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Human, male toy. Here to entertain and please.

31.10.2020 - The date when my life changed. Mistress Huhu reminded me of my place and put me back where I belong. As the slave I am, I'm not in control of my lust and orgasms. They are dedicated to the women out there. I am here to please and entertain anyone, who wants to take control, not to get off. - Thank you so much for taking me back on my path of submission and obedience, Mistress Huhu.

13.01.2021 - Miss Anayibe ordered me to stay denied and locked till 22.01.2021 after we both had a great session. She's an amazing Lady and really fucked my mind. Thank you very much for that session. I really hope we both will meet again someday.

18.04.2021 - Just had a wunderful session with the amazing Mistress Huhu. After the session I gifted my orgasm to her. It belongs to her now and I'll only feel it when she's around and gives permission.

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