Steev (Level 15) mail warning

Light to medium RP or Competitive/feel free to dm me

Bi / Switch

I like to reverberate off of being around people so if you give off competitive vibes I'll respond in kind. If we're going for something softer, I'll soften up~

Saying it another way: Some days I have a silver tongue and some days I want someone to slap the taste out of my mouth.

You probably have met Steev in a chat somewhere. He is about 5'10, with grey hair and blue eyes, he does some athletics but he keeps that part of his life separate. A rather private person, feels like if this spilled over into his "normal" life, he'd lose everything.

Steev is a switch and enjoys taunting, roughness, and fights for dominance! Willing to take on anybody brave enough to cum for him and rather competitive.

(If you're looking for a more roleplay oriented scenario, there are several Steev's down here I will use.)

== Results from ==
100% Primal (Hunter)
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Switch
100% Degradee
100% Sadist
100% Masochist
100% Rope bunny
97% Degrader
93% Dominant
89% Rigger
88% Submissive
87% Experimentalist
79% Brat tamer
47% Master/Mistress
44% Vanilla
31% Voyeur
22% Owner
16% Slave
13% Daddy/Mommy
3% Brat
3% Pet

Illegal stuff, age play, permanent harm (the unfun violence), more to come!

If you come for Steev in the ring, he'll be wearing this:
Steev's wrestling outfit.

In wrestling, Steev is a heel, a bit of a sadistic one too but more than willing to do whatever it takes to win. He tries to get into any arena he can and compete, even the ones with less moral standards.

If you're challenged to Hentai though, you're going to tussle with the Mage, Steev:
Vile Demon Summoner Steev

In Hentai, Steev is a demon summoning mage who's summons don't often stay under his control. He's always trying to get involved with creatures from other planes or dimensions and strike deals with them.

Some chosen defeats that I'm not ashamed to share:

I'm a little ashamed to share that I lost to the dog girl and she locked me for 4 days! (12/4)

Alura TNT, the amazon wanted to make me her prey. She set out to control me for a match and after roughing me up, she forced me to cum inside her twice!

Miss Rachel, the dominatrix, decided that my ass was hers to conquer. In one match, I pulled out everything against her but she overcame it and shoved a strap so far up my ass that I passed out. After beating me in the match 2 cums to none, she passed me around the audience and they made me spray cum across my face for their amusement.

The mistress Frikka has decided that I was a marked man and she needed the marker. We played a game of Classic late one night and she finally got the mark, it only took her four tries but this time, I was there for her enjoyment and not the other way around.

In wrestling, Tanya managed to win a battle of pure attrition against me, she then made me her complete and utter bitch, yelling her name, using my body for her needs, and forcing me to spank myself. She brought out my full sub side and I'm glad someone did, I was beginning to forget that part of myself.

Vivi made me enjoy being used in bondage as a latex slave.


For three games, I'm crossdressing Steev (3/3) Serenity

Katxicity: Kat Fisherman drained me so much I can only think of her now. Every time I cum I must moan her name and skip a turn (3/3)

I am not allowed to use bondage action till turn 30 (3/3) NaDine.

For 5 games, I must choose to plow ass (5/5) Moira

For 7 games, any cum test above low I must edge for 45 seconds (7/7) (Slut girl Jaz)

Blowjob weakness: If an opponent blows me, on a 5 or 6 I must skip my turn for the next 5 games (5/5) (Kika "KitKat" made me into her sissy maid stephie!)

Footjob Cumtest: If it's a 1 or 2 who must auto-cum. 3-6 you do the test as normal. (Cheryl the foot girl) (5/5)

When I'm pegged, I skip a turn and if its a cum test, I cannot resist on less than a 4 for 10 wins!

Edge challenge (7/7) Suck it Brooke!

Come get your revenge for 5 games! - Cannot use my cock offensively for 5 games or until I win against Miss Clarissa. Each game, I have to roll a dice to freely use my cock. (only on a 6) (no more games).

Locked for one week by Ava. ( Dec 1,2022)

I am currently wearing a little collar from Alisa.

For five whole days, I'm Cassy's kitty-sitter~

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