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((Hey hey ^^ ))
((Hello again cutie~ I'll start us off where we left off in the RP, though I think after I do I'll pass the starting turn your way ehe. If that sounds good to you, my only question for now is, do you usually go action for action? Or do you hang on actions for a bit if it fits the RP))
((Usually I reroll through actions until I find a well-fitting one and sort of use it as a prompt. Sometimes I would hang on a scene for a paragraph or two, but generally the idea is that when you finish a segment you click to indicate the other side to write next ^^ ))
((If you wanna give me first move that's also good by me, we are pretty much resuming on that nice setup scene ^^ ))
((Makes sense to me! Thank you again, and I think with that I'm ready to start when you are~))
((Mhm...ready whenever ^^ ))
*After entering the bedroom and taking a seat on your bed, my eyes widen as you crawl over me and plant a cute kiss on my lips. I'm taken back for a moment but delicately return the kiss, reaching out to rest a hand on your collarbone as you do. When you pull away from the kiss I'm left entranced for a moment, you see my eye slowly look into yours, down at my hand, across your body, taking all of you in from our new scenery*
*Even as my heart is racing for how you, such a wonderfully cute girl, has now found herself in my bed after such a brief acquaintanceship, I did not try to push too fast. I moved my hands reassuringly along yours, meking sure you feel like you can apply the pressure to my body, that I am physically there for you. I smiled warmly moving my face in for another delicate kiss, while my left hand gently rested on your right thigh.*
*My left hand stays on your collarbone, bracing my body against yours as you lift me into a lying position. My lips don't leave yours, letting you control the kiss as I reach my right hand under the back of my shirt. You hear a small, "snap" and see my bra fall down trapped between my shirt and my stomach. Through my white shirt you can see the soft outline of my now exposed breasts pressing against the fabric.*
((Heck midnight reset ate my message >-> ))
(( What terrible luck, sorry you have to retype it all-))
*My ears twitch slightly as I hear the little snap sound. Not breaking away from the lovely taste of your lips, I glance down, noticing as you remove your article of clothing gently. I giggled slightly in the kiss, taking benefit of that development to slowly kiss down to your chest ~ not really minding the shirt in the way as I plant some soft kisses on it. Meanwhile, my hands teasingly run down your legs, to your feet, taking a moment to gently knock off your shoes and roll down your socks, letting both to drop easily off the edge of the bed.* Tehee...I feel might be quite a natural at teasin ~~
*As you break away from my lips and start moving down my body I lean back, giving you more room to kiss against my shirt. I move my legs accordingly as your hands roll off my thigh high socks allowing you to easily glide them down my smooth legs. My face turns pink and my hand reaches out towards one of yours, which I silently grab. My fingers curl between yours holding it tightly. You see my chest move up and down as you hear me exhale deeply. I stay silent for now, watching with focused eyes as you undress me.*
*I wink at you as I see you relax, choosing to lean back for a moment and give you a little bit of a show instead. I gently unwrap the belt of my yukata top, slowly revealing the bandages I tend to use instead of a bra that I'm keeping underneath. I pose for a moment, making this simple act of disrobing one of my upper garments almost a scene of art, illuminated by one of the last few orange rays of sunshine falling through the windows of the house ~~ before I toss my top to the side, playfully running hands up and down my body as I tease*..what would you like me to remove next? ~~
*I watch the show from the bed, taking in every movement you make, both inpressed by your attire and your ability to take it off. You see my eyes look down first at your belly, when they meet your eyes my cheeks flush a bit pink. When the bandages you use as a bra are revealed you see me rub my forearms, reminding you of the bandages on my arms. After you undress and discard your top my voice finally comes out.* How about I help a little~? *I sit back up and gently reach out, resting a hand on your thigh. My hand glides down your smokth skin until it reaches your sock, which I slowly pull down and off. After one is off I kiss your thigh and repeat that action with your other leg*
Nhm...*I let out a little gasp as your hand rests on my thigh, surprised a little bit by the gentle switch you're starting to make from your shy passiveness onto a gentle activity. I smile as you plant those little kisses on my thighs, lifting my legs as you help remove my socks. As you are done with my other leg, I gently push you back to rest, moving my hands to your waistline as I gently unbuclke and pull down your pants*..Tehee...we won't be needin those where we're goin ~~ *I wink at you and lean in for another quick kiss, my excitement clearly growing as my tail wags behind me happily.*
Mffp- *You hear a bit of air push out of me as I fall back onto your soft mattress. My hips wiggle around your hands making it easier for you to ease off my shorts. I return your kiss rubbing your cheek until you pull away. You notice looking at me now my face is pink and my eyes look around frantically as I try to calm my nerves. At the same time our eyes look down my body to see my shirt has rode up to my ribs, revealing my stomach.* Ehe, I guess we won't really need that either huh? *Once the words leave my mouth I tuck my hands inside my shirt and slip out of it, leaving me on only my glasses, bandages, and black panties*
Mhmm...*I appreciate as you slowly remove your shirt, as I can't help but smile at the sight of your cute belly button. Just as you leave yourself only in your panties, I choose to go first to full nakedness, let you see it all first so that you can find youtself at ease. As I wriggle my way out of my remaining clothes, I smile warmly at you, gently swaying my tail behind my back*...Mhm...I didn't want too pry beforehand...but...they are gettin hard to miss....*I run a finger along your arm, moving across the bandages...should I ask....or would you prefer to keep that story for another time?
*Watching your eyes glide down my body and stop at my belly button makes a smile cross my face. I reach up and cover it with my hand just enough that you see my cheeks flush red. While my cheeks cool back down I watch you strip completely for me, my breathing slowing as I do but my heart picking up quickly. You see me flinch a little when you finger touches my arm, just a little though.* I- ahh- i-it's a long story- I can remove them if you'd like j-just- save the questions for after our fun ehe? *I offer looking sheepish but willing at the idea while you observe one arm the other reaches up and gently rubs your head, playing with the insides of your ears a little*
Mhmmhmm ^~^ *I melt a little bit under the pats, the effectiveness always working wonders on me ever since my wolfish features have come into existence*...shhoo...nice....*I let you rub my head a little bit as my eyes narrow down to these thin, blissful slits, and the wagging of my tail slows down a little bit. I listen in to your answer and just nod*...Tehee...I don't mind them stayin on if you feel more comfortable with 'em....I will ask you after we wake up tomorrow mornin...though who knows, it might be a late morning depending on how much fun ya think we can last through *I wink playfully, before moving in for another kiss ~~ this one feels different, as our chests press together and my lips move onto yours in a warm passion. My hands run down your sides, gently rubbing your torso and moving down to your waistline*
*Seeing how reactive your are to it, my finger starts rubbing inside of your ear more. I use the pad of my finger to massage the soft fluffy inside of your ear as long as you let me. Ehe, with you I can only hope it lasts early into the morning~ *I tease back before your body presses mine into the bed. My lips matching yours yet again. You feel my hips wiggle against your enjoying how they feel against my body. While we kiss you hear two noises that sound like velcro unstrapping and when you finally pull away I slide my head down into your chest. You feel the lips still wet with your saliva press against your nipple, then open so it goes into my mouth. My tongue licks circles around your areola as my mouth gently sucks... when you look up you see my hands above my head, the bandages unwrapped and barely clinging on. Deep pink scars spiral up each of my arms, starting tightly around each wrist and slowly wrapping up just under my shoulder.*
*My ears gently twitch again to the unexpected sound, as I open my eyes from the kiss. In the brief moment I see your bandages almost unwrapped I smile, feeling warm inside that you feel comfortable enough with me to let me witness the sight I can only assume your reserve for those you trust. My thinking on them is cut short a little bit as your lips move to my nipples, beginning to suckle and move your tongue around it. You feel them slowly stiffen in arousal, as I let out cute little moan of appreciation*..MMhhnnm...aa..aahnn...nnhhiinn...*wanting to gently keep up with my teasing, I let my left hand wander down to your panties, gently rubbing one finger against your sensitive spot, through the material still...just to build up the anticipation a little bit more*
*You feel my heartbeat increase seeing you look at my arms, then my body jolts like it was shocked the moment you touch my panties, catching me very off guard.* Mffph- mhhn~ *I softly moan before my top teeth bite into my lip. Through the thin fabric of my panties you can feel my pussy, which is already just a tad wet against my underwear. My own arms reach back, gliding over your hips and onto your perfect ass, where they rest. You feel my fingers squeeze into the soft skin each time you press my sensitive spot, matching your pace and intensity of teasing*
Nhmm...*I wriggle my hips a little bit as you move your hands to my ass, feeling relaxed under your gentle touch. As you squeeze into my skin each time I tease your spot, I decide to slowly start increasing the sensations for you. I lean in close to your ear, giving it a soft nibble, while my left hand moved finally into your panties ~~ a singular finger rubbing along the entrance of your clit, on the verge of pushing in as I wriggle it a little bit, trying to find room as gently as I can go. Meanwhile I whisper sweetly into your ear*...Mhnm...Anna....your moans are very're very sweet....I already can't wait to taste you....<3
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Haaah- haaah~ *You hear my breathing pick up as you finger finds it's way under my panties. My thighs rub together, each time your finger teases my entrance you feel them twitch in preparation. My left hand slides up off your ass too your hip, then over your stomach and up to your left boob. Just as I grab it you feel my right hand rub over your ass and onto your pussy.* I- I could cry f-from how sweet... mhhn~ h-how gentle your a-nnngh- are-! *I say between moans. My fingers rub along your clit, pushing it a little while my hand rests over your lips* Y-you make me feel- so delicate~
Nhhnn...aah.....*my breathing grows a little bit heavier as well whilst your hands roam my body and in between my thighs and onto my breast. I moan softly against your ear, my warm breath tickling your earlobe* Mhnn...hh...haaaa.....ahh....*I move my face to the front of yours, giving you a playful little kiss, gently biting and pulling your lip as my tail wags*...Tehee...I can dial up my playfulness too ya this....<3 *instead of one finger rubbing your clit you feel as my entire hand is now moving, generating sweet friction against it. My fingers playfully move past and stretch the entrance a little bit, as I giggle*...Mhm....someone's gettin quite wet <3
*When our eyes meet I return your kiss, still under you I let your lips control it, giving myself to you as much as I can.* Mhhh~ *A moan escapes me when you pull my lip. You feel me jump again. My butt sinks into the bed feeling you speed up the rubs on my clit.* Unnnh~ haaahng~! *A loud moan goes almost directly in your as you tease my sensitive wet pussy. I continue to moan, pressing my index and middle fingers on each of your pussy lips and spreading them, using my thumb to wrap around and continue pushing your clit at the same time*
Nhhnnm...huuff....*I moan into the kiss as we lock lips again, my tail keeping up the playful wagging as I feel you jump whenever i raise the passion bit by bit. Deciding it's time, I slow my rubbing for a moment, holding my thumb and middle finger to your clit, spreading it, as I let my index finger, quickly followed by the middle one, slowly move into your pussy. I gently begin to move and rub it inside of you, while my other hand reaches up to your petite breast, gently kneading it as I keep my lips locked in a sensual kiss iwth you.*...Mhnnmm...mmmnnm <3
*You notice a pattern, each time you pleasure me in a different way my thighs twitch or my body flinches, giving away just how sensitive my body is.* Ghh- hmmm~! Mmmmmhhn~ *I moan into the kiss feeling your finger slide inside me, my hips immediately buckle sinking my bytt somehow further into the bed. Once you grab my breast you feel my left hand squeeze yours, and following your lean I gentle push my middle finger into your pussy. You feel it stop... then slowly start moving in a thrusting motion. My finger curls up to press against your sensitive walls, rubbing faster and faster until I feel my hand is coated with your love* Mmmgh~ mmmhf~
*I can't help but smile to myself for learning that little new thing about you, a secret I could only uncover through such intimacy. As your finger slides in for a moment and stops, I make a heated gasp, gently rubbing my legs together in anticipation of how you will move...and as you begin the thrusting motion you hear the soft rewarding sound of my moans against your lips. I match the pace with which you thrust, moving my finger with you in a rhythm as we reach a lovely moment of harmony of our movements and actions, our breathing gasps and moans filling the room amidst the sound of our lewd fingers and soft kisses.* Nhhhnm....ah...aa.....aaahhn....aannna......nnnnhnnm....
*I slide my hand off your breast, onto your chest. You feel a push, not enough to break you away from me but enough to give you the signal to move back. Once you do you feel my finger slide out of your wet pussy* Haaah~ haaah~ hnnmh~ Let's... haaah~ let's switch it up a little ehe~ *Just as my excited giggle leaves my lips you feel my hand grab your wrist and push it out of my pussy. I guide your body to spin around so you're facing my feet. Once you're in position I lean up and kiss your ass, almost too quiet for you to hear I say, "You're... so beautiful..." Then my hand comes back between your legs. I spare no time pushing my middle finger back between your lips, imitating the same thrusting and rubbing on your wall that made you so wet before*
*My curiosity takes centre stage as I ponder how you would like to change our current arrangement...following your playful push, I swiver around, letting out a gaspy moan as you kiss my ass ~~ your quiet compliment reaches my ears causing me to blush cutely as I press my cheeks with my hands for a moment, before I lean back in between your legs and resume my teasing. My fingers hold your pussy and begin to rub the edges, but this time you feel a tickle of my warm breath, as my lips touch onto your clit and begin gently suckling. My tongue slides into you, exploring and lapping up at your sweetness, testing just which spots may send the strongest shivers up your body as I kiss you down there with a growing passion, while my hips begin to gently move up and down against your fingers, grinding against them in my heated state*....Mschmlmf....shhcmlmfff....mmhhnnff....<3
*You feel my fingers slow down when your breath tickles my pussy. You look up just in time to see my toes curl as your lips tease my clit.* Hnnngh~ haaah~ mmmfhh~! *My voice shakes out as your tongue enters my body cI taste sweet and inviting, every once in awhile you feel me jolt and let out a louder or lewder moan. I pull my finger out of your pussy, you feel my head move up towards your ass then my lips kiss your pussy. I give your pussy a few kisses, up towards your clit down towards your entrance, and even lean up to kiss your asshole once before kissing it again, this time pressing with my tongue until it slides inside. You feel my tongue flatten to cover as much of your insides as it can, then start moving in and out, from the end to as deep as I can shove it in. Mmnfh~ mmmhm~.
*You feel my body tense up a bit, with my thighs applying some pressure on sides of your head as you begin licking. My kisses on your clit become a little unsteady, erratic for a moment, as the pleasure I experience causes me to moan out heavily.*...Nhhhnmm....aahhhh...hhhhhuff....yyou're...aaah.aa.....gggod....nnhnnmmn.....*I briefly praise your skill as I get used to the amazing sensations your tongue inside of me provides, and I do my best to increase my own efforts, hungrily diving into your pussy, licking around and sucklings as far as I can get, with the occasional warm breath as I need to moan out.* Mschmml...aaah....schccmlm...sclmpfff....hhufff...nnhhlmmp...<3
is resisting cumming (17% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*You feel my lips curl up into a smile at your praise, I close my eyes and start licking up towards the top of your pussy.* Mmmfh~ mmmmh~ Mmmh-! *You feel my body freeze. I lean into your ass and moan* Mmmmmfghhhk- *As your tongue perfectly presses my sweet spot... My leg stiffens and I almost cum, but seeing my leg makes you stop for just a moment allowing me to hold back. I let out an edged gasp into your pussy**
(( I didn't realize that was a bondage action ehe, feel free to skip your turn and I'll let you out!))
(( fine :p ~~ I gotta struggle for da release action so we can quickly do that ^^ ))
Mhnnmf....mmhhnnm...mmmhhff.....*loving the position I'm in with you, I don't mind your resistance at all, as it gives me excuse to stay in your sweetness and keep licking, tasting, teasing and kissing you sensitive spot. The passion doesn't subside...but sensing your leg tense up, I take a momentary pause...casting a minor healing spell to release the tensed up muscle in your leg and let you relax completely again ~~ the little twinkle of magic this took sending a small warm shiver up your body, while I move my hips side to side a little bit, rubbing my pussy against your face, making delighted moans as I do*...Mhhnmm...hhhaaa......aaahhh.....
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Mffh! Mmmmmghh~ *I moan, at first in surprise then pleasure feeling the edge induced leg spasm be kissed with your healing magic. You feel the hands on your body slide up to your ass and give it a loving squeeze of appreciation while you rub your pussy against my face.* Mwahh~ *I gasp lovingly as I pull away from your pussy. My right hand reaches to your nightstand, I dig around for a moment before finding a vibrator. You hear a familiar buzz, then you feel it rub down from just below your tail to your pussy. The mix of my saliva and your juices make the vibrator push inside you easily*.
*I start slowly sliding it in, taking my time to let your hole get used to the new vibrating sensations going through it.*
What are yo....nnhhhhfffm....aaahhhh.....aaahhhnnn...nnhh....nnaaughty....hhuffnnnf....*I am taken off guard by the sudden familiar sound of a vibrator, especially as it is pressed and slid into my pussy. My legs begin to shake above you a little bit, causing my leaking juices to drop all over you a little bit, especially with the vibrations active. Trying to survive the pleasure you're bringing me, I dive back into your pussy, eating you out as passionately as I can, trying to muffle my almost whimpering moans as you run the vibe against me, knowing that my defences are slowly melting down completely for you.*
Haaah~ Mmmgh~ y-your tongue~ mmmmfh~ *I never finish my thought, turning my attention back to your ass. You feel the vibrator slowly get pulled out of your pussy. I gently rest the tip on your clit, moving my head beneath it so I can lick your pussy again. I lick up your juices, getting hungrier and hungrier for your taste. My tongue flattens, licking over your entire pussy up to your clit then starting again, pressing down onto the sensitive sexy thing harder with each lap of my tongue. My face starts to get a bit wet with your love, which only makes me lick faster* Mgggh~ mmmnh~ mlehhh~ so mmmmhm~ sweet~
chose to cum!
Mhnn...fiinnnmnfff...iifff you...hhhaa....gggoo that fast I'll....mnnhbbn....*I moan and mumble cutely, as my shivering voice displays my excitement and how close I've gotten. As you pull the vibe out and continue to further and further increase the pressure and speed of your licks, my mind begins to spiral in a beautiful agony of pleasure. My love juices begin flowing freely as my thighs shakingly clasp on your head and I moan deeply into your pussy*...nnnhhmnhh....AHhnhnnmn Ii'm ccccuumiinnggg...aaaahhnhnm hnHNNNAAAAAHNNMMMMMM ❤️❤️❤️💦💦💦💦💦
*As my shaking causes my flow to freely run down your cheeks, I dive my face back into your pussy, letting the sound of my moans vibrate against it, as I push my tongue as deep as I can go, rubbing and teasing all around your pussy in a wild fashion*
chose to cum!
*I open my mouth, taking as much of your cum into it as I can while continuing to lick your pussy and vibe your clit, drawing out your orgasm as much as I can. Despite my best efforts you love splatters my cheeks and even glasses a little. You see my toes curl, my hips grind into your face lifting off the bed just a little. The vibe falls onto the bed as my head leans back into the pillow behind me* Ahhh- Mfghh-! I'm going to- haaagh- *Right as I say the word you feel my pussy clasp around your tongue. My hips push harder against your mouth allowing you to press into my sweet spot harder* MFFFGH~ HAAAH- C-CUMMING- *As I cum the position allows your tongue to press into me just right, so right that you feel me squirt my love onto your face immediately after it's taste floods your mouth* MMMFGHH- aaaahnn- s-s-s-nnnnngh- orry- *I try to apologize the moment I realize what's happening, taken by immemse amounts of pleasure*
*I grab the pillow and put my face under it, biting into the bottom as my hips hump your face, trying to ride out the amazing orgasm as much as I can. My cheeks flush red with embarrassment at just how hard I came... right in your face too*
*As I feel your sweet voice and your pody tense up with your pussy around my tongue, I buckle my arms underneath you arms, making sure to keep myself close as I lick and try to catch as much of your cum as possible, enjoying the sweetness. I can't help but smile as I hear you super cute apology, as I keep eating you out and teasing until your orgasm subsides. Slowly, I move off of you, gasping and panting heavily, before I turn back to lay by your side, gently caressing your torso in a gentle massage*....Whoaa...that're amazin Anna....<3
*You hear me catching my breath beneath the pillow. Hearing your sweet voice complimenting me makes my embarrassment subside, I pull my blushing face from under the pillow as you massage my body, smiling like a dork* Haaah... you are... incredible... it's not often haaah... I cum like that *as you massage my body I shake my hips a little. I put one hand in a "V" shape around my belly button shiwing off my body, and the other rubs my thighs and ass invitingly in your direction* I'm all yours Yoimi~ ehe *my words end with a little wink*
01:14:37 could I refuse such a sweet invitation *I blush warmly as you make the inviting gestures. I reach to the night-stand on the side of the bed, and as you peek you notice how I shuffle to put on a strap-on*...Tehee....I'm gonna make you even better will have to stay with me here....cause i won't leave ya enough strength to walk *I wink as I align the strap in between your legs, gently pressing it inside of your extremely wet pussy, finding absolutely no trouble in moving it in. As I do, I hold down your wrists above your head and begin thrusting at a steady pace, immediately going quite deeply and rapidly.*...Huufff.......hhufff.....hhha....lemme.....hhhuf.....hear you......mmore.....<3
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chose to cum!
*My face turns a light red seeing you put on the strapon... then a very deep red at your words. I reach up and cover my face, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.* mmmmFGH- HAAH~ *I gasp feeling the dildo between your legs enter me. My legs shake, much harder then before the more you slide into me* Mfffgh- haaaah~ oooh- ohhhn- I-I'm m- not used- haaaghn~ *feeling you grab my wrists and pin my arms above my head makes my voice quiet. I look to the side feeling you pound me, feeling hot, horny, submissive... and weak, weak to the sexy girl ramming my insides with her strap. After a few good thrusts you hear me weakly gasp* Haaah- haagh~ c-c-cumming- *My thighs twitch hard , hands curling into tight fists under yours*
Ugh- hnn- haaah~ haaah~ *out of breath from the rapid orgasm I lay still, pinned by your hands and fully submitted to your strapon. My pussy twitches around it, still at the end of its orgasm*
*I smile warmly as you look absolutely adorable with that quickly deepenin blush of yours, and then as you so cutely spin into another orgasm with just a couple more good thrusts. I let it remain inside of you for a moment as I lean in gently and kiss your neck*...Tehee...well if you're not used to it...I still hope you enjoyed...*I open my mouth to gently lick up your neck and to your mouth, placing a sweet kiss on your lips, slowing our movements down so that you feel comfortable and relaxed.*
*All the way until you kiss me you feel my breaths are rapid and fast paced, but like taking a deep breath of fresh air your lips slow them back down. After your precious kiss you notice I'm still breathing quite heavily. My hand rests on my chest as I take a moment to catch up.* Haaah~ haaaah~ Everything with you... haaah l... has been, indescribably enjoyable... you're so... *I look into your eyes, unable to think of the words to describe the magnificent girl who looks back I take a deep breath, calming back down despite still being filled*
Tehee...*I sit up, letting you calmly catch your breath while I undo my strapon. My tail wags happily as I observe your weakened body, your heavy breathing and I whisper towards you.* You're very beautiful, you know that right?
/remove my strapon
((in rp mode there are commands for adding or removing any clothing btw. Generally use with a /add or /remove and their/my commands))
((as a lil info explanation ^^ ))
*My face flashes at your words, my eyes seem to sink into my glasses almost as if I was about to cry. I sit up next to you once you've removed the strapon and smile* You're very beautiful too... I'm really happy we were able to meet like this... *After a moment I stretch my foot out and press it between your legs, using sole to very slowly rub your crotch while I think of how I'll get you back for the strapon*.
((Ooo that's very helpful, thank you for the pointers!))
Pfffftnn...hha....*I half-giggle, half-moan as you press you foot between my legs, gently rubbing my crotch. In a playful retort I reach out towards you instead and fondle your chest, giving your cute boobs little kneading and squeezing*...Teheehe...I am also glad we've met like've made me very happy when you visited and even more so now that we're having this lovely night together ^^
((Missclick oops))
((hmm hmm....imma give it back :p ))
((Ehe I appreciate it, I'll make it worth it too~))
Hnnh~ haahn~ *My body leans back for a moment, but just a moment, as you fondle my petite breasts and shower me in compliments.* You've made me very happy since I first laid my eyes on you... I think it's time I repay a little of that... *My voice suddenly sounds very low and seductive... you feel me pull you into a hug, my hands grab your wrists and guide them behind your back... I grab my panties off your bed and twist them into make-shift handcuffs. I gently push you down on your back*
Mhm..*I don't suspect anything whne you pull me into a hug, until suddenly I find my hands bound behind my back and softly fall onto it as you sit above me. I suddenly feel a wave of shyness wash over me, lightly pressing my legs together as I wriggle a little bit in an adorable fashion, heavy blush present on my cheeks*...uhmm....wwhh....whatcha plannin Anna? *in curiosity, I don't try to fight my restraints, instead choosing to wait for a moment to see what you intend.*
((Sorry for the delay, EF went down for a moment))
*I lean down to your ear, moving my lips so close to the fluffy inside it almost kisses them. My seductive tone continues as I whisper* I'm going to make you feel as amazing as you look... *You feel my left hand glide down your perfect body, rubbing above your crotch for a moment before sliding over your pussy. My index and middle finger quickly use your wetness to slide inside. Instead of thrusting like last time, you feel my index finger move up and my middle down. I use the pads of each to rub your lower and upper walls at the same time, stretching you just a little*.
02:10:30*I begin to lightly moan out as you whisper and gently tease and rub my wet pussy. I feel it get gently stretched by your warm hand, causing me to wriggle lightly. I can't quite reach you with my hands, but my playful tail gently tries rubbing against your pussy to respond eagerly to your attempts.*....Nhmmnn...I...aaahnn....knnnew you were....hhhfhaa...aan aammazin....ttease....ooohhhh.....😍
((closest I can do, my...hands are tied with these options :p ~~ pun intended))
((I like it a lot~ getting creative with the prompts is the best))
Ooooo~ *You see a shiver glide up my spine as your tail rubs my sensitive pussy. I grab the tip of your tail and grind against it for a little bit, continuing to rub and stretch... or prepare your pussy with my fingers. After a bit I let your tail go, stepping back and grabbing the strapon you used to make me cum. I wonder if this fits me as well as it fits you~ *I tease playfully, stepping into the strapon. I carefully grab your hips and pull them up, twisting you into a sort of doggy position.* Let's see how you feel about this... * My sultry voice whispers into your ear as I lean over your back. You feel the tip of the pussy juice drenched dildo poke your asshole...*.
*And quickly shove inside you! I hold your tail between us, rubbing it and teasing it as I push my strapon slowly but throughly in and out of your ass, pulling back to the tip and pushing back in to the base with each thrust of my hips* Mhhhm~ mmmfh~ How is it~?
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Hnnhhnm....hhha....*I gasp for a moment as you rub and stretch my pussy, teasing it making me anticipate whe is going to come next as I bit my lower lip gently, trying to hold myself back from cumming early as I'm already feeling way too good. As I see you grab my strap on, my eyes open wide, as my imagination focuses on just how it will feel once it enters my so well teased and stretched pussy ~~ but this is what comes as the biggest surprise...As you turn me around into this sort of doggy position, I hold my ass up for your convenience, tail wagging passionately...before I suddenly yelp in surpise, my ass having had received much love or teasing tonight, suddenly getting poked*..Whha..I thou...*I don't finish my sentence as you push the strapon into my tight ass, causing me to bury my face in a pillow as I moan out desperately. As you begin thrusting I can't help but keep moaning more and more with the tempo speeding up.*
Ghnhhhfnmm hhhaha hhhhannhhhhhh wwhwhhaaa ssosooooo sggggooooodd nnonhhomm ooohhhhhnn hhaahnn aa,,aaaannnaa I'mmm...ahh aahh ahh ahh *I moan in the increasing rhythm of your thrusts, gasping and moaning louder and louder as you stretch my entire ass, the lewd sound of your hips clapping against my asscheeks fills the room...before my mind just shatters into oblivious amounts of pleasure under the intensity, causing me to shake and squirts juices out of my pussy, onto your legs and the bed as I whimper against the pillows softly and weakly.* MHHnnhnnmnhhfnhnmf nnhhnahnmnhfhfnnmmfn AAHHHNNHHfnnnFHHNnnmm ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️💦💦💦
chose to cum!
*As I whimper you also hear a pretty odd word for me leave my mouth, as almost absentmindedly, I swear* F...ffuuck...ies....*a small quirk perhaps, I don't even seem aware of having said that, but as I melted underneath you I was to absorbed by my own sensations to even realize.*
*I pull your tail a little and sink my love covered strap deep in your ass as I feel you cum, smiling wide and pleased hearing you cum so hard you swear. I give your hole tiny thrusts as you orgasm, helping to ride out the pleasure shooting through your body as best I can. You feel the panties wind off your wrists from the intensity of our movements, freeing your binds right as you cum. I reach down and give your ass cheek a gentle slap before pulling out the dildo slowly, watching as your hole returns to normal and smiling the entire time* I'll have to remember how effective that was~ ehe *My voice is playful once again as I look proudly at the state you're in*.
02:37:55've made me the one who can't walk right now! *I playfully complain, my pace still on the pillow and my ass up as I was too tired to move yet.*...Hhha....that of the heaviest hitting ones I've are amazin Anna...thh...thank you <3
*I smile and look at your ass for another moment, then I gently place you on your back looking down at you* You were magical Yoimi... just as much of a dream come true as I thought. And since you're all weak I'll either allow you to learn a secret of mine... or snuggle you too sleep. Well, both if you choose the first really~ ehe
Mhmm....I wanna choose the secret....but after snuggles.....I wanna learn more about you after we get our sleepies ^^ ((and also so I can keep your secret a lil private if we are to publish this match *winks* ))
((Clever choice~)) *I unbuckle the strapon and lay on top of you, spinning around so you're on top of me. My soft hands rub your back and tail, caressing you into my warm body.* I couldn't have asked for a better outcome... or a better partner to share this kind of passion with.. Thank you Yoimi...~
Mhmm....*I turn around as to face you, nuzzling my face into your neck and wrapping my arms around you, in a similar fashion I initially laid down with you on my couch before we decided to wander up to the bedroom*...Mhm...and I am very glad to have met you too....the night is one to remember for sure....thank you're amaz...zz...zzzzzzz *I fall asleep, cradled against your chest, a happy smile on my face*
((The end? ))
*I smile as you fall asleep in my arms, rubbing your soft tail and holding you all night until I eventually fall asleep as well, happy with my new adorable friend~*
((I think so yes hehe. This was an amazing introduction to matches, I had a ton of fun!))
((Mhmm...I am very glad you enjoyed this match, glad to have introduced you to them ~~ I am sure you will find lots of lovely folks to share similar or different stories with with how good of a writer you are ^~^ ))
(( I know one or two ppl I might have to even poke so that they approach you tehee...but in any case...i am gonna vanish to sleepies now ^^ ~ see you around ^^))
((Awe thank you! I know you'll have more matches in the future as well. And you're more than welcome to! If they're from you I know they'll be lovely. Until next time! Rest very very well~))

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