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Day chat with V (Lovely scene with Alis the criminal kitty)

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Hi sweetie, how are you doing
EF is eating me messages like crazy today
*sneaks in to smack sticky notes over Veronica*
Yeah it seems to be having trouble for me too
Site maintenance maybe?
I am good thank you how are you?
I am doing good, but I have to reload the page to see the messages, weird
Same! Thats exactly my issue too. And gifs for that matter
Damn, EF work as intended!!! How is my pretty rabbit chasing angel doing?
Who me?~
Yeah, you are Alice, chaser of rabbits xDDD
Ha~ user of them too. I have brought like three rabbit vibrators because i wear down the motors on them ha~
I am doing great though thank you for asking Maestra. I hope that you are well. I only wish EF were behaving
Damn, that is so sweet and hot, I love rabbits too, they are very nice, and cute, I tend to go for my wand because I don't own a rabbit, but rabbits are extra nice
I am doing fine, better than EF, but might close this if it keep working like this
Well its a good thing i like magic. Because you have a wand and i have a rabbit~ (i do also have other vibes. One bullet and two eggs to be exact)
(I do also have a wand of my own though)
Hehehe, I love my magic tricks, and I love dolls too, I was having a nice idea for you, as I have an hedge maze on the garden... we could do a cute treasure hunt
(My toy box have not been updated in some time... for the reason of me being single and toys being something I use on other, that have very little effect on me)
Im getting written up by Poc~ ha
That does sound like a lovely idea though Maestra.
Poc is a sweetie, she confuses me a lot, but I love her
I will not confirm nor denie any such suspicions:P
Of course. Espionage is important in your line of work Poc
A lot of peeping on cute girls in her like of work
Espionage for the gendarmerie?
Hey V
That is as out of place as a turtle in a orca exhibition XD
Heya Mercy. And yeah lots of steakouts and assessment of the clientele~
Hey rose and poc
*peeks in* Hewwo ^^
Hey mercy and Yoimi
Heya Yoimi
Seem like the site is working better now
The power of the seagull! The hardworking bird of the avian species
I'll have to spank someone else now xDDD
*offers up paddle"
Yes it has seemed to fix itself
I don't think she is talking about you as a seagull Mercy xDDD
Poc, always so helpful
I try~
Also a good target for a paddle youself tee hee ~Spanks Poc with the paddle~
I am hungry but don't know what to eat. Any suggestions?
A kebab?
Yeah i think i have the stuff to make on poc. That sounds great
*confiscates the paddle*
Hmm....take a salmon fillet, dice it. Put in on a pan on some oil. Pour some double cream and add whatever spices you like ^^
Make pasta or rice if you want too. One of my fav simple quick meals is to do that ^^
Don't forget the mint!
Works on everything
Poc loves mint
I also love mint. So its a good choice~
Is nice, I don't use it much, mint is not very common in Spanish cooking
Which is why Spain lost its empire
If it wanted to keep it then it should have moved onto better flavours 😁
Factual history 100%
Good morning
We have amazing food Poc... the empire was lost, and that is good, empires are not a good thing.
Hey David
But what tan Spanish women in armour plate?
Think of the muscles:P
How is everyone doing?
And since when did they make law enforcement as attractive as POC?!
😊Hi cuties, and meanie Poc.
Hey Alis. Lovely to meet you
Oh Poc, I love my tanned girls in armor
Hello criminal suspect in 23 separate ongoing criminal investigations ;P
Hii Alis ^^ *hugs*
Raarhi!~ *Snuggles those in need of snuggling!*~ And Poc, that wall was graffiti'd when I got there~
Hi Alis, Poc, what are her crimes? She seem like a good girl to me
Hello Miss Alis
EF is bwing really difficult for me this morning So i think i'll head off. Wish you ladies (and the one gentleman) all a wonderful night
Have a good day Alice
Get a nice goodbye hug Alice
Have a cozy evening Alice!
*pulls out a clipboard containing a short summary* shall I list them all?
Hey Alis *slides you a backpack full of spray paint cans while Poc is looking at her clipboard*
See!~ David is clearly trying to frame me :c
*looks around holding the backpack behind my back* I would never!
That police car was also already on fire when I got there~
*Batons David both physically with a Baton and financially with a $240 fine
*for good measure gives alis a Baton to the butt*
A good compromise.
Oh, poor Alis, don't worry if this two bother you I'll tentacle spank them ~tentacle spanks poc, but also Alis~
and really, I was just trying to put it out. How could I know that bottle was filled with petroleum-...eeep!~
Fair and even Veronica, everyone gets tentasponked~
*groans and gasps as I stare* Miss Veronica you can control tentacles?!
I am a tentacle, I am just a cute tentacle
*sighs and pulls out $250 and hands it to Poc* there happy?
An adorable tentacle!~ *Many pets for the tentacute!*~
*cuffs tentacle to a table*
Tee hee, the cutest tentacle from Sevilla witch on the site... ~Veroclones wrap around Alis legs to pull them apart and keeping her in place for more spanks~
eeep!~ *Biggy pouts at the sudden deployment of Veroclones to trap her!*~ Hrrmph!~
I see no issue at hand~
Hey Poc... no cuffing la maestra, I have spare clones, but I dislike being restrained... I do the restraining
*blushes and watches as I cover my growing bulge*
*pokes the restrained tentacle* is that so?
Also see, Alis is behaving way better than you Poc, she is totally inocent ~gropes Alis~ you just want to bully her because she is cute... and that is totally fine
*moves over and picks the lock and gets Miss Veronica free*
*Purrpurrrs at the gropes and nods firmly at Veronicas words; giving the sweetest and innocent smile!~
Alis only behaves when there's proper consequences
*gestures at the scene*my evidence is on display.
Consequences for being cute, because there is not reason for me to wrap her in ropes and spank her, and I love a purring girl
Poc is just a hammer and so every problem looks like a nail!~ *Leans back into the tentahold all relaxed and purring; poking out her tongue playfully at Poc*~
Your damm right alis. All problems can be solved with a Baton, sex, bondage and attitude.
Just as the universe intended.
Hey, don't be rude to Poc, I am very much into seen a cute girl like you punished ~I give Alis a nice gentle spankie~
Thank you Veronica~
*Playfully eeps at the spankie and opens her eyes again as she pouts at Veronica*~ Awh~ Fiiine~
To be honest, I saw this very rude grafity on my garden today, it said 'Alis was here' did you happen to have anything to do with that?
*Lightly gasps as she gazes innocently into Veronicas eyes; shaking her head!*~ As if I'd be dumb enough to tag with my own na-...I mean absolutely not because I'm a good kitten, who doesn't do such things!~
*side eye'
Then it was definitely you.
Oh, kittys are one of my weak spots ~I rub your ears and pat your lovely head~ and I respect your artistic expresion
and headpatting cuties are mine!~ *Rolls out happy sweet purrs as her ears twitch at your touch; giving a little wiggle in her tentabinds!*~
Hey, I can do with cleaning the paint, what hurts me is Alis not being true to her word, hiding her actions form her Maestra, being a bad kitten ~I give Alis some soft titty slaps, to put some color on those nipples~
Eeep!~ *Her eyes go wide as the pale skin of her breasts swiftly develops glowing pink prints at the soft slaps; a little blush forming on her cheeks to match*~ Awhh~ This is wasn't me~ But you make it very tempting to confess anyway~!
Oh Alis came in in the meantime 👋
Maybe you could confess something else, tell me some dirty little secret instead, so I can be sure you don't hide stuff from me ~I relax the bindings a bit, and caress Alis belly, reaching closer to her crotch~
Oooh~ That seems like a fair trade... *Blushing up a little and considering; taking advantage of the slackened bindings to wiggle a little more and part her thighs just a little wider*~ How about...I'd be very tempted to help clean the lovely Maestras garden even though I'm innocent...especially if there's more spanks and swats to be earned...~ And maybe headpats too...always headpats~
see you mi veto guapa
See you too love
Cleaning maestra's garden, that totally sounds like you want to help me with something else xDDD but headpats are free ~I pat your cute head and rub your earlobes~ I would no leave a cute kitty like you without pats and treats
Gasp!~ *Twitching her nose and gazing up at you with wide innocent eyes; she purrs out and tilts her head into the lovely touches of your hand*~ It was a totally innocent offer!~
Perhaps too innocent to be believed:P
Are you sure? I was so ready to give you a treat for being such an eager people pleaser ~I caress your inner thighs, and pull the ropes gently spreading your legs even more, letting Poc get a nice view of your pussy and ass~
*flicks on the bodycam to catch some nice pretty footage of alis tentacle bound and spread*
Thank you Maestra.
*grabs a quick peek at the sight on show*
Heyyy~ (won't be here for too long, but like I said, had to have a peek :P)
*Wider eyed still as the gentle but insistent tug of the ropes parts her thighs to expose her smoothly shaven pussy and booty, and giving a glare at Pocs filmmaking ambitions, she turns her gaze back to Veronica with a sweet little smile*~ I wouldn't phrase it like that at all!~ But I can clean up the garden and show Maestra Veronica that I'm a good people-pleasing kitten too~
(No biggie, I have to answer our RP, sorry for being such a slacker)
(Ah, no worries, I like having one that isn't so instant!)
(No need to rush to continue cutie <3 I am playing cutie farming game and am not going anywhere~)
(and Hiiii Ori <3 )
(Heyyy, lil miss spread~ ;P)
(hey ori)
I am more interested in you showing me how much of a good good kitten you can be (cutie farming, what is that? you water cuties) ~I grap one tentacle on your neck like a tight choker~ Oh, by the way I love your tatoos, what has a nice witch like me has to do to earn a place on that soft skin?
(Heyy Poc)
(A farming game that's cute!~ In this case, Coral Island!~ ) *A soft sweet little purring moan sounds out as that tentacle coils around her throat and after a moments consideration, she smiles at the query*~ There's no real set criteria...!~ I just like to carry something of the people who've made me smile with me~
Can't wear a collar for every cutie after all~ That would be burdensome and silly~
(I guess a non horny farming game, I don't know it) I think is super cute, and yeah, you are a kitty, not a girafe, you can only have so many collars ~I make the tentacle a bit more tight on your neck for a moment, and with the tip of my fingers I give your pussy lips a gentle caress~ So, do you want a treat my love? You've been such a good girl, i can't leave your without pats and treats, more so when you are giving my friend Poc such a good material to record
*Softly biting her bottom lip as she feels that grazing touch of your fingertips; her cheeks burn at the acknowledgement and acceptance of Pocs recording, but she doesn't protest, peeking into your eyes as she murmurs*~ Yes please Maestra Veronica~
This is a mouth open treat, ok? ~I touch your soft lips with my ring finger~ lean your pretty little head back and rest on my warm breasts, and with that cute little mouth open, look into my eyes ~I guide your head by pulling from the tentacle chocker, as my fingers down under spread your labia to reveal your pretty clit and the fresh inner flaps of your cunt~
*Her breath rushes out in a soft little rasp having attentively listened to your words; feeling your fingertips spreading and exposing her pussy. She lets the choker guide her readily; her eyelids fluttering but her gaze never leaving yours, and her lips parting as she feels the softness of your breasts supporting her; purring out the briefest acceptance*~ Yes Maestra...~
~Watching your pretty face from above I extend my tongue to let a fine line of saliva drop down from it, slowly dripping down into your open mouth, falling on your tongue, warm and dense, slipping down your chin into your chest~ There your go, a nice loving treat for my Alis, for being a very well behaved kitty ~I sweeten my words by almost whispering them, as I brush your hair with my fingers, and press the palm on my hand on your clit, rubbing it in a circular motion~
*Her eyes briefly widen with surprise as she sees your intention; but it only prompts her to part her lips a little more and poke out her tongue as a target for you. A soft sweet shivering purr rushes from her lips as she feels that warm sticky trail land on her tongue and leave a warm glistening trail down from her chin to her breasts; her cheeks blushing as she eagerly closes her lips and swallows with a soft gulp. Her hips shift to meet the rolls of your palm as she purrrs out her thanks*~ Thank you Maestra...such...a lovely treat...~
(Waves back at sweet boy Max)
(Hi max (: )
(Have fun you two😘)
Awww, and you took it in a such delicate maner, what a proper kitten you are ~as I rub your clit with my palm, taking advantage of how gently you shift your hips to offer me an easier time, my the tip of my fingers tease the entrance to you vulba~ a girl like you deserves more treats, well. if she asks properly
(Thankies, Alis is a sweetie, so I am having tons of fun)
*She smiles delightfully up at you as you praise her; washing away the humiliation of Poc filming her eager submission; her head tilting back into the comfort and softness of your breasts as she keeps up the soft but eager presses of her hips to meet your hand; purring and quietly moaning as your palm strokes at her sensitive pearl whilst the tip of a digit probes honey slicked entrance to her sex*~ T..thank you Maestra...~ Please...may your kitten have another sweet treat?~
(Veronica is also a sweetie. So I'm having lots of fun too!~ <3 )
(So much so that I'm skipping words!~ There's a The missing there~ <3 )
(We all put some typos, I am taking my sweet time to anwers because of the same reason, busy hands, don't worry about that, I read horny, my brain autocorrects)
Oh, I have plenty of treats for you, but each of them come with a price, first, I want a treat back from you ~I lean open my mouth about, but this time to kiss your lips with passion, my tongue invading your mouth and delivering more spit for your eager tongue~ mnnnnnn ~and as I kiss you I move the hand that is pleasing your pussy, so my thumb connects with your clit, and my fingers have an easier time reaching down, my ring finger slowly diggin inside your pussy cavity~
*Her lips part so readily to meet yours as she cranes her neck against the choking tentacle to press in to meet them, her eyes flutter in such eager delight as she tastes you; kissing in reply with soft sweet pops as she purrrs into your mouth; her tongue lapping in gentle worship at your own as she savours the lovely mixing of her saliva with yours. The press of your thumb is immediately rewarded with a muffled moan into your mouth as her hips raise in offering; presenting herself to your digits as her inner muscles clench around the digit invading her; her sticky aroused honey coating it almost immediately!*~ Mrrmphhh~!~
Mnnnnn, such a good little kitty you are Alis ~I let my spit flow into your mouth, for an extra watery end to the kiss before I break it to be able to talk, string of spit still linking our mouth~ how about your next treat? ~I push my finger in and out your pussy, teasing your insides softly as I rub your clit faster and faster, my tentacles pull your legs close against your belly exposing more your other hole, as I press a finger on your rosebud~ how about a treat for this one?
*quietly sneaks in with her hot chocolate and takes a seat*
(Hi sweet naughty Jessy)
(Hi Maestra 😊)
*Restraining her soft gasps and moans for a moment as she admires that strand of saliva linking your lips to hers; she can't hold them for long as your rubbing and delving fingers heighten their intensity; the strand snapping to land across her blushing features as sweet trembling moans roll from her throat intermixed with purrs. As her tentacle bonds pull up her legs to expose her further she drops her voice to an excited pleading whisper as she feels the poke of your fingertip between her cheeks*~ Yes please Maestra...please may your kitten have that treat~
(Hi cutie <3 )
(Hi Alis, if it's me you are referring to as cutie, and even if not 😊)
(It was!~ 😊😊)
But the payment is that soft cat tongue ~I move, suddenly the tentacles pull you to the ground, and I put pantyhose clad ass on your face, giving your the nicest view of my pussy and ass before I smother you under them~ this is your how your pay for your next treat, you are going to be my warm pleaseure stool, and I want that tongue busy and wet, I don't know if Poc is still around, but I think she left the camera recording, so I want to do something special for her to masturbate to
*raises an eyebrow and slides back a little with her chair*
*A soft little gasp sounds out as the tentacles haul her to the floor only for her sweet purrs to resume as she realises your intent. Her wide eyes drink in the sight of your lovely rear and pussy above her; quivering with anticipation throughout the brief moment before your hips lower and she finds herself smothered into the luxurious hose covered warmth of your body. Only the briefest pause occurs as she savours the weighty pressure and warmth against her face before she obeys the implied command; her lips parting and her tongue eagerly beginning to stroke and tease at your sex through the nylon; pressing her tongue in as if to taste through the sheer covering before beginning slow firm little laps in worship of Maestra Veronicas perfect pussy as her face nuzzles against those smothering cheeks!*~ Mrrmphh!~ Yesh Maestra...~
Good girl, Mnnnnn, you are such a delight tee hee ~I giggle and moan as you kitty tongue laps my pussy, you can feel how the fabric of gets stickier and drenched in my juices in response, the payment feels like a delicius extra treat, even if in return you get very little air to breathe, and with your body pinned down under my weight, I focus on your pussy and asshole, leaning forward, I spit twice, once for each of your holes, leaving your pussy coated in my saliva before my tongue meets your clit, and your ass drenched too, this one, I only spread with my fingers for now, cheking its elasticity~
(Sorry for being so wordy)
*Pinned beneath your weight with your warmth radiating against her blushing features she'd almost forgotten about her treat as she focuses in on eagerly worshipping you through the fabric; murmuring out such an eager muffled purr as she tastes you; her tongue lapping at the damp fabric as she focuses in on your pearl; soft little pops and slurps sounding out as she eagerly suckles and kisses through your hose; relentless and without pause even as she feels the warmth of your spit landing between her cheeks and over her sex. The probing of her tight little backdoor makes her quiver so openly beneath you; the clenched pucker slowly giving way to your probing fingertips* ~ Mrrmphhh!~!~
(Nothing to be sorry about <3 <3 )
Such lovely sounds you make my dear Alis, Mnnnn this is so sweet ~I moan with surprise as your ravage my clit~ I hope you don't mind the rough plan I have for this little friend ~I lean forward beyond your pussy, to lap on your asshole, coating it well with spit, slurping and sucking as I grab something from Poc~ for your next treat I want a confesion ~I say without letting you any way to answer, grinding my pussy on your face~
*The sensation of your lips and tongue bathing her tight pucker in attention only seem to make her more eager; her body quivering and squirming beneath you; still secured in her exposed position by your tireless tentacles, she can only murmur out her approval; her agreement, so intoxicated and eager to please that she can't begin to worry about the warning note in your words about your plan. Her lips and tongue continue to bathe your pearl in attention; her saliva dampening the fabric further as the muffled sucks and slurps of her grateful worship continue to rise from beneath*~ Mrrmphh...mhrr...mhrrr...~
*takes another sip from her hot chocolate realising it is already empty*
~I spank your ass hard~ Nice, we are understanding each other I see mnnn, fuck ~I can't contain a little shake from the attack on my clit and the warm worshiping the are, bathing your face in my fluids in response~ Awww, damn you work well under pressure ~suddenly your fell something rubbery and hard pressed against your streched asshole, as i slowly insert the well lubed tip of pocs baton inside your, gently licking the exterior of your naughty hole~
~Giving a glare and a cheerful smile to Jessy as I offer her a nice view of the action~
*nodding in approval I lean back and enjoy the show*
*It's a shock as you progress from a digit to the stiff baton but she doesn't fight it, her body squirming and trembling against the tentacles but she doesn't even attempt to adjust to stop exposing herself; letting anyone who cared to see Maestra Veronica forcing the baton past the resistance of her pucker to invade her ass; moans coming in more instent purrs now as you grind your juices into her smothered face and she responds in kind with relentless tonguebaths and needy suckling smooches for your pearl!*~ Hngg....~
Hummnn, look at you, is going down so well I don't think is your first time ~I lift my hips to let your have some air and have a bit of a breather from your busy tongue, and pulling your hair I force your to look at your ass being penetrated~ My lovely Alis, I want your on camera, confess you are a criminal that like a stiff baton up her ass ~Is say as I use my shins to keep you pinned and slowly nudge the hard object deeper inside you~
(I wish I could edit my text... so many horny typos)
*As her dazed features are presented and her eyes struggle to focus for a moment before gazing at the baton slowly being pushed deeper into her ass; she moans out quietly between gasps for breaths, and whether they're true or not, the words obediently spill in an aroused intoxicated rush from her lips at your command*~ I'm a criminal~ I confess~ This kitten has committed so many crimes...~! Maestra Veronicas punishment is fair and just and I love it!~ I love having a stiff baton up my ass!~
(Me too <3 But I didn't notice any~ So I must be fluent in horny too~ )
I mp you Maestra *kiss and blushes*
Good girl, that was the perfect confesion, such a proper well educated kitten ~as I use one of the tentacles to push deeper the baton, slowly moving it faster inside you~ now give me a good smile and look up ~I rip my pantyhose for your, liberating my pussy as your face is covered in my pussy juices, my naked cunt very close, but not being able to reach it~
(Thanks for the dm, Emy, I have some to answer, so might take some time, I even have to go for food after this)
When we can play together Maestra?
*Giving voice to a loud moaning cry as the baton begins to thrust within her; she doesn't protest the punishment she's so readily confessed to craving; her eyes wide and her lips forming into a warm smile at your command; her trembles increasing in intensity as she fights to hold back her moans to maintain it for her Maestra as she her eyes go wide; drinking in the sight of your pretty pussy dripping onto her eagerly offered face; free of any barriers to the worship she craves to return to*~
(Or tell me if now, I can read and caress myself for cum? How many edge I do before?) )
(Emy, I am doing a scene, please don't make this lazy hag work, Alis is my focus now)
(I have roughly an hour left Veronica. <3 Just warning ahead of time~ )
(I just need follow order you know... :/)
~I keep my pussy away from you tongue, I can feel the heat coming from your face, I slap your pussy to call your attention~ If your want more of my pussy I want more confesions ~I say as the baton fucks your lovely needy asshole faster and faster, stretching your insides without mercy~ you are a criminal ass slut kitten, and I want you to rate my abuse (I am also ready to finish soon, I need food to begin with)
*A low whimpering groan sounds out as she feels that stiff makeshift toy picking up the pace; crushing the resistance of her eagerly surrendered backdoor with every thrust, and the slap to her honey drenched folds only draws out a louder and clearly pleasured squeal!*~ Oh godss!~! Your abuse is incredible Maestra~ You've kept me aching for more with every moment and cemented such an addiction into my mind!~ I'll subtract only one point from a perfect score because *Her pleas are interrupted as a powerful thrust of the baton sends her shuddering with her body arching beneath you!*~ Goddss...because it does nothing against recidivism!~ Hnggg~
Not that I even want it to!~ I want to be an eager criminal buttslut for good!~
(The same reason for me <3 Hongry kittens make for bad subs~ )
*bites her lip to keep herself from giggling*
Hehehe, oh dear, I all up you doing crimes ~I give you some fast slaps to your pussy and drop all the weight of my hips on your face, smothering that pretty face with my glisten wet pussy~ now let's focus on having your dirty little criminal cum from that ass ~as I keep abusing your pussy with harsh slaps the baton enters and exists your asshole like well oiled piston~ are you close to making a nice mess my muffle criminal kitten?
Hi Ranni
ooh is this a little corporal punishment?
(Hi Ranni)
You have time to play with me Mistress Ranni? I need be obedient. We can talk in mp if you want...
No, is a cat getting treats, I am actually proud of her doing crimes, more excuses for me to be rough with her xDDD
(sorry emy I’m only in and out rn just to say hi)
so it’s like corporal rewards instead of punishment…
*You can barely make out the eagerly moaned "Yes Maestra!~!" as she eagerly smothers herself back into the pressure from above; her lips returning to your pearl with indecent haste as she gathers up your honey with a firm swipe of her tongue, her entire body visibly trembling now as the hard swats of your hand come away glistening with her honey as the baton continues its relentless abuse; tension building up so rapidly to a peak within her as she savours every moment of her "punishment"*~
(Hi Ranni <3 )
(Cute new pfp btw alis hehe… I’m too afraid to change mine because now I feel like it’s an ingrained part of my identity hehe)
~I trap your head deep in my ass with my legs, all the air my lovely kitten can get now, is maestra's pussy scented aroma oxigen, I squirm and moan loudly as those lips castigate my clit, getting closer and closer to explode~ oh dear, I can't take this for much longer mnnn ~The baton is relentless in it's sodomy of your rear end, churning your insides at the same time I lean over your pussy and laps like crazy on the clit, sucking your pretty little button until is sore and big like mine~
(Yeah, Ranni is queen feet, I have the same with mine, but I am about to change it soon, I am already looking for options)
*Drinking in your scent and the radiated warmth of your pussy she barely stops in her sloppy; noisy; hungry worship of your pearl to gasp out 'Please Maestra may I cum for you!~' her body a squirming mess in its tentacle bondage, holding and hiding nothing as her aroused body is brought to the very edge by your tongue and that relentlessly thrusting baton. The excitement is almost too much to bear, her hips rocking to hump at your lips and that penetrating toy as she mindlessly assaults your pearl with doting intoxicated attention!*~ Mrrmphh!~
(Feet with attached cutie Ranni <3 and I have only had 4 pfp's that weren't a temporary prize ever~ <3 )
(I had my original pfp for so long xD)
(need please)
(Emy please stop.)
~I giggle as I barely catch on you trying to comunicate from beneath my pussy~ Oh dear, yes, you can cum from those pretty criminal holes now ~I spread your legs to give the camera and the audience a first seat view, lift my hips so they can see your pretty face~ now my lovely Alis cum with me ~I insert my fingers in your pussy so both your holes get pleasured at the same time~ (Yes Emy, stop)
(See ya everyone, have fun :))
(Bye Max, have fun too)
*It barely seems to take a moment from the command being given as her needy hips hump helplessly to ride your fingers and the baton; and with a squeal of delight; her face contorting into a blissful expression; all that built up tension explodes in a release as she cums messily over your thrusting fingers; drenching the hand in her sticky needy honey as her body devolves into a shuddering overwhelmed shaking mess!*~ T...thank youuu Maestra!~!~
Awww. so cuuuute ~I react to your orgasm by squirting myself~ seeing that beautiful mess and blissful expresion~ thank yoouuu honey mnnnnn ~My body loses most of its strength making me drop down, I try to master all my strength to keep your legs open so everyone can see how much of a dirty kitty you are as you cum~ (a bit aftercare and scene? I am hungry as fuck)
*Her body takes a long time to calm down; your juices dripping from her face and her drenched holes remaining on show as she just delicately peppers your thighs; pussy and ass with tender little thankful kisses as she lasy there in heavenly bliss*~ (Of course! <3 Timed perfectly)
*starts clapping*
~I tenderly hug my Alis, massaging and her thighs so she does not get cramps~ It was such a lovely surprise, you are a total gift my dear
Thankies Jessie
*A dreamy delighted smile lingers on her lips as she snuggles in, purring out at the tender massaging of her thighs as she sweetly smiles at you*~ It wasn't what I expected for my day, but I'm so thankful this is the turn it took~ Thank you so much Maestra for some of your precious time and attention. <3
Is what I am here for, giving my girls some love and attention... horny is leaving my body now... so I might crawl away now, hope I did made you eager to comit more crimes, maybe I'll catch you in my property next time
😊😊I am sure it did~ and of course~ Enjoy your food Maestra~ I'll be slinking away to do the same~ <3 I'm sure I'll see you around soon~
*giggles and takes a mental note not to trespass Maestras property uninvited*
Bye love (scene)
(<3 )
(Do trespass Jessy, I am closing this... kisses)
(Better not, don't want to end up like Alis... or do I?)
(You are very bad at lying... you want this, well you own personalized punishment)
** Maestra Veronica left the game (definitively). **
Well... Good bye.

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