Ariana (Level 6) mail warning

Project BREAKDOWN in Effect

Until the game is complete each time I suffer a loss the winner gets to pick a spot on the breakdown board and gets that prize
Some clarifications: Shopping penalty- money gets added to the budget and you force me to buy toys or naughty bits you choose
Punishment penalty- after the conclusion of the game I am going to rent a hotel room to dedicate to carrying out the punishment bondage and actions selected for me
Punishment rounds- free game of classic where you choose all my actions, skips and redraws to fully support your fantasy.
Change costume- you choose what I will be wearing head to toe in my next match
Change profile picture- You choose how I am seen in public and this lasts until someone else changes it or the game ends

The game ends when two lucky people have completed a straight line on the board, those two people have a public match, and then I am declared full property of the winner for 30 days.

Game Board

Current Rules
Anytime my ass is penetrated or used I must use a d6 on result 3 or lower I must skip my next turn (3/5)

Must select a BJ action if available (2/5)

Current costume
Image Title

Current Shopping penalty budget and shopping cart


Current Punishment debt

Position commands I must obey for 5 minutes upon command in public chat

Hands and knees


Ownership rights suspended until Breakdown is finished

The following ownership rights are in effect and will be updated as they change.

Owned by :

Jack - my ass is his to eat and fuck

Gamebreaker Dawn- I am his breeding slut and I need him to fill my holes


Alex Cooper-asked to be my cock slut

Alex-tried to assert his dominance but in the end had his cum drained along with his will, now merely a servant to the pussy he once owned

Jay- quickly revealed their weakness to beautiful female legs and feet, never got to truly fuck me, my thighs were too much for him

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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