Octsy VS Sunny the Fennec Fox : History listed publicly (25 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

The Sun Shrine is open: Afterparty funsies

After a night spent among alcohol and bets, Sunny and the crew comes back at the Sun Shrine. There, a little teasing -okay, maybe way more than little- happens between the Shrine maiden and Octsy, the sailor. They soon decide to bring the business to the bedroom, to decide who's the true "lightweight".

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*poofs back* ehh… doggo wanted to fight sunny…
((Wanted me to set up rp mode?))
Maybe she'll give stinky doggo a chance afyer this
(Sure that's fine)
That day will come Chloe u.u
Also you had the chance to fight me
Just let it slip under your nose
Hmm… what was that Yuno…
Well it's been a fun day that's for sure
*sniff sniff* you da stinky~
*Throws deflated ball at chloe*
((Alright, we can do like you and Sunny moved to the guests rooms to continue your little confrontation, how does that sound?))
*catches it in my mouth* I got it~
Doggo be good at catching things hehe
Besides for fennec’s >.<
(That sounds fine, would you prefer me taking the first turn or would you like to?)
Again, you did have the chance, you just didn't notice xP
(I don't mind, up to you really ^^)
when >.< tell me tell me tell me *throwing a tantrum on the ground*
Back at the casino u.u
ehhh… really >.<
*Sprays doggo with some water*
*nod nods, giggling mischieviously*
Ehhhh…. Doggo hates foxo’s
Mhm, I'm sure you do *sticks tongue out at her*
(Alright, I'll go ahead then, are you alright with me doing some flavour text before we start?)
(Of course I am!)
Da foxo just sprayed me with water like I’m a bad doggo >~<
*Sits down and goes rummaging through his pack, pulling out a bag full of chocolate*
That was Yuno u.u
Chocolate owo
*dashes at Davrel*
Sunny is so eager...
Anything for a good treat uwu
*hugs Yuno and kisses her cheek*
*growls at jessica*
*Chuckles and gives Sunny several pieces* Cause I usually have some stuff to snack on
*noms on the pieces* Yummy hehe
what's the matter Chloe?
Sir darvel~ do you have other snaccs *puppy eyes*
*Nods before tossing a bag of cheese crackers over to Chloe* Also thinking of making some popcorn from scratch
*Hugs Jessica back and kisses her* Something the matter Chloe~?
*Amidst the shrine's bustling crowd, tension palpable amidst the lively atmosphere. Sensing the need for a private exchange, they discreetly slipped away to the hushed seclusion of the guests' rooms. Here, away from the multitude, their confrontation would unfold in the intimate confines of secrecy.*
*jumps on da cheese crackers* nope… mmmm… sooo guuuddd~~
I think somebody's jealous~ *giggles and snuggles up to Yuno*
Do ye reckon ye've got the mettle to prove ye're not a mere lightweight, or be ye just a landlubber blowin' hot air in the wind? *Octsy said with a smirk on his face as he sat down on the bed.*
Well she did try to use me as a loophole for Coral telling her no harem.
*snuggles da cheese crackers* nuuupe~ just yuu~ with nuu chooze crickers~~
*Rubs one of Sunny's ears while popping a chocolate into his mouth*
*runs over and lays on darvels lap*
*Flips a gummy bear at Chloe for catching the ball*
*catchs da gummy bear and tears it to shreds*
*Sunny took wobbly steps through the halls of her Shrine, guiding Octsy into one of the guests' rooms. She closed the door behind her, turning around to give Octsy a very drunk grin, before approaching him and pushing him down on his back, climbing over him and tilting her head, that silly smirk of hers still curving her lips.* Huh? You still calling Sunny that? *She ran a finger across his chest, licking her lips* We'll see if you'll keep up with that nickname once you're out of stamina. Bet you're gonna last less than the average pirate, tehe!
*Nuzzles Davrel's neckie* Tehee >w<
*Blinks as he see's Chloe sit down on his lap*
Ehe I luv you~
*opens my mouth*
*Chuckles as looks at both Chloe and Sunny giving both a tender smile before putting a cheese cracker in Chloe's mouth while placing a chocolate between his teeth, glancing over at Sunny*
*leans in to steal the chocolate from Davrel* Yum
*drinks the cheese cracker whole* mmm~~~ *tail wagging*
*Uses the opportunity to kiss Sunny on the lips while patting Chloe on the head*
*rubs my head with darvel’s hand and slaps my tail against his legs*
*kissies Davrel back and smiles*
Ahoy, ye've fared the seas of pirates fore', aye? Ye be in for a real challenge, lass, if ye think this'll be a breeze. This sea be treacherous, and navigatin' these waters won't be as smooth as ye imagine! *He gave her a smirk as he reached down into his pants, rocking off his pants and underwear as she sat atop of him, revealing his cleanly shaven meatshick along with two round and firm balls. His shaft getting coated by her leaking juices, dripping slowly from her hole.* Ye'll be the first to run out of wind in this skirmish, mark me words, lass~
Doggo don't be keen on gummies aye?
Doggo loves gummies \o/
*waves* hi driz~
Ahoy Driz!
Why ye tear mine to shreds then *squints*
I think having someone who used to travel that packs snacks with him had some benefit to it
Hii~ *waves to Chloe*
Was with me teeth’s *pouting*
Hi! Don’t
mind me, just here to watch if I may
Beeg Sam \o/
Ahoy sam!
*Glances over at Sunny with a playful grin* And all it took was a couple visits here, and a few other things to have me end up here
*puts hands up to hold darvel’s cheeks*
*She looked amused by his words, after all, how many like him did fall under her already... She just watched him pulling down his pants and underwear, enjoying the show, her golden eyes glowing in the dim light of the room.* Sunny has had her fair share of lovers and has surely handled bigger boats through the wildest storms. *She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, without taking it off for now, and lifted her skirt up just enough for him to look at her expensive looking lingerie. She then leaned down to place her warm lips on his neck, leaving a playful nibble*
*Waves at Driz* Hey Driz good to see you
*grabs driz’s tail* so soft~~
*Looks down at Chloe with a raised eyebrow and slight smile*
Hi again Driz!
*blows a kiss*
Hi to all the newcomers!
Feel free to keep the party up in the main hall of the shrine ^^
*kisses driz’s tail and goes to sleep with it* mmm~
Hello all~
*Pops another chocolate in his mouth, smiling as he looked over at Sunny* Hey Sunny anything you'd like to go do this week?
Oh? We could go shopping owo
Sure, I'd like that. Haven't spent much time outside of the shrine together
>.< doggo never gets to go shopping
Have you tried asking someone to go shop with ?
Doggo could come with us!
hmm… where would you go~
EF CIty u.u
There's a big mall there
We can buy all sorts of cute clothes
*peeks in and chucks a totally innocuous absolutely not trapped rubber duck at Chloe*
I'm sure you could get someone to take you shopping
*pounces on da rubber ducky and cuddles it against my cheek*
*He felt a sense of comfort as he nibbled on his neck, her soft lips digging into his neck.* His skin, rough from all the years of sailing the seven seas, suddenly felt an embrace. *He leaned into the bed before gently cupping her chin, letting their gazes meet as he glared into her captivating golden eyes.* He couldn't remember the last time he'd felt a bed this soft, he'd always slept on rough wooden floors. *As they stared into each other's eyes, he let his thumb slip into her warm mouth, gently running it across her tongue and pulling her lip gently down.*
*nothing happens, it really wasn't trapped* ^^
Hiya Rath
Hey Rathia
I would've be opposed to having Chloe tagging along.
I think I have time now to wrap up the game we put on hold, steev
But it seems too late for you now:3
*Proceeds to rub Chloe's ear*
Well we'll see if this one I'm in takes long~
*She looked down at him, appearing more meek with his thumb in between her lips, slightly parted, her warm breath caressing his skin. Her tongue slowly slid out, past her lips, dragged down by his thumb. She reached for his free hand and moved it gently to place it over one of her breasts, letting him feel the softness of her gentle curves. Like that, she seemed to have lost her attitude, one desire shining into her golden eyes: him.*
It's up to you:3
But I don’t think it can be done within three hours.
That's fair ; )
So what now?:P
Well I'll be around this week~
hmm,okey, I might be available on Friday or Wednesday
*He felt the softness of her skin as his hand was place onto her gentle breast. He tenderly cradled it in is hands, gently swaying it from side to side while admiring her delicate nipples inviting him to caress them further.* This be as gentle as a calm sea breeze, lass. *He placed his tumb on her bottom lip as he continued to glare into her golden eyes, before slowly leaning in for a kiss, swirling his tongue around hers, delicately exploring her snug insides.*
*She gave him a little tender smile, as she knew she had all the time in the world to do things properly, after all, that was her home and he her guest: she had to take good care of him and show him her best hospitality. As they kissed, softly at first, and more deeply further on, she couldn't help but place her bottom against his crotch, grinding against him, slowly and pleasurably, still lost in their kiss.*
Oh, getting excited already?
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*His cock began to twitch as it was rubbed against her sleek bottom. As she waved her butt back and forward on his crotch, it occasionally brushed against her leaking panties, seeping more of her juices onto his stick. A gentle warmth coursed through him as he placed his hands upon her hips and following her movement, brushing against her panties more frequently than before, slowly seeping more into the pleasure it was giving them both.*
*Looks around*
*She felt his shaft beginning to appreciate her motions, breaking the kiss only to show him a sly grin. Her hand sneakily shifted down, caressing his chest, his abdomen and his groin, finally reaching up his manhood. She wrapped her slender fingers around it, gently, yet firmly.* How's this for a lightweight? *She whispered on his lips in a little taunting manner, beginning to stroke him so slowly that it was almost painful, all the while returning to give attention to his lips, dragging him into another slow, passionate kiss.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Mmh~ *A faint moan escaped his mouth as he felt her gentle fingers wrapped around his member, she felt him throbbing in her hand to the motion of her painfully slow strokes.* Ye showed me a bit of goodwill, so I reckon it's time I returned the favor. Brace yerself for a taste of me own pirate hospitality aye? *He leaned into the kiss, meeting her tongue with his as his fingers danced onto her shoulders, carresing her sides before slowly arriving down to her soaking panties, gently pulling them aside and forming a v with his finger, holding them steadfast outside and spreading her lips making her juices leak onto his the bed.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*Her ears twitched as he moaned, a little satisfied smile curving her lips. She kept playing with his shaft for a long while, taking her sweet time and feeling his fingers play around with her labia to spread her love hole open. Then, she took her hand off his cock, pulling back from him, a rope of saliva still connecting their lips from the wet kiss they just exchanged.* Heh... you'll be a lucky pirate tonight... Not many can say to have seen a siren with their eyes. *She whispered into the dark, before slowly getting up and beginning to strip. Her shirt fell at her feet along with her skirt so that his eyes could feast upon the sight of her lingerie, perfectly wrapped around her gentle curves. Her stockings a bit too tight to fit her thighs, though. She turned around for him to see every part of her, her tail swinging sensually with her hips, him being the only witness to that sight.*
(Yayy i got to use my signature in an actual match)
How is this done :P
(lots of ef coins Rathia xD)
awww, i know:P
The power from money:P
Power of hardwork
I made tons of actions to get that much ef coins
Hopefully Octsy hasn't fallen asleep xD
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*He leaned back in the bed with a smirk on his face, his eyes fixated on her cute and attractive aura. Noticed her tail neatly swinging around gliding through the air as she spun around.* Ye don't look too shabby, miss. There be a cute and bewitchin' aura surroundin' ye, me can't deny. *He stood up assuredly, his cock bopping up and down from the momentum. He moved closer, looking down at her tight stockings squeezed against her thighs swith an alluring grin.* There be quite a storm brewin' down yonder in ye deep. *He ushered as he moved closer placing as he pulled her in for a cozy hug, his meatstick hovering between thighs as they tenderly grazed against her thighs.* And me be cravin' an exploration.
*She watched him coming closer, like a predator with his prey. She couldn't help but feel aroused as she knew he was coming for her, and she had no chance but stand there and wait for him to make his move. Her hands rested on his shoulders as the two snuggled in a warm embrace and she could feel his cock poking her thighs, then sliding into her thigh gap. She leaned into the hug, her cheek resting on his collarbone while her lips moved along his neck.* You're sure you want to explore the depths? They might be scary... and you might not be able to come back. *She whispered against his skin, while bending one leg to trap his cock in between her leg and thigh, beginning to move it slightly to give him pleasure.*
Let's hope so
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Aye, I be certain I want to explore the depths; I'm an experienced sailor, savvy? Ready to chart unknown waters~! *He conveyed with a grin on his face, however that grin quickly grew into a more pleasureable expression as he felt her leg trapping his cock.* Mhh~ *He panted as her stocking mixed in with her soft skin massaged his member.* Ye be holdin' a few tricks in yer treasure chest, aye...however...I be havin' a few tricks o' me own, lass *He quickly pushed her against the wall, easily manoeuvred his arm onto her soft thigh as he lifted it up, exposing her wet hole to the world of the bedroom and his cock. With a big grin he gently leaned his body closer and smoothly thrusted his lubed cock into her pussy.* This ship sails under my command now *he whispered to her as he nibbled on her ear*
*She felt her heartrate skyrocketing as he grabbed her legs to pull it up. Feeling trapped in between the wall and his body grew her arousal even more: her love hole was now dripping pearls of juices, that rolled down her thigh as she stared into his eyes almost blankly, only able to let out shakey sighs. Once she felt his cock pushing past her labia and inside her pussy, she lets out a soft, high pitched squeak, clawing at his shoulders. Her hole was still tight even if well lubed, his cock making its way inside of it to resize it to proper measure.* N-Nghh...! Aaah~ *She let out yet another moan, but when his lips got closer to her ear, it twitched wildly, Sunny's face completely flushed, a louder moan coming out of her lips* Kyah!! *As soon as he nibbled on her ear, he would have felt her pussy clenching tightly around his shaft, squeezing it nicely.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Mmmh~ *He moaned a bit as he felt her tense and clench tightly around his member.*Not so high and mighty anymore, be ye? The seas have a way of humblin' even the proudest captains, lass. *He whispered as he continued to nibble on her ear, giving it tender kisses, alternating between the two. I'll be makin' sure ye keep spillin' those cute expressions and noises~ *He moved his hand onto her gentle chest, softly cradling her nipples with his fingertips as he began to thrust deeper into her. A smirk planted on his face as he went deeper to feel her warm and soft insides, almost shaped to his lenght, welcoming him to move deeper and deeper into her hole. She felt him throbbing as she squeezed against his girth, his tip becoming hotter and his shaft occasionally throbbing against her embracing walls.*
(The art for your signature was really good!)
*She tried to resist, and she in fact did resist for more than she though she would have. But once lust took over her, she just became too much eager to hold back.* Nghh~ fuck~ *She moaned softly, her face painted in a display of pure pleasure. She suddenly pushed him back on the bed, climbing up on his lap to ride his cock while taking his hands in hers, interlocking their fingers and keeping his hands pressed down onto the mattress. She couldn't wait any longer, she had to fulfill her lustful desire right there and right now. She began slamming her hips against his crotch, rolling her eyes back each time his cock would have hit her cervix, moaning and squealing.*
(thanksie ^^)
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*A soft gasp escaped his mouth as they were pushed onto the bed, the smirk quickly faded into a grin as he felt her enthusiastic fingers interlocked with his.* Argh~ Mmmh~! *A moan escaped his mouth as he felt her insides vibrate to the tempo of her bouncing, his cock throbbing frantically as she forced herself deeper onto the entirety of his length.* Aye, that's the spirit! I love yer spirit, lass! Keep ye squeling goin'! *He muttered before he easily overwhelmed her and pushed her on her back.* Now that ye've had a taste of merriment, ye don't mind if I seek a bit more fun do ye~ *He plunged his cock deep into her, scraping her back wall as he felt his piercing being enveloped by her tightly wrapped walls. He moaned in tone with her as he slammed it deeper with every thrust, feeling his lust for her build over rapidly, her inside embrace like nothing he'd ever felt on the seas before.*
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*Sunny's eyes were sparkling with little tears of pleasure inside of them, making her irises glow like gemstones in the darkness of the room.* Ahh~ ahh~ *She kept huffing all the air in her lungs out until you rolled her on her back, swapping positions. No longer having to care about keeping up the pace, Sunny started relaxing and fully enjoying your passionate thrusts inside of her.* Kyaahh~ D-don't stop~ Sunny's loving it~ *She whispers among the moans, beginning to squeal so loud that everyone in the hall could've heard her and figured out what was going on in the guest's room, if that wasn't obvious already.*
Welcome back Rathia!
This ship's sails be set for adventure, and I'll navigate these waters 'til ye be tired of me tales! *He felt her hole tense up, wrapped tighter around his cock before slowly pulling out, leaving a tray of love juices that slowly dripped onto the bedsheets.* Aye me be keeping these depths a company of good! How about above waters, ye skies hold their own mysteries~ *She watched him exclaim as loud as her moans, like he was claiming a long lost treasure. She felt his big and warm hand move onto her chest, gently pinching her nipple with a captivating smirk on his face as he glared back into her glowing gemstone eyes. Leaning in for a wet kiss, as he inserted his tip back into her wet and inviting hole.*
Heyhey Rathia
*She gave him a little embarrassed smile, unable to hold her moans back, enjoying the warm feeling of his hand on her breast, tilting her head to the side and moaning more loudly as he played with her nipple.* Nghhyaa~ haahh~ *She tried to catch her breath once he pulled out, her hips shaking a little, still eager for more of that sweet contact. As soon as he pushed right back in, she put her hands on his chest to push him down once more, starting to ride him with lustful ferocity, biting her own lip and almost growling in pleasure*
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*He smirked at her expression, taking full pleasure in her inability to hold quiet down her moans. Aye ye taking me bounty like a maiden! *His grin quickly faded into a gasp as he felt her pushing him back down once again.* Mmhh...Arghh~~ *He tried to hold his moan in, but as she rocked up and down his length, he felt her insides squeezing tighter than before, her lustful ferocity showing the sailor no mercy.* Arghh... ye this banter be more enjoyable than ye first let me on... *He whispered softly.* Ye sense the desire, do ye? Well then, brace yerself, for I'll be deliverin' what the sea demands~ *Octsy pushed her back again, with fierness in his eyes. He wanted to keep seeing her reactions and as such thrusted deep into her again, with unyielding determination, he blitzed in and out of her love hole, showing no intention of stopping, as he could feel her walls embracing his cock as he plunged deeper as she could feel his cock rumble with hunger.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
*She fell on her back, her hands letting go of the grip and resting at the sides of her head. She panted, moaned, squealed, her face melting in the most desperate expressions, her being eager for more. Her pussy kept clenching around his cock, to the point that it was almost hard to pull back from her grasp to thrust back in, her body beginning to shake and tremble, her breasts jigglying nicely at every thrust.* C-come get me then~ Show Sunny what you got~ *She tried to taunt him once more, baiting him into making things even more passionate, before grabbing cheeks with her hands and pulling him down to exchange a sloppy and deep kiss.*
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
(I should go in a little, we can end it on one orgasm, is that okay?)
(So sorry to ruin the fun q.q)
(No worries, I take a while to write ;(()
(No no, that's totally okay, but i got an appointment and i need to show up in time)
*The ectasy of pleasure from his crotch has her tongue wrapped around his, made him throb harder and vigorously insde her pounded love hole. He pushed himself down onto her chest, feeling her soft chest brushed against his skin, her stiff nipples softly piercing into his skin.* Aye, I'll be revealing the full extent of me, sunny-lass. Brace yerself~ *He drifted away from the kiss, their wet saliva dripped down onto the bedsheets. With a wry smile he kissed her again, and pushed his crotch all the way inside her pussy. Letting it remain for a few seconds, letting her feel how much it throbbed against her walls.* The winds of change be blowin', and the sea whispers secrets only a pirate's soul can hear. *He said with a smile as he thrusted, piercing the back of her hole thoroughly as he felt her tense up more than before.* Aye is this tale coming to and end, lass?~ Well show me how you want this tale to end, aye? *He grabbed her hair, and sped up, leaving her no time to a brief reprise as they wet sounds echoed throughout the room.*
Gonna be turning in and get some sleep should be up in a few hours
Cya around Davrel o/
Of course, wish you a good sleep!
is resisting cumming (63% chance of cum) => Came!
Thanks! Got a few more days of time of if you want to get some more RP going Sunny
*She enjoyed every second of their lovemaking, feeling his hard shaft slide in and out, in and out, giving her no time to catch her breath. Dragged into passionate kisses, she felt like her head was spinning, as the pleasure and the arousal grew together, pushing her cloer and closer to the edge. She tried her best to resist, but once Octsy grabbed her hair, all her efforts to last more than him went to waste. She completely lost her mind over that grab on her hair, pulling her head back obediently and crying out in pleasure, her eyes rolling back, her tongue sticking out, her toes curling, her whole body convulsing as with the most loud scream he would've heard that night, she reached a mindbreaking orgasm.*
We'll see if we can schedule something, even if my schedule is pretty full atm
Sounds good, Night all
Gn davrel! o/
(You can wrap up from here, or if you want i can just send the cum test so they cum together x) )
Nighty night!
(Sure, I'll do a quick-ish wrap up!)
(Okie! I pause the game then, so you'll have all the time to write your post ^^)
Aye that's it! *His cock throbbed as he felt her insides tense up. Her body motionally ached back and forward as she came on his meatstick. Octsy glared with a smirk planted on his face, watching Sunny completely enveloped in pleasure.* And ye told me ye weren't a lightweight, did ye now? *Octsy exclaimed proudly as he saw the defenseless fox with his cock stuck deep inside her, laying mindless on the bed. As her orgasm died down, he gently moved his hand to her shoulder, giving it a gently stroke before planting a kiss on her on her chin.* This be a journey that unfurls like a weathered map, especially fer ye, lass!. *He panted before slowly pulling out of her wet and sloppy love hole. He leaned in for another kiss and pulled her in for a hug. And as they lay there, comfortably, embraced in each other, they hear the crowd gathered in the main hall, awaiting their return.*
(Aww... nice wrap up!)
(Apologies for some of the typos btw, was getting a bit tired so skipped a few words when proof-reading, hopefully didn't ruin the fun or immersion for you)
(Thanks for the rp, sorry for the sudden interruption, but i rly have to go, we can surely talk more in dms, feel free to hit me up!)
Thanks everybody for watching
As always, you're a wonderful audience <3
** Sunny the Fennec Fox left the game (definitively). **

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