Jada Terrell - ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ VS Destiny : History listed publicly (67 turns)

Jada Terrell v.s. Destiny - LWR Title Match

Dice Rule - Battle holds - Any holds where we are both battling we dice roll. Lower roll skips their next turn. The Champ will call out a battle.

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Heyyy gorgeous!
Wow, very smoking hot pic~ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’‹
You like? That is why I ask about favorite colors. hehe
/remove my pants
/remove their pants
/remove their top
you definitely know how to make an impression on people. Changing the way you dress for people, while looking absolutely stunning every time ๐Ÿ˜˜
aww.. thank you. ๐Ÿ˜˜
(If I do or say anything that offends just let me know and I will stop)
(I think our limits are aligned though)
(I don't think you have anything to worry about there, but I will just in case)
(You ready to start?)
(ready when you are)
I have been thinking about wrestling Destiny from the day I arrived at EF. I never dreamed that our first meeting would be for the LWR title. We negotiated out the rules and location. A small gym.. just her and I... and the LWR title. I slip into my black and red lingerie... knee high black stockings. I strap the belt around my waist... it feels heavy... I slink through the ropes then drape myself in the corner. I know you are here... getting ready to make that entrance.
There are a few cameras situated around the gym to record the events of our title match, but outside of that the gym is completely empty. Just the way I'd prefer it. Pulling on the agreed black stockings, I slip into a new white and red pair of lingerie and burst through the locker room door. Wasting no time strutting towards the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and marching over to my corner, hands on my hips, licking my lips as my eyes wander up and down your body.
Glad to finally get my hands all over you Jada.. hope you're ready to lose that title to me too~
*I give you a smirk but in my mind I am incredibly nervous. Yes... I have the title... but this is an EF veteran and a stunning beauty. Do I have the experience... the skill... the pussy strength? There is only one way to find out.*
"Babe... *I pull off the title strap then place it on the mat in my corner* "if you take this title... and that is a big IF... you will know your fuck wrestled me for it... I promise you."
"Wouldn't have it any other way gorgeous.. Ding.. Ding.. Ding.. Let's get this started..."
*we lock up and I take you down. You try to crawl to escape when I score a quick grab to your sex*
*my legs and arms kick about, trying to free myself from your grasp, and thankfully I manage to get up to my feet before your hands can get too grabby. Quickly turning back towards you, grabbing your legs I trip you down to your back and crawl on top of you. Pulling the waistband of your panties to the side, I slip two fingers into your folds and start to pump them in and out.* "Hope your ready for the workout of your life Jada.. I've been waiting for this for awhile.."
Uhh... mmm... fuck... god damn!!!
*I buck you off then grab a fist of your hair dragging you to the ropes. I work your tight pussy from behind* "That was a good first shot, babe... but I am not just rolling over after a little pussy work!"
*My breath catches in my throat as you forcibly drag me off of you into the ropes, legs slightly buckling as your palm rubs directly over my clothed pussy.* M-mmph... I'd hope not..~
*Spinning free from your grasp, I grab two big handfuls of your hair and drag you over to a corner, pushing you down onto your butt, before I spin around and press my ass right up against your face, twerking right up on you.*
*A hand slides down your body, my palm pressed right up against your panties as I return the favor and start rubbing away.* That's it Jada.. let's get those panties soaked~
*I push you off then try to make some space. I am getting the worst of it so far... so a reset seems to make sense to me. I have to stay aggressive though.*
"Another nice move, sexy babe... what else you got?" *I beckon you to come at me*
*I don't let you get away too far, grabbing onto your hair again and draping your body over the middle rope. My hands fall to your hips, pulling your hips up into the air more before I start to rain spank after spank onto that pretty ass of yours.* "I'm full of surprises gorgeous.. bet you're dying to find out every move in my arsenal."
*I groan out as you press me into the ropes. The ass slap is a familiar humiliation from my opponents. I buck you off then fold you... rubbing that sexy mound under your panties* "I have some surprises too!"
Oh-ohh shit! *You've caught me by surprise, easily taking me down as your hand explores my folds directly this time. I lay motionless for a few moments, before my legs reach up and drag you down next to me by your shoulders. Crawling out from underneath you, sitting down on your stomach, my legs wrap themselves around your own and spread them apart, letting me rub you through your panties once more.* "Was hoping you would.."
mmm... uhhh... mmmm.. oh fuck...
*having such a gorgeous grappler rubbing my cunny is intoxicating. I struggle a bit as you work me. I finally snap out of it pushing you off. We both get to our feet. We give each other a glare... a sexy knowing glance... then we charge at each other in sexy fuck fighting lust*
"I am going to take you, Destiny!" *I moan lustily*
"Try your best, Jada!" *Immediately my hands reach down and grab onto your hips, pulling you right up against me as our lips come crashing together. Our tongues dancing around each other, both of our hands pulling our panties down our bodies as we both of our hands roam all over our bodies.*
*My hands lift you up by the back of your legs, gently laying you down on the mat before I crawl on top of you, sitting down on your chest. Reaching my hand back, easily slipping two fingers back inside your now naked folds, slowly pumping them in and out. My lips leave your own, planting kisses all along your neck and jaw.*
"Come on Jada.. let me hear you moan. I know you're loving this.."
Oh fuck... mmmm.. oh god... uhh... uhhh....
*I grip your ass tightly as you are mounted on me. The ring is littered with toys as was requested for this bout. I have no fear in using tools. I buck you a bit as I grip a dildo... then buck again... the opening is there... and I take it*
"Let's turn it up a notch, babe!"
*My breath catches into my throat, eyes wide as from out of seemingly no where you've grabbed a dildo and start to push it in my ass.* "Ohhh FUCK!" *Before you get a chance to drive me wild with it, I push myself away from you and toss the toy away.*
"That was fucking cheeky Jada... well played.."
*I smirk* Just trying to hold on to my belt, babe!
*Rising up to my feet, my body feeling very hot at the moment, I reach behind my back and unclip my bra, letting it fall to the ground before kicking it out to the side, leaving me in only those black stockings.*
"Nothing wrong with that. Just means I need to kick things up a notch then.."
"I could not agree more... " *I tackle you, kiss you deep while moaning into your mouth as our tongues grapple, and I finger you... working your folds... with gentle whisks teasing your clit* "I think we are getting hotter."
*Helplessly moaning into your mouth, letting your fingers toy with my clit for a few moments. You catch me nodding my head, before gently sinking my teeth into your neck. My legs clamp down on your wrist, rolling us over as I pin your wrists above your hands with one of my own, the other reaching down and pinching one of your nipples roughly.* "You can say that again.."
*The pinch to my nipples illicit a scream* "You dirty bitch!" *I push off... cupping my tit and checking the swelling*
*I simply blow you a kiss, beaming a big ol smile on my face.* "All's fair in love and war gorgeous." *Crawling between your legs, grabbing onto your hips,I pull you down on top of my face, tongue out as I happily start to lick up and down on your folds.*
uhh... mmm... fuck!!
*Your tongue dances on my dampening cunt. My clit exposed. I press my weight forward to mount you. I bounce my pussy on your face*
"Love and war... babe... love and war"
*I jiggle my ass as I bounce*
*I continue to lick away at your pussy, ocassionally wrapping my lips around your clit and giving your sensitive little nub the ocassional hard suck here and there. When I feel I'm about to pass out from the lack of air, I push you up for the briefest of moments allowing me to slip out from under you. Dragging you down onto your back, pulling your legs apart with my own, as I start to rub your clit in quick circles.*
"Mmm.. God Jada.. Don't you think this is better? Letting your loser pussy be played with by me? Why don't you just hand me that title now, and be my little slut, huh?"
uhhh... mmmm... oh fuck.. Destiny... aaahhhhhh.....
"you power rub my now soaking sex. I moan desperately reaching at your tits... then griping your thigh... until my fingers find you tight pussy. We finger battle.*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 1! **
(well that's not good ๐Ÿ˜‚)
** Jada Terrell rolled 1d6: 4! **
(react then skip. ๐Ÿ˜˜)
(you got it~)
*As your fingers descend down my body, first my tits, then clutching my thigh, before finding their way inside my folds, I try desperately to match your intensity. But the fact that you have your fingers inside of me gives you the advantage. After a few moments, the pleasure starts to overwhelm my body, and soon I'm slowly guided down onto my back, with your fingers still pistoning out of me.* "Oh god.. a-ahh oh fuck.. shit.. fuuuuck~"
*I smile devilishly as I seem to have scored an advantage in this match finally. I pump your furiously as you fall to your back* "mmm.. gotcha, your fabulous sexy bitch!"
*I press my advantage as I have you a bit dazed. I grab a strappy*
"You ready to get pounded?"
*I grab your hair then make you watch as I slide the thick 9 inch toy into your slick cunny*
Uhhh.... *I let out a little gasp as I lay the cock into you*
"uhh...uhhh...uhhh... how is that tight sexy pussy?"
*I'm barely cognizant as you speak to me, and before I even realize it, you've got a good grip on my hair, forcing me to look down as you glide that thick, 9 inch strap-on in and out of my pussy. My eyes close for a few moments, grimacing at being stretched, but that's quickly followed by moan after moan.*
"ahh! oh god! a-ahhh! fuck! Fuuuck!"
*My gaze looks up at yours for the briefest of moments, my eyes threatening to roll into the back of my head. Desperate to do something, I smack your hand away from my head, pushing you off of me and onto your back, whimpering at the feeling of emptyness. Quickly crawling behind you, I wrap one arm around your neck, spreading your legs with my own, as my free hands frantically rubs your pussy like there's no tomorrow.*
*You hear me pratically growl in your ear, slapping your pussy every once in a while.* "Grrr.. you bitch.. I will make you pay for that.. I'm going to make you scream so fucking loud.."
ahhh... mmmm... fuck.. mmm... oh yes... fuck...
*It occurs to me that I have either been well scouted or Destiny has a lucky horseshoe up her tight taut ass. I moan and cough at the choke. It is all right before me... my gushing pussy power rubbed and I am forced to watch*
mmm... holy fuck.... nnngggghhhh....
*I buck and squirm... I thrash... your grip loosens... I am fighting a surging climax and that adrenaline pushes me. I thrash more then I can swivel. I mount you...plunging my fingers into your pussy while covering your mouth* "Fuck... that was close... *I ride you as your squirm*
Fuck.. Destiny... you hot bitch! *I gasp now on top of you*
*I'm loving the way your bucking and squirming in my grasp, hearing those wet sounds coming from your pussy, acknowleding just how wet you are... and then it's gone in a instant. You've spun yourself around, pushing me onto my back, covering my mouth as your fingers get re-introduced inside my inner walls. A sudden wave of exhaustion washes over me, leaving me helpless to do nothing but lay underneath you, moaning into your hand as you pump away.*
"Mmmph! Mmm! Nnnggggh!!"
*mustering up the last little bit of energy I have at the moment, I roll my hips from side to side a few times, before finally managing to roll us over so that you are on your back. Immediately crawling up your body, legs on either side of your head, both hands grabbing onto your hair and forcing your face right into my folds.* "Hah.. shit.. Be a good slut.. get licking..."
*I cannot pretend that I didn;t think this was going to be like this... to gorgeous women... battling back and forth. This is what I live for... Destiny is giving me everything ... and I have to do the same. I lap at your folds as you tug my hair... forcing my face into that soaked snatch. I buck free the gasp for air. Incensed I grip your hair.. force you down on your back. My hands on your neck... forcing your face into my wet cunny*
"The title is mine, bitch!!" *I shriek*
(sorry for all the typos. what a mess! ;p)
(don't apologize! You're doing wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜˜)
*Letting out a shocked gasp as you buck yourself free, force me onto my back, and forcibly make me return the favor. My hands try to push on your thighs, but it doesn't work the first time, my muffled groans do nothing, so I'm forced to lick away from underneath you. The second time works much better, pushing you up just enough for me to slip away from underneath you and rolling onto my knees away from you. Both of us are left panting for air, my hand wiping some of my hair from my face.*
"Fuck.. ha.. ha.. no wonder you've won that belt.. you're not going down without a fight.." *Taking this new found breather, it gives us both time to collect our thoughts, stretch out our bodies for what's to come.*
I can't do it, Destiny... I won't do it. I have to fight as hard as I can. There is too much at stake. *I take off my bra and I move into you. You grab my wrist that is holding my bra... you know what I am trying to do. We tussle and moan trying to get control when I get a clutch of your wet pussy. You moan out... your head arches back... I push your down then mount you from behind* "Sorry, babe... but this is a title match... and I must win!"
*I wrap my bra around you then pull back in a tight choke*
*Seeing you take off my bra, gives me the chance to finally admire your body properly. The sweat on your skin makes it practically glow under the skylight of the gym, but as you approach me I have to focus. Trying to stop your hands from roaming, but you manage to brush up against my pussy, and that one slip up allows you to push my down and climb onto my back. You bring that bra around my neck, pulling back as you cut off the air. Grabbing onto the bra, my mouth hangs open, face turning around as you try desperately to basically knock me out.*
*You look down and see my eyes clamp shut, face getting paler, and just as you think I'm about to pass out, I yank on your bra as hard as I can, thankfully managing to pull you forward with it.* "Fucking.. bitch!" *Pushing your face down into the mat, pressing my body against your back, a hand pushes down on your clit, rubbing circles on the sensitive nub. My tongue pokes out and starts to lick around your ass.*
*I smile as I tug on my bra watching you struggle. My wet pussy on your back* "Give up, slut!!" *Just when I think I have you... you rage. My face planted in the mat. My ass up in the air... exposed you work my cunt while licking my ass*
aaahhhh.... uhhh.. mmmmm... oh fucking god... uhhh....
*You work me furiously... I am really trapped. I moan desperately... the thought of the title slipping away. I struggle to stay conscious.*
uhh... fuck... mmmmm... uhh... uhhh....
*my ass starts to ease down... I am losing control. My legs dangle and my socks are rolled to my ankles from the battle... stretched like my pussy... they slid off as I squirm*
*seeing your stockings slip off your legs, your ass starting to drop, I feel like I have you right where I want you. Rolling you onto your back, grabbing onto one of your legs and holding it up into the air. I crawl over your body as I press our pussies against one another, leaning down to silence your moans with a kiss as we start to scissor one another.*
** Jada Terrell rolled 1d6: 2! **
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 4! **
*I feel you reposition as I am dazed then your pussy connects with mine our lips lock as you start to hump me.*
Oh fuck... uhhh... uhh....
*I feebly try to grind back into you but after that ass licking and pussy assault I just endured I cannot keep up. Your pussy has one this battle but which pussy will win the war is still undecided*
Oh fuck... mmm... nnnggghhh....
*Hearing you moan and whimper is music to my ears, so I continue to grind away on top of you. Moaning softly into our kiss, before leaving your lips to run my lips and tongue all along your face, your neck, your jaw. My hands let go of your leg, sliding up your body to gently cup your breasts, giving them a squeeze, lightly tugging on your nipples.*
"Mmm... That's right Jada.. just be a good girl and take it. Let me take good care of you..~"
mmmm... uhh....
*I am writhing in your touch but finally snap out of it.*
No... no...NOOO!!!
*I battle back, We grope and paw at each other in sweaty lust. I get a clutch of your hot cunny... then find I am able to give you back what you just gave me. I work that sexy wet pussy and lick your ass*
"Love and war... wasn't that right?"
*Our hands join together in a mini test of strength, and just as I think I've got the edge, your hands descends to my cunt and you start to rub. You push me forward and return the favor, rubbing away at my folds as your tongue licks my ass.* "Ahhhhh god! Shiiit! Nnnggh god FUCK!" *My legs kick about angrily along the mat, but it does nothing except spread my legs further apart, letting you catch a better glimpse at my dripping folds.*
*I grip your hips tightly holding your ass up in the air. I stop rubbing your soaking sex then grab a thick pink cock... it is ribbed at the tip.* Time to break you, babe... *I ease the tip into your ass* "I will be gentle... kinda... *then I lay it in stiff*
"You can always surrender, babe... no shame in that."
*You guide my ass up, leaving me for a few moments before I feel that ribbed, thick pink dildo pressed into my ass, before it's forcibly shoved inside.* "F-fuuuck! No-no chance.. you bitch!"
"aww" *I make a fake pouty face*
*Just as your about to start to pump this toy in and out of my backdoor, I manage to kick you away, and crawl away from you, the dildo falls onto the ground and I glare over at you pissed off. Quickly I pounce on top of you, sitting down on your face, pulling on your legs so your pussy is lifted into the air, before dipping my head in and licking you hungrily.*
*Your quickness disarms me as I was certain I had you pretty well spent. My cockiness has defeated me before and now... I wonder if I overstepped again. I am folded as you gnaw on my wet pussy. I grunt and moan in equal measure.*
(short pause. BRB)
(no problem! take your time~)
(welcome back ๐Ÿ’‹)
*I continue to squirm and we are so sweaty that the grip starts to slip. I slink free. We share a quick sexy gaze... we both want it so bad... I pounce and we rock each other pussy to pussy*
"uh... fuck... mmm... uhhh"
** Jada Terrell rolled 1d6: 4! **
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 6! **
(I will react then you move then I skip)
*I lustily pump into you but again it is clear that my pussy slick and gliding on yours is not up to the task. I break down... moaning... you pussy is just too strong tonight.*
"uhh... oh fuck.. mmm"
*the two of us stare hungrily into each others eyes, both of us completely swimming in the un-deniable pleasure that threatens to consume us. You're on top, grinding our pussies together in another test. But hearing those moans, those grunts, I know you're struggling. So much so, that I easily push you down, climbing on top of you as I grind more intesenly on top.*
"Mmm fuck Jada.. I'll give you credit.. you don't know when to quit.." *Hovering over you, still grinding away on top, I swing my chest from side to side, letting my tits slap against your face over and over.*
uhh... uhh... ungh...
*my head smacks side to side as your tits lay into me. Like a beaten boxer on the ropes with your perfect tits being the fists... 1 - 2... 1- 2... relentless. I gasp as you beat me up with your sexy breasts*
(these actions SUCK ๐Ÿ˜‚)
(I hate when that happens. Just a quick time check.. I have about an hour and a half. I think we are fine but just wanted to be up front)
(no worries~ ty for the heads up)
*Seeing you defenseless, I leave your body, quickly grabbing a pair of vibrators before gently laying on top of you, turning mine on to it's max setting, holding it right up against your clit.*
(This is sexy AF... just incredible. Happy to lose... if that is what comes. I hope you are loving this as much as me.)
(oh trust me, I can't be any happier right now~)
(win or lose I want more time with you, totally happy to continue this in DM's win or lose~)
*the buzz of the vibe hits my clit like a bolt of lightning. Your sweat drenched hair gazes at me as I writhe...squirming... desperately holding on as I am taken right to the edge*
ahhh... mmm.... oh fuck... *I grip your tit hard not as an attack but as a brace... trying to hang on*
fuck... fuck... *I slap the mat in frustration... your press the vibe right on my hot clit*
"Don't fight it Jada... let go.. I'll take good fucking care of you.."
No... no.... *I slap the vibe away and it scoots across the mat then out of the ring. I am an oversexed animal on edging tilt... I press into you.. all adrenaline... I am gripping your tit now... squeezing it. I pump my pussy into yours... a desperate move...primal... but I must go all out*
(I should have mentioned this but no rolls on CT tests if they are battles)
(no worries~)
uhh... uhhh... uhhh... take it Destiny!! I am keeping MY belt!!
*I taunt you and pump you furiously*
*out of no where you guide me down onto my back, your pussy brushing right up against mine, hand on my tits as you start to rock and grind away. I find myself having absolutely no energy to fight back, and soon you're having me moan louder and louder.*
"Ohhh my god.. fuck FUCK! S-SO... FUCKING GOOD! YES YEEEES!"
mmm... yes D... give it to me!! Squirt you hot fucking bitch!!
is resisting cumming (95% chance of cum) => Came!
*The feeling of your clit coming up to brush against my own, your hands pawing away at my tits, it's all too much. My eyes close shut, mouth hangs open as I scream. My voice echoing against the emtpy gym walls, my juices flow out of me, dripping onto the mat below like a faucet.*
Yes!! Yes!!! *I pump you... milking you for pleasure but also in any attempt to weaken you for the remaining match.. this is not over.*
*I can only lay on the mat, completely spent, with a bit of a wide, tired grin on my face. Panting for air, chest rising and falling.*
*I flop onto you kissing your neck...nibbling your ear. I stroke your body.. circling that defeated pussy* "mmm... babe.. fucking hot... *I grip your tit* ready for more?
*still exhausted, trying to desperately to catch my breath. I let your hands roam all over my body, blowing you a kiss before I nod my head.* "Bring it.. you slut.."
mmm... said one slut to another...*I give you a deep kiss... then ease my forefinger down the middle of your body... through the valley of those amazing mounds. I get on my knees positioning myself between your thighs. I wiggle a strappy then lock in* "I am going to fuck you... hard."
(no roll right?)
*my fuck is sloppy but it hits the mark. Your freshly climaxed cunt takes the strappy nicely*
*you find no resistance as your finger trails down my body, and as you guide that cock inside my sensitive pussy, my legs instinctively lock themselves around your waist.* Hnngh... shit.... fuuuuuck me...
*Desperate to free myself, pushing you off of me onto your back, I scurry on top of you, pull that strap off your body, split your legs wide open and easily slide three fingers in your pussy, pumping them in and out as fast as I can go.*
uhhh... NOOOOO!!!!
"You.. are going to cum.. you are going to SCREAM! CUM JADA! SQUIRT FOR ME YOU DIRTY BITCH!"
*I cry out knowing that this is very bad... there is no way my soaked pulsating pussy can take this*
*you hot sweaty skin presses into mine as you invade my soaked cunny*
UHH... mmmm... oh fuck.. fuck... *another slap of the mat... I grip it clawing at it*
FUCK... FUCK... DESTINY!!!! HOly fuck!!!!!
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
*The inevitable is here... the surge becomes a tremendous wave... if moves fast the crunches into my entire body. I thrash about coming and squirting hard.*
*I dip my head down, trying to catch some of your juices into my mouth as you explode. Still pumping those fingers in and out of you relentlessly, milking that orgasm for as long as possible.* "Goood girl... muuuuch better.."
Fuck... fuck... *I pant*
*we tussle in a sweaty sexy mess in the middle of the ring. It is just you and I... our moans our panting... the slap of skin... the grips... these are the only sounds*
*our hands easily glide over each other bodies, our lips trying to kiss anything we can touch. Our panting and moaning echoing in the empty gym.*
*my lust to continue to hold you close... to wrestle you tight is too much to keep under control. I topple on top of you... thrusting into you...kissing you deep* "mmm... D... I want this more that you... give it to me!"
*wrapping my arms and legs around you, rolling us over so that I'm on top of you. Thrusting myself back down against you as you thrust up, moaning into your mouth as I ride your strappy.* "Mmmpph! Do.. your worst!"
uhh... uhh... you sexy bitch!!!
*I push you off then force you to lick my soaked pussy. I move of dominance... or at least that is what I hope. My cocoa ass punishes your face.*
"You are going to be mine, Destiny!! Submit to me!!"
*my tongue hangs open, being forced to explore your folds as you force me into your pussy, grinding away on top of me. My hands dips between my legs, coating my fingers in my juices and bringing it up to my mouth, which is a lot more difficult with you sitting on it. Tasting my juices, before licking you in earnest.*
*sensing that I have you in a daze... I release you but grip your hair tight pulling you up* "Time to go for a ride, honey!" *I throw you off the ropes and when you bounce back to me our tits collide as I knock you on that perfect ass*
*I circle you* "I think this is about over don't you?"
*as I bounce off your chest, getting knocked back down into the mat, my own stockings finally slip off my legs and lay clumsily down by my feet. Rubbing my chest in pain, I glare up at you, before giving you the middle finger.*
"fuck.. you."
"aww babe... come on now... *I pull you up again by the hair. I get behind you then force you to your knees... clutching your pussy a bit... thrusting my hips into your ass*
"you know you want to give. Just let it go."
*I whimper as you drag me up to my feet, only for me to fall onto my knees as your hands rubs my folds again, moaning as your hips press against my ass.*
"No.. chance.."
*Slowly spinning around, I bring myself back up to my feet, letting our hands roam all over each other once more.*
"mmm.. babe... please don't be mad... *we grope, grip, and pinch* "this has been so hot... but one of us has to lose."
"Yeah.. you're right.. but it's not going to be me.."
*I play with myself as I smile* "so feisty!
*Taking your legs out from under you, tripping you to the mat. I take the chance to pull your strap-on you used before and pull it on myself. Rolling you onto your stomach, before I lift your legs up into the air and slowly guide the toy inside your cunt, holding you up like a wheelbarrow.*
"what the?!?!?... UNGH!!!"
"You were, saying before?"
"God.. you're so.. fucking tight.."
uhh... mmm... let mmm uuhh.. me... go!!!
*I kick you off then scramble for my own strappy. We struggle until I am able to work you into the same position* "Now you were saying?!?!"
"mmm... fuck... you have such a tight little pussy too..."
(I hate getting the same move option back. This has happened twice. Sorry)
*You surprise me by managing to wiggle free, basically mirror'ing what I did to you, making me walk on my hands with your grasp on my legs up in the air. The toy buried deep inside me.*
(not your fault, shit happens~)
"Unngh.. fuck! S-shut up..."
*Shaking my arms and legs, freeing myself from your grasp, rolling around you as I push you on your hands and knees. Thankfully my own strap is all lubed up, so I gently push the toy inside your ass, letting you get used to the feeling of being stuffed before I thrust the rest of the way in.*
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Grabbing onto your hair, yanking it back, as I start to pound into you with speed and intensity, my hips slapping into your ass, the sound echoing in the gym.*
Oh fuck... no... no... uhhhh!!!
"God.. take it you slut... Cum for me you anal slut!"
uhh... mmmm... fuck... you are hurting me.... uhh... ungh.... it is too deep... mmmm.... mmmm.... uhhhh....
*You thrust into me furiously. I am filled to the brim with toy cock... you pump me mercilessly*
*I start to rain spank after spank down onto your ass, relentlessly pumping the toy in and out of your ass.* "Take it, take it take it you slut! Cum for me!"
"I will not be your anal bitch!! AHHHH.... uhhhh... I can't... uhhh..mmmm... fuck... fuck...
*I groan desperate to hang on... the climax surges... I try to hold... hold....*
Oh fuck... no... no... NOOO!!!!
*I somehow resist... I was so close... on a razors edge to losing the title*
*My eyes shoot wide open as you don't cum, still pumping in and out, but that pace slows down, my energy fading.*
"No.... how?!?"
*I push you off me. We wrestle on our knees. I am exhausted... you are too... panting... we grope. You finger my pussy... and I cry out. I bite your tit and you scream. This lusty fuck fight rages... as we wrestle close... struggling... straining... then I get that pussy clutch. You moan*
"You sexy cunt... I am taking you..." *I grip your pussy tight... you moan still... in the haze I fumble to strap in then I ease the toy deep into your ass as I pinch and grope your tits from behind. Your perfect ass in my lap.. I pump... then whisper in your ear.* "You are finished babe.... it is over... cum for me... cum hard for me!"
*What seems to be a recurring theme, in our struggle for control your hands finds its way to my pussy and you get me to freeze up. It's all you need to take advantage, positoning behind me as your strap finds its way fully inside my ass.* "FUCK!"
*I kiss you cheek as i pump you* Let it go babe... it is okay... I got you.
*Your hips begin to pump the toy in and out, the hands on my tits adding a mixture of pain along with the pleasure. And those sweet whispers you speak in my ear sends shivers up my body. I can only moan out, feeling the cliff of my orgasm approaching faster and faster..."
is resisting cumming (96% chance of cum) => Came!
"...and I don't fight it. In fact I do my best to bring it faster. A hand descends between my legs, rubbing away frantically on my clit, eyes closed, mouth open, tongue hanging out as you do your magic.* "Yes yes YEEES! D-DON'T STOP JADA!"
mmm... yes... yes...YESSS!!! *I thrust faster harder*
*my body tenses up, before it quivers against you, your hands keeping me up right as I cum hard. My hand rubbing away mindlessly as my juices squirt out of me even harder than before.*
*the cameras manage to catch a glimpse of my face in pure ecstacy, eyes open, but rolled into the back of my head. Hand still rubbing away at my clit, and the big ol stain of my juices on the mat below me. You continue your thrusts, milking orgasm after orgasm out of me, cementing your victory.*
*I am in full primal lust as you have exploded. I milk you fully to maximize your pleasure. You have been a gorgeous and more than worthy opponent... i slow my thrusts to a more sensual pace.* Babe... you were amazing... I am so lucky... you are incredible."
*I stop my thrusts then roll you over. I kiss you deeply* "Are you okay?" *I stroke your hair*
*my body slowly comes down, pressing my face against the mat, your thrusts slowing to come down a unspoken mercy. I try to open my mouth to speak, but my mind is too frazzled for any coherent words to come out. I'm in a complete, cum drunk state, a blissful smile on my face as you speak.*
*as you roll me over, I can thankfully nod my head, stretching my arms and legs out, laying down completely spread out as I look up at you.*
mmm... babe... you are a treasure... so beautiful... thank you for this."
*I get up off of you after one more gentle kiss. I collect my title then slink out of the ring*
(probably good timing since the site seems to be freaking out ๐Ÿ˜‚)
(Incredible... I would chat more but I have to run... thank you... thank you... thank you... to infinity! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹)
(yes... scene! we broke the site! lol)
(no worries! I'll be in your dm's. Thank YOU for the absolutely heavenly game. You were fantastic ๐Ÿ’‹)
(get going, I'll talk to you later ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹)

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