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Back from vacation!!

Lesbian / Switch

For those of you who can’t manage to read: I am gay. If you are a man (with the extremely niche exception of FtM trans men with detransitioning kinks), kindly DO NOT shoot your shot in my DMs.
If you continue to do so, I will make fun of you for failing 2nd grade English.

Hi! I'm a switch and pretty new to the game. Fairly new but undefeated (well that didn't last long).

I won this fancy-shmancy belt for all the trouble I took fucking Clarissa into a quivering puddle of cum! A shame I had to give it up, but the messages were getting a bit overwhelming. Looking to learn the ropes (mission emphatically accomplished), use the ropes, and everything in between.

Lost a close best of 3 match to Nessie so I was denied for a little bit

(Yes, this account has rules. No, I will not tell you what they are. You'll have to figure it out for yourself, unless you gave them to me of course ;P )

A little bit about me: I'm 23, fairly petite (I still fit into my old highschool uniform), and have long hair that loves to be pulled. I am a merciless tease, but if you're up for it I take as good as I give. I did martial arts when I was younger, which was basically angsty gymnastics, so I'm also extremely flexible and well used to both pinning and being pinned~

I am trans friendly and am down for fast or more involved games, but I usually can't stay for more than 60-90 minutes.
I prefer to roleplay in 1st person, but I can be flexible about that, you just might need to remind me. Habits and all that, you understand.

PLEASE NOTE: My IRL job is very demanding. Sometimes I am offline for 2-3 weeks at a time. If you are patient, I will always respond to you. It just might take a little while if you catch me right as work picks up.

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