Labyrinth of the Minotauress VS Cariel Drache : History listed publicly (53 turns)

Cariel's servitude in the maze

The dragoness Cariel was captured trying to save her Misstress Amelia from the Lewd Labyrinth of the Minotauress. But as it turned out... it was all a clever ploy by her Misstress to ensure her Dragon pet didn't stray. Today will be one of many where she has to "tend" to the many monster girls in the Labyrinth... and perhaps even the Minotauress herself.

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hi mistress
So, who's starting this time Isa?
How are ya doin'?
Great, how about you mistress?
That's great to hear! I'm doing great!
Had a game last night~!
oh, and how long did it stretch out for?
Ummmmm...11 hours...
Because of the 3hr break XD
Ummm..yes~ ^^'
It was a pretty close match^^
Hearing that it lasted for 11 hours isn;t so surprising from mistress~
I would try to deny it..but yeah, that's true~ ^^
Hmmm well typically a slave would be called on to come work, so I'm not sure how you wanna play it, you being an eager servant seeking out how best to please your mistress or me coming along to force you into performing your duties~
Saw you won it though~
How'd you know~? :P
let me spin a wheel to see
I have my ways
I'll ask details later~
Who should I be rootin' for this time? :P
the wheel has chosen that I'm very eager to go out and help out along the labyrinth
Just root for Cariel to get exactly what she wants
That's one roundabout way of saying to root for you Isa
*raises the pompoms* Whoooooo~ Go Cariel....and achieve exactly what you want Whoooo ⁰\o/⁰
Yeah, I will get defeated by the dungeon, thank you for the cheering mistress~
I would be shooketh...if you actually beat it, teehee
But you're welcome~
I would also be quite shooken if I won
*nods head solemnly*
Hey in this case if she wins
I get to cum
*giggles playfully*
Do you want it to be like, fresh? Or like it's been a little while
A while, as to make the reason why I'm so eager to help around
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thanks mistress
You're welcome, my cute little dragon pet~ ^^
*It had been several weeks since Cariel had first made her foray into the Labyrinth. So at this point she would know what was expected of her, how she would have to serve the lovely goblins.... make sure the Succubus wasn't plotting anything too devious... and of course.. after her Misstress Amelia had witnessed her wavering loyalty in the face of Alva's hypnotic powers and magnificent feet... Amelia had made sure the dragoness would test her will and see if she would remain so very pliable to the Tentacle-wielding priestess. So when she woke, it would come as no surprise that she would find a guiding beacon resting on a table in her chamber, making it easier for her to navigate to exactly where she needed to go. This too was a test, the possession of such an object would take her exactly where she needed to go... her Wolfish Master wanted to know that her pet would not stray, that she would perform her duties in the labyrinth without any question of loyalty. A voice rang out through the halls, that of the owner of the labyrinth.* Time to wake little dragon, there is much to be done today! My girls are restless....
Das...a very specific tattoo..on certain things ^^'
Yours will be a bit different
In shape and function
*blushes as my tail wags a bit too eagerly*
Mhhhmmm~ Looking forward to it~
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Also Amelia
how are you awake rn
Slept a few hours...but didn't want to totally fall asleep...or I'll rhythm
*peeks for a moment* Have fuuun ^^ ~~ I will peek back in when i find time tehee ^^
*giggles from being licked*
*waves to Yoi who peeked for a moment*
hello good day all how ya doin
I'm doing great
How are you?
aww happy to hear that! and pretty good, happy to finally be the weekend
Mhhhmmm, I'm glad to hear you are doing pretty good^^
uugghhh... is it already time... *Cariel looks half asleep as she wakes up hearing the the dungeon lord's voice ringing in her head. Stretching in her cage, the dragon girl rubs her eyes to wake her self up some more before opening the door of her cage that has been unlocked. Stepping out, she stretches on more time on all fours before standing up to finish her stretches. Once she felt more awake, Cariel put on her battle outfit instead of her usual clothing, knowing that they would likely end up destroyed either way it was easier to remake the battle outfit then to remake her prettier clothing. Once clothed, the dragoness headed to the table and grabbed the beacon that rested on the table. Her mistress had explained to her that this beacon would allow her to move more freely in the labyrinth by taking her where she wants to go instead of being forced in a direction by the ever moving walls of the labyrinth. Before heading out though, Cariel grabbed herself a grimmoire that she had been studying lately. Wanting to be more of use to her mistress, the dragoness had decided to learn magic as a way to impress her. Putting the grimmoire into a small bag, the dragon girl ties the beacon around her ankle before heading out the door. Stepping outside she started walking a random direction, the guiding beacon would take her the way she had to go, so whichever way she went, she would end up at her destination for her first task, to go and serve the goblins* (end turn, wrote a lot)
Hi Yoimi and Luke
redrew a set of actions
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*As Cariel wandered the halls of the Labyrinth, she would find them shifting and moving to guide her where she needed to go. Rather than being forced into a specific direction or spot, it was as if they were giving way, the floor shifted into stairs moving upwards or downwards as needed. Eventually she would hear a loud, thumping rhythmic beat and see a door with flashing lights piercing through the gaps where it met the frame. As she stood before the precipice, the beacon glowed and a voice could be heard ringing in her head.* So, today you're starting with the goblins. To be frank, this is less of you serving them and more of you wearing them out so they grow weary of leisure. They need to be tending to the traps and cleaning around here, but they've sunk into debauchery of late. Wear them out. Make them sick of leisure. I'm sure you're capable of that much, right? *The beacon stopped glowing as Cariel stepped through the precipice into the Goblin Night Club. The room was quite busy, many sexy little goblins dancing about or drinking at the bar at the side of the room. More than a few of the goblins were busy... well... getting busy with one another off to the side. Once you step inside, a few of them notice you, though many are too distracted by drinking, the flashing lights and the thumping music that they move their bodies to.*
(end turn)
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** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
So, I suppose that you only care of the results to and see if I manage to get them to stop their leisure, I'm sure you won't mind my ways then my dungeon lord~ *Seeing that most goblins in the nightclub are too distracted by the music and lights, Cariel decides to have a little fun with them. Pulling out her grimmoire, Cariel looks through some of the spells available to her. Deciding on giving the goblins a little spook she casts some electricity spells to control the lights and sounds in the nightclub. Knowing that goblins are not too strong, the dragoness decides that it would be fun to try scaring them a bit. Once she felt that she had enough control over the nightclubs electricity she took action. Forcing all the lights to turn red and forcing the speakers of the nightclub to boom her voice, Cariel started speaking* Hello Goblins, I Cariel have come under orders of the lord of the dungeon to come and tell you guys that you are ordered to stop just partying around and get back to work. If you're unhappy with this decision, then feel free to come at me to bring your complaints, my fists and holes are ready for your complaints~ *Cariel uses a threatening voice for her threat with her fists and a more seductive tone for her invitations to her holes, taunting the goblins to come at her* (end turn, sorry if it took me a bit)
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So mistress, how far do you think I'll get to this time?
*All at once the goblins snap their attention to the dragoness who's interrupted their partying and drinking. Many sets of glowing green, pink and yellow eyes all lock onto the dragoness. They licks their lips and all huddle together, their little green hands balled into fists. Then one, just barely taller than the rest, speaks.* Nyahaha! Dragon lady wants to party! Come girls.. we show her good time, yes? *A chorus of cackles overwhelms the room as they surge forth like a massive green tidal wave. Suddenly the dragoness' decision to opt for some less cute clothes proves to be a prudent one, because the first thing they do is strip away her robes, tearing them off with little regard until she's stark naked in front of them. Several of them lift her up and toss her into the middle of the dance floor while the music resumes. The dragoness is naked, lying on the floor... and surrounded by countless small, naked, green bodies.* Time to play... dragon lady!
(End turn)
You'll make it to the Minotauress ^^
Starting with Bandits is less challenging, purpose for choosing it was so you get different encounters this time, and have a better shot at making it to the end
So is it more challenging with Bandits in the middle or last~?
Yea, they do good pleasure damage and at the beginning you need to pump desire
Eheheh..I was actually considering them as my last before I picked Slime Lake 😋
Whoooo.. \o/
*spanks the cheerleader wolfie*
Good girl~
*squeaks from the spank*
18:16:56're welcome~
*Cariel couldn't stop but be surprised at the sheer number of goblins in the room. She knew that there would be many, but not this many. As the cackles fill the dragonnes's ears she's reminded of her bad descision to annnounce her presence outloud to the goblins. As they swarm on her, Cariel even with her dragon strenght gets overwhelmed. As she feels her robe being ripped to shreds she can't stop but sigh in relief that she choose this outfit over her usual outfit. As she's thrown onto the dance floor, Cariel lays down to ponder what to do now. After a moment of consideration, she comes up with a plan to handle them. Lifting her control over the electricity in the nightclub, the music and lights resume as Cariel grabs onto a pole to start pole dancing. As she spins around the pole, she casts some charm spells on the horny goblins who, being distracted by her dancing and their hornyness, don't put any resistance against her spell. Altough the rate at which she charms the goblins isn't great, she causes the goblins that are under her charm to start fighting each other and the other goblins for the dragon girl's body. a competition to see who will get to cum by Cariel's touch* Now little goblins, my body is far too fragile and weak to handle all of you, so fight for the right over my body~ *Cariel has a grin as she sees that some of the goblins are taking each other out, reducing the total numbers of goblins slowly but steadly* (end turn)
Now now Isa, I'm sure mistress shouldn't get punished for cheering on me, she's cheering on for the success of my mission after all~
It was a reward~
For being such a cute cheerleader
ooohh, okay.
Sorry for misunderstanding~
*blushes even more*
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*The goblins under Cariel's spell claw and bite at one another, but as effective as the tactic is, there are just as many goblins who seek no part in the squabbling. In particular, the larger one with yellow eyes seems unaffected in the least. Even the charmed goblins seem to have retained enough reason to make a path for her to walk forward. Her heavy green breasts bounce with each step, on an average sized woman, they'd look large, but on her small frame the seem to make up the majority of her torso. She leans down, extended a hand lazily to one of the goblins who seem still lucid and is handed a pair of handcuffs.* So tricky, dragon is clever! But not clever enough! We go work when WE say! *She motions with her free hand for 4 of her companions to lift Cariel up and force her hands behind her back. As she steps behind the dragoness it becomes obvious. She's trying to cuff Cariel! Two of the goblins hold Cariel fast find enough wiggle room to begin groping the dragoness' naked form, grabbing for her breasts... pinching her nipples... and probing down toward her slit.* Hold still.. dragon lady! Gobbos make you feel goooood~! You always want to party with Gobbos after this!
18:28:09 connection lagged back there^^'
*Seeing that still many of the goblins are unaffected by her Cariel scuffs at the situation. From her view its not a good situation for her. Seeing the, what she assumes to be leader of the goblins, stepping up to her, the dragon girl stops her pole dancing. Seeing the pair of handcuffs Cariel gets on her guard* Unfortunately for you, you're still too dumb. You go work when the dungeon lord tells you to work not when you decide to work. *As she's lifted up, Cariel doesn't put up too much resistance to see what the goblins are trying to do to her. Seeing them force her hand behind her back is enough to clue in for the dragon girl that they're trying to cuff her. She has a grin as she decides that beating the goblins while cuffed would certainly be humiliating enough that she would be able to force them to go back to work. She lets out some moans as her breasts are groped with Cariel not putting any resistance against the goblins, allowing for the leader to cuff her hands* Oh, now do you? Well then, show me how good you will make me feel. Don't be a dissapointment though, wouldn't want to also report to the dungeon lord that you guys are not only lazy but truly incompetent~ (end turn)
Its okay mistress~
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thanks Luke
*The cuffs click into place and force the dragoness' hands behind her back. Seizing control of this opportunity, the goblins drag Cariel back down to the floor and two of them grab at each of her ankles to hold her legs aloft while the larger goblin gets down onto her knees and begins to slap Cariel's pussy with her hand until she's wet enough to work her her plump green cock into Cariel's wet entrance. The two holding her legs begin to suck at her toes with their soft green lips, their long, purple tongues extend from their mouth and begin to swipe between Cariel's toes. As much as it seems that the goblins are here to be put in place... it's obvious that they're just as eager to serve, good little workers through and through, eager to complete their tasks.* How this feels, dragon lady? Gobbos know you love feets! Maybe you likes when gobbos lick your pretty feets too?! *They cackle and lick incessantly, behind them, you can see the squabbling has more or less petered out. Even with a few of them lying stuff and exhausted, filled with the spunk of whoever conquered them post fight... there are still quite a few.*
A bit of a suggestion but in my game last night, Selis used the pause button to take her time writing her parts to avoid potential for timeouts
I like my pictures
Mhhhmm...just noting what I saw last night as I like the pictures too^^
completely understandable booba nice to look at
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Amelia is quick on the draw god damn
*As Cariel feels the cuffs clicking behind her back, the dragon girl has some older memories of the times she had gotten arrested surface back to her mind. As the goblins hold her legs up as she's laying down on the floor, Cariel has a sense of excitement at her current position. As she feels her pussy being slapped by the goblin leader, Cariel tries her best to hold back her moans, but even with her best efforts she can't hold back a few small moans that come out of her mouth. As she feels the leader's dick in her pussy, she can't hold back as she starts moaning loudly. As she feels the goblin's tongue on her feet, Cariel lets out a louder moan as she starts panting quickly from the goblin's licking her foot* N-n-n-no... I don't like it.... when you... lick my... feet... aaahhhh... that spot felt so good~ *Cariel tries her best, but is unable to hide her arousal from the goblin licking her feet. Seeing that the squabling has mostly ended now, Cariel decides to change plan and to handle the goblin leader first. Using her tail, the dragon girl pulls herself up by holding onto the goblin leader's body. Using the speed from pulling herself up, Cariel delivers a strong headbutt on the goblin leader* Seems like... I'll have... to take care... of you now~ (end turn)
Amelia is always on time to send the message to keep the game from timing out
Mhhmm, yep^^
*I hug my mistress* Well you have all my thanks for this mistress~
*Hugs my cute dragon back* You're welcome~
Once I'm done with handling the labyrinth I'll give you the best foot massage ever as a thanks mistress~
*giggles cutely as my tail wags eagerly* Oooohhh that sounds positively divine~
Its going to be even more divine for me to have the opportunity to care so much for your feet mistress~
Teehee, why do you think I chose this pic specifically~? ^^
*The goblin leader seems stunned by the sudden headbutt to her face and lets out a pained cry. But the dragoness still has her tail wrapped around her back, which keeps her locked in place. The goblins at Cariel's feet push onto her legs and shove her back to the ground, taking the goblin leader down with her. Suddenly two more come forth and pull the tail from around their leader's back and pin it to the ground. The leader snarls and wraps two of her hands around Cariel's throat, choking her with a crazed look in her eyes.* Dragon bitch.. make Greta hurt! Greta just trying to make Dragon lady feel good! What the hell?! *Her hips begin to pump furiously as she keeps the dragoness pinned beneath her. The two at her feet begin to take the entirety of the top half of Cariel feet into their mouths, while the ones standing about begin to look a bit nervous. A thudding noise can be heard around them, heavy steps drawing closer and closer. The only ones really focused on Cariel at this point are the ones pinning and fucking her.*
Shows it off pretty well~
(end turn)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
That is does, though I enjoy most of the thing above the feet the most~
*giggles as my tail wags and a smile brightens on my face* ^-^
*Cariel's tail tries fighting back against the goblins pinning it down, but seeing that the effort are to no results Cariel decides ot let it stay pinned down for the moment. Feeling that she's getting choaked Cariel, lets out some gasps, trying to get some air. Feeling that half of her feet was inside the goblin's mouth, Cariel face shows that she's trying to pant, but is unable as the goblin leader choakes her. Hearing the loud steps Cariel decides to take a brake and prepare for what's coming, hoping that its not her boss, the dungeon lord, coming over to complain at her mishandling of the situation and letting herself get cuffed without even putting up some resistance* (end turn)
*I brush my mistresse's tail using my scales* You make me feel so special choosing a outfit that you knew your cute pet would love~
*I closed my eyes while letting out some relaxed sighs from my tail being brushed* Mhhhhhmmmm~ So niiiice~
Yes~ Have to mhhhhmmm..look out for my pet's interests^^
I won't deny that its important to lok after me mistress, but I feel that its much more important for me to care for your interests mistress, I'm the one serving you after all~ *Hearing your relaxed sighs, I start to also rub your tail with my hands aswell while I bursh it. After a bit though, I can't hold back as I shove my face into my mistress's tail to feel the warmth of it*
*The goblin leader finally takes notice of the thudding steps and relaxes her grip on Cariel's throat. Knowing that being caught choking out the newest slave of the labyrinth and the bull's concubine's favored pet could have repercussions she may not exactly enjoy. She instead keeps the dragoness' shoulders pinned down beneath her as she pumps her hips, enjoying what little time she may have left inside of the dragoness before the Minotauress comes along to correct her for her behavior. The rest of the goblins around Cariel scramble to find their clothes frantically, trying to rouse the ones on the ground so that they feel compelled to do the same.* Nyyooo... Greta was... just getting started! Why?! Why boss lady coming?! *The thudding steps stop, just above the ceiling of the night club, leaving more than a few of the goblins looking upwards.*
(end turn)
Mhhhhhmmmm, that true, Cariel~ But doing so would serve as great motivation for you to keep serving me....granted that's ones way of doing it among many others, tehehe~ *My crimson eyes slowly opened as more of my soft moaning pushes past my lips
...chuckles popping out of me at the sight of you shoving your face into my tail*
*Cariel takes a loud breath as she feels the goblin leader stop choaking her. As air finally starts flowing back into her she breaths quickly, as her lungs are forced to work harder to compensate for her having being unable to breath a few moments ago. As the dragon girl's fear are confirmed that the minotauress is coming over, Cariel quickly uses a light electric shock on Greta to break free from her grasp. The dragon girl backs away from the goblay, as she tries acting innocent and that she didn't do anything wrong* Its not my fault the dungeon lord is coming, its your fault for playing too roughly with me, I warned you guys that we had to go only one person at a time. *Cariel blames the goblin for whatever punishment Isa has in mind for them, while hoping that the minotauress would let her off the hook for this time since it was the first time Cariel ever had to handle the dungeon.* (end turn)
Anything works great as a motivation when it comes from you mistress~ *I keep rubbing my head against my mistresse's tail, feeling the her fur rubbing across my face* Everything feels so much more pelasurable when you're doing it to me~
Hehe...yeah~ Always wonderful to hear you say something like that~ *I let out some soft purring sounds from feeling your face rubbing so enthusiastically across my silky brown fur.
I reached a hand over to where your head to give you some enthusiastic pats* And you're my most wonderful servant and pet~
*Greta stumbles back just a bit from the dragoness, waiting a moment to see if the steps will resume and glancing at the ceiling. There's an eerie silence in the nightclub, the music has stopped, most of the goblins are clothed now and it seems like things may be over with. But after a few moments, it becomes clear that the footsteps won't resume. So Greta's eyes fall back onto the dragoness in front of her, a wide grin spreading across her face as she goes to find her own clothes and orders the four goblins still without clothes to tackle the dragoness and hold her down once more. As she puts on her clothing, she cackles.* Nyahahaha! You think bull lady will think it Greta's fault after seeing Dragon lady playing with just just a few gobbos? No, Bull lady will see Dragon lady distracting a few while the rest ready to go back to work! She will see Dragon Lady got toooo caught up to do her job! *The goblins surround Cariel grab at her shoulders and shove her back to the ground while the other two sit on her legs and push their feet into Cariel's face, two feet sit at her mouth, while the other two cover her eyes and her nose.* And she will believe Greta... because bull lady knows dragon lady loves feets!
(end turn)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*As Cariel has a short break, she pulsl out her grimoire to prepare a more complicated spell. As she sees that Isa is not coming down, she has a sigh of relief, she was worried that the dungeon lord saw that she was enjoying herself too much and decided to punish her. As she's tackled on the ground, Cariel has a grin as her spell is already ready. As she feels the feet covering her full face, Cariel can't stop but let out a moan of enjoyment. But as the goblins hear her moaning, they can also hear her say a spell name, but as the feet muffle her voice they can't understand what the dragon girl just said. But after a few moments, all the goblins start feeling that their vision is getting blurry and their sweating profoundly. Their body feels extremely hot, but not in a pleasant way and rather a uncomfortable and painful way. The goblins start falling onto the floor in exhaustion caused by the heat, and the goblins previously holding Cariel can't put up a fight as the dragon girl stands up* Unfortunately for you though, you won't have a chance to plead your case to Isa. *Cariel walks up to the goblin leader who is barely standing in the heat* Oh, if I can give you any tip, I recommend that you go back to work. I casted a spell on this room to raise its internal temperature to that of a desert. Don't worry you won't die, the spell will only last for a day, but its not going to be comfortable standing here. So how about going to work instead of being cooked in this furnace~ *Cariel pushes the goblin leader onto the floor merely by touching her with the dragon's tail* (end turn)
*I let out some happy sighs as I feel my mistress also petting my head as I rub my face in her tail* I'll continue being your best and most wonderful pet mistress~ My loaylty towards you is unmovable and I will always happily serve and follow you~
*My fluffy wolf ears twitched upwards at hearing those wonderful sounds of yours.....
Soft....light giggles continuing to flow out of me....
as I heard your equally wonderful words....a proud grin present on my face....
Before moving my feet close to your thighs to rub onto them*
*The sudden wave of heat triggers a sprinkler system above and water begins to pour over the goblins and Cariel herself. Everything is getting wet and the goblins themselves are soaked, their work clothes completely drenched. Luckily, there seems to be a large drain in the middle of the dance floor for when things get messy in here. The room itself seems to be quite resistant to most fluids, they simply bead up and roll off most of the furniture, however the glasses for the drinks will definitely need a couple washes now from being rinsed with stagnant water. As the goblins collect themselves, one of them snaps to attention and the rest follow suit, Greta herself stands up and looks a bit concerned.* M-misstress! Greta... Greta didn't think you would be along today. *The voice that was ringing in the dragoness' head echoes out from behind Cariel, sighing before addressing anyone.* What the hell... I just came here to make sure things weren't going awry. It's her first time dealing with you little shortstacks, so a check only made sense to me... why the FUCK is everything wet?!
Mhhhhmmm~ Excellent to hear, my dearest Cariel~
Are you distracting our newest slave from her duties, Amelia?
** Cariel Drache rolled 1d3: 1! **
/dice 3
Mhhhmmm, just giving her some motivation, teehee~
*As Cariel feels the sprinklers system start up she has a sigh of dissapointment. Her whole cool magic attack and preparation had all gone to waste now. As she hears the dungeon lord's voice behind her, the dragon girl can't stop but turn around* Oh hey Isa... well things are a bit wet after I did a little... magic of sort.... but no need to worry everything is going all right here, I'm sure I managed to convince the goblins to start working now instead of spending all their time in this nightclub! *Cariel starts explaining to the bull everything that she was doing, altough she avoids mentioning that she didn't fight back as the goblins handcuffed her. As the dragon girl explain her experience, the dungeon lord can't stop seeing in her mind all the lewd stuff the dragonness is describing to her* So yeah.... I'm going to go to my next location now! *Cariel grabs her grimmoire with her tail before running off into the hallways of the labyrinth before the bull can get angry at her. Altough she forgets to grab the handcuffs keys from the goblins and so the dragoness is forced to slowly lockpick the handcuffs off her wrists using her tail's scales as she continues walking to her next destination* (end turn)
Don't worry Isa... mistress is not distracting me from my duty~ *I can't stop but force myself onto my knees so I can starts rubbing my head agains't my mistress's feet*
Oh really? Because it seemed to me like your particular motivation involved tempting her with your feet until she's sucking on them like the eager footslut she is~ perhaps you're the one who needs... motivation.
*brushes my silky brown hair a bit as I let out some cute giggles while my ears wiggled a bit in response *
Heehee~ That wasn't my intention~
That would definitely be distracting~
I`m certain its not your intention mistress~ *I have a hard time holding myself from also licking your feet instead of just rubbing my head against it*
*I couldn't help letting out some giggles at sensing those desires you were trying to resist as I decided to pull my feet away to avoid distracting you from your duties* Hehe...Sorry about that, Cariel~
*I let out a sad sigh as my mistress pulls her feet away* Its okay mistress.... I understand that its for my own good...
*I gave you some pats on the head with my tail* Mhhhmm~ There's always later on to be at my perfect wolfie feet~
Will you also tie me up mistress? *I ask as I look up at you with a happy face as you're petting my head with your tail*
Hehe...of course...though I guess I have to ponder on how to tie you up for that~ *I chuckled as my ears sway playfully while I see your happy face*
*The bull sighed and rubbed her temple as the dragoness scampered off, her voice now ringing in Cariel's head as she made her way further off into the dungeon. Try as she might, those cuffs just seemed to stay in place (aka I have no means of removing them without RP mode).* Your next stop is the succubus in the upper chambers, she's uh... well she's always up to something. But don't worry! She definitely won't drain your essence... probably. *There seems to be a rather false note to the bull's words, as if she isn't sure exactly how this next encounter will play out. However as the dragoness makes her way through the dungeon, the beacon glows and she's faced with a rather tall staircase leading to a large and ornate door. It's a long trek... probably about 5 straight minutes until she stands before the door itself. But once she does, it swings wide, as if inviting her inside. The interior of the succubus' chamber is lavishly furnished, a heady perfumed scent wafts it's way into Cariel's nostrils, making her mind feel a bit... cloudy... hazy. As the dragoness scanned the room, she would notice a swirling purple cloud of mist. The mist coalesces into the middle of the room, forming into a singular shape, a busty and curvy succubus standing in the middle of the room. Her long white hair is styled into two long twintails that reach past her butt, her head is topped with two long, black horns that contrast her hair in a very appealing way. Her attire is nothing to scoff at either, a set of lacy black lingerie that seems mostly transparent, her heart shaped nipples poking out at the top. Her cock is covered with a lacy black sleeve, tied elegantly at the top by a pink ribbon. She steps closer with a soft smile, reaching out for the dragoness.* Oh? Isa hasn't sent anyone to see me in quite some time... what a rare treat... and such a pretty face too...
You could tie me up suspended in the air or tie me up under your chair so that I can lick your feet as you're sittign down on your chair~ *I start drooling at the thought of the ways you could tie me up*
*My eyes closed as I let out some deep chuckles after seeing you drool from just suggesting and thinking up some of those ideas* Hehehe~
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*Cariel looks pretty annoyed as the handcuffs don't come off* So am I supposed to entertain her or educate her? *Cariel asks the bull. As she sees the large staircases a look of horror shows on her face as she lets out a long sigh before slowly walking up the staircases. After what felt like ages to her the dragon girl arrives at the top, tired from the climb. She has a sigh of relief as she sees the door open itself for her. The dragon girl has an impressed look on her face as she sees the succubu's room and a thought of jealousy that they get such a nice room while she's stuck inside of a cage. But then the thought of being locked in a cage whit her mistress just out of reach is very exciting for the dragoness as she forgets about her jealousy. Strangely the dragon girl starts feeling that her mind is not working fully at the moment, but she pushes those matters to the side as she steps inside of the room. As the succubus appears infront of Cariel, the dragon girl can't stop but blush at the sight of the succubus. As she sees her approach, Cariel's instinct kicks in as she releases a shock onto the succubus through her tail* No, I know you succubuss's, don't come near me without permission. You're just going to cast one of your weird horny spells on me to make me too horny to resist and fight back as you have your way with my body! *Cariel tries backing away from the succubus in the room, but the dragoness doesn't notice the bed as she bumps against it and falls in it. She notices that the bed is pretty soft, but the matress is caving in a little too much. As Cariel tries getting off the bed, she's unable as she remains trapped by the matress on it* (end turn)
(I'll be doing something for a bit so might not be active for a bit)
(okay mistress)
(See you both in a bit^^)
(see you)
*The succubus grimaces feeling the shock from the dragoness and extends a finger, a ray of pink energy shoots from it and into the dragoness' eyes. Soon that initial thought she had, being locked in a cage with her dear misstress just out of reach seems almost real. The succubus lays down beside her and cups the dragoness' cheek, her soft, kissable lips brush against Cariel's ear as she whispers to her.* Oh my, you're a real pervert, huh? You know I can sense your desires... I see it in your head... *She taps twice on the dragoness' forehead and chuckles.* You in a cage... your mistress... just out of reach... dangling her feet just beyond where your hands can touch them... where your lips can lavish them with all the attention you want to give. *Her eyes begin to glow purple as she speaks longer and longer, filling the dragoness' head with lewd thoughts, images of Amelia's feet, the feeling of her wrists and ankles bound to the wall of the cage... desperately panting... her own tail reaching forward to rub away her need as she's deprived of the one thing she craves most.* Don't you think your Misstress would be proud to know that you're rubbing yourself to the thought of her feet? What better loyalty could a pet show... than to think only of her Owner as she reaches her blissful climax... as she rubs her mind away.
(end turn)
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*Cariel isn't capable of resisting the spell as she feels her previous desire come to life. The dragon girl can feel herself in the cage, tied up and in frustration as her mistress is just out of reach. She tries to struggle and squirm to get to her mistress's feet, but the ropes tying her up are already at their limit and she can't get any closer. She feels her tail moving on its own to rub against her own pussy, desperately trying to fill these urges in her* Mistress.... she would... absolutely be... proud of me... she would praise and pet me.. for beign such a good pet~ *Cariel starts awnsering the succubu's question, in her head believing that its her mistress talking to her, asking her these questions. The succubus can see Cariel's body in bed acting as if it was actually tied up, with her wrists and ankles staying togheter. The demoness can feel Cariel squirming around in bed as she fingers herself happily, thinking that she's doing it to her mistress's feet. The dragon girl seems to be unawhare that the succubus has casted a spell on her as she instead focus on rubbing her tail against her pussy as hard as she can* (end turn)
*slips in quietly*
*The sight of the dragoness giving in to her desires seems to fill the succubus with a vitality, her skin seems to glisten with a refreshed look, her hair sparkles as if gems are laced in the strands. The thrill of watching the dragoness melt at the mere mention of her Mistress makes her chuckle as she continues to egg the dragoness on.* That's it... you're being such a good girl for her, aren't you? You just NEED to feel those feet... anywhere you can. They need your attention, you know? No one is better at pleasing her mistress than her pet... isn't that right? And you want to be the best pet you can be... *She draws closer, tapping a finger on Cariel's cuffs as she pleasures herself with her tail.* You're already halfway as restrained as you can be... you're just lacking the woman herself... I'm sure she'd be happy to give you a nice reward once your work is done, don't you think? Seems only fair... such a cute and deserving pet needs attention from her Misstress...
(End turn)
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I'm a good girl for mistress... I need her feet... but wait... I shouldn't be choosing this... its up to mistress to decide... wether I can or not play with her feet! *Cariel snaps back from the succubuss's spell as she starts mentioning that cariel deserves her mistress's feet. In Cariel's belief, its not her that should choose wether she's been a good girl or a bad gir and if she deserves punishment or not. Using her feet as a cataclyst, the dragon girl launches another shock at the succubus* This is why I hate dealing with succubuss's... your kind slips into my mind and force their horny thoughts into me as I'm left helpless to your sexual attacks! *Cariel tries her best to crawl away from the succubus as the dragon girl prepares herself for the next spell the succubus plans on casting on her, this time she plans on avoiding it and not letting her take advantage of her once again. Her tail wags in pride at her plan as she prepares for the succubu's attack* (end turn)
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*The succubue reels in surprise as the dragoness breaks free of her spell, but he countenance doesn't harden or even look mildly irritated. Instead, as soon as the dragoness blinks, the succubus appears behind her. Her arms drape around Cariel's shoulders and she presses her soft chest against the dragoness' back.* Now now... you are correct... but you're not getting her feet either way right now... surely it wouldn't hurt to enjoy the image of it.. dancing in your mind. *The succubus blows into Cariel's ear as she fills her mind with the image Amelia's cock. It stand proud and tall, just close enough for Cariel to lick if she strains herself against the bindings, but not close enough to kiss... not close enough to suck... to REALLY taste it.* Just enjoy the images in your mind... they'll bring such relief.. to such a hard-working slave like you~
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The image of mistress`s feet... *CAriel feels her mind getting hazy once more as the succubus places her under a spell once more. The dragon girl sees her mistress`s dick standing just infront of her. As she tries going for it, she`s held back by her restraints. She desperately squrims and struggled in her bindings as she barely reaches her mistress's dick. Her tongue can barely lick her dick, who strangely has a strannge silky texture, but the dragon girl doesn't let it bother her as she continues to lick while stretching her bindings as far as they can. The succubus though, can see Cariel squirming around in bed as the dragon girl starts licking the demoness's dick that is still covered by the sleeve. The dragon starts licking more and more excitedly as she worships the succubus's dick thinking that its in reality her mistress's own dick. The dragon girl has some relief as she's licking what she believes to be her mistress's dick, finally able to have some one on one fun with her once more without the minotauress joining in* (end turn)
(welcome back mistress)
Hello there !
Hey Yuria
*The succubus grins as she sees Cariel open her mouth and begin to lick at what she thinks is her Mistress' cock. Her hands reach down and pry into the dragoness' mouth, holding it open so she can finally shove her sleeved cock inside. To Cariel, it would seem as though the dragoness would finally be getting a taste of Amelia's cock, all to herself. But the reality was that the demoness was finally partaking in the dragoness' hole as she saw fit. Her heavy balls pressed onto Cariel's chin as she held herself inside, keeping hilted in until she pull herself out with a wet *plop* that sounded almost comical. She leaned forward and reached down to rub sensually at the dragoness' clit, smirk to herself as she watched the hypnotic magic do it's work.* Such an eager sleeve for the wolf, aren't you? You crave her... you want to lick every part of her body until you beg her to use you... such a dirty little dragon slut.
(end turn)
Whoooo...WHOOOO... ⁰\o/⁰
Rah....Rah...and all that!
*As Cariel is licking what she thinks is her mistress's dick, she feels some confusion as her mouth is held open, but once she feels the dick inside of her mouth she starts to instinctively suck on it. As she's eagerly sucking and licking on it, her mind gets confused at the strange taste of fabric that layers te inside of her mouth. As she feels the dick pulling out of her mouth, the dragon girl lets out a sigh of dissapointment. As she feels something playing with her clit, the dragoness lets out a moan of pleasure and enjoyment from it. Hearing the succubu's words, Cariel can't stop but feel excitement under the hypnosis spell* I'm always putting in... the effort... to be the... best sleeve... for mistress that I can... its the least that... I can do... for her gracious body~ *Cariel's mind seems to be too weak to resist the hypnosis at the moment. The succubus can see the dragon girl's feet glued togheterm begging to be tied up togheter just like in her imagination* (end turn)
Don't worry mistress, I'm sure that I won't lose this time to one of the minions.... hopefully...
And such an eager sleeve should beg to get used, shouldn't it? You wish to be reduced to nothing more than object with which your Miss satisfies her desires, your pleasure is secondary. Your needs, unimportant. You exist to please Amelia, to serve her. She's the only one who can give you the treatment you so crave, everything you desire. *She reaches down to grip at the dragoness' jaw tenderly, scanning her eyes as she pulls Cariel deeper and deeper into the spell addling her senses. As she does this, the dragoness can feel a pressure below, the succubus' cock prodding at her dripping entrance. The succubus opens her jaw, a swirling pink vortex resting within, preparing to consume some essence from the dragoness. But just as she's about to, the beacon glows and she makes a face like a child being scolded by their parent, shutting her mouth and resuming her hypnotic stare to draw the Dragoness into a state of pliability.*
*does cheerleader stuff *
*Pats the cheerleader booty*
*Giggles from the pat*
*Does another pom pom sway*
Yes... I should beg... my existence is... meaningless if it isn't... to serve mistress... I'm a mere object for the pleasure of my mistress. *Cariel sees the the weird pink vortex, she awaits patiently for the succubus to do her thing, not daring to put up any resistance, but just as quickly as the vortex appeared it dissapeared. This leaves the dragoness confused, but she quickly forgets about it as the succubus hypnotises her even further. As the dragon girl stops resisting the spell, she kneels down in bed infront of the succubus to the best of her ability as she keeps her wrists and ankles togheter believeing that they're still tied togheter* Please... use me for your pleasure and fun mistress... I beg you... I'm a mere object... that exists only to... satisfy your needs and desires! *Cariel submits herself and begs to what she thinks is her mistress but is in reality just the succubus controlling her* (end turn)
*I join in with my mistress, swaying some imaginary pom pom*
*Smiles and giggles from seeing this by my dragon pet*
Yes, such a very good little sleeve. Just pleading with your mistress to be filled, I can sense how you crave it... *The succubus pulls back and lets the dragoness move, making her imagine that the bindings are loose. She exerts her hypnotic authority over the dragoness, giving her the order to turn herself around.* On all fours, now, my sweet little dragon pet. Such an earnest slut for your mistress, show me how you want it.. present yourself to me. *In the dragoness' mind, she can see the image of Amelia unfastening her bindings and ordering her to flip about, to make her shove herself inside of her dragon pet. The succubus leans back and begins to stroke her sleeved cock, feeling the wetness on it's fabric from the dragoness sucking her and the intense moistness at it's tip.* Be a good little... slave... (end turn)
*Shakes my cheerleader wolfie booty and tail*
Yes mistress... as you order... *Cariel obidiently gets on all fours as she's instructed as she feels her bindignds being loosened. Altough as she's stretching her arms she's surprised as they're held togheter. This leaves the dragon girl confused, but she continues following the instructions of the succubus. The dragon girl shakes her ass infront of the dick before shoving it inside of her pussy. Feeling her mistress's dick inside of her pussy, Cariel can't hold back from moaning loudly as the dragon girl enjoys her mistress fucking her pussy. Altough, the dragoness can't shake the strange sensation of the fabric rubbing inside of her pussy leading to some discomfort in her. The dragon girl feels that its strange as she continues to fuck on the succubus dick with her pussy, but some doubt starts filling her mind about whats going on* (end turn)
*I shake my tail and ass in unison with my mistress*
Go on mistress, you're doing a great job~
Yeaaaaaahhhh~ Whhhoooo hooooo~
*The succubus begins to feel the hold of her spell on the dragoness slipping and generates a sphere of purple energy in her palm before pushing her hand forward and letting the dragoness' head become ensconced with it. The image grows more intense, more real. Everything about it feels just as it normally would, the sleeve on the succubus' cock shows it's purpose at last. The magic of the succubus making it latch on to the memory of how her mistress' cock feels and molding her own cock to exact shape, every detail perfect. She even begins to let out some cute growls and grunts as Amelia herself might as she begins to pump into the dragoness from behind in earnest.* Good pet... you're doing so well for your mistress, but you know you shouldn't take your mistress' cock in your pussy without her say so.. grrrrmmm.. I'll have to punish you later...~
(end turn)
*Tosses Amelia a Wolfie Snack™ for her efforts*
*Catches Wolfie Snack™ that Isa tosses and munches on it eagerly*
I-I-I'm sorry mistress... its my fault for being.. such a bad pet... and not asking for... permission first... *Cariel looks down dissapointed in herself for having taken action without asking for permission before hand* I'll accept any punishment... mistress has in store for me~ *The dragoness tells the succubus as she submits herself, ready for any punishment she might have in mind for her. The dragon girl seems to be too deep into the hypnosis now to be able to break free, and now that the previous anomaly in her mistress's dick has been corrected the dragon girl is unable to distinguish it from the original one. Her mind is now fully fooled by the succubus's magic, only being able to believe and obey any orders that the succubus gives her* (end turn)
Oh wow Isa, you've trademarked a snack brand for yourself~
*whispers* It's just a miniature strawberry tart
Well, just naming it something else is enough to trade mark it~
*doesn't hear whispers*
(Can I assume Amelia marked this character?)
(probably I would assume)
Not to worry my cute little dragon pet, I will punish you after I've finished with your hole. There's no need... to rush to the punishment... until I'm good and satisfied. Remember, anything involving your pleasure is secondary... and I know what a masochist you are... *The succubus chuckles as she thrusts into the dragoness at a leisurely pace, taking her time to make the dragoness crave it deeper... harder... to deprive the dragon of the brisk, punishing pace she seems to so crave right now. The succubus begins to breath heavily, having sapped so much pleasure from the dragoness making her body tremble with anticipatory pleasure. She knows any moment now that she's likely to burst deep within the dragoness... and give her a special reminder of their time together. She looks at the dragoness and notices a mark of her mistress' bite on the dragoness' neck, seemingly held there by magic and an idea stirs in her mind. She begins to swirl a spell between the fingertips of her free hand, timing it for the exact moment of her imminent climax.* Get ready... your Misstress is going to claim your slutty little hole again....
(end turn)
*summons my inner super wolfie cheerleader powers*
*not made up in any way whatsoever*
Heya Rathia~
Yes mistress... I'm masochistic... and my pleasure is seondary... I will... patiently await your... punishment as instructed... *Cariel continues to move her pussy on her mistress's dick as she feels that her mistress is still playing with her hole. The dragon girl continues to move her pussy intensively on the succubu's dick as she feels that its getting closer to that orgasm, and believing that its her mistress the dragon girl starts speeding up to make sure she can have the best orgasms possible* claim my hole... as many time... as you want mistress... my body... belongs to you~ *Cariel doesn't notice the spell the succubus is preparing because of the hypnosis placed on her, but the dragoness seems to be starting to break free from the hypnosis as the grasps of the succubus over the dragon girl weakens from her pleasure and the preparations of her spell* (end turn)
hiihi~It seems that Cariel is trying to find a way to be kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured...hum... by various strange creatures in the maze again :3
Always finding the best andd horniest ways to do so Rathia, oh and hi~
Imagining her wolfie mistress is there...when she really isn't
Its not that easy to resist hypnosis spells mistress
No, it isn't...
Unless you're me...
Ignore the name
That's just purely coincidental
Hehe, very coincidental mistress~
Definitely difficult for everyone else to resist
Well, its also difficult for me mistress
Its also difficult to resist feet...
and bondage...
and being dominated over all...
*tail wags playfully*
*The succubus cries out as she begins to finally meet the dragoness' bounces back into her. She pants and moans wildly as her need becomes impossible to ignore, with just a few more pumps into Cariel's pussy. She reaches that climactic finish deep inside of Cariel's womb and sends forth a massive cascade of spunk into her. The seed lingers there for a bit, holding inside her as the succubus taps at Cariel's mark and infuses it with her magic. The bite mark on Cariel's neck glows and becomes more skin to a tattoo, pink in color and faintly glowing. Once the magic is in place, the succubus vanishes and her seed does as well, almost as if she were never there in the first place. But her voice rings throughout the room for a bit afterwards as Cariel is finally released from her spell.* That's good pet... I've given you something to remember me by. All you have to do is give control of the mark over to your Misstress and she'll be able to control all sorts of things about you... sensitivity... fertility.. your ability to cum... she'll even be able to make minor changes to your physical appearance! I just know you'll have such fun with it... *As the succubus disappears, Cariel finds herself whisked away to an empty chamber in the labyrinth, one moment... she was in the bedroom, the next.. she's greeted with a cold stone floor, the beacon in her lap pulsing as the Minotauress' voice rings out in her head.* Mmm... I do hope you enjoyed your time with her. I saw a bit of it, hot stuff~ I think Amelia wanted to see how you fared with Alva this time. Make your way to her chapel.
(end turn)
*pats the dragoness pet*
Gotta say, was not expecting to get her stats this high with the succubus :P
** Cariel Drache rolled 1d6: 1! **
/dice 6
** Cariel Drache rolled 1d3: 1! **
/dice 3
*Cariel feels herself finally break free from the hypnosis. As she looks around she can't find the succubus around, but she has a strange feeling on the spot where the mark placed by her mistress is located. As Cariel tries asking a question, she feels herself transported and the next thing she knew was the feeling of the cold stone floor that she was laying down on. Although the dragoness quickly sits back up as she hears the dungeon lord's voice* Well my lord, it was an experience to say the least. But are you sure its a good idea to send me to Alva in my current state? I don't think that I could handle her the way I am right now. *Cariel sighs as she gets up before walking towards the chapel. She could still feel the handcuffs on her wrists as the dragon girl struggled against it to no avail. Altough she didn't have access to her arms, she at least had access to her legs, which allowed her to walk around instead of being forced to bounce around. At the mention of seeing hot stuff from the dungeon lord, the dragon girl couldn't stop thinking about how the minotauress behaved at seeing these images of the dragon girl* (end turn)
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(See you in a bit Cariel~ ^^)
(see you mistress~)
*tosses my pompoms into the air *
Well it's her or the slimes... and uh... we both know what happened with the slimes last time, don't we? *As the dragoness walked to the chapel, the labyrinth shifted and gave way, making her walk down a rather ornate hallway with stained glass windows. The echo of her bare feet pattering on the marble floor rang throughout the space as her trepidation grew. Her last encounter with Alva almost had her placed permanently in the drow's slimy grasp. She was more rested this time. But the succubus had certainly done her work on the dragoness, her thighs were dripping with her arousal and who knew if the succubus had hidden some other effect the mark might have on her? And that's not even mentioning the handcuffs binding her wrists, which seemed impossible to pick without a better tool than her tail. Soon she was standing again before the giant doors of the chapel, which swung open as if expecting her, like most of the doors in this place seemed to do, always shifting... guiding the hapless and foolhardy to their fate. On the dais in the middle of the room stood the drow, unclothed this time, standing before the Dragoness and holding a tentacle in her hand, gently petting it as she watched Cariel draw closer.* My my, it's you again? What a wonderful turn of events... we were interrupted last time... this time I'll let you experience that blissful release you so obviously need....
(eating, will be back later)
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(Welcome back~)
Yeah yeah, I know what happened last time. And I also don't feel like going through that once more... *As Cariel walked towards the chapel, she saw the walls shift to show her the ornate wall. Her gaze quickly lands on the stained glass windows and their depiction of different women being fucked senselessly by tentacles. The dragon girl feels a rush of pleasure go through her body, but she can't tell if its because she's horny or if this is the effects of the mark taking place. As she saw the giant door in the chapel opening she breated once before stepping into the chapel. Seeing the drow naked this time, the dragoness couldn't stop remembering her last encounter she had with the drow. She had been fully tied up by tentacles and pleasured by the drows feet to the point where the dragon girl almost submitted herself to the drow* Well my mistress wanted me to have a rematch with you... but this time I'm not going to give in so easily to you! *Cariel tries raising her right arm, but is stopped as she's reminded that her hands are handcuffed behind her back* Oh great, I'm already tied up with these handcuffs... *The dragon girl sigh at herself for not being able to pick lock the handcuffs off her wrists* (end turn)
(welcome back Isa~)
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*The drow chuckles aloud seeing the dragoness already restrained and looking so very needy. She immediately sends forth the tentacle that she was holding in her hand, sending it for Cariel's ankles and making it lift her aloft into the air as she grins wickedly. The air hums with arcane energy as it brings her the dragon girl, who is now dangling upside down in front of her. She places a hand on Cariel's cheek and leans in close, her eyes glowing their signature pink hue.* I am a little taken aback, you seemed to have such a wonderful time with us last time... perhaps you just need a reminder... *She leaned in and captured Cariel's lips in a kiss, the act transferring a surge of memory in the Dragoness. Cariel found her memory flooded with just how she had been so helplessly bound and used by the tentacles the drow commanded.* I certainly... remember your taste... so do the tentacles~
*goes back to cheerleader mode and stuff*
*Cariel is taken by surprise as the tentacle lifts her upside down. She's unable to fight it with her hands tied behind her back as she's brough forth to the drow. As she feels the drows kiss, all of the memories from her previous encounter with her flood back into her mind as she remembers the tentaacle and the feet. A blush appears on the dragon girl's face as she remembers the scene* I remember the tentacles... I won't deny that they felt good... but I can't get defeated now! *I try to prepare myself to fight, but the memories arouse me as I instead obidiently await for more tentacles to start playing with me* (end turn)
Do you recall... how close you were... to giving in.. to experiencing the pure bliss my tentacles can bring? Perhaps I should give you another taste of my lovely feet. Wouldn't that be nice? *Two tentacles descend from the ceiling and insert themselves slowly into Cariel's holes, compressing themselves until they were able to squeeze and wiggle their way in... then beginning to expand.. slowly.. stretching her ass and cunt until more could make their way inside her. Meanwhile, the images in her head shift... as soon as the drow merely mentions her own feet, images of Cariel sucking on her toes... swiping her tongue between them, making a proper footslut of herself come into clear focus in Cariel's mind, she can almost taste them again...*
(end turn)
*licks the sweet wolfie on the cheek and hand-feeds her another Wolfie Snack™ in blueberry flavor*
o/ Start again
Yes I remember your feet miss... I remember licking and worshipping them... *Cariel lets out some moans as the tentacles make their way into her hole. But, she lets out a surprised moan as they also start expanding in her holes. The dragon girl starts panting as the images of the drow's feet surface in her mind again. She remembers all the pleasure that came with worshipping her feet and pbeying her. The dragon girl's pleasure starts takign over her as she starts wishing to just skip to the fun part where the drow takes full control over the dragon girl and marks her as her own* (end turn)
This time, we see if Cariel makes it through the final room or is she's going to fail again
*Smiles brightly and blushes from the lick on the cheek by the generous Minotauress and is happily eating the blueberry-flavored Wolfie Snack™ handfed to her..moaning happily as her tail wags rapidly*
The answer is already in your heart now:P
And the awnser is to end up enslaved by the tentacles most likely~
haha, Cariel who doesn't like tentacles is not a good Cariel :P
If I don't like something used for bondage, that is indeed weird
*The drow makes the tentacles lower Cariel just slightly as the dais she stands on begins to rise and soon enough, Cariel is presented with her perfect looking purple feet once more. This time it's an even more enticing sight, since the drow has decided to present herself naked before Cariel. The dragoness is greeted with a full view of Alva's perfect, suckable toes, the smooth and flawless skin covering them... the sight is wildly erotic. The tentacles above the dragoness shrink almost as if to give relief... but they were merely preparing each hole for a second insertion. Each tentacle is quickly joined by another. The dragoness is now hanging aloft... perfect feet just beyond her reach... and both of her holes double stuffed... a troubling situation indeed.*
(end turn)
She has a chance... not a great chance... but a chance
to make it through
*Cariel minds starts spirileling down in pleasure as she's lowered down to the drow's feet. The dragon girl starts drooling at the sight as she tries licking it, to no avail as the feet are just out of reach from her. As she starts feeling both of her holes being filled with tentacles, the dragon girl lets out loud moans of pleasure. She's unable to put up any resistance, clearly enjoying this too much to want to* please miss... let me... lick your... feet... I beg of you.... I need them... *Cariel stretches out her tongue as she desperately tries reaching out for the feet of the drow that sits just out of range of her tongue* (end turn)
I'm not too opmistic on my odds knowing how erofights usually treats me...
*The tentacles inside of her twirl around each other and begin to vibrate against each other as they hold themselves inside the dragoness. Alva can't resist the dragoness' pleas for her feet any more than she can stop herself breathing, she recalls just how well the dragoness served her last time, the feeling of Cariel's lips... Cariel's tongue on her feet isn't one she had forgotten. She extends one of her purple feet forward, pressing the toes at her lips and grinning down at the dragoness with a sensual smile.* Now then.. you may kiss my toes... but you must ask me to lick them after... to suck them... will required even more begging... even more submission. *She taps her toes against Cariel's lips impatiently, urging her to do what she has ordered.* (end turn)
(does the make him cum in you end the encounter?)
(Nope, unfortunately)
*Bumps into wall while trying to read and understand a poorly drawn map of the labyrinth*
*The Minotauress appears behind you and looks over your shoulder* Where did you even get that?
GAH!! *Fumbles with the parchment and stumbles forward*
Yes miss... as you order... *Cariel starts to eagerly kiss on the drows toes. The memories from playing with her foot fill up her mind as she starts kissing them intensely, intent on pleasing her with all her abilities and have her allow the dragon girl to worship more of her feet. As she feels the tentacles vibrating in her holes, she can't stop stop but moan in pleasure. Her mouth is drooling over your feet in pleasure and excitement to be allowed to be allowed to worship even more of the drow's feet* Please miss... please let me lick your toes... I beg of you... I need to do it... I need the relief... *As Cariel continues worshipping the drow's feet, she feels one of the tentacles inside of her reach an orgasm, feeling her pussy being filled with cum while the vibrations inside of it continue to torment her* (end turn)
Where'd you even come from?!
It's... my labyrinth... I can kinda just.. show up where I want to. Plus maps are kinda useless here, just so ya know. The walls move~ *giggles and kisses your cheek.* Hmm.. wonder how that dragoness is faring.
*Neatly folds the poorly drawn creation while turning my attention to the moans that seem to echo off the very walls that seem to shift before my very eyes*
*As they release their fluids, the tentacles begins to twirl and spasm violently inside of Cariel, it feels as though her insides are simply STUFFED to the brim with tentacles. The drow can sense the dragoness' imminent climax and lifts a hand to cover her mouth, chuckling as she looks down at Cariel and states plainly.* Goodness... you're close, aren't you? You must be simply ACHING to climax by now... but before you do... maybe you could do me a favor.. lick between the toes too. I want to feel you scream as you cum on my lovely tentacles, Dragon. *She wiggles her toes in front of the dragoness's mouth, which are now slightly moist from the kisses she lavished upon them.* (end turn)
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
Nevermind that.. it's just uhh... Amelia's pet doing some work for me! It's uhh... really... hard work. How are you this evening?
right...I'm alright^^ Usual evening activities
Oh yea? Well hopefully it's at least interesting stuff^^ *The moans get louder and louder* Ahh.. that doesn't bode well at all.
*Cariel starts licking inbetween the drows foot, obeying her command to lick inbetween her toes before cumming* I can't hold it in miss... I'm cumming! *As soon as Cariel finishes her task she lets out her orgasm onto the tentacles. She starts letting out all of her built up frustrations as the tentacles start taking in all of her cum. As she feels her ectasy of the orgasm, Cariel can't stop but continue to lick on the drow's feet. Once the dragon girl is done having an orgasm, she looks defeated as her tongue continues to slowly lick the drow's feet with complete submission* (end turn)
*Shifts eyes and blushes tugging on the crimson dress* M-man, anyone else hot? haha...
*Alva's grin only grows as Cariel succumbs to the pleasure of the tentacles invading her holes. She snaps her fingers and a box is raised from the ground, it's transparent and made of glass, just large enough for someone to fit inside of. The tentacles inside of her and holding her aloft place her inside of it and snap off of their bases, binding Cariel's arms and legs together as they roam her body continuously. Alva strolls over and closes the lid on the glass box, making sure Cariel's head pokes out through a hole in the top panel. A lock clicks into place one the lid is shut and Alva leans down to look at Cariel.* Too bad.. poor dragon girl. You'll have to endure in this box until your mistress decides it's been long enough and you're allowed out. A pity, I know the bull really wanted to have a bit of fun with you herself...
(end turn)
Heya Pheebs~
And I don't know, Maria... feels pretty normal to me.
*Waves to doggo*
*looks around, tail idly wagging* I've never actually been in here before, nice place! And Hai Maria!!
A lot of people haven't actually. With how long some of these adventures take, it's not easy to find time to see them through to the end
Mhm mhm
I did see some rather fun looking people on my way here, might have to go through the normal way sometime soon~
Hehe well I'm always open to challengers^^ of course only the finest are selected.. so that would definitely include you~ and a certain lioness, should she ever wish it~
Yay~! And Maria too, she's certainly fine~
*Cariel looks confused at the glass box, unawhare of its purpose until the tentacles place her inside of the box. Cariel feels the tentacles break off from their base to restrain her. She feels her ankles, legs and arms being bound by the tentacles as she's left helplessly struggling against the tentacles. As she feels the tentacle exploring her body, Cariel can't stop but moan from pleasure. As she sees Alva closing the lid, the dragoness looks up at her with a sad look on her face* But what about licking your feet miss... *Cariel puts her tongue forward, wanting to lick the drow's delicious feet, but all that she gets is a tentacle that shoves into her mouth. As the tentacle starts penetrating her mouth, Cariel lets out some muffled moaning. But to the dragoness's dismay, another tentacle comes down, this time to cover her eyes and blindfold her. As the tentacles finish it up, Cariel is left letting out some muffled moans of pleasure as she's completely tied up and unawhare of what's going on in her surroundings except for the noises of the drow's bare feet touching the marble floor* (end turn)
*Ears perk upon hearing my name*
*peeks in*
Hey Maria
Only winners get what they want little dragon... and unfortunately for you.. you've lost. But not to worry, the tentacles will take good care of you... keep you on edge until you've finally endured enough days on edge that your mistress finally decides to let you out and give you a release you've likely been NEEDING for days.. maybe even weeks if the Wolf isn't pleased. I'd take you for myself... but I'm not stupid. I can feel the sensation of your body through the tentacles, and that'll be enough for me... *Alva's voice grows distant as Cariel feels the box begin to move, she can hear the grinding of stone on stone as she's brought to the Minotauress' chamber, bits of the wall slide away and she's put there as a display piece, able to hear whenever the Minotauress decides to take her concubine just mere feet away from the dragoness.* How disappointing... I can't imagine Amelia will be too pleased that you failed to make it to me again... not to mention my own displeasure... but I'll let her deal with your punishment. I have to take care of my own needs now, since you were unsuccessful.
(end turn)
Hey Phoebe
(Still about, Amelia?)
(depens if mistress is in chat)
(Oh well, was just going to have her give an amount of time for you to be a lewd wall decoration.)
(seems like we'll have to ask that to mistress later)
Cariel is back in her promised land again :P
The promised land of imprisoned by tentacles and getting constantly fucked
I picked an ending I thought would suit you best
completely restrained
It certainly suits me greatly~
blindfolded and gagged
and on display
Reduced to a mere wall decoration as punishment, a truly great ending~
Granted I did want you to make it to the end, butttt 1 it seemed fitting and 2 I don't typically go easy like that unless I'm asked to~
Its okay, I'm used to being a loser after all, and this ending is much more fitting for me~
I just wanted some dragon booty 😂
But yea, this fits
*pokes head in*
Unfortunately, the dragon is not strong enough to make it through the labyrinth~
heyya gaiba
*take a site wanted to watch the so famous Labyrinth*
*a sit and waves at all*
Hey Julie
Nya~ hiya Rathia, and hey again Julie
Heya Julie~
Check out my new art piece
I call it...
"Cariel the Tentacle Toy"
(that's me)
Its something indeed :p
*wipe the sweat on my head from the hot tentacle girl trapped*
Hi everyone and my Julie ❤️
Hello マキマ
heyya all~
After Cariel was locked in a glass cabinet, many viewers came:3
They all came to see me on display~
They must have come to appreciate the masterpieces
It is a rather fine work
*nods appreciatively* :3
Well i kinda envy her
Almost interactive
Its a masterpiece
I should probably start a gallery with me as the main display~
Nice display 👍
*wonders if Julie is a bit pent up from her match, and that's why envious* x3
She's like Mona Lisa, only more lustful :P
Oh no being tentacle locked and fuck is a thing i do for free ;3 no need to be pent up
Ahmm, ahmm~ *more note-taking*
She's hotter than Mona Lisa, by like...
Well, we don't see what's going on below Mona Lisa's torso, tbf :3
Could be like this
This really brightens up the future for a possible opening of the Cariel's Galery
I don't think it's quite as hot as Dragon girl getting constantly used by tentacles either way
Especially this dragon girl
aawwww, thanks for the compliments Isa~
Do you want this one public as well?
Sure, I don't mind
And of course, I don't just pick randos to have longer matches with
Definitely worth the time^^
Oh my, I see that I should feel honored that you like having long matches with me~
Well it's just the truth, you are very fun to play with~ I see why Amelia likes doing it so much~
I'm usually worried if I'm doing a good job, hearing that its fun playing with me makes me happy~
If we weren't happy, we wouldn't have spent so much time playing with you :P
So don't worry, you did it perfectly
Thanks Rathia, I'm happy to hear that~
Hmmm well the unfortunate thing about this ending is there isn't much post-match fun to be had unless I wanna get really descriptive with what the tentacles do. So Imma shut 'er down I think~
Oh perfect timing
Welcome back mistress~
I'm super signal...weakened for quite a bit^^'
It's okay, you're just in time~
*Takes my concubine into the chamber and taps on Cariel's class case displayed proudly in the wall.* Well, what do you think? How long should she have to be in there for failing to Alva?
*I let out some muffled moaning as I hear Isa talking to my mistress. The tentacles continue to furiously fuck my body in the glass case, leaving every detail in the open for the eye to see*
*Some rather brisk footsteps were made across the floor as I followed you rather closely from behind....quite curious about what you had to show me...still wondering about my l
slave's progress...the moment I saw your arms stretched out...presenting that glass case with you ensnared by the very wrapped tightly onto your body to constantly
fuck and pleasure your body...I had a rather r
Thoughful look at toes...tapping the glass at first...before I immediately shook my head
02:00:42 evil smirk on my face as I answered* Disappointing.....Guess my slave...failed...guess 3 weeks should help improve her stamina~
Hehe~ Think I'm being too light with 3, Isa~?
mmphhh! *I let out some muffled noises as I hear my mistress mention the lenght of 3 weeks. I'm filled with dread at the thought of being stuck in here for 3 full weeks straight*
Three weeks huh... hmmm.....
*My ears were twitching about from hearing my dragon servant's muffled noises*
*I rubbed my chin thoughtfully and closed my eyes as I considered the length of time she would be stuck, considered the maintenance involved in ensuring she'd stay cleaned and fed. Then I opened my eyes and looked to Amelia with a grin.* Three weeks ought to do it. I was thinking along the lines of 2, but I think by week 3 she'll be nice and ready to resist tentacles of any sort! Besides... that means more time that I get to have fun with my concubine as she listens... having to imagine what's going on... unable to see...
mmphh... *I let out some muffled moaning as my sentenced is decided to be 3 weeks. Even though I don't believe to ever be able to last that long locked in the box, I still can't stop feeling excited at being abandoned in this box and left as a display for the weeks to come8
*I was looking at you with great admiration in my eyes.. loving how thoughtful you looked while deep in thought as my tail swishes about rather eagerly...humming to myself awaiting your potential verdict...slight chuckles coming from me when you finally gave your answer* Oh.. wow...ehehe...2 weeks, huh~? My little pet might think I'm quite the harshest mistress...for you to have considered 7 days less, tehe~
But I'm glad you agree with me~ Mhhhhmm~ *I exclaimed with sighs of happiness as I capture your lips in mine~
Yes, but I know she just loves that sort of thing, so I'm sure she's just thrilled right now. Reduced to a display piece in our bedchamber... forgotten... maybe we even forget to count the days and leave her in there longer^^ we do both get quite busy sometimes!~ *My tail wrapped around your waist as I pulled you close and returned the kiss to you, reaching down to squeeze at your ass as I pulled you close to me, almost immediately forgetting about the dragon girl helplessly writhing in her glass prison.*
Mhhhhmmm~ Seems like she agrees...but don't worry...we'll make sure to check up on you..Occasionally.. ..wouldn't want my pet collapsing in a fit of exhaustion...hehe...especially with more fun to come for my precious little pet...Or I guess you're more like a pet of the tentacles...Mhhhmm..for now... ...eheh...hehe...
*My tail can still be seen shaking in excitement as I hear the two of you talking about how you'r going to treat me and the thought of perhaps being forgotten here and left for much longer feels my horny and excited mind with even more excitement. I let out some muffled moans as I marvel in my predicament*
*A bright pink expression was present on my face as I found myself practically swooning for you as I almost found myself almost swept up on my feet by you as your wonderful tail wraps around me....deep moans slipping out of me as your hands squeezed my ass* ...hehe....
Were we talking about something? I can't recall... *I lifted you off of your feet and carried you over to the large bed, too horny to think about anything else but getting to enjoy my wonderful concubine's delicious body... in plain earshot of the trapped dragoness.* Something tells me.. we should be really loud this time~
(I think I'm going to go eat and finish some work for the night, have fun you two~)
bye bye~)
I-I-I must have...not...been...important...if...we're forgetting...maybe something about...Greta..or..something...I'm sure...we'll remember what...ever that was... *I giggled in a rather unsually loud tone for some reason...finding myself lifted into the air by your wonderful arms...nuzzling close to you...finding myself quite horny..from the anticipatory thoughts at how your would fare tonight...and your ultimate fate in the wnd...being take to our very large bed...making loud moaning sounds while
peppering your face with kisses...* Ohhhhhh...yes..being loud with you...will be amazing tonight~
(See you, Cariel~ It was fun watch you
and being able to roughly catch the end...when my signal had to ruin the fun for my viewing peasure ^^')
*I began to peel away the layers of my clothing bit by bit, my armor clattering to the ground and the form-fitting black attire beneath tossed atop it. I stood there with my hands on my hips, my massive breasts on full display, my muscular form glistening with a slight sheen of sweat from the heavy clothing I'd been wearing and my proud bull cock and hefty sack swaying gently back and forth as I gazed at you. I pointed at you commandingly and spoke plainly.* Whatever it was, doesn't matter. Strip.
*As I lay there on our rather ornate bed...I watched you with glowing red eyes....great interest flowing within me.. though it was probably more like horny lust....caused by the immense build-up of having to watch my dragon slave try to make it through....and ultimately becoming nothing more than some tentacles' toy in the end
...I was licking my lips at the sight of you slowly stripping off the wolf cock at full mast...leaking out with great arousal and ears perked up from the clattering of your gear..seeing your amazing self in full display...those massive breasts...that impressive set of muscles I found myself staring and drooling over...
The way your sweat lingered on your body to display how much hard work you put in your efforts for the labyrinth and just about everything else...but more importantly...your great pride and joy...that immensely imposing...bull cock you were so proud of.. as it was sways with its heavy sack.. as you pointed at me commandingly
...with that plain tone...I didn't do much but simply stripped obediently.. Luckily, I didn't wore much so it's only taken me mere seconds to fully display my natural wolfish self to you as I motioned with my hand flirtatiously...hope
* After being so pent-up...aim
I'm expecting there will be a lot of moaning and wild screams from the both of us... mhhhmm...tonight, heehe~
Indeed... I was going to let the dragon take care of this... but as you can see she didn't make it far enough to get the privilege. Good think you're around.. you get to enjoy me instead... and I get to enjoy you~ *The sight of your naked body always drove me wild. I carefully admired the gentle curves of your breasts and hips.. so deliciously presented to me as if sculpted by an artist. That thick, juicy girlcock stared me in the face... begging to be sucked... or stroked... or whatever I planned to do with it...*
*My lower lip caught between my teeth as I bit down on it and began to slowly stroke myself as I climbed onto the bed with you. Soon I was hovering over you... my breasts brushing against yours, the undersides of our thick cock sliding against each other as they both began to leak everywhere... staining our stomachs with their potent precum. My hands reached down and gripped at your thighs as I pressed myself downwards, making our cocks press together harder and harder. I pressed my entire body against yours as I captured your lips in another heated kiss...*
*And began to slide the head of my cock down the underside of your shaft, making it poke just beneath your balls and press against your dripping slit. With another shove, I was about halfway inside of you and began to pump my hips to shove the rest of my massive length inside of you, my eyelids fluttering from the sweet sensation of your walls clenching down on my member.* Yes... scream for me.. cry out my name... and cum on my fucking cock... Amelia...
Mhhhhmm...such a shame...too...I really hoping to be treated to sight between the two of you...but alas... Mhhhhmmm...Of course...that's one of my main your most loyal Concubine...ready to serve at your every beck and call... Enjoying you~ But most importantly, you enjoying me~ * my crimson orbs were drawn towards the way you looked all over my body like chest heaving up and down with great excitement whenever you did this...It was clear how aroused I was as my girlcock leaked and sent that powerful pheromonal scent into the air... The way you stroked yourself making me continue swelling with great pride and excitement wanting you all to myself tonight... As you hovered over my lovely form...deep breaths and moans pierced the air ...while our breasts and cocks pressed and rubbed softly...but vigorously against the each other.... As our lips met in that powerful...almost needy kiss. .intent on satisfying what we both felt from our immense build up.....
02:47:55 red eyes shut tightly as my chest was pounding with my rapid your impressive shaft teases and presses close to my dripping pussy
02:49:35 eyelids fluttered as deep moans exploded from the depths of my lungs and I found you halfway into me...before more exploded wildly as I held onto you tightly once you pushed the rest of yourself into my potent juices rush and gush around your cock...effectively lubing it an instant...while my inner walls of my most sacred space...of..all...constricted tightly around your bullish length.*
*The feeling of you gripping so tightly onto me left my hands free to do as they wished.. and I let them wander as much as they liked. My right hand crept up to grasp at your neck and squeeze as my left hand drifted downward to wrap around that thick length of yours and smeared a copious amount of your precum all over that thick wolf dick, getting it nice and lubed for me so I could begin to stroke it with great speed and force right away...*
*The immediate wetness of your wolfish cunt spraying out onto my thick bull cock made it so easy to pick up speed and force with my powerful hips. I started to throb and leak profusely deep inside of you... mixing your juices with my own... evidence of just how pent up we'd both been. My heavy breasts shook wildly with every thrust into you, flying about as though they had a mind of their own. The sweat from my body began to drip onto yours from the exertion, I was more than ready for this... for you... ready to claim your wolfish cunt with my proud bull cock once more.*
*My head leaned down so I could bite at your lower lip and growl as I pounded you into the mattress. Given my current state it was likely that it wouldn't be long until my seed found it's way into your womb as it had many times before.* FUCK YES! I'M GOING TO CLAIM THIS WOLF CUNT FOR MYSELF AGAIN! YOU'RE MINE! MY PERFECT LITTLE SLUT!

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