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Bi / Switch

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bimbo's bimbo~


Branded by Evelynn and Iris


Proud owner of 20/30 e-coins for Maria

Claimed by the sweetest Green Velcro

I now owe her 30/30 e-coins

Although, I feel that I need to do some charity by thinning out the queue in EF MM. So I'll stay as Amethyst for the time being. If you're not ok with Cross-Gendering, it's ok to let me know I won't be offended. Otherwise feel free to treat me as my profile, in and out of match.

Prefers short games. Willing to set a bet for classic games.

In hyono/bondage rule, if opponents first roll is a 6, I got hypnoed/bondaged instead.

Hypno/Bondage rule : roll 1d6, if land on other than 5 or 6 have to skip until 5 or 6 is rolled.

Additional Rules (just when playing with a certain someone)

Edge when you gain cum overdrive

Edge when you gain energy

And when you fail a cum test, roll a d10. Edge that many times

Green Collar

To signify how much this night meant to me~ and to always remind you how you made my heart melt~ and how I made your everything melt. This collar will remind you of how much I care for you~ each and every passing day. I want this displayed on your profile~ and I want you to put a small tags that reads, “Green’s Good Girl.” - ""> Green Velcro

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