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Hi, i’m Neon. I like tits. Tits are a gift to the world, and I’m here to paint them white.

In case you couldn’t tell, I have a huge fetish for tits.
Aside from that, I absolutely have a post-orgasm torture kink, and i’m super into blowjobs and handjobs. I still really like normal sex, but outercourse is what I like the most.

Since i’m mostly into roleplay sex, I’ll gladly choose to cum if the roleplay is going well and if you tell me to cum.

I’m not into verbal humiliation, giving or receiving. I’m also really not into anal, pain, or feet.

I roleplay as a sub, but if the other person is a switch then i’ll also switch towards the end of the roleplay.

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a sub
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check Kinks: Female domination, Cum play, Hypnosis, Medical, Monsters
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