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Profile Picture is from Oby: For someone who is a sub leaning switch, Oby got me to obey her in our match and won, causing me to lie in a pool of my own cum and giving her the privilege to be in my profile and change my profile picture.

Hello everyone! My name is Charlie and I'm an 19 year old guy looking to have some fun with you all. I've been on this site before, but I decided to start off fresh especially since the characters I've made before tried to focus too much on a gimmick when in reality I just wanna chill and explore my more submissive side here <3

I'm a switch leaning sub so while I do occasionally enjoy domming others, I tend to soften up really easily and fall prey to being owned by whoever I am playing with. This doesn't mean however that I am willing to give in very easily, as I do have a lot of bite in me as a player <3

I usually gravitate towards classic/hentai when it comes to game modes that involve sexfighting. I'm not that good at RP so I don't usually do so as much but what I am good at is bantering with you and teasing you until your inevitable demise. I am also open to playing bets on our matches, so feel free to come to me with your best bets. (Can range from simple profile changes to even some IRL punishments, as long as I don't share any private information about myself).

When it comes to IRL play, some kinks I wanna try exploring are more anal focused instructions, CEI (Cum Eating), being edged a lot, or even being hypnotized and controlled for longer periods of time. I don't want to focus however on just enjoying matches based on kinks alone, so I also enjoy it if you or me have interesting game ideas we could try out.

I do have limits though! Some of these include: bathroom play (While I do play sessions in my bathroom, I do not want to involve anything like my toilet into the scenario), revealing IRL information or ruining my personal relationships outside of EF, and anything violent (Self harm, blood, etc...).

If you wanna play with me, you may DM me or reach out to me on matchmaking! I usually play either Classic, Hentai, or any of the IRL game modes so you'll most likely find me on there if you wanna play.

Edging Records

This will record the most amount of edges I've ever received in a JOI session (Femdom, Interactive, or Hentai JOI). If you are responsible for my current top record on this list, then you get some extra privileges with my submissive side (E.g. You have more ownership over me, More rules for me to follow, etc...)
1. 35 Edges (Lily)
2. 30 Edges (Armaris)
3. 15 Edges (beatriz03)
4. 6 Edges (EmilyPuff)

After foolishly trying to challenge Ellika to a match, I was left on the ground withmy cum on my face and the words "free use" written above my ass, "dirty slut" on my chest, and "useless do not touch" on my stomach pointing at my dick. Now my orgasms are to be controlled by Ellika until 06/17/2022

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