Haru(Sextoy) (Level 7) mail warning

Bi / Sub

Hiiiii Haru Here

So just a small detail, i am not her displayed in my profile picture and am just enjoying myself, and giving you some eyecandy❤️

Il be working on my profile as i go along, quite excited

I Love my new role as Subby Slutty Girl, a Sextoy

Mistress Aimi's slutty asian toy❤️ after an intense heated match against Aimi ~ she managed to make her slut in the ring after pinning into hold after hold teasing and pleasuring me into a blank horny mess until i came both in game and irl~ i try to struggle and resist still but she locked into a humiliating position taunting and degrading me as she fingered fuck my pussy intl submission ~ i squirted all over for her and again irl ~ leashing my defeated body and making me her Singaporean horny toy ~ aaahh😫❤️
I am Misstress Aimi's weak horny and broken Singaporean sub~ she dominated and broke so much in the ring i cant last a few rounds against anymore without ~ begging her to dominate me~ i feel so weak and needy around her~ she broke my will as a fighter and i cant help but submit to her anymore~aaah

I am a horny little blank girl for Mr Blank slate, i couldnt handle his words and started melting in the match, until my desires took over and left cumming under his control, Master Blank Slate left me in a blissful state and made apart lf his Blank girls~aaah

I Am Dianne broken little asain bitch , her girl cock owns me and i submit to her dominance

Axel's Number 1 Slut

So~ i am quite competitive, definitely a switch, i enjoy being pushed down and toyed with, and i love sneaking into person i am paired with turns on, weaknesses and making them a silly mess hehe

I think pleasure belongs to the winner, so il be happy to be used as comfort if you win.

I enjoy pleasuring others, real turn on for me

Love being watched while i turn myself into a mess or have someone make me a mess❤️

Confident ~ cocky~ arragant hehe are welcome ~ gives me somthing delicious to play and taunt you with

I rather enjoy testing my luck, and fighting people stronger than me~ either that or i am just fantasizing about being toyed with

Just dont take for a weak push over girl, or il be stepping all over, and i know i can be very demanding, when im in control

Mmmm bets are welcome, roleplay to, let me know in my dms if theres any scene you want to play out with me

Excited to meet you and find out all your juicy turn ons❤️

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a sub
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