Mac (Mel's Defeated Edgeslut) (Level 13) mail warning

i will break you


Age: 23

I’m Mac and I love competitive matches to fight for domination over the opponent. Since I am a switch, I can be both dom and sub, but I like to figure that out through the outcome of our match. I especially enjoy making bets, and don’t really have any limits, but would be more than willing to place some irl wagers (; But I will play with you in any mode at all.

I am more than willing to fulfill your dreams, so don’t be afraid to tell me no matter how crazy it may sound~

I will always fight to make you a cumming mess, and no one ever beats me without a tough fight or getting a little lucky (; There are a few things which can make me go weak, but good luck trying to figure them out (;

Memorable Victories:

When I got in Agent 82's way, it resulted in a showdown. Although I prepared for an experienced agent and a big battle, my hypnosis tactics quickly overwhelmed her, as I successfully brainwashed her and broke her mind. After some mental training and cumming, she is now my loyal pet - thoughtless, barely speaking, and barking for me on command. Her body and pussy are now owned by me (;

Bente and I have had quite a few matches so far. We've been pretty close, going back and forth, until now when I've started to pull away with wins. Although she tried to use dirty tricks such as bondage and hypnosis A LOT, it was never enough and I repeatedly fucked her until she came and made a mess everywhere. (;

Although Naomi had a few lucky wins at first, I finally started getting the better of her. I've been starting her brainwashing training and made her my cum cow. She was bounded with her holes filled and tits milked while she addressed me as her master (; Despite this, our continuing rivalry has taken an unexpected turn, which led me to add in the next section....

I was fortunate enough to challenge the two cute sisters I and Mi for their first match. Together, they thought they could overpower me, but I soon proved them wrong, as I made Mi cum so hard she passed out followed by I’s intense orgasm. Even with 2 girls, they couldn’t even make me cum once! I now keep them tied up and cumming endlessly as I leash them both as my pets.

Ciara and I had a close and competitive battle, where she was confident and cocky throughout. Although she made an almost impossible to resist attempt to finish me off, I resisted and made her cum helplessly like the slut she is. Now, I’ve renamed her Ciara. Mac’s knightly bitch.

Losses I’m Forced to Display:

I challenged Mel to a match to break our tie. I thought I had her, but she tricked me into letting my guard down and soon made me surrender to her. She claimed me as her pet and we played a game of luck and obedience. I edged and rode the edge 11 times for her, making me so desperate that I could not think. In a show of mercy, she let me cum, but it had to be on my face. I felt mindless and obedient serving my mistress and I live to please her. I write this now with my face covered in my own cum.

After challenging her again, she has now won 5 times against me, and the last 4 times in a row, embarrassing me for how confident I was. She now has complete control over everything about me for the next few days. I marked my body to show my servitude to her. I am Mistress Mel's submissive little cum puppy.

Mistress Kendra beat me and put me in my place for the second time. This time, she made me her locked up sissy maid.

Naomi had previously always been under my ownership, so I was quite surprised by the recent turn of events. She ended up having some new tricks up her sleeve, luring me into fucking her, which ended up being my mistake. She drained me humiliatingly with her pussy and soft feet.

After losing to Natalie, I had to get permission from her before being allowed to cum.

Wearing a collar that says, "Jess's Slut."

I challenged Tanya yet again, except this time we did it in my domain - classic. While we started off toe to toe, she was unparalleled in resisting my attempts to make her cum. In a humiliating loss, she defeated me without me even getting close. She claimed me as her slave and I address her as goddess, and she consequently used me after the match to make sure I knew my place. She made me unload straight into my mouth, delivering me the ultimate humiliation. Now I'm her cum slut, owned by her.

I’m Shenhe’s Milk Toy. Although we had some close matches, she got the better of me and milked my cock over and over again.


Mel ended up giving me two more rules:
Every time I am placed in hypno, I must bark like a dog. (2/5)
I must thank my opponent every time they put their mouth or tongue on my cock. (2/10)

Charly beat me and now for every action that involves sucking my cock, I must either edge or skip, depending on what my opponent wants. (0/10)

Mel humiliated me and made it so that every time I cum in-game, I must edge IRL. (2/5)

After losing to Mistress Kendra for the second time, she locked me up as her sissy. Now, my cock is locked up and I must roll a 5 or 6 before I can use it. (5/5)

Naomi owned me in our last match and made it so that every time someone uses a titjob action on me, I must thank them. (5/5)

After losing to Kendra, whenever someone plays an action with feet, I must roll a 5 or 6, otherwise I must skip my turn. (5/5 or 3/3 wins)

Thanks to Ashley, whenever someone uses hypnosis against me, I roll once to escape the hypnosis. If I fail the roll, you roll a d4 twice, and stay hypnotized for the sum of those two rolls. (5/5)

After losing to Krysten, she revived an old rule of mine. I am not allowed to do any actions involving my opponent’s ass, and I must always fuck my own when possible. (5/5 wins)

Because of Naomi, whenever I receive a footjob, I must thank my opponent. (5/5)

After losing to Faith whenever tentacles are used on me, I must roll a 5 or higher, otherwise I must keep skipping my turn. (5/5)

Thanks to Lilly I am not allowed to do any action involving my opponent's ass, and I must always fuck my own when possible. (5/5)

Celine and I had a very close battle but she got the better of me in the end, forcing me to cum for her. Now, whenever I am given the option to lick pussy, I must choose it. (3/3)

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