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Need more time to catch up with the DMs.

Bi / Switch

~Current TWAT leader~

Elevation, not deconstruction - As quoted by Alice Rose

A lean, raven-haired, average height, pansexual neurosurgeon. Unassuming and kind to a fault. Uses her smarts and more often than not her seduction skills to get things done. A bratty sub-leaning switch looking for some fun times. Like to be dominated, orgasm denied, put in my place. And also the other way around if that's what you want. Like to be teased and to tease. Love the competition.

Relatively new to EF cities. Learning and observing how the city works.Have been fun!

Hobbies: Reading in the library, amateur astronomy, deconstructing musical compositions
Abilities: Eidetic memory, Insatiable curiosity, scepticism

Current rules
All rules are completed

Current challenges
After winning and edging game against twice Krista, I have to edge 1148 times by the end of the month. (1148/1148)
Task 2: 1122 edges (1122/1122)
Task 3: 3577 edges(3577/3577), 888 spanks (888/888), and 452 pussy spanks (452/452)
While she has to do 165,807 edges, 1939 spanks, and 1286 pussy spanks for me.

Favourite matches
In my first ever TWR title defence, I went up against my good friend Gentle, wherein he had me fatally close to cumming twice, but I turned the tables by finding out his weakness for baby talk and made him resist to use those cum tests on me. Now, he is a gentle baby for mommy Roya.

Tournament of Nations Matches
Smite (0-1)
My debut in the Tournament of Nations was against Smite, India vs New Zealand. I thought this trash talking Kiwi would be a perfect first opponent in the league, it was his first proper TON match and I thought I was going to show him the true sexfighting prowess of India. He had the size advantage but I had the speed. We had a lot of back and forth in the early game and I even made him cum first in a 69 battle. Thinking I had an easy win I tried to finish him off immediately after with a grapevine ride as I looked to my cheering fans. My only mistake was that he resisted... and what happened after was a complete landslide against me. I could barely manage a defence as he forcefully rammed his thick dominant NZ cock into my tight Indian throat and pussy without mercy over and over, using me like a glorified fuckdoll and showing off that he wasn't all talk and his size wasn't just for show. Even when I got on top his tongue made me moan and quiver as he expertly played with my pussy while choking me out. I didn't make him cum again that match as I came twice in a row, embarrassing myself in front of all my Indian fans as their first representative lost her debut match, starting India off on a losing streak in the TON with New Zealand taking the gold medal.

The humiliation wasn't over, however, as he planned to make a demonstration with my defeated and broken body. My mind was mush as he started asking me questions between bouts of facefucking about how I was the loser of the match and him the winner. But when it came to which nation was better, my mush brain immediately said "India" over and over despite repeated facefucks. This proved to be much to my detriment as he then started fucking my other holes brutally hard, splitting my tiny submissive Indian pussy and ass in two as my Indian flag colour panties were draped over my head. He even had me suck NZ crowd member's cock as he rearranged my insides, stretching me out. Finally, after a long session of being thoroughly slammed against the cornerpost, my mush brain learnt its lesson and declared New Zealand the superior nation. To which I was rewarded with him coating my pretty brown face with his superior NZ sperm and taking me home as a trophy and becoming his personal Indian cocksleeve.

So yeah... my debut didn't go as planned... but I hope to face him again... for revenge... yeah... 🥵💦

Smite (0-2)
I got right back into the ring the next day with Smite to get my revenge and redeem myself and my country... I probably should have waited longer. Despite getting some help from the audience, my sweet Indian body was thoroughly abused and used once again by his thick NZ cock. Every time he shoved it in my mouth I had flashbacks to that first match and started melting in his vice-like grip around my head while he was pounding my throat to pieces with absolutely no resistance. Needless to say, I lost. And the bastard didn't let me cum this time until I admitted that New Zealand was better than India. Fuck I would be so pissed if it didn't turn my on so much. The end of the match was similar to the first as he had me on my knees, cum dripping from my pussy and bending me over backwards as I got upside down facefucked in front of the audience. He even got some NZ fans to share me with as I ended up being left in a puddle of bodily fluids as he came down my throat, completely broken in body and mind once again.

Fuck... I want to fight him again... 💓

After Jacquelyn challenged to wrestle, I was overconfident in my abilities and accepted her challenge. I even made her cum once, but she kept thrashing me and made me cum for her. She's now my mother now.

My kink list

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Brat
100% Degradee
100% Rope bunny
100% Slave
100% Voyeur
100% Pet
93% Submissive
90% Experimentalist
89% Exhibitionist
88% Primal (Prey)
87% Dominant
86% Masochist
83% Rigger
83% Degrader
82% Non-monogamist
81% Brat tamer
73% Switch
71% Master/Mistress
70% Sadist
68% Boy/Girl
64% Primal (Hunter)
63% Owner
59% Ageplayer
58% Daddy/Mommy
18% Vanilla

Toys List:
Anal plug(regular, destructor, vibratory)
Dildo(6", 8", and 10")
Suction dildo(6.5" confetti dildo attached to mirror, 8" luminous attached to the wall, and a 6.5" beaded anal dildo)
Dildo vibrator(8", 3-speed)
Wand vibrator(20 pattern, 10 speeds, corded)
Vibrator(bullet, and egg)
Nipple clamps
E-Stim(5 attachment wand, and paddle)
Chastity belt(with a heart shaped cutout)
Rubber band
Thrusting machine (compatible with the vac-u lock dildos)
Full-length mirror

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Dildo vibrator, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, E-Stim, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Wax, Full-length mirror


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