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Looking to compete...

Hey, been here a while but just got around to filling this in... Pfp is not me, but I am 6 foot and 4 inches (with those being two separate measurements :P).

Enjoy all sorts of games and hypno/bondage rules, open to bets as well.
I'm mostly into competitive games but enjoy short rp when I'm in the mood... Main kinks as below but like penis humiliation, feet and cum play especially. Give me your best verbal abuse and I'll still try to beat you! Or feel free to message humiliating stuff about my small cock...

Finally, managed to win a title and became the wrestling champ... 2 games won before Christina95 took it off me.

Hit me up if you want a game or have a particular rp in mind!

Memorable matches/events:
Kendra beat me and locked my worthless little dick in chastity.
Krysten completely dominated me and turned me into a girl with a tight pussy... after a few games I turned back to my usual self - 4 inch tool and all...
I felt cocky, so challenged Phoenix when she was on a winning streak... unfortunately I couldn't control myself and exploded prematurely in her beautiful mouth.

Phoenix made me cum quickly and as punishment gave me these rules for the next 6 games (6/6):
- I need to start each game in chastity and roll a 6 to escape, but I can only roll when naked unless my opponent frees me first.
- When rolling for hypnosis and bondage, I have a -1 penalty if my opponent mocks my little cock.
- I need to always choose the option to suck a cock or strapon if given the chance, if I'm not bound or hypnotised.
Krysten beat me with her bigger cock. Now I have to always choose to suck cock or strapons if possible and tell my opponent how much I love it. (5/5)
I failed to follow Krysrens transformation rules, so for the next 4 games, I must start in chastity and roll a 6 if I want to use my little cock... 4/4

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