Destiny VS Alpha Sigma Sigma : History listed publicly (64 turns)

Jocelyn vs Destiny

Jocelyn and Destiny have been trading blows on social media for months now, and it's all come to a head in a sexfight to determine which sorority reigns supreme. Though Jocelyn was able to tie Destiny up for a good portion of the match, it was A.S.S's influencer who came first when Destiny used Jocelyn's own favorite strap on against her. Jocelyn was able to do the same back but Destiny's pussy grinding skills proved too much for Jocelyn, leading to a quick 2nd orgasm and defeat. Destiny humiliated Jocelyn in the post match, forcing the Wasian to beg for a good ass fucking while being recorded. In the end Destiny left Jocelyn moaning and quivering in a puddle of her own cum, eyes set on the rest of the sorority.

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Hi hi, hope you're doing well~
I am! Are we jumping straight in or did you want to do some pregame set up first?
I'll set up some pre-game first
Sounds good!
*Representing my sorority's, Zeta Sigma Chi social media's accounts, I've gotten myself into a bit of a nasty feud with Alpha Sigma Sigma. We've traded some casual insults here and there, but things took a quick, intense turn more recently. So much so, that it's gotten out of hand. Now, I reached out in an attempt to broker some peace, and thankfully you agreed to meet.*
*You hear a knock on your door, and when you open it you see me, standing in a white tank-top, the outline of a red bra poking through, and a pair of tight jeans. My hands in my pocket, a unamused look on my face.* Hi.. Jocelyn, right?
*I open the door, having been expecting the representative from the Zeta's 30 minutes ago, I gave an equally unamused glare as I opened the door. I was wearing a black button up blouse and jeans which covered up my matching lavender bra and panties underneath* Yes that's me, and you're...Destiny? *I say with a slightly raised eyebrow* Why don't you come in *I feign politeness*
Now...what exactly have you come to offer, after shit mouthing our sisterhood for the last few months, surely you don't expect us to bury the hatchet with a handshake
*Quickly brushing my way past you, making sure to bump into your shoulder as I walk by, I step into your room, before turning on my heel and raising my own eyebrow at you.* I'm sorry, were you expecting an apology? *I can't help but giggle at the thought, shaking my head before glaring daggers over at you.* Please, I've spoken nothing but the truth about you sluts, I've simply come with a proposal.
Now, before anything gets any crazier, I wanted to settle things, one on one between you and I. The loser admits the other sorority is better, simple wager I think, no?
*I resist the urge to say something as you bump me. Rudely coming into MY room, in MY sorority house. Hearing your proposal I give a confident smile, crossing my arms* Fine then, let's see if basic bitch here can bite as well as she can bark. Right here right now then? I'll clear out the sparring ring and we can go at it there. Can't say I haven't been itching to teach you a lesson....
*Stepping up towards you, getting right in your face, chest against chest, I give you the fakest, innocent smile, before it slowly turns into a cocky one.* Who needs the ring, this room should be just fine.. unless you're too much of a scaredy bitch..
Ha~ alright slut, so eager to be taught a lesson huh? *I grab your hair and throw you over my bed* Alright I'll fuck you right here and now then.... *I thrust my hips against your ass, giving you a few fake groans as I pretend to fuck you from behind* You're cum like the little dog you are~
*I let out a soft little squeal as you bend me over the bed, glaring over my shoulder at you, rolling my eyes at your thrusts.* Please.. if that's how you fuck someone.. no wonder why those rumors about how big of sluts your girls are gets out.*
*Pushing you away, I strut over towards you, grabbing the hem of your tank-top and ripping it right off your body, along with your bra.*
Hey! *I exclaim in anger as you tear my cute outfit and bra away* I'll add that to the list of reparations you'll be giving me when I beat your sorry ass. *I grab a rope from atop my dresser* You wanted a fight right here so don't complain when this kind of stuff happens~
*I push you back onto the bed and begin tying up your wrists, before pulling your ankles up and tying up all 4 of your limbs in one bundle*
(5/6 to break, are we doing a max turn limit?)
[Sure, how about 3 turn limit?]
(works for me)
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 1! **
*You push me back onto the bed, and before I can do anything, you've got me on all fours, ropes binding my limbs together, and a gag is stuffed into my mouth. I'm staring daggers up over at you, trying to wiggle free from my restraints, but no luck.*
Hehe~ *I pull you by your hair into my lap, spanking your ass* Aww you don't like this? You want to call of the wager? Maybe if you beg hard enough I'll let you out of here with your sisterhood's pride still intact~
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 6! **
*your spanking has me moaning angrily into my gag, but thankfully my early wiggling works and I manage to free myself. Pushing you down onto your back, I grab onto a pair of clamps from a top of your dresser, and apply them onto your nipples.*
Shut up you fucking slut, I'm taking you and your sorority down..
Aghhh! *I scream as you clamp down my perky, erect nipples* Mmm I don't think so think I'd lose to some ugly, basic bitch like you? The Sigma's are a sexfighting sorority, not just a house where frat guys go to find their next fuck like yours!
*I grip down hard on your tits in retaliation*
*gritting through my teeth as your hands come down on my tits, I pull on your clamps, leaning down and sucking hard on your neck, leaving my mark.* You bitch.. that's not what I've heard.. especially after what happened with Hana at the reunion.. right?
*Reaching back up to the drawer, I grab onto a black collar and lock it firmly around your neck.* See, don't you think you look better like this? Now everyone will know just how big of a slut you are..
*I'm caught off guard as you mention the incident with Hana* Why you little if your sorority would fare any better to a dirty attack like that....*My mind is racing as you suck on my neck and snap the collar around my neck*
Mm...I bet you sluts would do it in broad daylight for a quick buck mm? Did I guess your next event right huh bitch?
Please, as if I'd allow some random guy who went to my school do what they did to one of my girls. *I slap your face in annoyance, before spitting on you and rubbing it in your face.* We have standards, clearly unlike yourselves.
*I give an angry expression, how dare this bitch try and ruin my gorgeous complexion with her filthy spit* Standards? Are those trashy clothes what all you whores are wearing? *I grab your tank top and easily tear it off, followed by your bra and the rest of your clothes, until their a tattered mess barely clinging onto your body*
*I don't respond to your taunting words, giving your face another slap as I slip down your body. Wrapping my lips around one of your nipples, pulling back on the nub in between licks and sucks. Meanwhile my fingers slips in your jeans and panties, rubbing away at your pussy before two fingers slide inside your folds.*
Mmm... *I groan as you toy with my pussy. I have had enough with this cocky bitch...I slide my hand down to your pussy, starting by mirroring your fingers, before closing them up into a fist and sliding it into your cunt* Mmm wow~ you can already take my fist? How loose is that pussy~
*you see my eyes get wider and wider as you work at first only a few fingers, before working your whole fist inside of my folds. My eyes close shut as you get a few pumps in.* Fuuuck... oh my god shut UP! *Rolling you onto your back, prying your hand away from my legs, my fingers continue to pump and twist in and out of your folds, all while I nibble on your ear.* You are going to pay for that you fucking bitch..
Mmmmm~ nnn that all you got? *I groan, watching your tits dangle above me. I lean up and bite down hard on your right nipple, before falling back to the bed, pulling hard on your tit* Mmmm~ nnnn *I chuckle, shaking my head back and forth*
*Hissing through gritted teeth, I fall on top of you, keeping those fingers pumping in and out of you, dipping my neck in as I suck on your neck, leaving more and more of my marks on you.*
Nnngh mmm~ *I moan, your mouth running all over my neck. I writhe below you, glancing into your eye with a seductive glint. My gorgeous gaze and body only heightening your arousal*
Now... let's see just how well trained that mouth of yours is.. *pushing myself up off of you, I reach underneath your bed and pull out a 8 inch purple dildo. Crawling back on top of you, I grab a hold of your hair as I slowly force the toy deep into your mouth, making you gag on it.*
That's all you can take? Pathetic.. don't worry we'll get that changed soon enough..~
Mmmgh!? *I moan into my purple dildo, enraged that you would use my favorite plastic cock against me. Of course it had seen my pussy far more than it had gone down by mouth* NGHHH! *I spit out the cock and push your wrist away, flipping us over and pinning you down with my body* Shut up bitch...I'm sure Hana will have plenty of anger to take out, why don't I set you up to be trained by her huh?~
*I bite down hard on your nipple again, motorboating the 2 tiddies. All the while rubbing 2 fingers against your clit*
A-aahh shit! G-get off me you bitch! *With you pressed up against me, fingers pressed up against my clit, mouth wrapped around a nipple, you've got me moaning underneath you. Both of my hands decend down your back, grabbing a handful of your ass, before raining down spank after spank on that booty of yours.*
Ah! Hey! *I slap your tits in retaliation, undoing the clamps you put on me and pinching them around your nipples instead* Let's see how you like your tits being tortured! *I laugh, slapping the clamps around making them even more painful around your tanned tiddies*
*Wincing as you slap my tits, before crying out in pain as you put those clamps from your nipples onto my own, slapping them around causing them to pinch my nubs with every movement. To silence my cries of pains, I dig a hand into your hair and pull you down, hungrily kissing your lips as my tongue invade your mouth.*
Mmmm mmhm~ *I chuckle a bit into your mouth, taking the opportunity to push your arms above you, securing a hand cuff to one of the bed posts before you can react. Even as you realize what's going on I lock the other one arm up in similar fashion, before getting in a few free pot shot slaps to your tits*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 1! **
*Admittedly I can't help but lose myself in the kiss, and before I know what's going on both of my arms are cuffed to the bed posts behind me. I try desperately to pull myself free, but seeing that i'm helpless you rain slap after slap on my tits.* Ow! Fuuck! Stupid! Fucking! Bitch!
Awww what was that? Still calling me a bitch? *I yank the clamps hard, pulling them up and down, left and right, listening to your screams* Whine about it online some more~, that's all you're capable of huh?~
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 3! **
*Flailing about as hard as I can, the cuffs still aren't budging. My eyes close shut, teeth clenched together as you pull away on my clamps without mercy. I can only kick my feet against the bed in pure frustration.*
*I smile, seeing that you were all flustered and humiliated. I give you a fake yawn before hopping off the bed* Wow, you're even weaker than I expected, you don't mind if I go freshen up real quick before finishing you off right? Have to look my best for the victory post after all~ *I wave toodles before stepping into the doorway connecting my room to the bathroom, you hear the shower begin to run*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 6! **
*As you turn your back and enter your bathroom, whether by sheer luck or coincidence, the sound of your showering turning on fires me up, and I'm able to slip through the cuffs and follow in after you. You don't hear me enter in behind you, as I press myself up against you and push you up against the shower wall.* Can't get rid of me that easily..
Mmm haaa~ *I let out a sudden gasp as you press me up against the shower tiles, my tits squashed up against the wall* W-wha.... *a breathy gasp escapes me, I look over back at you, your fingers pressed against my wet crotch*
H-how did you get out mm~
Don't worry about that right now.. it's not important.. *Leaving a trail of kisses down your back, both of my hands decend to your ass, spreading your holes for me, dipping my head in as I start to lick away at your slit.*
Mmmm~ fuck... *I reach behind and pull you back up by your wet hair, bringing you face to face with me. I press my lips against yours, pushing you against the glass shower wall and fingering your pussy in retaliation* Looks like someone still needs to be disciplined...
*moaning into your mouth as your fingers caress my lower lips once again. My own hands glide up and down the side of your bodies, massaging your tits, giving them some squeezing as I lick, kiss all along your jaw and neck.*
Mmm *The soap is letting your hands glide along my curvy body with ease. I slide my hands behind you, hoping to get a nice squeal out of you as my finger glide along your curvy ass, before sliding itself into your exposed asshole. I pull your lower hole around with my fingers, smirking at you as I watch your face*
*as your fingers press, poke, and slowly work their way inside my ass, I can't help but tilt my head back and moan out loud, knowing full well you're enjoying every minute of it. Grabbing onto your hands, I spin us around and push your face up against the shower wall, grabbing onto a 7 inch strap-on, quickly fastening it around my waist and easily push the toy inside your pussy.*
About time you learn just what I'm capable of.. *Both hands grab onto your hips, pulling you back against my hips every time I thrust, pistoning the strap in and out of you quickly and intensely.*
Ahhh~ ngh fuckkk! *I groan against the shower wall, my tits pressed up against the glass wall *I glare back at you with an angry expression but it's mixed in with lustful moans as you pound my pussy* Ngh f-fuck you... *I grit my teeth, reaching back and using my fingers to once again target your ass, hoping you'd fuck yourself against my fingers as you thrust*
*Your fingers down around my ass manage to just find their way to the right spot, as every time I thrust back, your fingers are met with my ass. But I don't dare stop, grabbing a hold of your wet hair and yanking it back, bringing my face right next to yours, letting me hear every little moan so clearly.* T-that's.. exactly what I'm doing..
Ngh ugh! Ahh~ *I let out a final moan before finally pushing you back against the other side of the shower and stumbling out of the shower, escaping back to my room and taking a moment to catch my breath*
*Pulling the strap-on down my legs, kicking it off, turning off the shower, I slowly follow after you. Thankfully you don't get very far, allowing me to toss you back onto the bed in return. Slowly crawling over you, pressing my pussy right up against your own, slowly thrusting against you as I stare down at you, nothing but our panting being heard in the room.*
Mmm ha... mmm~ *I moan as our pussies duel for dominance, before I grab your wet hair and flip you back onto the bed, locking you back up in the same handcuffs from before* This time I'm keeping an eye on you dirty bitch.... *I slap at your clamped tiddies again, reminding your who owns them*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 3! **
*Too tired to fight back, you easily flip me onto my back and slap those cuffs around me again. Try as I might, the cuffs do not budge, and I'm left to squirm in pain as you slap away at my tits.* Ow! Fuck off!!!
Nice try, want me to leave again so you can ambush me? *I pinch your cheeks together* Think again little bitch, you started this, and you're going to get what's coming to you!~
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 5! **
*Thankfully, I push you away as my hands slip free from their grasp. My hands descend down my body, slowly rubbing away at my clit as I can only stare angrily at you.* Don't tell me you didn't enjoy what happened. Let's face it, you and the rest of you are a bunch of nasty. little. fucking sluts..~
Nasty? *I growl angrily, this bitch thinks she's better than ME?* I think our follower count would say differently, looks like no one give a shit about you and your parade of ugly whores! *I slam you back down to the bed, grabbing my lavender strap on from earlier and sliding it around my hips. I force you back in the handcuffs and slap you*
Let's see how you take it bitch! *I grab my plastic cock and press it against your pussy, thrusting in without mercy and watch as you moan for me*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 3! **
*Once again you cuff me back into those restraints, your palm slapping me in the face causes me to wince, before any pain is quickly washed away as you guide your favorite strap-on and push it inside me. From the angle, you easily grab onto my hair and force me to look at the toy gliding in and out of my folds as I can only moan and moan.*
A-aahh! We-we all know, fuuuck, that you buy.. your followers... h-holy shiiit fuck!
*Your taunts only heighten my rage, thrusting harder and harder into your lower folds, my purple strap on quickly covered in your precum* You jealous bitch....this loose pussy is the only thing attracting anyone to you...mmm can't say why though, you're so loose~. Too many big cocks claiming this pussy?~
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 1! **
*You see my eyes threaten to roll into my head from the sheer intense fucking of your strappy. My mouth tries to open to speak back, but no words are formed as I only just moan, cry out in bliss.*
Mmm I wonder....maybe your ass will be more fun to fuck than this loose, sloppy pussy~ *I tease, pulling out before thrusting into your asshole, using your own precum as lube* Mmm~ much better~ *I grunt, forcing my cock deeper into the tight hole*
** Destiny rolled 1d6: 5! **
*Feeling your fake cock leave my pussy, only to be forced inside my ass has my eyes shooting wide open, finally waking me up so I can slip free from the cuffs. Pushing you down onto your back, yanking that strappy down your legs and quickly pulled up onto my own, easily guiding the toy inside your pussy. Burying myself fully inside, before I reach out, grab a vibrator, hold it against your clit as I start to thrust relentlessly in and out of you.*
So... much fucking talk... now let me hear you moan... scream... you're going to be.. a good little fucking slut.. and CUM right now..!
Ughh ahh? H-huuh nghhh~ *I moan as you thrust my favorite toy into my pussy. Of course I was already used to cumming for this cock, but the added pressure of the vibe made my moans reach a high point* Ahhhh~ n-no... I won't cum for you....slut....nghhh~ *I hang onto my bed frame for dear life*
is resisting cumming (68% chance of cum) => Came!
UGHH AHHHHH~ AIEEEEEEEEE! CUMMMINGGGGG! *But it's no use, you force me over the edge and force me to cum all over my purple strappy. Drenched in a combination of your precum and my own juices* FUCKKKKK!
*I've got the biggest grin on my face hearing you cum, letting the vibe fall beside you, hoisting your legs up as I ramp out my thrusting, slamming my waist against your own, driving that toy deep inside of you.* Not so.. fucking tough now.. are you..~
Mmm ughh f-fuck you...ahhh~ *I feel you exiting my pussy, a wave of relief flowing through me, before I feel you pressing the cock against my asshole* Nghh....w-wait....d-don't you fucking dare you dirty slut!
Oh? And why shouldn't I? *Very slowly, I thrust my hips again, working only the first two tips of the strap inside your tight little ass, seeing that face of yours contort in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Not wanting to leave your pussy negclected, I grab onto that vibrator again and press it right up against your clit.* Well? what are you waiting for? It's not gonna fuck itself.. get to work.. you fucking slut~
Nghh never! *I roar, tearing the strapon from your hips before you can get any further and reattaching it. I slam you against the bed and split your legs open, thrusting into your pussy once more, determined to make you cum shamefully as you made me do* C'mon whore, cum! This is all you're good for, being a hole for others to use!
*That seemed to hit a nerve, you lift my legs up by my head, yanking the strap off of me and onto you and driving the toy fully inside me in one swift thrust. My eyes close shut as you've got me moaning again, the cliff of my orgasm quickly approaching.* Oh my goodddddd fuuuuck fuuck!!
is resisting cumming (93% chance of cum) => Came!
*my eyes open, only to roll into the back of my head as my body begins to shake and writhe underneath you. My mouth hangs open before I let out a long, guttural groan as you continue to drive the cock in and out of me.*
Mmm that's it! Good slut! *I squeeze your cheeks together and force your tongue to drool out of your mouth, loving the lewd expressions you were making* Maybe I should make this the feature photo~ hehe~
*Physically too exhausted to say anything in response, I pull on your arm, guiding your body up against mine, letting my hands explore all over your body, before reaching down and rubbing away at your pussy.*
Mmm~ *I simply enjoy as you worship my body, slowly fucking you to make sure you didn't get to recover too much. I reach down and dig around your folds with my finger to reveal my glistening fingers. I laugh a bit at just how wet you are for me~*
*with my legs wrapped around your waist, I roll us over with myself on top, hands reaching up and grabbing two big handful of your tits, tweaking your nipples between my fingers. I slowly rock my hips back and forth, my legs teasingly touching against your thighs.*
Mhmhm~ falling for my body Destiny? Don't be too ashamed, not many people can resist my beauty for long~ *I show off my body, grinding on top of you, letting you admire every inch of my perfect body. My hands reach up to my neck, pulling up my hair in perfect model fashion*
*You see my eyes wander up and down your body, doing exactly as you said, looking at your wonderful body. But thankfully, as you reach up to pull on your hair, it allows me to slide the strappy off of you, hold your legs up into the air and press my slit right up against your own. Grinding away on top of you, our clits brushing against each other over and over, moaning aloud, smirking down at you.*
Ah! *I glare up at you, how dare you think you can turn the table on me...I reach back and pull on your ass cheeks, spreading them wide open* Mmm this asshole ready for another pounding? *Slap!* Mmm I be you're always ready to be fucked in that dirty hole~ hehe~ *I taunt*
*I bite my lip as you spread my ass cheeks and give them a slap, in return I not only swat your hands away, but give your cheek another slap. I focus solely on my grinding, my hips become a blur as we both moan out louder and louder.*
You talk.. way too fucking much... shut up and cum.. you stupid slut!
Nghh~ haa not my fault I got a silver tongue mmm~ and you're just a silent fuck doll~ *I stick out my tongue in a taunting fashion* Mmm fuck...this pussy haaa isn't good enough mm to make me cum... *I grunt, grinding back against you*
is resisting cumming (35% chance of cum) => Came!
[well...feel free to make me eat my words...>.<]
*Giving your face another slap, you feel a hand descend down and wrap its fingers around your throat, lightly choking the air out of you. The other hand snakes down between our legs, pressing two fingers right up against your clit as I rub quick, fast circles on your sensitive little nub.* Oh? Is that so..? Then why can't you look at me.. why are your legs quivering..? Are you about to cum, huh Jocelyn?
Ngha? *I feel myself approaching the edge, but I had to hang on...I couldn't cum like this...* W-what do you mean? *I stare into your eyes* Mmm see? Looking right at them ha~ *I stick out my tongue again, but right at that moment my eyes roll back up as I hit my climax* Ahhhh~ n-NOOO w-wait stop it mmm ahh CUMMMMMINGGGG~! *I squirt out like a fountain, eyes rolled back, tongue dangling out, my body quivers against yours just as you say*
*I feel your juices squirt up against us, some of it coming to land on your chest, on my thighs, and on the bed below us. I continue to grind away on top of you, letting go of your throat as I want to hear those moans loud and clear.* Yeeeeeahhh.. that's it.. cum like the fucking slut you are...
[how much time do you have? Would like to get at least some post match fun in~)
[I've got time~]
(perfect, sorry in advance then~)
[Why are you sorry?]
(for what I'm about to do 💋)
*letting go of your legs, I roll over and lay next to you for a few moments, collecting both my thoughs and my breath.* Ha... ha.. you talked.. SOOO much shit Jocelyn... and look.. where that got you..
*Sitting up on the edge of the bed, I take two big handfuls of your hair and drag you off of your bed and towards your closet. Pushing you on your hands and knees infront of the mirror, before I leave the room.*
Ahh~ ngh fuck!! No....~ *I moan as you drag me to the mirror, my perfectly done hair being ruined by your rough handling, a wet trail stains the carpet as you drag me*
*When I come back, you see me with a marker in my hand and what appears to be your phone. Thankfully for me, you left it unlocked. Very slowly pulling up that favorite strappy of yours back up my legs, stepping up behind you before you hear me speak again.* Ohhh... how sweet this is going to be. *Reaching down, I hold the phone up, aiming the camera down at the two of us, me with a big ol smile on my face.* Well what do we have here? Is that Jocelyn, from Alpha Sigma Sigma, on her hands and knees, naked in her own room? Tell everyone Jocelyn, what happened here?~
*I struggle to hold back tears as I look into the camera, the threat of my favorite strapon looming over my shoulders* D-Destiny from Zeta Sigma Chi, made me cum twice like a slut...she outfucked me and made me submit to her. She wasn't phased by my body or my nasty tongue, she destroyed me in every way.... *I whimper out to the camera, not sure if this was live or being recorded for future humiliation or blackmail*
Wow.. I didn't think you'd just admit it so easily.. good girl Jocelyn..~ *I lean down, tilting your face up towards me and giving your lips the softest of pecks.* That's right, you Alpha Sigma Sigma sluts are NOTHING compared to Zeta Sigma Chi. You all have been talking so much shit for WAYYY too long, and it's time to make you pay for it.
*Grabbing onto your hair, I force you to sit upright on your knees, sticking my tongue out and letting run all along your cheek. Popping the cap off the marker, right above your tits I write the Zeta Sigma Chi logo, before right above your pussy like a makeshift womb tattoo, writing 'Property of Destiny'.*
Now.. there's still one hole of yours I haven't fucked Jocelyn.. and I want you to beg for me to fuck it..
*I felt humiliated and violated as you gave me a condescending kiss before running your tongue up and down my cheek as you pleased. I winced, trying to lean away from your mouth. However none of that compared to the sight of my pristine body being drawn on. A humiliating symbol of defeat right above my tits, and a shameful label above my leaky cunt*
Ngh n-no....p-please don't make me beg for it... nnn please! *I whined, trying not to look at the camera or the mirror out of fear of passing out in shame*
*Not satisified with your answer, I give your cheek a harsh slap, yanking on your hair again as I force you to look up into the camera.* Oh that's not good enough Jocelyn.. you wouldn't want this video to go out to the public would you?~ If you don't beg for me to fuck that tight little ass of yours.. then maybe I just tell the guy who fucked Hana to post those photos of her online.. along with this video..~
Hiii~ *I quiver at your threat...gulping before lowering my head slightly. I couldn't let Hana suffer even more for my failures* P-Please Destiny....fuck m-my tight little ass with my favorite purple strappy... *I beg. My asshole tightens at the thought of it being taken forcibly on camera*
Good girll... see? that wasn't so hard, wasn't it? Be a good girl and spread your ass apart for me... *Slowly walking around behind you, dropping onto my knees, the camera looks down at your expose ass, and the purple cock that's about to slide all in. With my hand around the shaft, I slowly guide the toy into your tight little ass, inch after inch, letting you get accustomed to the feeling of your rosebud being stretched out.* Now... *Reaching back down, grabbing onto your air and forcing you to look in the mirror.* What do you say darling?~
*My fists ball up as you slowly slide further and further up my tight asshole, my jaw clenches in physical and emotional pain* Nghh t-thank you f-for fucking my ass D-Destiny! *I manage to grunt out, my legs spread as far as they can to try and loosen myself up* Hughh ahhh~ nghhh *I let out a few moans after my declaration, unable to hold them back anymore*
Yeaaahhh... that's my good little fucking slut.. *Slowly I rock my hips forward and back, turning the camera down, both of us watching as the cock slides in and out of your ass. The camera shifts back towards the mirror, zooming in on your face, letting it get a perfect glimpse of your face, the pain and pleasure completely washed over your face.* That's right.. this is your favorite strappy isn't it.. Tell me Jocey.. what were you planning to do to me if I lost to you~
Ahhh~ ahhh ahhh *my eyes cross as the pleasure fills my body, before rolling back up to try and catch a glimpse of you fucking me in the mirror* Haaa fuck it hurts! Ahhh mm's m-my favorite s-strap-AH~ *Despite this I had never tried anal with the purple cock and it was clear that I wasn't ready for it to be used against me like this*
Haaa....I-I was going to m-make you walk back to your sorority house, n-naked and with advertisements to A.S.S. fundraisers written in m-marker....mmm and a vibrator w-would be tied to your pussy....haaa~ *The name Jocey felt so demeaning...driving me further and further down this hole of humiliation*
Well.. it's a damn shame isn't it.. but don't worry.. I'm sure this will be GREAT advertising for your fundraisers.. everyone will know just how easy.. slutty... you girls are.. *The camera focuses back down on your ass, my free hand letting go of your hair and raining smack after smack on your ass. My hips begin to pick up the pace, thrusting the toy in and out of your ass faster and faster.*
*I change the video to selfie mode, letting the camera get a good glimpse of just my face, my cheeks red from the exhaustion, my naked, sweaty tits glistening under the ceiling light.* Hope y'all are listening.. Alpha sluts... Jocey here was the first.. but I'm going to knock you all down a peg.. ONE.BY..ONE *each word at the end puncutated by another deep, thrust inside.*
Ngh ahhh~ w-wait I-I thought i-if I did w-what you said mmmph y-you wouldn't release this video! Nghh! Ahhh~ haaaa ahh w-wait mmph please slow down! *But you clearly weren't paying attention to me anymore, instead focusing on the camera and declaring war on the rest of the sorority. As you punctuated your final message with hard thrusts, my body finally gives out, unable to hold itself up anymore*
*As you declare your final 'one', you feel my asshole clench up, my face collapses to the ground and my ass raises itself even higher* UGHHH HCUMMMMING GJHHHH *I let out a gutteral moan, as you thrust my asshole to my 3rd orgasm, spilling out all over my bedroom floor*
*Turning the camera off, setting your phone down beside you, both hands grab onto your hips as I focus solely on the task of pounding that tight little ass of yours. Hearing and seeing you cum once again, your juices spraying out onto the floor below us, I don't dare stop. Pounding your tight ass continutally, wanting you to cum over and over again.. until you're nothing but a quivering mess, or until you pass out.*
*And I do just that, cumming over and over again, letting out ever more depraved moans and screams as you pound me until my brain gives out. Im not passed out just yet, but you can see in the mirror, my eyes are barely hanging on. Every now and then you can still here my begs and pleads for you to stop. My pussy, ass, strapon, floor, everything had been ruined by your endless fucking. My room smelled like it had been hosting an orgy*
*Seeing your body start to slouch, those begs and pleads for mercy slowly and quietly begin to fade. I feel like you've had enough. Slowly, very slowly, withdrawing the strappy from your ass, shimmying down my legs and setting it aside next to you. I grab onto your phone again, along with the marker, writing the ZEX logo on your ass, taking a selfie with your pussy dripping in your juices, your ass puckering from the pounding, and my cocky, gleaming face right next to your rear.*
*A woman of my word, I don't post the video online, but I do send a copy of both the picture and the video to my phone, along with sending both to the group chat of you and the rest of the A.S.S members, the only text reading. 'See you all soon 💋'
*Giving your ass one final smack, I walk back towards the entrance, putting on the rest of my clothes, and slamming the door shut behind me. Both you, and your sorority have been put on notice
[Holy... that was incredible]
[hah, glad you enjoyed it 💋]
[Mmm I did, hope you had fun as well!]
[oh I absolutely did! You were fucking amazing 😍]
[I hope we get to do this again~]
[I agree, did you want to make these logs public?]
[okay with me~]
[Great, I'll discuss more in dms then~]
[sounds good, have a wonderful rest of your night 💋]
[You too~]

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