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Minerva's New Home in the Labyrinth of the Minotauress

As the new guard dragon, she has been moved in easily into her abode thanks to Amelia and Isa. Her most prized squishies on her bed and plenty of room to gather the residents to way or another in the room or out in the labyrinth~

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*Wanders right in as my tail sways back and forth right behind me.*
*Minerva was relaxing in her bed, smiling.* Ame! Hiya! *she sits up, tail wagging*
Ooooohhh, nice place~ *Eventually sees Minerva as she raises herself up on that bed, with her tail wagging, before giving an eager wave.* Heya, Min~!
-sneaks in looking for the squishies-
Thanks~! Isn't it? A perfect place to rest when I need to be close and ready to go. *She notices a plant, squinting as her squishies were behind her on the bed*
*Walks in and gives Miner a a wave, accidentally knocking over a plant as I hustle over to the bed to dive on and give Minerva quite a few kisses* Heya~~
You're welcome~! Yeah, it definitely is! *I answered with an eager nod before getting on the bed to give her a hug.*
—freezes and makes a wind noise and ruffling leaf noises-
*Squeaks as she was tackled to the bed by Isa and Amelia* hehe~ Glad to see you both~ *She laughs, purring happily* Thank you again for the place Isa~ I love it~!
*Lets out some playful giggles from hearing those squeaks, my ears swaying and twitching about happily in response.* Always great to see you~
-reaches out and grabs a squishy while there’s a distraction and cuddles it tight-
*Her eyes glowing and going to the plant* *She growls, as is a sixth sense told her someone touched her things.*
*Ears suddenly perked up from Minerva's words as I glance a bit to see that glowing in her eyes. *
Of course~ how could I resist keeping my favorite dragoness about so close? *Giggles and kisses her cheek* Plus all the uhh access the uniform gives..~ Hm? *Casts eyes about for whatever Minerva is growling at*
Ghaaaa! Dives out of the disguise and throws the squishy on the bed and cowers by the door-
*Hears another yell as I see the disguise cast aside and see a squishy thrown on the bed as I get smacked in the face.* Ullllf~
*picks up the Isa squishy she was holding, nuzzling to put her scent back on it and then place it back by her pillow* My squishies... *She grumbled, before looking back to the others* Well I am glad~ I am excited for all our time together Isa along with any girls who need to be put down a peg as a bottom~ *She giggles*
Ahhhhhh....Since we're in the Labyrinth, I guess it makes more sense for me to.......~ *Leaves the room to go somewhere, giving a wave and headpats to Jilly....before heading out the doorway.*
Uh oh... Amelia down! *Performs needless mouth to mouth on Amelia for a second before looking over at Minerva with a grin.* Oh yea? My dommy dragoness is looking to get her dick more than a little wet, huh?
Mmm what can I say~? Someone has to help you keep them in place yeah~? Like how I did with that hot orc and goblin~
*Comes back in my Labyrinth Concubine outfit, with a sensual sway of my tail right behind me, humming a bit as I did so....getting myself seated back on the bed.* I'm back~! I always forget to put this on when I'm in the Labyrinth^^'
They know their place pretty well I'd say~ though I suppose a little reinforcement doesn't hurt at all~ *Waves at Amelia as she enters, smiling quite brightly*
Well I guess I'm the only one out of uniform now~ Guess I should change that~
Heh, welcome back~ *She chuckles, stretching and nodding* I suppose so~ I guess maybe it's a little excuse to fuck some hot ladies when you get busy working~
*Waves to Isa as I hear her words, humming a bit as my tail wags and ears sway...leaning in to give a kiss on both cheeks of the bull and dragoness.*
*Minerva purrs, giggling and kissing the wolf's cheek as she holds her tail with her own*
*Snaps fingers and stands up from the bed suddenly a bevy of cute little green girls come out and strip me down to dress me up for to look the proper part* Hmm much better~
*Those same ears sways start picking up in movement from hearing her purring as light blushes appear on my cheeks from both the kiss and feeling my tail held by Minerva's tail. *
Mhhhhmmmm~ Cute girls~
*She looked over, watching the goblins and licking her lips* Very cute~
*Hears Minerva's words and seeing her licking her lips, makes me chuckle.* I'm're thinking they're more than....just cute, hehe~
Well if last time is anything to go by, that question hardly even needs a confirming answer~
How could I not~? Especially fucking their leader~ Greta was her name right~?
I wasn't I only heard the details...of what happened, eheh~
Greta? Yea, that's the one. Technically, she's supposed to report to this pink haired dragoness in here. Amelia's pet. But she uhhh
Keeps getting stuck in tentacle boxes...
*Looks to the side from hearing that as I tapped my foot while humming to myself.*
Yeah, that does happen quite often~
I see~ Well nonetheless she was fun~ And Sheila~ Fuck remembering is making me so horny~ *The dragoness felt her cock get hard, biting her lip*
*Lets out a cute chuckle from sensing some arousing I look back in Isa and Minerva's direction to see her dragoness cock starting to harden there~* Mhhhhmmm~
Hehe, well I told ya, kind of a futa monstergirl paradise in here. Like whatever your flavor of the day is. Even should be getting a Manticore girl in here soon.~ *Glances down at Minerva's clearly exposed package, smirking at having picked such a revealing uniform with such full front and back access*
A manticore girl huh~? Interesting~ There are so many indeed I don't even know where to start~ *She growls a bit at how her cock throbbed* Mmm, how about a nice surprise~? I will fuck whatever you put in front of me baby~
*Within that same moment of making that glance, I could see a clear glance from Isa as she not only looks but smirk at the sight of Minerva's still hardening dragon cock while it was exposed in the revealing outfit...those growling sounds making me hum and my tail to sway along with my ears. The dragoness's words making me chuckle.* Mhhhmmm~ Hehe~
Hmmm let's see here.... caught a dark elf a few days back scurrying a bit too close to the place like she was scouting it out. Boy is she hung too~ *Snaps fingers and a few tentacles descend from the ceiling, leaving the nearly nude dark elf on the bed.*
*Is plopped onto the bed, looking confused and a bit lost* Uhhh hello? Girls... *Looks down at Minerva's growing cock and gulps audibly.*
Mmm, how cute~ *She looked to the dark elf, her eyes glowing as she slowly teased the elf's cock* How cute~ A perfect start I would say~ *She spreads her legs* And what is your name~?
Oooooohhh~ Dark elves...I haven't seen one often myself~ *Decides to change my current position on the bed to give some more room as the nearly nude dark elf was left there, sitting next to Isa, before waving to the dark elf.*
I'm Marin... *Looks down as her cock is teased then back up to Minerva, moving a hand to start teasing at the dragoness' cock as well* I'm supposed to uh... serve as a member of Alva's loyal flock here.. *Her yellow eyes have a slight pink hue around the edges, clearly the Mistress of the tentacle chapel has begun her work on her already.*
I'll have to meet Alva~ She sounds lovely~ *She chuckles, her tail grabbing Marin's hands to pin them above her head* Mmm, I will have a lot of fun with this~ *She crawled up so her cock was in the elf's face, starting to now jerk her off* How about we see your mouth work does first~?
*Marin opens her mouth, but as her tongue lolls out of it, it looks longer, more wriggling than it should. The integration with the tentacles has already begun for this poor soul. The tongue wraps around Minerva's member and begins to stroke it, pulling the tip downward towards her lips*
Mmm oh fuck~ Now that's new~ *She mewls, tilting her head back as the dragoness slowly slid her cock into Marin's mouth and begin to thrust* Just like that~ Ngh~ Such a good girl~ *Her free hand would start to tease and grope one of the elf's tits* A new little slut perfect to break in~
*She sucks obediently, almost as if she was programmed to do it, the teasing to her tits seems to make her dick throb in Minerva's hand, but otherwise she doesn't react much, the conditioning she's under has proven quite effective indeed. She even tries to shove her face against Minerva's pelvis, every inch must be sucked, every drop must be drunk, a proper tribute to the Mistress she now serves*
A-Ahh~ *Minerva couldn't help but move her tail away, moving around to face Marin's cock with her own still in her mouth, fucking her face deeply while jerking the elf off* Mmm good giirrrll~ Oh fuck just like that~ One load in the throat and then you can get the rest in any hole you want~
Mnnn~ *She begins to make her tongue vibrate along the rigid member in her mouth as it strokes. Her massive purple dick twitching and drooling plainly in Minerva's view as her mouth and throat was used so thoroughly.*
*The dragon continued to fuck her face, her tongue hanging out and swirling along the tip of Marin's cock to taste the precum and add extra pleasure* Mmmm yes~ Ngh~ Oh fuck~ Fuuucckk~!!! *Feeling the vibrating tongue was making Miverva's cock get bigger as the dragoness' primal lust was coming out slowly*
*The longer she sucked at Minerva's cock the more the tongue began to work it, vibrating at a higher frequency now. She moaned just once when her cock was licked, but it was all secondary too her. It felt good, but she was made to serve, molded to do it. Molded to be used by many more appendages than this even. Her throat opened easily for additional length invading it, it felt as though it were wriggling inside there too.*
*It was a new feeling for the dragon as she slammed her cock fully in and mewls* F_FUUCCKK~!!!! *She cries out and came as she shot a thick load deep in her mouth, making sure most of it coated her throat before pulling out and cumming on her face a bit* Nghh~ Oh god that tongue~
*She obediently swallowed every drop, almost as if she must do it, compelled to. The forceful suction of her throat drew in every last bit into her stomach and made her eyes glow pink for a moment. If Minerva wasn't too preoccupied with her actions, she would notice that her cock seemed to wiggle a moment just as her tongue had been, right at the moment that massive tongue licked the remnants from her face. She seemed to regain a semblance of sense after, looking almost confused.* Hm? Was I... did I do well?
Mmmm fuuck you did really well for the first load~ *Minerva would spread Marin's legs and move between them, rubbing their cocks together* Fuck that throat and tongue did wonders, but let's see how your holes do here~
*This is the first time she shows any sort of real emotion at all, puffing out her chest proudly as she spreads her legs even further apart.* I was the finest breeder of my tribe! I'm sure my holes are more than satisfactory!
Mmm is that so~? Well let's see~ *She chuckles, lining her cock up as Marin would feel the dragon's tail lining up with her ass before both slammed into their respective holes* Ngh~ Let's see how you do with a dragon's breeding cock~
Nghh I'm more than up to the task! *Her eyes glow pink with an ominous hue, almost as if fueled by her pride, her emotions. She grits her teeth as Minerva slams in, smirking up at her and clenching down on both appendages.* That all ya got?~
*Her eyes glowed, scaled forming more as her cock got thicker and bigger before putting Marin in a mating press and starting to slam herself deep inside the elf* To patronize me~ Not a wise idea~ I'll make sure you get millions of children~ I'll breed you senseless~ *She moans out, nails digging into the dark skin*
*She fiercely growls out as she's pressed down into, proving quite dexterous in her movements. She presses down on her palms and twists her hips, shoving Minerva back down onto her bed and starting to ride her feverishly, rising to the challenge presented her.* Ngh, your seed will be worthy tribute to my new Mistress... all of the semen shoved inside me fuels her. Fuels the tentacles of the chapel...
Ngh~! *She was surprised and moaning as she would buck her hips up into the elf while her tail began to rapidly slam into her ass* Mmm~ Ah~ It will, but also fill and breed you with my babies~ I'll make sure to give you as much as I can if I have the time~
I'm not vessel for children anymore... *She looks crazed, slamming her hips down and rapidly riding that cock and tail with a feverish determination. Every slam of her hips downward is thunderous, her insides seem to me wiggling like her throat was, her eyes glowing pink as she tries to drink every drop of seed.*
*Isa steps forward and plants a finger on the elf's back, making the pink hue fade.* No no, if my Minerva wants a baby factory, she gets one. These are going right into your womb.
*Hums as I look at that curiously while peeking up from reading my book.* Mhhhhmmm
*Minerva was surprised, squeaking as she cries out. She wasn't expecting this as she grips the sheets, her tongue hanging out as she buck her hips faster* Ngh~ Mmmm perfect~ I'll make you my extra breeding toy~ Ngh~ Oh fuuucckkk~ So close~ *She growls, making her cock slam in and her tip would enter her womb* You will have my babies now~ *She gave a lustful lick and wink to Isa before going back to Marin*
*She begins to finally react to the appendages invading her holes, the feeling finally hitting her since the glow that was controlling her actions fades. She slams her hips down and throws her head back, her massive cock exploding and painting her with a veritable flood of her elvish seed.* F-FUUUUCKKKK~!
*Feeling herself getting coated by the elf, the dragoness began to roar as she slammed in one last time and came hard, shaking as a heavy load filled Marin's womb* YEEESSSSS~!!!!! THIS IS HOW A DRAGON BREEDS SLUTS LIKE YOU~!!!
(Good to see Minerva is having fun~)
(Hehe, thanks Papa!
(No problem)
*Her eyes rolled back as she flopped back onto the bed, womb stuffed, the control of the tentacles being ripped away so quickly combined with the cum flooding her womb making her more than a little dazed.* Nghhoohhh...~
Mmmm fuuck yes~ *She pulls out, the last of her cum spraying on the elf* Mmmmm, thanks for the help Isa~ I'll need to make a note to visit this Alva~ *She would rub her cock against Marin's face before sliding her cock in her mouth to clean it*
As fun as she is... unless you want to get hoisted into the air and have your mind broken by like a hundred tentacles... *Isa let out a chuckle as Marin idly sucks on Minerva's cock to clean it, sliding up behind her and wrapping arms around her waist as the bull planted kisses all over her neckline.* Though I'll have to give you a proper punishment for breeding someone besides me in front of me..~ you know~
*She blushes softly, biting her lip and looking at Isa over her shoulder* Mmmm, is that so~? And what punishment do you have for me oh Bulltress~ *she asked, keeping her cock warm in Marin's mouth and grinding back to have Isa's cock between her asscheeks*
*Isa grabbed at Minerva's arm and shoved her face into her horde of squishes as she poked her tip at Minerva's rosebud.* Well I think fucking your ass atop your horde is a good start, don't you? For the rest.. I'll just have to be a little meaner during your next milking session. *She chuckled as she began to slide in, her cock growing to be extra punishing as she took a nice, long time to hilt into her.*
A-Ahhhh~!!! *She cries out, flustered as her face was covered in her squishies and her cock fully in Marin's mouth now* Ngh~ Isaaa~!! Oh fuucckk~ S-So fucking biig~ *She was a mess, eyes rolling back as her demeanor melted to give a slutty face*
Awww is it too much? This is only the beginning of how big I can make it... *She began to expand her cock even more, slowly growing to 16 inches as she just continued to slide in, each time she hilted in she made another inch pop out to shove in further until she reached the goal. Once she was there, she finally began to pump her hips, She let a harsh smack crack down onto Minerva's ass as she began to fuck her properly as last. Marin's throat began to vibrate again, making the sensation all to more overwhelming.*
*Minerva screams, her dominating aura fading as she squeals and mewls* Ohhh fuucckkk~!!! Mommy~! Ohhh~ M-Milk my cock down her throat~ *She pants, her tail jerking Marin off while taking the huge cock. She never felt Isa this huge before or anyone this big* M-Mommy fuck my punishing ass~!!! M-Make it gape for only you to fit~!!!
Hmm I think this is a good point to stay at~ wouldn't want to have to swing around a two foot dick just to fuck you and make you feel it~ *Isa grabbed at Minerva's other arm as she began to drive her hips forwards relentlessly, stuffing the dragoness' ass so damn full it would likely never feel the same with another cock inside of it. The elf below Minerva began to stir at last as Isa railed the dragoness' ass, feeling her cock get stroked and moaning around the cock, finally starting to work her face back and forth a bit more eagerly, putting that expert tongue of hers to work below Minerva.*
*Minerva was a mess, her eyes rolling back* Mmmm~ Ahhhh~!!! T-Two feet~? Oh fuck~! Ngh~! I-Isaaaa~! Oh fuuck~! Yes show my ass who it belongs to~! M-My holes are Isa's alone~!!! *She shakes, feeling the elf now being more active against her cock
(Hello there
Mhhhmm~ you might be in a great place to relieve yourself, but I'm here too~ *Isa began to work her hips harder as she stretched Minerva's ass to the absolute limit, railing deep into the dragoness with that massive breeding tool of hers. Her tail snaking down to plunge into the Dragoness' pussy as she completely destroyed her ass. Marin reached her hands up and began to slam her face against Minerva's crotch, throat squeezing down to try and milk the seed from her balls once more.*
*Minerva felt over the edge and feeling Isa hit that one spot in her ass before screaming and shooting heavy loads deep in Marin's throat* ISAAAA~!!!!!! MOMMYYY I WILL ALWAYS SERVE YOU FIRST I PROMIISSEEE~!!!!! *She screams, shaking as her pussy squirted all over her tail*
*Isa's cock exploded like a fountain deep in Minerva's ass as she felt the dragoness spurt and squirt, marking her with her seed and solidifying her claim over the dragoness holes and body. The elf below came as submissively as possible, spurting her load with a whine as she fulfilled her new life's purpose, to be filled and used as much as possible.* NGHhh~! THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT MIN!!!! HAAAAHHH~ *Isa pulled her back from the elf and flopped back, planting Minerva atop her and stroking hands up and down her body as she coiled herself around the stretched dragoness.*
Nghhh~!!! *She was filled, shaking as she was pulled back and laid on Isa, panting* Nghh~ Ohh Mommyy~ I am sorry for not breeding you first~
No worries hun~ I just needed an excuse to stretch your ass really~ *She giggles and holds Minerva tightly atop her smiling and planting a kiss on her cheek.* Something about your dommy streak makes me want to hold you down and fill your ass, is that weird?
Mmm hehe~ I can tell~ I love that~ I never thought my dom streak turned you on that much~ *She giggles too and kisses her nose* That is super hot, not weird at all~ That fucking good~
That it was~ the three areas you've not visited yet are pretty treacherous, they all know not to do anything stupid, but they are, you know, monsters. So just be careful in here yea? *She hums softly and rocks Minerva side to side.* None of them really measure up to you I think, though, so I'm sure you'll be fine~ and uhhh I'll need you to report to my chambers on a semi-nightly basis.. for a deep and thorough report of the day~
Mphhhhmm...~ *Mumbles and snores quietly as I was leaning against something with the book I was reading on top of my face before suddenly waking I slide it off and look around, confused for a bit.* M-M-M-Mhhaaa...what happened? wh-wh-where am I~?
In the same place you were when you passed out silly~ with Min and I in the Labyrinth~
O-O-O-Oh....eheh... *has a sheepish look on my face when I start rubbing the back of my head.* Did...I ummmm...miss anything~?
I will~ I won't be reckless~ And of course~ I have to make sure you know exactly what I've done~ *She winks and looked to Amelia*
Well... *looks down at the overstuffed elf and the bull cream drooling from Minerva's ass.*
Maybe a few things.
*Looks to seen elf and Minerva when Isa glances over to them.* Ahhhh....
*to see the elf
Surprised you managed to sleep through all that, honestly.
Might...have...been..kept a little...busy...
Doing...classroom-related stuff...
*Rubs my hair, as my tongue rolls out in a playful manner* Certainly have slept through....a couple of explosions once, teehee
Oh really now? *giggles* Teaching some lessons?~
*sniff, sniff*
In a manner of speaking~
It was quite a hands-on experience~
Mmm~ *She purrs, relaxing and humming to take a small break*(
Oh wow that was just amazing~ I can't wait for more~
Mmm well the place is your oyster Min~ waiting to be explored and have its holes plundered into. *Isa hands her a guide of the areas in the Labyrinth, letting her page through it.* Since you're recognized as a dweller here, you'll be able to reach any of these places by just focusing on the destination. It's pretty neat, took a lot of procuring magical materials to make it possible.
Mmmm oh wow~ SO many indeed~ *She looked along them* Hmmm, I might go and visit this orc gym and say hello to my cocksleeve~
Well if ya visit her in her place, be ready for a bit of rough play! She's quite spirited, you know~
I do remember she was very insistent~ I will keep that mind~ *She kisses Isa deeply* I will make sure to give you a through report when I get back babe~
Of course! Enjoy yourself love~ I know the orcs will for certain~
I look forward to it~ *Giving Isa a wink, she would make her way to the gym. She made sure she was cleaned up and looking around for Sheila*
*Gives a wave to Minerva as she leaves before resuming my book.*
*Sheila was observing a match between two rather thick looking orc Futas when Minerva walked in. She acknowledged the Dragoness with a friendly wave and grin.* Well hey there Missuss. If it ain't one of the bull's favorite coming down for a nice visit! Come to wrestle down some sweaty orc girls?
Maybe~ I came to see how my favorite orc ass is since I am settled in~ *She gave the orc a nice ass slap* So I would see if you could use a little filling~? Since I am sure it could use some~
Oh is that so? I might make ya work for it this time Missuss~ I'm somethin' of a competitor you know~ *She leans close and growls, looking over at the locker room and showers.* Though I haven't forgotten how good the dragon dick felt~
Mmm I know you had a lot of fun~ *She notices and licks her lips and reaches her hand around to stroke the orc* Want to take this in there then so we don't interrupt the gym~? Under the water and pin you to a wall~?
Well... if you don't find yourself pinned first~ *She chuckles and grab at Minerva's cock in return, stroking it at the same pace.* I've got a private mat back there... we can get all sweaty~
Mmm, well lead the way~ *her tail sliding to enter Sheila's ass and jerking the orc off* You know you can't resist~ Especially how crazy you got for my cock~
*Sheila yelps a bit and yanks the tail out so she can walk properly, gripping Minerva's ass tight as she guides her to the private mat and shuts the door behind them, quickly getting across the dragoness in a grappling stance.* Well then, lemme show ya how it's done in the gym, Missuss~
Oh my~ I can't say I ever done wrestling before, but I will try~ *She shivers and began to struggle against the orc* Heh, this might be a disadvantage~
*The orc chuckles and locks Minerva into a bearhug, squeezing their bodies together and making their cocks crush together.* Mmhh~ well it's a delicate balance of fucking and trying to overpower the other one. Get too caught up in the pleasure and your opponent will take advantage.
*She pants, kissing Sheila deeply as she grinds her cock against her's, using her tail to help her bind the orcs legs or pull the arms away* Mmm~ Ah well I will certainly try~
*The orc flexes her muscles as she's pulled back by the tail, pulling it off of her and leaving herself a bit exposed as she does. Her cock is twitching and throbbing with anticipation as she locks eyes with Minerva.* Well a tail definitely helps out, that's for sure~
*Minerve grins and nods as she would envelope Sheila's cock between her tits* Very useful~ Don't worry~ I'll make sure your dick gets attention too~ Make you anticipate when I fuck your ass again~
*The titfuck caught Sheila a bit off guard, she found herself thrusting almost automatically between those soft breasts as she tried to think of a way to counter. Quickly she shoved Minerva to her back and held down her shoulders, rubbing her big dragon dick between her thick, muscular cheeks.* Mmmhh not bad for a beginner~ you definitely have the sex part of the wrestling down~
I am a breeder after all~ *She mewls, watching Sheila and tilting her head back as her tail slid into the orc's ass to hit the right spot and push her back and suck on her perky green nipples* Mmmm fuck these are huge~ So soft too~
You aren't the only breeder here Missuss~ *She lets out a low moan as Minerva works her ass and her tits, sweat rolling down her green body and filling the air with her pheromonal musk. She wraps her arms around Minerva as she's pushed back, using the momentum against her to slam her to the mat, one of her forearms pressed to the dragoness' chest while the other reaches down and crams two of her massive meaty fingers into her butt, sliding them in and out.* I'll make you cream and pay you back for last time~
Mmmm you make it sound like you didn't enjoy me pounding that fat ass~ *She mewls, biting her lip and pants and moving a hand town to rub the orcs clit under her balls* Mmm~ Oh so cute~ Mmm I can't wait to make you scream~
Didn't say that...~ *She smirks and bites her lower lip as she feels her clit played with, hips trembling slightly as she feels her wetness increase suddenly. She pulls her arm from Minerva's chest and begins to stroke the dragoness hard, roughly pumping at her cock and planting her shin on the dragoness as she works her below.* Just need to prove my worth to my new.. "Supervisor"~
Ahhh~ Mmm you sure did last time when I lost the bet~ *She moans and slid her tail out and stroked the green fat cock* Mmmm~ Oh fuucckk~ Not used to being the bottom huh~? You can always visit my den to do it more~
I've a feeling if I do that I'm not coming out for a good while and these girls get so rowdy~ *She pants as the dragoness began to stroke her cock in tandem with working on her pussy, now working faster on the dragoness' own parts and relaxing the pressure of her leg pinning Minerva down, getting a bit caught up in the pleasing end of things.* Nghh haah~
*Feeling the loosening on her, she would pin her down in a mating press and slam her cock in her ass* I meant after hours~ Before or after I give my nightly report to Isa, I would happily do things if I find you laying in my room waiting~ *She mewls, slamming her cock in* Make your ass gape wider for me~
Nghh fuck! *She throws her head back as Minerva swiftly buries herself into her ass, gritting her teeth to try and endure the pounding, her massive green breasts jiggling and bouncing with each thrust.* Mhhh~ and I'm sure you'd just love that wouldn't you? Fuck- so big~
Mmmm~ I would~ Fucking a hot orc like you till I pass out and to fill with cum even when I sleep~ *She nibbles on her neck as she jerks the orc off* Don't act like you wouldn't love it either~ Me fucking you into my bed and falling asleep while I fill your ass the whole night~ Making you leave a trail of my hot cum~
Nghhh sounds like Isa would get jealous... not that she'll need to know I guess. *She flushes heavily as she imagines the situation, ass clamping down on Minerva's dick and squeezing it tight before she regains some sense and pushes Minerva back with her legs, tackling her to the mat and shoving her fat green dick into Minerva's ass once she's pinned.* Almost had me there~ You're good at this.. dirty talk~
Well it is why Isa enjoys my company so~ And it wouldn't be every night~ Just now and then~ I am a loyal dragon to her~ *She squeaks as her ass was filled and moaning* Mmmm oh come on~ You didn't wanna milk my cock~? I know you miss my hot jizz baby~ *She growls in her ear, groping Sheila's tits*
*Sheila grunts and moans she rails into Minerva, letting out a low growl as she grabs at the dragoness' ankles and spreads her legs, dominantly railing into her thick butt with tremendous thrusts that made all of Minerva's jiggling bits shake from the impact. She smirk as she looked down at Minerva, staring down at her sexy, curvy body.* Well don't blame me for being cautious about pissing off a literal bull that has crushed my dick under hers on multiple occasions. And as good as it sounds, I'll have to remind you we ARE wrestling~
Mmmm~ Ahhh~ I can understand that~ *She shivers, panting* Mmmm rigghht~ Ohhh good~ *She was drooling and her tail would grab an ankle to help her with her momentum and be on top as she started to ride Sheila's cock roughly while sliding her tail in the orc's ass again* Mmmm I guess we will see how my time her lands out then~
*Sheila's world is turned upside down as Minerva reverses their positions again, this time putting her in peril by shoving her tail in the mix as the orc's cock is milked by her tight ass. She lets out a loud cry and slams her fist against the mat, feeling her cum just about to shoot up from her heavy balls. In a last ditch effort to make Minerva shoot first, she stuffs 3 of those meaty fingers into the dragoness' cunt and begins to rapidly blast it with quick pumps.* Nghh too good~ cum... dammit!
Yes cum baby~!!! Cum for me~! *She squeals, drooling as her tail went in deeper to fuck her faster. She was having a hard time keeping herself together as she put her cock between the orc's tits* Mmmm if you cum~ I'll cum after and cover your pretty face~
*Minerva's demands for cum were about as overwhelming as the assault on her dick and her ass was. She shook her head, sinking her teeth harder into her lower lip as she tried to deny the inevitable, but ended up ultimately giving in to the demands of the dragoness, fully burying her fingers and cock in Minerva as she craned back her head and screamed out.* N-nooo! C-cummiinnnnng~ *Her fluid spat from the tip of her fat green cock like a white geyser, filling Minerva's ass to the very brim.*
Y-YEESSSSS~!!!!! *She screams, shaking as she finally came too, sending a thick rope of cum right into her face* SHEILAAA~!!!! *She growls, lifting herself up, her cock still hard* Seems I win that~
*Sheila groans and rolls over as she hears Minerva's words, shaking her thick green ass invitingly as she bites her lower lip.* Aye, you did at that, marked my face with a winner seed to top it off once ya pinned me and made me cum. Your prize is waiting~
Mmmm don't mind if I do~ *She kisses her back and lines up before slamming her cock inside her ass and thrusting at a rapid pace* Such a good girl~ I will admit that was fun~
*Sheila lets out a low moan as Minerva claims her ass once more, green cheeks rippling with the impact of each thrust as she tunnels into the orc's hole. She starts to pant and stroke her green cock as the dragoness works her from behind, moaning out wildly.* Nghh well if ya ever want a more... involved match I'm happy to oblige fuck~ fill my ass with that winner seed Miss~
I'll make sure to keep that in mind~ Mmmm oh good~ You will baby~ *She licks her neck as she starts playing with the orcs balls while fucking her* Mmm you will get that load~ All in due time~ Mmmm god your ass is so tight~
Mmmhh fuck~ really... hnnggg pounding it in~ *She starts to leak all over the already messy mat as she feels her balls played with, snaking a hand between her legs and rolling Minerva's sack between her fingers as she tries her best to clench down on the massive dragon rod stretching her hole.* Nghh not that tight... you're just... biggg~
Mmmm still so good~ I put my all into it everytime~ *She pants, growling* S-So close~ Hah~ Ngh~ T-Take it~ MGHHH~~!!!! SHEILAAA~!!!!!! *She screams as the dragon felt her balls played with as she came hard and deep in the orc's ass*
*Sheila's eyes roll back as she's treated to a thick load pumped into her green ass, panting a screaming as she cums like a bottom bitch, spilling her potent seed out onto the mat uselessly as she's filled to the brim by the victor.* fuckfuckFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!~
*Minerva pants, shaking as she pulls out and uses the rest of her cum to cover the orc's ass and back* Mmmm fuuccckkk~ That was so hot~ *She pants, sitting back as she was trying to catch her breath*
Well now ya see why we orcs like it so much.. hnn~ *Sheila turns over and flops back, panting and looking at the ceiling.* Great way to really get some aggression out and have some rough sex.
Mmm~ Ahhh~ I can tell~ Fuuck~ I can tell~ Well I am tired out so..~ Time to send my report to Isa, so I will see you around more Sheila~ *She stands up, her tail swishing*
*Sheila waves as Minerva wanders off, getting up to clean herself off and relax her body a bit.* See ya around, Missus~
You can call me Minni~ *She winks before heading off to find her bull*
(And with that time to close the room and get some food
(See ya Min~)
(This was a blast and I might open a room again tomorrow to meet some others~ Tataaaa~
** Minerva, Isa's Loyal Guard left the game (definitively). **
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