Katarina VS Alice Rose : 公开游戏记录 (第 60 回合)

🦋 Arena Of Butterflies 🦋

Alice has admired Katarina from afar watching her matches seeing her dominate in the ring a show-woman and an amazing talent. There has been lots of private teasing and intimacy between the two. Threats of romance. Intimacy. Domination. Corruption. And at last they meet in the ring, no referee. Only the two girls at last in a locked arena with no crowd. Here to see the depths of each others passions.

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*the arena lights shining down into the ring, the place so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I slowly begin to stretch out in my corner, eyeing you up and down. I slowly saunter my way over to you *
It's been a long time in the making Alice... I think it's time to find out just which one of us is the real pet~
*pushing you back against the corner as I lean in and grab a handful of hair with one hand, my lips pressing into yours as my fingertips slide between your legs, teasing against the thin fabric right over your mound *
You ready ? 💋
*Standing there in my thigh high boots and my sheer hold up nylon stockings. The lights beaming down on my black ornate burlesque dress. I picked it special for her. Knowing that she picked her blue lingerie just for me. She approaches faster than I expect her too, her words firm and confident. The quiet of the stadium making her voice all the more impactful.
She pulls at my delicately messy let down strawberry blonde hair. Scrunching it into a ponytail behind me. Her free hands and fingers tracing between my thighs. Her fingers pushing against my black lacy slightly ruffled panties. Massaging and working my sex her expertise clear
I knew not to underestimate her. But even still she makes me shiver.
My whole body trembling. Anticipation, butterflies. Intense sweet bliss. Letting her think that she has control, power over me as I yelp out "Ready, Are you?" Knowing the answer is destined to be yes. Using the ropes as a spring board to shunt her off of me and too the mat, clambering up over her. Petticoats and soft frilled layered skirts tracing her body tickling against her bare legs and garter straps. Already all so happy to pin down my little butterfly 🦋
*feeling you launching yourself into me, an expected attack as I roll backwards using the padding of my booty to soften the blow. My fingernails creeping up your sides as they grip your hips firmly and roll us over*
*grabbing your wrists and pulling them over your head, I slowly scoot forward looking at you below me*
Now now Alice... Did you really think I was going to be that easy ?
*pinning your shoulders down under my shins as I scoot up and nestle my mound right against your chin, letting you drink in my scent, I slowly slide forward as I plant my pastel greyish blue panties right down against your lips *
You better get use to being under me darling 😘
Once again I was anticipating this. For her to use me like a chair. To smother me benath that addicting ass and against her panty clad sex. Just not so early. Not so sudden. Her fight and focus and determination clear. I am agile and nimble but she is a spider having me trapped in that delightful web of hers cuccooned up in whatever ornate designs and plans she has for me "mmffhfhdh" i moan into her. Letting the vibrato of my scream shudder and coarse through her entire form. Her whole body feeling that moan shoot through her. It touching her every synapse. Each nerve-ending in her body. Arms capabile of movement. Trying not to alarm her to my plans.
She feels me submit. But not give up the fight, to break now would be a shame. After so much teasing I cannot let myself fall to her. To give in after just a little teasing and yet. It feels right. It feels... safe. I trust her. I adore the way she smothers me. I don't want it to stop.
"Mmfmffh" i moan again, louder. More carnal, tongue lulling. Lapping against her panties. Tasting that wetness grow through them. Is this really all the fight I have...
*reaching back as my fingernails tip toe down the frills of your dress *
Enjoying yourself down there ?
*my fingernails grip the soft pale flesh of your inner thighs giving them a little pinch*
You know you can just surrender now little dolly 💋
Its been days. Days of me feeling dominant. Of feeling in charge. Control. This switch of my naturally submissive mind flipping on-off-on-off.
I can breathe. I can work my tongue. I can scream into her. But her touch. That pinch. Those fingers. Her body against mine. Just so much of this is what I want, what I need and crave. Its a shame. To see my eyes so glassy, so wide. A ragdoll, a toy, a glazed bliss of perfections and craft. I feel like I am letting her down by not fighting
*slowly grinding my hips in little harder as the smooth fabric teases against your lips, my fingernails reaching for the fabric tugged against your sex and peeling it to the side.... Just one fingertip slowly and teasingly pressing against your clit as I watch you let out a small moan *
You sure you really want to fight back 😘
My hands reach up and paw at her chest. Trying to massage her nipples out of devotion. Trying to pleasure her. Bring her that worship that she deserves. Oxygen becoming something that I am lacking. But not caring as she makes me breathless. Not caring knowing that I used to be an amazing swimmer and could stay down here as long as she pleases. As long as it pleases her. "Mmfmffhdhh" my mouth chants ritualistically into her. Hands pawing at her breasts some more. She can see it. In my body, my motions. That sense of dominion is gone from me. And now all i long for is to make her happy.
Awwww the cute lovely little struggle ~
*grabbing onto your wrists as I feel you pawing at me ... Securely grilling them and pinning them back over your head. *
Did I say I was done teasing you yet ?
*a devious little smirk across my face as I stare down at you *
I want to fight her. To submit to her. To orgasm for her and to bring her to or
Now take a deep breath sweetie you are going to need it 💋
*orgasm in return
*sliding forward again, as I hover my mound only Inches from those lovely sexy lips *
*in an instant your world becomes black, the material of my frilly panties, now getting nice and moist teasing right against your lips. I Drop my body weight and wiggle my booty back and forward as I use your face for my pleasure *
Breathing deep, so so very very deep. Inhaling her scent. Her sex. Her sweet little smothering addict. Ready for her. I indicate my eagerness and readyness by squeezing her hand twice.
The world goes dark. Her ass on my face. Her sex on my lips. Moans and pleasures trailing through her. Tongue curling zig-zags and spirals and floral patterns. Butterfly winged laps and kisses against that material, I am a toy and object for her pleasure
As I lay beneath her my body arches and curls. Stretching myself out. Ready to be pretzeled and folded up. Used like a rag doll. Her sweetest toy. I don't count how long its been beneath her. Minutes? Days? Does it matter?
Mmmmhmmmm that's my good little dolly 🥰
*my hands shift, letting go of your hands as they wander behind me. I feel as though she wouldn't dare resist me, as my hands start to explore... Feeling the frills and top of your dress, slowly grabbing the top and pulling it down as your breasts spill into view*
Such a good girl.... But today isn't all about just my pleasure ☺️
I am alert. Awake. Able to hear and register her compliment working her harder with my tongue as she peels down my corsetry. Exposing my delicate bra matching my lacy ruffled panties. The push-up bra exagerating my 34 D cups.
*my fingernails trace and drag around the rim of your left areola, slowly teasing it's way to the very center, I know the lack of oxygen is starting to kick in and what better way to force out the rest and watch you really squirm......*
Body pale. Smooth like finest china. Snow white porcelain. Breath slipping away, bit by but, moment by moment. Claimed. Taken. Used.
*slowly pinching and pulling on a very excited stiff nipple as I hear an audible gasp against my panties *
"Mdmdnfhhh! Mmffhdhdhh!-" moaning and screaming. Kicking now, thrashing the mat. Squirming hard just like she wants as she pinches my nipple. So intensely thrown around her objectified slut. Her doll, my "dominance" totally stripped and melted away. Just flicking my tongue endlessly against her panties and her pussy through them. Talented tongue moving her panties aside. Working her folds now writhing that delicate tongue into her writing "Mistress Kat" into her. "Pleasure Doll" communicating through the motions of my tongue against her
Mmmmmhmmmm fuckkkkkkk Alice you little tease~
*sliding off your face as I can feel myself getting a little flush from the teasing, I scoot back and slide my ass down to your stomach*
Don't you dare move
*reaching down and peeling off my shoes, my toes now open to the arena air as I give them a little flex and wiggle*
I know you've been waiting for a chance at these haven't you ....
*scrunching my toes together as I tease them against your lips *
Go on... Give them a little kiss 😘
Frozen; immobilized from her command. Kissing deeply at her curled toes and her scrunched up soles. Leaving lipctick marks over her. Smeared lipstick all over her underwear sex and now her feet. My face her footstool. My body her chair. She makes me her furniture. Her toy. Not sure if i could move even if i wanted to.
Yet.... i try
I try, wriggling my toes beneath my boots. Curling myself into a ball beneath her. Shifting her downwards onto my thigh, grinding her against my leg. Then my boots. Her feet still in my face. My toes and shoes against her sex. Exchanging pleasure. Exchanging bodies. Breaking her rule. But teasing. Bringing her that desire that I know my body is capable of delivering.
Huffing her feet and her legs. Inhaling her. Kissing her. Licking her. Worshipping those toes. Truly beneath her and yet stubborn. Unable to just quit. Knowing my body has a use. Knowing that her pleasure is important to me
Romantic and desiring and lustful. Submissive yet not lost. No. Just, devoted.
Heart racing. Chest rising and falling on display for her with every breath. Feeling dizzy. Like she is posion for my mind. A weakness for that which girls like me crave. Her tsttos. Her beauty. Every part of her ornate and perfect. Unimaginable and ethereal
*feeling your lips teasing against my toes, little shivers fluttering through my body... But I realize you are a bit more under my spell than I think even you realize *
*I squirm against your tease, feeling you working against my sex.... And slide back just out of reach *
She uses me, I try to pleasure her. She uses me harder. I try i kwep trying. I keep keep trying. And I won't stop trying as that lady, that darling Katarina gives me butterflies. A whole new perspective on what it means to -exist- around such beauty 🦋
*I slowly plant my fingertips into the ground and work my way back up to my feet, noticing you've yet to move an inch *
*I slowly saunter to you, placing my toes right against your lips, looking down at you from above*
Open that pretty mouth 👄
"Ahhh" i chant. Lips pursing into a beautiful pretty O shape. Wide. Adoring. Wanting.
*unclipping my left garter as I let it slide down my leg, dropping down my soft thighs and my toned calves, landing right against your lips *
*my toes grip the fabric of the garter and slowly slide it into your mouth as my toes tease down behind it stuffing it into your mouth *
Now.... Be a good dolly......
*pulling my toes from your lips *
I want you to get up of your back....
And peel away all those lovely clothes....
I want you to show me how bad you want to be my personal little dolly 💋
I am gagged by her garter strap, nodding at her sweet commands. Standing slowly. Letting her see the garter between my lips. Silent submissive keeping that lingerie in my mouth as I strip, dancing and shimmying. Shaking my hips and alluring. Working off my petticoat. My boots. My stockings. My bra. Each and every part of my clothing. Kicking the dress and clothing out of the ring. Leaving myself naked. Light shining all over my body. My pale body, my shaven waxed form. Smooth. Delicate. Pretty. Hers, on display. Her object. Twirling for her showing her each and every curve of my body
Posing. Showing myself. Spreadding my sex apart. Those puffy pert labias so ornate. Wanting to display myself. Show her all of me..spreadding my ass. Showing my underarms. Showing every trace. Curve. Lifting legs and shiwing her my petite dainty soles. Dancing. Beautiful. Dedicating myself. A decoration. Undressed
Such a good little dolly obeying my commands 💋
But I think something is missing 😋
*reaching to my purse hanging on the corner post, digging around and trying to find what I'm looking for *
Ahhhh there it is 🥰
*palming something discretely as to keep it out of your view as I saunter over to your side of the ring *
*grabbing onto your wrist and giving you a little spin as I push you against the turnbuckles, using my foot to spread your legs open*
I had something special made for you ...
Would you like a little present Alice ☺️
*you feel my fingernails teasing into the meat of that glorious bubble butt as I press into you from behind, leaning forward as I whisper into your ear *
I know you'll love it ~
*nodding my head slowly, curious. Splashed and pinned to the corner turnbuckles "yes Mistress Katarina!!" I squeal out. Ass spread open, delicate rosebud on show for her.
She has me screaming and begging for her. Begging her name, calling her Mistress. I don't even think or care about it. About the fact that I am submitting and powerless. The fact that she may end up plugging my ass soon. I don't think. Dolls don't -need- to think
I trust her. I trust this witch. This lunar presence this tarot knowledgable domina. She is confident. Prideful, beautiful. Destructive but tender. A sensual soft domme. Showing my dedication by posing and leaning against the turnbuckle. Submitting to her and that plug.
Legs spread shoulder width apart. On display. Her art piece
That's a good girl 😉
*you feel a cold piece of glass teasing against the sides of your ass cheeks, as I slowly tease it against the entrance of your rosebud*
I had this crafted special for you, something I'm sure you'll cherish ~
*I lean back just enough and let some spit drool down from my lips and onto the tip of the plug, slowly using it to help coat the glass, as I wiggle it into place*
Stay right there... I want to take a picture 😉
*retreating to my purse and grabbing my phone as I see you holding your cheeks apart, taking a pic and shoving the screen in front of your face *
*the phone shows you a clear glass plug, but at the very end of the bulb a 🌹 that peeks through and contrasts hard against that pale delicate skin*
The glass plug spreads my ass, hsr spit easing it in, there is only a moan and a drooling whimpering "Thank you Miss Katarina" that leaves my lips. Cherishing her and that plug she gives me
I hear her want to take a picture and I model for her. Surprised as she shives the phone in my face. Looking at my plugged ass. That delicate red rose at the end of the plug. The plug glass. Beautiful sturdy in its craft. But a perfect representation of me. Beautiful, ornate. Delicate. Fragile
Well I figured you adored mine so much 💋
Was only right to get you one as a little present, although yours doesn't tell the future like mine does 😆
"It does Miss Katarina..."
"After all Mistress the most delicate of roses needs a gardener. And i could not pick a girl more deserving than yourself. Nature. Nurture. Bliss. Beauty, that is what this plug signifies to me"
All very true....
But there's also another side to a rose....
While everyone looks at the petals and and admires the beauty
With us both in the corner. My ass plugged. My body naked. My mind spiralling and hers. I offer her a kiss. A delicate thing. Fragile.
People also forget the thorns that are ready to stop those unworthy from clutching it
She talks. Stealing away my words. Stealing away my precious mind.
Biting at her lip softly as she mentions thorns.
Turning her and shiving her into the turnbuckle. Making out with her overcome with beauty and bliss and want.
*kissing you back as I grab behind your waist and pull you into me *
Now... While I do enjoy having you as my darling little pet ....
I want you to show me.... That you are capable of being a good little huntress for me
*using my hand behind your back to pull you and twist you into the corner *
From this point forward....
The gloves are off...
I want to see... Just what you are really capable of...
Am I understood ?
*my fingers slowly wrapping around your neck as they give a tight little squeeze *
Hope you are ready... Cause I also won't be holding back ~
*my fingers release your neck as I lean in for a kiss, blocking your view as my fingertips slide down to those sensitive puffy nipples and give them a tug *
You wouldn't want to disappoint me now would you ?
"Yes Mistress Katarina" i pant and breathlessly whimper as she chokes me slightly. Telling me that I am permitted to fight her with no holding back. That she intends to the same, taking a deep wanting breath. Shoved into the corner yet again as we tease eachother. Knowing that the fight is far from over. She kisses me. Vutting off my gasp yet again. Making me yelp and moan as she pinches my nipples. Her words like a vice on my mind. She is vice. Pleasure. Bliss. A heart stealing butterfly. A wolf. A death moth. A hibiscus flower.
She wants a fight. She wants to see me at my worst and I feel that spark of dominion set alight once again. What was a melted mess of a girl now having fire in her eyes. A spark. A flame. Agile. Strong. Surprisingly strong. More than just a doll. Oh so so much more. Grabbing Kat by the waist and flipping her up over my shoulder. Driving her hard down onto the padded mat. Tustling with her fierce and wild, untamed.
My foot kicks at her side. Walking upto her body crashed out and splayed over the padded flooring walkig onto her over her ontop of her pushing a foot onto her face. One against her covered sex those soaked wet panties. Pushing toes into her through the material. Making the material bunch up inside her.
She wants a fight. And a fight she will get
*landing with a thud, as I wasn't expecting such an aggressive move*
*feeling your toes working me over as I clear the cobwebs and grab onto your ankle*
The real Alice has come to play huh....
*twisting your ankle as I pull you down to the mats*
I guess we should test just how good that resistance of yours is ~
*grabbing onto your thighs as I pull them up over your head, folding you in half as I sit on the back of your calves *
If you plan on being my little bounty hunter.... I need to make sure....
*my tongue slowly tracing around your folds, while never touching that excited little knub....*
That you won't be easily distracted by a skilled tongue ~
*slowly my toes swirls and lashes right against your clit, keeping your firmly in place as I watch your body begin to tremble under me *
Tongue swirls *
Her tongue works me just as carefully and just as talented as mine worked hers. Its hypnitic. Passionate. Wild and lustful, i am flas i limbered up. It makes escaoeing her pretzel pose much easier. My heels over my head her lips on my sex. I focus. Locked into focus. Into this mindset of a huntress. Of a fighter. I may have been metled to total dominion. Total submission, but that does not mean she's won. Far from it. Bodies can be bent and molded and shifted. Moods can swing
And pleasure. Pleasure can melt even the most determined of minds
Hands sinking against and into her panties one hand inbetween her folds sinking four fingers into her slick soaked dripping sex. My other hand rubbing furiously at her clit. Working her inside and outside. Fingers pulsing curling. Slreadding. Coating my digits in her juices. Filling her. Tracing every curve of her intimact
Oooooooo fuckkkkkk~
*feeling your fingers sliding past my folds, exploring my depths... Twisting and turning as they magically seem to find all the right spots *
*thankfully with your hands busy I noticed you don't have the greatest of grips on me as I twist and turn my body, managing to escape your grip, your fingers sliding from my now dripping honey pot *
*managing to create just a little distance as I adjust my bra, my nipples having been exposed from us rolling around *
Not bad alice.... Not bad at all ~
I fingerfuck her so intensely, so wantingly. So carnal. Taking her using her. Playing with her like she is the toy, playing cat and mouse. Huntress and prey. Filling her with those four fingers. So perfect. So needing. Trailing inside her. Outside her. Making her soak and drip and seep arousal over her thighs her panties. My fingertips. Wanting her to glisten under the light in her own sex.
I taste my fingers. Licking her juices off of my hands. Drinking her sex. Relishing that taste. Reasy for more.
*turning toward you as I see you licking my juices off your fingertips...*
You aren't taking a break are you Alice ?
*gripping the material in the very center of my bra and pulling down, as I let my breasts bounce out into view* how are you going to see all of me if you are standing over there 😉
I charge her. Tackling her down. Pushing my milky white fat tits to her face. Smothering her. Tsking away her breath as i cinch my arms around her torso and waist. Body against body. Thighs locked around her thighs. Pinning her hard. Taking revenge ans leaving her breathless. Her taunt a perfect time to attack. Knowing she hasn't taken a breath in yet so will be easy prey to make tap out or black out.
Ughhhhh 😣
*not able to see a thing as I'm stuffed between your lovely tits, the lack of air making me get desperate. I try and shove you off but find myself not able to.... I try to think of a way out.... Any way to not just pass out*
*I arch my back and unclasp my strapless bra, as I slide it free and wrap it tightly around your neck and twist it tight, using it to choke you and pull you off from me *
I am merciless, she tries to escape and i won't let her no matter how intense she acts. No matter how hard she fights. No matter how much she chokes me.
I grab her by the throat with one hand. Slipping my free hand down beneath her panties. Four fingers yet again slipping and working within. Merciless. Taking her. Using her. Making her melt and mine and breathless. Seeing how long she can hold her choke with her vision black and her air quickly running out
Using those wet fingers anfd trailing them further down, pulling at the plug inside her ass with a -pop- letting it fall out over the ring. Replacing it with those pussy juice slicked digits. Four fingers ravaging and working her ass. Making her scream. Making her mind
*squirming back against your fingers, I twist and pull on my bra wrapped around your neck as hard as I can, feeling your fingers starting to slow and knowing it's having an effect. I wiggle my way free and try to crawl Away feeling your hands gripping onto the frills of my very skimpy short skirt, tearing the outer fabric off me as I manage to escape to the corner *
I walk towards her taking a deep breath. Her bra and pants tossed aside. Her body near to naked for me. On display and she is prey. My butterfly. Showing her how little she staggered me out of my swagger. My stride my voice silken and velvety and full of dominion as i push her head to the turnbuckle sitting on her legs, one foot on her throat. The other on her lips. Making her smothered and helpless and mine as I taunt "Tap the fuck out"
(if any of you are lucky enough to read this, the refresh glitch is going on... So if things are a little out of order we apologize 😞)
*reaching for your toes pressing against my neck as I grip the back of your ankle and lift it as high as I can, finally able to take a deep breath*
(Hope you are all enjoying the show! 🦋🦋 )
In your fucking dreams am I tapping Alice
*lifting your leg even higher as I use my foot to sweep your supporting foot out from under you and send you crashing down to the mats*
You want to play rough......
*grabbing onto your hair as I give it a yank, sliding my arm under your neck and pulling back sharply*
You can go ahead and tap now.... But I think I rather just enjoy having you trapped....
(and now it's eating words ! No fair )
Quickly I regret not pinning her arms. Tossed back rough handled. Trapped. Pinned. Choke held pussy rubbed and fingered mercilessly. Trying to work out what to do how to break out. Realising that her biggest weakness her her confidence. That way she dominates and keeps control the way she is smug and possessive and smothering like a wet cloth over a candle flame.
*my fingertips sliding right down against your pearl, blurring from side to side as they pick up the pace, feeling your body begin to pant, a moan escaping from your lips.... *
She doesn't realise it but her breaths are ragged. Her passion that attempt to take me down exhausting her.
My head slips out from her arms, the sweat of our bodies helping as I roll over and slam my pussy right onto her face. Locking thighs around her head. Tucking feet below her hair. Curling my soles to push her into me. Arms holding at her legs and arms similtaniously as I force her beneath me. To eat me. To worship me in the way i worshipped her
*trapped as I can only play along, my breath heavy... As I try and collect myself, licking and lapping away from before.... My licking the only thing heard in the arena....until.... We hear the door start to rattle.... The distraction causing Alice to scoot up just enough for me to shove her off*
*I quickly crawl away, grabbing onto the ropes as I try and pull myself back to my feet *
I come to the ropes where she rests. Not even caring that the doors are rattling and a crowd may soon be forming. Pushing her and holding her on those ropes. Fingers taking her sex over and over and over again. Pinning her and twisting her up in those elastic ropes and the ring sode. Making her into a display piece
*feeling your fingers going right back to work, my body twisting and contorting to get free, finally able to get one hand free as It dives forward and matches you my fingers sliding right back into your soaked mound *
*leaning forward as my lips press against yours, my tongue darting forward and locked in it's own battle against yours just like our fingers *
As we kiss and she fingers me I pull her into an armbar. Unrelenting refusing to hold out or give her a break. Body against her hot body. Fingers against sex. Sex against fingers. It impossible to tell where I end and she begins.
*twisting into my trapped arm as I try and work the pain out, my free hand sliding against your mound as it peels back and delivers a hard spank, just enough to give me an opening *
That's it.... I'm not your little doll Alice.... But you'll be mine when this is all over ~ 💋
*climbing on top of you , and planting my soaked panties right against your lips, as I pull your legs back and tuck them under my armpits so I know you can't escape, gripping the glass plug by the end and pulling and pushing it in and out as I feel.your body shudder each time I do *
She spanks my pussy, ridiny my face. Grabbing my legs. Not my arms. Lost in pleasure. I am lost in hers and her body. Pushing her back to the mat, fighting and carnal and instatable and wild. Untamed flame. And fury that plug slipping from my ass with a -pop-
I ride her face i grind my sex against her lips. Humping her head like i would a pillow a stuffed toy or the sode of my desk. Using her like a sex toy. Smothering her between my thighs. Knowing that she told me not to hold back refusing to hold back. Wanting her to choke on my cunt
*feeling myself slowly wanted to give in.... I feel you yank back on my leg, not hard enough to cause any real damage but I let out a loud over played yelp "owwweewwweee!", hoping to fool you into checking on me and gaining myself a moment reprieve to try and cool my senses down *
I don't. I don't fool for her tricks. Riding her face knowing that if she were injured she'd safeword. She said no mercy. I intend to give her none
*not falling for my rouse, I grow desperate... My hands reaching up as they wrap around your neck, pushing you back and manage to at least make it up to my knees, keeping my eyes on you as I know I've only bought myself a momentary break from your assault *
As soon as the assult finishes it contunues. A new one taking over. Pinning her arms and legs together. Folding her up with her arms pulled under her knees. My sex on her face. Sittinn on her scissoring her head and face. Breaking her holding her cradled and bunched and pretzeled up. Going for a merciless ending.
is resisting cumming (41% chance of cum) => Came!
*trapped and held helpless for the moment, my only course of action is to lick and tease as I feel myself becoming lightheaded *
*I put everything into the licking, my tongue worshipping against your folds as I feel your juices spill out of you like a faucet all over my face *
*as I feel your body begin to tremble I know I'm close, gripping your thighs as I continue to lick *
"Tap the fuck out!" I call down to her yet again. Using her face as i feel her squirming and fighting still and slow down. Knowing i can take her. Use her. Break her. Show her my huntress side
*l feel the flood splashing down against me and the moans echo through the arena...*
*pushing you back as I noticed how exhausted you are after the massive orgasm *
You've proved your worth my little Alice.... But don't think this is over....
*sliding my panties off as I stuff them into your mouth, shimmy my ass right down onto your face *. Now it's my turn for some fun 😊
I try to hold back my pleasure. The way that she made me orgasm all over her face. The way she is drenched in my sex. But its difficult. She can taste me on her mouth that sweet bitter butterscotch of my pussy juice. Her fsce and the mat drenched as dhe is left soaked and breathless and yet so am i. Breathless and yet filled with fire and fight
As she takes off her panties and pushes them into my mouth i drink her sex off of them her ass in my face quickly pinning me as i play along. Throwing myself arou d amd flialing putting on a show of my defeat under that majestic ass of hers.
*sliding off your face as I scurry over to my.corner, once again digging through my purse, revealing a black leather.harness and a 10" dildo that matches my earlier attire *
You know the thing about orgasms.... Is once you have ons
You tend to get a little weak in the knees 😅
*walking back over to you and gripping you by the hair in your orgasmic bliss state, dragging you over to the ropes as I tie yours arms between them trapping you *
(oh it's working again ?)
You see the funny thing about orgasms is they can be quite draining
She pushes that blue 10 inch strappy into me holding me up against the ring mat and the ropes and the turnbuckle. Throwing me around. Using me everywhere. Anywhere. Tied up in ropes towards the end of her control and dominion made to display myself for her. Her bound rope-bunny doll, orgasm still soaking her sex and thighs. Anticipating her strap. Eyes glazzy glazed wide and azure.
*slowly pulling the plug from your ass, the strap-on reading right against your entrance *
*slowly guiding the head Into your ass, as you feel my hands wrap around your body, gripping your magnificent breasts as I start to thrust and work in every last inch into that greedy ass *
That strap fills my ass now. Using me merciless controlling. Her hands on my hair pulling hard. Moaning out as I realise how -fucked- I am
Being truly dominated. Devistated and then.... inspired
Lesson one if you are to be my little hunteress
Never assume the job is finished 😉
See the thing about strap on harnesses is that the dildo pushes against a girls mound in sich a way that the hilt and base can grind her clit. The straps of the harness able to work like a crotch rope against her sex. Whilst I may be fucked. So is she
With every thrust every tught squeeze of my ass. She brings herself to more pleasure. A thousand small frictions. Rubs. Caresses
*feeling the strap teasing back against me, as you run your bratty little mouth *
*pulling out and spanking your ass while you are still tied up*
*watching your cheeks go from a pale porcelain to a sizzling cherry red *
*I untie your hands and yank you down to the mats, slowly hovering above you.... Slowly lowering myself as I pin your shoulders down under my shins *
Take a good look at what's coming next Alice 😉
*reaching back as my fingers grip my crystal ball plug, slowly teasing it in and out just inches from your face *
*pulling the plug out completely, as I scoot my butt back against your lips *
Now be a good dolly and lick 😋
Forced to rim her ass. Made to eat her out. Made to worship her asshole and that taint. Not even caring as i grip her ass and spread her open and dive my tingue in deep. She can tell how hungry, eager. Eanting I am as I breathe and huff her in. The fight over now as I let her use my face as her ass worshipping seat. I of course. Worship all of her but this fate. This future she has in store for me of being her throne. Her pet her huntress is intense. Desirable so wantable and within reach
Spanked. Marked. Marred. Parts of me red and beaten up and soaked and drenched in her sex and my own
No longer fighting it. Licking her. Servicing away at her lipck lick lick lick. Tongue so so fucking deep in her ass.
That's a good girl ☺️
*sliding and grinding back against your tongue, enjoying it as it ravishes my hole, but I know my mission and that's to tame myself a little doll and put her fully under my spell *
*sliding off your face as I grab your wrists and pull you onto all fours*
*reaching down and guiding my strap between your folds *
*as I hear your moans and lewd sloppy noises echo through the arena, my hands reach into your hair and yank back *
Who do you fucking belong to dolly ~
I yelp and squeal into her hands and her palm over my lips. Hard strapped. Hard used. Hard taken. Hard tamed. Controlled fucked
There is a mess all over her strap as I am uded and taken and on all fours and hers and broken and mush and mind melted and blissed
And yet. Pleasure so much fucking pleasure. Not just for me. But for her. Taking me. Using me. Making me melt. Wvwry part of this dynamic fueling her arousal
It doesn't matter that i am beneath her her sex is soaking wet. Dripping wet. Eager for orgasm. That strap hilt riding against her clit. Those harbess straps rubbing and giving friction to her sex.
*I see you trying to reach forward for a wand vibrator, reaching over you and snatching it from your hands *
Oh no you fucking don't !
*sliding it under you as I flick it on high, placing it right against your clit *
*pounding my hips harder as I work you toward a soul crushing orgasm *
She makes me. No forces me to -tap the fuck out-
(give me 2 minutes someone at my door )
(Okay 🦋🦋🦋🦋)
(so sorry 😔)
(No worries, everything okay?)
*pulling back as the strap-on, leaves your Honeypot, you feel me readjust and shove you harder down onto the wand *
*readjusting as you feel the strap slip back into your ass, I know I have you, I know your mine and now I'm going to make you realize it as well *
I reach down and rub at my sex. Stroking and rubbing and massaging edging myself mindless for her. Her goonette. Taken by her strap. Used. Fucked controlled. Wand and fingers working in unison
redrew a set of actions
(ignore the gif )
*reaching back under your chin and pulling back *
*the strap-on pounding deeper with each and every thrust as I work and roll my hips *
Say it Alice.... Say you are mine ~
"I I II I I I..... i am yours Mistresssss Kaaataarinnaaa~" i plead out helplessly. Every push of the strap into my once tight ass making it rub twice as hard. Three times as hard on her sex. Pleasuring her. Making her melt. Mushy. Mindless. Moaning out as i am so so on the verge of climax)
is resisting cumming (56% chance of cum) => Resisted!
redrew a set of actions
*pushing you off my strap *
*rolling you to your back, as I spread your legs nice and wide *
*grabbing the wand that is buzzing away as I grab a handful of your hair and hold it over your head, forcing you to look me right in the eyes, a pleading look on your face *
Fighting to the bitter end
I can appreciate that....
But I think we both know how this is going to end
*sliding the wand right against your clit as I press it firmly and let it buzz, as wet gushy sounds echo through the whole arena *
Now be a good girl...
*removing the wand as I know I have you *
*use those fingers and bring yourself right up to the edge for your miss *
I won't give in. She told me..commanded me. Demanded from me that i give her no mercy, i could cum right now and end it. But i refuse i refuse i refuse. I fight her with every fibre of my strength every part of my dominance. Eveey fragment of my being
Don't you dare cum yet 😉
I can't even tell what I am doing anymore
Just melting into her. Over her. Onto her. Body against bidy. Sex on sex. Wet skin on wet skin. Soaked in drool. Squirt. Sweat
*using your hair as a little leash as I roll you to your back *
*a devious little smirk on my face as I lick my lips *
I throw that wand aside. I grab her. Trying to fight as she pulls my hair like a leash. Fighting and clawing for dominance against this fierce and intense Mistress
*rolling your hips forward as I guide your legs over your head, you too lost to even stop me if you wanted to *
*I slowly nibble against your soft thighs *
There's no better way to teach someone their place....
I see her smug smile, i see her curl me up sex and legs over my head. She wants to make me orgasm over myself. Over her. Nibbling at my thighd. Taunting me. Her words endless. She won't stop. Won't give in
*slowly licking right against your clit, my tongue swirling tight little circles against your over sensitive pearl *
Then making someone gush right into their own pretty little face dolly ~
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
I try to hold it. Try to fight it. Lapped at licked. Made to gush and squirt and quake orgasm pouring out over hwr and myself fushging and speacbless as i soak my own body the mat and her. Shivering shaking heart racing
She wins. She wins and i am left a nothingless husk
Orgasming so so beautifully hard. Failing to hold that edge. Failing to hold back my pleasure
Lost in her. Lost in lust. Her doll
(fuck not the ending I wanted ! )
(ignore all that )
*letting you crumple down to the mats, exhausted and drenched in your own juices *
*I slowly slide onto your shoulders *
You put up one hell of a fight my little dolly
You have pleased your miss.... Well... Not completely yet .. but we are going to see to that aren't we ☺️
(Typos at the end there were because i orgasmed over my chair 🦋😵‍💫)
*sliding my sex just inches from your face, finally feeling okay to give into the pleasure I've been fighting back this whole match*
*teasing my mound against your lips as I use your face for my pleasure, my mind finally free of responsibilities as I grind away, feeling my breath getting quicker, moans echoing through the arena *
Justttttt like thattttt~
I am her tongue lulled seat. Face her throne. Lapping at her sex. Animatronic. Mindless. Like a kitten lapping at a bowl. Servicing her worshipping her carving into her over and over and over with my tongue. With that soaked face
*feeling your tongue teasing against me as I ride and grind down against your face*
Ohhhhh myyyyy fuckkkin nn. Yesss yesssssss
*unable to hold back any longer, my eyes go wide, my body tightens and the flood gates open as a torrent of juices plaster your face *
"MISTRESS KATARINA'S THRONE" I write. As deep. As hard as passionate into her. Letter by letter. Bit by bit shapely and motioning and wanting as she squirts and floods over my open mouth and my still -writing tongue
*scooting back a bit and surveying my handiwork *
Well don't you look pretty covered in all those juices ~
She is proud of me. I can tell she is proud from the way her orgasm is so so delicately intense so amazingly divine. This butterfly Mistress taking what is hers. Plugging back up my broken ass. Seeing my thighs soaked. The mat soaked. My body soaked. In her. In myself. In us
*leaning foward as I lick the side of your face, tasting the combined commingling of our juices *
I will say.... We taste sweet together 😍🤤
*giving you a kiss on the lips, full of whatever passion I can muster after an exhausting match *
Now go get yourself cleaned up... It's time I start putting you to work 😉
Romantic. Kind. Caring. Only laying there in post-orgasmic bliss. Kissed and passionately dominated. Tongue against tongue hoping dearly that I gave her the match she wanted. The fight she wanted. She commands me to leave. To shower. To ready myself. To become her soul bound succubus and huntress
(think that's a good ending spot 😄)
( 🦋🦋 me too, see you in dms darling Mistress Katarina)
(bye sweetie 😘)

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