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(hello, jac!) 🥰
(hey there Nagusa~! *waves*)
(how are you?)
(been awhile!)
(it has been! a full year right?)
(hope you have been well!)
(good! Are you looking for something lengthy today?)
(not super lengthy, but it can be a little lengthy)
(okay, I'll let you start?)
(you can start if you'd like! I don't mind~ *giggles*)
*it's been quite sometime since the shrine closed for renovations... At least that was how the story went. It was technically still closed, but nagusa spotted an old friend passing by*
"Sister in law... Is that you?" She called out, a little surprised
(okay, so i just wanted to activate the bride pack 😅)
(thats fine! I haven't seen the bride pack before~ *giggles*)
"oh! hey there sis!" *Jaq calls out and waves! bouncing a little in excitement as her whole body jiggles with every bounce. Jaq rushes over, heels clicking onto the ground with every step as she hugs Nagusa tightly* "how have you been! I missed you!
"I missed you too! I almost forgot how you look like!"
*Nagusa gave an embarassed giggle as she was hugged hard. She wasn't used to public displays if affection like this, but it did feel good coming a close loved one*
"Would you like to come in? The place is still a mess, but..."
"I could never forget my family!" Jaq shows no sign of being embarrassed from such public display of affection. Even kisses Nagusa on the cheek softly. "mwah~" Jaq looks at the shrine seeing that it's being reconstructed. "sure! Thank you for inviting me in sis. I see that the place is being worked on."
"not exactly..." *Nagusa gave a sheepish smile.*
*inside wasn't so much construction and renovation as much as packed belongings and things that were just taken out of storage*
*although, the one thing that stood out was a pristine and beautiful bridal gown, just standing on a rack in the corner*
"i just went to visit a faraway friend. Didn't get back too long ago..."
*Jaq looks to see the gown* "who was the bridal gown for... did you get married sis!?" *Jaq gasps as she examines the bridal gown. It's so beautiful. Jaq can't help but touch it just a little. "If not, you would look beautiful in this sis."
"no, no it wasn't me!" *Nagusa was quick to deny it, though she averted her eyes*
"would it though?" *I brief blush crossed her face as if the thought had just occured to her*
"mhmm! You would look really beautiful! I'd be jealous of whoever got to marry you in this~" *Jaq teases a little as she holds Nagusa's hand* "you would be absolutely stunning in it sis..."
"well... Maybe..." *She hesitated a moment, but took it off the rack*
"i guess it won't hurt to try... Not even sure if it'll fit me, though..." She mumbled to herself before moving to a different room to change*
"I'll wait right here!" *Jaq sits down and smiles wide*
*she comes out a few minutes later, tugging on it a little. It did seem a little tight on her, which was odd since she was already fairly petite.*
"h-how do i look...?" She blushed nervously, looking at herself*
"wow~ You look absolutely amazing!" *Jaq bounces up, whole body jiggling once again as she rushes over and hugs Nagusa* "I would have been honored to walk you down the aisle. You look absolutely beautiful. It looks a little tight on you though, are you comfy in that?"
"it'll take a little getting used to. Like i said it wasn't mine, but at least i can fit into it" *came the nervous giggle.
"you are absolutely stunning sis"
"was this how it was like walking with sister eva down the aisle?"
"mhmm! it was just like that! How does it feel on you?"
*just then a button popped down the front, clearly a size too small for her. She gave an embarassed "eep!" As she grabbed at it, her eyes searching the floor for the missing clasp*
*Jaq giggles as she can't help but see how the dress is falling off by itself as she tries to not reveal that she did grow a little from the accident... SO she squats down and looks for the clasp* "I'll help you find it sis" *although the obviousness of the hard in is showing*
"it's okay, i got it!" *Spying the offending item out of the corner of her eye, she was too late to stop it rolling under a chest of drawers. Dropping to the floor and stretching her hand out to reach for it, she didn't notice just how quickly the short dress was riding up on her legs...*
*Jaq watches but can't help but stare at the dress riding up, revealing the underwear right underneith. Unable to pull her eyes away. "o-ok! C-can you get it? or need some longer arms?"
"n-no... I just... Got it!' came the muffled, excited squeal as nagusa's figners closed around the offending item. Her head was right on the floor as she stretched, the back of the dress lifting far enough to show that she wasn't wearing any underwear underneath it - it was far too tight and small for that to happen*
Jaq now throbbing a little under her dress, not able to resist staring at her unclothed reveal. Jaq is really hoping it's not obvious as she stares. "y-you got it? Need any help getting up or are you ok?"
"I'm alright! I'm alright!" She shifted and wriggled a bit as she extracted herself from under the cabinet, then took the offending item and tried to clasp the front of the dress up again. Unfortunately, it seemed to be broken beyond repair. The struggle with the fabric and the metal was causing more and more of her cleavage to show*
"I don't think it works anymore..." *She mumbled to herself, a little exasperated*
Jaq blushes deeply, trying to remain composed at it all as she hopes that acting normally will hide her lust. "yea sis.. I don't think it's going to work... it seems you've stretched it out a little... I can't believe they make dresses that small and tight.." *jaq looks away trying to be modest*
"like i said, that wasn't mine..." *Her voice trailed off as she cane face to face with the unmistakable bulge. She blushed hard, but didn't turn away*
"jaq? Um..." She mumbled softly, wondering if jaq was in the mood for more...*
"Y-yea? what is it sis?" *Jaq turns her head, trying to keep a straight face as she tries to face Nagusa*
*thinking to test a thought of hers, she slowly lifted the front of her dress, offering another peek to jac. Perhaps, it was her in the dress that was causing this reaction...*
*the reaction was easy to see... it throbed hard and grew more seeing it. Jaq blushes harder but seeing that this time it was planned and on purpose.. Jaq slowly lifts her dress giving Nagusa more of an eyeful of how she was feeling..*
*oh, it definitely wasn't a mistake, then. A blush crept across her cheeks again as she raised a hand and slowly reached out, ready to pull back at the slightest sign of resistance or displeasure*
*Jaq doesn't fight whatsoever... even coo's a little when she is touched... Jaq reaches over slowly as well, reaching to touch what she's been almost drooling over..*
*she smiles shyly and nods, letting her touch it, even getting the stockings out of the way for her*
*Jaq reaches down her dress, pulling it up before tossing it to the side, showing off her smooth pale skin, with her snow white panties and bra for Nag to see all*
"you look lovely as always, jaq..." Nagusa compliments her sincerely and leans in for a sweet kiss. It was definitely long overdue*
"th-thank you.. and you are as beautiful and mesmerizing as always..." *Jaq kisses back, holding most of the animistic fire within her back, as her member rubs against Nagusa*
*she giggles at the familiar feeling. She had almost forgotten how big jaq got when she was excited...*
*still, she remembered jaq could get a lot more excited. Her fingers brushed against her shaft as she stroked it softly, getting it even more worked up before they started*
*jaq moans as she melts in Nagusa's hand. she reaches over and softly fingers Nagusa in return as Jaq begins to pant just a little from how amazing she is feeling right now from this slow build up. Her member growing and growing more and more within Nagusa's hand!*
*she purrs happily as she sees jaq grow larger quickly. Seeing the spot of precum on her tip was another indicator she was more than ready*
*satisfied and smiling, she leans back a little and spreads her legs, giving jaq a silent invitation to continue*
*jaq immediately dives head in, using her tongue to lick and suck on Nagusa. Tasting and consuming all of her taste as she prepares her for all the fun, as Jaq's nose take long wiffs, her lewd mind slowly winning...*
"mmm..." *Nagusa purred softly as a soft tingle of pleasure ran through her body*
"keep... Going..." She whispered softly as she pressed jaq's head closer to her body, trembling lightly*
*Jaq opens her eyes wide like a doe as she looks up at Nagusa. Letting her see Jaq's bright blue green eyes as Jaq's tongue inserts itself inside of Nagusa. looking and prodding all of her buttons*
*a loud moan escapes her lips as she feels wetness drip from her lower lips*
"jaq... Come..." She whispered, spreading herself further and inviting her*
*jaq gets up, her face wet from it as she hugs Nagusa tightly as she slowly inserts her length inside.* "r-ready?" *Jaq whispers back as she inserts one inch at a time as she thrusts back and forth*
"ohh... Mmm.." she moans softly as she feels the large object enter her. It didn't hurt, but it was more than enough to fill her completely*
"i... Guess this is how you take a bride on her wedding day..." *She giggled softly as she threw her arms around jaq, a shy smile on her face*
"well... Don't stop... It feels good..." She whispers softly
"I'll treat you like we just got married then and took you as my bride~" *Jaq whispers in her ear as she slowly picks up the pace. Letting Nagusa feel herself stretched more and more and every thrust feeling that extra inch until the hilt has been reached* "mmmnnggg.... you are so amazing and tight sis...."
"ohhh..." She moans softly and blushes, though smiles at that statement. "I'll be happy to be yours... One day..."
"care-mmnnnggg-ful... or else I'll make it today...." *Jaq murmurs as she cant fight the moan inducing pleasure*
"but I'll be your bride for today... For sure... So make sure you claim your bride properly..." She giggled and moans a little more as jaq picks up the pace*
"ohhh fuckk... wifey!" *jaq kisses hard and with passion as she pounds as hard and fast as she can. caving into her lust and desire as the sounds of soft 'plaping' start to echo around them*
is resisting cumming (27% chance of cum) => Resisted!
"hnnngh..." Nagusa moaned hard, her modest chest bouncing under the pressure of the thrusts she was receiving. But she just wasn't close enough to the edge yet.*
*reaching her hands out to jaq, she held her tightly and deeper within her, as that bubble in her belly started to grow*
*Jaq squishes herself against Nagusa as she kisses her neck and cheek as she moans into her ear. Jaq feeling herself throb and leak precum into Nagusa. as she won't stop thrusting in and out as she claims her bride for the night!*
"oh... Yes..." *Nagusa feels herself getting close, close to giving it to her... Groom? Bride? It didn't really matter, what nattered was how loved she felt*
*Jaq always loved full heartedly. Wanting to give and share that love, Jaq pushes herself up and cups Nagusa's cheek softly and caresses it with her thumb as she thrusts, all the while looking down at Nagusa*
*nagusa gives her a sweet smile, then leans up to give her a soft, quick kiss. She then whispers into jaq's ear* "do it...."
*jaq goes all out. kissing her with the deepest hunger she's ever had as she pounds away, her lips a blur as she claims her bride and holds her as tightly as she can*
chose to cum!
"jac... JAC!!!" she wails out loud as the pleasure washes over her in one glorious wave, holding her tightly as she shudders through her orgasmic peak*
"n-nagg...." Jaq growls out as she feels the tightness of it all as she refuses to stop thrusting*
*it lasted for a good minute, before Nagusa sags, spent, her breathing heavy as she rests cutely on the floor*
*jaq stops and catches her breath* "gahhhhh... hahhhhh... you are absolutely beautiful..."
*Jaq looks down lovingly at her bride*
"mmm... That was good..." *She grins tiredly as juices continue to trickle out from where they were connected*
*her fingers move to trace the outline of her lower lips idly, even as her body trembles lightly from the stimulation*
*Jaq giggles* "that was amazing~ I hope you know how much I do care for you Nags..." *Jaq moves slightly to help with the finger movement*
"and me you... But i haven't pleased you yet..." *She mewls softly, starting to service the rock jard shaft in front of her, feeling a little guilty*
"mmnngggg... I do love you Nags..." *jaq coo's out and moans to the touch*
"time for the bride... To fulfill her duty..." *She inserts the shaft back into her sweet pussy, then pulls jaq close, starting to move up and down on her shaft once more*
*she leans up to plant another soft kiss, as if to encourage her*
*jaq lets go and pounds all over again, just as hard and fast, not holding back anything the moment the kiss connects! Jaq moans into an almost howl as she lets it all go!*
chose to cum!
*nagusa purrs softly and happily as she feels the warmth shooting into her womb. She was happy to please her partner just so...*
"oh gods nags.... that feels so goood..." *Jaq relaxes a little as she continues to pump more and more cum inside*
"don't stop... Let it all out..." *She whispers softly, feeling her belly fill with jaq's warm fluids*
chose to cum!
*jaq keeps moving and floods more and more cum inside! not letting a single drop goes to waste!* "hnnnngggg!"
"y-you are so perfect..." *jaq coo's out as she thrusts just a little bit more*
"A perfect bride... For you...." *Came the response, as she takes every thrust inside her body*
"yes! my perfect bride, the perfect bride!" *jaq starts thrusting hard and fast all over again, hearing the words making her ready to keep going for as long as possible as she hugs Nags tightly and kisses her*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
"ahhhh!" *She screams and wails as the movement, and her filled belly pushes her over the edge, melting into a puddle of sweetness*
*finally spent, she slumps against jaq, their combined fluids slowly trickling out of her*
"gahhh... hahhhh...." *jaq lets go and slowly pulls out, kissing Nagusa like crazy*
*she mewls and kisses back softly, enjoying the attention*
"You are so wonderful..."
"one day I'll be a real bride... With my own dress..." A soft but determined look in her eye can be seen as she said this*
"and on that day, I'll make sure to treat you as my real bride~" *Jaq kisses her forehead and snuggles her*
(good place to end?)
(yea it is!)
(thanks for the game!)
(thank you! this was absolutely wonderful!!!)
(you were wonderful too 🥰)
(I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!)

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