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My main interest in EF matches is in Classic, with healthy sprinklings of RP and dirty talk ;)

Terribly Misinformed, that's what I am. I love sexfights and RP and am here to learn and have fun.

More specifically, I've recently wandered into Roleplay again and found a liking for it, the more detailed the roleplay, the more fun we can have creating it. I'm into Femdom, Maledom, BDSM and I have a weakness for dirty talk. Being a switch, I'm game for domming and being dominated, so I'd like to think I'm flexible in that regard. I'm open to trying most kinds of RPs, since I'm looking to do as much as possible. Feel free to message me and ask about a match/RP. I'm not looking to do anything interactive at the moment, it's classic games and the sexfight angle for me currently.

Bring a challenge, bring a fun fight and we will have fun with it. That's what the game is all about after all ;)
But for me, the most important aspect is that my partner in the RP enjoys it, otherwise what's the point? Anything I can do to make your experience a great one, I'll give it my all.

I'm also on the EroFights Discord under TG, you can message me on there as well.

I also serve as a moderator on EF. If you have any issues that you need assistance with, feel free to reach out to me here.

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