Corporal lil honeypot (Level 5) mail warning

I'm gonna make you numb, I'm gonna make you dumb, I'm gonna make you anybodies toy!

PFP edit by Level, thank you!

Please don't message me and ask for games, when you see me in a match against a bot come in and have a chat with me! The matches on here take some time and I can't fit everybody in. If you never see me in a bot game our schedules might not be in sync and the chances of a match are very low.

Soldier of the army of Lucy. Rank: Corporal

New here and checking out the site!
23 years old
skinny and flat!

Kinklist (not complete):

Cum on my face:
There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of a cock unloading in my face!

God played and awful prank on me here! I can fuck my ass with toys for hours and my body just says "meh". When my boyfriend fucks my ass it takes me a minute to be a shaking, moaning and multiple orgasmic mess.

I love to leave dirty messages all over my body for my boyfriend to find.

Not much to say here, I love it and I love when people edge for me!

Mutual masturbation:
What can I say? I love to be watched touching myself and I love to watch.

Rough fucking:
That is a give and take!

Oral, oral and oral:
Yummy! Come on and taste the honeypot! Go down on me and my mouth will be yours when ever you want! Also a give and take!

Catholic schoolgirl:
God, please forgive me for I have sinned (and I will keep doing so)! I have this lovely Irish catholic school girl uniform (you might see it in my pfp every now and then), when I put it on I am ready to be naughty and punished!

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