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Packing for the Labyrinth

Minerva is packing up her cave, moving into Isa's Labyrinth to work as a guard dragon and to be close to the one she loves. Currently packing up the be ready to settle in tomorrow

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*Minerva currently gathering her dragon hoards of various squishmellows and plushies as she dug through the piles, focused on which to bring and which to hide in her parents home to keep safe*
*knocks on sis room*
*steals a squishmellpw and runs away*
*waits her to open the door*
*Growls and slowly emerges from pile* LUCCCIIEEEEEE
Uh oh
Nooo I like him
give it back its minis
Did my Papa not tell you about touching a dragon's hoard? *her eyes glowing*
*i was exploring for a couple hours until I found this cave, curious, I get in without expecting what I will find in there *
Uh..... No he didn't
(who says we live in a cave?)
Well I am telling you now! Don't touch a hoard! My squishies are mine! *She takes it back as she hisses*
(Min lives in a cave Ria
(Read the desc
But I want em!
(oh i just read it 🤭)
*glares* I still haven't decided which ones I am taking! Maybe if you wait and I leave this one with my folks, I MIGHT let you BORROW it.. *She puts it back in the pile before looking to Beeb* Hm..? Oh, I didn't think I would have a new guest here.
*takes my katana and is about to attack lucie* its not yours
Ria I don't need you fighting my battles.
*sits to wait, eyeing up the plushies until I blink to the side to avoid ria* Jesus....
but but i wana help my sister of she needs me *makes a puppy eyes*
Sister? Sweet. Gimme plushies or I'm sueing for attempted murder >:- D
I can handle my own hoard. I am the older one after all. Plus you could accidently cut my squishies and do more harm. *She glares, scales growing on her face as she snarls* No.
.... Yes...
*She slowly moves close and stares* If you want stuffies so bad...I could EASILY stuff you with something if you push me~ *She warned, eyes glowing again*
okey sis *puts my sword away*
*glares* well I'm in a belt so if that's what your suggesting, no you can't :- P
You have a mouth don't you~? *She raises a brow*
anyway sis what are you packing fo
*looks at your bag*
Uh.... I guess
And I am packing to move into Isa's Labyrinth. She and I thought it would be great if I moved in with her as a guard dragon to help and....entertain some of her workers when they aren't needed~ *She chuckles, boxes being filled before looking to Lucie and licking her lips* Then I would heed my warning if you don't want a futa down your throat~
Well I gotta steal something
Well steal somewhere else or don't touch my squishies. Or steal Ria to play with her. *She yawns, stretching her wings*
your moving away? how far is it? will i see you again? *a little tear comes to my eye*
Yes... Go to sleep. Let me take care of your stuff
steal me? how you could say that mini?
I am yawning cause I woke up early. No. *She glares before looking to Ria* I mean I have always been around sis, I am sure you'll find me around still. *She looked through her squishy pile* I mean if it keeps my hoard safe. I would offer any of the siblings honestly Ria.
i can keep it save for you sis *i promes im strong*
(ignore the *)
Im your long lost half-sister. Daughter of Draco and.... Someone you wouldn't knlwb
no your a rouge
i can read minds
No, I can keep my own hoard safe. *She looked to Lucie and raises a brow* I highly doubt that. Besides, I only trust Papa to watch over what I leave behind since I am leaving it at his and Mama's house.
A rogue? Me? Never. And technically... I don't really remember who my parents are so.. could be drac
can i visit you sis? the labyrinth seems fun place to visit i can go on adventure
You don't smell Draconic.. *She circled Lucie, watching* Still, no. Only me or my parents can keep my hoard safe. Plus, I am bringing the most treasured with me. *She thinks* I mean if you can handle what is down there then I don't see why not.
Hm? *I lift my arm and sniff* ah geez, your right. I need a bath
what is down there?
lucie stinks *smells her all the way over here*
Mmm, best for you to see for yourself. A surprise can just be better. And not literal scent. The natural one you give. You only smell human to me.
Ah. Yku got it all figured out, haven't you?
Well in that case.... I'm going to nap. Wake me up when you're done packing so I can loot what's left
*I jump in the plushie pile and settle down with my eyes closed*
*giggles* nothing can full dragons nose
Riiight.. *she would pick Lucie up and puts her on the cave floor away from her plushies*
*remains asleep clearly tired*
(and gotta get work done lol)
(Okie dokie
no you wont loot anything *goes and sits on lucies legs pinning her down whit mini* (okey cya lucie)
*Picks Ria up and sets her away* She's sleeping Ria. Don't do that.
i see *gets picked up then stands still before giving mini a hug*
*hugs back before going back to packing* I can handle what happens in my own cave sis. A dragon must take pride in their home, leaving or not.
i see i still live whit mom on her penthouse
Because you want to? Once I felt ready, Mama and Papa just let me find my cave and begin my hoard.
its funny she has 2 homes mansion and a penthouse wait i think its 3 she rules the underworld
yes i still want live there its just a nice place the view is amazing
Suit yourself. I suppose we all make our choices somehow.
yes put i still wana live on my own some day mom can be so bossy
(also rl calls brb)
*she shrugs, going back to packing and sorting her hoard as she hums*
*Peeks right in out of curiosity, not sure if I've ever been around in this area or not, humming lightly as my tail swishes about.*
*Peeks out of the pile to see the wolf* Ame! Welcome to my cave!
*Almost leaps up from someone familiar peeking out of the pile before waving and then moving closer to give the dragon a hug* Min!
Heya! Thanks, I don't think I've ever been in here before~
*hugs back* I usually do find you and the others elsewhere. I like keeping my hoard safe. *She got out of her pile of plushies and such* I was just packing to reside in the Labyrinth of the Minotauress.
*My tail continues swaying and swishing about right behind me gently as I smiled and giggle happily from being hugged back.* Mhhhhhmm, nice place you got here. *I nod my head as she gets out of the pile* Ooooohhh, nice~ I might have overheard that at least once^^
Mhm! I visited and had so much fun, Isa said I could stay with her there as the dungeon's new guard dragon~ Keep an eye on some of her staff and take good care of them~ Hehe~
Ahhhh... I was kinda busy that day so I didn't really get the chance to at least great you~ Oooooohhhh that sounds like fun~ Heehee~
*sits down next to mini i take my bag off from my back then i open it i pull out a cute pink blue dragon bunny plushie and offers it to mini* here sis i want you to have this *i hold it right infront of her face arms straight* it will keep you save
It is~ I am so excited~ *her tail wags as she spoke to the wolf before looking to her sister and the plushie. She gently took it to examine it* Oh thanks Ria. It looks great. *She nods*
*Giggles when I see that cute dragon bunny plush as another cute hum slips out of me* Mhhhmm~ That looks really cute^^
you like it *i look at you then look at the wolfie who just showed up then looks as she is so fluffy* whos the wolfie lady? *points to her*
*Minerva nodded in agreement as she puts it in the pile and hums* Oh this is Ame, a pretty wolf lady I met through Isa. She is also someone I enjoy time with as well~ *she hugs Amelia, purring*
*Gives a cute little wave as she introduces me to Ria* Heya, my name is Amelia~ Nice to meet you~ *as Minerva is hugging me, I smile while continuing that happy hum of mine*
shes so pretty and cute and fluffy *waves back smiling at amelia* nice to meet you im ria
Hiya Ria~ That's a lovely name~ *giggles from hearing those descriptive words* Mhhhhmm~ Thanks, Ria^^
Ria is one of my many half siblings. *She told Amelia while nuzzling the wolf happily*
Ooooohhhh~ That's really nice!^^ I think this might be the first time I met one of your siblings. *I smile as I enjoy being nuzzles as my tail moves closer to Minerva's.*
can i pet you wolfie lady *she asks whit puppy eyes*
Really? I was sure there were plenty around. Huh. *She wraps her tail around Amelia's and hums* Mmm, soft and squishy...
*My face lits up from hearing that request as I make another cute little hum.* Sure, you can pet me~ *For a moment, I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of Minerva's tail wrapped around mine.* Mmmm~
*gently puts my hand on amelias head and pets her giggles* i like this wolfie lady ^^ so cute
It's why Isa and I adore her~ Especially when she is a red mess~ *she would say near Amelia's ear with a deep chuckle*
red mess do you mean? *blushes hardly*
*My ears start to swish and sway about from hearing those giggles from Ria, cute mumbles and moans start tumbling out once I feel her hand on my head as she starts petting me* Mhhhhhmmm~ Ooooohhh~ niiiiice^^
*Starts blushing a bit more when I hear that from Minerva in the middle of being pet.*
Of course I do~ *she smiles, hugging Amelia more behind so the wolfie could feel something poke her ass* Isn't that right Ame~?
awwwww so cute *keeps patting the wolfie as she enjoys it while i blush more* mini your such a lewdy >.<
Mmmhhhnm~ *the blushing only starts growing once I feel something poking right at my ass once Minerva shifts position to get more behind me in the middle of this hug. I cutely mumble in between the soft moans from the petting.* Mmhhhmm...y-y-yes Minerva~
*She smiles and kisses along Amelia's neck* Mmmm I am a passionate woman Ria~ Not my fault I have our father's urges when it comes to such..primal intimacy~ *she giggles*
so its comes from our father that urge well my mom can be really lewd too *she pets the wolfie even more*
*and blushing even more*
*Unlike the previous moment, my eyes close once again but this time in a much more prolonged manner as soft gasps were now tumbling past my wolfish lips once I feel those kisses along my neck once her beautiful lips presses close there...Combined with the petting I was receiving from Ria and my ass being poked while I'm being hugged by Minerva, I could feel myself melting a bit more quickly.* O-O-Ooooooooohhhh~
Mmmm such a sweet wolfie~ *She would grind herself against her ass and lick her lips and slides a hand to gently start to tease Amelia's cock* So cute~ Feeling needy now are we~?
hehe she melts so fast *giggles* i wana keep her as a pet she so cute ^^
(to bad i cant join the lewd fun stupid ef rule)
M-M-M-Mnnyyaaahhh~ *I bit my lower lip for a moment yet that didn't last too long as the moaning and mumbling sounds continue spilling out of me with no signs of stopping. As she grinds herself against my ass, I couldn't help moving along with her to experience more of this sensation, which only further this sensation of pleasure along even more quickly...Then a sharp gasp rushes out of me as I start to feel Minerva's hand over my cock.* Nyyyaahhnnnn...Ah...ah....Ooooooooohhhhhh~
Mmmm such a naughty wolf~ *She grins and slides Amelia's clothes around to help the wolf's cock pop out to stroke it more* Getting so hard just from teasing~ Isa made you so sensitive huh~?
(Ria, what EF rule holds you from joining in?)
(I think the incest one~)
(Half siblings after all
(Ah... yeah)
(In private okay, in Public a no, just readed it. Well, Rules are rules)
(yep ruby but i definitely should have some fun whit amelia ^^)
(well i just got a game link so guess i have other kind if fun ^^)
(Mhhhhmmm~ Have fun, Ria ^^)
(*of you girls have fun btw amelia its eva here 🤭)
(O-O-O-Oh... *blushes from finding that detail* Good to know, Eva^^)
H-H-H-Hyyaaannnhh....N-N-Not...that....naughty....Ooooooooohhhh~ *Another audible gasps slips out of me once I feel my wolfish cock popping out, more exposed now and shown to be quite hard as Minerva's hand continues to stroke it* Sh-Sh-She might...ooooohhh...have...said....done....some...oooohhhh...things~!
Mmm with how she is about you, I am sure~ *she whispers in her ear, sliding her own cock out to grind against the wolf's ass while still jerking her off* Mmmmm, let's see how long you can handle this~ If you cum...well I will make sure to cum as well all over you~ *She giggles, moaning softly at the soft asscheeks*
.....haaaaannnhhhhh....Ooooooohhhhh...nyyyaaa~ *another noticeable shiver start being seen from from me once I feel her lips brushing close to my ear, not quite touching it but still close enough to feel her breath and hear those whispers...The gasping escalating with the way the dragon's cock was now sliding and grinding against my wolfish ass more directly now...*'ll last~? *I asked in between soft yet escalating panting sounds. *
I guess we will find out won't we~? *She asks, chuckling more* I didn't say I was going to be just grinding after all~ *She pulled her hips back enough as Amelia would feel the tip of the dragon cock poke her ass* We'll also see how much you cum as well~ *She mewls, only sliding the tip in and out for a moment*
M-M-M-Mhhhhmm~ W-W-W-We'll.....hrrrrrnn...definitely....s-s-see then....~! *I mumble out, trying to sound as incoherent I can in the middle of my eager panting and moaning sounds. My eyes popped open after being closed for so long as the glows of my crimson sight becomes visible once again after feeling the tip of her magnificent dragon cock gliding close to the my ass as it pokes against it.* *I started drooling as she slides her tip in and out.*
Mmm yeah~? I wonder how long you will last with just the tip~? Or do you want it all inside~? Hm~? I'll let you choose~ *She kept thrusting only the tip for a moment before sliding her whole cock inside her ass* Mmmm fuck it's so tight~ It's just begging for any cock~ *She moaned out and drooling as she nibbled on Amelia's shoulder*
A-A-A-Ahhhhhnnnnn.....Pl-Pl-Pl-Pleaaaase....w-w-want....the! *I gasp out in the middle of my drooling and panting tone....My cock was already throbbing wildly and even starting to leak out my potent precum....A sharper grunt and gaps popping out of me once her whole cock goes inside my ass* ass...Eeeyyyyy... *I couldn't help licking my lips from the nibbles she was giving on my shoulder. My toes were practically twitching from this powerful pleasure invading my very senses...*
Yeah~? My whole cock like this~? *She chuckles, using her tail to hold Amelia's legs while thrusting in slowly to tease her, the dragoness still stroking the wolf's cock* Such a tight ass~ Mmm you really want a lot of cum don't you~ A dirty puppy wanting to have her holes full~? *She growled, ripping their remaining clothings off*
(Hope you have fun Min ^_^ I won't talk too much and merely watch~)
Y-Y-Y-Yeesssssshhhhh~! Liiiiiiiikkkeeee thiiiiiis~! *My ears were twitching about wildly, from those deep chuckling sounds coming from behind me as a cute gasp rushes right of me once I feel Minerva's tail coiling around my legs and putting a firm hold over them.....With all of this and the way she was still stroking my needy wolf cock like this....My cock that was throbbing....and leaking out the prelude of its innermost essence...sending a distinct scent of my precum into the air. I was able to nod my head slowly.* Ooooooooooohhhhhhh.....tight....wants....lots....of D-D-Dirty....puppyyyyyyy~...... *A much louder gasp came out of me once the last of my clothing was torn I sorta feel the coolness...which didn't last too long considering how warm I was already feeling here*
*Peeks in to check on how the move is going, maybe assist a bit and sees Minerva and Amelia going at it, watching closely as she strokes her big cock beneath her clothing, quietly.*
*Minerva was moaning and mewling as she laid her head on her shoulder and her long dragon tongue slither out to flick one of the wolf's nipples as her hand started stroking more rapidly and giving extra attention to the tip while bucking her own cock deeper in Amelia's ass* Mmmm yes~!!! Cum you dirty puppy and get more dirty all over yourself~ *She pants, glancing to see Isa and grin more*
*Those moaning and mewling sounds were making me squirm and shiver continually as my heart continues racing alongside that achingly throbbing cock of mine....The overload of sensations making me buck my hips in tune to her pace of Minerva shoving her cock deeper into my ass....And with her tongue slithering across my nipples like this, it was hard to tell how long I would be able to hold this in....And this overload wouldn't stop anytime I not only hear her deep whispers into my ear, I could sense another presence once I peek one eye out and see Isa nearby watching and stroking her big cock right there.* N-N-,N-N, *My tip was leaking wildly as it was close to hitting its peak orgasm*
*Hearing such a plea made the dragoness go deeper just like Amelia asked, growling* Mmmm yes so close~ Cum~ Cover yourself in cum and I'll cover your ass inside and out with mine~ *She mewls, feeling her cock throbbing and twitching while she pounded the wolf's ass and stroking her cock more and aiming it at the wolf's face and tits*
*My reddish eyes were glowing quite brightly from hearing that powerful growling sound of her's as she goes deeper inside of me. My drooling was hitting pure escalation along with my deep panting as my speech was becoming a bit difficult to be coherent in the middle of my squealing and moaning sounds. Those words of her becoming enticing.....that I just couldn't help relaxing a bit within her hold and grasp...letting her stroke me to I finally hit my wolfish fur standing up on a loud cry pierces the air....tilting my head let out a howling moan.* OHHHHHHHHHH......
MIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN....~!!!!! AWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!! *A powerful of potent wolf cum...with an almost aphrodisiac scent to it like pheromones was released from my tip.*
*My wolfish toes were curling as a powerful orgasmic shudder crawls all over my body.*
*Minerva made sure it covered the wolf, taking the potent scent as her eyes glowed and she growled more. She started to pound into the wolf rougher as she drools hungrily* AHHHH FUCKING TAKE IT~!!!! AMMEEEEE~!!! *The dragoness began cumming, her hips still bucking her cock in as the thick cum began coating inside her ass before pulling out and coating the wolf's ass in more cum. A hungry and lustful look now on her face*
*My tongue practically rolls out my mouth as I feel a much firmer grip over my wolf cock with my potent essence splashing and covering me like that. Some of that cum splashing onto my face and tongue, which starts having an effect on my very senses....Even with my current position, I could almost sense the glow of her eyes as her growling escalated along with her drooling as she pound and ravages my tight ass like that* OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEESSSSSSSSSS~! GI-GIVE IT ALLLLLLLL TO. MMMMMEEEEE....FIIIIILLLL MY ASS~!!! MIINNNNN~!!! *My toes curl up completely once I feel her cock throbbing and pulsating as she pushes deep inside to let her inner dragon essence loose into me...before feeling a coating of that same warmth plastering across my ass the moment she pulls out...Even with her out, I could sense a hungry and lustful aura from her as it starts making me just as hungry and lustful, making me lick my lips while I taste myself in the process*
Now before I continue~ *She got up, standing in front of the wolf as her cock tapped against her face, covered in her hot dragon cum* Clean it off good~ *She demanded, then looking to the bull* Plan to just watch or join in Isa~?
Mhhhhhhmmm~ *As she got up, I was somehow able to maintain a lucid composure despite the hungered lust I was currently experiencing here at the moment...A rather eager shiver comes over me once I feel that thick dragoness cock of her tapping against my face like that....some of the hot dragon cum smearing onto my face...Despite having just came, my own cock was still hard and throbbing there as I stuck my tongue out and start off with slow licks across and around it...I was holding onto her thighs as I did this while moaning as I clean it off..This was happening for a good minute or two as I look her up in the eyes, to check if she was pleased so far by my results.* I-I-I-Is it clean enough~?
Hmm well I have plans for a... special visitor to come visit really quick. She's a bit... indentured to me at the moment. Just waiting to see if she shows up.
*I was panting as I lick my lips and give a quick wave to Isa.* Ooooohhh...special visitors are nice...especially the...indentured kind, teehee~
Mmm almost~ Maybe if I just~ *She gently slid her cock in Amelia's mouth* Use your throat to clean it~ *She mewls, pulling it out and back in all the way in as she listened* Oh~? And who would this special visitor be~? *She glances*
I'm here mistress...
(Heya Alma^^)
(Nice pic^^)
(Heya Amelia, and Hi Minerva)
Oh wonderful, welcome. I had hoped you would come. Now let's see... here is what you're going to do today. I know your time is limited. So we'll jump right in.
See the wolf sucking the dragon's cock? I want you to stuff her cock in...
*bite lips with nervous face* Yes mistress...
** Ashlynn&#39;s Bull, Isa rolled 1d3: 2! **
Your sweet little pussy
*slip fingers on my futa pussylips and spread it wide, blush my face*
Mmm a-a-almost~? D-D-Did I miss a spo...mphhhhhjhhppp~ *A sharp gasp and moan slips out of me once I feel Minerva's cock sliding into my mouth...I nodded my head at Min's words...Hearing the voice of a newcomer, I gave the elf girl an eager wave before focusing my attention on Minerva and her cock, using my tongue to wrap around it as I tried to reach every inch and spot while she pulls out before feeling it back inside. *
*Minerva chuckles before pulling her cock away and stroking all the drool along* Mmm, muuch better~ Her cock is nice and ready then to be used~ Should still be sensitive from her orgasm~ *The dragoness said and looking to Isa*
*Heads over to Amelia and Minerva and makes a few adjustments to position, namely putting Amelia on her back while she sucks Minerva's dick. Letting her massive 12 in cock hang freely in the air. I move over to Alma and guide her over, placing her over the wolf's massive member and giving her a spank.* Now, ride her. *I giggled and moved behind Alma, letting my own massive cock poke at her ass.*
Now, Minerva, I'll let you have your pick. She has a third hole open, there's also behind me available as well as just staying in Amelia's throat if you prefer.
*Even as I was cleansing the cock of Minerva, I could visibly hear Isa's words pretty clearly...finding myself placed on my back by Isa while I was sucking Min and her dick off....while my 12 in cock rises up in the air, still eager and hard even after I came just not a moment ago. Since I was still covered in my and Min's cum, the scent hangs in the air quite heavily..My ears perk up from hearing the spank the lovely commanding bull just gave Alma.* Mhhhhmmmmmm~
*close my eyes and clench teeth with humiliated face, feel the perky glans of the wolf girl rubbing on my pussy. * b-b-but... yes mistress... *my spreaded thighs move down, and feel the massive cock starting filling inside my elven vagina* Oooohh..!!!!!!
*My glowing crimson eyes glance over towards the elven girl as she closes her eyes and hovers over me and my open wolf girl cock...gasps and grunts flowing out of me as I feel her elven entrance rubbing so close to my tip.* Ooooooooohhhhhh~ Feels so nice~ *I pant out rather eagerly....before louder and louder moans start coming from deep within my throat as I grab ahold of her hips while Alma's elven vagina starts being filled by my wolfish girl cock as it throbs and pulsates within her.* Oooooooohhhh...your elf.. .pussy...feels nice on my wolf cock~
Mmmm, how could I pass up fucking you Isa~ *She grins as she got behind her* Been a bit since out last fuck train~ *Thanks to the drool, Minerva's own cock slid into Isa's ass* It's an anal day~ And I plan to fill your ass just as much as Ame's~ *She growls, her breathing heavy* Our dear puppy's made me really ready to fuck as hard as a dragon can~ *She growls, her cock seeming to get bigger*
Oooohh..!!! Ahhhhh..!! Fuck..??!?! Ugggh...!! *Feeling the bull and the wolf's huge cocks fuck my anus and pussy at same time, leak stupid moan from my mouth and my body start throbbing, while my elven dick gets hard*
*I let out a low moan as Minerva began to enter me, sliding my massive cock into Alma's ass as she pushed forward. Though the passage was quite tight for the time being, I managed to hilt into the Elven ass in front of me, moving my hands forward to squeeze at Alma's heavy, milky breasts as I began to pump my hips.* Now... these must be getting so heavy with Milk since I came inside of you. My seed has a certain effect on people who submit to me... the become much more... Bovine...~ *I pressed my ass back against Minerva, turning my head and growling.* And you better fuck me real good Min~ I need some solid dragon dick ruining mmhhhh my ass~
I plan to~ Mmm oh fuucckkk~ I gotta be ready for the party when I settle into the dungeon tomorrow after all~ *She licks along Isa's back and slams her cock deep into the bull and gripping her horns to keep balance and a rough yet rapid pace* Mmmmm yeah let that fat ass bounce~ I can hear my hot balls mixing a new load against your cheeks and ready to give you a lot of cum too~
Moo...!! Moo...!!!!!! OH fuck..!!!! *my ass bounce on the rock hard, massive cocks, and my racks start to leak milk from its nipple while the bull squeeze it like a water balloon. My ass and pussy squeeze tight but It only gave me more pleasure as the monstergirls mercilessly pump their hip repeatedly *
*While there was a part of me that was feeling this sense of hazy and horny lust, my mind was surprisingly lucid at the moment as I was able to get a good eye on everything that was happening here as I glance over at Isa, Alma, and Minerva here...a great eagerness and excitement building within me breathing and panting becoming heavier by the moment as I lick my drooling lips out of pure desire for everyone here...letting out deep wolf growls in the process. My red eyes then shift their focus onto Alma as I stare deeply into her red eyes while smirking with great pleasure. I could feel a newfound presence as I noticed Isa's cock entering that elven ass...Even with our cocks spaces apart, I could feel it grinding along with mine...And my attention was drawn on the way she plays with those elven tits that I couldn't help doing the same as well while I reach over to grasp onto them and squeeze alongside Isa while starting to pump my hips and thrust my thick wolf cock inside of her.* Mhhhhmmmmm~ very tasty~ *I lick my lips some more as the glowing of my eyes intensifies as my tail starts sneaking around a bit and presses onto the edges of Isa's pussy to tease it a bit with the tip, me chuckling as this happens.*
Ooooooohhhhh~ Such lovely mooing sounds you got there, Alma~ It's making....haaaamnhhh...excited deep inside...overflowing...~ *I chuckled while seeing her racks start to leak milk, which only makes me hungrily lick my lips some more.*
That's it hun~ such a cute cow. You take these massive dicks so well~ another load is another step forward on your journey to become a proper cow. *I let out a chuckle mixed with a moan as I squeezed my ass down hard on Minerva's cock invading me. That, plus the massive wolfish member pressing up against my own inside of the lovely elven cock were making me throb a leak incessantly inside of Alma. I let Amelia grope at Alma's milky tits as I reached back and pressed my ass back harder ever time I pull my hips back. I grasped at Minerva's horns as well as I felt my tits bounce up and down wildly in my skimpy cheerleader top, threatening to bust out. I could feel Amelia's tail sliding up to tease my pussy as well, she would find it very, VERY wet upon entry.* Mmhhaahh fuck... there's... so much... happenin'... nnggghhhaaahh~
Mmm no kidding~ Ngh~ *she used her tail to pull the top up finally and let the bull's tits out as the tip would wrap around and squeeze one of her nipples* Mmmm, fuuuccckk you are tigher~ You always loved begging for my cum~ So hot~ So many futas ready to drown in hot cum~ *She growls louder, her tongue hanging out and drooling as she kisses Isa deeply* Mphmpmmmm~!!
Nnnggghh..!!! Nooo..!! I can't.. If you pump like that... Fuck..!!! Ohhhhhh....!! * my body twitch uncontrollably like I'm electrocuted, my eyes rolled up and shaken as those monster cocks almost grinding together in my body, my abs carved belly bulged with massive members of both girls. I moan louder as my pussy start squirting * Moooooohhhhh.!!
Mhhhhhmmm~ *I just keep letting out deep wolfish growls from hearing more Isa's words, the same glow still resting in my eyes, the notion of such ideas making the excitement within me build up my horny lust significantly~* Ooooooohhhhh~ Such a....wonderful...journey that is then~ Becoming a proper cow, that is~ *I was humming quite eagerly from hearing some chuckles and moans intertwining within the tone of the magnificent bull's voice....My already sensitive member was leaking quite a bit of my potent precum into that pussy of Alma's as I continue growling and moaning at her while groping her bovine-like tits...still loving that milk that was starting to leak out there....Another deep chuckle escaped me once I feel just how wet the entracne was before finally having my tail plunge into the wonderfully warm, and tight pussy Isa possesses.* much happening...So...very beautiful this horny wolf girl....grrrrrrrrmmmm....and I want MORE~! *My tail starts pushing in eagerly with quick movments while I start bucking my hips so that my cock can really explore Alma's vagina while she rides me. As she starts squirting. I mumbled happily.* my...wolf cock ~
*I fully melted into that kiss with Minerva, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth and letting out a squeal of pleasure as she freed my tits and teased my nipple with the tip of it. I let my own tail push between Minerva's thighs, slamming into her cunt as I railed into the elven cow's ass without mercy. My eyes rolled back as Amelia shoved her tail deep into my pussy, making a fat spurt of precum spray from my cock deep into her muscular ass. One of my hands moved to Alma's neglected dick as it bounced around uselessly, stroking it as she got doubled stuffed, hole stretched, made to serve, made to breed.* MMpppphhhhhmmm~!
*I could pick up on those squeals of pleasure, making me giggle out in horny moans and growls....I was finding this whole moment...this whole experience quite ravishing....while still having my body being active in this little activity of ours.....with my tail thrusting and exploring the inner spaces of Isa's cunt...showing no signs of slowing or stopping...actually getting faster with each movment and passing second. Meanwhile, my eager cock was leaking my precum into Alma as I thrusted into her wildly at roughly the same pace as Isa, making sure to pay special attention to her heavy elf tits, squeezing them to see how much milk was stored in there.* Grrrrrrrrrmmmmm....wolfie loves these elf tits so much ~
Mmmm~!!! Ohhh yesshh~ *She mewls, using her tongue to fuck the bull's mouth practically while the power of her thrusts got stronger as a hand moved down from a horn to smack Isa's ass and then shove two fingers in* Mmmmm~!!! Ahhhh~ S-Shoo good~
Oooohhh Yeesss mistress.!!!! MMMppppphhhh..!!! *During my body and tits bounce on the futa dicks, my blushed elven dick throb hard as the bull's hand stroke it, and it makes my ass and pussy squeeze harder as muscle reaction. Soon, I feel the my shaft pump massive load of cum. * Fuuuuck..!!!!
*My crimson gaze was constantly moving about, seeing this immense amount of activity taking place here....seeing the way the bull's hand strokes her elven dick like that. It was then that I feel a tighter squeeze on my wolf dick as it throbs even more wildly. I start to look at Isa and see how close she was to cumming...wanting to do so at the same time as her....In the meantime, I lick my lips from seeing Alma reach her orgasm and splash me with her massive load of cum as I squeeze her elf tits so eagerly.* Mhhhhmmmm...that elf cum....smells....tastes...amazing~
Ohh ohhh my GAAAWWWDDDDD *I began to scream out as those two fingers entered my ass along with the thick cock already lodged inside. In just a few more thrusts the scent of that elven cum hit my nostrils and made my arousal skyrocket. I began to pump out absurd amounts of spunk into that elven ass I clamped down on Minerva's cock, hole spasming as I reached my climax. Massive, thick ropes of my bull spunk coated Alma's insides.*
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*Minerva couldn't hold it either once Isa clamped on and cried out* AHHH~!! ISAAAAA~!!! Fuucckkkkk~!!!! *She shakes, slamming in fully to let her load fully blow inside of the bull* YEESSSSSS~!!!!
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(*quietly monching popcorn in the corner*)
Oohhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSHHHHH *I began to scream out at the same time as Isa once all of this happens as I let loose my huge amounts of wolf spunk into that elven ass, at around the same time as Isa...with my massive, thick ropes of wolf spunk coated Alma's insides as I held onto her tightly. *
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(Good point to end on, just a brief wrap up)
*I shuddered as I pulled out of Alma, who seemed to have passed out and lifted her off of Amelia, pulling towels from my bag and handing them off to clean up as I let out a chuckle.* Well as much as banging all day sounds great, I DID come by to help you pack, hun.~
*Once I felt Alma lifted off of me, I got up and started to do a little stretch, humming happily as I did so, tail wagging eagerly in the aftermath of this afterglow.* Ooooooohhhh, that was wonderful.~
Mmm, I appreciate the help. I can't carry everything. But don't worry, I am only bringing my most important squishies into my domain. *She picked up some, two looking like the wolf and bull* Heh, I just need help moving the boxes and I should be done.
*A rather visible blush was present on my face when I see her holding those two squishies, one of a wolf and one of a bull. I decided to lick off the cum on my body making sure to not let one single drop go wasted as I go into my bag to get a towel to dry myself of my own drool...before taking something else out, a wolf squishy that she gave me a while ago as I cuddle it close to me.*
Hehe, well let's get going. I'll send some of the goblins along for the rest later~ *I picked up a few of the boxes and giggled at the sight of the plushes.* I still have the one you gave me, Strawberry Cow~
Do you need any help from a wolfie~? *I asked while my tail swishes about.*
*She smiles, blushing gently at the two before nodding and picking up some boxes* Thanks Isa~ And yeah some extra help is always nice Ame~ *She smiles, thankful for the two as the dragoness would send the rest of her hoard to her parents home for safe keeping*
*There was some happy humming sounds from me as I clasped my hands eagerly before grabbing some boxes as well, my tail eagerly swishing about at the opportunity of being able to help someone I knew well out.* Yaaaaaay~
*She smiles and would head out with the wolf and bull to get settled in her new home, excited*
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** Minerva, Isa&#39;s Loyal Guard left the game (definitively). **
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