Hera VS Sophia : History listed publicly (70 turns)

Trying to break down the breeding arena

Pushing one of the prized fighters to her very limits~ (Starts dirty talky as it was initially supposed to be quickie, but it kicks in much deeper as we get.... 'a little'.... too into it~ ❤️❤️❤️)

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Hey there proper~
Excited to start?~
Oh absolutely~
Anything before we do so?
Uhm nothing in particular that comes to mind. Anything you want to include?
Considering it's a quicker game, think we're fine as is, just wanted to be sure. Can consider for other time
In that case, let me show you who's the stronger girl here~
Hope you're already wet for me~
Fuck! Mm! are pretty strong. But god its going to take a lot more than that. Besides I can think of somewhere I'm sure you're weak.
Ah hope I'm not being too rough
Mmmmmmmmghhhhh~ Who told you to go for pinchies?!~
Guess I have to tire you out first then....
Come on~ Show the crowd how you'll buckle and shake under me~
Mph! H..hey get off of me! I already told you. You aren't going to be the one riding me tonight
I'll be the one riding you! Lets see how you like it.
Mm there isn't that much better?
Oh shush! I won't have you making this arena into a farce! Only one ass that will get clapped and pounded tonight and you know whose it is
Mph! F..fuck! H..hey not so hard! Jesus. IF you're gonna hit my ass that hard the least you can do is give it a kiss after!
There we go. Much better
Phah khah khah----- aaaaaaahhhhhh~
I said - watch out!
Mph! Mgh! Ngh! Hah-ah ha-ah. F..fuck that was a dirty trick. I think you need to be punished for that.
Mm lets see just how flexible you are.
*reach for rope*
*I grab you from behind as you reach for the rope, pulling you back onto me and grabbing your breasts from behind. I squeeze down on them as I spread your legs.* Mm no time out for you dear~
Nnnngh~ Not so rough! Don't squeeze em so haaaaard!~ G-get off me!
Huffff.... huffff.... Fuck, ou surely ain't some weak girl I usually meet here...
Aw that's very sweet of you to say. Too bad I can't say the same thing about you~ Now I think its time to start stripping you out of those clothes don't you agree?
Mm~ There we go that's so much better.
Where are you----
WHERE ARE YOU REACHING?! *I leap up, not noticing my shorts getting snagged and ripped*
What the....?!
Seriously!.... Fine, if you want to be taken seriously, I will!
Hah~ What I told you I'm planning to get you naked. Did you think I was joking? Look I at least left you your panties right? Well for now
Mm don't worry I'll even help you out a little here we can start with my shoes
Though that's all you'll be getting
That's okay~ Clothes can be used against people too, like this~
Doesn't it feel nice how much your nipple tingles against the soft fabric?~
Mm~ F...fuck god that does feel pretty nice. *I close my eyes and lean back against the ropes as you tease my nipples. They slowly harden through my top as I bite down on my bottom lip.*
Oh come on, if you're going to rest, at least turn around and show everyone how effective that is~ Here, I'll even help ya~
*I let out a loud gasp as you strip my bra from me, a bright blush spreading over my cheeks as the audience watches on.* H..hey who said you could do that? Jeez if anything you should help me keep clothes on. Here let me show you how I can help you!
*I must have worn heavily used panties, for they easily tear to reveal just how hung I am, hard cock flopping down and out of my undergarments* On?! These people came to watch us naked and wild, honestly we should have already started without em~
*II can't help but get caught off guard at the size of your cock. I had heard the rumors but god they didn't do it justice. I quickly shake my head, and yank you down to the mat bending you backwards.* Wild huh? Is this wild enough for you? Lets show them how flexible you are
If you think you can take me from behind, big mistake, hun~ I have the strength to toss you off!~
Fuck! J..jesus you're strong. *I try to change my tactics slightly, walking up to you as I gently rub my back from where it impacted the turnbuckle. My hand moves up to your cheek, carressing it gently as I give you a tender kiss.*
Mmmmghhh~ 💋That's... that's better~ Now.... now.... why don't you return the favor..... and lose this before you soak them completely?~
Mm~ F..fuck h..hey d..don't. B..besides I told you already. *I reach over and grab a strap-on, smacking it lightly against your face to emphasize my point.* I..i won't be the one getting fucked here.
Nnnnngh.... Don't yo----Tpppfhh.....
Let me tal----Bpphr
*Reach sharply for under your strapon for a convenient opening, mangling your panties into your body to make you cut it out* Didn't anyone tell these don't protect you?!~
*I let out a loud yelp as you grind my panties into me. You can see my jucies have already started to soak through my panties at this point. Even so my arousal isn't enough to make me give in.* Y..yeah? So what. I think this will protect me plenty. *I grab your head and yank it down, forcefully shoving the strap-on into your mouth.* Choke on it
*I manage to take a big gasp of air just before you shoved it in, showing some resilience in holding out, closing my eyes and waiting for your muscles to slack so I can retaliate*
*That break doesn't come quite as soon as you hope. Instead I grab the back of your head and make you bob up and down on my faux cock. After a few moments of that I pull your head down hard, grinding against your face as I wiggle my hips slightly.* Mm~ See isn't this better? Oh guess I should let you breathe. *I ask before shoving you off of the toy.*
*A belly shot sends you further back than you might have wished as you shove me off, smirking back at you* Someone's a bit impatient?~ You hold it till they tap out, not before that, silly!
*I buckle in pain as you slam your fist into my stomach. The impact knocks the wind from me as I kneel over. My panties, pulled down from the wetness that has accumulated on them slowly slip down along my hips before dropping down to the mat beneath me.* Nck g..god
*Seeing the target finally bared for me, I waste little time, coming back up to you quicker than you recover and tackling you down to get you first meeting with that heavy breeding gun* Told ya I would take you serious~
*I let out a loud gasp as your body collides with mine. Before I know it I have your thick cock buried deep inside of me.* Fu..fuck! Mm W..wait n..n n..not deep *I bring my left foot up and shove you off of me before jumping on top of you.* A..and I said you're the one who's getting fucked. *I jump onto you and start to thrust at your ass with my strap-on but each time I try I miss my target.*
*I might have shown anger at first at the idea, but as I shove you off and look back, you can see some excitement in me, though it's unclear if it's because I enjoyed what you wanted to do with me, or that you're actually resisting me unlike most girls who challenged me* Fuck, you really want that, don't cha?~
*I push myself up with a slight smirk as I pant gently.* Of..of course. There's no much more fun than breaking someone who believes they should be on top. ThougH I geuss you're not used to receiving too much your ass is pretty tight. *I start to gently suck on my fingers before lunging towards you and tackling you to the mat.* I'll help you stretch it open though~ *With that statement I start to push my finger slowly into your ass.*
Mm god it really is tight~
Ooooooooooghhhhhh~~~ *I arch out my back, making your fingers slide deeper in me as I moan out much more lustily thank you might have expected.... but it all might have been part of distraction as well, for you feel a couple fingers slip into your pussy as well fishing for sensitive spots, possibly failing to register just how close to the ring the crowds are here, 'joining' in if brave enough even*
*I'm a little surprised by your reaction, smiling slightly as I pump my finger ina nd out of your ass.* Mm wow someone's really a butt slut huh? That's alright just lie there and en- *I let out a loud gasp as I suddenly feel a pair of fingers push into my pussy, a loud moan escaping my lips into youor earsas I'm caught off guard.* F..fuck h..hey don't interfere. *I kick away the fans that have started to touch me and roll you over. Now that you're a little stretched out I take my strap-on and start to slowly push it into your ass.*
Mmgghhh..... No.... Don'''''''''''.......................KYAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!
*I buckle much more frantically, the position soon turning too unbalanced as I bring you down onto myself with a pull on your hair, all the way down on the stiff thing that's been waiting for your mouth all this match*
Hold...still *I demand as you squirm around beneath me but my command goes unheeded and my open mouth makes the perfect target for your cock. I choke on it loudly as it's forced down my throat.* HCK! GCK! *I try to pull my head back but I can't my strap-on slipping from your ass as my eyes water.*
*I eventually muster enough strength to push us apart, heaving heavily, cheeks flushed as I seem to have been enjoying this further than usual, big excited shitgrin on my face as I look you, looking at you with respect and desire at the same time*
redrew a set of actions
*I gasp for air as you shove us apart, coughing loudly as trails of spit run from my mouth to your cock. Fuck okay maybe you're a lot better than I wanted to admit.* G..god like trying to choke a girl out huh? *I ask as I move closer before grabbing a handful of your hair.* I hope you like being on the receiving end. *I yank you down and force my strap-on down your throat the same way you had done to me.*
*I cough and sputter much more heavily this time as I dont seem to have prepped as well, and try to slip down to escape your strapon, only to get stuck between your legs.... but well, I wouldn't be a champion here if I didn't know a few tricks to turn that around into advantageous positions*
*Even though then, I don't move my face out of your ass, seemingly okay to slobber all over your pussy and stay sniffing your lust*
*I think I have you in the perfect position but you quickly turn it against me as you start to eat me out.* F..fuck w..wait *I say as you start to eat me out. My legs quiver slightly at the sensation as I put my hand on your head. I give you a hard shove, forcing you away and onto your back before I hook my arms under your legs and push my strap-on back where it belongs, right up your ass.*
G..god I..i will admit you're better than I thought you'd be
*I cry out loudly once more, but this time our legs are too entangled from how much we wrassled, and I end up spreading both of us, giving people a perfect angle to look at how hard you're giving the strap to me* HOW DARE YOU!! HAAAGHHH! PL-PLEASE... ST-STOP!
*I bite down firmly on my bottom lip as I continue to fuck you, making sure that the people get a good show as I lean up and whisper into your ear.* Mm fuck that's right~ I told you you're going to be the one who gets fucked. You won't get to breed me and I"ll be the champion by the time this is over. *I reach down between my legs and get some of my juices on them before shoving them in your mouth.* Mm~ But you can at least taste what you won't get to have
*It's hard to read my emotions at this point and how much into the fight I'm by this point.... but it's clear your words and teasing has an effect on me, I thrust in to swallow your fingers, freeing my hands and pressing you tight against me, halting your movements but letting you stay fully inserted in me, your strap surely squeezing against my p-spot and making me squirm wildly*
*I look down into your eyes with a smile, clearly amused at how you now seem to be actively wanted me to fuck you.* Mm god looks like you're really enjoying it huh? Guess you really were all talk. Butu you know your cock not getting any attention is a little sad. Hey since I helped you with stretching early why don't we see if you can suck it? *I slip my fingers through the back of your head, folding you up slightly as I fuck you while pulling your head down closer to your cock.*
*Somewhere along the stretching you must have relaxed the hold a bit, for while I looked completely flushed with emotions and lost just moments before, big puppy eyes almost begging you to go on, I immediately go much more feral as I don't even disentangle fully of our position. Instead, I pin you down under me, feet straddling your head to keep you from falling as I piledrive, slipping into wrong hole by 'accident', though not looking tiny bit apologetic* All talk my fucking ass! *biting my lips as I realize what I just said*
*I feel like I'm in complete control. It seems more and more like you're completely giving in to me. Those thougths disappear in an instant as my legs are forced up and over my head. I instantly realize the danger I'm in but it's so much worse than I can imagine. I scream out loudly as instead of my pussy I feel you slam your thick cock into my ass.* FUCK! Ngh! W..wait! W..wrong hole! *I cry out as my legs wave frantically in the air as my ass clenches down around your cock. After struggling intensely I finally manage to slip off of your cock, my ass left slightly gaping. God I need revenge and I need it now and I get it by yanking you down hard on top of me, making you land right on my strap-on and making you take it to the base.*
*I have surely unleashed a beast in you it seems, for I am not able to move at all, crumbling with my face pressed against yours while your hips drive up and down in me, my cock ending up jerked between our bodies as I flail ineffectually* A...and it's not wrong for me?!
*I squeeze down on your hips continuning to fuck you as I give your ass a firm smack.* O..of course not after all I can tell you're clearly loving it. *I pant gently, clearly needing a movementary break I shove you away from me on the mat as my body rises and falls with my heavy breathing.*
*Just how you didn't let me have break, I'm not letting you have one now either, pouncing you right after, doing one of my signature moves as I bend your legs all the way over your shoulders for a mating press* Not as much as you'll fall for this though! *My girlcock slides all the way to its base in one decisive stroke, before I start going fast and rough, trying to overwhelm you completely*
is resisting cumming (67% chance of cum) => Came!
*The match had seemed like it was going back and forth pretty frequently and the audience couldn't tell who was going to deliver the first major blow. They soon received their answer however as you fold my up, my feet pinned on either side of my shoulders as my eyes go wide.* W..wait d..dono't *I plead, only to be answered with by your fat cock pushing it's way deep inside of me. I place my hands on your stomach trying to force you off of me as you start to fuck me.* Fuck! Mm! D..don't! Ooh fuck s..stop *I plead as my pussy clenches arouund your cock. My toes curl, my moans getting louder and louder as my back arches up off of the mat. I try to hold back. I desperately try but it simply isn't enough. I scream out loudly as my eyes flutter back, my pussy squeezing down tightly as my juices squirt out all over your cock.* OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING!
*My body quivers beneath you as my body twitches, the audience cheering as you make me cum, some of my juices having squirted up onto your crotch.*
*Well, it might have happened because I had yanked your head forward just before you squirted, making you watch just with what passion and ferocity I was making you melt for me, almost as if I was intent to shape out your tight pussy into the shape of my cock, going even harder as you clamp down and quiver from the orgasm. My face goes through a full rainbow of emotions as I endure the pain and tightness on my girlcock, finally settling on a very satisfied grin as I only give it to you harder* Let's see how many times you cum before I finally dump you full of cum~
*I couldn't help but watch intently as you fuck me. My body rises and falls with my heavy breathing. God it felt liek you're really trying to turn my pussy into your own personal little fuck toy. I desperately need to turn the tables as I feel your cock inside of me, from the mix of emotions on your face it almost looks like you're about to cum. The rules stated that you aren't supposed to cum inside of me unless you win and that I'm not allowed to take any form of birth control. I had uphheld my end up but it was impossible to know if you would uphold yours. My pussy clenches down tightly as I arch my back slightly, my toes curling as I moan out loudly. Fuck I didn't have time to worry about it at this rate I'm going to lose and it'll become a moot point. I have to do something. As such I reach behind you, pushing two fingers into your ass in the hopes of it distracting you.*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
*It certainly did, for I arch back near immediately, startled by your sudden thrust, pulling out all the way back and into your fingers out of instinct, my cock bursting in a really heavy, overwhelming torrent that was surely meant to put you out of further fighting for nine months, instead shooting all over your belly and tits, as I howl out like a wounded beast*
*Once I quiet down though, I still completely still in the spot, the combination of fingering and orgasm stupefying me completely, my recovery periods also larger than normal*
(I stay* completely still
*As your cock slips from my pussy I can't help but let out a loud sigh of relief and as you start to cum all over me that feeling only intensities. At least partially. As I look down at the ammount you released on top of me I realize the danger that I'm in. Holy fuck if you cum inside me that much there's no way I won't get knocked up. God I need to end this as soon as possible. I try to push myself up but fall back to the mat, panting heavily as I clearly need a few moments to recover.*
*Luckily for you, even as you retreat, I stay completely dumbfounded, just heaving heavily in the spot without a word, completely zoned out. The ref looks just as confused at the scene, but as you're not pinning me down, they're not too eager to call it just there, thinking there's more to come*
*If you look low enough though, it might get clearer why she's not stopping the match - for the girldick is still hard as a rock*
*I can't help but stare at your cock, amazed that it's still hard. Fuck this is bad. I need to try and take control once again. You're clearly weak right now and I need to take advantage of it. I shove you down onto the mat as I slip behind you.* F..fuck i..i told you you won't knock me up. *Witht hat statement I pusht he strap-on into your ass, my hips quickly smacking against your ass cheeks.* F..fuck this is where you belong. *With that statement I start to thrust my hips slamming my cock deep into your ass as I hold you down.*
*That finally shakes me awake, as I arc my back yet again and moan out lustily..... but almost immediately twist my body and pull you over myself. As I throw you down like a sack, I immediately sit on you, one hand scooping some cum and forcing it down your mouth, other hand plunging into your pussy in a claw grip, attempting to shock you into submission as I clasp on your clit from both sides* Have I not told you enough times - this... is.... BREEDING ARENA!
*I feel like I have you in the perfect position but once again you manage to slip free. My eyes go wide in surprise as you throw me down to the mat.* Get- *Whatever I'm about to say is cut off as you shove your fingers into my mouth, forced to swallow your cum as I squirm around beneath you. The feelilng of your fingers digging into me as I arch my back combined with the feeling of your fingers being forced down my throat is enough to stop me from the moment as I manage to do little more than struggle beneath you.*
*As if to prove my words at how futile this is, I sit up higher on your body, jerking my cock right in front of your face with no fear* You WILL submit~
*I can't help but stare at your cock as I shake my head no violently. I can't give in. It's more than a little obvious what will happen if I do. I quickly buck upwards, managing to knock you up and off of me at least enough so I can slip out from between your legs. The moment I do I tackle you to the mat and climb on top of you, reversing our fortunes as I plant my pussy down on your face.* And I..told you..therhe's a new champion!
*I flail and try to escape this, clearly having different things in consideration for your pussy, but as you sit down, my actions immediately die down and for a moment it feels like I have given in, pushing my tongue deep enough to almost fuck you with it. But soon you realize what I noticed being open, for a couple fingers dive for another entrance, rubbing right against the wall separating them from your kitty*
*For a moment I hope that you've learned your place as you start to lick my pussy. My toes curl as I bite dowon on my bottom lip. You've clearly got to be in trouble right? The match has gone on for quite a while. I rock my hips lightly enjoying the feeling up until i feel your fingers push into my ass.* Fuck! *I cry out, my ass clenching down tightly on your fingers.* G..god i..if you wanted to get fucked you should have told me. *I quickly pull away from you once again and roll you over onto your stomach as I stand up. I quickly drop down again right after forcing my strap-on back into your ass.* J..just get fucked and cum!
*I struggle ferociously, but all I manage to do is wrap my hand around your neck and lean sideways with my upper body as you nail me down, starting to make me real mushy and weak on the spot. Something shiny glints in tangled in my hair though, right by one of the ears, and as I notice you notice it, I immediately reach for it and hide it in my palm to hide it away, before going for what seems to be a very weird desperation move - reaching with the same hand for your pussy as your hips go up and down crashing me in, clapping my ass loud for the audience's surprise and joy*
*The moment I press my hand though, the buzz immediately confirms what I had in cases where the going was this tough - a hidden egg vibe, now pressed right between the upper half of your pussy and clit, bursting in a wavy pattern of beats*
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
*I feel like I have you in the perfect position. The audience is going absolutely wild as my hips slam down against your ass. The clapping of my hips against you echoes throughout the room. It seems like tonightt here really might be a new champion to be crowded. As sweat drips from my face as I continue to fuck you I see something glimmer out of the corner of my eye. I can't tell what it is and for a moment think it's an illusion, at least up until you grab it. I can't tell what it is initially but as you press it up against my pussy I get a sinking feeling. And as it turns on it's simply too late. The vibrations send electricity through my body, my eyes roll back as I try to pull away but my legs give out. The strap-on had become my own trap as I frantically struggled to get away but no matter what I try to do it simply isn't enough. My moans gradually grow louder and louder as I try to push myself off of you.* Mm! Fuck f..fuck fuck! *I quickly mutter, desperately trying to hold myself back but it's no use.I quickly pass by my limit, screamining out loudly as my orgasm finally hits. My juices squirt out against the strap-on and the back of your ass as my body shakes and jerks on top of yours. There was no declaration needed as I cum this time, my body shaking wildly uuntil it ultimately collapses on top of you.*
*I quickly toss the toy out once it has served it's purpose, it technically being agreed upon with the arena but still kept mostly a secret, before getting up with you still on my back, carry you like a koala stuck on my back, grinning as I spin about the crowd, triumphant* Look at this!~ Her fake cock is still stuck in me but it has no effect on me! Only a true breeding beast can make someone submit!~ *I jerk off in a showing off manner against the most excited side of the crowd, reaching back to make you look at their faces as they see us*
*My hips are stuck slightly to yours as you carry me around the arena, my arms drapped on top of you as my body rises and falls with my heavy breathing. As you walk around a mixture of my cuum and juices drip onto the mat behind. My body continues to shudder from time to time as my eyes continue to flutter slightly, still lost in what was most likely the most intense orgasm of my life.*
*As I see no resistance from you anymore, I decide to declare the win myself, leaping over the ropes and into an adjacent ring, where another girl had already lost ages ago compared to our fight, likely someone much more subby that just wanted to lose and feigned her fight, putting you face to face with her as I mount you from behind.* Still going to be a brat and say how I'm the one to be fucked? Or gonna admit that this is what you wished from the moment you stepped into the ring?~
*I have very little choice in the matter as I'm dragged along with you to another ring. Forced onto my hands and knees before someone who clearly ended up in the same position as me I continued to pant heavily. I try to push myself up but my arms give out, instead falling down onto my elbows as I feel you start to fuck me from behind. I cry out loudly, moaning as my pussy squeezes down tightly on your cock. Even so, I can't make myself give in to you, to say the words I know you want to hear. I let out a gentle "F..fuck you" my voice hoarse from the all of the moaning you've made me do throughout the match.*
*Both I and the other winner laugh out loud, spanking our losers at the same time and showing their faces to force you two to make out, both of us already close and ready to dump our loads. You can notice from the runny splatter that the girl in front of you had already taken a load straight to her womb, but was eager for more, just as eager to persuade you to turn as she french kisses you, her tongue sliding and trying to dominate yours*
*As you smack down on my ass my pussy squeezes down tightly on your cock. I try to resist you but any energy I have is completely gone. The girl before me doesn't seet o mind however as she suddenly kisses me. I moan gently in surprise. i try to raise my hands to push myself away but I simply don't have the strength. As she kisses me I simply can't help but moan, my tongue grinding gently back against hers as I struggle to fight against my more baser instincts.*
*at the same time, we groan out in unison too, giving one final, shattering thrust in, settling our thick shafts as deep as they go before unloading a slew of cream just as thick and plentiful like what I exploded last time - this time it all going straight into you, not a drop spilling out with how tight you squeeze on me and how much my hips are glued to your ass. The crowd goes wild as the jumbotron zooms in on all four faces, mine and the two girls in front of us all looking so pleased that we're near about to drop from pleasure, unable to even breathe*
*The competition had truly been too good to be true. Victory meant more money than I could fatham but defeat meant that I would end up with a brand new nine month commitment. And the organization was very strict witht hat second part. Giving me fertility medicine, making certain I hadn't taken any birth control and even scheduling the fight for the night I started ovulating. It was all in preparation for this one moment. I moan out loudly as you start to pump your hot thick load deep into my womb. My pussy clenches down tightly as you pump me full of your virile cum. I have nowhere to go, I'm completely trapped as I feel your seed start to pump me full of your cum. The jumbotron displays our faces as the two of you cum. The feeling of being so completely taken sending me over the edge as well as I cum, my juices squirting out onto the mat as you pump me full. After a few seconds of showing us all the display changes ont he jumbotron. It showed a picture of both you and her ring profile, with pictures of the various girls the both of you had bred in your time here. A new addition is added besides them, my picture right besides yours with the word bred in red over it as my body quivers against yours.*
(good spot to end on? Pushed quite a bit over my sleep time, but well, would have kicked myself for missing this out if I went along with original plan of quickie)
(Hah god yeah I'm sorry for keeping you so long I had so much fun though. I'm glad to hear you did too <3 I'd love to do it again sometime)
(Was indeed amazing time, and no regrets had - and with the fact I work with home, I can make this, well, work... somewhat. Future me will definitely be a bit snarkier about this though :D )
(And I likely wouldn't say no to future proposition, maybe on a bit more comfortable time. Speaking of that though, would you mind making this one a public log?)
(Hah that's totally fair and sure. I don't mind at all)
(Okay. You should get a message then soon after the room closes, once I have title and description ready. Though feel free to change or modify them if you have better idea ;) )
(Sure~ I look forward to seeing what you come up with)
(Well, gonna need a quick break first though.... and then decide what to do with sudden all-nighter on my hands :D )
(No rush hun~ I'll be on the lookout for your message and sorry hun really didn't meant o keep you so late I was definiteily trying to keep it shor tand got a little too into it)
(No no, dont blame yourself, I certainly got "a little" too much into it too~ 😅)❤️
(Hah well I'm glad to ohear that at least~ If you ever want to have a match again please feel free to reach out anytime but until then I hope you do at least get some rest.)
(Thanks, and you're free to poke as well - I tend to be a bit forgetful at that myself <.< >.> )
(But for now, reeeeest~)
(Ta tah~)
(Bye bye)

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