Green Velcro (Level 8) mail warning

Happy today. Feeling energetic~ good things to come I am sure

Seeking RP game with a sense of risk. Open to in game consequences or slight profile changes too! As long as we have fun…. I am open to mostly anything! 💋💦

The sense of risk status means that the winner can instruct tasks and other forms of punishment to the loser for a week. It can be whatever days they have time, as I know some days people get busy! Consecutive losses adds an additional week of servitude from the last period.

Hentai Profile

Vanessa the Visionary

About Me

Green haired bisexual college student seeking a good time. Call me Vanessa if you want, as that is my real name!

If I send a message to initiate talk, know that you are one of a select few to receive one! I only do this with other women like me, seeing as though I know they get flooded with messages (I know from experience!) Tehe something must have caught my eye about you. ❤️

I am a loving teaser/seducer. My main goal is to make everyone feel intense pleasure. When teasing, I will always try to make you special being with me. I playfully and intimately kiss and rub your body up and down as I stare up at you. I smile and blush at you seeing you moan as I playfully lick your cock/pussy, and give your lower back a nice massage.

I like light to medium roleplay when playing games and even when DMing! Unless you are a special lover who loves to write long messages to me 💦

Day job - Masseuse ❤️💋

Profile Changes: Don’t ask for me to change my gender or role. I am a switch and female at all times. Anything else is relatively open 💋 You can even add a section to my profile if you want.

What I Like About Erofights

Chatting with new people, and exploring their various kinks and personality is always my first goal on this site. I try to schedule one match per day, so maybe today is your lucky day to play with me! Just note it may take some time to get back to you, as I get a lot of messages.

Discord and Lovense

My Discord ID is Vanessa V#1313.
Add me, you don’t have to send a message and ask.

Lovense ID: greenhaired24

Toys available: Hush 2 and Lush 2 (will probably get more)

Good Conversation Breakers Include:

1) Ask me why Green Velcro is my profile name.
2) Music that I enjoy listening to
3) Saying something nice about me. I respond to people a lot faster if they compliment me! Tehe.
4) Say some of your sexual desires and what you hope to do to me. 💋
5) Name your kinks and I will respond if we are a match or not. 🤭
6) Ask me about my day and if I did anything kinky.
7) Ask if I am in a controlling mood, or subbing mood today. 💋
I hope this list and ideas help when breaking the ice with me. Don’t be shy, and send me a message.

Picture Exchanges

I do not like doing personal pic exchanges as proof of doing tasks or in general. This is due to how I had bad experiences from doing so in the past and I have extreme camera shyness. I promise I will do all the tasks asked of me by a Master/Mistress for losing/submitting. Even as a sub, I aim to make everyone happy.

Sexual Experience IRL

5 women, 1 TG, and two males. I like TGs more than males. The male sex experiences were both peggings, just so you know. 🤭

Favorite Game Modes

Classic or LWR, but willing to do the other ones too! Interactive for subs too~

Gender Preference

I will always talk and play with women first! This statement is due to how I am lesbian IRL. If you are a male playing female, I will still message you quickly. Team Pinks catch my attention a lot more than Team Blues! However, guys can still send me a message. I am open to playing with anyone! 😘

Am I Sub or Am I A Dom?

I don’t have a preference for dom or sub, I like switching depending on the day. I am mostly playful and a tease when interacting on here. Some days I feel like controlling people. On other days I enjoy completing tasks. No matter what: If we play I will always try to win!


I have a lot of kinks. Just send me a message and question if I have a kink for something you like. I am learning as I go about my sexual fantasies on this site! Experimenting with new kinks and ideas is a big reason I am on this site. Tehe 💦

Kink Limits

Nothing gross!!!!! Bathroom play and blood are a no-go for me! Another thing, I want to feel pleasure, not pain. So nothing that hurts me too bad, please. Denial is another thing that I do not like~ it takes someone special for me to agree to do that. 💋


A vibrating butt plug, regular butt plug, vibrator, bullet vibrator, suction-cupped dildo, vibrating nipple clamps, collar, nipple clamps, paddle, gag, and rope.

Partnerships (Always Willing to Listen to New Ideas!)

1) Donkey
Tehe! Donkey and I struck a bargain! Upon gaining control of him through Christina, we proposed the relationship of how I will take over sub-control for him with a dun new idea. Christina tried to collar Donkey but found she couldn't control him. She passed him off to me asking for me to do it but I realized that he can't be and shouldn't be controlled. We decided to partner up instead and play to our strengths. Donkey is a strong competitor and will win against many, and I will gain control of them…. As a result of the partnership, he gains access to my Lovense toys too! A beautiful relationship and partnership between us. I can’t wait to see who he brings to me. 💋💦❤️

2) Alice
Alice is my most prized sub. She will occasionally send subs over to me if she wins against you, and I will play with you. I promise to always be caring and kind towards all subs Alice sends over. Our relationship on this site revolves around pleasure and talking, and I will use the same strategies for any subs she obtains. My most prized sub, a partner, and a special lover all rolled into one! Alice is perfect!


1) Alice

Ooooh, I have a new permanent sub. I traded Christina to Alice on 08/30/22 and now she is my perfect and permanent sub. Mmm, she has the chance to become a special lover with me, as I continue to send her tasks in-game and IRL. Alice is beautiful and I will love her forever. Giving her all the pleasures that I can give and making her putty for me. Plus, I even gave her a rule, if she wins against me, I will let her become a dom and give me one task/profile change. She must always remain my permanent sub, but I will give her a chance to dom. She is too perfect not too! Alice is my Wonderland, and if you try to mess with her, you mess with me. I will always protect her and caress her and teach her how to do a teasing RP that will make everyone melt. Loves and kisses to my new sub! I will continue to add to this profile as time goes on.


2) Florence: Originally called Flo, but she has decided her future is as my feminine cuck. Mmm, she originally thought she wanted to dominate me, but found out that that was not her true position in life. After completing IRL feminization tasks like wearing female clothing and shaving all body hair, she willingly submitted to me and became my good little girl. Florence has given all control to serving me and my tasks, and she will become the best girl in the future…. Next step? Make her bi? 😈💋

New form

3) Rich

Tehe I have been talking with Rich for two months now. He is a long-time member here and he has always been a pleasant conversation when he shows up in my DMs. On 08/28/22, Rich decided to willingly submit to me. As with all subs, I promised to give him all the pleasure in the world as he submitted. Mmm, we decided he will be my permanent butt and pussy worshipper. I want him to taste me, and all of me as he continues to have conversations with me about my experiences on this site. I will continue to add more as time goes on.


4) Plaything
I met Plaything through messages about a month ago, but never got around to domming him. Then, one day, his Mistress invited me to join a public match to help dominate him! Mistress Lina gave me the task of controlling him while we endlessly teased him by playing with each other. Ooooh our lesbian play was hot and steamy, and he must now
A) Set up one match on this site a day.
B) Slap his balls hard 10 times for every match
C) Not touch his cock for 82 hours!


5) Cum Slut Sarah
Given to me from Romeo. Sarah is a lovely woman who I aim to please. I strive to make her watch lesbian Hypno, while she continues to be a bimbo. She deserves love and protection, and I will give that to her as time goes on!

Lesbian Hypno

6) Justine
Given to me from Donkey! Justine identifies as a girl and she is really hot. Mmmm Donkey gave me a truly great present, and she willingly submitted to him. I will care for her and make her feel pleasures beyond all control. She deserves to be loved and I will give that to her! ❤️

Willing Submission

7) Andrew
Ooooh, Andrew…. Mmmm he is super fun. He is my personal pegging sub and I love RPing the thought through his head. My hands rubbed his frenulum while giving him my strapon. Such a lovely person, who is always obedient. A perfect sub for me and my pleasures! His messages are always thoughtful and his sub RP is off the charts great. If you are looking for a fun person to play with, Andrew is highly recommended by me! ❤️💋


8) Marta
Another gift to me from Donkey. Marta is lovely and all I want to do is help her feel pleasure! She is a girl from Spain who will become an all-around sub. She has the potential to do a lot of different tasks for me…. The first thing I want is for her butt to be trained so I can lick her and tease her. She wore a buttplug all night for me, which made her leak and whimper. Having her butt played with is a perfect situation for her and her body…… Mmm lick, lick, lick all of her butt. On August 30, 2022, she agreed to become my permanent sub! Oooh, what a special day. ☺️☺️ On the same day, Marta and I played my first public match. I will forever be thankful to her for showing me the delight of talking with others while playing. Will add more as time goes on!


9) Celine
Another gift from Donkey! Tehe he continues to find ways to gain control. Celine is a dom at heart, but she is my perfect little sub. I am thinking she will become my humiliation sub, but I want to give her the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. She is experimenting with being bi, and I want to make sure she likes what she gets. I will keep adding more details as time goes on!


10) Endless

Endless began messaging me and I slowly wore him down to becoming my sub with my sexy teasing. He said he would do anything for me and I thought of something fun! Some of my female/TG subs should be rewarded! He is both my sub and all of their subs. Our personal sex toy and sub to give commands to. Endless will be used and abused by all of my female subs, and that is my gift to them. Tehe. Endless will be mocked and used, and he will love every second of it! I will keep adding details as time goes on.


11) Bunny
Bunny will remain Marie’s sub. I am here as a part-time dom to help her learn RP and just have fun. Bunny is my friend so I will always stay engaged with her. We met in public and she started teasing me with baking references. I couldn’t help but start RPing with her. She may be awkward, but Bunny is cute! I will keep playing with her, and I thank Marie for allowing this to happen. I will continue to add more to this bio as time goes on.


12) Gale
I met Gale through Mistress Lina and we have been chatting sporadically ever since. After Lina decided to take a hiatus, I took control of him as a sub. Before becoming my sub he called me a “slut” like a naughty boy. His fetishes seem to revolve around latex outfits~ good thing I own one. 😈💋


13) Ollie

Met Ollie in a public match on September 13, 2022, and he talked about how he needed to edge. I saw this as an opportunity to gain a new sub. Using all of my seducing and teasing, he accepted the submission by the end. He is now a butt worshipper sub and he looks so right doing it. ❤️👅


14) Icy

15) DrippingWetSlut

Slut came to me and begged for me to control her. She is such a good girl~ following my instructions. I promise to keep giving her pleasure and orgasms as long as she desires. I teased her with a variety of methods while controlling her toys. No RP for the first session but that will change when we play again. I kind of love her~ going along with my ideas of licking her butt. Tehe if there are any Doms out there I encourage you to have fun with her! ❤️❤️


Recent Losses


Recent Wins


Ellika Section

Record (Me:Ellika) 1:3

Lost on 08/16/22. Oooh, she made me so wet while playing. I tried to make her admit to me that Full Nelson was her favorite position, but she resisted. I fell in love with the taste of her ass and pussy. Mmm, I hope she lets me keep playing with them and licking them, as they tasted so nice! 💋👅 She collared me at the end, and I will wear it with love and compassion for her! She set the following rules for me:
a) Mention in my profile that I am one of her slaves for the week.
b) Write that I am "Ellika's Property" on my 32C boobs!
c) When I watch porn I will send her the ones that I watch! 💋🤭
She can send me tasks to complete whenever she pleases. Ellika can have time off and not give me tasks if she wants. She has open access to my DMs! ❤️

Lost on 08/31/22. This match was a lot of fun and a public lobby. Thanks to all who stopped by, and thanks for complimenting my writing. 💋 This session focused heavily on bondage and hypno rolls, with a lot of fun intimate RP. I lost as she brought her friends into the room and made me orgasm over and over. After the match, she made me do the walk of shame action and I orgasmed IRL imagining this happening after a hard-fought match. 💦 Just like last time, she has control of me for a week. I am always glad to help her remove her rules and submit to her. However, I will keep challenging her as I know I can defeat her!

Won on 09/21/22. She orgasmed before she could even finish the match~ too much bondage for her to handle. I promise to give her the most pleasurable orgasms possible for one week. Ellika deserves it for being so sexy and fun 💚

Lesbian Butt Licking



Special Lovers

Side note: You can not add yourself to this list, even when winning a game against me. This is my special area, and it remains unedited unless I choose to add you. I will always prioritize messaging these people first! Also note, if you are a guy, you probably won’t be added to this list. Call me a devoted sex partner with all listed below! Also, this list is not in order, meaning it’s not a ranking system.

1) Savanna
She is absolutely perfect. Her beautiful kinks and the way she writes messages to me make me always lose myself in intense pleasure. Every time I edge to her before a match I perform ahegao for her, as she makes me feel so good. Gosh even writing about her right now is making my pussy leak. Savanna is my dom for winning on 8/22/22. No matter the outcome she will always be a special lover. She makes me feel like the luckiest woman on the planet when she messages me. Mmm, imagining our sensitive bodies rubbing against each other as we experience multiple orgasms every time we play… It can’t get better than this. ☺️ My heart is fluttering. ❤️

Lost to Savanna on 08/22/22. This session featured over 18 IRL orgasms between the two of us. After we were done, we both told each other about how we couldn’t feel our body parts (Savanna couldn’t feel her legs and I couldn’t feel anything below my belly. Oooh sooo numb). Savanna is my special lover, so I decided to give her free access to send me tasks until we can play again. It could be a year, two years, three years…. Mmm nothing but pleasure! She deserves all the love and praise in the world. I hope to continue writing to each other. We made each other’s hair turquoise, after rubbing and making intimacy with one another.

She was the first to use my Lovense toys! A heavenly experience for both my holes. Our play with each other will be cherished by me always!


2) Tanya
Okay…. I don’t even know where to begin with her. She was the first one to add me as a friend on Discord from Erofights. Tanya is such a lovely Korean woman that I could sit down and talk with for hours and I feel like we could talk with one another to get new ideas to try on here. We share similar kinks by doing edging challenges and RPing to see who breaks first. In our first match on 08/20/22 (a short game), Tanya had me right on the edge and we didn’t even make it to 10! Our kinky instructions and RP for one another as we vibed and played with our clits from our instructions made us happy. During the match, I gave her a special nickname that I will only ever use for her, “My pleasure palace.” We giggled and blushed about that for a minute. I won the first match by making her cum for me in the cowgirl position. She used her vibe for me while she grinded a pillow. Tanya came for me from these instructions, imagining me playing with her boobs while I kissed her back. My beautiful Korean woman….. nothing but pleasure while I play with her.

Afterward, Tanya agreed to help me cum! She instructed me to get on my knees and grind on a dildo while I put a vibe on my clitty. I cummed within 2 minutes. My ultimate pleasure palace, I can’t wait to keep talking and playing with her. Tanya makes me squirm and feel pleasure just by being the way she is. Her RP and my RP are very similar, and our experiences will continue to be heavenly in the future!

Notable Wins/Losses Against Tanya (My Special Lover)

1) On 08/27/22 I defeated Tanya and her pet bet challenge. We edged continuously for three hours until I finally broke her by making her masturbate with something really kinky (don’t want to give others an idea of what I did for Tanya 😉). I begged over and over for her to cum for me, and she gave it to me. Afterward, she helped me cum and I almost did instantly! Mmmmm always a special lover, but I beat her challenge. Little does she know….. If she resisted and edged the last time…. I would have orgasmed for her the next time I had to edge. Tehe I look forward to each and every time we play! My favorite person on EF! 💦💦💦💦

Tanya is perfect and deserves all the love and care in the world from me. Always makes me melt and feel good when I play with her….. 🫠

She has made me orgasm the most on this site~ and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love her forever.

Mmmm Tanya

Fuuuuck Tanya


As time goes on I will continue to add to this bio.

Thanks for reading to the bottom of my profile! You are appreciated! As a reward, here is some gifs of my favorite sex position, cowgirl! 😘




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