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Candy vs Ruck, Part II: Aftermath

Candy wakes up from her match to find her hair dyed pink and Ruck eager to begin the punishment round. He first invokes the sorority's own rules to force Candy to apologize to each of her sisters, kissing their pussy while apologizing to them for losing. Followed by using Goliath, a 12 inch dildo owned by A.S.S. and giving it to his girlfriend Destiny to fuck Candy with, as an apology for all the mean things Candy said about her. Candy was fucked until her mind gave out, dragged back to her throne where Ruck sat and forced to apologize to him. Candy has also promised to serve as Ruck and Destiny's plaything for a night in exchange for the rest of the sisterhood not being punished. NOTE FROM RUCK: Candy left out a couple of things: cumming on that monster strap-on while the rest of the sorority watched, and that her "apology" to me mostly consisted of sucking and licking. Probably the last bits of her dignity surfacing... Destiny and I will have to fuck that out of her.

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(such a pretty pfp 😍)
(I'll write something to start - we both might end up rping for the other girls, I think, we'll figure it out from the story)
[Sounds good to me, yeah feel free to control whoever you want from my side. Aside from Candy of course, at least directly lol ;)~]
(right, and you can have the other girls do anything you want... possibly even Destiny if it's in character)
*slowly, foggily, you come back to consciousness. You can hear conversations in the background - some low voices, some tittering, and some sympathetic groans. In particular, you can hear Mia's sad voice: "oh, CANdy..." *
*as your eyes flutter and focus, you see you're on the mat where you just fought Ruck. Not all the memories come back immediately - but the taste of cum in your mouth, and on your lips, is obvious. You taste a man's cum - but also something sweeter. Everyone around you is more or less dressed, including me, in conversation with Hana, Destiny and Jocelyn - but as you start to get up, you realize that you're still completely naked - and worse, still sticky, all the way down your thighs.*
Ugh w-what's going on... *Candy stirs awake with a throbbing headache, finding herself sticky and nude, her body still showing off the marks that you had inflicted* Ngh mmm ptt! *She suddenly tastes the strange sensation in her mouth and spits out what is obviously cum onto the mat in a very undignified fashion* W-what's going on? *Her eyes begin to focus as she tries to get a sense of the situation* Mmmph~ *rubbing her sore nipples and pussy as well*
*I turn, hearing you mumble, and walk back over to you* well - you took long enough.... have a nice nap, sweetie? *placing my hand on yours, gently rubbing your pussy together.* We're just talking about what we're going to do with you. You've made quite a stain on Alpha Sig tonight... *whispers, grinning* and not just on your throne. *searching your eyes, seeing how much you remember*
Ngh *Candy holds her head as she remembers the ending of the match, how she had you on the ropes until you suddenly began spouting some nonsense that threw her off her game....* You...ngh don't think...this means you're better than me.... *Candy tries to retort* You're the weak fighter! Who resorts to low blow mind games like that! *Candy's mind is still a mess, unable to compose itself after the mindblowing humiliation and orgasm she just endured*
oh, Cotton Candy... you don't still think we're fighting, do you? No, that's over.
The only questions now are: how is Alpha Sigma Sigma going to pay penance to Alpha Tau... and - *pointing your head to a severely disappointed Hana* how are you going to make it up to your sisters?
We did get a... ah... *smiling a bit* "head start" on the second question. Honestly, it was Caroline's idea. She thought it was a little more... suiting for your new nickname.
Here -- *grabbing my phone, and turning it to selfie mode to show you*
What do you mean...this was between you and me! I didn't agree to put my sisters on the line and I certainly don't owe anything to your trashy frat bros! *Candy huffed. Her glare turning into an expression of confusion when you mention the "headstart"* What the hell are you talking about?
*Candy's question is quickly answered as you pull out your phone to show off her once elegant, platinum blonde hair, dyed a tacky light pink* W-What the hell is this? What did you do to my hair? *She turns around and desperately looks around the phone to see how badly you had messed with her hair*
[Sorry brb real quick]
(sure, I'll write some stuff, respond when you get back)
we just picked something a little more fitting for your new role! I think it's PERFECT for a sweet girl like you. No more pretending to be high and mighty, the only blonde among your girls - now everyone can know just how sweet you are 😍
And as for me and my "trashy frat bros"... seems like the wrong advisers have been whispering in your ears. Maybe you should've spent a little less time talking to Hana, plotting attack after attack on me, and a little more time talking to Mia?
She's a smart girl. She could've told you what it meant, as the president of a frat, to send a vindication challenge to another frat.
Honestly, it's like you never even READ the greek by-laws.
so now, your shame? it's on all of them, too. *pulling Caroline in* except for sweet Caroline here... I promised her safety for her little trick earlier.
But that's not really the fun part, is it? We can talk about what your sorority is going to have to do for us another time. Right now... *looking back up at Hana* I've been hearing all about the punishments you all have for each other. *Mia stands up, tears in her eyes, and stands next to a stoic Hana.* I think they're ready to get started - I think you know where you belong...
[Back! Wow that's a lot haha~]
(I had the time 😉)
*Candy stares wide eyed as you reveal your intentions for the sisters, it had completely slipped her mind to double check all the legalese that was buried within the greek-by-laws. Mia had been preoccupied with her other assignment that we hadn't had the chance to discuss my fight with Ruck....clearly having pink hair was the least of her concern.*
*Now all the sisters would pay for her mistake and failure to defeat you. Minus Caroline who was cuddled up against you like a little pet, staring up at you with wide-eyed admiration, rubbing her curvy body against you*
W-we don't have punishments for each other... we're a sisterhood, is this some kind of sick trick to turn us against each other cause it won't happen! *Candy retorts*
Oh, Candy, don't even bother - Mia's too good a girl, she already told me. And you don't want Hana to think you're skipping on what she took, do you?
Mia! *Candy stared at her friend incredulously, there was no reason for her to have to tell you anything about our inner workings. The poor Viet girl simply looked down in shame*
"sorry Candy... you did lose... we have to live up to our rules." *she almost whispers the last part, blushing, unable to meet your eyes*
*Hana does meet them - you can see her mixed emotions, both caring for you and disappointment at your failure.* Candy... I think it's best if you do the apology first, and then your penance.
"And since you failed everyone here with your challenge... girls --" *at Hana's nod, each of the girls loosens their bottoms, letting them drop to the ground. Some of your girls are waxed, some shaved, and some tightly trimmed - but all of them are naked, just above your eye level. Hana's lip wavers for a second - then she pulls up her own skirt, with nothing underneath, just above your face* "G-go on, Candy - one kiss or lick and one sentence will do for each of us"
Ngh... *Candy looks around shamefully, knowing she can't avoid this fate and is forced to resign herself to debasing herself to this shameful level. Starting from the freshman, she crawls up to poor Ichika, looking down at her senior nervously*
(your turn to write for a bit - feel free to get as embarrassed as you like 😉)
S-sorry for being a bad senpai Ichika...for letting them turn my star pupil into a mindless fuckdoll... *Candy leans in and gives the freshman pussy a quick peck. Before moving on to Sami* Sorry, for letting you down Sami....mmph I told you you would get lots of experience but this isn't the kind you should be getting.... *She gives another peck, Sami's knees buckle together at just the touch of Candy's sweet lips against her clit*
*Moving onto Katie, Candy bows her head in front of the headstrong sophomore* Sorry for being a weak fighter and for blowing off your training sessions....y-you must be so disappointed to see your senior put on such a weak performance *She leans in for a quick peck but Katie's strong thighs close in around Candy's head, signaling her disappointment towards the pink-haired slut*
*Onto Caroline, looking gleefully smug seeing her senior bow before her* Sorry Caroline...for t-telling you.... *Candy stumbles on her words for a moment* t-that Asian cock and better than white ones mmm! *Candy can't even finish before Caroline smugly rubs her pussy against Candy's face* Mmmm maybe it's just your Asian pussy that's inferior mmm~? *Caroline smugly says down to her*
*Candy stumbles out of Caroline's trimmed pussy, sputtering a bit at her underclassmen's boldness. But she has little time to stew in her embarrassment before moving on to Jocelyn* Sorry Jocelyn, Destiny did a number on you and I promised to get you your payback...mmph but I think w-we're going to have to settle for protecting our reputation for t-the time being.... *Jocelyn looks horrified as she imagines the possibility of her reputation being dragged through the mud, before reluctantly sticking her pussy out for Candy to kiss*
*Mia is of her closest friends, still in her lacey panties, refusing to drop them until the last moment. The Viet girl bashfully lowers her panties for Candy, showing off her shaved pussy* Sorry Mia, I should have listened to your advice more mmph y-you're m-much smarter than me, maybe we wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for me.... *Candy leans and gives a passionate lick and kiss to Mia, the tanned girl stumbling a bit at the intensity of Candy's apology kiss*
"I... oh, Candy...we'll get through this..."
*Finally it's Hana's turn, looking uncharacteristically timid. Despite her sadistic nature, she and Candy had been friends for life, and it pained her to see her friend brought so low* I should have h-helped you more that shouldn't have had to take on the frat boys sorry for letting you down *Candy lowers her head, before leaning and giving her oldest friend a similarly deep kiss against Hana's waxed pussy*
*Hana's hand comes down to the back of your head... softly stroking your pink hair, with the smallest thrust forward, and a little obvious wetness - as if it's turning her on to see you so submissive. She pats your head, letting you go as most of the girls quickly pull up their bottoms - a couple of them obviously turned on, and still rubbing softly as you pull back from Hana*
*but instead of Hana, it's Mia who speaks now* "so - um - penance... just like Hana had to do last week, it's" *squeaking out the words* "Goliath..." *looking at a paper, she tries to focus on the words and not their meaning, rushing through as quickly as she can* "you can choose which hole but it stays in there until you cum- you have to look at us all during it - and -- *mumbling the final words* "ifthewinnerisheretheychoosethemethodofdelivery"
*Hana walks behind you and picks up something familiar - the twelve-inch dildo that was pushed into you while you were suspended. In the better post-match light, you can see a word you already knew was there: "GOLIATH" painted on the side of the phallus*
*I take it from her, squatting down next to you* so many sweet threats about how you could make me cum any way you want... and now it's my choice...
I could do it myself - nice and slow, in and out... letting you build to a massive orgasm...
I could stick it to the wall - I can only imagine watching you fuck yourself, knowing you're not allowed to stop until you cum, rubbing yourself greedily just to try to get there faster...
*Candy stares at "The Goliath" with wide eyes, knowing just how painful it was to take that huge cock when she was at full strength, she couldn't imagine what it would do to her now.* My pussy....p-put it in my pussy..... *She quickly interrupts Mia, knowing that there's no other hole that could take a beast like that. But knowing that you had full control over how it was delivered sent chills through her. Candy turns to look at you with clear fear in her eyes*
W-what the h-hell are you going to make me do... mm.... *She wondered, clearly a sadistic man like him wasn't going to just let her put it inside her and be done with it*
hands and knees, Candy -- *pinching your ass as you assume the position.* y'know, Candy - I'm not really a cruel person.
I can be very, very nice. Generous, people would say. *you hear rustling behind you - clicks of something, and what sound like clothes falling to the floor*
And I've had so much of you tonight... while someone else only got a quick touch...
*I hand the monster back, where it's quickly attached to a harness* but as for HER -- I don't think she liked being called a fuckbuddy very much.
*kisses your cheek, and gathering up your pink hair, putting the makeshift ponytail in Destiny's hand, as she smacks your ass, raising it another inch before pressing the tip of Goliath against your entrance*
enjoy it, sweet girl --
*Destiny pulls back on your hair hard, lifting your face to stare at your sisters - each of them getting to see your face as inch after inch of the dildo parts your lips and slides inside. Destiny's knees are inside yours, pushing your legs apart to widen your entrance*
"Hi Candy - I hear you've got a slutty orgasm all saved up for me."
Mmph h-huh? *Candy looks back to see Destiny with a smirk on her face, taking the Goliath from you and strapping it to her harness* Ngh w-wait h-her? Mmph no... ahhhh~ *Candy moans as you give her a kiss on the cheek and whisper into her ear about all the things Candy had said about her*
Ahh.. w-wait my pussy is still nghhh! *Candy's eyes widen as she feels the tip press into her pussy, already stretching her pussy open* Ngh n-no....y-you'll ruin'll ruin my pussy if you mmm haaaaa~
*Candy's eyes bulge, inch after inch slides into her pussy, her expression contorting between pain and pleasure, moaning and crying out in pain. Candy's sisters watch as their president was being conquered inch by inch by the supposed "fuckbuddy"* Nghh I-I'm s-sorry....D-Destiny! Please mmph m-mercy!
"And is your pussy my concern, slut? If you want to save it, you know what to do - just moan for me and make a fucking mess of yourself." *she slaps your ass with her free hand, giving you another inch - eight or nine inches in you now, right where you started to moan last night - now starting to rock back and forth, a few inches coming in and out, your ridges aching with the pressure, knowing there's still more to come**
*I lean next to you - teasing your nipples, whispering in your ear* - come on, Cotton Candy - you know this only ends one way. Give in and enjoy it -- give everyone a good show - and it'll be over.
*Caroline's legs are completely spread open watching this - her fingers moving at almost exactly the same pace as Destiny. You hear whimpering from other girls - and while both Mia and Hana look flushed, you can tell the difference in your friends, and it's all Hana can do not to start rubbing herself.*
Ngh I-I can't c-control it! *Candy begged her pussy to lube up the huge cock, but it seemed that the last 2 orgasms had drained her nearly dry. Her pussy was unable to keep up with all this cock and by the 5th inch Candy was already struggling not to cry out*
Ahhh~ oh goddd! I-It's too much! *8 inches....9 inches....Destiny slowly added more and more to her thrusting, enjoying how the sweet president was reacting to more and more cock invading her pussy. Candy moaned into you as you toyed with her nipples, the perky knobs quickly hardening to the familiar touch* Ngh ughh p-please mmmph ahhh nnnn c-can't t-take much more! *Candy's face flush pink like her hair, the huge cock toying with every inch of her insides*
*She watched Caroline's face contort into a slutty mess as the sophomore teased herself at the sight of Candy getting fucked, the giggly girl falling deeper and deeper into her own lust*
*looking up at Destiny* baby -- I wouldn't wait -- it sounds like she's almost there already-
*Destiny giggles- then leans in even harder - stretching your walls to their utmost with the tenth inch - then the eleventh - shushing you, telling you what a good pink slut you make. "I think she can take it all - don't you Ruck?"
Oh, I do - but pull back for just a second -- *Destiny pulls back, just an inch left in you, not moving at all, refusing to send you over as I cup your jaw in my hand and whisper in your ear.* Cotton Candy- youre not rubbing. Only good girls get orgasms - and good girls rub, sweetie -- *shifting my weight, teasing both nipples with a little support from my arms.* don't worry, I've got you - just rub your little horny mind away, cotton candy --
Ughh ahhh~ mmmph~ *Candy looks up at you, barely able to think with 11 inches of thick dick inside her* Nghh ahh~ haaa~ *She moans as you toy with her nipples, pulling them around to heighten her sensitivity and arousal. Your words slowly seeping into her brain like warm honey, filling her thoughts up*
Ahhh~ fuuckk~ *Candy slowly lowers her hand and places her fingers against her aching pussy, nursing it and pleasuring it at the same time* Mmm p-pleaseee please end ittt~ *She whimpers in pain, but also begging for her release* Ahhhh~ i'm rubbing! Pleaseeee!
*I nod - and Destiny RAMS the dildo back in. five inches -- eight -- ten -- eleven -- pumping in you faster and faster, teased, rubbed, fucked - Hana losing the battle, a stifled moan coming out as her hand disappears inside her skirt - Caroline's toes curling as she groans and cums, the scent of her mixing with your own arousal - until finally your feel Destiny's thighs touch your ass, the full Goliath in way. Your walls feel like they're going to split open - the beautiful white girl stuffing you with your own toy, on display for your whole sorority - moans everywhere -- too much -- TOO MUCH ---
AHHHHH~ *Candy cries out as Destiny rams the cock all the way up her aching pussy, the pink-haired girl immediately buckles and quivers. Only held up and comforted in mocking fashion by your strong grip on her upper half* FUUUCKKKK~ I'M GONNNA GONNNNA CUUUUMMMMMM! *Candy's back arches down as her head comes up, screaming to ceiling as she reaches her third climax. Being split in two by her own toy, the 2 white conquerors....splitting the sorority to it's very core. *Candy collapses, moaning, babbling even into your chest as her body shakes from the sheer force of her climax*
ah, shh shh shh... good girl...*Destiny giving you one final thrust and then pulling out, replaced by my surprisingly soft touch - kissing your pink hair and rubbing your pussy lightly, helping you through the end of your climax - the first real affection I've shown you this whole night, at your most vulnerable moment*
Ahhh~ mmm haaa~ *Candy moans against you, though the gesture seems sweet the fact that it's at her lowest point that you decide to show affection only makes the whole situation even more demeaning. Her soft body and pussy completely vulnerable to your molding after being softened up by Destiny's hard fucking.*
*holding you tight - then walking you slowly back to Hana and Mia, letting you collapse in their arms*
(one sec)
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
[Pausing for timeout]
(k, sorry, back)
*most of the girls huddle around the three of you - one of your robes wrapped around you, the first clothes you've had in hours*
*Candy once again looks up at you with a groggy mind. The silk pink robe matching her newly dyed hair quite well.* Nghh ugh mmm?~ *Candy can't even muster any words, only hoping that her nightmare was finally at end*
so - one last thing. Your house's penance...
Hana and I have been talking. Destiny's house and mine do have a mixer coming up. And what better way, Candy, for Alpha Sig to make its grand reintroduction, than for all your girls to be the entertainment. Serving drinks first, of course- wearing nothing but brand new collars arround their necks...
but - odd to say --
I'm kind of fond of a few of these girls now. Some where your little brainwashing messages of Asian superiority haven't totally seeped through.
So I'll offer you this, Candy --
you come to Destiny's apartment - you spend the night with the two of us, being the best little sub you can be...
and we'll call it even.
now - what does my little cotton candy-headed president think?
*Candy looks around at her sisters, all of them nervously awaiting for her decision. They would be forced to do unspeakable things at a party like that. With a heavy gulp Candy had no choice but to lower her head, using what little braincells that were still working and make her decision.* V-very well...I-I'll do as you say....I will accept my punishment, my sisters should not suffer for my f-failing.... *Candy whimpered*
*my grin's wider than it's been all night* you're all so self-sacrificing... *my eyes glancing at Hana for a second before coming back to you* then it's settled. We'll see you soon, sweetie - and as for the rest of you- *straightening up and looking over* - as long as she holds up your end, you won't have penance. But don't be strangers... *catching Caroline's eye in particular*
*leaning back into you* and don't you dare think of washing that dye out before you pay your visit, queenie - Destiny does so love to pull on pink hair --
Ahh~ *Candy looks up at you with a mixture of fear...and possibly something else...after everything you did to her. Nodding quickly as your powerful presence overwhelms her, clearly all those nipple tweaks and sweet nothings had done a number on her*
*kissing you one more time - soft, my hand on your cheek - slowly moving down, caressing your ample curves... and about to leave, before Destiny pulls on my sleeve, whispering in my ear*
oh - that's right... one last thing... *curling my arm around you, gently guiding you back to your thrones - the floor still sticky from the geyser that erupted from you a couple hours ago*
you made so many apologies, candy- but none to me.
*reaching your chair, and sitting down in it - spreading my legs as you stand in front of it, facing me, the silk robe around you but barely covering anything*
*Caroline puts her hand around my pants - pulling them down, my cock hard, sticking out toward you* so I think, before I go - why don't you kneel in front of your throne, and give a - ah- *sincere* apology?
*a sharp tug comes on your sleeve, as your protection is tugged off* WITHOUT the robe, I think --
*Candy whimpers as you tug her robe off and she stumbles before your cock, towering above her* Mmph...I-I'm sorry for thinking I could ever beat this big white cock....and for sending my sisters to attack I'll never make the mistake of thinking I could challenge you again.... mmph t-thank you for being so generous to m-my sisters and not punishing t-them too hard.... *Candy bows before your cock burying her face into your crotch and kissing your balls, before running her tongue up the shaft and giving the tip a kiss; looking at you dead in the eyes. The once proud queen kneels in the dried puddle of her own juices while a man sits on her throne*
*Destiny comes into your vision from the side - filming the whole thing. You're ashamed, but not surprised - until you see Jocelyn trying to hide that she's taping it, too. Some of the whimpers from earlier sounding a little more familiar now...*
*I tousle your hair - more of a pet, really, making you acutely aware of the collar still tight around your neck - and stand up while your mouth is still around my cock. Slowly pulling it out- the length of it running across your face, leaving traces of your drool across your cheeks and nose. I pick up my pants and kiss you on the head, whispering* come soon, Cotton Candy - we'll finish this blowjob, and have so much more fun...
*I take Destiny by the arm and head out the door - finally leaving you to the care of your sisters.*
[End there?]
[Great, I'll discuss more in dms with you then~]

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