The Archfiend VS Nocti the Golden Empress : History listed publicly (58 turns)

A Dragon vs an Archfiend

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(Hey hey.~ If you want to publish this to public after I’m all for it.~)
(I do like to show off what we do so im all for that.)
*I wait preparing my healing and light magic. Not wanting to underestimate you.*
*the clearing where you were told to meet seems serene as you pass the minutes prepping. Suddenly, there is a shift in the atmosphere and magic of the land. The surrounding forrest grows darker and the air is filled with... lust? In your mind you hear.* Hahaha, did you realy think id face someone as powerful as you evenly? Youve walked right into my trap, dragon.
*I look around as if I would be able to see you somewhere.* Show yourself you coward or else I’m gonna make things much worst for you when I’m done! *I yell agitated at being fooled so easily.*
*the ground shakes beneath you. A lot of heavy footsteps from all around you ring through the trees. Out behind one in front of you comes an orc. Decked out in runes across his body, he glows with magic. Not much else is on him though, his leaking cock tells you his intentions.* if you make it to me, you are worthy to try. If not... *silence from me as the orc advances*
*I summon a hall of fire that looks like I’m holding a sun and toss it at the orcs seeing it hit direct and center with the pack. I watch the smoke clear and see only a few orc bodies on the ground and the rest stare at the dead before growling and make a dash at me. My eyes widen as before I have time to further react they are upon me.*
*the runes around the surviving orcw glow, i have given them protection. Though your powerful attack is expected, they were not epecting this power. They ar hungry now. One behind surprises you and bends you over, sliding your robes and panties to the side before inserting his thick orc cock deep inside you. When you yell out, one in front take his opportunity to fill your mouth*
(It just eat my message. One moment please.)
(Take your time, i understand the hassle)
*I hold back a moan as I gasp from the sudden thrust into my pussy. I feel myself about to moan as a cock slips down my throat. The feeling is almost intoxicating as I get fucked from both ends but thankful I still have a lot of fight left in me as I stomp on one’s foot and give a low blow to the other. I turn back around a slap the one that thrusted inside my folds and quickly back away to a wall behind me so I’m not surround from all angles.*
*the wall helps but there are many of them so the feeling of being surrounded doesnt quite go away. One comes from the right and as you fend him off, one on the left grasps for you. You feel it and dodge but it wasnt you he was going for. He manages to rip off your robes and underwear as you roll free. You now stand naked in front of a bunch of horny orcs. Drool and precum drip from them as they stare with lustful eyes*
*I cover myself instinctively as I look at all their faces and bulging cock and in a moment of panic I throw another fireball and wait for the smoke to clear once more. I see that there are still so many orc and I feel a bit of despair as I see how affective those runes are. “Damn that fiend!” I yell to myself. “When I find him I’m sealing him deep under Goldspire!”*
*the orcs laugh as they see more kin down, but fewer this time. All at once, they are upon you. Groping and lifting you up, your tossed a bit before pulled down and impaled on a giant orc cock. The ones facing you grin as you are bounced on it and the one with his dick inside pushes your head down and forces you to look at your bulging stomach*
*I can’t help but moan this time. I watch as my stomach bulges again and again from each of the orc’s thrust. I almost drool and slip into pleasure as my breast bounce freely for the remaining orcs to see. I then get angry for my weakness and slam my head into the nose of the orc behind me so I can be dropped. I try to regain my sense while laying there.*
*the orc with the bloody nose is pissed. For the first time you hear them speak.* agggh bitch broke my nose! *he grabs you as you rest and takes you again onto his veiny cock, this time from behind.* im going to break your pussy for that! *he grunts as he begins to fuck you rougher than you have ever been fucked before.*
*I fight back as I’m picked up but the orcs overpower me physically and it’s not long that I’m at the mercy of their cocks. I feel incredibly my body getting stretched by this cock I feel my body heating up wanting it. I soon gasp as I shack my head and cry out.* “Stop! Please!” *After a moment my heat goes from that with lust to that of anger as fire surrounds my body and erupts from me pushing everyone back.* “I said enough!* *I pant as I rest again.*
*you gain a second of breath as the orcs rank break from the sudden burst. Sensing weakness and fired up now more than ever though, they quickly reform. This time, they decide to go for quantity. Youre taken by more than one and held up off your feet. As you struggle, orc cocks of sll shapes and sizes overwhelm you and push into every orifice they can, deciding to try and break you by overloading your senses*
*I let my body go limp as they swarm me and pick me up. I focus on my mind and getting through this as I’m used in all my holes. I slowly regain my stamina letting the odds this time wear themselves out.*
*a much larger orc than previous ones steps up and pushes hos massive cock in your pussy. He goes in as far as the ring on his shaft lets him and growls in pleasure. Taking the ring off, he attempts to put it around your neck, it glows with power and as he reaches up for you, his dick pushes the rest of the way inside.*
*His cock knocks me out of my mind and into the reality of the situation. The cock feels so go I almost don’t notice the collar they try to put on. With a swift hand motion I push the orc out of me with a forcefield. I slowly get up still holding it up as I look into the orcs eyes with a fury. A bluff I know it to be but I pray it works.*
*the wave of energy pushes him off balance and he falls back, hitting his head and passing out. The rest of the orcs, seeing their best get knocked out, decide they have had their fun. The pick up the bodies of the fallen and slink back into the darkness of the forest as you regain your strength.*
*I stop the force field and fall to my knees panting as that took more out of me than I thought it would. I calm my mind and reduce the heat inside me building.*
*the forest shifts again, a new presence is sensed this time. Out of seemingly no where, a beautiful man stands in front of you.* mmmm smells like youve had fun without me. *he smiles as you notice he is more than a man and a tail waves behind him*
*I sigh knowing he must work for the fiend from the smell of brimstone. I wave my hand tossing a fireball. I feel myself getting low on mana as this continues.* I won’t waist any words on you demon.
*the otherworldly being waves off the attack with barely a scratch.* surely that isnt all you have? *he grins slyly as he approaches. His eyes glow and you feel him burrow into your mind. Hearing him say.* kneel and use your phat tits to please me as you would my lord.
*I feel myself calm down. Like the lord he mentions isn’t the fiend I’m supposed to find and defeat by my own king back home. Thinking that I slowly approach and surround his cock with my tits and rub then tightly between them.*
*his power over you working, the incubus decides to enjoy this moment more.* mmm some queen you are. A queen of pleasing dick is more like it.* his words dont just fall into your ears but also your mind.* youre going to enjoy The Archfiend breeding you, arent you?
*I nod and stop thinking “What am I doing!” I think quickly before trying to take being under his charm.* Yes sir.~ I can’t wait to pin me down in a mating press and treat me like the slut I am.~ That’s what I’m meant for.~ Being his to breed.~ *I use my feet on his cock as I speak to keep him focused on the pleasure.*
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*he senses your not fully under his power but he lets this play out. He enjoys the sensation of your more solid feet on his dick and listens to your words.* youre good at this. But those orcs did more than tire out your body. They made your mind more susceptible to me and others too. *his words again overtake your mind as he tries to put you deeper under.* touch yourself. Show me and the Fiend how wet you are.
Feel your pussy as it takes you over. Flood your mind with the sensation of bliss before i and Lord Archfiend do it ourselves.
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*Not wanting to call to in tranced by your words I make for a quick swing to that perfect jawline. I get up and take a few steps back ready to show you a new kind of beating.*
*hes surprises but manages to manuver just enough so the blow isnt quite so painful. Holding the spot you hit, he rubs it as he says.* oh youre going to pay for that, bitch queen. *his eyes glow more fierce and as he commands...* on your knees!
Pff.~ *I smirk and lean the incubus back. He wants a blowjob I’ll give a blow job that he can’t resist. Falling down to my knees as I lick up his shaft and kiss the tip only to take his entire cock down my throat.*
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*his eyes widen, knowing the power didnt take but seeing you submit willingly, to his knowledge. He allows you to do so for a moment, almost too long of one. He catches himself, enraptured by your mouth. He needs to get back in charge. His whole body glows along with his eyes this time.* You act like you want to be in charge, but we all know what you really are. If sucking on my cock brings you such joy then stop and use your tits again instead. Your pleasure isnt as important as my own, afterall.
*I stop and look up with a small smile.* Tsk tsk tsk.~ *I shake my head before I give the incubus a gut punch. I stand over him in a show of dominance I know he will hate.* Look at you on the ground like a good boy.~
*hate it he does. Enraged at how poorly this has gone so far, he raises without answer to your question. Before you can protest, he shoves you down and pushes his cock inside you, somethint he has been waiting to do for a while and enjoying the delay. No longer though, as he pushes inside, you feel your own life force drain from your pussy and into him.* im going to drain you dry, slut. *his words heated with his spite and anger*
*Im face down ass up as he takes my pussy for himself and pushes deep. I hold back my moans I can but a few slip out. I hold onto the ground tightly as if I’m to fly away. I think before giving a small grin.* Yes!~ Take me!~ Fuck my naughty holes.~ I’m such a bad girl.~ Drain me then fill me with your corrupt seed demon.~
*in his own rage and lust, hes lost as you talk so lewdly at him. He grunts and moans, pushing deep inside you. His animal brain decides to keep going, trying to make you lose yourself before he fully does.*
*I smile as I see it’s working. He is on edge.* Screw what your master wants I want you to breed me.~ Fill my holes and claim me as your own.~ *I almost cringe saying that. I know his master wouldn’t allow it. The incubus will surely pay if he does.*
*he doesnt care anymore, he feels his orgasm coming and cant stop. The magic builds and flows through you as his seed fills you up. Your belly glows with the lust of this demon breeding you. A womb tattoo appears where your womb is and you can feel yourself marked by the lesser demon.*
*after he cums, he is brought back to reality and breaths in deep.* wha... what have i done? Ive failed him... *he pulls out and quickly leaves, clearly frieghend of the consequences of his actions here*
*I moan as I barely holds back my orgasm and thank my prep that the first load in me will be negated. I let the cum leak out as I notice the womb tattoo.* Fuck! *I feel it overriding my current one that links me and Maria together.* I hope she doesn’t feel any of this. *I sense I loose control over my own womb and tattoo.*
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*I rest up knowing I still have the fiend and what ever challenges he might still have for me.*
*the air around you swirls and heats up. Before you appears a cloud of smoke that forms a ring a few feet taller than a human. The smoke ignites and flames roar to life as the middle of the ring begins to shimmer. Put from this ring, a hooved foot appears, bringing with it the form of a true demon along with many others.*
*I close my eyes and gather my senses knowing what’s to come. I feel physically and mentally weak but I still got the spirit to continue on. I don’t even try to get up as I listen to them getting closer and closer.*
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(Everything okay?)
*they sense the weakness and surround you like wolves to their pray. Taking their time to approach, the take you in strong arms and hands, easily lifting your body and manhandling you into position. Each one takes you in turn till you are filled with hot, thick demon cock*
(Sorry, something going on irl but it shouldnt be a bother much longer)
*I can’t resist them as they use me and make me theirs. I hold what ever they make me hold. Take what ever they shove in me. I just try to keep my senses calm. Their cocks feel so good tho that I can help but moan and lick them.*
(Okay. Understandable.~)
*they seem to be relentless in their fucking. Without cumming, they pull out and switch holes before picking up right back where they left off. Resistance does not matter as each hole is being forcibly stretched wide thrust after thrust.
*I try to hold on knowing if I drop my calm I’m finished. I’m gonna be used by there master. I’m gonna get bred by him so man times that he will have an army of demonic dragons at his command. No! I think. The people of Goldspire need me to stop this…I must stop this! With the thought of my home in danger my eyes pop open and I take the horn of one demon and snap it of only to slam in onto another one.*
*the distraction only works for two of them and they pull out to attend their wounds. Knowing they will be fine, the third puts you in a full-nelson postion as he pistions in and out of your ass. He makes you watch the other two as they heal and begin to walk back to the gangbang of a dragon queen*
*I cast a spell to distract the other two with copies of me that act lustful to them as the one inside me pounds away. I moan loudly as I feel close to cumming from this demons cock.* Too…good.~
*you're not the only one who feels the urge building, as insid3 your head you hear my voice* it will soon be over. Ill give you a chance, here and now, to surrender and submit to my harem. What say you?
If I refuse. *I say weakly.*
Then i leave you in their hands and in their cocks. They will drag you back where thry come from and keep you till, or if, you escape. Or maybe i let them have their fun before bringing you to me anyway. You have no say, so what does it matter?
*I think for a second as much as I can at least with the demonic cock fucking me. If they feel this good he must be better. Right? If I’m his then he shouldn’t be a threat to Goldspire. I succeeded.*
*I take a deep breath as I feel the demon slow down so I can speak.* I….
I yield….ill join your harem. I’m no match for you.
*you can feel my smile in my voice as i say...* good choice. *a thrum of power surges through the clearing. Suddenly, the cock inside you continues to fuck with renewed vigor. The tattoo glows and you feel pleasure but not enough to cum, it just keeps growing and growing.*
*the others join him and your holes are filled again with demon cock as they fuck you over and over, building your lust more and more*
*I moan like a whore as I take there cock more and more. I feel their bodies and hold onto them. I use a spell to add more to their pleasure as I make a duplicate for every single one of them to fuck. I feel my body heating up to almost an unbearable point. I wanted to cum but can’t, not yet.*
*more and more step from the portal. Some take up your copy and while the others are more interested im the real deal. You take more cocks inside as you are filled over and over to mind numbing ecstasy.*
*I use my magic some more to retire my body and make it tighter around their cocks. I moan and scream in pleasure when my mouth doesn’t have a cock in it before getting muffled by another. I jerk off cocks with my hands, feet and even tail as my ass and slit are used for everyone’s pleasure.*
*used you are, nothing but a toy to them as they use your tight draconic holes. You thought it was over when you surrendered, but it had only begun.*
*I take a moment to relax, making myself go limp in their hands like a doll in a child’s hands. I breath as I feel the demon seed cover my body and face. The cum that lands in my mouth taste like sweet and makes my mind hazy.*
redrew a set of actions
(We will have to treat this as they cum insteqd of you i suppose)
(Well I’m gonna surrender against you so it’s alright.)
*this all builds to a euphoric crescendo as the cocks inside each of your holes swell past normal human limits. Their balls tighten and demonic cum fills your every nook and cranny.*
*your tattoo is left glowing and cum covered as the rest spill their loads all over you before leaving your limp body on the dirty ground*
*I pant exhausted as I use magic to clean myself and my holes but I still have the need to cum. I finger myself as I don’t even look around.*
*as the last one steps through the portal, it closes and another opens. I step through and smile at you. Taking in your defeated body, though clean, still shows signs of your fun*
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
*I see you and lay on my back and open my legs to you. My leaking slit begging for your cock. I rub my belly and hold my legs up.* Please.~ Please breed me.~ I’m yours.~
You have indeed made the right choice. My cock will be the vessel for all your breeding needs. You will go back to your kingdom, fuck whoever you please, have their children, but you will always come back to me for true breeding sessions. *i announce as i enter into your pussy and straight to your womb*
is resisting cumming (27% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*without missing any beat, i flip you over and take you from behind* in fact, lets start now, breeding you like nothing but the animal you really are.
*I moan out in the purest pleasure I’ve ever felt. I moan feeling my insides grasp and clamp down on your cock. I can’t help but cum from you hitting the back of my womb only a few times. I lay there spasming as I drench your cock in my juices.*
chose to cum!
Mmm i knew you were easy. That is one tough act, but that is all it is. Getting your womb fucked is all it takes for a breeding sow like you.
(Should I just hit the surrender button? It doesn’t give me an option to surrender via an action.)
(That does fit best i think but you do as you feel. You will still lose anyway)
*I surrender myself to you. My womb opening up to you all the way. My ovaries go into overdrive as I desire nothing but your cock. I want your seed. I need to carry your children inside me.* Please let me have your children.~ I’ll be a good breeding slut.~ I’ll breed you an army of loyal demonic dragons.~
*hearing your words and making them true, i thrust inside you repeatedly and you feel the magic swell. The womb tattoo morphs into a new one that truely does connect you and Maria along with the rest of the harem. My cum fills your cavity to the brim and each egg that is waiting inside is flooded with sperm to make each one mine.*
*i look you in the eye as i do this, the glow of magic lighting up our faces.* welcome to the family now... my breeding sow Queen.
*I blush as you say that and claim me in a mating press. I climax with you and seal my fate. I the golden queen was no match for this archfiend’s cock.*
*with the next climax, the magic surges and we are teleported back to my keep. In my room, i subject you to hours of breeding. Some orgasms take hours to build, those that fill you belly to bulging, and some come one after another and making your holes leak all over the bed and floor before starting again*
(If you want to come up with a number of children, feel free)
(Once i am through, now, you can comw and go as you please. But you are always tethered to me and i will breed you whenever and however i choose)
(You won.~ I’ll let you choose with the max being 1,000,000. Also you can add to my profile how you beat me.~)
(I would like that. Ill write it soon and send it to you along with mine)
** The Archfiend rolled 1d1000000: 255220! **
(Nice.~ A good start to your ever growing army.~
(My growing legion owes you. Ill be sure to repay you over and over)
(Thank you my lord.~)
(See you around.~)

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