Esme, the Ascended VS Jin Tale : History listed publicly (28 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

Sinking in a motherly embrace of passion

After opening up to him, Esme has invited Jin to spend the night in her room. Has her lonely heart finally met someone who could mend old wounds?

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*The sun sets down on the Sun Shrine, a starry sky watching upon you. Esme is waiting for you in her room, once you come in you find her in her nightdress, combing her hair on a chair. The woman smiles as soon as she sees you, her eyes filled with a content calm. She sets the brush on the table, getting up to come greet you.* My child... You made a poor lonely woman really happy tonight. Come, sit with me. We will enjoy our night together, I can assure you that. *Her voice is tender and soft, she speeks to you like she would speak with her beloved daughter, but something tells you that something hides behind her calm and welcoming facade*
*After receiving that offer of Esme's earlier in the kitchen. He awaited and made himself ready. Taking a good look on the more quieter Shrine now that the most people had left by now. The starry sky that he watched with Esme, the sight of that ethereal beauty was still stuck in his mind. So was her past, it was sad, but he could do nothing but listen. Hearing about her only raised his affection towards her as he could feel his heartbeating faster the moment he made his way towards her. Opening the door to her room as he was greeted by Esme in her nightdress while she was combing her hair. He smiled back tenderly as his eyes turned kind, something that he usually didn't have. There was something about her that could make him relax and relax he did as he took a deep breath, enjoying her scent that was engulfed in the room. Hearing her serene voice he answers back.* It is my pleasure, Esme.. I'd do it in a heartbeat, again for you. *He walks slowly while he watched her, enamored by a simple action of hers as he sits down close to her. His yellow eyes staring right into hers.* I too will assure that we will enjoy our night together.. *Almost unable to hold himself back, he shook his head and said with his deep and rough voice.* You're so beautiful.
*She weaves her fingers through the air, summoning a tea set that is placed on the round wooden table. She slowly and graciously stends up, walking behind you. Her soft hand resting on your cheek as you can't see her, but surely you can feel the warmth of her caress.* Thank you, my dearest... You're the first one visiting my room since I came staying here. Let me tell you something... *Her voice floats around in the room, reaching your ears like the sweetest honey. She walks around the table, using her magic to make the teapot and the cups float, the warm fluid being poured into each cup as yours floats directly towards your hands. She takes her seat next to you, summoning her wooden smoking pipe.* Countless nights I have spent in loneliness... but I have been thinking. Since our last encounter, in the garden, something rekindled inside of me. I can tell that my daughter have been feeling the same as I have felt. Falling asleep in a large bed, and waking up with nothing other than the warmth of a distant sun, is something I wish not to have to endure any longer. *She drags from her pipe, letting out a puff of smoke, it smells good, must be something magic. She then picks her cup and takes a sip* That is why I have invited you here, tonight. And that is also why I intend to have you here beside me once I wake up tomorrow...
*Watching her closely even as she does a simple weave with her fingers. Almost too distracted by the sight of her in her nightgown. He keeps his eyes locked in, as he doesn't even look at the tea set. But as she stands up, he understands and walks towards the table and feels the motherly soft caress of hers which gets him stunned for a split second. That relaxing sensation...such warmth. Listening to her words like they were the utmost importance in this moment he says.*...Is that so.. I didn't expect myself to be put in such a high position. *As he sits down, he takes the cup gratefully while it floats towards his hand. Taking it with both of his hands, the warm tea doesn't even make him feel as hot as she did. Taking a sip while continuing to listen to her sweet voice.. He stays quiet, nodding at times.* You too have awakened a feeling in me.. I can't keep my eyes away from you, it's almost as if I were to do so, you'd disappear.. I'm gonna be straightforward.. *He takes a deep breath, inhaling the smoke as he puts down the tea cup. Taking her hand he continues.* I also wish to wake up with you tomorrow, but I also wish to embrace you. To provide you that crutch for your loneliness. I wish to sate that. *He says with a firm look to him, his voice calm as he stares right into her eyes. His hand tightening up on hers a little as this moment feels heavy for him. Not once would he have thought that he'd be so... entranced by this kitsune. Ever since that first touch of hers.. it was like he got tamed.*
*She could only give you a little condescendent smile at your words, as they were exactly lined up with her desires. Her soft fingers interlock with yours and you can almost feel, can almost see with your very eyes what this woman sees in you. A mate, someone special, the missing piece that could finally make her crumbled heart whole. She sets the smoking pipe aside, tilting her head as she stares deep into your eyes, hers glowing into the dim light of the few candles lighting up the room.* Oh, so dear, so sweet... your kindness... it's not something to take for granted, especially during these tough days. Then please, my child, please Jin, my sweetest companion, spend the night with me... let's make something beautiful out of our fateful encounter. Life has put eachother on a path that I am not afraid to walk, as long as our hands are together. As long as our hearts, are together. But... *She pauses for a second, averting her eyes from yours, as if something was on her mind, something maybe a bit scary.* ... I will need you to put your trust in me. As for I do not intend on hurting you, but in fact I wish to treasure and cherish our bond, the link between our very souls. *She slowly gets up once more, getting closer, leaning in, the cleavage of her nightdress revealing her gracious curves, almost as a tender invitation.* I know your secrets... you know mine... let's just tend to each other wounds in this wonderful night...
*Seeing that condescending smile from here. That cheeky smile only got him smiling as she at this moment just looked adorable, even if she was the elegant kitsune. That smile brought it all down as he mumbled.* ..cute.. *But as the soft fingers of hers interlock with him. He tightens back up and keeps his eyes on her. Looking at her eyes and lips. A mate.. and someone special was also something he was seeking. Two people wanting something, and two people that could give it. Listening to her sweet voice. He answers.* Yes.. let's make this a beautiful thing between this fateful encounter of ours. None shall have a say except for us. As long as you'll have me, I'll be yours~ and you'll be mine. *He notices the pause of hers, that little nervousness but he doesn't call it out rather waits for her. There was plenty of trust in her.* Do you mean you wish to interlink with my soul? Either way, I trust you. I have nothing but trust for you, I don't know why I'm feeling like this. *He takes a deep breath as she suddenly gets closer and leans in. The sight of her cleavage in her nightdress that captured her curves perfectly. That invitation of hers, it was hard for him to resist as his eyes wandered down to look before meeting her eyes. With a coy and teasing smile..* Let's do that shall we.. I just can't resist you.. So don't mind me too much~ *He suddenly says as he gets up aswell. Quickly she'd find herself in his strong arms as he places his right hand on her waist and leans in towards her neck to kiss it softly and gently.. Intending to give her more kisses around her body, to show appreciation and love for this kitsune.*
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*The ascended kitsune listened to your words feeling her own heart wobble with happiness, a feeling she had long forgotten during these years of loneliness. She decides to put aside her hunger, for now, just tilting her head to the side to expose her soft and inviting neck to your kisses, just enjoying the strong embrace you pulled her into. Her red painted lips let a single sigh slip out, full of excitement, full of desire, as she feels the tingles beginning to run across her body.* Oh Jin... my dearest, sweetest Jin... *She whispers your name and it sounds like the most perfect melody to your ears, just because it came out of her lips, as you can only wonder... what else could those lips of hers do? What wonders... lie beneath this veil of night you two have been hiding underneath?* I'll be yours... for tonight, and each other night you wish. I'll soothe your pain, I'll be your sweet medicine, if you only just... *her eyes glow, they glow bright and for a moment, you could swore you saw her eight majestic tails behind her. But as you blink, they're not there anymore. She loosens up her nightdress, revealing deeper her cleavage, using her hands to guide your head down and let you inhale her addictive scent, her soft porcelain skin just underneath your lips, all your to taste, to feast on, to enjoy...*
*Seeing the reciprocative actions of hers and hearing the that single sigh slipping out of her. It was something amazing as this woman felt so cold at times, but right now and right here. She was warm, open and inviting. Something he could not help but fall for even more.. He stays quiet, more focused on showering her body with love. Kissing every crevice of her neck and shoulders as he'd slowly move down. He was not gonna leave a single part of her body, untouched and unloved today.. and tomorrow and how many nights there were. A sweet melodic lullaby it was everytime she mentioned his name, tingles went down his spine as he questions himself.* Mine~ And I shall be yours, for how long you wish to have me for.. I'll be your.. wolf. *Noticing the glow of hers, and that split second of tails appearing behind her. He doesn't pay it too much in mind as he had full trust in her right now. Why wouldn't he, there was nothing to question as he continues his kisses on her body. As she finally reveals her cleavage he allows himself to be guided down to inhale more of that intoxicating scent from her. That porcelain skin of hers.. so beautiful as he could not resist but let out his tongue as he started licking her chest.. Up and down, he was intending to mark her body with his scent as he slowly made his way towards her breasts and then.. those pink nipples of hers. He was dutifully showering her while staying focused and quiet.*
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*She smiles at you, her hands sinking through your white hair, as she just watches upon you as you dedicate to give her body all the love she rightfully deserves, giving you the stare of a gentle mother, but at the same time... the stare of a lover. She takes a few steps backwards, careful not to interrupt the sweet contact between your bodies, before sitting down on her bed and inviting you to do so as well. One of her hands moves down on your nape, scratching it briefly in a loving motion of her fingers, before going down to run across your back, feeling it under her fingers, feeling every scar even though she could not see them. She just seems to know where they are, and how to heal them, with her gentle touch. Her free hand that rests on your head, moves down towards your cheek, cupping it, making your head tilt upwards as she leans down, some locks of snow white hair becoming a curtain to hide you both. She places her lips on yours and oh if it feels heavenly... it's like the kiss of a goddess, sending tingles across all your body, as you're the only witness to this magical moment, yours and yours only to enjoy, carving a wonderful memory of this night right into your mind, right into your brain and heart.*
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*Continuing his showers of love towards her body. Dedicating himself to kiss her body as much as it deserved. But as she takes that step back, he slows down almost getting the hint as he watches her sitting down on her bed. Not wanting to stay too far, he instantly follows and she is allowed to see his eyes. Looking towards her eyes. That kind look of his still there, but there was something else brewing as well. An unmistakable sense of hunger in his eyes, a wild and primal look. He has that hungry glint in his eyes. A raspy breath would come out from him as he holds himself back.. His arousal already at the top at this point, being so close to her just makes him so.. crazy. That caress of hers send him shivers that make him blush and smile. Feeling her caress he relaxes and looks at her calmly, his heart is beating faster though. Allowing her to do as she wishes with his head. He just smiles at her as this goddess aura from her has him captivated. This will surely be a memory that'll last forever~. But.. he could not stay completely in daze as he returned back to embrace her tighter. His hands were getting behind her as he held her should and started gripping and massaging it while his other hand moved towards her night dress, intending to pull it further down. As he'd finish with that he continued working his hands on her back. His finger tips sliding everywhere while he moves his head down again, to continue to kiss and now lick those nipples of hers that were out. He seemed to enjoy making her coo and relax. Searching those tense spots and working them delicately.*
*You can sure tell that she's enjoying all the loving and affectionate attentions you're giving to her body, letting out little excited breaths from her gracious lips. As you pull her nightgown down, she shifts on the bed just a little to help you remove what's stopping you from giving her body your full attention. The gown falls on the floor and you can admire her majestic beauty in all its glory. Her body is just... perfect. She's petite, yet her curves are generous and soft, her pale breasts rest on her chest, just waiting for you to dig in, her little shoulders relaxing under your hands, her pink nipples turning stiff under your tongue. That motherly aura of hers, that captivated you in the first place, surely increases as you see her in all her splendor, a sight that very few men could say to have witnessed. As she leans back on the bed, her long silky hair framing her body, she pulls you down with her, guiding you with her hands to explore more and more of her inviting body, her legs spreading just enough to let you kneel in between them. She welcomes your desires and as her body moves closer and closer to yours, you can feel that primal urge of yours skyrocketing.* Come... take me, my dearest... For I am yours. *She whispers, gesturing to you to get comfortable on her and have her to be your condescent prey for tonight.*
*That is what he does as that nightgown of hers fall down onto the floor. He admires that majestic beauty. Such beautiful and petite body. Those curves of hers, perfectly fit her body and that pale skin.. it all added to this ethereal beauty called Esme.. And that was all for him.. tonight.. tomorrow.. and the future days to come. His pants would strain even harder now that her body was out in the open. Almost begging to get out. All whilst he was kissing and caressing her body, he was slowly unbuttoning his white dress shirt until his firm and strong chest and abs were revealed. His scars were all out in the open aswell. Being a tease and a coy wolf.. He licks his lips from the invitation, now that he was pulled near her. He continues to lick and caress her body. His tongue sliding slowly and sensually towards her stomach.. then lower stomach.. as it continues to make it's way further down. His hands were on her soft thighs as he suddenly lifts them up, hinting that she should wrap her legs around him as he starts taking off his pants.. revealing his thick shaft that was already leaking pre-cum.* As you wish.. I'll take you and fill you with love and desire Esme.. You'll be completely mine for the night.. *Taking a deep breath as he places the bulbous tip on her entrance, slowly sliding it in as every inch would stretch her wide as he took it as slow as possible to get her accustomed to it before his base were at her lips..* Haah~ my..god.. *His face twists into pleasure as he puts his hands on each side of her head. He looks deeply at her eyes.*
*Her calm stare couldn't hide a bit of curiosity as you pull your pants and underwear down. It wasn't surely the first time she saw you naked, but the sight was enjoyable nonetheless, so she just took her sweet time admiring your body, her slender fingers grazing your scars. She watched you leave a trail of kisses and licks as you go down along her breasts, along her stomach and her thighs, her breathing becoming a little heavier as her body slightly shakes in anticipation, little trembles shaking her thighs and legs, that wrap around your hips as she feels your shaft press against her entrance.* Don't be afraid... I can take you, my dear. *She whispers with a smile, before tilting her head back slightly while letting out a gracious moan of pure pleasure, her lips parting just a little to let that adorable sound spill from them. As you move further inside of her, you can feel the motherly embrace all around you, warm and wet. She begins panting slightly, holding on to your shoulders, her legs crossed behind your back.* M-mhhnn... S-such a good boy... hah... *She whispers unable to hold herself back from rubbing her body against yours in a sweet friction, rubbing her cheek against your neck, her breasts against your chest, her hands against your back.* Please... please Jin... *she whispers again, right into your ears, her voice heavenly as the one of an angel* ... give me your all.
Haah~ God... *There was a twinkle in his eyes as he glanced back at her. His eyes full with lust and hunger for her and her body. Certainly, this wasn't the first time. But it clearly felt much more different this time.. more.. fulfilling as his thick shaft twitches inside of her. His face filled with pleasure as he takes a deep breath to cool himself. The sight of her body.. that was now connected with him.. it gave him that fulfilling love that he so desired from this woman. Hearing her pants and moans while that motherly embrace makes his body tingle even more.. Giving her that "I'm gonna fuck you all night" look he leans in towards her neck to give her gentle bites while he starts bouncing her down onto the bed with his strong yet slow thrusts.. But that invitation of hers in his ears drive him crazy as he was intending to go with a slow and methodical pace to make her relax. That was thrown out the bin as the wolf starts upping the pace. Each thrust would hit the depths of her walls as he'd pull it almost out for him to gently slam it back in.. not completely going full rough on her yet..* Mhm~ fuck... Esme.. I'll give you my everything.. be sure to be able to take it all.. I'll make you forget any thoughts you have today... You'll be mine.. and I'll be yours.. let us go wild~
*She welcomed you inside of her, seemingly enduring the shockwaves of pleasure going through her body well enough, but as soon as you start with those slow yet strong thrusts, she lets out some squeaks, looking at your with eyes full of lust, squeezing your shaft inside of her tightly enough to drive you wild.* Haaahh~ oh g-gods above..~ *She murmurs among the little and composed moans, her breasts jigglying each time you slam yourself back deep inside, sending jolts of pleasure along her spine, making her arch her back slightly. Once you start to pick up a faster pace, despite trying her best to stay composed and calm, she ends up blushing, the red on her cheeks confusing with the red of her traditional kitsune makeup, making her even more beautiful if possible. She starts following your pace, moving her hips back and forth opposed to your movements to make the penetration deeper, her eyes shining with lust and desire as she pulls you down to drag you in a wild and sloppy kiss, her gentle tongue sliding past your lips to meet yours. You've never seen her like this, legs spreaded and all lustful, not even on your first night together. You can definetly tell that your potent thrusts have gotten her all heated up, not that it was a bad thing, of course~*
Hhaah... Huff~ *That welcoming presence of Esme was driving him crazy, as he grew more rougher. That look and that assurance that she could take it, take all of him.. Made him put his trust onto her even more. The slow yet hard slams were slowly turning into quicker and rougher slams as this primal and wild rhythm of his showed his neediness, and showed his desire for her. Going hard and deep into the deepest reaches of her walls. Every soft reaction, and every soft composed moan of Esme. Her reciprocative actions as she follows his pace, her hips moving back and forth. It all contributed to this incredible numbing bliss. He could feel his mind slipping, fading into the numbing pleasure, perhaps she could too as he pounded away at her insides. He’d never felt this way before, so engaging.. Intending to get her all today. Suddenly he gets pulled into the wild and sloppy kiss between the two. His tongue would swirl and lead her tongue into a fiery and steamy dance between the two as he’d trade his saliva for hers. He had never seen her this.. lustful and this.. eager before, but it was definitely noticed and definitely enjoyed as this he grows more drunk and addicted to this.* Mwh~ Hmhh~ Mhhaah~ mmwhm~ *Going wilder with the sloppy kiss, his pace would also become more wilder and more erratic. More fierce as he pounded the kitsune's wet tight folds.*
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*She was on the edge of losing her composed state as the thrusts grew more feral and lustful, her red painted fingernails digging into your back to resist the strength of the trusts as her heartrate accelerated more and more.* Ohh~ Jin~ hnn~ ... m-my beloved Jin...~ *She whispered onto your lips as soon as the kiss broke, a rope of saliva still connecting your lips. She leans in towards your neck, giving it a little lick, breathing heavily against your skin, her warm breath brushing against it, before she starts nibbling on it passionately, her arms still wrapped around you. She uses her legs to pressure you into making your mating even harder, each thrust stealing a gracious moan from her lips as she finally lets go of her stern attitude, melting into the vulnerable woman who just needs you to be with her for tonight, giving in to her pulsions, giving in to the desire, giving in to you... She pulls away from your neck to stare into your eyes, they're so beautiful... two oceans seeing the brightest sunset, just for you to drink in the love.*
*Perhaps he desired to make her lose that composed state of hers. Those fingernails of hers clawing and digging into his back only added to his pleasure. Nothing wrong with a little pain after all as he continues to listen to her moans evolve into more desire filled ones.. Each time she'd call out his name, he'd get more tingles down his spine and grow more eager. But as she finally breaks the kiss. He is left breathless and he just looks at her with a dazed and hungry look while panting. His thrusts not once have slowed down, it was rather getting faster. The feeling of having her nibbling on her neck.. her arms wrapped around him and even her legs pressuring him to go harder. Every one of her actions ignite his lust even more as he could feel himself growing even bigger and much harder than he’d ever been. But this does not stop him at all, rather makes him more eager as he slams into the Kitsune with a hard and powerful thrust. Perhaps it was noticeable, but he was growing more.. wild and primal. Every pound of his, and every kiss into her deepest reaches was in time with another thrust. Going wild and fast on the extremely beautiful Esme. Drinking it all, drinking all of her up like the hungry wolf that he was. He grew addicted and was losing himself to the pleasure.. that stern face of hers no longer there.. it was just two people enjoying themselves, enjoying the embrace.. the connection, the desire filled room was filled with moans from him and her. Perhaps one could hear it far away, but that didn't matter. All that matter was this passionate moment, this lovely time.*
*She looks so fragile underneath you, her petite and gracious body just getting pounded over and over by the big bad wolf... she was just letting herself go towards her deepest desires, as it had been so long since she had made love to someone, and she did not intend to waste a single second not giving you all of her. As you get rougher, giving in to your primal side, her body twists and twitches, her back arches a little, her toes curling, her arms locking you into that motherly embrace not intending to let you go. But then, as your instincts come out, hers do come out as well. She cannot hold it back any longer. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, she's surrounded by her eight tails, her fox ears coming out as her nails grow longer, sharper, as well as her eyes, becoming more fox-like in shape, glowing of a faint orange with some traces of gold. She flips you over, climbing on you. She looks down at you as you're one of the few who has seen her in her kitsune form. That tail-frame of hers making her even more majestic as all the lights in the room die out and blue flames starts floating around you both, glowing and growing bigger as her desire is. She starts riding you relentlessly, with grace yet strength, you did surely not expect things to take this turn, but is it really a bad thing? As she leans down to steal another kiss from you, you can feel something grasping on your very soul. It's her claws. She's making her way into your life, into your essence, is she here to steal...? To claim, maybe? Or to conquer? That is not for you to know, as you drown in a kind of pleasure only a creature designed to give you bliss could let you sink in.*
*His eyes drunk with love and devotion, for him. There was nothing to say, his actions his eyes. It told everything that he wanted to say to her. He started growling and continued to let out moans..* Gwrwr~ mhm~ Esme~! *A strong thrust from him would come as he finds himself surprised by Esme's transformation. It seemed like she was letting go aswell as he looks at her stunned, almost enraptured by her charm again. This wild and fox-like shape of hers.. It felt close and primal.. Much more.. passionate as he loses himself in those eyes of hers. Finding himself flipped over and climbed upon. He lets out a surprised smile as he takes a deep breath. Intending to hold on to whatever she was going to do to him.* Haah~? Wow~ *Just simple words could come out from him as he gets ridden by the kitsune. The feeling of her thighs and ass on his are so soft and pleasant. The relentless riding gets him to lean his head backwards as he lets out another growl.. He had plenty of essence, plenty of life force.. that was the benefit of being a werewolf after all. He knew that old folk lore Kitsune's were like succubus's. But that wasn't on his mind at all as he drowns in the pleasure.. But with his strong mind. He keeps his sanity and places both of his hands on each hip of hers and intends to follow along. Occasionally bouncing her into the air.. But it was clear with his dazed eyes that he was loving it..*
*She sinks her claws deeper into his very soul as she keeps going on with her ride, not hiding her intentions anymore. She wanted to make him hers, in soul and body, and that is what happens as she keeps bouncing on him in this passionate vortex of lust and love. She can't hide her true nature to him, she had feared that he would have pushed her away once her powers started grasping around him, but so it wasn't. Your strong mind and soul manage to survive her draining your strength, absorbing you. She pants hard against your lips, looking at you with ever hungry eyes, glowing in the dark like a moon, drawing in your most primal urges, your instincts. As she feels refreshed by your youthful energy, she starts riding you with even more passion, even more strength, slamming herself down on you and moaning in pleasure each time. She leans closer to your face, leaving now a soft kiss before guiding your head in between her breasts and letting you sink in them, so soft and pleasurable, it feels like pure bliss... it feels like sleeping with a true goddess. Her tails swing behind her, glowing of a white light, as she keeps smothering you with her breasts in her passionate frenzy.*
Hhhah~.... hyhhah..~ *Whether he didn't care or not was not entirely out in the open as he just kept his eyes on her. His dazed wild eyes. Perhaps he could feel the desire of hers wanting to possess him, wanting to capture him as hers. He said that he'd trust her. And trust is what he gives her as he felt his strength getting sapped from her draining nature. His boundless energy and life force comes from his nature as a werewolf. He'd regain it back sooner or later unless he was completely left dry.. But he trusted in Esme that she'd stop.. If not, then he'd be wrong and he'd be willing to accept it.. Accept all of this lonely kitsune.. He desired to give her all the love he could give. Seeing her hungry primal look. He just smiles softly and lets out a moan.. Still very dazed from this experience as he thoroughly enjoys her passionate riding. That soft kiss and that soft embrace of hers. Completely soothing him, it was addicting. Truly pure bliss as it really felt like sleeping with a goddess.. Relaxing in her frenzied embrace. He holds her tightly and hugs her. Closing his eyes as he enjoys this moment. Occassionally getting enough energy as it began to refill to thrust firmly back at her. Not intending to let her do all the work.* Gwrwr~ ghhaa~ es... haah~
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*She keeps her hungry assault on him, growing more feral yet not losing her elegance even in that state of hers. Your eyes are wide open lost into hers as she continues casting her spell to keep you in this blissful state while she feeds on your soul, but then... something stops her from devouring your every last bit of humanity. She stops her movement, suddenly, panting and holding her own head, frowning.* I... Jin... *She mumbles, apologetically, still panting, trying to resist her primal urges, trying to resist what her nature tells her to do.* S-sorry... sorry... *She murmurs, slowing things down, taking your head in her hands to lean down and plant a kiss on your forehead. You feel soothed by her kiss, healed, as it felt like she was... well, rather than giving you back, sharing, what she stole from you. You feel your energies come back and suddenly realize how hard it is to handle this woman when she unleashes her godly powers upon you. Her hips start moving at a calmer pace, as she covers your forehead in kisses as an apology for her bad manners, giving you all the love and care you deserve. She resumes your lovemaking with renewed strength, but making sure you have that same strength to reciprocate, as your shadows are casted upon the curtains of her window by the floating blue flames around you both, that grow smaller as she lets go of her grasp on your soul.*
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*His lips turned chapped as he looks at her with that dazed and blissful face. Certainly in this bliss-like state of his. It's hard to think and resist the Kitsune from doing what she wanted as he could feel more of his energy slipping. His lips turning chapped, as he does not look at her with disappointment but with simple trust.. Taking a deep breath as he looks at her he smiles softly while she has her moral and primal urges blasting her.. Relaxing as he hears her apology he gets right back into her embrace. That kiss of hers healing him back to normal. Giving back his energy, but he had already regained some parts of it which allowed her to keep some. She was hard to deal with.. but since he was already commited and had trust in her. He didn't mind too much. He was a person that committed wholeheartedly. Perhaps if he was a bit weaker or unwilling. He would've left and called her monster the moment she revealed herself. But he too was a "monster". The lovemaking resumes and with his regained strength.. He decides show that he'll accept all of her. As he slips both of his hands onto hers. Holding them firmly as she continues to ride him. Not wanting to look around him as he desires not to have one second of his eyes away from this lonesome kitsune. He continues to firmly thrust back at her, bouncing her to the air as he'd pull her back down by pulling her hands. The feeling is spectacular, perhaps she could feel how his bulbous cockhead worked his way into her tight stretched folds, the veins running down his shaft brushing against her walls stimulating her in ways she hadn’t been for awhile..*
*The elder kitsune was indeed feeling so good that it had been hard for her to resist such a delicious treat in front of her eyes. But she steadied herself, as Jin was not mere food, he was something more for her. You keep staring into eachother's eyes, kissing, moving at the unison, her body unwilling to let go of yours as her walls convulse and twitch around your shaft, feeling it slide oh so deep inside of her, it was driving her crazy. She tilts her head back slightly, letting out more and more of those splendid moans of hers, her voice mixing with yours only to die in the many kiss you exchange during the whole mating process.* My lovely Jin...~ hahh~ nghh~ ohh gods... *She keeps mumbling amongst the kisses, onto your lips, only praises and loving words for you tonight.*
Haah~ Es... You're..too..beautiful.. so damned haah~ amazing~! Gwrrwr~ Mine~ My.. Esme~ *The continued passionate lovemaking between the two was incredible. Jin kept moaning and growling at Esme. His eyes never leaving hers as he keeps that primal and wild eye of his always on hers like he was captivated or something. Well, he was. Those moans of hers were like a soothing melody that ignited his lust even more.. The soft mumbles and the continued moans. Drives him crazy as his thrusts would grow more erratic and quicker. He could feel himself growing closer and closer to that extreme bliss.. That orgasm. His thick penis started twitching inside of Esme as he could feel himself growing closer and closer. And as all good things must cum :3 to an end..* Haah~ Es... I.. I.. am.. going.. ghhhah~ to cum.. I'm gonna cum! *He thrusts a few more time before hilting himself inside of her as his orgasm unleashes. His legs twitching as spurt after spurt, he trembles. Filling her up.*
*She welcomes you in yet another of her motherly embraces, feeling that you're getting closer and closer to the edge. She as well feels that she's not going to last much longer if you keep going at this rate, but she doesn't really seem to mind.* Haahh~ Jin~ ... c-claim me~ *She whispers against your lips mere seconds before you reach your peak, painting her womb white with your thick seed. Her eyes roll back a little, and then glow bright red, as she seems to be absorbing the life from your seed and feeding on that. She pants hard, planting her hands on your chest as she keeps moving now starting to chase her own orgasm, seeing it become closer and closer* D-don't stop... don't stop Jin... for the love of gods... don't stop... aaahh~ *She moans openly becoming more rough and uncoordinated with her riding*
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Haah~ Fuuck... I-I... haah~ *Reciprocating that kiss of hers, His legs continue to tremble as he shoots one more spurt inside of her. Almost draining those big balls of his as he takes a heavy breath after cumming so hard. The afterglow feels so damned good that he can't help himself but to want more of it. He doesn't stop at all especially after Esme's words as he suddenly flips her back onto the bed. This time he was intending to make her cum.. make her squirt and scream his name.. Panting hard he goes hard and deeper, slamming into her pussy. Intending to destroy it for today as he desires to make her feel aftereffects. Aftereffects of having him pound her. He desired to make her feel phantom thrusts and tremors throughout her body as it’ll remember him. Going deep and hard, pistoning in and out of her. He intends to make her cum and squirt~ It felt like Jin’s cock was drilling straight through her cunt and womb and was hammering straight at her brain. Each pounding pulse of pleasure, threatening to send her succumbing into cumming as he did.* Haah~ Esme.. Cum for me.. Let yourself go.. Let yourself become mine.. Be mine~ Cum~! CUM.
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*She was feeling so damn good that she didn't want it to stop, so she just weaved her finger through the air sending one of her spiritual flames incredibly close to you, letting you absorbe its energy. You feel refreshed and ready to go on all night long, to please her for as long as she desires. After all... can you reall say no to those cute eyes of hers, looking at you and begging you to give her the so yearned release? She starts squirming lightly, letting out more and more cute moans as you start giving your all to make her cum, her hips perking up as you slam her onto the bed, her eight tails stiffening, the perfect frame for the masterpiece image that was her blushing in front of your eyes.* Ohhh Jin... Jin... S-so good... my good boy... my... my Jin~... OH... OH GODS..! OH GODS I'M SO CLOSE JIN! *She fulfills your wish to have your name being screamed out of her lips, beginning to twist and twitch, her body begging for you to keep going. You soon feel her hole convulsing like crazy, and before you can even realize it, she starts squirting all over your crotch, crying out in pleasure, whimpering and wincing like the most vulnerable creature of this world.* Kyaah~ JIN! JIN I'M CUMMING! *She screams, as the so yearned peak gets reached and she sinks into a godly bliss, one single tear crossing her cheek*
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Yes yes.. Cum for me.. Let it all out for me Esme~! Go free, let it all out! *That energy burst that he was given. Gives him plenty to continue for the night. The refreshing and energizing feeling makes him unable stop. And who could REALLY say no to that face of hers. That elegant yet adorable eyes of Esme's telling him enough as he gives it his all to make her cum. Slamming her onto the bed, making her bounce as he feels her cumming. Her tails stiffening. The image of her cumming this hard ingrained into his mind as he'd never forget how this Kitsune looked when she came.. Hearing his voice constantly, he smiles and doesn't let up even as she feels her orgasm ripple through her. Still going hard and fierce, but this time with intention to prolong her afterglow as he keeps her legs spread by even as she tries to close it from the convulsions and the orgasm of hers.. Smiling as he is satisfied with seeing her face pleased. He intends to keep her like that as he hilts himself. Stirring his hips and swaying back and forth while the tip of his cock massages her insides, and lets her have time to calm down.. As he intended to go ALL NIGHT.. He did not want her to walk tomorrow, or the next day.. Today~ She was gonna experience complete fucking that she probably hadn't felt awhile.* Gwr~ Good Esme~ You're so damned beautiful like this.. I can't hold myself... So damned adorable~!
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is resisting cumming (10% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She pants hard, her lips just slightly parted to let those heavy breaths come out as her chest goes up and down while she heaves. She locks her eyes on yours, that glimmer of lust still lighting up hers. Her body twitches and shakes as you keep going even after she's done, making her squeak and squeal in pleasure.* Haaah~ Jiiin~ *She calls your name, enduring your thrusts for a while longer. You can't picture a more perfect moment in your mind, this wonderful kitsune in your arms, taking you inside of her and loving it oh so damn much. You keep going like this for a while, but then, she puts one hand on your chest, stopping you with a single command. She lets you slide out and lays down next to you, pushing you down amongst the bedsheets.* Come dear... let me take care of you... you deserved a little reward for being so nice to me tonight~ *She whispers directly into your ear, as one of her tails slithers in between your legs, coiling around your cock with its soft fur, beginning to stroke you. Her arms welcome you in, in the meantime, as she lets you suck on her nipple, and play with her other breast with your hand, petting your head, letting you feel pampered and spoiled. As the seconds pass by, her strokes become more and more intense, you feel tingles going all across your body, jolts of pure pleasure as you sink in her embrace.*
is resisting cumming (34% chance of cum) => Came!
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*Watching her as much as he can. His eyes never leaving her presence as he stares at her so hungrily. He desired her so much, even though she was his for the night. He desired many more nights.. he needed to experience them now. He thought to himself greedily as he loves Esme calling out his name. Taking a deep breath and relaxing as he comes down from the afterglow of his earlier orgasm. Indeed, this was a picture perfect moment. This kitsune in his arms, and those expressions of hers.. exquisite.. As he slips out as hinted he takes a deep breath. That hard pounding after he came was hard as he almost came again.. Her tight walls felt amazing.. Laying down on the bed as he allows her to take care of him. Feeling her tail slithering towards his thick and hard cock. He feels it stroking him as he lets out a soft growl and a moan in exchange. Not used to the soft fluffy texture..* Ghhah~ Haah? Oh my.. god.. Esme.. that's.. ghh.. amazing.. Please.. continue.. more~ more~ *Closing his eyes as he enjoys the feeling of her tail, he finds himself losing control of himself as he gets pushed to the edge.* Ghh.. I'm.. cumming again.. Esme.. You're making me cum again!! *A shame he couldn't hold it longer.. but his legs starts to tremble as his bulbous tip grows. He unleashes his second orgasm and starts cumming all over the kitsune's tail..* Haah.. (sec writing another one.. that attempts to make her cum.)
*His penis still hard and still eager for more due to the abundance of energy from the earlier orb of hers. He cannot have her unsatisfied especially now that she had spoiled him rotten.. Her motherly embrace was too much. Intending to make her have an unforgettable night. He suddenly grabs her arm. Getting behind her as he shoves his thick shaft inside of her again. Loving the feel of her walls as he stretches her wide again until the base of his penis is at her lips. He fucks her on doggystyle as he pulls her arm behind her allowing him to go as deep as possible rather easily now that her pussy had been stretched properly by him at this point.. It was a perfect fit. He could feel her soft bubbly ass each time his hips thrusted forward, adding a bouncy ripple as they swayed back and forth. He made her appreciate his length as he thrusted in and out. He listened to her body, and tries his best to make her cum as he growls~* Gwrr~ Esme.. so.. tight.. and so perfect~.. Slap slap slap~ He tries his best to make her cum again.. To see that squirting face of her that blissful state of hers. Growling and growing more fierce. He'd do a gentle spank with his other hand on her ass to get her to tighten up which would probably add to the feeling.*
chose to cum!
*She looks down at you as she enjoys watching your expressions of pleasure, your moans and growls being the best melody to her ears. As you reach your climax a smirk forms on her lips: no one resist her tails~* Good job my dear... you've done so good for me~ *She praises you and plants a kiss on your forehead, her tail crawling back behind her, coated in sticky cum now. As you push her down on the bed, she rests her chest on the bedsheets, only her hips lifted up for you to grab on them and use them as a leverage for your thrusts.* Nghh~~ Ohh Jin~ Haaahh~~!! *She begins moaning and squealing, melted in pleasure, giving you a look that could make the coldest heart melt.* Yes~ such a good boy~ haaahh~ please keep going my dear~ *She whispers among the moans, tightening her walls to the impossible as they twitch and convulse due to the immense pleasure you're giving her, hitting her deepest spots in this position. She continues looking at you, as she wants you to see how much you're making her enjoy herself tonight, her expression becoming oh so lewdly adorable by each thrust you give. Her eyes roll back just slightly, glowing again, as you notice by the way her body clenches around yours that she's so close to the edge once again.* Oh gods... gods above... oh my.... haahh~ HAAAHH~ C-CUMMING JIN~ *She screams as her body is hit by a powerful shockwave of pleasure, she slams her hips back at you, her pussy clamping on your cock while she squirts all over her legs and on the bed, before collapsing down on it. She pants, exhausted, looking at you like a defeated prey, but there's something else in her stare. There's something like the admission that you're worthy. Worthy of her love, worthy of her. She rolls on one side, opening her arms for you to come in her embrace. A night of cuddles and pampering awaits you, now that the heated passion faded.*
*Enjoying that look of hers as she watches him from behind. That pleasure filled and satisfied look of hers. It made him go harder and fiercer as he fully intended to make her cum again. Not once did he let up and continued hard and deep as possible. Seeing her finally cum, finally have that satisfied expression. He relaxes as he continues to stir inside of her as she continues to convulse and shake.. His thick cock being squeezed so hard that he could feel the passion radiating from her. Also tired from this.. passionate lovemaking. He takes a deep breath as he looks into her eyes and sees that look of hers.. Without any hesitation he goes slack and falls into her arms, allowing to do as she wished with him as he softly growled at her while enjoying her embrace. A night of pure cuddle and pampering truly awaited him as he hugged her tightly before leaving a little bite mark on her neck.. that might still be there the next day.~* Gwr~❤️
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