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hiya hiya
Hello Cody
how are ya?
I'm doing good I can't wait to kick your ass again .😏
:T Ya got lucky once. It's not gonna happen again
Are you sure about that* I fellowly walk up to you pressing my body Until I hit you in the balls with my flag knocking you down*
"Nnnng!!!" For a moment I had let my guard down and for that took a quick shot between my legs. I crumbled fairly quickly and would struggle to catch my breath after that cheap shot. "F-fuck..." I groaned
What didn't you expect that? You see me fine? I hope I don't play Fair.?* Slowly getting on top of you. Pressing my crutch onto your chest. I slowly rob your dick under your clothing* I might have to discipline you again
I was defenseless as you crawled over me. Before I could respond, your hand had slid under my clothing and began rubbing a growing bulge. "Mmmm h-hey!" I whined, soon grabbing your hips and rolling you to the side. Turning the tables, I'd roll you onto your back and spread your legs wide!
Agh!* Letting out a scream of pain. Is feeling my legs being opened up wide I start hitting your balls if I can with my elbow hoping I land hit* Let me go!!
"Hey! Quit going for cheap shots!" I protested, barely able to avoid getting hit in the balls again. I'd try to maneuver myself a bit, soon grabbing your hands and just wrapping my legs around your waist. I soon squeezed hard, hoping to drive all the air from your lungs.
Hmmmm *Giggles to myself. Cody already knows what I am thinking.*
:T Imma kick ur butt SO hard
Agh!* Feeling the pain of my stomach being squeezed hard. I finally get a direct hit into your gut. Knocking you off of me. And I immediately sit on your head. Putting pressure with my Shorts putting pressure into your mouth* You like that taste that's what you're going to be tasting when I defeat you!
Cody praying to his pegging God again 🤭
staaaahp XD
It was kind of funny I used Is him as my personal toy
"Guuuh hey I mmmff!!" Before I knew it, my face was shoved right between your legs. I'd buck and kick, but for the moment I was unable to escape. All my squirming seemed to just serve to nuzzle me a bit more up against your crotch. "Gehhh ffff!!" I whined
shushhhh omg xp
nmmmmm!!.... This is the Best chair I can think of.* I slowly pull up your pants down and give your dick a few wax until I start sucking it slowly*
I let out a muffled moan under you as you began to suck me off. A wave of pleasure washed over me for a moment. It was tempting to just give in, but I'd eventually push you off of me and to the side. "Nnng f-fuck..."
Before you can even get out of that position, you feel your arms. Being grabbed and me pressing my Ask on to your face again* Where do you think you're going i'm not finished with you and Thank you, my little sex pet for your help. It's good that I went on a hentai Matches They have some personal pets
that's a fun gif XD
yes! I like that one.
Hello :)
I quickly found myself struggling to escape from under you. My face was smushed up against your ass, smothered under it in an increasingly dire situation. 'Mmmmff!! Hehh!" I whined, unable to express my protests. I'd give my feet a few little stomps as I tried to buck you off of me. It was becoming increasingly hard to do so. And so I'd once more shove your hips back, hoping to get you off of me before it was too late
You do shuffle a little bit but realize when you finally get out of my grip. I grab you with my armpit smothering you with them* You don't want to lick my ass then some The licking of my pits can do some good for you..
At this point I was just going from one smother to the next. And the lack of air was really taking its toll on my ability to think. A bit panicked now, I'd just reach up for whatever I could grab as a distraction. Managing to grab your chest, I'd give your breasts a rough squeeze
Ahhhh!!!!!!* Letting out a huge scream feeling my boobs being crushed by a firm grip of your hands I don't let go of your head. But I squeeze harder and harder to make sure you can't get out using my legs to f*** with your Dick A. It putting pressure on that as well* Let go of my tits!!!!!!
( Damn it miss click!)
Peg him! *Clap clap clap.* Peg him. *Clap clap clap.* 🤭🤭
:T hey!
I'm not just going to peg him i'm going to destroy him!!!!!* Completely read from your boob crushing*
I winced as I was just squeezed harder. By now I was starting to even feel a bit lightheaded. Although feeling your legs slide along my length was clearly a bit of a distraction from that. If your boobs weren't going to do the trick, I'd reach down and deliver a few slaps between your thighs
Yes! Destroy and peg him!
🤭 Cody definitely wants to be destroyed! He is quaking at the knees.
:T no ganging up on Cody
Agh!!* Letting out surprise screams feeling you slap my Is thighs but acts only hitting my pussy Too I tighten my grip trying to make you pass out. Firmly holding your head trying to knock out as much oxygen out of you as possible* Go to sleep you bastard!!
I vote for pegging aswell~
nooo XD
Me too!!
this is totally unfair!!
Ganging up after the match would be even more fun
Yepp ;)
Come on Cody,you know you want too🤭
Cody’s dreams would come true :D
4 ladies pegging him~ Who would not want that~
With the increasing grip, I was unable to even breath in your grasp anymore. I continued to squirm and groan, desperately trying to escape. But my body was feeling pretty heavy at this point. Eventually my eyes began to droop a bit as my struggles slowed
>///< guuuh
^I rest my case
I'll rest ur case :T
Making you pass out a bit. I tie you up to the rope and give you a firm kick in the balls waking you up* Wake up you bastard!* Still completely read from Is feeling my pussy being slapped and My boobs being crushed a bit you love some good Marks on my body*
Cody wants the case to open so he gets poked in the butt with it :3
that's not how cases work!
He does love being ball busted!
XD I SO do not
It is how cases stretch wide open however
omg lol
Ballbusting too? Aww~
I didn't know what was happening as I as pushed against the ropes. My eyes jolted wide open as I was once more hit between the legs. I was practically whimpering at this point, definitely taking one too many hit there. I'd try to retaliate though, lunging forward and tackling you down. "Nnng there! Much better place for these to be"
nmmmm!* Feeling you put your balls in my face. I don't let that distract me from grabbing your head with my legs and squeeze your neck* nmmmm... No It's still my turn!
It's good that i'm still flexible unlike him
"Guugh!!" I whined as I was trapped between your legs. Trying to return the favor from earlier, I'd deliver a sudden strike between your legs. I was hoping the quick jolt would be enough to get you to loosen up
PFff I'm plenty flexible
He does seem a bit stiff
>///< ok...that was a good one
Agh!!!!!* Letting out a huge scream feeling my p**** getting firmly whacked by you. I grab your clothing and rip it off biting my lip in tears* When i'm done with you i'm going to make you my fuck toy!!!
"Pff you started this. I'm just better at it, it seems." I teased. I returned this favor as well, grabbing your bottoms and ripping them off. I'd briefly stick my tongue out at you after giving the crowd a better view
nmmmm....* Still in pain trying. My heart is not to hold my pussy*
aww need me to rub it and make it feel better? :P
Agh!* Completely red like my hair exposing my poor p**** to the audience. Had still red and unfire from The damage that you've been giving me earlier. I look at you very mad*
"Awww what's the matter? Can't take it like you can dish it out?" I'd tease. Despite my words, I was still feeling the effects of earlier too. For now I decided to take a moment to catch my breath.
Shut up😳
Still staring at Still angry* Unlike you blue balls* Staring it Your balls and dick after all the punishment i've been giving it* Didn't you pass out before I gave you that Wake up call
I let out an annoyed huff. "Pfff ya know what? Let's put that mouth to better use." I huffed. Tackling you back down, I'd quickly straddle your chest. Quickly I reach for the back of your head, pulling your head forward and shoving my cock past your lips.
Nmmmmm!!!* Feeling you forced your Dick into my mouth. I let it happen. But I grab you by the neck forcing you to have a choice. Get out of my face or be passed out again*
Using my bra as a weapon The thing that's choking you right now*
Not wanting to get choked out again, I soon backed up. I knew that would spell disaster. "F-fuck. Just stay down will ya?" I huffed, wobbling back up to my feet.
The referee saying how rough this match is getting no saying. How many bruises both of you have separates you from each other? Letting both of you relax* When I get my hands-on you. I'm f****** you so hard. You can't think straight and you be begging for me to be your Mistress!!
I wasn't about to let you make good on that threat. Instead I'd go for it myself. "Oh please. About to make you a moaning mess!" And with that I'd grab you and pull you towards me. Soon we were on the mat again with me holding you tight. With a grin I'd thrust my hips forward, pressing in deep. "Mmm~ Take it~" I teased as I began to rock my hips
Fuck!!!* Feeling my p**** being pounded non-stop. Feeling my body bounce up-and-down when you're keep on humping me. But I immediately pull out and grab your dick firmly squeezing it, rubbing it back and forth* No you take it!
We rolled about until I had you once more. This time I had a firmer grip on you before slamming my hips against yours faster and faster. "Mmm just shut up and moan for me~" I said, soon grabbing your hair to pull you back with each thrust
You got him right you want him Serenity!
Yeah, right where she wants me XD
Ahhhhhh!!!!!* Feeling you start to f*** my p**** harder. You realized one thing I'm in control. Even though you're grabbing me. I move my body slowly onto yours even though you're hitting my pussy like a jack hammer* nmmmmmm..... Is that really ........the best you got
fuck me hard my pussy*
I let out a few moans, a bit caught up in the moment. "Mmm fuck~ I...mmm~" With you controlling the pace, it would have been easy to just ride it out. But, trying to take back control, I'd pin you down before fucking you harder against the mat. "Mmm no but...this f-fuck~ This is definitely better"
F.....u.....* Still feeling you pound me. But realizing one thing you're getting slower. So I'll kick you off of me and rub your Dick slowly with my other hand squeezing it and playing with your balls.* You're going to be my pet
Oh yes I will!!
I was struggling to keep the pace up. Soon enough I Was shoved back. Before I could respond, you were rubbing my cock and toying with me. My face flushed a little as I let out another moan. "Ahhh~ I f-fuck~"
XD gosh, gotta admire the gifs for some of these choices
Yes One beating the crap out of you or letting you cum hard decision
None of em look like beating the crap out of me XD
* Then immediately when you think let you have Pleasure I immediately lock my legs onto your head again. Squeezing your neck and slapping your dick back and forth* You've been a very naughty boy I might have to Pretty you up As a pet I wonder What a pretty pink dress would do to you
XD glad ya didn't pick the last one
Maybe I would. Maybe I wouldn't who knows<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">😜</font></font>
Okay that is weird)
My eyes shut tight when you squeezed me between your thighs. "F-fuck...let g-go!" I whined, squirming and bucking frantically. "You're not...gonna win! I'm still gonna nnnng fuck you senseless"
Whenever Cody says he is going to fuck someone senseless~ he wants that to be uno reversed. 😉
Oh let you go what we didn't get to the fun part!* Now pressing my My arms around your neck making sure you can't get out of this. I press my pussy right on your dick Humping you harder and harder feeling my wet juice is spelled out Of me I let up pleasure Take control of it* FUCK! YES!!!!
is resisting cumming (84% chance of cum) => Came!
Oh and I'll deliver it!
He likes to say he doesn't want it though.
"Nnnnggg!" I gasped as your arms wrapped around my neck. In an instant you were riding me roughly against the mat, leaving me a pile of moans under you. "Oh god I...f-fuck...fuck~!!" I cried out, clearly overwhelmed by your pace. Pleasure soon washed over me and I couldn't hold back. With one final moan I'd burst, letting out a hot load into you. "Mmmm~"
Oh fuck yeah!* Rubbing my pussy all over your body I let a pleasant brown feeling your cum*
I been miss clicking again?!
I was feeling quite drained after that. But I wasn't going to give in just yet. Grabbing your hips, I'd pull you backwards until I was able to deliver a few little kisses between your thighs. Soon my tongue was exploring your folds and swirling around your clit
is resisting cumming (98% chance of cum) => Came!
What an interesting fight
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!* Feeling your tongue get deeper inside my p**** biting like that slowly. I couldn't help it anymore and squirt directly onto your face with my tongue. Sticking out in the air until I fall right on your dick*
^w^ glad ya liking it
I'd push you off of me and wipe my face. "Mmm g-good girl." I teased, giggling a little before sitting up and taking a moment to catch my breath. Both of us seemed to be struggling for energy a bit now. "R-ready for round three?"
Slowly getting up. I grab your dick and give it a squeeze still on top of you Still pressing my pussy into your face* Oh, shut up squirter. I beat you last time and I think it's no different!
"Nnnf" I whined as you shoved your still wet pussy back against my face. I'd give it a quick little slap before I grabbed your hips and rolled us over. "Hmm? Well does this time feel any different?" I asked, lining my hips up with yours before slowly sliding in. I'd give a few quick pumps, the smacking of our hips now echoing in the arena
Don't even know who to root for :3
Me! Duh!
hi hi
Hii ^^
Fuck!* Laying my pussy being pounded non-stop. But it doesn't stop me from grabbing your dick when it's still inside me and hump, you harder* I'm not done yet
Hi Tanvir.
Sorry, my phone died a bit now. It's on 1%. I can still go though because I have it on the charger.
1% Woo! Glad you caught it in time and have a charger too! 💚
Soon enough we were just going at it, pounding away as we both tried to outfuck the other. "Mmm f-fuck...I...just..." I could barely get the words out as I began rocking my hips in an ever quickening rhythm.
Just gotta make it like 2-3 more turns lol
Grrr!!!!!* Feeling both of us pounding each other non-stop. I grab you by the hair and punch you in the gut. It's knocking the wind out of you for a bit*
*Cody says this and knows he is going to lose.*
I am not! I need one more turn!
everyhthing's certainly stacked against him.
"Guuugh!!" I was taken by surprise by the sudden strike. For a moment I was stunned, leaving you to take control for a little bit
redrew a set of actions
Cody praying for the almighty pegging God to bless him about now
It's anybody's game~
Hehe my game now~
Grabbing a strap remembering a certain girl asking for him to be pegged. I shove it up your ass when you hear your screams when i'm still fucking you* Give me your best sissy!!!!
oh... 😳
There you go!
This is what he wanted all along ^^
There you go greenie
Thank you! 💚^^
Don't you mean we!!Green🤭
Tehehehe of course Maddy 😘
"Ahhh hey!!" I whined, feeling the toy against my entrance. I'd let out a little gasp followed by a moan as you shoved it deep. That wouldn't last too long though as I soon shoved you back and got right on top of you. "Mmm This is much better~ Now moan for the crowd. Let them see you're supposed to just be my toy." And with that I'd pump my hips hard, pounding you against the mat and thrusting in deeper each moment
is resisting cumming (92% chance of cum) => Came!
FUCK!!!!!!!* Is feeling your deeper thrust actually penetrate my womb I let us surprise screem Squirting hard with my tongue. Firmly sticking out with you still on top of me pounding me nod stop* IAMCUMMING!!!!!!
What the fuck I survived that!!
I wasn't about to let you have a break. I'd turn you over, soon fucking you from behind. Reaching forward I'd pull your hair back, my hips smacking hard against yours with each thrust
If i was you Cody, i would skip all my turns and enjoy the pegging!🤭
Yes you did! :D Cody miscalculated
>///< N-not happening
Maybe he still has some time to destroy her in physical combat
Fuck......,* Biting my lip having tears well up in my eyes. Still feeling the pounding. I'm trying to hold on forget a life not to give up*
I seemed to have tired myself out a bit after all that. I'd need a quick moment to catch my breath. I'd shove you forward, keeping you pinned under me.
But also, it looks like it's going to be a domination loss for you, Cody~
Wooooo! It’s time! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for Cody!
shhhhh xp
~Make him beg for it !!
* Like a Venus fly trap. When you finally try to catch your breath. I grab your dick with my hands and give it a firm squeeze* I'm going to win this!!!!* Is moving up and down faster and faster Is hitting every pleasure part of your dick And I grabbed this strap too And shut it back up your ass hitting Every inch* Now Cum for me you man servant
Oh I have an idea if everyone wants to join in to fuck him
(I guess this action doesn't imply anal)
There was no more fighting it at this point. As soon as the tables were turned, I knew I was done. "W-wait f-fuck~ mmm I...ahhh~" I gasped, my cheeks now flushed a light red. My hips bucked for a little before finally I burst. "Mmmm~!!!" I cried out before letting out one last load
Yeah I just would creative with that one because I always see it)
chose to cum!
sometimes it's fun to rp something different lol
Just an observation
Fuck yeah!!!!!!* Raising my fist in the air. I get on top of your dick with still my body bruised up like yours With major tears well up in my eyes. Thanks to all The pain in pleasure remembering the time you crushed my boobs. I look at you very evilly* I still haven't paid you back
I lay sprawled out under you, completely exhausted after you had just drained me. "Mmm...f-fuck..." I groaned, now panting heavily under you. "I...b-but..."
No but But you'll be kissing my pussy* Slamming my pussy right on your head rubbing it firmly On your face trying to get a small orgasm out of you leaving You're a low reception to anyone's plotting. To play with*
Free real estate if anyone wants cody's dick and ass!
I let out a little whine. My lips were pressed up against your pussy, forced to give a few little kisses as you just began riding my face. "Nnnfff!!"
oh damn
i missed the show
xp it's ok! Didn't miss anything. Nothing to see here XD
* Rubbing harder and harder I finally squirt my pussy Juices right on your face very hard knowing you penetrate my Womb So what's a huge squirt on your face with my tongue sticking out with pride* You're the best fucking fuck toys Like always Cody!!
Yes, it's just me kicking his a**And I gotta say i'm gonna remember this one and write it down if you wanna do it too cody
If it's all right with you and your own Bio* Grabbing your face and slowly rubbing your cock with my hands still rubbing my pussy Is squirts on your face* Would you mind
mmm ya know... Seen you around Serenity and... gotta admit you seem really impressive~
Yeah, and female wrestling I only have four losses versus maybe fourteen or seven I haven't checked
Cody wants his butt fucked? 👀
*Grabs strapon.*
*I whined as you continued grinding against my face. All the while you began teasing me once more. "Nnnff ff-fiiine"
>///< h-hey!
hey there Vanessa!
Is oh green you want to show something up his butt for me,* Laughing when I see green slowly Slowly going towards us.*
Damn, I think I don't deserve this honor...
Sanzo I think you deserve it do whatever you like with him* Still rubbing my pussy on his face looking at you.
*Moving to Cody after talking with Wifey. Moving to him and lifting his legs.* This reminds you of something from your past right Cody?
*Lifting the legs as you see me push an 8 inch dildo into my throat. Popping it out~ and then placing it on the harness. Slowly pushing the toy inside you. Starting to fucking your ass~ hard and deep.* Who is a good boy? 💚
Someone else should do it. Plus I am a monk and shouldn't do anything too lewd... Especially on public~
My face flushed a bright red, although it was barely visible as I was buried between Serenity's thighs. This position was in fact a bit familiar to me. The next thing I knew, the 8 inch toy was sliding into me. "Mmmm f-fuck~!" I gasped, soon moaning as Venessa began thrusting hard and deep. "!!"
Alright, if you don't wanna do it, I'll let me in. This green have our With Cody, after all, he is a sinner after all.* Slowly pressing my body onto green when she's fuck him. I rub her boobs a bit
Is me and green have this*
(hi hi)
*As your face blushed red~ you feel my hands and nails tracing your skin. Pressing into you and leaving subtle marks against your body~ as I press the toy all the way inside. Moving it up and down. Bracing and stretching your ass as it is all the way in. Wiggling and twisting it around~ as I smile at Cody.* So that is full extension with one thing. Remember this too Cody? *Grabbing a wand vibe and placing it on the tip of his cock.* Such a leaking pegging slut~ good boy Cody 💋 *Feels the rubs on my 32C boobs and kissing the cheek of Serenity.*
Feeling Vel Kiss me. I kiss her back putting my lips into her mouth slowly tracing my bonnie towards her chest and slowly lick it tasting her When i'm still humping alex's face and slowly Moving my hips towards his neck rubbing it covering him with my Juices*
k-kissing on top of a boy... 😳
Not alex cody!*
*quietly takes a seat, giggling at cody*
I was feeling all kinds of sensations now. It wasn't too long before I was overwhelmed by it all. A few more moans escaped my lips as I was just toyed with. I felt the toy stretching me, completely filling me. "Mmmm~" Finally there was the vibe against my tip. My hips bucked slightly as I let out another louder moan. "F-fuck~" All the while Serenity was dripping all over my face.
(>///< shut it India)
Hey, India, you wanna have some fun? He is a very comfortable chair when he uses face* Still pressuring my lower section on his neck And his chin but i'm off his face a bit Is trying to Have a little fun with green*
*As I click on the toy on medium setting~ you feel me lift your legs and trap them as I make you have a “V” with your legs in the air. Starting to rough fuck your butt with no slowing down. Pushing you in the right position~ as the full contact of the lips of Serenity makes me kiss. Deeply and loudly as my tongue brushes up and down against hers. Enjoying the warmth of the lips~ as my hands trail down. Starting to spank his ass with his legs so high in the air. Making it nice and red~ and the wand vibe buzzes unrelenting on your cock tip. Clicking it to an even higher setting. As I pull the strapon out and go for something a bit bigger.* You know you want 10 inches. Right Cody?
Tehe no ill use him another time, I just stopped in to mock and tease 😊
no you wont! guuh
Shush seat 😊
*My hands move up~ and tenderly brushes the hair of Serenity. Moving the strands and I brush your hair very slowly. As I move my hands down to her sides~ brushing the sides of Serenity as my grey-hazel eyes gaze with soft contempt. While holding her boobs.* Sensual sensations for the winner~ always deserved 💚💋
you shhh!
Ah!* Letting out a pleasure grown feeling my legs open up a bit more feeling. Green play with my body a bit. I keep onpressuring cody's face humping it harder and harder until I squirt on him a bit Feeling you hold my boobs. Feels complete heaven*
My legs were held in the air and spread out. I was met with an unrelenting pounding, your hips smacking against mine with each deep thrust. Now with Serenity off of my face, I was embarrassingly moaning quite loudly. A few smacks to my now bouncing cheeks elicited a few little yelps. That was once more muffled though as Serenity scooted back onto my face. I could only respond to the last question with a "Mmmfff!!" And a buck of my hips.
Feeling you grab the one that feels partially crushed. Thanks to Is cody being rough with it*
This is so embarrassing~
he can't even cover his face
*Grabbing the 10 inch strapon and sliding it onto the harness. As I play with Serenity’s nipples. Holding them~ pinching them. Squeezing them as she rides out her orgasm on Cody’s face. Softly massaging the roughed up boob~ as I move around and around on the skin. Giving subtle fingertips to Serenity. While the full 10 inches push inside Cody. As the push inside him starts with a missionary fucking. Full body weight push down as I am moving the toy into him~ deeper and deeper. Fucking him as I hold his legs open with my arms. In this position~ it allows me to gently lick the skin of Serenity while still making Cody feel dominated.* This is what you always wanted Cody. Messy face~ stretched butt~ such a good seat. *Giggling as I lick the boob of Serenity and I press the wand vibe harder onto the pulsating cock of Cody.*
>///< my face is...covered
Covered in the winners cum. Such a good reward for a pegging boy. 💚
Nmmmm!!!* Letting out a surprised moan when you start sucking it harder. I slowly grab your head squeezing A bit feeling the pleasure of your tongue until I slowly reach under your clothing. To get to your such your pussy and give it a pet when you're fucking Cody so hard having another orgasm pretty much covering cody's face in juices* YES!!!!
There was no denying that I was definitely feeling something as I Was being completely dominated. My muffled moans became louder and louder. All while I tried to rock my hips in rhythm with the rough fucking. It was all too much to handle though. I was a complete mess, literally and figuratively. And after one last moan I would soon be adding to that mess. "Mmmm~~!!"
*As Serenity keeps cumming over and over on Cody’s face~ I giggle softly. Opening my legs as you press inside and on my wet pussy. My green hair flowing from side to side as the fucking turns more intense.* You want to cum Cody? You better start begging! Beg loud underneath Serenity *Starting to curve the strapon deeper into your prostate as my free hand move and holds your walls while the wand vibe buzzes faster~ and louder~ on your cock.*
* Is tightening my grip on Cody's head harder But giving him time to breathe and talk when I'm slowly Getting faster and humping green's pussy hitting every inch trying to get to the crevice* Why don't you Squirt green you've been working yourself so hard
I was already panting heavily, and none of the teasing was helping me. "mmmff...p-please!" I cried out, barely able to handle anymore. The wand vibrating against me was really causing me to struggle. All the while a loud moan escaped my lips each time you thrust your hips. "Ahhh f-fuck~ Mmmfff p-please let me cum~"
*Giggling hearing the begging~ as he is humiliated~ and I move the wand vibe off your cock. I move my head against Serenity a bit as I place the wand vibe directly on her clit on the highest setting~ letting her get the pleasure.* To the winner goes the spoils~ to the loser comes the pegging and strapon. Anal orgasm only Cody! *Teasingly mocking him as the 10 Inch strapon starts relentlessly fucking him.*
FUCK!!!!!* Feeling the vibrator hit my pussy and hitting my giant red button. That's been swelling up, thanks, this fight and pleasure. My clit lets out of giant downpour with my tongue sticking out. Until I finally pass out knowing I was on the edge constantly with my hands. Still deep inside your pussy slowly hitting your g spot if it is to make you come before I pass out*
Mmmgh squirt from me~ I can do that for you Serenity 😘 *Smiling and focusing on my pleasure. As the pussy quivers and my legs shake~ the movement of the strapon changes. A bit more profound as there is involuntary movements from my legs. As the strapon brushes up and down inside him~ and my eyes close softly. As I cum with serenity and squirt while fucking Cody. My orgasm making my back arch and my body shake for 45 seconds. Pure rapid fucking as the involuntary orgasm my entire body move in fluent motion.* Nnghhhhhhhh
I let out a desperate whine as you pulled the vibe away. That was soon replaced by a series of moans though while you used every one of those 10 inches to fuck me. Once more Serenity would cum over my face right before I too burst and let out a hot load. "Mmmmff~!!" I moaned, soon just sprawled out and exhausted under the two. "F...fuck...~"
Collapsing on Green with my mouth out in my eyes Closed thanks to the major orgasms. I've been think I fall asleep in your arms still on top of cody's face*.
Good boy! *I say and I unlatch the dildo inside him. Leaving it all the way in. My fingers moving down and brushing the squirting nectar and my orgasm up with my hands. Moving it to my lips and tasting myself as I kiss Serenity. Wrapping around her as I hold her. Letting her rest as we kiss and hold each other warmly.* Mmmgh there we go. Happy ending for all. *Giving a few tap tap taps~ on the base of the dildo~ still stuck in Cody.* 💚💋
>///< that was intense
🤭 *Giggling while Cody is still trapped.* This view is something you will have in your memory for a long time. Messy faced Cody.
nmmmmmmm.... Definitely and remember ideal your bio) XD
Such a good boy,Cody!
y-yeah. Not gonna be forgetting that any time soon
also...just this once, fiiine. I am a good boy lol
wait did Cody cum again?
,* Snuggling on green eyes slowly latch onto her boob sucking it slowly in my sleep*
*Smiling from the suckles on my sensitive boobs as my hands continue to softly brush Serenity’s skin. Holding her close while she is resting.*
well it is almost 4am here XD So I think I should finally call it a night
Sleep well Cody and likely Serenity xD
Yup it was a fun match sleep well everyone
Niiiight all. Cya around I hope

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