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Just a girl who can't decide who she is, so why not be anything I want!? Reborn from the ashes of slavery!

Phoenix cycles through 9 levels of dominance: all the way from Dominatrix down to slave girl. Every time she wins a game she goes up 1 level. BUT, when she loses a game she goes down 1 level, AND her opponent gets to give her 1 rule. This rule lasts until she is reborn to the Dominatrix state. (Losing 2-0 doubles dominance degradation and rules.)

Phoenix isn't your average slut that gets more and more subby as she loses games though. If she loses a game as slave girl (1/9), she rolls a die: 1-4 nothing happens and she remains a slave girl, 5-6 and she is Reborn! Rising from the ashes of slavery into her full dominatrix state! For those that want to try something a little riskier... try out Phoenix's Darker Side.

So, come play with the Phoenix, and hope you don't get burned! 🔥🔥

(RP character not really intended for IRL games [though some IRL play is always fun]. Not looking for dedicated subs)

Always down for bondage/hypno rules (reset all after an orgasm), and bets!


(I try to look like my pfp as much as possible, with changes listed below.)
- Cock/Strap size: 2"
- Breast Size: 32C

Rules in Effect:

1) Heel Slut: Whenever I tap out, skip 1 turn.
2) Sensitive... Hole: After losing to Asher, his skillful rimming has made my ass more sensitive. But, making Alex my anal slave has reduced the effects of my anal addiction! I now roll a die whenever my ass is fucked, on a 1-3 I skip my turn.
3) Nudist: I am not allowed to touch a cock or pussy until I am completely naked or until my opponent uses a cum test. (Shoes do not count, doesn't apply to hentai - clothes work weird there).
4) Quick Reversal: If my opponent uses a cum test on me immediately after resisting their own test, roll a die. on a 1-2, I automatically cum as the change in dominance is overwhelming.
5) Suitman's Oral Assistant: Whenever I have the option to suck a cock, I must do so.
6) Dianne's Bewildered Bitch: No matter what i do or how close the match seems, i just cant beat Dianne! I always end up breaking and cumming under her perfect cock. She makes sure im always a ditzy little bimbo when she's done with me. I must roll a 6 to resist hypno/bondage. (Does not apply to hentai due to game mechanics). Additionally, the first time each game my opponent is forced to skip their turn, I must also skip mine.
7) Stripper Instinct: If I have a stripping action, I must play it. Sluts hate clothes!
8) Tit-slave: whenever my tits are tied or tortured, I must skip a turn and edge.
9) Iron Willed: After draining Pharox's fiendish powers, I am more resistant to hypnosis, breaking free on a 4+.
10) Frenzied Succubus: The taste of cum drives me into a frenzy! Any taste of cum and I must use a cum test action or the most energy intensive action for 2 turns.
11) Pitiful Display: The Bra Bandit took my bra AND my glorious tits!! (Or my confidence in them at least) No don't look at me! If my opponent exposes my tits, I must skip my next turn.
12) Morphing Mammaries: At the end of each match, the Victor decides if my breasts grow, shrink, or remain the same size. Roll 1d3 (/dice 3) to determine how many cup sizes they change. While my breasts are B cup or smaller, I cannot use titfucking actions. While they are F (DDD) cup or bigger, I must use a breast action if I have it.
13) Footslave: Axel broke me in the ring and showed me what a pathetic white footslut I am! When my opponent uses their feet against me, I must skip my next turn. Kat exploited and reinforced this weakness, forcing me to cum all over myself from her feet. Whenever I face a foot cum test, I automatically cum.
14) Linlin's Futa Fuck Fest: Whenever a threesome action is used against me, I think about how well Linlin and Jaqie worked me over, and roll a die. 4-6, this threesome is a disappointment compared to that. My rules don't apply to me for 2 turns. 1-3, I want that again SOOOO BAD! Skip my next 2 turns.
15) Rachel's Horny Buttslutt: Rachel kicked my ass in the ring and took my horn as her strap on as her prize. Now, whenever I face an anal cumtest, I think of her and roll a die. On a 1-4, I automatically cum.
16) Brainless Goondoll: Edge whenever I am subjected to a cum test, when I play a fucking cum test, and whenever my cock shrinks or grows.
17) Slave to the Kingdom of Goldspire after Head Maid Emma utterly dominated me. If i have to option to use an action penetrating any of my holes, i must take it! I need to train hard to learn to be a good maid like her! Until then I'm just a fucktoy for the good people of Goldspire!... but being a slut makes me cum SOO hard!! I must skip 3 turns after each time I orgasm!

Optional Bondage/Hypno rules:

When restrained or hypnotized, roll a dice. on a 5+ I resist the effects, else, I skip my turn and repeat the roll each subsequent turn until a 5+ is rolled.( Bondage/hypno effects reset after orgasm, my oppoment can select my action instead of skipping when hypnotized)
A. Can be both hypnotised and bound, requiring 2 5+ rolls to break free, but hypno/bondage actions do not stack with each other. Always roll for hypno first. A successful bondage roll removes ALL bondage devices.
B. Gags/blindfolds/chastity - roll for gags/blindfolds/chastity as normal, however, these items only prevent actions that would require use of your mouth or eyes or genitals(I.e. blowjob or "Stare at them"). If your opponent removes the device as part of an action (I.e. a "fucking" action while you are caged), the device is removed, stop rolling. Cocks <2" Always count as in chastity.
C. Collars - roll for collars as normal. While collared, you must select the most submissive action available.

(Bondage rules no longer fully applicable in hentai games. If given the option to try and escape bondage, use that instead of rolling)

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