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Hey there ("daddy" *she says rolling ehr eyes playfully* ready to see how a real woman puts you in your place? (Happy to meet ya, any house rules you want to play with today?)
*Takes a sip of coffee chuckling* Good morning miss, Id love to see how a real woman breaks. (Nice to meet you as well. Im fine with Hypno/bondage or just an old fashion)
(hypno bondage is fine by me too... that said I dont like stacking (having to role multiple times if you are in both hypno and bondage (one roll of 5/6 should enable you to resume actions. I also dont think that any bondage during a cum test should count as bondage. I hope thats ok?) Also, I see you have a list on your profile, I do too. are you comfortable with me adding you to my list if I win?)
(Sounds perfect, keep it nice and simple. Yeah I have no issues putting you on my list once you lose. Be a nice little trophy to add with the rest.)
(:P Lay on McDuff :P)
(*bows* good luck :D)
Well if all the pleasantries are out of the way miss, I hope you dont mind me disposing of this. You wont need it anyway *Kneeling in front of your small frame, my blue eyes looking into yours, I begin to pull your shirt overhead*
Oh you son of a... *she starts to mutter before you push her top into her mouth; stopping her from finishing her sentance. With her top still over her face she drops to her knees and deftly peels it the rest of the way off before grabbing at your belt with ehr right hand; grabbing it like a viper tearing into a mouse before unfastening it; along with your pants with laser like precision.*
Eager aren't we, you seem to fluster easily miss. *Peering up at you frantically tearing away at the belt in front of you, as slight flick of the finger releases your bra, now loosely hanging over your shoulders.*
Fluster?! me?! Really? *she says; getting back up and playfully showing off her pert A cups; making a point of emphasising her hips as she wiggles topless playfully in an effort to imply control and domiance of thigns to come.*
*My glance distracted by your exposed body, I approach you with a smirk* Its ok to be nervous, I enjoy seeing a little fire. It's that much fun to see you melt before my eyes. *Caressing your cheek, my lips meet yours. Our tongues fighting for control, my teeth tugging at your lip as we break away*
*giggles playfully as you speak before kissing her... turning her head away at the last second and making you kiss her cheek instead. She steps back and plays with her breasts.* Fire metaphors and melting huh? Well Moth, flame, burn :P
We all must be attracted to the light I suppose *Our hands meet on your breasts, lightly squeezing pushing yours out of the way.* Some just have attention drawn to them
Then call me Ahora Mazda. I am the light and should be worshipped :P *she teases; getting back on her knees; taking her breasts away from you now that you are interested in them, peeling off your underwear and kissing the tip of your cock sweetly.*
*Peering down at my cock resting on your lips, it twitches slightly* I must be Sherlock Holmes because, I love a good chase. *Pushing my hips towards you, my cock smoothly slips into your mouth*
*The look of lust forming in my eyes as I peer down at you*
*'s go wide as you force her to suck; she starts bobbing her head up and down your length slowly and rolling her tounge under the tip sucking... all as a distraction as she discretely palms her cell phone and clicks a button to turn on an app that plays hypnotic sugestions at a frequency that she is deaf to...*
*Taken back by the sensations of your tongue, coherent thought escapes, while I stand in bliss. A high pitched ringing throughout my subconscious brings me back into the moment* Wha- do you feeling that. *Shaking my head I focus back on you, my eyes looking deep into yours* Don't you love enjoying Daddy's cock miss.
*'s eyes narrow and she starts to slow; clearly about to stop sucking and say somthing pointed... but she doesent get that far; her angry and pointed glare being changed into a vapid stare as she resumes sucking; drooling from the corner of her mouth slightly.*
*'s finger, clears the drool leaking from the corner of her mouth* Miss I do believe you are getting a little sloppy. One moment while I help you get a little more comfortable. *Caressing your neck, my hand reaches into your hair pulling you to your feet. Kissing down your exposed abdomen my fingers hook into pants inching them down your frame*
*shifts onto all fours as you peel off her shorts to expose her lacy panties. She strains her neck slightly in an effort to keep sucking; focused entirely on your cock; devoted to worhsiping it; her entire mind replaced with thoughts of cock and how she needs to have it in her mouth.*
Lacy panties huh, I expected nothing less from you miss. Its amazing how much you crave cock. *My cock leaves your mouth with a pop, like stealing food from wild animals. Resting it on your face, my hip buck teasing you*
*blinks rapidly; her conciousness restored the second your dick leaves her mouth... less than a second later she flinches as you drape your salvia soaked cock on ehr face.* you... *she struggles to come up with the words as she stands up slowly; fixing her panties and stepping out of her shorts... but then she smiles imperceptibly and gets back on her knees and starts to lick your length* ...are correct sir. I need it. I crave it give it too me *she begs*
*Taken back your forwardness, he savors the moment, drunken by lust, fixed on her eyes as she transverse the length of his cock* You seem to have a way about you miss, although I am unable to place my finger on it. Though if this is something you crave maybe I should withhold until you need it. *Pulling tape from the drawer, he binds her legs and arms, only allowing her mouth to continue to play with his cock* Perfect.
dont you dre *she squeals; her ploy failing as you try to bind her. Lucky for you to have seen through her fake hynosis bit, unluckilly you used tape instead of rope. She simply cocks her double-jointed wrist and uses her nails to get a tear going. This time she doesen't advertise her capabilites as obviously... continuing to protest* please... give me your cok please *she fake begs; keeping the failed charade and the real charade going simulatiously*
(that gif is very hot, anyways)
*Smiling at the resourcefulness of his plaything he lets out a stifled groan* Perhaps I underestimated you miss. I wont make the same mistake twice *His hand reaches under her chin, pulling it up too look into his eyes, cock disappearing between her supple lips* Now where were we miss
*doesent even flinch; she makes a vapid expression and gives the impression that she is nothing but a cock-sleeve. She slurps and sucks and drools as she sucks on your manhood; shfiting down to tongue and suck on your balls; drawing them in one at a time and sucking before letting go and repeating the process.*
*Savoring the moment, petrified by pleasure he relaxes as his balls are serviced by the beautiful cock sleeve before him. Reaching over, he begins to pull her lacy panties down reveling her dripping mound*
*takes advantage of your preoccupation with her panties and her crotch to break the tape that was already slit and push you backwards. She smirks as she towers over you; stepping forward and slowly getting to her knees* Turnabout is fair play I hear... now you will service me like the boy toy we both secretly know you want to be *she says with a sweet smile and more than a hint of menace in her voice as she presses her labia to your lips and grinds on your mouth, chin, and nose.*
*'s arms wrap around her legs, pulling her deeper into his face, reveling in her womanhood. His tongue cascading between her clit and exposed opening. Swirling around inside tasting her as her aroma fills his nostrils. Hold your petite body still, a muffled voice escapes from below* You dont have to be a boy toy, to enjoy a beautiful woman miss. Although it seems you've left yourself exposed *'s finger presses into your pussy, pushing forward his fingertip caressing your gspot*
shhhhh less words more licking *she taunts; shifting positon and continuing to ride your mouth.* This is your purpose now. This is what you are meant to do with your life. Lick and suck and please your betters :P
I enjoy every piece of my playthings miss, if you are offering Id have to oblige *'s tongue moves down to her exposed asshole, flicking around the opening occasionally pushing inside*
*gasps and squeals; pulling away... not prepaired for you to have gone for her backside like that. She kicks off her heels and reapproaches you* Oh... you are in for it now... unless you just want to give up. *she taunts playfully*
Ohhh, It seems you do Have a weakness miss. I must apologize for startling you with so much pleasure, but giving up is not in my nature, I'm sure you understand *he places his hand on her cheek, pulling her in for another kiss, his eyes peering deep into hers* I guess I'm in for it now..
no *her voice quails and thats the only thing she manages to get out before her concious mind feels like it is being flushed down a toilet and she feels compelled to get to her knees again; her mouth hanging open; eager for cock... the only thing that can fill the emptiness she feels.*
*kissing her forhead, he begins to playfully slap her with his cock, watching her eyes follow it with a blank expression* You are such a fun play thing miss. I see you realized what your purpose was.
please let me suck your cock *she begs and desperately tries to get back to the length of your manhood as you taunt and tease and toy with her.*
*Enjoying the sudden change of heart he continues to tease her, basking in his toy begging for cock* Its right here miss, feel free to enjoy it when you catch it
*helplessly tries to get it in her mouth as you smear your saliva slick cock over her face; ruinin gher makup in the process as she acts like a wanton slut; licking and trying to chase your dick with an open mouth.*
*resting his cock on her face, he removes his shirt, unaware it was still on as his prefect slut wrestled for his cock* I apologzie for being rude miss, just a little game of cat and mouse, dont let me keep you *He places his cock on her salivating lips, precum seeping from the head*
*smirks as the precum oozes between her lips. She opens her mouth; putting on a lacivious display as the precum stretches between ehr lips before falling into her cavernous mouth as she raises her neck upwards to take you into her mouth and... presses the button on her phone again to attempt to brainwash you.*
*the signal from the phones echoes through his mind. His eyes begin to roll back in his as cock disappears into her mouth. Staring blankly into your eyes*
now then *she giggles coquettishly; slipping away from you and guiding you back onto your back... where you belong* back to work mouth slave *she teases in a sing-song voice as she repsotions ehrself to ride your face... this time absentmindedly reaching back and stroking your manhood as she rides.*
*his tongue begins to work her exposed clit, glazed over. Running up and down its length, flicking back and forth. Hips rhythmically moving with the touch of her hand* You taste sweet miss..
damn right I do boy toy... you know... thats a mouthfull *she giggles at her bad pun while you eat her out* Ill have to come up with a real name for you later... but for now I want that cock... I could use some stress releif after bending you to my will *she clmibs off of you and demands that you stand before aligning herself with you and pushing back to take you into her dripping wet and needy pussy*
*Life returning to his eyes, a euphoric feeling pours over him as he notices the sexy goddess pushing back in his cock, her juices flowing down his legs and balls. Unaware of he regained consciousness he takes control of the situation. His hand grabbing a tuft of hair pulling her into his cock* Oh, looks like Daddy's little toy needs to be play with *whispering in her ear*
is resisting cumming (31% chance of cum) => Came!
*moans and slams a hand up to cover her mouth as you catch her by suprise and steal a cliamx from her. Her legs shake as her pussy squeezes uncontrollably around your cock; trying to milk it as her muffled screams of extacy slip past her lips. Her toes curling and her fingernails scratching the floor with her free hand. Her brain momentiairly shutting down, she pushes back hard and rides your cock; holding your hands as she faces away from you riding you like ehr life depends on it; trying to milk every ounce of pleasure from her climax.*
*'s hips rock with hers as she milks her climax, moving in unison he pushes against her allowing her brain to turn to mush. Slowly pulling each out until his cock has escaped his toy's womanhood. A look of lust appears over his eyes and she lays exposed* You know miss, you seemed rather excited before, we should test your weaknesses out a little more. *'s cock head presses against her presented ass, covered in her climax from moments before*
*grunts and grimaces as you slip out of her pussy and shove your thick hard and now very wet, cock into her back door* you... you think Im some filthy butt slut? you think anal is my weakness? Oh the things I can and will do to you... *She mutters as she clenches tightly like a vice and gyrates her hips; generating lateral friction and not just in and out.*
*the sound of a cracking whip echoes through the room as you feel a sting then warmth radiant from your ass, a red handprint forms instantly from the spank.* I believe you'll do anything I request miss, the fire just makes it more fun. You enjoy being used, and Ill help you achieve your desires *His arms lifts her petite frame off his cock, despite her aggressive gyration, throwing her on the bed he presses his cock against her mouth* Suck...
*turns up her nose; smelling herself on your length but decides to take you on ehr own terms; getting up enough to buck her legs out from under herself and up around your neck. She uses the lateral energy generated from her movements to swing you onto the bed and herself on top. She quickly and nimbly repositons ehrself and ride you; leaning forward.* Im sure you will help me achieve my desires... along with the dozens of other paying clients that I send your way once I break you in. *she says; breathing heavily*
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
*Overtaken by the nimbleness, he lays back as he reenters her, his mouth finds her exposed breast as she rides. Over come by sensation he beggins thrusting deep inside her, matching her riding. Warmth building deep in his balls a gutteral moan escapes from her chest* Ughhgh FuuuuCKKK
*rolls her eyes as she feels you unload, but at least she is half way to breaking you she thinks to herself*
*His warm seed begins to fill her velvet pussy, but continues to thrust in bliss trying to fill her with every drop that she secretly craves. Pulling out from her, he approaches * Clean this mess you made miss, we have other things to address
I couldn't agree more... now go wash up and get ready to get fitted with a collar *she comands imperiosuly; cum leaking from her pussy and running down her right inner thigh.*
*his eyes gloss over again as he nods respecfully* yes miss.. whatever you say
*giggles and coos as you obey her and return; dick freshly cleaned* awwwwww good boy *she smirks and gets down to give it a playful lick.*
*'s cock twitches from her tongue tracing along his cock* I hope it is to your liking miss
very much so *she pauses from her licking and smiles up at you wickedly before taking it into her mouth and sucking on the tip with the intention of getting you on edge and giving you blue balls.*
What..What is going on *stepping back his cock slipping from her mouth, dripping saliva onto her body beneath him* Miss, you have a way about yourself, I an unable to place it but you seem to have a way to make people do as you please. No matter back to what matters most *Lifting her petite body he lowers her onto his now throbbing cock. Glancing over he notices a young woman in a collar watching, undoubtable one of the misses toys. He motions over as he begins to thrust.*
is resisting cumming (42% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*slaps the collared slut* get the fuck out of here *she says getting up quickly and striking a dominant yet sexy pose* That was chew toy... I forget what her name actually was but we all jsut call her chew toy or chewy for short... You will be serving right along with her soon enough *she taunts*
*smirking at the taunts of the toy he approaches her one last time* The only one who will serve, will be you as my trophy miss. Itll be nice to visit you and take you out to show *His cock swaying infront of her lips*
*smirks as she looks up; pressing your length to her chest and squeezing her tiny breasts around it; trying to stimulate you.* I imagine it woudl be more than gratifying to be able to do that with me... but that is not your fafe *she says palyfully.*
My fate was to enjoy you miss, if the cards fall in my favor, there could be more. *Pressing my shaft against your body I look into your eyes enjoying your petite breast service*
*smirks* "every time" she mutters to herself as she meekly acts like she is giving in... * "you boys are all so easy" *she says under her breathe as she baits the trap with her body; offering herself up.*
is resisting cumming (67% chance of cum) => Came!
*unable to hold back the torture, he succumbs to her assault. Understanding his fate he rides his euphoria finishing over his miss.* Ughhh fuckkk
*giggles and smirks as she gets up; painted in the evidence of her victory.* go clean yourself up again and ask chey to fit you for a collar; she heads off to the showers to clean herself up*... See you real soon *she says menacingly without looking back*
(how was that?)
*Shrugs as he walks away in bliss* There can be worse things in life miss.
(that was fun, I hope my inexperience wasn't too noticeable)
(not even a little. you are up there with the best... that said. We should share our logs... I think you will get a lot more female attention even if you did lose. People will start messaging you more if you post good logs for public viewing)
(sure, I have no qualms showing off your new property haha)
(also Im adding you to my profile... which everyone checks daily (or they should anyway :P) so that will help too)
Bye for now plaything :D

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