Lord Samson, Lord of the Horde VS Shiori The Yokubo Fox : History listed publicly (49 turns)

The Fox Girl's Corruption

The Magical Fox Girl attempts to beat the Demon Lord again but fails and ends up being corrupted~

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*You have heard of the horde on the move their new leader is starting to make a push for territory and you are the only one away to stop him.*
*I breathe out as I head towards the location of where the horde is, holding my magical staff with a determined nod* I'm going to have to try and bring this guy to Justice
*My scouts come run telling me about your approach and I have the horde halt and wait for her to show herself.* We will get rid of the threat and then move on. If she wants to be the first to fall on our march then so be it.
*I give another nod to myself before heading on in front of the horde, holding my staff up as I point towards you* I have come to take you down in the name of Justice!
*I motion for bandits to go and try to stop her first not wanting her to gain any momentum.*
*I aim my staff towards the Bandits, a bit unsurprised by the event before launching out a bolt of fire at them* Take this evil-doers!
*A good amount are hit by your fire bolt but they still keep coming as some jump from near by trees pulling you to the ground and strip you of your clothes. The mock and marvel at you as they get a good look at your assets.*
*I blush brightly at this before swinging my staff at a Bandit, growling slightly at my clothing being torn off* Y-You... ugh I am so lucky I have copies of this outfit... and that I can repair it at least
*You knock some out before they finally take you to the ground and start using your holes as they like making you take in your mouth and tight slit.*
*I moan around a Bandits cock as another pounds into me, it was clear I needed to do something quick before they overwhelmed. I send out a burst of fire around me, knowing it might make them back off*
*You blast them all away making them recoil and hold their scorched bodies as one of the bandits lifts your leg and keeps fucking you.*
*I give a few mewl and moans as the Bandit keeps fucking me before I use a distraction spell to try and get away* W-Why are these Bandits so tough?!?
*Some that where to far away for the spell to take effect on rush you with chains.* Your not getting away!
*I try and not be chained by them, gritting my teeth slightly* (Roll a d20 to try and escape?)
(d20is good 15 or higher.)
** Shiori The Magical Girl Fox rolled 1d20: 8! **
/dice 20
*But I fail, not being able to move in time as the Bandits get closer to chaining me*
*They grin as the catch and cuff you up and begin fucking you again.*
*I moan loudly as the Bandits pound into me more but due to me exhausting myself slightly from my magic, I take a moment to do nothing and try and wait for an opportunity to escape as they pound into me*
*They all start taking turns using the chains to help them ram deep into your core.* Yeah what a good magic girl you are. Such a nice plump ass. *They start talking dirty to you as you moan for them.*
*I blush brightly at this before casting out another wave of fire in spite of my moaning and the pleasure from the Bandits thrusts*
*All the bandits remaining flee not wanting to deal with this. I roll my eyes at their cowardice before getting my next line of forces ready.*
*I breathe out and focus myself, trying to regain some energy before continuing back on with a small growl* Oh I am going to make them pay for this!
*You don’t get far before orcs with battle tattoos coating their body storm at you ready for the little fox to try and play hero.*
Bet she is a horny slut to try and take us on.~
Yeah we should give her a good breeding!~
*I blush brightly at this before growling deeply and summoning my staff back into my hand before pointing it at the Orcs* PERVERT ORCS! *I then launch out a fireball at them*
*Not many call to your spell as they now rush you and quickly thrust into filling you with their cum.*
*I'm briefly surprised before moaning loudly as the orcs pound into me and fill me with their cum. My holes unconsciously squeezing down, tempting them to do more*
*They have no problem continuing to use you before making you take one done your throat.*
*Others suck on your tits hoping to make them leak milk later.*
*I moan around the Orcs cock before focusing up my Magic and sending out a burst of flame around me in order for them to try and back off even with the pleasure from two Orcs sucking on my breasts*
*You knock them back but bigger odds only replace them as they start to overwhelm you with their cocks wanting to fill you with more of their cum.* You may have done well againg the runt but now you take on some real orc!~
*I moan loudly, trying to pretend like I can handle this when it's clear I'm in over my head as the Orcs pound deep into my holes as I can feel one cock hit into my cervix*
*The orc hitting your crevix flips you over and grabs your arms pulling them back as he continues to hit deep into you his cock threatening to cum inside of you.*
*I give mewls of pleasure as the Orc keeps pounding into me, I try and use magic to amplify his pleasure to maybe try and get him to finish quicker as my mind steadily grows blank from being pounded into so hard*
*The orc flexes his muscles and holds on but those around him cum and cover your body. He grabs a collar and threatens to put it on.* Know your place as breeding stock.
(Go ahead and roll 15 or higher.)
** Shiori The Magical Girl Fox rolled 1d20: 13! **
/dice 20
*I grit my teeth and try to do anything but am unable to as the Orc has clearly overwhelmed me as I'm covered in cum*
*Focusing to hard on collaring you the orc cums and drops the collar.*
(I needed one stamina.)
*You have to think about your predicament. There are still plenty of orcs as some start getting up for another round.*
(Yeah, I noticed that detail ^_^')
*As the Orcs are busy getting read for another round, my mind regains enough focus for me to draw on enough magical energy to sent out bolts of electricity*
*They quickly flee leaving covered and filled with their cum.*
*I shakily get myself up before breathing out, refocusing my Magic as my eyes begin to dimly glow* ...Before I hand that guy over to the proper forces... I should smack him in the face for having such perverted minions
*I sigh as I wished to save this for later and snap my fingers a large portal opens up and you feel the heat of bell as demons exit the portal.
*I look at the demons before blushing brightly* ...Great, gonna have to exhaust the Demons... *I softly sigh before blushing even brighter as I bend over* S-Seriously, why did that guide say this was the best option?
*You bend over before feeling a hand slap your ass and pull on your leash. Showing you your place.*
*I moan loudly at the smack before summoning a small Mana Orb to hit the Demon* G-Geez, you are a pervy lot
*You strike one before more grab you and shove there cocks into you as they all grin loving how your magic feels on their skin.*
*I give a loud pleasured mewl before my pussy clamps down hard on their cocks, my mind quickly growing blank as I'm overwhelmed*
*You watch as one starts gaping your hole and making it fit perfect for his cock. His grunts and moans filling you with more pleasure.*
*I moan loudly, not doing anything as the Demons keep pounding into my pussy as my mind continues to grow more and more blank*
*The smile seeing the light in your eyes fade as the try to extinguish it for good and break you.*
They start thrust wild into making its feel all to good.*
*I try and hold on as much as I can as the Demons keep pounding without a shred of mercy*
*One makes you ride him. Making you show every demon around what a good little slut you are. They watch as you bounce and take that cock again and again.*
*I growl slightly and try to fight back even as I'm bouncing on the cock, trying to get the chains off of me as I moan in pleasure*
*You feel the one beneath you roll you over raise your legs over your head.* Time code you to carry a hell spawn! *The. He starts to fuck you in a mating press the pleasure overwhelming you feel as your mind may split.*
is resisting cumming (84% chance of cum) => Came!
*His thick cock slamming the back of your womb.*
*I moan and mewl loudly, trying to hold on as my eyes widen* N-Noooo! I-I can't handle that! *I moan out loudly, trying to resist breaking before I orgasm, my pussy clamping down hard on the cock as I squirt all over it* F-Fuuuuckkkkk~!
*You are broken and soon take. To me as I watch you spasm from the demons fucking you so well.* Here I thought I was going to have some fun.~ *I laugh and mock you.* You are defeated and now the villagers you could have evacuated are now going to get claimed by the horde and then give. To these demons for their victory here.
*I look at you with slight anger* Y-Yooouuu... you won't get away with this! I'll make sure to beat you!
*I raise a brow.* Oh yeah let’s see. *The demons toss you at my feet before I put you in a mating press like the demons did and start fucking you like a wild animal.* Go ahead cum for me and show me how weak and pathetic you are!~
*I moan loudly as you put me into a mating press, instantly orgasming all of your cock as I try to use some magic to prevent myself from being impregnated but already used most of it in preventing the Demons from trying to impregnate me*
See you slut your no match for my demons or me.~ That’s right I’m a demon lord. Strong magic isn’t it? *I bite your neck enjoying you as I think about what to do with you.*
I’m gonna breed you that’s a no brainer. *I drain all your magic from you and get ready to do just that.* Then I will make you my concubine.~ *Nodding * Yes all the time to fuck you and make you carry my hell spawn. *I then cum inside you and fill your womb with my seed.*
*I moan loudly as you fill my womb with your seed, panting heavily as I can feel myself being impregnated* F-fuuuck... a-am I... s-stuck as your concubine forever?
You can go where you please do what ever you want but when I call on you. *I do a hand motion putting a tattoo above your heart.* You will come to me.~
*Blushes slightly* ...Well... g-guess I should ask if the rumor is true some Demon Lords give out womb tattoos
*I grin and mark you with an internal seal claiming you further. It hurts at first making you squirm but soon it fades.*
indeed we do.~
I-I see... *I glance to the side blushing* ...L-Look since you've gotten me pregnant... c-can we make a small deal?
Sure I’m in a good mood right now.
...I won't try to fight you... i-if you... *Blushes even brighter* ...Maybe c-claim me as yours... s-since you... t-technically won and all
*Is internally repeating 'do not admit he's kinda handsome, do not admit he's kinda handsome, DO NOT ADMIT HE'S KINDA HANDSOME'*
And why would you want that.~ *I grin seeing your internal struggle plain as day.*
... *Blushes even brighter* ...Look, don't *I raise a finger* Take this too much... y-you're kinda... attractive
*Internally '...You are hopeless at this'*
*I grin wider.* Deal your mine and I claim you for the horde and most importantly me. *I fuck you harder again giving you a few loads as the horde change and roars in victory.*
*I moan loudly as you pound into me, idly wondering if the mark you'll give me will be visible to some people* (I am kinda willing to make some art for that ^_^)
(Invisible to all but you and I.)
(Fair enough ^_^)
(But yeah, I'll let you a d500 for how many little demons Shiori will have)
(Can’t wait to see the art work.)
(wait how do I do it?)
** Lord Samson, Lord of the Horde rolled 1d500: 437! **
(There we go!)
(Nice~ see you around)
(Bye little fox.)
** Game ended and players inactive, destroying game! **

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