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(Oke~ Do you want me to lay some nice intro out or mayhaps you want to do it~?)
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It was a sultry, quiet morning in the mansion. A gentle breeze came tumbled across the surrounding fields, causing the soft blue shadows of the surrounding trees to gently sway and shift as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. Inside the bedroom, Lisa sat motionless, enjoying a restful night of sleep. It had been quite some time since she had been able to relax with such a comfortable morning!
The sun, still barely above the horizon, was unable to disturb her sleep just yet, as the windows in her room were high set to avoid such an issue. However, it seemed as though fate was after her, as a sudden burst of light, more whitish than even a noon sun, came pouring into her bedroom, along with a whitish mist, that began to billow down! The light beamed over her body, stirring her awake, as out of the fog, a feminine figure began to appear, just a shadow for now, but with what seemed to be a pair of.. wings!
The figure gracefully set down onto the ground after a moment of gently floating down, and began to walk towards Lisa as she was stirred awake. "Dont be scared," The figure spoke, her voice gentle, and yet spoken as though she were supremely commanding, "I was sent merely to judge your soul and spirit, and Ill be on my way, mortal."
Finally, the fog and the shimmering holy light withered away, dissipating through the underside of her bedroom door and simply into thin air. The lady was an angel! Her pale lilac hair was resting gently on her shoulders. Her body swayed with each step she took, taking the weight of her gracious pure white wings with each step. Pale skin, blemishless, divine, curved around her figure in such ways to elicit intense arousal in anyone who saw her like this, fully nude, a pure angel.
"My name is Sarah." She said, shortly, taking her time to saunter over to the side of the bed, "What is *yours?*"
*Lisa, still sleepy, began to slowly open her eyes unaware of the whole scene that just took place. Given that she rarely had an opportunity to rest, she wasn't really willing to get up from the bed... But something wasn't right... She started turning in her bed trying to seek for a more comfortable position but to no avail... Suddenly the angel's voice snapped her out of her half-slumber.* Mmmnnn... Only five minutes... I swear I;m not going to be late... *And having said that she closed her eyes again and tried to fall asleep again*
Sarah, the angel, raised her eyebrows at Lisa. She was... shocked, that her entrance had failed to wake her. Her brow soon furrowed in frustration, and the act of a divine being was quickly dropped. "Ummm... no. You are going to wake up NOW!" She slowly lowered her hands down towards Lisa, placing them on her soft covers. She violently began to shake her.. "Wake! Up! Come on! I am an ANGEL, here to judge you for afterlife, and you cant be bothered to get up? Ugh!~"
It was bad enough that she was treated poorly in the afterlife, as a newer angel, but Sarah REFUSED to be treated as a child by mere mortals such as this one, she would NOT allow it..
*Lisa felt the violent turbulence of her body and that somewhat woke her up... Somewhat. With a very sleepy yet feminine voice she mumbled:* Z-zia...? N-not now kitty... I'm sleeping... Mmmmm... Cuddles... *having said that Lisa extended her arms and pulled the angel right to her bed and started hugging her tightly, like one does with a plushie. But something was odd... What Lisa felt wasn't the soft fur... It was soft but... More like feathers...? Lisa curiously began wandering her hand on visitor's body trying to figure out what exactly was wrong... She kept moving her soft fingers on Sarah's wings until she made her way to her skin... That was the moment where Lisa realised something wasn't right. She opened her eyes and she noticed that her guest that was making a very peculiar expression. Trying to figure out what just happened Lisa slightly opened her cherry-red lips and after a moment she said:* U-uhmmm... Who are you? H-have I... Uhmmm... I can't recall anything from last night... Gosh...
Sarah yelped as this mortal, Lisa, clasped her body and pulled her snug. Lisa was indeed of a much larger figure, and being paticularly petite, Sarah clumsily ended up atop the woman, Sarahs' arms begrudgingly still tucked at her own hips as she found herself in this warm bearhug. "agh! L...let go of me!" Sarah yelped out, pulling against her. "I..I wasnt *here* last night, i.. Im an angel..hrrrgh..Stop!"
"Wake up! I...stop this!
Eventually she seemed to sober up and Sarah sighed, pushing herself away from the woman, in fact taking a step back. She crossed her arms as she looked down at her, before clearing her throat and speaking, once more, in a more serious tone now that the person wasnt manhandling her. "Ahem. Anyway.. I am here to judge your soul for the afterlife, you ARE Lisa, correct mortal?"
((okay so everyone ever is trying to call me right now so forgive my slow typing >.<))
My my~ I am indeed Lisa~ *she said with a vast grin on her face* I can't believe my name is known to such beauties such as yourself... No wonder you're an angel... Alluring appearance... Those voluptuous body... Long silky hair... *Lisa bit her lip as if she was pondering on something but a few seconds later she raised her head again and with an innocent smile she said:* I didn't mind having you with me in bed you know? *She giggled and started preparing to leave the bed*
(It's oke ♥ No worries ^^)
Anyway, if you want my soul so badly... Oh no... Where are my manners... *Lisa's cheeks turned red as she suddenly jumped out of bed*
Allow me to make you some tea... After all you're a guest
*As Lisa was slowly leaving the bed, she made sure to give Sarah, a peek at her cleavage, "accidentally" revealing it*
Sarah began to blush at this woman seeming to prospect her, staring her up and down. Her cheeks turned a bright red, easily visible against her pale cheeks as she sat there, staring down now angrily. 'The AUDACITY of this mortal' She thought. Lisa began to stand up. Even a divine being like Sarah had her jaw drop as Lisa's body jiggled from the sudden bounce up, her chest, her voluptuous curves, all full of their alluring seeming weight, bounced gently up and down with her jumpning up like that. It was enough to make Sarah continue to blush as the woman sauntered over towards a tea table. " n.noo.. I am just here to perform your judgement, Lisa.. you dont have to..."
Sarah lowered her hands down to her hips, leaning onto one leg. Why was this woman seemingly undisturbed by an ANGEL visiting her? As she moved towards the tea, Sarah quickly caught back up to her, leaning her hands on the table so she could get in front of her face once more, and perhaps get her to understand what was happening. "Umm.. *excuse* me, but this is really important! Dont you want to go to the afterlife?" She leaned in front of Lisa, her own petite body arching over the table, giving Lisa a full view of her naked angel body.
*Lisa obviously didn't waste such an awesome opportunity and gave angel's body a very thorough look, but then she began brewing the tea...* You see... *She began* Why would I want to go to afterlife? You know... There's this promise of eternal life... angels... The heaven... being the heaven. But why would I need to go there if I can have my own personal heaven right here and right now with you beautiful. *She winked at Sarah and poured her a cup of tea* Here... Lady's favourite, Darjeeling second flush~ It's warm so be careful... But what am I saying... *she gave the angel a sinister smile* How can a mere tea compare to hotness of your figure? *Lisa turned around pretending to seek for a spoon but in fact she had something different in mind. With one swift move her night gown has fallen all the way down to the ground*
Oh my... How careless of me... *The maid giggled again and glanced at her guest provocatively*
"S....stop! I wont stand for this mortal! S...stoooopp!~" Sarah said, weakly, slowly backing away from Lisa after she handed her the tea. She couldnt believe she was to be assigned to someone so careless! How could they? Sarah was getting increasingly flustered with every passing remark she made, her face still that beet red, while her eyes still shone with indignance and anger. "I am to be your guide to the afterlife, You better treat me.. with... respect..nn..." No.. No! She couldnt possibly be this tempted by a mere mortal, could she? She quickly tried to mask the embarassing noise that had escaped through her lips by loudly sipping the tea. It immediately washed over her with a feeling of arousal. What was this, some sort of aphrodisiacs? Or perhaps it was the fact that such a beautiful figure was the one who handed it to her.. it had indeed been some time since she was given hospitality so easily by anyone.. " you know you arent going to be able to get away with this, Lisa. Its not like I..would fall for this, you stupid.. mortal.." Sarah said, slowly shifting from one leg to another uneasily as she sipped her tea over and over, hoping for some relief to avoid being humiliated...
Mmm~ How delightful... Them Miss Guide... I'd love if you were to show me the way to all your sweet-spots on your body... I want to explore it and get lost in the enticing taste of your soft lips... *The maid began slowly approaching her interlocutor, marking every step with an alluring hip movement.* I'd be more than happy to show you things that you have never experienced dearie... With all those restrictions... I bet you have a burning desire to just give in... But you keep refusing... Right. Why? Why, are you refusing sunshine? You know... I'm a maid... Pleasing others is my one and only purpose. And I know how to please you. *She smirks watching Sarah's face and all delightful expressions she makes*
You just have to say a word... And I will happily oblige... Fulfilling all your wildest fantasies... I bet your knees are weak already sweetie... And I'll have you by my feet in no time...
"Give in? Do you have *any* idea what sort of afterlife I am guiding you towards?" Sarah nervously laughed, her voice had a taunting tone to it. "There is no need for me to give in to anything, stupid! My divine realm is full of my ...most...wanted.." Her words stumbled as her eyes trailed down towards Lisa's feet. The idea of being overpowered by a mortal was beyond embarassing! She cant let this happen! She REFUSED! Sarah shook her head and once again took a step back, leaning herself away from Lisa, "Y..your feet? Hah! if.. I..would want... that...I...Y.." Sarah found herself now against a wall, she slowly set down the empty tea cup she had completely downed in mere moments and stared, her arms sprawled out against the wall as well, in horror, in anger. "You wouldnt possibly be able to do that to me! Hah.." She spoke, in her very compromising position..
*Lisa kept pushing further... Noticing that the Angel literally has her back against the wall, she instantly got close to her* My my... There's no where to run... I guess that's where the trail ends, Miss guide... Allow me to take the leading role now... *The servant extended her hands towards angel's hips... She began the slow torment... Moving her fingertips lower and lower until they finally found the treasure they've been seeking for... The moment Lisa's hand rested on Sarah's clit, the maid pressed her breasts on her guest...* Do you like that...? I bet you do... Don't worry... I'll be gentle... I'll slowly melt you in my hands till there will be no traces of that facade you're putting on now... *She bent over the beautiful woman she was now with and began nibbling her ear*
Sarah's body quivered as Lisa quickly moved down to rub against her clit. Her figure was much smaller than hers, and so as she was pressed further into the wall by her breasts, Sarah's arms flailed upwards in protest. "! Stop this right now! I dont want this, you stupid, little, mortal! I am here to guide you to an ecstatic afterlife, and be there to be your caretaker, not...AAhhaa~" Her words got cut off by a moan that echoed through the roomy bed chamber. Sarah clasped desperately against Lisa's shoulders, pushing, with meager resistance, away from herself. She refused to take her advances, she wouldnt POSSIBLY live it down if a mortal did this to her..."S..stop it.. you I...n...nhnnnmmm" Sarah, despite all her resistance, couldnt help herself, she gave Lisa's cheek a quick peck while she kissed and nipped at her ear. All the flustered tension, the pent up desires, were too much for even a divine being to resist. She quickly recoiled as she did, recovering her composure, with a shocked expression, staring into the lustful maid's glossy, perfect eyes... "You..cant..." Was all she could muster...
Oh... I can't~? You want me to stop? *She took a look at Sarah's blushy face* My my... Someone isn't honest here... But that's okay... I will slowly make you open to me... Piecemeal... And that won't be the only thing that will open for me... *She lustfully looked at the thighs between which she had her hand* But I think we should move to a more comfortable place. *Lisa easily picked the angel up and carried her to bed. Sarah obviously protested. Obviously to no avail. Moments later Lissa was smothering her breasts on Sarah's face* I'll make you feel really nice... But I'd love it if you'd just the same for me sweetie...
Could you~? *The maid moved her hands to angel's clit and continued tender teasing, trying to get more of the cute voice that escapes Sarah's mouth every time she moans*
"Mmhh! Stop! Put me down! You! Agh!~" Sarah was quickly stifled and smothered by Lisa's curvy figure, which swalled up her own on the bed. She was writhing underneath Lisa, desperately trying to find an escape, but to no avail. She couldnt believe that she had let herself get whisked away, and was now being humiliated by this.. mortal! "You... stupid... aaaahhmmm!!" No! No moans! She desperately stopped her moan by planting her lips against Lisa's breasts, hoping to muffle her cries of pleasure at least temporarily. The vibrations from her body screamed through Lisa's body, as she quickly swirled her tongue around, nibbling down on her nipple, enjoying the raw, erotic taste that was now flowing into her mouth from the woman's body. "!" Her wings were flattened against the bed, and she desperately tried to pull Lisa's hand away from her now made needy crotch, but to little avail besides a bit of resistance. Sarah gently clawed at and tugged at her wrists, her strength fading with every passing second Lisa spent burning her most sensitive area with such passionate stimulation..
Mmnnnn~ I like obedient girls... *Lisa's cheeks turned bright red since she's clearly not immune to everything going on now* You're so adorable... Oh my gosh... *Lisa couldn't hold it in anymore.... She swiftly adjusted the position and locked her lips with Sarah's. The sensation overwhelmed her and made her knees feel weak... But Lisa wasn't even nearly satisfied... She pushed her tongue between angel's lips and begun twirling it inside her mouth inviting her guest to join this lewd dance... Lost in carnal desire she lost the track of time... If only that was possible she'd keep their lips locked forever... But she was forced to break the kiss.... Heavily panting and immensely blushing, she looked into eyes of the celestial being beneath her...* Mnnn... You turn me on so much... Why didn't you come here earlier darling? I have so many ideas... So many things we could do together just run across my mind... Like... *The maid smirked and moved between Sarah's thighs.* Why don't you show me what your deft tongue is capable of, and lick my feet? *She giggled and placed her foot right on angel's cleavage*
Sarah couldnt stand the thought of being utterly dominated like this. It was clear that her nude body was beyond alluring for this mortal. And despite her protests and insults she continually hurled at Lisa, Sarah couldnt deny how attractive the maid truly was. She was damned to be relentlessly teased and taunted for allowing her mortal to control her, but there was little point in resisting, she couldn't possibly deny the fact that the woman was more than she could handle. With bitter, childlike anger, Sarah closed her eyes tight, huffing as Lisa planted a tender kiss on her lips. That was the moment that sealed Sarah's fate. The taste of her glossy, red lips, the way her tongue squished and pressed into her lips and her own tongue, Sarah couldnt help but let out a groan.. not of protest, but of need.. desire. If she were to guide her another way.. yes.. perhaps.. she could still make this work and avoid being embarrassed by the other divines who would comment on this.. her mind was racing relentlessly, but through it all.. she enjoyed the bliss of this kiss. Which soon slowed her mind's wandering.. until.. as Lisa pulled away.. Sarah was left.. wanted... needing... more.. "M..more..I..You..stupid..mortal.. You cant..I....~" Lisa's foot plopped down in front of her. She couldnt help but stare at it, her lips quivering and tears rolling slowly down her cheek. The sheer embarassment was causing an overload of emotions in the angels mind.. but.. with a sniffle.. she leaned forward.. "*sniff* I..stupid.. mortal..if this is what you want.. I..nn..mmmhhhahh..." Her tongue gracefully wandered along each of Lisa's toes as she clasped her foot, bringing it in towards her face. The humiliation of the entire situation, being treated so kindly, it was all too much for Sarah...Lisa's feet rested upon her bosom, her breasts began to feel sensitive by just the feel of Lisa's silky soft feet resting upon them. With great hesitation, Sarah began to gently knead the pads of her skin along each toe, working down to work and relax each muscle... "Mmmhh..I.."
Mmmm.... Such a good girl... Gosh... *Lisa was still panting heavily both from the increasing arousal and the breathtaking kiss she had few moments ago... Her eyes were closely following every single move Sarah made...* I just want to keep you here... forever... Only for me... Only you and I... Together... *Lisa's hand subconsciously wandered to her clit and begun to slowly rub it...* T-that's r-right... *Maid's voice was a bit shakey due to occasional moans but she kept her composure. More or less that is.* Mnnn.... You know I have two feet, right sweetie~? *Lisa mumbled and switched the foot she presented to Sarah* Do the same my love... You're turning me on so much....
I can't wait to see all of your expressions... But we'll have plenty of time to explore that... We'll take our time... I promise that you won't regret it *Lisa reassuringly smiled at the celestial being*
Sarah, through feigned frustration, sputtered out as LIsa moved her focus to her other foot. She sputtered out her words in viscous spits, as she continued to rub the new foot, which felt just as soft, inviting, exquisite as the last, "Its not..Like I can go back to the afterlife NOW after youve embarrassed me, stupid mortals.. always getting so worked up for our nude bodies.. im glad you at least have the courtesy to ask and give me SOME hospitality, I guess.." Sarah had tears rolling down her face, her emotions were getting the better of her as she continued, her voice faltering and quivering.. "You..youve ruined my life now you know? I cant go back up there and face them after being humiliated by such a perfect.. beautiful...stupid mortal!" Despite all the anger, sadness, depression in Sarah's voice, it was of little use hiding how she felt as she slipped out the complements. It was indeed true, Lisa was the most beautiful thing Sarah had laid eyes upon, her natural divinity surpassing the attraction and beauty of even Sarah's diving partners! It was difficult to tell, but through her sniffling and little whimpers as she quietly let out more tears, Sarah was thrilled, ecstatic to be free, to have someone being such a caretaker.. it was beyond her.. "You...mmmh...stupid..I. Mortals all are so foolish, arent they?" She practically whispered, as she planted a kiss against the bottoms of Lisa's toes. As she did so, she subconciously rolled out her hips and spread her legs open underneath Lisa, letting them wrap up and squish against her plump curves that were beyond alluring, even to an angel of lust such as Sarah..
*Lisa wasn't indifferent to Sarah. She immediately stopped turned around and locked angel's hands with hers* Sarah... Sweetie... I know it looks tough now... But I'll take care of everything... I'll free you from all your worries... I'll make sure you'll have the life you deserve... Forget about all those celestial idiots who can't tell how precious you are... You're now under my wings and I'll protect you... So just let yourself go, okie? *She smiled reassuringly at Sarah, and linked their lips in another passionate kiss... But this time it wasn't lustful... It was warm... Reassuring... Lisa was tender, gentle... Trying to comfort her partner* It's alright. Trust me, snugglebunny... *She delicately caressed angel's cheek with one hand and the rest of her body with the other*
You're now with me and that's all that matters. You made a good decision and were finally honest with yourself. That's why I will do all I can so you won't regret it. *The maid embraced her and very softly, only with her lips, nibbled on Sarah's ear*
Through several sniffles, Sarah bit her lip, and for the first time, allowed a groan to escape her lips without resistance. It was filled with the tension she felt in her body, feeling surrounded by the woman towered and pressing her down into the bed. Weakly, as she smiled, ever so briefly up at Lisa, she leaned back in for another kiss. It felt even softer than the last, and was as though millennium of exhaustion were plaguing Sarah. All the tension of her divine lifestyle, all the stress, was melting away.. by a mere mortal.. she couldnt believe someone so perfect would be hers to guide, and to be used by. Eventually she blinked.. and her smile faded, as she looked up at Lisa, their tongues, inseperable, both gaping as they both panted to reclaim air. With a serious glare, Sarah weakly let out but a meager request.." better, stupid~" Sarah relaxed, staring up at her, with an expression of seeming indifference? Perhaps she wanted to see how pure Lisa truly was, or perhaps she was just toying with her, but Sarah donned once again a mask of superiority, of brattiness, almost rudeness! " guess.. just do whatever you want, its not like I want to be under your control, as if... haha.." Her laugh was rather forced, it was clear to anyone that she was in ecstasy from the situation, the goosebumps covering her pale body all over, each touch from Lisa sending shivers and tingles down her spine... She wrestled her hands free and began to reach down towards Lisa's nude crotch, her hand applying pressure and moving in a little circle around the outline of her sweet pink lips, was she.. teasing Lisa now?
"I bet this is what you wanted isnt it? You want me to be your little plaything? *Yours* to tease and taunt? To be at your feet, ready and eager to please? As if~!" Sarah continued, as her hands moved agonizingly slowly inwards in a gentle circle, just barely avoiding hitting anything that would stimulate Lisa.
A-aah.... *Lisa's sweet voice echoed around the room as she felt the delightful touch between her legs...* A-among o-other things t-that is... I want to make you happy s-sweetie... *The maid allowed herself to get lost in this pleasurable sensation... Feeling the waves of arousal overwhelming her body... She knew that Sarah has finally been set free from her worries so she can now go all the way with her... The angel kept Lisa in check for a good moment but the mortal woman knew she can't let this last for eternity... She snapped back to reality and started touching Sarah's lil button too* I don't want to be the only one feeling good here my dear... *Both, lost in pleasure, kept moaning and panting until Lisa pulled her new love in for another passionate kiss.... After all that's what she was all about... She was back at it again... Twirling her tongue... Making out to her heart's content*
"Ah~ For a mortal.. You sure know what youre doing...nyaaahh~" Sarah began to wince with each movement Lisa made over her crotch. Her body began to burn with sensitive pleasure, arousal. If she was to be an exiled angel, she should at least enjoy it, she she pulled away Lisa's hands for just a moment, catching her own breath and composure..
"W...well...Im normally not allowed to do this with mortals.. but since you seem like you desperately want" Her words seemed to be completely glossing over all the sheer kindness that was flowing her way, and although she tried to seem as though she was still upset, it was of little use as she smirked and waved her hand around in front of Lisa. A glimmer of white light began to take form, growing withing the area she concentrated her motions in..
Soon, a double dildo emerged, which she grabbed hold of, shaking it in Lisa's face.. "Aaaand... there. What do you think Lisa? Do you want to try it?"
Mnnn~ I'd be more than happy to do it with you my dear... *she smiled and spread her legs to make it easier for Sarah*
Sarah managed to wiggle out from underneath Lisa, seductively crawling up the bed. She planted her face down into a pillow looking back as she aligned her new toy with her lips. Soon, it entered her, and she sauntered backwards slowly, until it aligned with Lisa as well. " we are..nyahh!!~"
Sarah slowly pressed her hips back until soon the dildo was engulfed within both of their needy holes. The room quickly filled with the erotic sounds, sloshing from the dildo, the clap of each of their cheeks together, Sarah let out a series of panicked sounding moans.. " feels so good!" She said, sounding almost surprised as she continued stimulating them both.
U--uhhmpphh.... *A muffled moan escaped Lisa's mouth as soon as she felt the dildo penetrating her insides... The maid tensed up her muscles getting ready to move but she hasn't expected her partner to be so bold and to move first... Overwhelmed by the unexpected sensation she couldn't help but very audibly scream in pleasure.* G-ggosshhh... I-I-It-'s aaaamazing... *At first... The pleasure made her mind go blank... but a few moments later she regained her utterly shattered composure and begun moving her hips trying to make Sarah feel even better* D-do y-you feel g- *Before she was able to finish the angel immediately responded* I-I'm so happy to hear that... *Lisa intensified her efforts and released all the breaks... She was now moving back and forth while panting, moaning and whimpering...* I'm ss-so g-gladdd y-you c-came h-here S-sarah...
" <3" Sarah groaned against the efforts of their labor, stimulating them both intensely. She could feel her body heating up, becoming more sensitive with each passing second of stimulation as the dildo slid into and ground against the walls of her womb, rubbing along her g spots and burning her with pleasure. "I bet you would be! Hh..hhh..aah...Its not often that an *angel* comes to guide someone down a path like this... ahaaa~" Sarah couldnt stand the sensation without just more stimulation, it felt as though her body was on fire. Within moments, she found one of her hands running along her crotch, rubbing at and flicking her clit intensely with each bounce of her plump ass against Lisa's. Every slapping sound and moan in the room made her tingle with embarrassment, and joy. The scent of their sex, as sweat began to form in beads along her forehead and body, wafted through the room, making the whole room noisome of their beautiful lust. "Dont... dont stop! P..please!" Sarah whimpered out after some time, what felt like mere moments in the passion of the moment. "I..i..i.mean... you..better not.. be.. I.." She tried to backtrack on her sheepish, humiliating words, but every effort was stopped by her unstoppable moans of arousal as they continued to fuck each other..
*Lisa knew what she had to do. It was obvious. She had to do her very best. And so she did. She kept moving back and forth, feeling the dildo getting deep inside her* W-well... Yes... That's why I'm happy it was you who came to me... *Lisa knew that's the point where she takes the lead... She slightly adjusted the position so Sarah's sweet spots are now being targetted.* I'll show you what we mansion m-mmm- *Her monologue was momentarily disturbed when her delicate moans, once more, echoed in the room.* I'll show you what a top-notch m-mmansion made is capable of! *Having said that Lisa, resumed her strenuous task* I want you to feel feel the ecstasy the joy... I want you to cum with me Sarah.... Mnnpphhhh~
"YOU.. ahh....want MEEE... to cum for you?" Sarah asked, giggling as she slipped the dildo out of herself, collapsing onto the bed below her for mere moments to recover her breath as she spun around. It seemed as though any attempt at domination was making Sarah burn with a firey passion to resist! Before she had time to protest, or even move, Sarah gracefull swept Lisa onto her side, wrapping her her legs around her hip and pressing their breasts together once more. She pressed her lips tightly against hers, her tongue wriggling side to side, almost taunting at Lisa, making her want to push her down and hold it down. She held her in this kiss for some time..
"mmhhhhh<3... mmmah!" She released the kiss, and delicately muttered out..her voice shaky with uncertainty that caused her confident movements to seem mislaid. "y..youre going to need to have to try harder~"
Mnnnn~ I will... I will try as hard as it takes for you to admit you're loving every second of it! *Lisa smiled broadly and started lapping her tongue at Sarah's nipple. Sucking, licking, nibbling... She unleashed everything she had at her disposal. But that wasn't all... Her hands were constantly rubbing angel's inner thighs... Close enough to inflame the desire but not enough to quench it...* Mnnnn~ If you don't want to cum for me yet... I'll make sure you can't hold it in anymore and you'll squirt while screaming my name~ I'll make you melt in my hands... *Lisa didn't hold back at all. She knew she has to do everything in her power if she wants to fulfil the wish of this lil horny beauty~.
Don't hold back... I know you want it... All it takes is a few words... If you ask me... Really nicely, I'll grant your wish, and bring an immeasurable pleasure to you... All it takes is to beg for it... I bet you can do it sunshine... Come on! Show me your neediness... Show me how badly you want it... *The maid was smiling... Visually enjoying every second...*
The sensation, being teased, burned deeper with the embarrassment still unquelled from being utterly dominated by one whom she was to guide. She bit her lip, squeezing into Lisa's hips as they lay there. She wanted desperately not to beg, but.. her mind began to once again frantically wander.. it felt.. so good! Is this what she really wanted? No! Surely she didnt enjoy being embarrassed, being made submissive! " I..nn..need you that bad huh? Y..ahhaaahaaah~" Sarah shuddered, her hands squeezing the oh so inviting plumpness of her curvy ass as they glided down and up, down and up. She took one hand up further moving up her chest.. " if i want... this..body..this..nn..." She wasnt even able to finish her sentence, as she began to groan needily, drooling at the prospect of merely pleasing the perfect body laid before her. Her stubborness was sure to falter at this rate.. but she couldnt help but resist... desperate not to give in just yet...
redrew a set of actions
Mmmm~! You tried sunshine~ That's something~ So let's go with that for now... *Lisa grabbed one of Sarah's legs and lifted it up... Moments later she position herself in a way that allowed the clits of both girls to be pressed against each other* This way, we'll both feel awesome! So moan for me, hun~ Show me how lewd you are... I want to know everything about your delightful, mesmerising body... *Miss Smith, soon was rubbing her clit on angel's, forcing some sweet pants* Mmnnnn~ I h-hhope it's ass a-awesome f-for you as i-it's for mmm-me... *Lisa uttered while looking directly at Sarah's face trying to determine whether she's doing good*
Mnnnn~ *Noticing the beautiful shade of red adorning Sarah's cheeks, the maid knew she can go on... She intensified her efforts and kept on scissoring her beloved one*
Sarah's face was confounded, scrunched up as she tried with every ounce of effort she could muster not to beg for more. She let out whimpery moans, which began to flow out more and more... eventually, like a dam collapsing, she gasped out and groaned..her lower lip reddened from the force of her biting it to resist the urges to let out her pleasure audibly.
"AaaAaahhhnn!!~" She screamed out, reaching down for her pussy and rubbing her finger into it, unable to cope with getting JUST enough pleasure for it not to build, yet enough to not allow her tension to rest. She stared, pleading silently into lisa, her lips parted, quivering.. "" Was all she could muster to say as she stared at her, her eyes watery with emotion, passion, and a newfound desperate need to please, her pleasure slowly began to mount and build, reaching towards a peak...Sarah was unable to cope with resisting any longer.. she NEEDED to give in now...
"Please... dont.. stop..." She said, looking down and away as she spoke to avoid the humiliation of staring her powerful lover in the eyes.
I wasn't going to... You're too darn adorable when you're like that.... *Lisa, as if driven by an invisible force found new source of energy that allowed her to keep going... Ironically she intended to make Sarah feel good. But for some reason she felt that she's on the receiving end either way! And the harder she tried the better she felt...* Mnnphhhhh~ *That was all what Lisa was capable of saying... she was far too enticed by the beauty of her partner... she was far too lost in pleasure... She just kept going... Until she felt that she's near the edge... She immediately snapped out of this trance and stopped moving...* Mnnnn~ W-why d-don't we change thing a little? *She asked trying to cover up the fact she almost came* I want us to keep going for a bit longer than that... *Which was absolutely true* Why don't you tell me, what would you like to do now, sunshine? I'm really interested what my lil angel needs now... *Which was half genuine, half not*
Sarah's whole body had been heaving from her increasingly intensifying breaths, she stared at Lisa... who seemed to be just as pent up as she felt! Her body began to get more quivery, sensitive, almost as if her erogenous areas were burning with need all on their own... "Ahhh...hhh....What would I like? Hahahaha... you look like you want to be a little perv for me huh? Like...huhh...having a little angel like me to tie up and use as your own? As if I would let you do that...~ I..umm..." Sarah blinked. She internally was screaming now, realizing she had dropped far too many hints to escape what was coming to her for being so bratty~
*Lisa immediately caught the idea that Sarah tried to convey and who could have predicted that a maid had tons of bondage rope under her bed. I mean it's not that people dragged by Lisa sometimes tried to escape or something. But back to our delightful Sarah... Lisa didn't procrastinate what was about to happen and was imminent cause they both wanted that... Taking advantage of her long arms, Lisa reached under the bed to grab the aforementioned rope. She firmly grabbed her victim and held her in place as her deft fingers were working on a complete body harness with a nice not on Sarah's clitty. A little extra for extra pleasure~ It took a moment but the effect was worth the strenuous labour. Sarah's hands were now tied behind her back... her legs tied up so she couldn't close her thighs, exposing all vulnerable areas... And the harness underlining the feminine shapes of angel's body... It wouldn't be an understatement to say that it was truly a sight that one can die for... And Lisa wasn't eager to wait too long...*
It was even more humiliating than Sarah had imagined, but while she put up the facade of resisting, it was of little consequence as she tied up Sarah's arms, legs, everything. "Ahh.. you...pervert.. Lisa... I knew you wouldnt be able to... resist... me.. why are you.. umm..stop..stop staring~!" She moaned out indignantly, glaring up at her as she was now fultily unable to do anything but watch, and do as Lisa, her knew superior, pleased. "What... do I have to say to make you keep going.. tied me up, isnt that enough.. please.. just... make me... umm.."
Sarah sat, staring up at her with those puppy, pleading eyes, begging for her attention, but they were merely overshadowed by other parts of her now increasingly sensitive areas. The ropes made her body tingle with their snugness.. Sarah stared down.. her whole body red and blushed with the efforts of their lustful sex..
*Lisa didn;t need an invitation... She grabbed the dildo from before and slipped it inside herself with no resistance... This is how wet she was. She pushed Sarah on the bed and gently inserted the other end of the double-sided toy between Sarah's sweet, pink lower lips~ She then smothered her breasts with Sarah's an started thrusting... In and out... In and out... She loved it... Her cute little toy all tied up... She was making her feel good... She was doing the same to herself... Absolute madness... This was so hectic.... She didn't expect that... It's like all barriers were pulverised and she just let herself go... Just be fully lewd as much as she wanted.... Unable to wait for long... Having her lips so close to those of the angel's, Lisa didn't hesitate for long... They started passionately making out as the didlo was going in and out....*
Sarah groaned as she stared up, helplessly enduring Lisa's relentless pleasure as she continued to thrust it deep into her womb. The pressure sensation continued to build within Sarah's body as she spread her lips with each push, her tight walls stretching to engulf the toy with every move, grinding and stimulating every surface inside of her body with a burning, almost painful level of arousal that needed to be sated. "Aaahaa! Thats....thats more like it~" Sarah grunted under her breath, giggling for a moment before any thoughts of being resistant or bratty were shattered as her resolve was at the beginning of her encounter. She let out a loud groan, moaning in time with every thrust, the sounds of erotic sloshing between her juices and the toy made the room fill with their sounds and pleasure. It would only take mere moments of this assault before Sarah found herself at the absolute peak of her arousal, and would be unable to cope or resist the pressure any longer... "PLease..please lisa.. Il..Ill be your little toy.. Ill.. Ill be your little pet! Please please! Fuck me harder! Dont stop! I beg you! I,..aaaaahhaa~" Sarah screamed out, the words scrambling out before she could even process them herself, her brain reduced to a primal need for release..
Mmmm~! I shall oblige! *Lisa almost shouted but in opposition to her words she stopped... Sarah, confused and desperate for more let a small whimper but she soon realised what's going on... Lisa has turned 180 degrees and her lips were now aligned with the clit of her beloved one.... The maid rested hers on Sarah's face... Classic 69. Neither of them waited for long... They started lapping like crazy... Their tongues working wonders and minds going blank... Lisa was literally moaning into angel's pussy... It was as if her body couldn't decide whether to lick or to moan... But soon she made a call.... She decided to use the advantage oh having free hands... She inserted two fingers into Sara and begun to finger her while the other hand joined her tongue on the lil pink button*
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Sarah, through her gasps, desperate for air, groaned in need of more. Although she was thrilled at every sound she coaxed from Lisa, she found herself once again becoming overpowered by the beautiful mortal who was to claim her as her own. Lisa would feel Sarah's legs, her whole body, writhing and straining against the binds she was tied up in, and despite their even pleasuring for some time, eventually, the excess of stimulation turned the tables so that Sarah was now unable to keep up her pleasure, simply staring up at the pristine pussy drooling down onto her chin and her lips, drooling herself as she began to scream out, moans in desperate need of climax! She was reaching her peek now, it would only be mere moments before this tongue fucking would result in her fate being sealed as Lisa's submissive!
"Aahaaa! Please.! AAhhaaa.! Fuck! I ... dont stop! Im.. Im gonna...~~"
Mnbnnppphhh~ *Lisa felt that the tank that was storing all the pent-up pleasure was almost filled to the brim... She'll be cumming soon... But not before Sarah.... There's no way she'd comply with that.... So she grabbed the double sided dildo and replaced fingering with penetrating angel's pussy~ After all, a maid's job is to please, she'd never allow herself to cum first... But if Sarah were to cum... That would be a different story...* Nnmmmpphhhh~ J-jusstt c-cum for me sweetie.... Don't hold it in... It's futile... And I guarantee you that it will be nice... *And Lisa was instantly back to lapping her tongue at Sarah's button trying to force her over the edge*
"AAAaaAaaaA!" Sarah screamed! She was teetering over the edge as she was relentlessly stimulated. Sarah wanted desperately to put up one last facade of resistance, squeezing her legs tightly around Lisa's hands as she fucked her. Every burning surface of stimulation was overwhelming... She held the edge with all her might...
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"AAAAaAAAA~~!!" Sarah couldnt stand the pleasure for a moment longer. Her body quivered and shook over Lisa's gentle, yet merciless stimulation. Soon, her body was squirming and writhing, and her pussy lips quivered in rapid waves as her juices sprayed out onto her hand. Sarah collapsed down, stammering out as she gasped desperately to recover the air that had escaped her lungs... "T..took you ...long... en...I..that was... I,....hhh..."
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Sarah collapsed, tears quickly streamed down her cheeks once more, all the tension, the emotion, all came spewing out of her as she caught her breath, somehow becoming even more breathless as she fumbled out a stream of words.. "You are.. amazing.. I.. loved.. that.. you.. Lisa.. it was.. I...nn..." Sarah could do little more than just snivel out the rest of her pent up frustrations, crying them out after an orgasm quite unlike any her divine body had ever felt. She felt completely at ease now.. the humiliation replaced with a new need.. a desire, to please Lisa..
*Lisa finally relaxed her tensed up muscles and has fallen down next to Sarah. Heavily panting from all the pleasure and effort all she could do, was tenderly caress Sarah's cheek... After a while, when their heartbeats calmed down, Lisa sat and looked at tied up angel* Let's get you out of this shall we? *She begun untying all the complicated knots that were restricting Sarah's movement but just when she was about to take the harness off, she shook her head...* Naw... Let's leave this on... I like how you look in it darling... *Without further ado, the maid went back between Sarah's legs and very slowly started licking her clean*
Sarah heaved, staring up at Lisa with watery eyes. Her ever so gentle tongue was white hot against her still sensitive crotch, the feeling was enough to make it feel as though she would be over the edge in mere moments once more. She realized she was free.. She needed to please Lisa.. It would be unbecoming of an angel of lust to do anything but please their superior after all.. moments after she was freed, she slowly squirmed away, sputtering out.. " please..cum too.. I need it.. so bad.. its all I want.. I want to please you.. please. I..nnhh.."She crawled underneath Lisa once again in their 69, after having grabbed the dildo that she had climaxed on moments ago. With the side coated in her own orgasm, her scent, she shoved it inside of Lisa, pressing it inside of her easily, with little resistance from her own soaked pussy. She leaned up and flicked her tongue along her clit, the little bump jiggling as she made her curvy ass bounce with every slap against the full length of her toy.. "Please.. give me this...mmmh.. I..." The mere sight of this perfect woman's body quivering above her was enough to make her own body quiver once more, in full view of Lisa as she sensed her heighted arousal.. she could tell she was by the edge, after all, she was quite skilled as an angel of lust.. <3
*Lisa didn;t oppose it at all... Quite the opposite... After all she reached her goal... Whatever happens next... She didn't care. She just wanted to feel good together with Sarah... So she gave her free reign... In a mere seconds the maid reached the edge and she announced that with a very audible squeak...* NNnnmmpphhh.... I'mm ccllose... *Lisa muttered through her clenched teeth as she realised that it's okay to let go... She relaxed herself and embraced the sweet climax that made her mind go blank for a good while... Moments later she was cumming hard with her body shivering in immense pleasure... That lasted for a good while, and only then finally Lisa was able to catch her breath and rest*
Mnnnn.... You were truly remarkable... *Lisa said with a weak voice*
chose to cum!
B-but we're not done yet... Just let me catch... my breath...
*Lisa sat on the bed next to Sarah and grinned at her... How bout round three? *She grabbed the double dildo again... But she certainly had something else in mind this time... She didn't insert it inside but she begun to rub it on Sarah's clit...* I'm going to tease you for a while sweetie... After all I want more of your delightful needy face....
The moment she could feel the orgasm through the toy, Sarah's face lunged forward to lick up the sweet taste of her new mistress. The moment she moved away from her felt like an eternity passing! "mmmhh.. mmm... Lisa..oh.. Lisa... <3" She groaned between soft suckles on her lips as they parted.. As Lisa's teasing words and her face came into view, Sarah frantically looked her up and down.. " you want.. wai..wait!~"
Sarah grabbed at Lisa's breasts, pulling her into a tender kiss as they both grinded against the toy, which was now thoroughly soaked in the efforts of their lust. She couldnt really do much but helplessly protest in this position, however, leaking to her once again wincing and trying desperately to resist all the pleasure that once again began to arise out of her sensitive, needy pussy.
*Lisa smothered the toy between their pussies and kept grinding on it, while focusing on the rest of Sarah's body... She placed her hands on the beautiful, perky breasts of her beloved one and started massaging them, adding a playful pinch every now and then... But this whole time she was starring into mesmerising eyes of the true angel she had right before her face... Knowing that she can be honest with her she just begun whispering..* Mnn.... It felt so good... And more's to come... Mnnn..... I can't stop thinking about it... About all the night we'll spend together... You know I'll never let you go... Right? *Sarah's lips opened in an attempt to response but she was swiftly silenced by another kiss... Lisa invited Sarah's tongue inside this time.... Sarah expected that but what surprised her is that there was no wild dance this time ... Instead, Lisa started massaging her tongue with her lips... Slowly holding on her tongue and teasing its tip... Lisa was truly a creative one...*
"I...mmmmhhh~~" Sarah moaned into the tender kisses, shivering from the foreign yet incredible sensation of Lisa sucking along her tongue. The warmth and comfort of it all was enough to make her shiver! Sarah, not to be outdone, reached down towards the dildo being pressed tightly between their two crotches, and with a few fingers, lapped up some of their viscous juices, holding them between both of their eyes as they embraced. Moments of respite from Lisas tenderness were filled with the taste of their mixes wetness, the erotic salty taste and scent making each of them get further worked up.. "Mmmhhhah! As if.. I would be foolish enough to leave you.. lovely..." Sarah teased, wriggling her tongue seductively on her fingers..
Mnnnn~ *Lisa really liked the concept so she decided to go all the way in... She took the dildo into her hand and pressed her clit on Sarah's directly.* Mnnnn~ This way both, our upper and lower lips, can get the taste of each other... *The maid begun to clean the dildo with her tongue, cleaning all the juices, inviting Sarah to do the same... As she was doing so, she provocatively maintained the eye contact, trying to rile the angel up even more*
Mnnnn~ Do you like it sweetie? Do you like the taste of our mixed j-juices...?
The sensation of her suddenly pressing directly into her after all this teasing made Sarah mad with arousal! She threw her head back for a moment to let out a gasp, panting as she recovered and began to lap at their juices placed right in front of her. Soon, the more direct stimulation began to get the better of her, as it built up and built up, until she found herself moments from climax! Her tongue went from mindless and relentless , to a slow, desperate need of distraction, as Sarah tried desperately to hold her edge.. "I..its..uu...oh gods..I.." The scent, the taste filling her mouth, all made it far too enticing for her to resist for long...
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Her face confounded once more as she held a tight wince, whimpering as she desperately resisted, but Lisa's persistent, unchanging pace slowly broke down her resistance, her resolve, until she finally couldnt stand the pleasure any moment longer. Lisa could feel her lips sputter and spray her own with her juices as she violently climaxed, screaming out "I..Im CUMMING!!!Nyaahhhh!~~"
Sarah's fingers dug into Lisa's wrists as she clamped tightly on, her nails gently scratching down them as she tried and failed to steady herself, she gasped and sputtered for air, grabbing at Lisa clumsily for some time. "hhh....hhh...hhh"
Ohh.... sweetie... *Lisa was now marking ever words she said* You... Are... Absolutely... Beautiful... A divine and perfect beauty... *Lisa rested her head on Sarah's shoulder and gave her a peck on her cheek* You're so sweet... So... I don't think there is a word that can grasp the whole of your perfection... And I'm the one who has you now... I hope I did good so far... But we're not done... Not yet. I still want to go on... And I can see that you want exactly the same... *Miss Smith embraced the angel in her arms and just allowed her to calm down a bit... resting like that... Just calming down in each other's arms...*
"I..hhh...hhh...nnh...this" Sarah stared up at her with a passionate gaze, as one would a long lost lover coming to visit for the first time in ages. All of her compliments, her demeanor towards her, it was all.. too much! how could Sarah NOT want to pleasure her into ecstasy?
After a moments of gasping, she had enough composure to clumsily get onto her hands and knees reluctantly pulling out of Lisa's loving arms, and crawling around to grab the toy from Lisa.. "Here...just...please..cum again... I need to taste more...You are the perfect mortal being... I cant believe it.. please..I beg you.. let me give you more pleasure..<3" She leaned down into her bosom and sucked on one of her nipples, her teeth gently nibbling at it while her tongue rapidly swirled against its tip. With the dildo in hand, she slid it deep into Lisa's womb, until barely an inch was left out, sliding it all the way in and out, moving it around, trying every angle until she found it.. her g spot! She honed in rather quickly, using the dildo to bring Lisa right to the edge as she had to her just moments ago. It was like h er life's purpose being fulfilled, pleasuring a perfect woman, whom she was to spend eternity with.. "Yes... yes... I love... love this!" Sarah exclaimed, pulling at Lisa's loving hand which had gone back to embracing her, and pulling it down to her own crotch. She began to rub herself with Lisa's hand as a tool, screaming along with her in pure lustful arousal.. "AAAaaahn~~!!"
*Lisa, still embracing her one and only angel, kept facing countless waves of overwhelming pleasure, spreading through her body like powerful tsunami was only able to moan and try to hold on for as long as possible... But she knew that "as long as possible" won't be for long... She was moving her hips as her body was screaming for more... Her cheeks were deeply red... But she didn't turn away or try to hide it... She was facing Sarah, for the whole time... She wanted her to see... She wanted her to see the expression that she'll makes while giving in to the pleasure... With that single thought in mind, Lisa knew that the climax is looming around the corner... She eagerly embraced it and allowed all the thoughts to drift away as she reached another powerful climax... After a while, her breath stabilised and she was finally able to say something*
T-that w-was w-wonderful... Mnnnn.....
chose to cum!
I-it felt so good...
B-but I think... I have some strength left in me....
Sarah's eyes gleamed with pure satisfaction from watching her newfound love climax while staring into her..
"M..more?" she managed to pant out, her chest was pounding from the efforts of stimulating her new better. She loved every scent, every second, every inch of her body, as it curled and climaxed before her. She knew that this was where she belonged, as the pet to a mortal as perfect as this. "Gladly..."
With a mere moment to lean to the side and press their lips together in a passionate kiss, Sarah pulled Lisa atop her once more, LOVING the feeling of being surrounded by an intimidating force of pure lustful woman. She worked her leg in between Lisa's and obediently grinded her hips, pressing not just their clits, but the length of their whole pussy lips tightly together, grinding against each other, every quiver, every heartbeat, could be felt as a shared experience.. it felt as though everything was going dark, besides the shine of what seemed to be a pure goddess of lust in Sarah's eyes.. "Nyah!" She moaned into their tender kiss, their tongues already thoroughly intertwined. The vibrations of each others moans were felt through the others whole body with intensity.
" this... Lisa... please...own me..make me yours! Nyaahaaaaa!" Sarah's blushed face was as red as it could possibly be, the humiliation was almost fully replaced by a desperate desire for Lisa to be her new leader, lover, forevermore.. "Please... dont stop! It feels... so gooooodddaaaaahh~"
*Lisa obviously tried her best... She wanted that.... She was having such a good time... And she just came twice... She knew that she can't allow the pleasure to end here... She reached an edge and begun to hold it....* Mnnphhh~ Ohhh y-yess! *At this points the instincts took over and forced Lisa to keep moving her hips riding the edge... She rolled her eyes back and fully immersed in the pleasure... By this time the climax never came... Lisa edged instead resisting the temptation... She wanted to play more... And she wasn't sure if she'd be able to do so if she came now....* Mnnnn~ I don't need to m-make y-you mine... You... You already are... *She smiled braodly*
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Mnnnn.... Come on sweetie.... Let's keep going
Hearing her call Sarah hers made her eyes go wide in a submissive stare. She knew any protest would ring hollow, as she and Lisa both knew it was true, this was her destiny. She groaned, her own efforts slowly being taken over by Lisa grinding against her, as she tried to regain her stamina. Their clashing crotches felt like a torch burning each of them with a wet, boiling pleasure, that was about to explode! Sarah was the one who was closer to the edge, being thoroughly put in her place was exactly what she had been lacking for years, this gentle lover doing it so humiliatingly gently was just the icing on the cake for her... She simply rested, letting Lisa take over her.. doing little more than gasping and kissing at Lisa's cheeks between her quivering breaths, trying in vain to relax and recover from all the stimulation that continued to transpire..
"L..Lisa.. please.. call me yours again..I beg you.." She whispered out with her desperate breaths, staring into her with tears rolling down her face, from emotional, and sexual, release...
Mmmm~ My sweet little angel... Mine and mine only... *Lisa moved her hand over Sarah's pussy and begun to slowly play with it... Not to make her edge but rather intending to tease her before jumping to the next stage.... * Mnnnn~ I'll make sure your body will remember it is mine now... As I'm yours... *Lisa wrapped her arms and legs around her better half and resumed scissoring once more.... Clearly it's one of the things they both enjoy...* Mnnn~ It will be all over soon sunshine....
I'll make your mind go blank with pure pleasure... Don't worry about anything... Just give in and let me take care of the rest...
"AAahhn! Fuck!" Sarah screamed out, her head collapsing into the bed and pushing deep into it. Lisa's hand felt like a firm, impossibly soft blanket, rubbing into her felt like a toy designed specifically for Sarah's own pleasure. She bit her lip, staring at Lisa with a worried expression on her face. Lisa had said she wanted to continue, but this stimulation here, it was almost too much for the angel to bear! She was driven to the edge almost straight away! "Ai..S..slow down...I cant.. hold...I..nnn!"
"I...I love!"
Mmmmm~ Do you really want me to slow down, sunshine~? *Lisa made a satisfied expression and doubled her efforts...* Don't worry about anything... It's not that I'm letting you go anywhere... You're staying here for good... And I'll be taking care of you like that every... single... day... *she smirked, visualising her new reality*
"I LOVE YOUuuuu!!~" Sarah finally screamed out! Her face redder than it had ever been before.. her screams were frantic, like she had to get all of this out before her climax, which was eminent. "I LOVE THIS..PLEASE LET ME BE YOUR LITTLE ANGEL PET TO PLEASE YOU! AANNAAAYYYAAA..WHENEVER YOU NEED IT LISA..MISS..I LO..NYAAHhhhhh!!!!~" She was interrupted by an explosive climax. Her pussy made an audible sloshing sound as her hips collapsed into the bed, and her body quivered and writhed. Sarah grabbed her own head, throwing it back as her screams of pleasure echoed not just in her bedroom, but through the whole mansion....
chose to cum!
Eventually, Sarah collapsed, her tongue resting to the side as she feinted from the pure pleasure that she was no longer able to cope with... her mind went blank as her vision faded...
Mnnnnn~ *Lisa, fulfilled and happy, crawled towards exhausted Sarah and wrapped her arms around her* You did good my love... I'm so proud of you... And I'm so happy... So... full of joy. Im happy to have such a beautiful woman as you next to me... right in my arms... *As she was saying this, Lisa pulled a quilt over the two of them* Rest now... You've earned this... You came so hard... Worked so hard... *Lisa started to gently kiss Sarah's cheeks and forehead* my sweet little angel... My little pet... I won't ever let you go. Never ever <3
*Having said that she gave her one final kiss, before clutching Sarah's close and falling asleep alongside her new love*
Sarah, though unconscious, could subconsciously hear her words. In her slumber, her lips pulled up into a small smile. It was about time she had been properly cared for! Not that she was ungrateful.. nothing was further from the truth. All of Sarahs desires were being realized as she dreamt of her new life in the mortal plane..
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