Amanda (Level 12) mail warning

Enjoying my special friends! Will you make that list?

Bi / Switch



Not interested in Femdom/Interactive but willing to try any of the other modes


I’m loving DM RP’s so feel free to message me 😘

I have this hot and spicy feud going on with Tiffy our first match I made her my British anal bitch however in our 2nd meeting she utterly destroyed my pussy with a vibrator and slapping a collar on me making me her Canadian fucktoy for now!


I had Cora Jade wrestle me and she got cocky so I had to show her my signature move The Anal Jackhammer! Now she’s got a gaping asshole and a nice fur collar around her neck


I love spending time with Mommy though I do tend to forget to ask permission for things because I love her so much


Made Mandy beg to not be fisted in return she agreed to be my fuck toy, even gave her a nice collar to remind her


[] A gift given to me by my new special Mistress She makes me feel good and makes me cum over and over again as I submit to all her special toys


I’m not the greatest with RP during matches but love post match RP win or lose

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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