Clarissa (Transgender) (Level 7) mail warning

Looking for competitive games and dirty talk (ideally shorter games)

Working on writing some stuff for a profile

32 year old Trans female
8 inch cock
D sized tits
Standing 5'9
And no you aren't finding out my weight

Prefer switchy fights in either the ring or in classic
I have a tendency to be a little rough.

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Hypno bondage rules for classic
Players are only allowed a total of 3 hypno or bondage moves combined for the whole game. this way people can't just spam bondage or hypno all game.

A 5-6 must be rolled to get out.

Officially the champ of the ring~!
Won the title for the first Time on 5/5/22 by defeating and taking the belt from Violet.
Well that was a short title reign

And I'm the new champion again after defeating the so called queen Arianna. 5/20/22
Well this title reign lasted quite a while....20 straight title defenses~

i tamed violet, a bratty domme, and i've dressed up her profile with several fun rules!
In our first match I went flawless in the ring against her, the second match I stole her title, and well the Third match she became my little good girl~

I met the cutie Laura in matchmaking and oh did I do a number on her... Going Flawless and Collaring a good little buttslut for me to use whenever I feel like~

So many losers to add its been a busy couple days

Jess Matthew's challenged me to the ring and quickly learned her place as my good little butt slut~ (twice!)

Viki challenged me thinking she could make me spray for her.... well someone sprayed but it wasn't me~

Lisa the little bitchy bimbo almost pulled out a win, but I left her a squirty little bitch and she now wears her new title on her profile~

Allie the frog slut, do I even have to tell you all what a little buttslut I turned her into ?

Roxy the good little bunny accepted my challenge and turned into my good little cumdumspter when I was dome with her.

Raven.... oh raven talked all high and mighty till she found herself gushing all over my lightsaber~

Jolly B probably came the closet to beating me, but didn't press her advantage and paid the price~

LinLin Mara..... wow she came so damn close to pulling out a win making me tap twice, but I drained a huge orgasm out of her. My cock left such an impression on her for the next 5 games she will prove what an oral fixation she really has~ TIEING up our series at 1-1

Kate stepped up to my challenge and quickly found out I was too much for her to handle, as I ended her with my delightful tongue and made her cry out her orgasm~

Emma.... oh little Emma and that tiny cock, she surprisingly put up a decent fight but that tiny girl cock of hers just couldn't finish the job.... I made her cum twice on the mats and then locked her tiny thing in a cage.

Secret mystery accepted my challenge and learned her lesson rather quickly, as I went flawless on her wonderful ass. I've claimed her as my personal little seat whenever I'm in the mood for some fun.

Sasha the titan what a lovely surprise out of match making.... in a very back and forth battle I fucked her ass into submission and really brought out her inner butt slut~

Goth Clara got a little upset wheb I made her darling wife into my seat.... she stepped into the ring and drained me completely leaving me a good little cumdump for her. I WILL GET MY REVENGE!

Nyssa the amazon- this bratty little thing talked so much smack meeting in the ring was going to happen no matter what..... well we finally got around to it... and yep I beat her ass flawless in the ring. Collaring her and making her my permanent little buttslut~
She now waits for me like a good littlebuttslut waiting to be filled
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After a tough battle with Kendra Jordan, I tamed her beautiful ass and made her into my good little girl and buttslut. She now wears my collar until she can beat me

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