Lord Samson, Lord of the Horde VS Shiori The Yokubo Fox : History listed publicly (39 turns)

The Fox Girl and the Demon Lord

A Fox girl attempts to challenge a Demon Lord but fails and ends up being bred, marked soon after as one of his sluts~

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*I grin as we finish are raid in the nearby villages. We captured all the women and took everything of value. I feel at the top of the world right now.*
*I breathe out before appearing in front of your army, pointing my staff at you with a determined glint* Alright now this is the time I'll take you down!
You again?~ *I grin resting my head on my fist.* You must really love my cock.~ if you surrender now I promise to make you a demonic magic girl.~
*Growls* T-That last time was a fluke! I won't fall here again!
Very well. *I wave and send the bandits in again.* These boys been wanting another crack at you.*
*I blush brightly at the bandits before sighing* W-Well considering how perverted your minions are... *Run towards them before leaping at one and slamming my ass into their face* T-Take this!
*The love your enthusiasm and go ahead and remove your armor and admire you body.*
*Blushes at this before grinding my ass down more on the Bandit* Y-You may as well lick since you're already gonna try for that anyway!
*They pin you to the ground on all fours before thrusting into you and jerk off wait ffor
their turn and or to coat you in some of their cum.*
*I bob my head up and down on one of the Bandit's cock, brightly blushing but looking distinctly annoyed at this situation*
*The one behind you lifts your leg as it helps him thrust deeper into you.* Shit this bitch is way more willing this time.~ Yeah the boss made her a total slut.~
*I growl a little before using a bit of Magic to rearrange the Bandits a little* O-One at a time okay, i-if you're gonna savor this. A-At least give me a bit of courtesy...
*They hold your arms as they try to cuff you again.* Don’t worry you slut we will treat you like you deserve.~
** Shiori The Magical Girl Fox rolled 1d20: 19! **
/dice 20
(You resist. Or you can choose not to.)
(You might like it.~)
*Right as they are about to cuff me, I send out a blast of Magic that sends the cuffs flying* N-No (Can't give in on the first minion~)
(What should I roll to see if they still do it? It can be high since you resist.)
(Hmmm... I'd say 15 like what you do)
** Lord Samson, Lord of the Horde rolled 1d20: 17! **
(Oh my~)
*You shoot the cuffs but a bandit quickly catches it and cuffs you in nice and tight.* Gods she is a feisty one, can’t wait for us to put her in her place.~
*Growls a little at this before continuing to suck a Bandit's cock, waiting for a moment of opportunity to try and strike back*
*As you suck another bandit grabs your hips and rams into your furthest depths and start bucking into your hips wildly.* She so tight still.~ Boss is luck to have a slut like this.~
*I moan as the bandit pounds into me before I start bouncing onto his cock, hoping to exhaust him enough by doing this as my mind grows a little blank from the pleasure*
*The bandit thrust hard into you as many surround you and jerk off. The all watch you tits bounce and ass jiggle before everyone blows their load on you and inside you.*
Take this bitch!~ *Some say as the cum and soon they all walk away leaving you a mess.*
*I grin as the bandits have their fun and soon prepare the next wave.*
*I pant slightly as the Bandits back off, I grab out a Mana potion and drink it down. Using some of the energy to make sure I don't get pregnant*
*I send the orcs in seeing how you are deciding to have a little more fun now. The orcs grin as they approach.* Ready to bear orc children.~ Replenish the numbers you killed last time.~
... *Blushes and acts all shy* M-Maybe~ *I internally smirk knowing this'll lower their guards*
That’s a good slut.~ *They grab you and one starts fucking you and let’s you see yourself from a mirror how much you love getting fucked.*
*I moan loudly as the Orcs begin to pound into me, blushing more as I watch myself be fucked. I try to ignore it but a part of me aches to be filled like this*
*An orc reaches and pulls on your mouth with two fingers as he fucks you harder.* That’s it bitch moan so the whole horde hears you.~
*I rub myself as I moan around the fingers, my ass jiggling as I'm pounded into harder then before*
*The orcs grin as you enjoy yourself and slaps your ass before grabbing the back of your neck and making sure you stay down.*
*My moans spike in volume from the smack as they continue pounding into me as I continue to rub my clit as my mind grows blank from the pleasure*
*The start thrusting faster as orc after orc start cumming one after another inside you trying to push through your magic and make you submit.*
*I keep rubbing myself as the Orcs pound into me, my moans and mewls sounding sluttier and sluttier by the second as my ass rapidly jiggles*
*They quickly bend you over and start thrusting more and more cocks inside your slit feeling you about to give in to them.* Yes give in to Orc cocks!~
*I do nothing as the Orcs keep pounding into me, briefly surrendering into them as their cocks keep pounding into my cervix*
*The orc thrust into you with everything he has wanting you to cum on his cock and show everyone how much of a slut you are.* That it call out to our lord! Let him hear you beg for him to get you and knock you up!~
is resisting cumming (18% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I briefly get close to orgasming but manage to hold on despite my holes desperately wanting to be filled as the Orcs continue to pound hard into me*
*I then use a burst of powerful Magic to try and make the Orcs back off*
*The orcs get angry and grab you before shoving their cocks in opposite ends of you. They spit roast you and make you take the cum you tried to avoid.*
*I moan around an Orc's cock as they pound into me harder then before, making me unable to do anything briefly as my ass rapidly jiggles*
Submit! Submit and take our seed! *They roar as they try to make you cum again letting their cocks hit your crevix and they pull your tail. He slaps your ass and you watch me stare you down with a smirk.*
is resisting cumming (44% chance of cum) => Came!
*I try and hold on again, trying to not orgasm but the pleasure gets to be too much before I orgasm. Squirting all over the Orc's cock as my mind breaks*
*The orc fills you and Impregnate you with his seed before letting you fall to the floor.* Congratulations. *I clap and motion to our slaves from the villages.* Your reward are the slaves we have acquired. To be breeding stock for your growing clan. *The orcs cheer and slam their fist to their chest and walk away from you and take their reward immediately fucking them.* I walk to you and flip you over.* Well well looks like your not so made out for this Magic girl thing.~
*I blush brightly before sighing* ...I-I guess... w-what are you gonna do to me now... M-Master~
*I use my powers to make you have the orc baby quickly. Its soon taken away as I grab your magic scepter and snap it.* Time for you to get an upgrade.~
But we go one step further.~
*Blushes brightly at that as my tail wags a little*
You are mine.~ I’m gonna breed you and give you more of my hellspwan. Then I’ll gift you demonic magic girl powers.~
T-Thank you for this gift Master~
You will be sucking me off as we conquer cities. Then taking my cock at night like the slut you are. *I grab your ass and slap it hard before I put you in a mating press.* Right now tho. Right now I breed you till I’m done.~
*I moan loudly as you smack my ass and put me into a mating press* Y-Yesss~ b-breed me and make me yours~ make me your foxy breeding bitch~
This is what magic girls are for.~ Defeating and breeding like the sluts they are.~ *I thrust rapidly into you as my demonic power surges. My cock easily hitting the back of your womb and stretching you to your limit.*
*I mewl in pleasure as you hit into the back of my womb with my legs crossing behind my back, my ass jiggling as my mind goes blank. Only focused on being bred*
*I bite your neck marking you as I hold you close and throb hard inside you loving every inch of your submissive form.* Fuck your going to breed me an entire new army.~ *I chuckle.*
U-Understood Master~ I'll make sure to have all of your demonic offspring as your personal Foxy sluuutttt~ *I mewl out as you keep pounding into me before I squirt all over your cock*
*I smack your ass and hold your neck as I cum inside of you and make your belly bulge as my hot and potent demonic seed fills your womb and claims you once more as mine.* That a good breeding fox.~ A good slutty magic girl.~ *I sit on my throne as we continue you one with you sitting on my lap and cock still in you.*
*I nuzzle you as you keep pounding into me, knowing I'm pregnant with your offspring as I enjoy my position as a Magical Girl Fox Breeding Slut~*
*We raid villages one by one as they see you bouncing on my cock riding like the failed magic girl you are. After the raid I finally gift you another magic scepter filled with my demonic influence. You hold it and feel my power replace what you lost. You feel stronger but you no longer wish to fight me. You are perfect right where you are.*
(End scene there~?)
(That was amazing.~)
(Good~ now since you won. I'll let you choose the number of Offspring Shiori has been impregnated with~)
(Not to mention whether or not she'll just bend over for you when you ask~)
(Yes she will.)
(Let’s go with 2,247+1)
(The orcs deserve their triumph.)
(Should I make a separate list for the orcs~?)
(If you want.~)
(Alrighty~ the +1 is for the Orcs right?)
(Unless you want more?)
(I'm content with that if you are~)
(Profile has been updated~)
(Perfect. That gives the orca what they want and I still breed you a lot.~)
(I’ll update mine soon and we can end it here.)
(Understood ^_^)
(Maybe post are matches in public and show them the defeat of the magic fox girl.)
(I'd be fine with that~)
I’ll let you edit them title and all.~

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