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Looking for a fun bet to play or IRL commands, Edge toy connected


I hope everyone is doing well! I am really enjoying my time here and I hope we might have fun together in the future!

I am full on switch I enjoy both sides, I think I lean more to the sub side.

With a game I enjoy adding some stakes so if you have ideas I am always open to them!
What ill prefer is multiple games with higher stakes with each game.
For example losing twice in a row would mean that the punishment would be bigger.

I enjoy most things, but I do tend to really enjoy chastity, bondage and cbt.

Demian's obedient slut

CBT: Hard and soft, but I prefer soft.
Bondage: I really enjoy placing on knots that other people directed. Maybe wear it all day if it isnt visible
Hypnosis: Subject I really suck at trying the hypno role
Ruined Orgasm: Waiting a long time for an orgasm and then just ruining it. Shivers down my spine. It leaves you always desiring more.
Chastity: For the right person, I would go into chastity for a long time. With endless teasing melt my mind away.

Anything public: I enjoy my job and with the current social network I prefer to keep it that way.
Scarring: It needs to stay fun for me. Nothing permanent.
Family: I prefer to keep this lifestyle for myself.
Illegal: Lets keep ourselfs out of jail

If you desire it, this might be a good set of stakes:

1st consecutive loss: 5 days of chastity every day 10 ball slaps.
2nd consecutive loss: another 10 days of chastity every day 20 ball slaps.
3rd consecutive loss: This shouldn't happen. Total submission for 1 month.

2-27-2021: Lady Casse 2 consecutive wins: 2 weeks: 1 edge then 20 slaps then 1 edge

5-13-2021: Domina Zoe had a lovely bet with her. It ended in a 2-1 win for me.
The game:
Bondage or hypno action, the other player has to roll a dice to get free.
If your character cums you have to edge in real life.
Try to play along as best you can IRL.
If you cum you forfeit the game.
If you win 3 times in a row the other is your sub for a month.

Shy-Girl: 2 consecutive wins - 1 loss:
Rule 1: Bondage or hypno action, the other player has to roll a coin to get free is a permanent rule for me
Rule 2: Edge every cum test.
Rule 3: If the action 'Submit to her strapon' is choosable, I must choose that one
15 days of chastity starting on 5/19/2021
For her loss: The next 3 games she needs to put in a butt plug when that action occurs.

Anna 5-27-2021 1 Win
Rule 1: If I reach 5 edges I must ruin an orgasm

Ellika 5-31-2021 1 win without making her cum.... The humiliation
Rule 4: whenever your opponent uses their feet, I must edge
Rule 5: Whenever your opponent passes a cum test... I also must edge

Yukina Rose 6-3-2021
Rule 6: From now on, you start each game with a chastity cage on.

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