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I like to fight cocks and make them cum and lose. I will show them that it’s easy to be the winner against them.

12.12.2021 W Steev couldn't handle me in the ring. First dick drained and first man defeated.
15.12.2021 L Lacey acted so subby and I felt for it. I lost against her >.< it was just bad luck!
16.12.2021 L EvilFratBoy... against him... against a boy.... I did fucking lose in the ring >.<
17.12.2021 W WR Title Won 1 Tre thought he could handle me. He did not only lose but also lost the title. Thank you
18.12.2021 W Lacey. Finally I won! I took a long time but.... I even our score!
20.12.2021 W WR Title Defence 2 Branch. Tre... Branch? Weird opponent names but well another win for me. I am a champion! And another dick failed to defeat me
21.12.2021 W Chris. Something classic. Seduced and outfucked without letting him cum in me
22.12.2021 W Title Defence 3 Kip Not much to say here. A victory without much afford.
23.12.2021 L Unkown. Totally lost this fight... and I dont even know who it was... he.. he breed me... ohh god.

Everytime my ass is getting fucked, fingered or dildoed I have to skip 4/12 games.
Everytime I get facefucked I have to skip 3/6

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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