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Looking for fuckwrestling rivals...

Lesbian / Switch

Hey! I’m here for sexual competition whether it be in the bedroom or in the ring. I’m new here but have done plenty of matches on Discord, Trillian, Skype, etc., and I love a good rivalry omg!

Naturally a Domme but even Dommes like to be topped from time to time if they run into someone special… think you got what it takes? Or will you melt for me like so many do?

Let’s chat… my fav kinda match so far is LWR. But I also tried some hypno rules (ya gotta roll to break it otherwise you skip your turn), and some other dice rules which are hella fun!

Currently have a very heated rivalry with Emiko! We were 1-1 and then our last match went NEXT LEVEL. Yes she got my cum first, but we continued after I took a little rest IRL…. And oh god I made her cum so much she couldn’t continue… THIS IS WAR NOW YOU ASIAN BITCH!

Absolutely loved wrecking Belle. She was so confident at the start but was a drained mess in the end. ;)

And my newest fuckwar is with Reiko. Oh god this is going to be a WAR……


Ready to take you on

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