spilling out of you making me sigh happily and excitedly.... Though I couldn't help noticing some movements you were giving off in the middle of our passionmaking....*
*My wolfish ears couldn't help picking up on some of the grunts...the sounds of your feet....your toes moving I wondered what in the world was going on back there...before a light gasp exploded out of me from the sudden hold you put me in.....Suddenly feeling that explosive pressure of that strap-on...that dildo once...again..while your pussy tightens around my wolfie girl cock...making me arch my back in explosive pure...pleasure...passion...and tip leaking even more profusely in the process. *
Do you two know that if lwr's test fails, it will help the opponent to gain life points?:3
is resisting cumming (61% chance of cum) => Came!
((Yuss I know...think it's how Rin has beated me back when I had the belt ;) ))
*I was panting as I felt our lips leaving the I shivered quite a bit from hearing that whisper as I panted and drooled profusely.....* Haaaaammmhhh...mhhhhmmm...ohhhhhhhh...y-y-y-you...ah...ah..ahhhhh...mischievous...lovely...fireworks...m-m-mhhmmaker...Yoiii...AHH..AH..AH..AHHHHHH.. OHHHHHHHHH.....YOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII....YOOOIIIMMMMIIII.....MHHFFFFFMMM.....* I tried my best to hold back as much as I could but couldn't as I found myself wolfie..length...and me having no choice...but to let go as significant stream of my wolfie love spills into your pussy as I moaned and howled...before pressing my lips tightly onto yours in a passionate kiss to tide and ride myself through this orgasm I was experiencing*
(Well, she is at top life... this will not help her... or does it?)
(Well, also, she did not resists xDDD good girl Amelia)
*I was panting deeply as I held myself onto you tightly to keep the sensations as down as much as I can*
will,ame is enjoying this moment so much :3
(Resisting Yoimi is also really tough x3)
σ ゚∀ ゚)
That's my girl yoi *Cheer half asleep from the back*
hihi Julie:P)
*I sense your warmth spread inside of me as I feel your explosive release, holding you tightly as you howl in pleasure, letting you feel out the entirety of your peak as I hold you in that tight kiss you initiate, not letting you go even as it pulls most of your breath out into your gasping moans. I then glance into your eyes lovingly, a mix of pride, love and happiness visible on my face as I peck your cheek with another soft kiss*...That was so beautiful to feel Woofie...I'm so glad to have held you like this through it...mhmm....your love has filled me up quite literally tehee *I giggle lightly as you slowly regain your senses, my hold on you gently relaxes as we cuddle for a moment, revelling in one another's presence* <3
((*giggles* my lil advantage might change in a second :p ))
((That would be cute, but I think you will have sweet amelia burst more times, is hard to resist a cutie like you, and she looks needy))
((Oh but she is a proud and mighty wolfie, for sure her spirit of competitiveness will ignite again! ))
( Really? But in my impression, cute ingredients are the overwhelming majority in wolfie :3)
*Once that vibing sensation faded....and subsided...I was still panting and drooling...feeling that warmth while still inside of you...knowing...realizing that it was the result of my own essence caused by that explosive sensation I felt just a few moments tail wagging rapidly and eagerly... As I saw that loving glance by your eyes...filled with that sense of pride, love, and happiness...on your face...though I couldn't help sporting a grin of my own even in the midst of that tight kiss you were giving that could potentially take my breath away...That same expression on my face.* earlier... *That light of yours making me nuzzle closely to you as I pulled out of you rubbing lightly onto my I tried to relax and my best to catch my breath* ^^
((Or your spirit of bending and being taken by wolfie might ignite xDDD))
(But maybe the weakness of wolfie will strike *giggles*)
*peek back in*
Sorries for not being as focused on Public Chat^^'
Thats fine Amelia~ You need to entertain the other wolfie a lot *giggles*
Focus on your match, dear~
(No need, Amelia, focus on your match)
*I smile warmly as you rolled off of me, I gave you that light moment to recover as you gasped up at the sky above us. As wind lightly changes, we sense the steam from the hot springs rising and covering both of us in even more moisture than our sweat alone. I crawl back towards you slowly, deciding to pick up that earlier tease of yours as I move to your lovely feetsies and gently lick and suckle on your toes, playfully bitin down on your big toe as you wriggle them in my mouth, with barely enough strenght to hold it in between my teeth.*...Dhhhu...have....vhheri thasthy toesies thhehhe *My voice is a little distorted as I speak, but you can make out the general sound of it, along with my tone of little playfulness - like and inexperienced wolfie pup, playfully nudging their relaxing and nurturing protector, always curious to try somethin.*
It’s okay, I also focused more on conceiving the script when playing Long RP:)
*giggles as my tail wags and swishes about playfully* Mhhhmmm, thanks, everyone~ ^^
(So cute, I hope she cums a lot this game, I want to see wolfie make a good mess)
((whha wha....nhm...totally not chance...that such a spirit would take hold of me for the loveliest wolfie....>-> ))
heyya driz
Hewwo kitty *waves*
((I think it might take for a moment in the near future Yoimi, but only a little))
((*waves at da kitty ^^ ))
*waves back to everyone*
(Hey chat...)
(Hi Naughty one called JEssy)
*nods at Maestra*
*As I lingered a bit and rest along with you...staring at the starry night sky above us.. soft grunts rocking my body for a bit...Though something caught my attention for a bit as I felt a sudden hold over my feetsies....feeling gentle licking and suckling on my toes as I sat myself back into a sitting position....blushing a bright shade of pink from the way you were playfully interacting with my feet like that... I couldn't help realizing that this was the first time you did this with me and my feet that I couldn't help letting out some soft moans and giggles while deciding to pat you on the head with my other foot~ Wriggling toes that were in your mouth* Mhhhhhhhmmmm....thanks...That's so lovely...I can't help~ Ohhh...Feeling how warm..and comforting mischievous tail swishing about playfully behind me as I decided to indulge in your playful moment here as I rested my other foot close to your cheek, tapping it playfully. *
*As I didn't want to interrupt this rather adorable moment here by making any other additional least not yet...*
(hi everyone)
(Hi Cariel^^)
Hey Cariel and Jessy :3
((Hey hey Cariel and Jessy ^^))
I see that the wolfie is losing to Yoimi
(Hi Yoimi)
((Is not losing, she is just being a good girl))
heyya ~
Well...this is honestly my first time playing a full LWR after learning about it a bit~
I'm sure you still gave it your all mistress~
The first one I had with Oriana was when I knew nothing about it~
And the dynamic is way different from a bot~
So makes it way more fun that way~ ^^
((Oriana is such a sweetie, I hope it was an amazing time... is cute that you are still learning the ropes))
((Mhhhmm~ Yeah, it was such an amazing time~ I was super happy when she accepted my request as it was really difficult to find many individuals willing to play a game with me~))
(Except for how long her rp takes, the wolfie doesn't have any flaws when you play with her~)
((The only other complete game I had was with Haruka though that was on a short mode~)
((I take longer to write less))
Mschlm...mmnfhn...<3 *I kept playfully suckling on your toes, playfully licking around and between them as you wriggled them in my mouth. As you rested your other foot against my cheek, givin it a playful tap, I moved my head back with a little audible 'pop' as I let go of your big toe...moving to lick and suckle on your other foot for you, giving it just as much care and attention as the previous one, seeing as you clearly love the care and affection I am showin by doing this with and for you for a first time. My wolfie ears lightly fluttered at the gentle pats from your other foot, as I couldn't help but appreciate how beautiful you looked from this angle - your long beautiful legs, moving up to your perfectly toned toned body, all the way up to your precious gem-like eyes. My own heat began to grow as this position made me feel quite fluttery for you again, as I rubbed my legs together, sensing the heat concentrating between them, slightly longing for whatever you may have in mind next for us.*
(Mhhhmm, thanks Cariel~)
(always a pleasure mistress~)
((Haruka was my first lwr experience I think, it was quite a lovely time as I discovered the fun of that mode with her ~~ never faced Oriana as of yet, but she sounds lovely by the way you all write here tehee ^^ ))
(*grabs a cup of hot chocolate and takes a seat in the background*)
*Stays out of bracket universe*
((I dmrp with Ori, she is an angel, I have not played many people live... for all the reasons xDDD))
~Cast a spell on Jessy's cup to make it an extra large cup~
*surprised by the sudden increase in size and weight, I almost drop it*
oh wait, there's hot sprigs nyaaa~ *runs away to the changing room and than comes out to the onsen area, dipping her toes in the water first, than slowly descending the stairs, the water surface rising around her naked body until she submerges herself to her chin, melting in the hot waterm relaxing again after just waking from a nap, she, moves to the side of the onsen and watches the scene playing out in front of her, two sets of wolf ears mangling and rolling around*
15:37:02 a..little...longer....I love spending it...especially with you.... *I mumbled cutely as my tail continues swishing about with such great eagerness and love of seeing you lavish this attention upon my pretty wolfie feet like this..That audible 'pop' making me ears rise up and twitch eagerly as I felt my toes pulled away from your mouth as you then focused on my other foot instead... I smiled brightly from the way your wolfie ears fluttered like I admired you as well.. that lovely look you were giving me...loving those golden eyes of yours staring at me...I could feel a sense of heat from you as I resolved to make you feel good as you did with me..eventually pulling my feet away as I mischieviously and playfully crawl up to your body
(Jessy, don't be clumsy, you might spill all that delicious chocolate and make a mess)
as I pressed my cock close to your mouth...and my fingers into your moistened pussy with gentle fingering motions*
I'm trying my very best Meastra. *carefully sips hot chocolate*
Good girl, but you need to work in that balance ~thinks about casting more spells... but decides to be nice~
*pokes head in* :o still going
Hewwo Max :3
Hiya everyone
Hi Max, my lovely boy
Wrestling is super long, so no surprises, still a long way to go
Hiya V *cuddles because it’s cold….totally the only reason🤭*
Mmm maybe, maybe not
Can never tell in this mode
Hiya Cariel^^
How soon/long until it's over
*I whimpered lightly as you pressed your impressive wolfie cock to my face, as I relaxed myself underneath your gentle and playful actions...feeling your skillful fingers spread my pussy open and slide inside of me. I gasped lightly at the sensation, moanin up at the sky as I answered you*..Mhhhn...huff...and I wanna...melt for back then....ahhh....*I opened my mouth like a good girl and let your cock gently enter my mouth, suckling and bobbing my head gently up and down it's lenght as you thrusted it into my mouth at the same time. Down between my legs I held my pussy nicely open to your gentle fingering, relaxing and slowly giving in to letting myself fall into a slowly deepening abyss of pleasure, as you caressed me lightly and saw how my body reacted with love to your every touch, sway, rub and motion.*
Mainly because of the hp regen on a hailed test
Yeah, is super cold ~cuddles Max, tits out, because they are super warm~
*sips more hot chocolate*
Just never fail~ Easy solution uwu
((this is...kinda like with rathie's problem tehee...if it was someone else I might have gone for the yeet move...but I can't do that to woofie <3 ))
Haven't been getting a lotta tests lately^^'
((Pffft...just lettin ya know...there is also self-cum option we may have discovered with maxi XD ))
(Yea, I'm trying to brainstorm ways to keep it competitive when I have mine with Amelia)
At least ones that fit^^'
((if you max all my stats I will just melt completely ))
((i think that's how it works at least...only seen it once so far :p ))
*gets warm cuddling with V* how is everyone
I'm doing good, how about you max?
Hi max *waves from the onsen while cheering for both of the wolf girls*
I’m not too bad, trying to fix a tv while I warm up haha
While you... warm up?
Yes I am wrapped in blankets trying to fix it😂
It's important to keep yourself warm in these cold times~
(Damn TV being a bitch)
(It may be time to cut my losses on the TV lol)
(I have extra warm socks on)
((and I may have quite a funny pair of warm slippers :p ))
((they are essentially fluffy sharks slippers ^^ ))
(I'm the weird person that always walks barefoot at home)
((That is some drip Yoimi, sharks are doggos of the seas, they are cute))
(I’m usually barefoot at home too)
*Your wonderful sounds and whimpers were making me sigh happily and excitedly from feeling ourselves somehow relaxing during this moment together...the way I gently pressed my impressive wolfie cock close to your skillful fingers entering and sliding inside of you as my tail wags eagerly and playfully... Those same wonderful light gasp of yours that I always found myself enamored by....enjoying those moaning sounds of yours as the starry skies of the night surrounded us* Mhhhhhhmmm~ Hopefully I'll be able to bring such a moment for you~ Mhhhmmmm~ *I mumbled and gasped from the way your mouth opened...those suckling sensations over my I lightly thrusted inside of you...My wolfie tail brushing close to your beautiful...cute lavish more loving attention over to you.*
(We're the barefoot gang Max~)
(........ngghhhmm...might have to pause someone came by...^^')
(Me too, and then I say... why am i so cold in winter... oh... cold feet)
((Ah yes...the scene: loving and gentle caresses such a warm embrace. My moves: PpppaaAAAiiiNNN))
((Hey, pain can be gentle))
((that's alright woofie ^^ ))
((I will write my next segment and pause :p ))
((Thanks for understanding~ Will try my best to get back on as soon as possible*))
(Enjoy yuor time mistress~)
((and that's why RP mode exists))
^^' We were trying to make this competitive
And well..ummmm..^^'
((Life gets in the way of horny all the time... no worries))
*cheers both girls on from the onsen*
(just come back as soon as you can mistress~)
(Cariel, I do that too)
(Socks just feel weird)
(Depends on my mood)
(But usually I do)
*With another comically audible pop I let go off your wolfie cock, smiling and nudging at you as we press our bodies together again, the teasing of my pussy sending sensible shivers up my entire body as I whimper with your cock pressed against my cheek..*..I....uhnn...I won't....hhuff...hhold out long...aanymore....Ii...I need to.....soon....vvery....*I plead from down in between your legs, as we break off for a moment, as you think on just how to give me that final nudge and push over the I gently poke your face with my foot*...tehee....I can...hhhuff...still do this tease at least...<3 ((ignore the armbar, I am sure just the footsies are enough to steal some energy :p ))
((O.O....the vibrator I pleaded against makes a reappearance in the options O.O))
(Socks don't feel too weird to me, but I feel that its more natural for me to stay barefoot in the house~)
((I don't wear socks either in the house...and funnily enough, i take the slippers off when I move around, but they are very comfi to have on when sittin in front of a computer for quite some time ^^ ))
((*blushes from this conversation before going off for a bit*))
(Bye bye Amelia ^~^)
((Dis is about to turn into one of those discussion like 'Are you one of the people that properly tucks the edge of the bedsheet under your feet when sleepin, forming a cozy cocoon? Or are you a lil psycho, letting your feet stick out into the cold darkness?' ))
bye bye again):P
((*giggles at amelia blushin at the footsie convo* :p ))
((Cya soon Woofie ^^ ))
(Hmm i am both.. i guess x3 I stick one foot out while the other is all comfy snuggled under the blankie ^^' )
(As someone who lives in a place where the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius even in November, I don’t know what the use of socks is :3)
((See ya~ *mumbles* If it wasn't for how casual that woulda sounded like wolfie teasing... okay bye for realsies)
((well its nice to leave a feet out for thermo regulation sometimes, but often times, that is on purpose, being part of the leg out in the air*
(I always cuddle up with the blankets covering my feet)
(I like to make everything cold, then use a blanket, I'm weird like that)
(you just want to feel the warm embrace of the warm blankets heating up your cold frozen body Isa~)
((*giggles* so this is why you don't mind bunny when I steal some of your blankie when we sleep together tehee ^^ ))
(Yus ^~^ *giggles*)
( I think I have to go to bed too, good night everyone:3)
(good night Rathia~)
(Sleep tight Rathia. And dont forget that blanket ;P)
((Nini Rathie ^^ ))
bye bye~)
(That is pretty much it, Cariel)
(It feels nice)
(As long as it feels good for you Isa that's what matters the most~)
*falls asleep on the edge of the onsen*
Oooh onsen! *gets naked and steps in the hot water*
*see's the kitty eyes closing, decides to drag her atleast out of the water and wrap her in towels to sleep*
Since mistress is currently away, as her pet I'm the temporary care taker of the onsen. If you have any need or question feel free to ask me~
(*still busy wolfie peekies in...blushes...before..peeking out*)
(Don't worry mistress, I'll take care of the onsen during your leave~)
Well, it looks like things are looking up for my lovely firework girl~
For now they are, but I'm sure the wolfie can turn things over~
(Thanks Cariel~)
(I'm always happy to cheer you on mistress~)
(Was just finding the conversion you and Isa were having earlier fun~ ^^ and thanks~)
(It was the barefoot at home gang conversation~)
(*giggles as I blushed and my tail wags*)
(I'll be off then~)
((*nod-nod* poke me in dsc if I don't notice your return ^^ ))
((Okay~ ^^))
*Looks into here*
Hey Draco, the game is currently paused as you can see~
I can see that
Regardless *Bursts into blue flames*
Just gonna chill
holy moly, this game is still going?
((With breaks, timezones and some day plans happen :p ))
(Reasonable really, also hi Yoimi)
(( o/ ))
(oh im sure, just never saw a game on this long!)
(If you ever see a game with Amelia, expect for the games to last if they don't have a brake at least 10 hours)
And that, my dear childs, is how the longest game ever happened in ef :3
Yep, hi Maxime
I see we have made it 3% of the way through this match :P
Rumors have it that to this day, Amelia still hasn't finished that game
What will happen first, this finishing or Christmas coming :3
Halloween of next year probably
It'll be done by tomorrow!
hehe silly isa~ Amelia’s games are never 2 days :P
Hey Isa, since you're here. Wold you be interested of doing another labyrinth game some day?
Of course I would be~
Always happy to bad end a cutie like you~ was gonna happen to Yoimi today, but uhhh, she's busy x3
((just a lil bit :p ))
You can always do it with yoiyoi when she finishes… next year :3
((but hey, hope you're enjoyin the show Isa ^^ ))
(I am, love a good LWR)
(But the way it's going is making me wonder how I'll keep mine with her competitive)
I see yoiyoi is winning for now~
(I am really gonna have to think about it)
*late greetings to Draco* Hey hey ^^
(What's the difficulty with keeping it competitive with Yoimi Isa? I might not know too much but I can of help~)
Oh Draco’s here, hey Draco ^^
Yep, just sitting here in the background
I just beat Super Mario RPG not too long ago... technically yesterday but I beat the Post-Game today
Oh nice Draco, did you play the remake?
Glad that wrestling is getting more attention in this circle
Yep, got a physical copy too
Yep, it was worth the cash and two day wait
Hehe nice Draco~ I can’t wait to play it when I get it someday :P
(No no, with Amelia mostly, for the LWR we have planned, it's easier to be that way in the labyrinth, but in the ring eventually it eventually devolves into sex, so idk, had the same problem with another girl I would play with frequently. Like we started with the sex and we were just... fucking in the ring, eventually)
Yeah, it's a 10/10 remake
(Very little wrestling occurred XD)
I've played a bit of mario rpg on the mini super nintendo that came out a few years ago
(EF wrestling is like 20% wrestling and 80% fucking lmao)
Yep, the original was pretty good. Remake is great. Both are 10/10
(Yeah its hard to keep things more competitive when its mostly about fucking people)
((Haruka! *hugglez*))
(Hehe and it’s yoimi, she is the queen of fucking ;3)
(Its competetive fucking after all *giggles*)
(*Huggles back*)
(Usually for Wrestling or slightly erotic one I'll go to either discord or LAW)
So YoiYoi~ how did you get Amelia to cum *giggling as my tail wags, too lazy to look at the logs*
((Very sweetly ^^ *too lazy to write it :p * ))
(('Stop! You violated the LAW!'))
I see~ good job yoiyoi~ *lazy duo :p*
(On the topic of the law~ we need a police officer for EF *unless there is one and I haven’t met them >~<*)
She put x into y while Amelia was inside her
(There are actually a lot of police officers around. Atleast there was a time with plenty of them ^^)
(I prefer when there's no police officer, makes my life easier to not get arrested every 5 seconds)
(Ehe I see, well if there are none then I can bully bunnies without punishment~)
(*looks around* Hope you dont mean me? I have my personal police officer called luv *giggles*)
(*looks right at you* I mean you stinky~ I can make you mine and not get arrested~)
(Oh, LAW means League of Anime Wrestling, basically an rp site for anime girls or boys to wrestle lol)
(oh Isa, when do you wanna play the labyrinth again?)
(Hmm not super sure tbh, if we'd started a bit earlier coulda done it today)
(I wouldn't have been able to do it today since I have a party later today, but I'm free tomorrow and the next weekend)
(Hmm tomorrow coulda maybe work)
(ah, something you have to do tomorrow?)
(Mmm potentially, yes)
(that's a shame)
((*peeks in and sees this match is still going*))
(*Waves at Aleda*)
((Yo! *waves at Draco*))
*With another twitch of my ears, I could hear another comically audible pop as I felt you let go of my wolfie cock....a warm smile present on your face as you nudged close to me.....our bodies pressing closely together once again.... With the two of us this close, I could once again feel those delightful shivers of pleasure your body was currently experiencing... This alone serves as motivation and determination for me to bring you that pleasure you and your body were seeking as soon as I possibly can..* Mhhhhhhmmmm...yessss... Just need to....mhhhhmmm...figure out...what I can do here.... to mhhhmmm... bring you what you...brought me~ *That sweet voice of yours as you pleaded me for this was really making me look around to find some way to make this a reality for you. The moment you brought your foot close to my face to poke at it..... .. A light yet powerful pink blush edging its way onto my face and cheeks...My ears and tail fluttering rather eagerly as I mumbled lightly before deciding to grace your foot with a quick lick and a kiss while giggling playfully* ...Mhhhmmm...such a cute are with those...pretty feet of yours, teehee~ *... It was then that I spotted something that sort of popped up and sort of went forgotten rather quickly. The shine in my crimson eyes flashes brilliantly as my leg shifted a bit as my mischievous, playful self sparked right back up. My dexterous toes grabbing onto the spotted object before angling itself so that the long forgotten vibrator was pressed close to your pussy as it drips with great need and desire. At same time as this was happening, I tried to change my current position so that my head....and by proxy my face was back near that spot where I eagerly licked you.* Mhhhhhhmmmm.....slllrrrrrrpppp....soooohhhh goood~ Tasty....mhhhhpphh...sweet ~ Please...cum...for lovely lovely sparkler of a cutie~ ^-^ ((of course, objections on how the footsies can steal some energy :p ))
(yay the game started again~)
((I guess the vibrator had to pop up again at some point, teehee ^-^))
(Hiya Cariel~]
*I smiled warmly, closing my eyes for a moment as I heard the little praises you had for me and my cute feet, not seeing the mischievous grin on your face as you came up with the plan of just how you will push me over the edge ~~ my only warning being the sudden light buzzing of a vibrator as it neared and was pressed to my pussy, causing me to start moaning and lightly wriggling on the mat as shock of pleasure started shooting up my entire body, my head arched backwards a bit as I gasped and moaned.*...Whhu...nhhmm...hhahhhh....yyou....nnhhmnhhff.....hhhholy....hhhhaaaa that's.....nnhhmmm.....❤️❤️
(I apologize for the ummm...lengthy absence ^^')
(We understand mistress, but unfortunately I have to get going, so make sure to win in my abcense mistress~)
*And that was not even all of it the same moment as you pressed the vibrator to actively tease and bring me pleasure with the mysterious toy that coincidentally found itself in the arena, you also leant in, planting the lovely kisses and licks down betweem my thighs. I tried to look down at you, a serene and loving gaze you pierced my eyes with as you pleaded for me to give in to the pleasure...I was gone. My mind collapsed into wonderful bliss as I let my pleasure spiral out of control, holding your head down in between my legs, right next to the vibe, as my body shook and I gasped and orgasmed heavily, a small gush of my lewd fluids seeping to your face as you tasted my lovely sweetness.*...Mhhnnmnh...hhhaaa....Woooofie...II...hnnn...llove......yyounhn......fffffuuccckies....aahhhh....I'mm cccuumnnhmnhfhffmmmmmffhnhf ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
chose to cum!
(Okay~ Thanks for being here~ See ya my cute little dragon pet~)
((Have a fun party Cariel ^^ ))
(See ya Cariel)
(bye everyone~)
(*gives a Cariel a goodbye hug and kiss*)
Damn, what a fountain
Lotta Juice! \o/
*Trying to regain my breath I gently patted your head, a small puddle forming underneath me on the mat as I gasped and moaned from your touch.*
You've...thhat was...hufff......hhha....loved it <3
Mhhhhmm~ It's even to my face..teehee^-^
Mhm ^^
((If vani was here she would open an umbrella :p ))
*And within the thralls of that passion...that excitement...that shared affection between the two wolfie girls who occupied the ring of these hot remained a great mystery as to how that toy ended up in the arena, but as far as we were concerned, what was the most important thing ever to consider here was the great pleasure I was able to grace you with... Within the thralls of your passionate moans
......I could see you attempting to take a good look at me as I sought to bring you the pleasure I promised to grace my lovely fireworks maker with~ A kind, gentle smile spread across my lips when I bore witness to that expression of bliss painting the lovely visages of your face as I hoped you would be able to reach that satisfying orgasm...Though not out of some competitive desire to win...but to bring what you so generously brought me much earlier...
A bright smile etched itself onto my face as I experienced and witnessed those lewd fluids of yours gracing my I eagerly lapped up that sweet taste I was able to catch with my mouth and tongue. * ever...since...I last...tasted this...mhhmm...the almost kinda..heehee...addicting Yoi! Love you sooooo much.....slrrrrrllllllrrrppppp....slrrrrrppppll...mphhhhhhhppffff... mhhhhhhmmmm.... ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
*A cute little moan and giggle popped out of me as I felt your hand on my head with that gentle pat of yours as I slowly...and reluctantly had to pull away once your orgasm finally subsided.... so that I can give you a kiss for that lovely moment of heavenly bliss you just experienced*
Mhhhhmmm...Glad you loved it so much Yoi~ Teehee, still want to keep going~? Get more of our lovely tastes and passion~? ^^
((Teehee, I agree~ Vani would totally do that :P ))
Mhmm...*my chest was still rising and falling heavily as I nuzzled against you into a sweet least for this short moment of relaxation that we could now share*...Tehee...I...still have some more mischief in me...just...waitin to feel my legs again you know <3 *I giggled and pecked you wonderful cheek with a little kiss. Then turned to the other cheek and pecked with another kiss. Then nommed your nose in a playful little kiss, followed by pressing our foreheads together as I hugged you for a moment longer* you lots and lots too, Woofie <3 *I giggle and licked your cheek, before finally closing your lips with a warm and sweet kiss* 💋 <3
Hey cuties!!
((Hey hey Sheena ^^ ))
(Hi Sheena!)
Mhhhmm... *it was such a lovely moment that we were currently experiencing...sharing together with.... like your chest, mine was rising and falling just as heavily.. from the orgasm I experienced earlier...and the one I just brought forth from you a moment ago...I loved those nuzzled you were giving me as I nuzzled you this short..respite...this short moment of relaxation we were sharing*...Tehee... I'm kinda curious to see what you will have in mind here~I would have been disappointed if you said otherwise...given took for us in making this finally happen...mhhhhmmm...I'll wait for you a bit as well...also need breath...figure...out what else...I can lovely...little sparkler~ ^^ *Your giggles were so infectious that I found myself giggling along with you as you pecked me on the cheek...before following up with another peck on my cheek. I made sure to follow this up with the same actions as show my appreciation and affection for you and this moment of relaxation we now share
One of my hands started to wander across your body as I gave and graced you with wonderful caresses like I did earlier...whether it was your back...your shoulder....anything I can reach in my current position. My soft, fluffy, trusty tail did most of the work as it had more of a reach to spread this love to you. Another giggle popped out of me as you nommed my nose in that playful little kiss...our foreheads pressed a way that brought great warmth to my chest and heart, enjoying this hug we were sharing* ....Mhhhmm...same you lots and lots too, Yoi ^^ *My cheeks continued their blushing as our lips were locked in another wonderful, sweet kiss* 💋 ^^
(Mhhhhmmm...this whole game is just so exciting to me..that I am anticipating the upcoming part so much~ ^^)
Hi again~
*Our lovely kiss lasts for a good hands playfully roam on your torso, gently rubbing your belly with little scratches. My hands slide along yours, our fingers interlocking in a sweet, romantic passion as we remain pressed against each other in that lovely kiss. Slowly, I pull you back on top of me, but shifting a little bit in my previous position*...Mhmmwaah <3 *the kiss finally breaks as I make that move, pulling you on top of me, but in a new, somewhat acrobatic pose I seemingly try to see a little pout of focus appear on my face as I ponder my own move*...Hmm....this...not sure if that position works but....I wanna try <3
Heya Yae
*My hands slide in underneath your thighs, reaching for your wonderfully soft chest, giving it light squeezes as I absolutely adore the feeling in my hands, squishing and squeezing it with slowly reigniting playfulness. At the same time, my mouth open, it takes a little bit of a stretch but I manage to capture and angle your wolfie member a little bit more downwards, bobbing my head up and down it's lenght. I wink at you with your cock in my mouth, trying to mumble somethin in the tone of an explanation....but the muffle in form of the cock succesfully distorts that sound as all the sound I make is just:* Mhhnngn....fhhhh....gllluhmpff....<3
((Hii Yae ^^ ))
Hi ya~
*Soft...and sometimes deep moaning filled the air and atmosphere with our lovely kiss lasting for quite a bit~ It made my ears and tail twitch and sway in an gentle yet eager movements...softer moans echoing from me as I felt your hands wandering across my torso....before finally ending up where my hands were...our fingers pressing together...intertwining...interlocking together in this gesture of sweetness....and romantic passion...It was almost so addicting to want this moment to last a bit longer but I knew doing so would keep us locked here in what could seem like an eternity...This became obvious the moment you shifted positions...with me now resting on top of you.* ....Mhmmwaah ^-^ *as the kiss finally broke...with you pulling me on top of you with what seemed like an improvised acrobatic pose...giggling as I spot your cute pout of focus on your face as you were curiously pondering to yourself* Mhhhhmmm...ooohhhhh...interesting...wonder what my favorite fireworks maker had planned here ^^
*My crimson eyes looked on with a bit of mischievous and playful intent...letting this all play out to see what you had in mind...curious what new form of pleasure you were bringing here into our little arena for the night~ I let out those soft moans that echoed out musically into your ears given how close we were currently and with the way you squeezed, squished, and caressed my wolfie chest with your soft, gentle hands...the playfulness reigniting in not just you but also me as I leaned closer and growled those playful wolfish sounds of mine into your wolfish ears as I eagerly nibbled at the tips~ It was then
at that moment where I saw you shifting your position some more with that lovely mouth of yours as it was now open...that stretch of yours allowing you to engulf my wolfie member as you bobbed up and down that length...making heavy sighs and moans flow out of my mouth and into our ears...I giggled at the sight of your wink as you tried to make some kinda expression or statement here...but those distorted...muffled sounds of yours...made it sound so cute that it almost made me melt at how wonderful you looked at the I patted you on the head*
Mhhhhmmm~ Ohhhhhhh...~ So...mmhhhgg...clever...mischievous...and lovely to this wolfie....Ohhhhh...just making me so...eager for us to be finally hanging out at the springs warm up...and cool down....
*I decided to engage in some of these playful, mischievous acts with you simultaneously as a part of me was curious at to how you would sound moaning with your mouth stuffed with my wolfie length... as I too stretched my body a bit to try to reach my hand downwards back to your special spot...deciding to use just one finger...softly..stroking your inners walls...quite eager to hear more of your lovely expressions of joy~ Meanwhile, I did my best to lean my head in close to grace you with more kisses in any part I could reach...whether it was the tops of your head...your shoulders....anything I can reach while my tail intertwined with it playfully wriggles and strokes alongside it~*
Mhhhmmm...~ Grrrrmmmm...just want to hear..more...of...haaaannhhh...ohhhhhh...your lovely....adorable...sounds...I
*As your hand extended to pat my head, I closed my eyes with a happy expression, my ears lightly fluttering under your touch. My most serene, cute look was causing you to almost melt as I lovingly held your wolfie cock in my mouth, any hums of my appreciation I let out distorted from it's presence there. My hums did however still add soft little vibrations from my voice, a light additional stimuli as you feel me gently move my head and keep lovingly sucking your erect member.* Mshlmmm...mmhnnfmm...mmrrmmrrrrr...gllummpff <3
*A light nod from my head told you just how much I agree with that upcoming plan of relaxing in the hot springs soon, as I realized my voice couldn't exactly pass on messages at this exact moment. As you leant back playfully and reached for my pussy, still so sensitive from the orgasmic tsunami you've inflicted upon me, it shoots a jolt of pleasure up my body, as my movements on your cock become a little bit erratic. Hearing how much you love my little adorable sounds, I made sure to let you keep hearing them, inhaling deeply through my nose. There was a light tickle of the airflow by your balls as I did that, before letting out my warm breath along the sides of your cock, moaning in a cutely muffled way ~ the sounds beautifully mixing with the lewd sounds of my gentle sucking:* Mscnhlnnnhmm.....mschlum~nhhuuuhffnn....gllu...hhnnn...nnnffpmpfff...hhlluuunnhfffiimpnn....<3
*But playful as I was, I wanted to throw in just one more wrestling move into our encounter, to place a little accent over the full extent of our night together. You felt as my legs rose up a bit from under your shoulders....I freed my right leg to push it over your arm and press down on your neck, while my left leg remained underneath you, serving as the other side of the headlock. At the same time I held firmly with my arms, with your cock still in my mouth I calmly observed when to release the pressure, to make sure I don't do too much harm by gently cutting off your airways ~~ always bein so experimental with my next move, as such a thought flies through your head when you feel the pressure stop your breathing for a moment.* Mhhnnffmm....hhhnffmnpfff....
*That happy expression as you closed your eyes made me smile and giggle as I watched you with those same passionate crimson eyes of mine....the fluttering of your fluffy ears catching my I motioned my hand over there to give those wonderful parts of you some gentle caresses as well...loving that serene, cute look resting on your face currently. Those distorted sounds you were currently making leading to more of a smile and giggles from me
(hey I'm back for a bit because stupid ol me forgot that cooking timing exists when you have to cook)
(Welcome back~)
(*lets out a few giggles as my tail sways*)
(I see that mistress has managed to turn the tables~)
(Mhhhmm...sorta, I guess~)
(Teehee, was kinda focused on the action a bit more, eheh~)
Those humming sounds you were making had the effect of vibrations that sent pleasurable vibes onto erect member as your were lovingly sucking on it.* ^^
(Well, keep doing what you're doing mistress because you seem to be doing good~)
(Mhhhmm, I'll definitely do my best in both roleplay action and game~ ^^)
*My crimson gems flashed and glowed in the shadows of the night the stars started to slowly peep into existence with their wonderful celestial they lit up the arena with their natural brightness... ..
Even not over yet xd
.allowing me to see your nodding head as you showed agreement to the upcoming plan to rest and relax in the hot springs that served as the second reason for this trip and visit by you...I smiled and giggled at how you weren't able to currently pass on any messages at the moment... The moment I touched your pussy when I started...I felt and sensed that jolt of pleasure flowing onto you as I quickly came to the conclusion that you were still quite sensitive down there....with those now erratic movements and vibrations rocking across my length as I let louder and deeper moans...Despite the increasing volume of my own sounds, I could still hear yours...that sounds of you inhaling through your nose...a giggle sported by me once that tickle from your airflow caressed onto my balls...that warm breath of yours with yours moans so enticing....that it made the sucking maneuver more heightened in response.* Nnhhhhhhhggghhhh.....hhhaaaannhhhhj....ohhhhhhh...yeesssss....soooo...goood youuuuu...^^
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*In that moment...I didn't expect your next move as I soon realized another partial shift of your body movements came into play here as I grunted deeply from feeling the movements of your legs rising up a bit from under my shoulders....feeling your right leg being pushed over and pressing down on my neck...while your left leg remained planted underneath me in this headlock.. As you held firmly but apparently not too tightly to do much I felt my breathing stopping for a I couldn't help feeling a little stunned at the moment in an attempt to try
to figure out my next move here as I let out some struggled gasps and grunts.*
*yawn and relax*
*I let your cock out of my mouth after a moment of a playful headlock on your neck, I let go, letting you gasp as I combined your somewhat air deprived moment by pushing further with my sucking, to the point your cock touches the back of my throat. The deepened and heightened sensation causes you to gasp and struggle for your breath, on one handing needing to inhale after being short of it, but moaning out at the same time as I intensified the feelings down by your crotch*..Mhhfnnmnff <3
*After a brief moment of increasing your heartbeat with such mischievous tactics, I let go, shuffling up from under you to move on top, letting your breathe calmly for a little moment, enough fro a couple deep inhales and exhales as you get a chance to calm the meantime I move to gently straddle you, sitting down just a little bit below your cock, down on your lovely thighs. My playful tail swooshes from side to side as I wink at you*...Tehee....hope I haven't overdone that little trick Woofie <3 *I move in to lay down on top of you, my left hand gently reaching to stroke your erect and teased cock, as I plant loving kisses and suckle on your left tit, pushing my tongue around the lovely hardened nipples, looking up at you with a loving, warm gaze of my golden eyes...before I close them, a serene expression on my face as I suckle on your breast like this* Mhlmmm...shho...mmmhhffmm...tashty....mmmllmm <3
*Within that moment, my red eyes were trained on you in that moment as you let go of my cock for a moment....resulting in a gasp from me...before feeling you pushing down on my cock once again deeply as far as possible to the point of hitting the back of your throat.... My face scrunched as I gasp and wiggled a bit from this sudden escaping of my breath wanting some kinda of inhale....but couldn't help letting out an exhale of moans in the process.* ^^'
You both surely have a long fun time ^^
((Mhmm....the writin escalated quite a bit now :p ))
Mfffflllllffff....nggghhhhhhh....ohhhhhhhhffffffff...^^' *My eyes were about dilate in that my heartbeat was increasingly rather quickly from this sudden restriction of my suddenly as it began...I felt you letting go as a I took in a big huff of air...starting to feel a little light-headed in the process...feeling you change positions as you got on top of me....gently straddling me...close to my cock as you winked while your playful tail swooshes from side to side, making me blush heavily.* ...Ehehe.... I admit that did took me by surprise...kinda need a catch my breath a bit Yoi ^^' Ohhhhhhh~ *I answered while quickly letting out some moans from the gentle strokes your hand was making on my erect cock...feeling a bit of heat from you suckling on my left tit like that...the hardened nipples making me gasp from your tongue playfully sliding around it...your gazes into my crimson eyes with those golden ones of yours...letting out more soft moans as you continue to suckle on my breast with thar serene look of yours* Mhhhhhhmmmm....ohhhhhhhhh....haaaammmhhhbh ^^
(Well I have to go for good this time, make sure to win mistress and have fun both of you~)
(See ya Cariel~ ^^)
(Kinda doubtful of the winning part, if I'm being honest ^^')
(I'll do my best is all^^)
(I will always believe in your victory no matter how slim the odds may be~)
redrew a set of actions
(Teehee, thanks for your faith in me~)
(Most importantly, my purpose in this was to mainly have fun and stuff^^)
(So I think I consider that a win of sorts^^)
(Anyways, have fun at your party, Cariel ^^)
*I kept gently suckling on your breast for a moment as you were regaining your breath, leaving me free to happily nuzzle and suckle on your breast like this. At the same time I moved up a little bit, arching my back as I rubbed the edge of my clit against your erect and sooo teased cock, playfully teasing with my straddle as I almost sit down on it, but keep myself just barely off it, teasing with the pressure as my hips move at an increasing pace, making your recovery through your pause a matter of resisting my pleasureful advances. I opened my eyes again, glancing at your lovely crimson ones, as I moved to suckle on your other tit, making sure it's equally loved just as much as the first one I began to suckle on.* Mschlm....mhhnfff....<3
((Mhm...if I went for that test it might have been a win I think...but I ain't too competitive with Woofie either, I already feel like I won by simply havin this game <3 ))
((*waves at da lurkin Weiss* ^~^ ))
((Mhhhmm...certainly would be a high chance or very high chance if one was taken... I think the real challenge is seeing this game through to the end because I really didn't expect how long it would have went ^^'))
((I actually have no idea what our active runtime was^^'))
At least twelve hours)
Even if the rest time is deducted)
((Wow...really?...That's almost clocking in close to my BeB game with Isa^^'))
((We can check later, there should be timestamps on every message so ^^ ))
((I knew she was joking about how if we did might actually exceed our BeB one...but...I wasn't really considering it much ^^'))
Let's put it this way, when I came to check on you at this time yesterday morning, you had just started an hour, and now at the same time, you haven't finished yet.:3)
*Within that moment of me catching and regaining my breath....I let out soft sighs and moans from you still gently suckling on my breast like that
24 hours, deducting the rest time for you two, should be almost 12 hours, right?:3)
23:08:10 crimson orbs were still lightly flashing within the darkness of the a way not too different from that night we spent together back at your apartment as the colorful evening ebbed away and gave way to the darkness of the night... Within this instance...after that ability of yours to gain that wolfish form of yours...I now could spot the glows of your eyes as they shined that luminous shimmer of golden if the sun were actually present in the middle of this wonderful night
(Hey tbf a lot of this was break time)
(Still long but yea)
(:O this is still going)
(Would say about 12 hours sounds right ^^)
(Hi Yimi 🥰 hi everyone else🥰)
(Yea about 12 on 12 off)
(( big break happened for sleepies, one more for mysterious woofie doings :p ))
(And hey hey Weiss :3)
(I think this was the first game where I did multiple break times^^')
~ A gentle smile still present on my lips as you happily nuzzled close to me. Within this moment where everything seemed to slow down with time itself...I let out more cute grunts of mine as you arched your back ...rubbing the edge of your clit so close to the head of my cock...the playful teasing with your straddling...with you close to sitting upon it but not quite..making me whimper cutely from how great it felt but not quite feeling the stronger sense of more direct pleasure especially with your glowing yellow eyes staring into my glowing red ones...more huffs of air coming from me as you suckled on my other tit...making my ears twitch rather eagerly.*
(Hi Hi Maxime 🥰)
*The teasing did appear to finally get to me as I quickly shoved my needy wolf cock inside of you...panting eagerly as I did so...drooling with great need....but somehow...despite all that eagerness...I was still able to keep my thrusting gentle and passionate...leaving it so that you can choose whether or not I should do it faster and more energetically...looking into your eyes while continuing those light thrusts.* Mhhhhhmmm.....ohhhhjj.....^^
((Another one of those moments where...the roleplay isn't like the action... but there definitely is thrusting involved type of deal ^^')
*I let out an audible gasp, gently biting down on your breast, a little marking left to the side of your nipple as I was kissing towards the upper side of your breast....but your sudden penetration finally happening caused me to tense up on top of you.* Nhhmmmf....hufff....hhhhniiihii....took ya...mhnnff....a moment.....hhaa....*I moan in appreciation of your soft and gentle thrusts, sensing that you are holding yourself back a little bit, not wanting to be too forceful...such care almost caused me to melt immediately as I thought just how cute it is of you to remain so gentle even after I teased you so sooo much in our shared time.*
(*thinking* Wow...if this is how my first full LWR game is like...ummm..going have to approaches on the roleplay..for future ones...^^')
(That time length is so unwieldy^^')
*I leant forward towards your lips, moving up to whisper against your mouth as we sit in a lovely embrace, slowly moving together as you stretch me inside, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. My mouth whispers a couple words seductively*...ii'm fine can...go as you want <3 *I gave you this lovely little verbal permission to indulge in me however you may want to....knowing full well just how far I've driven you into your pleasure, seeking to help you find your release in however you will be pleased to have it best* <3
((Pffft...well until this lwr games ranged from 1 to 3 hours....but it's just reactive writin, if I see quick, fast-paced segments, I will match that vibe...if we go with longer ones, I will match that...thinkin you do the same simply, so we would both have to do a little limit of 'Fightin with a limit of...hmm..5 lines per message!'....and then maybe it would be 5 hours :p ))
((But also hey...if I have a match with ya once per two can be sure I will love to bide my time *winks* <3 ))
*At the same time as you letting out that sweet gasp of of my own sprouted past my lips... when that gentle bite happened on my breast....even though I couldn't see it yet in the middle of the thralls of our passions...I had a fair bit of a feeling that some kinda little marking was left behind close to the nipple where your mouth was....More huffs of warm air flowed out of me when I felt your body tensing up like that especially on my cock as the inner walls closed around it slightly. * moment back there^^' *I chuckled with a sheepish expression plastered across my face for a brief moment...while that blushing of mine lingers on my cheeks with those same reddish-pinks laying across it as if someone painted those shades there like one would do with a piece of fluffy tufts wriggling cutely from your appreciative moaning sounds...making a goofy grin crack onto my face from seeing you melt from how considerate I was being my desire to stick to gentle motions even now. *
Hmmmmm...~? *I grunted a bit as I see and feel you gracefully moving upwards...our lips meeting closely once again...brushing lightly against the chest heaving up and down as my heart was starting to resume its relatively fast motions...stronger anticipation building up within me as made that whisper ...while making some of your own movements...doing so alongside me...your hips moving up and down in tandem with my currently light and gentle movements and momentum...that seductive tone...and choice of words making me shiver with stronger anticipation and excitement* Mhhhhhhhmmm....Yoi~ Okay....thanks~ Just be go..too...far...or fast...okay~?
*This verbal permission making my ears flutter with their brown fluffiness...loving how considerate of me you were being here...It was certainly a rare trait
redrew a set of actions
..not too easily found just with anyone....anywhere...which made me smile all the more~*
*With a bright grin, I pressed my lips upon yours in a passionate kiss as I went faster inside of you with my thrusting...though making sure to gradually increase the pace so you can keep up...letting out deep muffled moans as I was getting closer to the same speed I was using back during our first night together*
redrew a set of actions
((Mhhhmm...I think my only time doing reactive writing was that one GOtH game with Becky....I think that would be considered reactive writing... *giggles* Guess doing it like that would be biggest challenge for me...Teehee I think the closest to me doing something like that was these practice sessions with Isa to prepare myself for the Hentai tournament...and one of the games had us kinda almost competing to have the shortest length XD))
((5 hours would be a miracle for this wolfie :P ))
*I smile warmly and nod as your brown fluffy ears flutter so cutely...loving the bright grin that appeared on your face*...Mhmm...don't worry...I loved your pace that other night after all *I wink, clearly reminiscing on the same night that keeps flashing back into our memories with how familiar and close we've gotten. I eagerly lean in and respond to your lovely kiss, swallowing you lips with mine as our passion and pace kept increasing in a lovely tandem. My moans breathed out against your mouth as your wonderful cock was reaching deep within me, hitting just the right spots to almost cause me to melt already for you...but gentle enough so that I kept in rhythm with you, riding further and further into a higher tempo as we try to push to get to our lovely peak together*...Mhhnnm...hhuf..ahhh..Woofie...nnhhm....Ames.....dd...dddear....hhuuhn.....sso...nnhmm...ccclose....hhaahnn....<3
((Mhhhmm...that just makes me super happy to hear something like that from you, mhhhhmmm~ *Smiles and blushes as I see that wink as my tail sway behind me happily* ^-^))
((*giggles*...I tried a rerolll...just can't get somethin that would fit for the final move tehee...throwin the ball back to you ^^ ))
(Well I just did the math and it's "only" been about 10 hours, meaning if you cut your responses in half, 5 hours is maybe possible :D)
(( my energy...can't do much of a reroll...and the current moves just don't fit either for a final move...would take the ball..if there was an option for me to take ^^'))
only :3
((5 hours is possible..if I can cut it down...^^'))
((...maybe I have to do something like *Pounces and cums...* :P))
((We can both reroll with two more energy recovery moves with no chunky rp if you want? Just to recover lots for ya in one go ^^ ))
((so you recover once, I recover once, we continue ^^ ))
(The energy option could work... possibly... like... melting into the pleasure or something, but I ain't gonna tell ya how to do your match)
((Okaaaay, we can do that~ ^^))
((Just this became..rp mode basically ^^)
((Yup...I can't argue that statement....and we starteed 'sooooo competitively' :p ))
((Nyahaha now you've fallen for my ultimate deceptio....nah am not a meanie :p ))
((So do you mean
(A cumtest that fits the RP... hmmm...)
*does some kinda cheery cheerleader thing cheering on the lovely individuals playing*
*Passes out in confusion as the Ameliaverse expands)
*didn't know of this Ameliaverse*
....okay..enough goofin' around ^^'
by dis cute little wolfie
*Those warm smiles of they have been this whole night....was making me feel this sense of warmth and a way that made you a very special individual to me...Someone who I became closely familiar with in such a wonderful and unforgettable way...The expressions on your face just making me want to hug you tightly onto myself*....Mhhhhhmm...had a feeling
.....but its always great to have...some kinda confirmation...rather than making assumptions out of nowhere...haaaannhbb...and just doing something....mhhhmm...without asking~ You are such a wonderful person~ ^-^ *I glowed with such a bright, cheery look gracing itself upon my eyes and lips..enjoying your wink...and the look on your face that clearly suggested a moment of contemplation on that wonderful night we spent together for the first time...something I will never forget in my wolfie mind and spirit.
((Goofin or not goofin is still supah cute ^^ ))
The way you leaned in just as eagerly as I did made me smile brightly...our lips brushing together the kiss eventually became deeper and more passionate...with increases in our paces...with each thrusting we made with our respective impressive wolf cock...and your lovely wolfie hips....the moans we were letting out for each my heart races with great speed....there was something so magical about the way you were able to keep up with me as it was not something everyone can do even if I were gently with the paces...Eventually we were hitting the pinnacle of our we were headed over our edges...and for the first time during our night together...we were about to do so simultaneously...and I was quite determined to make that happen*'s. ^^❤️
finily over...?\
((Thanks ^^ ))
((I do my best with da goofin' and not goofin' ^^))
chose to cum!
*Your happy smiles only served as a fuel for my own happiness...feeling as if this magical moment we shared back in my apartment was almost bein re-enacted in this wonderfully romantic setting, the warm humid air flowing from the onsen towards us, our own heat shared despite the growing darkness of the night. None of that cold of the night or heat from the spring could even begin to compare to the heat of the passion we shared in that moment. Each of your thrusts met with the light movement of my hips to meet you, each kiss of mine returned with your eager lips...we have harmonized our movements, breaths, our heartbeats....our tails wrapped together, and the feeling grew as if the essences of who we are embraced and held each other close, almost melting into one another. Upon hear your voice I managed a reply...just a mere second before the finale would hit me:...mnhhmm...yyyes...t-ttogether..nnnoww...oohhhhhhhhhhhh......nnnhhhmmhhmhf....hhhhannfnng...wwwoooofiie I'm....nnnnhhmmmmfmfllm *I begin to squire and wriggle underneath your thrusts, wrapping my legs behind you as I pulled you close and deeper inside of me, hoping to push you over the edge while I began to ride out my orgasm with you*...Nhhmmm ahhhhn hhhhhhaaaaaaaa llloovvve youuu Nhhhmffp PPFmmnnfmmhhn ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
👀👀ah ha~
((Really wished there was a snugglin' option to pick...Happy ending doesn't have the same vibe as Snugglin' to me^^)
(I mean that's just my opinion ^^'))
((Mhmm...we can rp snugglez in the hot spring still though ^^ ))
I remember it did have a happy ending.:3
((Teehee yep~))
((Oh no Yoi loosed, wp Amelia))
(Guess Chloe needs to be informed)
((We kinda deviated away some point...^^)
(Good game you two~ lovely RP)
(Mhm, but a bet's a bet x3)
indeed but still very cute :P
(( just...kinda happened naturally ^^ ))
(Also..I did the hot springs thing so I can finally have that happen with Yoi~)
(So two things in one^^)
((also imma poke ya with a quick discord message ames ^^ ))
((Okay Yoi ^^ ))
*It definitely was quite an indescribable sensation and feeling that couldn't possibly be explained by any tangible explanation out there~ As far as the both of us were concerned, a great mystery was better than having a definitive explanation...Although...granted in the grand scheme of things...we probably possessed the our hearts and we believed we knew the answer why our smiles served as each other's driving force and fuel for each other's happiness
....a feeling that harkened back to that same lovely night...that magical moment we shared back in your apartment. An occurrence that always appeared to have been kept playing in our minds over and over whenever a significant moment or feeling happened between us...It really brought a sense of great pride to me to
know that we may have been recreating that magical moment near onsen that this impromptu arena resided in....that warm air
...that calming sensation...almost resembling the developments we've been through in these wonderful moments we shared with our initial competitiveness...that eventually and gradually became one of great passion and affection for the other...But ultimately what really stuck on my mind wasn't that memory...or the setting...but the person with me at the moment...that lovely individual who was generous enough to share in this moment with me...
My eyes were trained on you at the moment...Our synchronized thrusts...with yours pace matching pretty we were striving to bring great pleasure to the other like we have been doing so far throughout this wonderful encounter....This harmony of our motions...breaths...heartbeats...our intertwined tails....was soon about to be that...wonderful I hear your words
(I'm going to have breakfast...Goodbye everyone~)
((See ya Rathie ^^))
Hey, everyone!
....mhhhhmm...thaaaabkssss...ngggghhhh....ohhhhhhh....yeeewsssssss.....lovieessss...the...togetherness....hhhaaaannhhhh...ohhhhhhhh...yoiiiiii...I-I--I'm...nhhhhhhmmjjjjjjhffffff.... *Things were really starting to hit their stride as I felt you squirm and wriggle...your legs wrapping behind me....our bodies pulled and anchored together...with me reaching the deepest I could...pushing me over the edge at the we both finally hit our orgasms at the same time*...Nhhhhmmmm....aahhhhhnnn...hhhhnbnnhaaaaaaaa...llloovvvveeee...yoouuuu...Nnnnhhhhhhmpggff... Mmhhhhhhhhfffff.. ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️
*Because of how heated we were...our simultaneous orgasm last longer than the ones we had your essence flows around my impressive member with some of it leaking out onto the mat below and some of it on our bodies...while my wolfie girl cum was cascading into your depths red eyes staring into your yellow ones as we rode out our orgasms...Once our shared release finally subsided, I gave your a cheek a kiss as I nuzzled close to you affectionately* Mhhhhhmmm~ Thanks for sharing this moment with me~ Teehee...think...I know what your next ~ *I giggled as I turned my head in the direction of the onsen*
*Filled with your wamth, hearing your full affection as I heard your lovely moans I rode out of the most amazin orgasm I ever got to experience....feeling almost as if we both rode out our one, singular, shared peak, with how closely connected and how harmonized our movements, our bodies, minds and hearts were for that moment...truthly a thing we both wanted to keep a light of mystery on...for some things are better not known, only felt, in moments such as these.*
*As our releases ended, I smiled a little weakly at the cheek kiss you've given me...prompting a quite whimpering, exhausted giggle out of me, a very cute little noise*...mhhihi...well....not sure what you think I was gonna ask...but if it's 'Could you carry me to the water' you're right tehee ^^ *I smile, playfully kissing your nose*...I really don't think I can stand up right now....and mhm....*I reflect back on your affectionate line*...Thank you's soo magical to spend time with you, my dear Woofie <3 *I lift myself up slightly, giving you a soft kiss on your cheek* ^~^
(See ya Rathia ^^)
*Seeing you flash that slightly weak smile of ears twitched as I heard that quiet exhausted whimpering coming out of you...making me smile brightly and admire what a cute little noise that I gave a firm nod~* Something like~
....mmhhhmmm....well, I was thinking something more like...Is it time for the hot springs now...?..But yep, I was definitely going to carry you there...since I had a feeling you exerted quite a bit of energy during our time together here in the arena...tehee~ Ooooohhhj...this'll be like that time where I carried you to your bedroom before we eventually snuggled close together ^-^
Mhmmm....*I look to the side* got me....I loved bein carried back then >->
*I had a bit of a cute, goofy grin plastered on my face as I had that quick recollection before turning my attention back to you * You're welcome, my wonderful Yo~ ^^ *i grinned as I see you lifting yourself up slightly to give me that slight kiss on my cheek...another cute grin sprouting upon my face when I hear you say that as I gave you a kiss on your cheek* Mhhhhmm...well...If you loved it..then I'll happily indulge in your desire *I eagerly stated as in a wild burst of energy scooped you into my arms as we headed for the springs*
((*pokes head in* Seems I might've caught the very end of this *giggles*))
((Ah! Did I catch the very end of this?))
Mhhhmm...I really do hope that you'll have a lovely time at my springs~ *I explained as I took us both to our intended destination...Given the relative closeness...we were pretty much there almost instantly as I presented the wonderful warmth of the area...with the steam lingering over the waters*
((Heya Aleda! The end of the game jtself but rping a lovely time in the hot springs after the action and passion ^^))
((Sounds good~ All I saw was 0 HP Yoimi as soon as I came back lmao but glad you two are having fun post game~))
Mhhnnnn...*I was momentarily taken aback by just how much energy you had in that sudden burst, carrying me at an incredible pace to the spring, as we both submerged in the water. I leant back against the wall of it, letting out a moan of comfort and content, pulling you closely to snuggle with while the tension from our muscles fades, washed away by the wonderfully piercing heat* Nhhmm....this is so wonderful I might fall asleep soon tehee *I giggle lightly, holding my arms around your shoulders* <3
(( did start off competitive and then kinda turned into a more loving moment over time ^^))
(( just kinda naturally deviated into more and more softness and kind passion...and this might be the longest 'active writin' gametime I ever had tehee ^^ ))
((The 3 days with timezone pauses with you Aleda is still the longest realtime lasting one...but the actual game was maybe 5-6 hours I think? Not sure, it's been half a year :p ))
Mhhhhmmm...~ *A slight giggle did pop out of me from the very sensation of you being taken aback by sudden show energy...Whether it was me possessing quite a bit of energy..or me having a fast recovery speed with energy...or maybe I was just that excited to show you my hot springs and enjoy a wonderful time with you there especially after bringing up this place I owned to you a while back~ Once we were submerged in the waters...our energy almost revitalized by this dip in the water..I smiled from hearing your lovely moan of comfort and content before paddling closer to you as you pulled me in to a snuggle...* Mhhhhmmm...I'm glad you're finally getting the chance to be at my springs...and that you're enjoying it~ Hope I will see you again here~ *I grinned while nuzzling close to you...our tails intertwined together as we rested idea coming to my head as I wondered if you would be interested* Hey, Yoi? I wanted to ask you something...^^
((Hmm... I think if we subtract the breaks due to time differences... yeah, 6ish hours sounds about right. I remember the intro posts took about an hour or so))
((And then I remember we skipped 20+ turns because we weren't getting strip options))
((I didn't catch any of it before, but it is indeed very cute now ^^))
Mhmm? *I laid snuggled, resting my head against your shoulder, wondering just what you might ask*...what's on your mind Woofie?
((Ahhhh right that was great. Pffft the times before I knew public rooms existed and rp mode is a thing :p ))
*As your head rested on my shoulder, my eyes glanced over towards you~* Mhhhhmm~ Since we spent quite a bit of time together...I was wondering if you wanted some kinda..special...magical..mark from remember these lovely nights we spent together~ We can decide on the specifics later on what you to look like...but you don't have to, if you don't want~ Just wanted to slide the idea in, just in case~ ^^ * i smiled bashfully*
((Heh... I feel like dragging you outta the MM shadows was one of the best things to happen)
*while shuffling my feet together..wriggling my toes*
Ahh...*I notices your somewhat quieting voice and bashful smile as you asked your question....and fact was that internally I was already somewhat hopeful for such a question to be voiced*..tehee....Woofie *I leaned in to gently kiss your ear and whisper back*...I'd love to have your're the one who kinda made me wolfish already anyhow....but....*I pause, teasing you a lil* requirement....*I chomp on your earlobe delicately with my teeth* must be cute <3
((Still somewhat saddening that da big lore stuff and the heavier rp thingies were like a full year before I discovered ef at all would have been fun to partake in those old shenanigans :D ))
(Yep, unfortunate, that)
((It doesn't help that Ezu's been busy as of late since he was one of the heavy lore movers as well, but... where there's a will there's a way. Anyone can build lore. I think it's just a matter of time and creative energy))
Mhhhmm... *That quieting voice of mine lingered along with my bashful smile...before hearing your cute giggles and chuckles when you finally answered...blushing immensely * ..mhhmm..Yoi *The way you gently leaned in to grace my ear with a gentle kiss and whisper made me close my eyes for a brief second...your answer making my face brighten up...before hugging onto you tightly* ...Mhhhhmm...thanks, I'm so happy to hear that~'re very cute and lovely as a wolf...hmmmm? *I looked at you curiously while you made that teasing pause * Yes?... ngyyannn...ohhhhhh~*As you made that answer, I suddenly felt a playful chomp on my earlobe with your cute teeth~* Mhhhh....teehee, sure~! Was already planning on it~ Did you want it to be some words...a symbol~? I was thinking maybe silhouettes of our heads...or image of our intertwined tails...What do you think~?
((And I really mean that for anyone that sees this. You don't have to wait for the "veterans" on here. If you have good story ideas and whatnot, just go for it. Hell, some of the best memories on here were often unplanned))
Hmmmm....*I ponder the options you've listed, drawn to one the most*...I like the idea with tails the best...although...hmm....sillhouettes of our heads, somewhat pushed apart so that we can put out intertwined tails as an image between ^^
Tehee...I think that would link up the idea in quite a lovely manner ^^
((Mhm fair...also slowly 'bout to collapse to sleepies once more....a very typical endeavour I end up in after games with very particular cyooties out here tehee <3 ))
((Mah focus is at the level when I looked at Isa's name, Gaiba's name and my mind went...'Geese'a))
((Sleeps probably required :p ))
*As you pondered those options, the moment you made that suggestion of your own....I clasped my hands floofy ears fluttering about fluffy tail wagging about...swishing across the surface of the water...resulting in gentle sprays from those movements...I almost looked like a cute little puppy with this kinda reaction I was displaying here~* Ooooooohhhhh...that is such a wonderful...lovely idea that you gotten here~ You're so smart and creative~^^
Mhhhmm..any place where you want it~?
Mh...*I mumble clearly drifting off from consciousness*...maybe...shoulder...neck is covered...cheek? I'm nyot pick....*I snuggle more to you, letting you make the choice of the location. I could hear you happy excited clap and in my mind I knew exactly how you could look like an excited little puppy in that moment...but my eyes were just startin to close in the wonderful warmth of the spring*
*I nodded my head as I placed a finger right on your shoulder...a bluish-pinkish glow coming from it as that very iconography appears on your shoulder* Mhhhmmm, there~
*seeing you drifting closer to slumber, I held you close to me*
I'll be sure to take you to one of the rooms rest..if you want me to^^
((Hey there Ranni))
Hi Alexa
Maybe ought to get some sleep soon like Yoimi here haha
Shnsh...*I opened my left eye, smiling as I glanced at the iconography appearing on my shoulder, a light tickle of your magic causiing a corner of my mouth to rise in a little smile*...Mhmm...I wanna nap here with you a lil...water is so wonderful...but then<3
(('Aleda, play despacito'))
((Hewwo popsicle ^^ ))
((Hey Sophie))
Okay, I'll be sure to do that~ *I say while leaning close to you, planning to do all of that when the time comes...the night skies illuminating us as the steam surrounded as we unwind and rest*
Hi Sophie
(Hey hey~)
(❤ The End! 💖)
Ranniii *huug*
((Mhhhmmmm.....such a lovely game <3 <3 <3 ))
Heya Sophie~
Miss isa! *bows*
(Agreed! This was such a lovely game ^^)
*hugs sophie*
((Thanks for being so...super patient with me 🥰))
((And I earned a marking! From woofie! Wooooo \o/ ))
hmm since I’m back (again) I got to think about adopting you again hehe
Sophie? Adopted? 😳😳
To make you call me mommy 😈
((No worries tehee...Ioved this game a lot, and would have been kinda surprised if it didn't spin out of control in length like this *giggles* ))
Oh nyo~ 😳
((And yeah! Whoooo \o/))
((Glad to know you loved it))
((This time, imma ask the question tho ~~ do you want this published or nyot? :p ))
Hehe *hugs her tighter*
((Teehee...beat me to the punch..I will say NO....okay...okay..bad joke...But DEFINITELY YES~! 🥰))
((*giggles* Well but I say....yes as well 🥰 A very absolute yuss ❤️))
((*giggles* Teehee~ Two published games involving woofie ^^ ❤️ ))
((But right now....I am gonna vanish to's 4am here...again :p ))
(( deserve all the sleepies you need ^^))
((*smooches the amazing lovely wolfie and snugglez to sleepies*))
((*hugs the lovely Yoimi with kisses and hugs..with some snugglez before she sleepies*))
((Ni nii everyone...thanks for all the lil visits and cheers and chat during the match ^~^ ))
((*bows and gets off stage*))
((Good job you two, and have a good rest, Yoimi))
((Thanks for watching everyone~ This wolfie is always super happy to see the lovely people around here ^-^))
(Get some rest!)
((also...sendin ya Woofie that little treat I made, inspired by this match...hope ya like it...will add it to profile properly later :p ))
((Mhhhmm, okay~ Woofie is looking forward to seeing what it is, Yoi ^-^))
((I'll probably go now and take a rest...maybe I'll do a public game/chat battling some bots later on or maybe not..Who can really say~? But see ya everyone~ ^^))
and bye bye:3

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